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Hwaorang by Mustadio

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/28/99

Tekken Tag Tournament
Hwaorang Movelist v1.0
Written by: Mustadio
E-mail: mustadio@islands.i-next.net


I. Introduction
II. Basic gude to TTT
III. Moves 
    - Grapplings
    - Both for lefty and righty
    - Lefty
    - Righty
    - Left Flamingo
    - Right Flamingo
IV. Strings
V. Juggles and other moves
VI. Hwoarang's backview step in and out
VII. Conclusion


I. Introduction
	Well yeah all i have to say is that Hwaorang is one of the best for me. 
After Hwoarang comes Jin and Kazuya, so i usaully pick them as partners for 
Hwoarang. Anyways i just like using hwaorang cuz of his combos, juggles, and to 
trinking people with him. Yeah so in this movelist ill be showing you how to use 
most of the moves in the most.

	I have to also say that Tekken tag tournament is a copyright of Namco 


II. Basic guide to TTT

	Well in this walkthrough ill be using other stuffs instead of using those 
long words like right punch, then left, etc. So anyways here are some key to my 

1	left punch		
2	right punch
3	left kick			
4	right kick
5	tag			
u	up
U	hold up			
d	down
D	hold down		
f	forward
F	hold forward		
b	back
B	hold back		
hcf	half circle forward
hcb	half circle back		
qcf	quarter circle forward
qcb	quarter cirlce back		
n	release joystick to neutral position
WR	while rising		
LFS	left flamingo stance
RFS	right flamingo stance	
CH	counter hit

Here are some basic stuff you should know in TTT

when you are knocked down on the floor and you back and body is on the floor 
- b to roll back
- f to roll forward
- u to get up
- 1 to roll and get up
- 1,d to and stay on the ground
- 3 to get up with a kick on low
- 4 to get up with a kick on high
- f,4 go forward and kick high
- f,3 go forward ang kick low
- b,4 go back and kick high
- b,3 go back and kick low

when you are about to hit the ground press:
- 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 toquick recover

when you are about to hit the ground with your back and feet facing opponent 
- u- to do this thingie that most ninjas do.

here are the movements
- f,f step forward
- b,b step back
- f,f,f run forward
- u or d sidestep
- 1+3 to do some grappling
- 1+4 to do some grappling
- 2+5 to do some grappling and pass to tag partner

i think thats about it in my mind right now.


III. Basic moves:
	Hwoarang though is a kinda hard to use, but if your use to it, youll 
probably be the undefeated player. kidding but im sure he is good. um i might 
miss quite a lot of move so if any other moves you know that is not in here 
please e mail me. hwoarang has four stances. these stances are the lefty, 
righty, left flamingo, and right flamingo, so ill start with the grappling 


Command		Position
2+4			front
1+3			front
f,f+2			front
qcb+3			front
d,d/b+1+3		front
1+3 or 2+4 or 2+5		left
1+3 or 2+4 or 2+5		right
1+3 or 2+4 or 2+5		back

Both lefty and righty:

Command		Remarks

1+2			show back to opponent
3+4			change stance
d+4,4			juggle starter
f,n,d,d/f+4		juggle starter
u+3			ends in LFS
d/b+3+4			unblockable
   = B (cancel)		ends in LFS


Command		Remarks

4,3			ends in righty
f,f+3			ends in righty
u+3			ends in left flamingo
f+4			ends in right flamingo
WR+4,4			ends in righty
f+3			ends in RFS
f+4			ends in LFS
3,3,3,4,4			ends in righty
3,3,4,4			ends in righty
3,3,3,4			ends in RFS
3,3,d+3,4			ends in RFS
3,3,4			ends in RFS
4,f+4			ends in righty
4,4,f+4			ends in righty
4,4,4			ends in RFS
b+4			ends in righty


Command		Remarks

2,1,1			ends in lefty
f+3			ends in LFS
f+4			ends in RFS
4,f			ends in RFS
4,4			ends in lefty
3,3			ends in lefty
3~4			ends in lefty
f+4,4			juggle starter
b+4			lefty

Left Flamingo Stance:

