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    Waning Moon Throw FAQ by PHahn

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/25/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Tekken Tag Tournament: Waning Moon Mini-FAQ
                                   revision 1.0
                                  By: Pete Hahn
    Disclaimer:  This document may be reproduced electronically, as long as
                 it remains unaltered in any way.  Please give proper credit
                 where it is due.  This document Copyright 1999 Pete Hahn.
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    Table Of Contents:
      1)  Introduction
      2)  Conventions Used
      3)  Move Execution Tips
            B)Ogre and True Ogre
      4)  Move Set Ups
            B)Ogre and True Ogre
      5)  Move Follow Ups
            B)Ogre and True Ogre
      6)  Credits/Thanks
    { 1 } I n t r o d u c t i o n
          This mini-faq is designed to share my knowledge of one of the most
          potent moves in all of Tekken Tag Tournament (and probably in any
          Tekken game, period); The Waning Moon throw.  Only 3 characters have
          this move: Wang, Ogre and True Ogre.  This throw has a complex motion,
          but it is the same motion for all three characters ALMOST.  Please
          read the Move Execution Tips to see differences between the three as
          far as execution is concerned.  The motion for this throw is: tap the
          down forward diagonal twice in succession (and you've got to be
          accurate), then hit both the right punch and right kick buttons at the
          same time.  The character with the Waning Moon will then procede to
          grab the opponent, spin behind their back, and hit them with both
          elbows in the back.  The opponent will then stagger away from the
          Waning Moon character, stunned and dropped to their knees.  During
          this time where the opponent still has their back turned and is
          recovering, you have initiative to attack their unguarded back for a
          slight moment. If you did the throw with Wang, he can immediately
          tag to his partner, and they can execute a follow up instead of
          Wang.  Wang's partner will come in to the stunned character's front
          side, and will have the initiative to attack.
          As you can probably tell, this FAQ is an in-depth FAQ on only ONE MOVE
          for these characters.  This FAQ is only meant for intermediate
          to high level play.  Please don't waste your time reading this FAQ if
          you aren't serious about learning this move;  Someone could literally
          spend a week mastering the execution ALONE.
          The Waning Moon is a difficult move to use, but that doesn't come
          without it's strong points:  The Waning Moon throw can lead to the
          most potent combos in the game, hands down.  Imagine being able to do
          nearly 100 points of damage in one combo, completely turning a losing
          round in your favor...seems unfair doesn't it?  Like I said before, the
          move is extremely hard to execute, and this is how I can justify using
          the Waning Moon to it's full potential.  To put it bluntly:  If a Paul
          scrub can get lucky and hit me with a counter hit deathfist, I am
          losing 60+ points of life with that one move...and Paul's deathfist
          is only a quarter circle motion and one button.  If he can get 60+
          points with that much ease, what's wrong with doing a motion easily 
          more than twice as difficult to get 100 points of damage?  Trust me,
          once you get the motion down and are able to set it up properly,
          you'll be just dying to take advantage of the damage you can inflict;
          and you'll be doing it without mercy or remorse because you spent the
          time to learn this most difficult move.  (Evil laugh...)
    { 2 } C o n v e n t i o n s
            Note: You'll find my conventions very close to those of
            Tekken.Net...I'm already used to them, and they are pretty
            much accepted to be a standard in the Tekken community.
            Moves Conventions
            Special "HAN" convention used later in the FAQ: WM = Waning Moon
                                     -   -   -
            1   = left Punch       | 1 | 2 | 5 |
            2   = right Punch        -   -   -     button layout
            3   = left Kick        | 3 | 4 |
            4   = right Kick         -   -
            5   = tag
            u   = tap u  (d=down, b=back, f=forward, ect...)
            U   = hold up (D=hold down, B=hold back, F=hold forward, ect..)
            d/f = tap down and forward diagonal
            D/F = hold the down and forward diagonal
            qcf = quarter circle forward (qcb=quarter circle back, ect...)
            hcf = half circle forward (hcb=half circle back, ect..)
             n  = nuetral (no joystick input)
           WGF  = Wind God Fist (f,n,d,D/F+2)
           EWGF = Electric Wind Godfist (f,n,d,d/f+2) hit 2 right after d/f
             ~  = immediately follwed by...
