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Gun Jack by UltraBaka

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/17/00


                       The Little Robot that Could: 
                              A Gun Jack FAQ

                               by UltraBaka
                               version 1.0

This is best viewed in NotePad, in Courier New font, and size 10.
Questions, comments, hate mail: UltraBaka@yahoo.com

  1)Foreword (fancy word for introduction!)
  2)Gun Jack: the Unofficial Biography
  3)"Is Gun Jack right for me?" 
  4)A boring Movelist 
  5)Moves that you should use
  6)Other moves (i.e. crap)
  7)Juggles (smashing people in the air) 
  8)Okizeme (smashing people on the ground)
  9)UltraBaka`s notes

     Hello all. UltraBaka here. First, a little about myself if you care. 
Like you (most likely) I am a huge fan of the Tekken series and have been 
playing it since it was first availible on the Playstation, but it was TTT 
that got me addicted the most. I`m an American exchange student living in 
Japan for the next year so I have many opprotunities to play TTT and some 
good competition as well. But don`t think that just because they`re Japanese 
and games are made here that these guys are all proffesional or something. 
Actually there are just as many crappy (mashers, Paul death-fisters, etc.) 
players as there are experts, but in any case I usually win. Another thing 
about here is that there are many arcades near my home and all Japanese 
arcades have sit-down machines that are linked (i.e. you don`t share one 
screen and you can`t see the person you`re playing against). But 
unfortunately most arcades charge 100yen per game, which is roughly a whole 
freaking dollar! But this hasn`t stopped me from playing almost everyday, 
it`s just a bitch that`s all. 
     Just to let you know, this is my first ever attempt at a FAQ. Anyways, 
this FAQ is just to help out people who want to learn Gun Jack. I am not 
exactly a Gun Jack expert (he`s not my main character and I`ve only been 
using him seriously for a month or so) but I think I`m very good with him. 
I already know a lot about him and he`s won me quite a few matches. But my 
best character is Yoshimitsu, but I also regularly use King, Heihachi, Jin, 
Paul, Kazuya, Wang, Bruce, Law, Devil/Angel, and Kunimitsu. Okay, now on 
with the FAQ.

2)Gun Jack: the Unofficial Biography-

     Here`s the story on Gun Jack....oh wait, I`m not quite sure about it. 
You see, I never liked the Jacks before TTT so I`m not sure how he fit into 
the story line with the other ones. But I DO know it has something probably 
to do with Jack-2 and P. Jack. I think the original Jack was destroyed in 
the first Tekken so Jack-2 and P. Jack replaced him in Tekken 2. Then the 
mighty Gun Jack showed up in Tekken 3. I remember his ending was one of the 
coolest ones too: he gets fixed by some little girl, they go for a little 
stroll outside, which in turn activates a GPS tracking device at some other
place with a scientist that pushes some buttons on a computer while 
observing Gun Jack via a spy sattelite, and next thing you know *ZAP*!!!
Some huge sattelite laser from the sky (duh) blows both Gun Jack and the 
little girl to pieces.... or so you think. You had to beat the game twice 
with him to see that he had some really cool shield that blocked the whole 
thing from hitting them, while the area around them is wasted! Now that 
was cool! But it makes me wonder: why can`t he have that cool sheild in 
the game? 

3)"Is Gun Jack right for me?"-

     Technically, any character can beat any other character in Tekken Tag 
Tournament. But some characters are more difficult to learn and master than 
others. I think Gun Jack is probably in the middle: not too hard, not too 
easy. And like everyone else he has his advantages and disadvantages. Gun 
Jack`s advantages are his huge power even in his normal moves, his huge 
arm-reach, powerful throws, his higher resistence to damgage (see section 5), 
a good mix-up between mid and low attacks (and high, ofcourse), he`s pretty 
good at attacking downed enemies, his size (sometimes he won`t be juggled 
high), and the fact that he`s a robot. His disadvantages are his slowness, 
lack of multi-hitting juggles, and his size (sometimes he can be hit more 
times than small characters in a juggle). If you use Gun Jack for a little 
bit, you`ll see how he can decimate an opponent`s life bar in just a few 
moves. You should atleast give him a try before passing over him. 

4) A boring movelist-

Just a few notes first. I thank Catlord for providing this movelist via his 
website at Tekken.net/Catlord. Also, all the the moves that are in capital 
letters are moves that are new to TTT. 

