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King Advanced by Kingp82000

Updated: 11/22/99

Advanced King Guide
If my FAQ shows up with every paragraph as only one line cut and paste 
it and put it in Microsoft word or any program like that to fix it. 
Email Any Comments to me at Kingp82000@aol.com. Make sure the subject 
title clearly defines that it is in response to my FAQ or it may be

Legal Things:

Namco copyrights Tekken and all the characters in Tekken.  This is my 
guide, if you want to print it, be my guest, if you want to post it 
somewhere, or use parts of it in your own FAQ just email me, I'll say 
yes, but I like to have some control over where this thing goes.


11-22-99: Updated "Elbow Sting" detailed movelist, Updated Taunting 
Guide, this will probably be my last update as I am going to start 
working on a Lei Wulong Advanced Guide
11-21-99: Fixed Abrar name spelling error, look at taunting section
11-19-99: Over all spelling errors fixed, move list errors fixed, new
moves added


Well I've made a King guide, as you should already know, this guide is 
an advanced FAQ not one of those run of the mill ones written by a guy 
that I could beat with the character he wrote it about.  This guide 
should be treated as the guides written by Reverend C. about Nina, 
Kazuya and Heihachi (I'm pretty sure he's working on more, but as of 
today only those).  I can assume that you know the conventions (so I 
didn't list them), that you can block/poke out of every ten string in 
the game and most importantly that you are already good with at least 
one character. (I can't expect you to be as good as I am with King, but
you might even be, I'm not afraid of people better then me)  I can 
expect that you've heard of double reversals, but I don't expect you 
to have used them so I have a section on that.  Also after this FAQ if 
I get enough people writing me with comments about how I've done a good
 job with this one, I may write one for Lei and Armor King.  I'm also 
good with Bryan, Yoshimitsu, Jin, Lee, P-Jack, Bruce, Jun and with 
Abrar's help soon to be good with Kuma and thanks to the Reverend my 
Nina, Heihachi and Kazuya are coming along nicely, it also helps that 
I can recall how to do every move in the game. (Not all the ten strings,
I hate those things, pull one on me and I'll stop you cold)  Well I 
hope you can get a lot out of this FAQ and at the fear of sounding 
redundant I say once more, if you write me with comments I'll be more 
inclined to write more FAQS.  

Table of Contents: 

King Strengths/Weaknesses
Movelist (with Namco move names)
Throw List (with Namco throw names)
Multi "Chain" Throws list (with Namco names of course)
G-throw List (Namco Names)
Movelist In-Depth
Throw List In-Depth
Multi "Chain" Throws List In-Depth
G-Throw setup moves list and Ground Throws List In-Depth
		-Custom Strings
		-Block or Sidestep
		-Reversal and Parry
		-Getting Up 
	-Class one starter juggles
	-Stun Combos
Super Way to Pulling Chain throws on everyone
Ideal Partners 
A Look at Taunting
Special Thanks to....

King Strengths and Weaknesses
	Well first off King's amazing power and throwing ability come 
to mind.  Also his speed it's not that great, but he might as well be 
Ling, because people tend to fight him like Gun Jack.  You can't 
chicken King's kick reversal, he has a surprising good poking ability 
and King can keep you down as long as he wants to, he has excellent
throw setups and the throws and do up to 70 damage or a chain throw for
up to 130 damage! 