             ,  = followed by... (i.e. "3,4" = left kick followed by right kick
             _  = or (i.e. "3_4" = left kick or right kick
            ss  = side step
             +  = and (i.e. "3+4" = left kick and right kick simultaneously)
            ws  = while standing from crouch
            bk  = move leaves back turned towards opponent
            bt  = back turned towards opponent
            jg  = juggle starter
            fc  = from crouch (i.e. character in full crouch animation)
            rc  = move recovers in a crouching position
            ch  = counter hit
            ob  = opponent shows back when hit with a move with this property
            gb  = opponent's guard is slighty broken, giving you the advantage
                                   Hit Levels
                 l  = hits low (must block low)
                 L  = hits low and grounded opponents
                 sm = special mid, can be blocked high or low
                 SM = special mid, hits grounded oppponents
                 m  = hits mid, must block standing up
                 M  = hits mid and grounded opponents
                 h  = hits high (can be crouched under)
                 H  = his high and grouded opponents
                 !  = unblockable attack
                 !m = mid unblockable (cannot be crouched under)
                 !M = mid unblockable that hits grounded opponents
                 !h = high unblockable (can be crouched under)
                 !H = high unblockable that hits grounded oppponents
    { 3 } M o v e   E x e c u t i o n   T i p s
          General: This is the Golden Rule of an aspiring (or already a master)
          "Waning Mooner":  Know thy joysticks.  Unless the competition comes
          home to you (ahem, Sauer...), you're going to have to adjust to the
          diagonals and feel (looseness/tightness) of the sticks everywhere
          you play.  This might mean buying 2 games worth of tokens and playing
          Wang/Ogre on both sides of the machine so you can get used to the
          sticks' feel and practice the motion...it might mean doing this 10
          times a day for the next week.  Just don't get discouraged.  And for
          Pete's sake (sorry, I had to say it), don't go into a tournament
          expecting to pull a Waning Moon comeback if you haven't scoped out
          the sticks and fully adjusted to them beforehand.  Back in the good Ol'
          days of Tekken1, the Waning Moon was simple 2+4 throw - I would love to
          have that back!
          I personally find the double d/f tap easiest to execute on Happ's
          "Ultimate Joystick," since the stick's shaft is thinner than others.
          It allows for more precise diagonal movement.  The downside that many
          compain about is that the joystcks seem "jumpy" and will oftentimes
          hop in the middle of movement or crouch dash.  I remedy this by sitting
          in a stool in front of the game.  This accomplishes several things:
          First, it rests my legs.  Secondly, I more easily can align
          myself with the center of the stick so I don't get "jumpy" unless I
          start to loose my concentration and so I feel the d/f (and other)
          diagonals much easier.  If only American arcades would install the
          Japanese style "ball" sticks...they are super accurate with precision
          diagaonl movements, and it is also easier to tap directionals faster,
          which is useful in performing "Crazy Legs" and other fancy footwork.
          I guess we Americans are too rough on the sticks; even the Happ sticks
          tend to bend at the shaft under rough play.  There have been times
          where I have replaced a joystick on our TTT machine where
          I work after as little as 4 days, because the mashers decided to
          have a competition or something and the shaft is bent.  Don't even
          think about getting the Japanese style sticks for a long time; they are
          even more fragile than the Happ sticks.
          A) For Wang:  Wang's execution of the Waning Moon is actually harder
             than Ogre's (slightly).  It seems that Wang must be more accurate
             with his taps, and also slightly faster.  You can try button
             buffering the 2+4 part (hold 2 or 4, do the d/f, d/f taps, then hit
             the other button while still holding the first), but I would
             recommend against it because you will get either a ss+4, d/f+2
             or d/f+4 if you aren't 100% accurate.  Wang's Waning Moon is going
             to take more time than Ogre's to learn; I would recommend learning
             Wang's first -- Ogre's will come out that much easier.  To be
             consistent is the goal; when you are, you will be feared because of
             it.  The escape for the throw is a dual button escape: 1+2.
             However, the escape must be input within 12 frames (about 1/10 of a
             second) from the time the opponent was grabbed.  That means that not
             many except "Crazy Fingers" himself should be escaping your Waning
             Moon on reaction... it would have to be anicipated.  That leads me
             to the next point on landing a Waning Moon...DON'T BECOME
             PREDICTABLE WITH IT'S USE.  You'll be doing other Wang users and
             myself a great disservice by conditioning the opposition to be
             ready for it.  After a f+1 counter hit, go for a hopkick or a f+4
             if you landed a Waning Moon the previous round with the same set up.
             Don't make the Waning Moon your only counter for a missed move;
             if the opponent escapes your Waning Moon, you've overused that
             set up that preceded the escape.