(Front)  1+3             Body Slam {1}
         2+4 [~5]        Press [BACKBREAKER *Need Jack-2 on Team*] {2}
	 u/f+1+2         Punishment Drop {1}
	   d,d/f+2         Gigaton Punishment {B}
	 QCB+2           Backbreaker {2}
	 QCF+1           Pyramid Driver {1}
	 d/b,f+1+2       Piledriver {1+2}
	 d/b+2+3         Face In The Dirt {2}
	 f,f+2+3         Jaw Breaker {2}
	 d/f+2+4         Catapult {2}
	 d/f,d/f+2+4     Modified Catapult  *Juggles* {2}
         d+(1+3)_(2+4)   GUN BOMB  *Opponent must Duck* {1_2}
(Left)   1+3_2+4 [~5]    Hanging Next Throw [Tag] {1}
(Right)  1+3_2+4         Flipping Choke Slam {2}
(Back)   1+3             Spinal Crush
         (2+4)_(2+5)     Death Shot

1,1,1                   Hammer Combo
2,1,2                   Punch, Elbow, Uppercut  *Juggles*
1+2,1+2                 Hammer Knuckle, Double Uppercut
WS+1 [~5]               Violent Uppercut [Tag]  *Juggles*
WS+1+2,1+2              Double Uppercut, Hammer Knuckle
f+1+2,(1+2)_(d/f+2)     Scissors, (Low Scissors_Megaton Punch)
FC+1+2                  Low Palm Lift
FC,d/f+1+2              Low Scissors
FC,d/f+2,(d_d/f_f)+1    Short Hammer Rush, (L_M_H ending)
FC,D/F#+2,1,2           Hammer Rush  *Juggles on CH*
FC,d/f+1,2,1,1          Wild Swing, Backfist                          
FC,D/F#,1,2,(d_d/f_f)+1 Hammer Rush #2  *Juggles on CH*
FC,d/b+1,1,1,2          Low Piston Punches, Megaton Punch
FC+1,1,1,2,(d_d/f_f)+1  Low Hammer Rush, (L_M_H ending)
FC+1~2                  Low Punch, Megaton Punch
D/F#+2,1,2,1            Uppercut Rush  *Juggles*
D/F#+1,2,1,2            Uppercut Rush #2  *Juggles on CH*
d+1+2 [~5]              Bravo Knuckle [Tag]  *Juggles*
d+1+2~5                 BRAVO KNUCKLE TAG  *Must have Bryan on Team*
  2                       GUTPUNCH, SLAM  *Juggles*
b+2                     SMALL BLASTER
b+1+2                   MACHINE GUN BLASTER
SS+2                    MEGATON BREAKER
b,d/b,d,d/f+1_2         Megaton Sweep_Megaton Punch
d/f+2+3                 Low Ankle Swipe
d+4                     Ganryu Stomp
CH 4                    Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
d/b+1,1,1,[1,1],2       Machine Gun Punches, Megaton Punch
D/B#+3,4,3,4,3,4        Low Cossack Kicks
u/f+3+4                 Hip Press  *If Misses, Turns into Sit Down*
d/f+1+3                 Heel Press
  1+2                     Face Bash  *Unblockable*
QCF~d/f+1               Megaton Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+3+4                   Digital Hans Head Slide
d+3+4                   Sit Down
  ~3+4                    Hop Forward, Hip Press
  B_F                     Roll Back_Forward
  (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)     Sitting Punches

f+4~1                   Dark Greeting   *Unblockable*
3+4,[3+4],[3+4]         Dive Bomber, [2nd & 3rd Thrusts]  *Unblockable*
b,d/b,d,d/f,f,u/f,u,u/b [x5],1     Gigaton Punch  *Unblockable After x2*

D+2:1:1:1::2:1::21::1+2:1+2        Tenstring
D+2:1:1:1::2:1::21::d+1+2:1+2      Tenstring
u/f+11:4::3::4::1::2::1:1+2:1+2    Tenstring
u/f+11:4::3::4::1::2::1:d+1+2:1+2  Tenstring

5) Moves that you should use-

The following moves are good if used right. That means just don`t start 
whipping out random moves while your opponent is half the screen away. Most 
of these will be used after you block a person`s slow move, counter a move, 
in your mid/low guessing game while in close, while your opponent is on the 
ground, or when the opponent tags in. Use these wisely. 

Also a note on the damage. Those numbers do not represent percentage of the 
life bar or anything. Each move does a certain number of points in damage. 
I`m not sure how many points each character`s life bar contains, but I think 
that the average is about 130 points or so. Small characters have less and 
take more damage, and big characters have more take less damage. So Gun 
Jack can take 10 or 20 points more damage than some other characters. 