	That's right King's not perfect, once in a pressure situation 
King will have more trouble then most characters getting out of it.  He
doesn't have many moves (but the ones he has are great).  His Ten 
Strings seem to be the ones that everyone knows how to block (then 
again ten strings aren't good in the first place).  Real lack of short 

Palm Attacks to Attack:                         121 hhm 6,15,10
Elbow Sting:                                    d/f+1,2 mm 15,12
Jab Uppercut:                                   d+1,N+2 Smm 5,15
Leg Breaker: (floats)                           FC,d/f+1 L 21
Jab Uppercut:                                   2,1 hm 10,12
K's Flicker: (juggle on CH)                     f,f+2 [~5] m 20
Stomach Smash: (stun on CH)                     f,f,N+2 L 6
	- on stun, High Jack Backbreaker:       1+2 Throw 30 
	- on stun, Jaguar Driver:               1+2,u,d,N+3+4 Throw 60
Crouching Uppercut:                             FC,d/f+2 [~5] m 20
Knockout Punch: (stun on CH):                   SS+2 h 30
Head Spinner: (1st hit ends in BK)              1+2,1 mm 15,21
Flying Cross Chop: (staggers when blocked)      f,f+1+2 h 15                                                        
Lay Off (advantage by 16 frames)                f,F+1+2 U N/A
Black Bomb: (Bounce Juggle on CH)               f,N,d,d/f+1+2 [~5] m 28
Capital Punishment:                             u/f+1+2 m 35
Elbow Drop:                                     d+1+2 M 15
Mid Kick: (not a listed namco move)             d/f+3 m 17
Shin Kick: (not a listed namco move)            d/f+4 l 15
Atomic Blaster:                                 BK, 1+2 High U 50
Jaguar Lariat:                                  F+1+2 High U 50
Blind Kick:                                     BK, 3 M 25
Rolling Sobat:                                  f+4 m 23
Konvict Kick:                                   f,f+4 m 30
Knee Buster:                                    d/f+4 L 15
Stager Kick:                                    d+3+4_FC,d/f+4 L 17
	-K's Flicker:                           2 m 10
	-Stagger Kicks:                         4,4 LL 7,7
		- only if First kick is CH, Stagger Kicks:  4,4 LL 5,5
		- only if First kick is CH, K's Flicker:    2 m 10
Disgraceful Kick:                               b+4 h 20
Exploder:                                       3+4_f,f+3+4 m 25
Running Exploder: (stagger on block)            WR+3+4_f,f,f+3+4 h 40
Deadly Boomerang:                               SS+3+4 h 60
Moonsault Body Press:                           1+4_BK, 1+4 U 25
Shoulder Tackle:                                f+2+3 m 40
Diving Body Press:                              f,F+2+3 M 30
High Elbow Drop:                                u/b_u_u/f+2+4 M 35
Low Trust Block: (Advantage by 26 frames)       d+1+4_2+3 Reversal N/A
Low Parry: (Advantage by 8 frames on punch, 9 on kick) d/f Reversal N/A

Winding Nut:                                    1+3 Throw 35 1
Suplex:                                         2+4 Throw 35 2
Tag Throw:                                      2+5 Tag Throw Varies 2           
Argentina Backbreaker:                          1+3_2+4 L-Throw 40 1
Knee Crusher:                                   1+3_2+4 R-Throw 42 2
Reverse Throw:                                  BK, 1+3_2+4 Throw varies
Half Boston Crab:                               1+3 B-Throw 60 N/A
Cobra Twist:                                    2+4 B-Throw 60 N/A
Stretch Buster:                                 b,F+1+2 B-Throw 75 N/A
Jumping Powerbomb:                              d+1+3_d+2+4  C-Throw 45 1+2
Tombstone Piledriver:                           d/b,f+2 Throw 58 2
Muscle Buster:                                  QCB+1+2 Throw 50 1+2
Falling Headlock:                               FC,d/b,d,D/B+1+2 Throw 55 1+2
Figure Four Leg Lock: (reversal 3+4)            d/b+1+2 Throw 32 1+2
Frankensteiner:                                 d/f+3+4 Throw 15,45 N/A #1
Knee Bash:                                      d/f+2+3 Throw 30 2
Leg Screw:  (right kick reversal)               B+1+3_B+2+4 varies #2
Double Heel Hold: (left kick reversal)          B+1+3_B+2+4 varies #2