             If you can't get it at first, you might try doing why do every now
             and then...find a time at the arcade where you won't be challenged,
             then set up a stool and bring some rubber bands.  What I usually do
             is play on the second player side (my d/f taps are less accurate on
             this side), and take a rubber band and force the player one stick
             into a back (left) position.  Make sure that it is all the way in
             the left position, then pick your team (Wang and any character whose
             follow ups you want to verify/practice), and then pick Nina and Anna
             for the opposite player side.  Round 1...Nina/Anna will start
             walking back.  Dash up in their face and throw a basic jab (1).
             Now quickly go for a Waning Moon Throw.  If you messed it up, (and
             didn't button buffer the button presses), Wang will try to grab with
             a normal 2+4 throw.  How can you tell the difference?  Wang's hands
             grab out the same length when you nail a Waning Moon, but if you
             miss, his right arm will grab farther, and you (Wang) will end up
             missing Nina/Anna with the normal 2+4 throw.  If you did get the
             Waning Moon, the slight range increase (due to both arms being
             extended) will have enough range to grab them, even with the 1p
             joystick walking back for you automatically.  Nina/Anna walk back
             at the right pace for this to work, so I always use this to practice
             my Waning Moon.  Another thing that you can use my little training
             set up for is to practice tag follow ups; since the joystick will
             be held in a blocking position (left) if you tag, you can verify if
             your follow up would be blockable had you pulled the Waning Moon in
             match play, since Wang's teammate will come out from the right
          B) For Ogre and True Ogre:  As long as you take my advice and learn
             to use Wang's Waning Moon first, I shouldn't even need to put in
             this section.  The Ogre's can be slightly slower and less accurate
             than Wang and still get the Waning Moon to come out.  I feel this
             was done on purpose;  you can't tag Ogre's Waning Moon to another
             character, and his follow ups tend to be less damaging than Wang's.
             There is one more difference between Wang's and the Ogre's Waning
             Moon throws:  The Ogre's Waning Moon CANNOT BE ESCAPED!  That means
             as soon as you make contact with the throw, it's bedtime for the
    { 4 } M o v e   S e t   U p s
          General:  Ok, if you've got this far in my FAQ, you've already got the
          motion down (or you're planning on having it down), so now the
          move needs to be set up properly.  There are several instances where
          Wang and the Ogre's can (and should) pull out a Waning Moon that are
          1) The most common:  After a basic jab (1_f+1) counterhit. The opponent
             has very little time to duck, and most likely won't be able to throw
             out a counter to the Waning Moon before it comes out.
          2) Another (uncommon against good competition):  After a missed,
             slow recovering move.  You just blocked the elbow portion of Paul's
             d+4,2 falling leaf?  Great, punish him for it!
          3) As the opponent quick recovers:  If you can anticipate a quick
             recover get up from the opponent, a Waning Moon is usually a safe
             bet.  I like this set up combo for Wang:  u/f+4 (or any other juggle
             starter), D+2, d/f+3,4...then: if they quick recover, Waning Moon...
             if they don't quick recover a d/b+4,2 will hit them as the hit the
          4) After a d/f low parry: This set up is pretty effective; I smiled to
             myself when I realized the potential of this setup.  The opponent
             doesn't have much time to react unless you get predictable in this
             set up, so keep it fresh please.  Wang will have to take a half step
             in to Waning Moon after a d/f low parry, since his arms aren't as
             long as the Ogre's, but the Ogre's (True Ogre's especially) has some
             range to it.  You might want to stick in the the half step forward
             even if you are Ogre, just to make sure you are in range.  This is
             your ultimate revenge against people that constantly assault your
             legs to annoy you: Heihachi hell sweepers, Laws that use the
             Junkyard kick, Jun's annoying sweeps, Lee's infernal D+4,4,4,4 combo,
             Jack's d/b+1 and all the others you can think of...now imagine that
             anticipated low attack = 70+ points of damage to your opponent.
             (Evil laugh...)
          A) For Wang:  
             1) Wang's Specialty: Crouch dash into Waning Moon throw.  This is
                really hard to get consistently, but it's also very effective.
                Don't use the Waning Moon all the time out of a crouch dash, mix
                it up with a delayed deathfist or a f+4 to keep them honest.
             2) After you've forced the opponent to block a move that induces
                guard stun such as ss+1+2 (you'll need to step in to hit it, but
                if you cround dash in it'll be more effective) or flying cross
                chop (while running f+1+2 or tagging in to Wang, then f,f,n+1+2).