Command		remarks

3,3,4			ends in RFS
b+3			ends in lefty
b+4			juggle starter
f+3			ends in righty
4			ends in RFS
2			ends in righty
1			ends in lefty
1+4			unblockable
   = b,b (cancel)		ends in lefty

Right Flamingo Stance:

Command		remarks

4			if CH, stun opponent
f+4			ends in lefty
b+4			ends in righty
3			ends in LFS
2			ends in righty
1			endsin lefty
b+3			juggle starter

note: if you do nothing in the flamingo stance and your feet goes down, it then 
is counted as you doing a f. which means if you press the f when your feet is 
down you will do a step in, or if you do f+3 when your feet falls down, then you 
are doing the f,f+3.


V. Strings

LFS:  2,2,3,4,3,4,4,4,4,3
RFS: 1,2,3,4,3,4,4,4,4,3



VI. Juggles and other important moves:

	Well, here are some of the juggles and important movesthat i use with 
hwoarang. They are pretty easy to do, but some can pretty much make you 
frustrated if you cant do it. Anywayz here:

- First all you have to do is go to your righty stance. While in the righty do 
f+4,4 which is a juggles starter. Then press f+3 which mkaes you to the left 
flamingo. While in left flamingo press b+3 which ends up in the lefty. While 
your in the lefty do d+3,3.

- Now the next one is you'll have to be in your left flamingo or right flamingo. 
If your in the right flamingo press b+3 and if your in the left flamingo press 
b+4, both i think ends in the righty. While in the righty press 2 or 1, then 
after that do d+3,3.

- Here is one that is kinda hard to do which needs speed and timing. First you 
do the f,d,d/b+4 which flips him to the air really high. While he is in the air 
press 3+4 which changes your stnace to do righty. Then quickly press 3,4.

- OK another one which is pretty much easier but needs timing. Do the f,d,d/b+4 
which ends up with your lefty. when he is in range with your kicks do 3,3,4 
which ends up in the right flamingo. you can press 3.

- Im not really sure if this is a juggle or not but i dont think its is. here 
all you have to do is be in your right flamingo or left flamingo. If your in the 
LFS press d+4, and if your in the RFS press d+3. ok then now he is in the ground 
when you are rising press 3,3 which hits in the second and leaves you in the 
righty. You can do the d/b+3 or you can do the 4,3. but when you do the 4,3 it 
doesn't hit the person if he t rolls to the side.

- Here is a really importan stuff to use, but it is not a juggles. you have to 
be in you RFS and while you are in the RFS press 4. the hit must me a counter 
hit and he will be stunned and he will fall to the ground. while he is stunned 
press d/b+3+4.

- OK this one you'll have to do the f,d,d/f+4 which makes the guy go flying up. 
Then as he is in the air, jump forward to the highest and kick with a 4. then 
when you land press the 3,4 quickly.

- this one you'll have to do the f,d,d/f+4 also, then when he is in range, 
quickly press the 3,4. then as he is about to strike the ground do the d+4,4.


VII. Hwoarangs backview step in and out:

	This thing is probabaly the coolest thing I've ever seen. Its hwoarang 
with his back on his opponent and he is stepping away from the him. Well this 
thing is pretty hard to do if you are a beginner, but as you get use to it 
you'll be very good at it. Well anyways here ill tell you what to do. oh by the 
way this works on the tekken 3 and the tekken tag tournament. Follow these 

- You start with the lefty, right, well first go to your righty by pressing 1+2.
- Then when you are in your righty press the 3+4 to show your back to the 
- Now that your back is turned press the 3+4 and quickly press f,f or b,b. 

	the f,f makes you step backwards and the b,b makes you go to your front. 
There are a lot more you can do to. you can even go to your flamingo stance and 
starts bouncing away from your opponent.


VIII. Conclusions:
	i think that is all i have right now. ill go back to the arcades and start 
searching for more. when i make my next version, i will add more juggles and 
move, but i need your help too, oh and ill be adding some tag combos soon. if 
you have anything that  is not in my movelist please mail it to me at 
mustadio@islands.i-next.net. so thats it. thanks for reading my movelist and 


Hwoarang movelist v1.0

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