Gun Jack has some pretty nasty throws that do some big damage. Some of his 
best are:
Piledriver- d/b,F+1+2                                   *58 damage* 

This is my favorite Gun Jack throw because it`s easy to do and does huge 
damage. Also it takes two buttons to escape it (1+2). Use this!
Punishment Drop- U/F+1+2, Gigaton Punishment- d,D/F+2   *33 damage* 

Though it does only 33 damage it`s a cool throw. It`s easy to do and once 
you pick them up, it`s inescapeable. Do the d,D/F+2 to punch the crap out 
of them.
Jaw Breaker- f,F+2+3                                    *35 damage*

It does descent damage and also takes two buttons to escape (1+2). I use 
this when I rush in and my opponent thinks I`m going to Scissor them or 
something. Usually effective. 
Modified Catapult- d/f,D/F+3+4                          *30 damage*

Though this takes awhile to master (atleast it did for me) it`s worth it 
when you do it. Not because it does 30 damage, but because it juggles! You 
can follow up with some damaging stuff while they`re in mid-air (see 
Juggle section). 

Alot of these are double-fisted moves. So I don`t know if they can be 
reversed or not. If you know, please e-mail me. Also, the letters L,m,h 
stand for low, mid, and high attacks respectively. 
Right Uppercut- d/f+2                           m      *15 damage*

While this isn`t an official Gun Jack move, it is good nevertheless. This 
is one of Gun Jack`s more quicker punches and it starts a little juggle too. 
Hammer Knuckle- 1+2, Double Uppercut- 1+2      m,m     *21,22 damage*

These moves are great! These are probably Gun Jack`s best move (in that 
you`ll be using it the most). Especially on ducking people. Use only one 
for a fast attacking, fast recovering move, or use both on a ducking person 
for sweet damage. Also great on people on the ground (see Okizeme section).
Double Uppercut- WS+1+2, Hammer Knuckle- 1+2    m,m    *21,17 damage*

Similar to the above move but does a little less damage. Use this after 
crouching to use in your mid/low guessing game. 
Violent Uppercut- WS+1              m                  *20 damage*

Great juggling move. It is fast and does nice damage for such a quick move. 
It juggles higher than the d/f+2 uppercut too. 
Scissors- f+1+2, Low Scissors_Megaton Punch- 1+2_D/F+2      m,L_m
                                                  *17,15_25 damage* 

Another great move.  Mix this up to confuse your opponent. Do only the first 
Scissor when you think know it`ll be blocked and then follow up with a quick 
throw. If you know the first Scissor will hit then do the Megaton Punch for 
more damage because the second will hit automatically. Beginners and 
intermediates will almost always eat the Low Scissors but better players 
will know what to do. If your Low Scissors are blocked then there`s a slow 
recovery for you, so use wisely.
Low Scissors- FC,d/f+1+2_D/F+1+2         L           *15 damage*

Pretty much the same move as the second part of the move above, but it`s 
from the crouching position and it makes it that much more effective. Great 
for your mid/low guessing game. Also, the same warning as above: hope these 
don`t get blocked. 
Bravo Knuckle- d+1+2                     m           *45 damage*

This move is awesome! First, it ducks all high attacks, and if your opponent 
ducks then it still hits them because it`s a mid, then it hits them with a 
huge 45 points of damage, and you can still do more damage in a juggle! 
With that said, it is pretty damn slow. So this move is good for when you 
expect a high attack or a string of high attacks (i.e. Hwoarang). But that 
won`t happen too often when you are playing skilled people, so for those 
occasions it`s still great. Use this move when you anticipate your open will 
tag in and juggle away!
Megaton Breaker- SS+2                    h           *22 damage* 

This is a good side-step move. Why? Well it is very fast, has long range, 
and if it`s blocked it pushes the opponent back a little. 
Low Ankle Swipe- d/f+2+3                 L           *12 damage*

This is a low-hitting move that can you can do little juggles off of. It`s 
a little fast but I find the motion and buttons a little awkward. Sometimes 
I do d/f+1+4 (which is nothing) by accident because I get a little confused 
sometimes. It has short range too, but it still is a pretty good move. 
Low Palm Lift- FC,1+2                    L           *21 damage*

Another good move for your mid/low guessing game. It`s easier and does a 
little more damge than the Low Scissors too.
Uppercut Rush- D/F+1,2,1,2        m,m,m,m       *10,15,10,15 damage*