          B) For Ogre and True Ogre:
             1) After the 1,1 chain attack:  This is fairly effective, even more
                so if the 1,1 chain hits the opponent.  For some reason even
                good players fall asleep after being hit witht he 1,1 chain.  I
                am sure this is due to the monotinous 1,1,2 attack that lots of
                Jin and Hei players love to use for a quick, easy counter and
                knockdown.  Test your opponent on this once; if he evades the
                Waning Moon the first time, chances are he'll be more than ready
                with a counter the second time.
             2) After the d/f+1 elbow:  This is the "HAN special" that I devised
                a couple of years ago with Ogre in Tekken 3 that still works like
                a charm in TTT, especially if the d/f+1 counterhits.  Please,
                keep this set-up fresh and only call it out in desperate need;
                if you use more than 2 or 3 times in one game against someone,
                they'll eventually wise up.  That means using the d/f+1,2 string
                a good amount before you want to hit the Waning Moon, and
                switch it it to a hop kick after a d/f+1 to keep them honest
                every now and then.
             3) After a ws+2 stun:  Unless they Tag escape the ws+2 stun, the
                Waning Moon will hit, since the throw itself is inescapable.
             4) After a blocked slash kick (while running 3, or f,f,f+3 a couple
                steps away from the opponent).
             5) After a blocked u/f+3,4 (2/3 hunting hawk) or f,f+4 (bazooka leg).
          Feel free to devise your own set ups, and send them this way
          (PHahn123@aol.com) if they are particularly useful.  Of course I'll
          give you credit!
    { 5 } M o v e   F o l l o w   U p s
          I will include follow ups that are both guaranteed and not.  I will
          denote follow ups that are definitely escapable with a "*".  The
          others, to the best of my knowledge, cannot be escaped, but I could
          be wrong.  Please let me know if you can verify 100% that
          someone has escaped a follow up that I have listed.  Remember,
          "WM" is my shorthand for Waning Moon in this section.
          A) Wang
             WM, f,f,f (run in), qcf+2 (deathfist)
             WM, f,f,f+3 (run in slash kick)
             WM, f,f,f (run in), 1~1,1, d+4,1, d/f+1+2  (no big characters!)
             (approx 80% damage)
             WM, f,f,f (run in), d/b+4,2, 1, d/b+4,2, d/f+1+2 (approx 85% damage)
             WM, f,f,f (run in), d/b+2,4, 1, 1+2 (www.tekken.net)
             WM, f,f,f (run in), d/b+4,2, d+4,1, d/f+1+2
             WM, tag to Beak, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1,2,3(f), 1,2,3(f), 1,2,
             WM, tag to Beak, f,f (run in), 3+4 (hops over opponent) back throw
             WM, tag to Beak, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1,2, 3+4(F), d+3
             WM, tag to Michelle, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, f,f+1, f,f+1,
             f,f+1, f,f+1,4
             WM, tag to Armor King, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, 1, 1, 1, b+3
             WM, tag to Gun Jack, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 2, 2, F+1+2
             WM, tag to Anna, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, u/f+1,3, f+1+2
             WM, tag to Bryan, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, d+2, 1, f,f+2
             WM, tag to Heihachi, WGF, any follow up (my favorite: 1, 1, 1, b+1)
             WM, tag to Ganryu, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 2,1,2, d+1+2
             WM, tag to Ganryu, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 2,1,2, d/f+2, 1+2
             WM, tag to Julia, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), D+1, d/f+3+4, d/f+4,2,b,f+1
             WM, tag to Jun, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), D+1, ws+3~5, (tag to Wang),
             WM, tag to Jun, f,f,N+1+2 (blocked), 1+4, 1+4,2,d+4
      (*)    WM, tag to Xiaoyu, f+3+4, side throw
             WM, tag to Xiaoyu, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1,2, f,f+1+2,1+2
             WM, tag to Yoshi, f,f+1+4 (approx 90% damage)
             WM, tag to Yoshi, b,b+1,n+1
             WM, tag to Yoshi, u/f+1+2,d
             WM, tag to Nina, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, 1,2, d/f+3,1,2,f+1+2
             WM, tag to Nina, f,f+3
       (*)   WM, tag to Nina, hcf,d/b+2+3, d/b+3+4, any follow up
             WM, tag to Law, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, b+2,3,4
       (*)   WM, tag to Hwoarang, f,n,d,d/f+4, any follow up
             WM, tag to Hwoarang, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, d/f+1+2, d+4,4
             WM, tag to Eddy, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, 1,2,4~4
             WM, tag to Paul, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, qcf+2 or f+1+4 or f+1+2 or
             WM, tag to King, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 2,1, 1+2, 1
             WM, tag to King, f,f+2+3   (looks nice!)  :)
             WM, tag to Lei, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, f,n+1,2,(1),2,4
             WM, tag to Jin, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, 1, 1, d/b+1
             WM, tag to Jin, b+1+4
             WM, tag to Jin, EWGF, any follow up 
             WM, tag to Kuni, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, b+1,1,(1),1, f+3+4
             WM, tag to Kuni, d+3+4 (hard to time, both hits connect!)
             WM, tag to Kuni, b+1+2 (delayed, only 2nd hit connects), D+1,
             WM, tag to Kazuya, b+1+4
             WM, tag to Bruce, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, b+4,3,4
             WM, tag to Bruce, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, f+1,2,1
             WM, tag to Kuma/Panda, u/f+1+2 (hops over opponent) back throw
                        (thanks to Douzono "Stone Cold" Takeshi)
             WM, tag to Kuma/Panda, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), f+1,1,1, tag to Wang,
             f,f,n+4 slide in  (thanks to Douzono "Stone Cold" Takeshi)
             WM, tag to Jack 2, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 2, 2, F+1+2
             WM, tag to Lee, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, step in, D+4,4,4,4
             WM, tag to P.Jack, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 2, 2, F+1+2
             WM, tag to Devil, WGF, any follow up
             WM, tag to True Ogre, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), D+1, ws+4,4
             WM, tag to Ogre, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), D+1, D+3,3,n+3~5, (tag to
             Wang), f,f,n+4
       (*)   WM, tag to Ogre, d/f+1 (misses), d/f,d/f+2+4, any Ogre Waning Moon
             follow up
             WM, tag to Alex/Roger, f,f,n+1+2 (blocked), 1, f,n,d,d/f+1
          B) Ogre and True Ogre
             WM, f,f,f (run in), f+2
             WM, f,f,f+3 (slash kick)
             WM, f,f,f (run in,) d,d/b+4 (tag, then do f,f,n+1+2 against larger
             characters) -- (thanks to Douzono "Stone Cold" Takeshi)
                             (approx 90% if started with ws+2 stun)
             WM, f,f,f (run in), u/f+3,4,3
    { 6 }  T h a n k s / C r e d i t s
            The author would like to thank, in no particular order:
            Name:                    For:                       Enter Initials:
            Udey K.          Cool guy + Got me hooked on Tekken!      UKK
                             The creator of an awesome Beak
            Chi-Fu (Jeff)    Helping me understand Gamest stuff,      ???
            and Chi-Yuan     for all the times we played at your
            (sorry if I      place, and for treating us (UKK and
            spelled it       me) to great food.
            SauerKraut       Playing at his place, GREAT competition, ???
                             nice new web site about to be put up,
                             helping test various tidbits, as well.
            Ed               Competition, turtling like MAD with      ELP
                             the animals! :)     
            Mike E.          Playing every Friday, competition        JZA
            Hass R.          Brian and Bruce forever!!!               HJR
            Chris M.         Starting to play again and proofreading  C M
                             this Mini-FAQ. 
            Pete H.          Being the video game addict that         HAN
                             made this guide!  :)
            Kristen E.       Everything!  ;)                          KAE
            "Crazy Fingers"  ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  C.F
            Paul Scrubz      Being a punching bag for my Wang/Ogre,  SCRUB
                             and inspiring me to find the quickest
                             ways to dispatch of their kind
            The sites that have helped me in writing this FAQ:
            www.fighters.net  great site for all you fighting game fanatics
                              like myself.
            www.gamefaqs.com  for all of my FAQ needs.
            www.tekken.net   great site for many reasons, (forum, frame data,
                             combos, ect)...but I must admit, those combo
                             exhibtions rock.  Thanks guys!
            www.tekkentagtournament.com   nice forum set-up and some move
                                          information was taken from this
                                          site for official move names and
            I would also like to thank all those at Namco that made the TTT
            tournies run so well.  While the midwest regionals could have been
            better with more machines, I think that Namco did the best they
            could, given the circumstances.  Namco also deserves another round
            of applause for creating one of the most fun, addictive, and
            strategy-oriented games ever made!
                   Extra Bonus for those of you that read this far:
           Special Tekken 2 Wang 100% Waning Moon combo vs big characters only:
             WM, f,f,f (run in), 2,1,1,2,3,3,3,4,4,1 (ten string),
             D+4, d/f+3,4, d/f+1+2

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