These are pretty good, but only for a counter hit really. Fairly fast and 
they start a juggle for you. If the first couple of hits get blocked don`t 
continue. Learn when to use them to get the most out of them. 
All those FC combos-

By this I mean all those FC punch combos in the move list. They are all 
pretty good IF you mix them up. Use the ones that start with low hits the 
most. Most times (if you mix them up) your opponent won`t know where to 
block and will usually get hit by a couple. After doing a couple low punch 
rushes, do the FC+1~2 move, and most likely they`ll get hit by a nice 
Megaton Punch. 
Megaton Punch- b,d/b,d,D/F+2             m           *33 damage*

Pretty good damage and great range. It`s a little slow but it still is good 
for anticipating a tag-in. After it hits, prepare to run, because it sends 
your opponent flying across the screen. Also, if it`s blocked I think it 
pushes your opponent back. Just don`t whiff.
Megaton Sweep- b,d/b,d,D/F+1             L           *25 damage*

Same motion as the above move but different button and it`s much better too. 
This is one of Gun Jack`s best moves! First: it has great range. Second: it 
is very fast. Third: it is powerful. Fourth: all of this plus it is a low 
attack!!! Use this a lot, just not too much (unless you want to be cheap). 
And if your opponent is on to it (if you`ve been doing it a lot) then you`ll
probably be hurt if it is blocked. But it`s fast! 
Megaton Uppercut- QCF~d/f+1              m           *22 damage*

This is probably Gun Jack`s best juggler. Though the motion is a little 
hard because of the added d/f and sometimes I forget and end up doing the 
Megaton Sweep (but this situation is still usually good). Learn this and 
use this.
Hip Press- u/f+3+4                       m           *26 damage*

This is a good Okizeme move only. Use it when your opponent isn`t right at 
your feet. If you miss then this move turns into the sit down where you can 
continue into the Sitting Punches (1,2,1,2...), but I recommend that you 
don`t do that. Instead just roll back and do a flying cros-chop or whatever 
you want to do. Nice damage as well. 
Dive Bomber- 3+4,(3+4,(3+4))      !!UNBLOCKABLE!!  *60_70_80 damage*

If you know what this move is and have seen it before then I bet you`re 
thinking,"what the hell is this doing in the good move section?!". Well for 
your information, this happens to be a very good move- if used correctly 
that is. When you do perform this move Gun Jack basically flies up at a 
forward diagnol angle and comes crashing down on anyone below feet-first. 
You can also press 3+4 one or two more times to double the "thrust" and 
make Gun Jack fly higher and farther (and more powerful too). Either way 
you do it, it will be totally obvious to your opponent where your going to 
land and most non-retarded opponents will move out off the way of your 
slow-ass Gun Jack airplane. If you use this move while your opponent is 
standing, you will get your ass beaten down hard. Probably by a back throw 
too. But this becomes a useful move when your opponent has just landed on 
theground. For example after a d/f+2,2 I would immediately hit 3+4 and come 
crashing down on the person below. Use this when you juggle your opponent 
with Gun Jack`s huge arms but you are too far away too finish the juggle 
nicely. You`d be surprised how many times I`ve landed this baby. Just don`t 
over use it and don`t try to kill anyone with the double or triple thrust 
version. But those versions are also useful, but in a funnier way. When I 
am winning in a match and there`s only a few seconds left, I back away 
from my opponent and hit 3+4,3+4,3+4! It is cheap, but you`ll be in mid-air 
for a few seconds and will win the match. It`s pretty humiliating for your 
opponent too! If you use either of these tactics please let me know how it 
turned out via e-mail: UltraBaka@yahoo.com. 

6) Other Moves

Some of these are so-so moves and some of these are just plain shitty. The 
only time I really use these moves is when I`m playing against the computer 
or a beginner. Some of these moves sacrifice usefulness to be cool looking 
instead. So if you plan to use any of the following moves, use them at your 
own risk. More times than not you`ll get hurt badly.

The following throws aren`t Gun Jack`s best throws, but they are still 
pretty good. 
Body Slam- 1+3                                    *30 damage*
Press- 1+4

The normal throws. The normal damage. The normal escapes. These are average 
moves that can be done quickly and the Press can be followed up with some 
Okizeme. Good throws against non-experts (anyone who can`t escape throws). 
These are so-so.
Gun Bomb- d+1+3_3+4                               *40 damage*

This move only works while your opponent is ducking. It`s easy to do and 
does nice damage, but there are better options. Personally, I would go for 
a Hammer Kuncle, Double Uppercut for a quick total of 43 points of damage. 
Also it can be escaped (though it is a 1+2 escape).
Catapult- d/f+2+4                                 *30 damage*

This does the same damage as the Modified Catapult (and a normal throw) but 
it doesn`t juggle. Now where`s the fun in that? It`s still cool to grab 
your opponent by the hair and chuck `em though. 

Okay, the throw section contained somewhat decent moves but this attack 
section has Gun Jack`s worst moves. Good luck. 
Machine Gun Blaster- b+1+2       h,h,h,h,h      *7,5,5,5,5,21 damage*

Gun Jack uses his piston-like arms to deliver an onslaught of rapid jabs 
to your opponent`s face. Well this move just sucks. All hit high and Gun 
Jack stays still the whole time. You either have to be right on top of your 
opponent (not literally) or your opponent must have the intelligence of a 
lab monkey to walk right into it. The only way you`ll land this on a decent
player is when they tag-in. Still not worth it though. 
Small Blaster- b+2                m                *27 damage*

Similar to the above move, but not quite as sucky. Gun Jack kneels down 
and fires his fist like a gun. It`s pretty quick and does decent damage, 
but still, it has no range (it would be cool if he actually shot something 
out, but I guess that`d be cheap). Only good in juggles. 
Digital Hans Head Slide- F+3+4    L                *15 damage?*

You would think this wold be a good move but it`s not. The slide isn`t 
very fast and even though it knocks your opponent down, you will be left 
lying on the ground as well. And if it`s blocked (because it is a little 
slow) you will suffer the wrath of you opponent. 
Ganryu Stomp- d+4                 m                *50 damage*

Gun Jack has borrowed one of Ganryu`s moves here. Frankly, he could`ve kept 
it. Gun Jack lifts his leg in the air SO slow your opponent can probably 
tie his shoes. Though to be honest I`ve never tried this more than a couple 
of times. I know Ganryu can use this move gauranteed after a couple of his 
moves, but I don`t know if this is true for Gun Jack or not. Please e-mail 
me if you know how to use this. 
Low Cossack Kicks- D/B+3,4,3,4,3,4     L,L,L,L,L,L     *? damage*

In the process of doing little or no damage this move also makes Gun Jack 
look like a sissy! Ooh, look at him dance! Don`t use this unless it`s for 
Okizeme purposes, or esle you`re bound to eat a foot in the mouth or some 
other attack.
Sit Down- d+3+4, Sitting Punches- 1,2,1,2_2,1,2,1      L,L,L,L 
                                                      *? damage*

In the heat of the battle there`s nothing worse than sitting down! I mean, 
who sits down? Really? If you perform this move you WILL get your ass beat 
down. And hard too. 
Dark Greeting- f+4~1         !!UNBLOCKABLE!!         *101 damage*

This move looks really cool. Gun Jack shines brightly for a second and then 
walks forward with his left arm extended like he`s knocking on a door and 
then he sparkles again. Too bad it`s very slow and has little range. I`ve 
only landed this once on the computer, and never on a human opponent. If 
they don`t know what it is and just stay still (from panic probably) you 
might get lucky and hit someone. 
Gigaton Punch- b,d/b,d,d/f,f,u/f,u,u/b (x5),1   m   *20,40,60,80.199*

This move is not worth trying. Your opponent must be having brain seizures 
or something if they see you swinging your arm and hear the announcer`s 
voice saying "1,2,3..." and they still don`t move. If that is the case, 
then immediately call an ambulance after you destroy his character 

7) Juggles- 

Juggling isn`t a very strong point for Gun Jack. His launchers aren`t very 
good and he doesn`t have too many follow-up options. But some of his 
juggles are pretty powerful. 
Please note that this is probably the most incomplete section of the FAQ. 
I will probably update this in a future version once I have learned more 
juggles. And if you know any good ones that aren`t listed here, please 
e-mail me it and I`ll add it to here and acknowledge you in the next 

Gun Jacks juggle starters:
2,1,2= Punch, Elbow, Uppercut
WS+1= Violent Uppercut
D/F+1,2,1,2= Mid-Uppercut Rush
d/f+2= right uppercut
d+1+2= Bravo Knuckle
QCF~D/F+1= Megaton Uppercut 
d/f+2+3 (WS juggle)= Low Ankle Swipe
d/f,D/F+2+4 (throw juggle)= Modified Catapult 

Juggle ender after a d/f+2, WS+1, 2,1,2, or D/F+2,1,2,1:
2, 1+2= right jab, Hammer Knuckle
D,D/F+1,2,D/F+1= Mid-Hammer Rush
F+2,2,f+1+2= right jab, right jab, Scissors    

Juggle ender after a d+1+2 (huge damage!):
2,1+2= right jab, Hammer Knuckle
F+2,2,f,f+1+2= right jab, right jab, Scissors

Juggle ender after a d/f+2+3:
WS+4,1+2,1+2= standing right kick, Hammer Knuckle, Double Uppercut

Juggle ender after a d/f,D/F+2+4 (huge damage!):
d+1+2= Bravo Knuckle

Juggle ender after a QCF,D/F+1:
u/f+4,b+2= jumping right kick, Small Blaster

8) Okizeme-

Okizeme is the "art" of beating your opponent when he is on the ground. 
This is one of Gun Jack`s best tactics. I`m not going to get in-depth with 
what move to do when your opponent is "in the face-down, head at your feet 
position" or anything like that. I just say smash away with your Hammer 
Knuckle! Well I guess I`ll give a little more info than that, even though 
it is kinda self-explanitory.

Good Okizeme moves:
1+2= Hammer Knuckle
D/B+3,4,3,4,3,4= Low Cossack Kicks
u/f+3+4= Hip Press
b,d/b,d,D/F+1= Megaton Sweep
3+4= Dive Bomber

When to use what

After most combos and throws, your opponent will be on the ground and 
probably close by. These are the times you wanna use these moves:

Hammer Knuckle- While this move won`t actually hit your opponent on the 
ground, it is still probably the best Okizeme move for Gun Jack. Use this 
when the fallen opponent tries to get up and put them back to the dirty 
ground! Get close by and wait fr your opponent to get up. As soon as you 
see any movement (rolling, kicking, etc.) hit them with this. The smart 
thing for your opponent would then probably be to roll backwards. If they 
don`t, hit them with some more Okizeme. 

Low Cossack Kicks- These aren`t great but they get the job done. Use them 
when your opponent refuses to get up (because of fear of your Hammer 
Knuckle) and they are laying right next to you. 

Hip Press- Because Gun Jack jumps forward with this move, you`ll probably 
miss your opponent if they are at your feet. So use this when they are on 
the ground and a little far away. If you hit them it`ll do some nice 
damage. If you miss, you can still attack by coming out of a roll from 
the sitting position. 

Megaton Sweep- This can be used in exchange with the Hip Press. But even 
if they get up in before ths move is executed you will hit them when they 
are standing, provided you are a safe distance away and they aren`t 
blocking low.

9) UltraBaka`s notes-

The difference between Gun Jack and the other Jack characters (Jack-2 and 
P. Jack) aren`t huge but this FAQ does not apply to them. They have 
different side-step moves, juggles, etc.. 

I hope this FAQ has helped someone because when I looked for Gun Jack FAQs 
on the internet there seemed to be a lack of anything decent. I will 
update this FAQ in the future ONLY if I am requested to do so or if I 
obtained a lot more knowledge of Gun Jack (juggles especially). Possible 
sections for a future version might include:
-Gun Jack Strategies
-Tag Partner Ideas
-Other Character`s Weaknesses and How to Exploit Them
-Getting Cheap with Gun Jack

Also I would like to once again state that I am not a Gun Jack expert, 
just a pretty good Gun Jack player. I hope someone releases a better FAQ 
than this so people can learn even more about Gun Jack and because I am 
a lazy person. I know Ug the Caveman said he was making a "Jack" FAQ but 
that because it will be so in-depth it will be awhile before he finishes 
it. So I guess in the meantime this is all there is. Oh well. Thanks for 
reading this far.

If you have any info, comments, nude photos of your girlfriend, questions, 
etc. e-mail me at UltraBaka@yahoo.com. Thanks.

10) Credits-

Umm, let`s see...

I got the movelist from Tekken.net/Catlord, so thank you Catlord.

I made all the strategies, so I thank myself for wasting probably more 
than $500 on this freaking game (just a rough estimate). 

Ofcourse Namco, because this game is the best arcade game I have ever 

And I got most of the *Damages* from the Japanese strategy guide: Tekken 
Tag Tournament Tutorial Segment #1 which is GAMESTMOOK Vol.193. 

Also thanks to Castel at Tekken.net for posting this FAQ (if you`re 
reading it, he did). Best place for Tekken info and now even has a forum. 
Check it out if you haven`t already. 

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