#1: Shift to throw on close standing hit, can be reversed, first 15 
damage only if not blocked, hits grounded opponents
#2: Leg Screw and Double Heel Hold can't be "Chicken" (double reversed)

Multi "Chain" Throws
Standard link table:

        |               |        
        |               --------J
        |             | 
        |              ---------J
A. Reverse Arm Drag Take Down f,df+1+3_2+4    (1_2)
B. Backdrop 2,1,1+2 (varies on throw A, 1 or 2)
C. German Suplex 3+4, 1+2 (1)
D. Powerbomb 1,2,3+4 (1, none after C)
E. Giant Swing 2,1,3,4 (1)
F. Reverse Special Stretch Buster d/f+1+2 or SS+1+3_2+4 or d/f,d/f+2+4 
   C-Throw (2)
G. Cannon Ball  2,2,1+2 or if throw F connects as side/back throw (2, 
   only after B)
H. Manhattan Drop 3+4,1+2,1+2+4 (2)
I. Victory Bomb 1,2, 3+4,1+2 (none)
J. Muscle Buster 3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4

Arm Breaker:                               f,N,d,d/f+1+4 Throw 20 1
         Triple Arm Breaker:               1+2,1+2 Link 10,15 1
         Head Jammer:                      1+2,4,3+4 Link 20 2
                   Struggle Combo:         4,3,4,3+4,1+2 Link 25 N/A
         Chicken Face Winglock:            2,1,1+2+3 Link 25 1+2
                   Dragon Sleeper Finish:  2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4 Link 30 1
                   Rolling Death Cradle:   1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3 Link 75 2

Standing Heel Hold:                        f,N,d,d/f+2+3 Throw 30 2
         Scorpion Death Lock:              1+2,3,1,1+3 Link 40 2 #1
         STF:                              1,2,3,1+2 Link 35 1 #1
         Indian Death Lock:                1+2,1,3,1+2 Link 30 1+2 #1
                   King's Bridge:          1,3,4,1+2,3+4 Link 50 N/A 

Pile Driver:                               QCF+1 Throw 25 1 #2
        Double Arm Face Buster:            1+2 Link 30 N/A #3
        Boston Crab:                       1+2,3,4,1+2 Link 25 N/A	

Throw Away:                                B+1+2 Throw N/A N/A
        Scoop Slam:                        ~5 Link Appox. 30 N/A #4 
        Turn Around:                       1+2 Link N/A 1+2
        Throw and Destroy:                 3+4 Link 10 3+4
        Throw Away Feint:                  1+3 Link N/A 1
        Throw Away Knockdown:              2+4 Link 8 2

Ultimate Tackle:                           FC+1+2_f,N,d,D/F+1+2 Throw 5 2 #5
       Ultimate Punches:                   (1,2,1_2,1,2), (2,1_1,2) Link #6
       Cross Arm Bar:                      1+2 Link 25 1+2,2,2,2.... #7
                  Arm Twist:               1+2 Link 10 N/A
       Cross Leg Lock:                     3+4 Link 20 1+2,1,1,1.... #8
                  Struggle Combo:          1+2,1+2 Link 20,20 N/A precise timing

Ground Throws
              Swing Away:                  d/b+1+3 G-Throw 30 1
              Head Bomber:                 d/b+2+4 G-Throw 33 2
              Figure 4 Leg Lock:           D/B+2+4 G-Throw 33 1+2
              Shoulder Cracker:            d/b+1+3_2+4 G-Throw 28 1+2 
              Half Boston Crab:            d/b+1+3_2+4 G-Throw 30 3+4
              Wing Tearer:                 d/b+1+3_2+4 G-Throw 32 1+2

In Depth Move List
         Below is a list of moves that I've chosen to write about.  If 
a move doesn't appear on the list, Exploder for example, I feel the 
it's an average move and I'm only going to spend time talking about 
the good moves and the bad moves, so you know what to assume about 
unlisted moves.

 Elbow Sting: d/f+1,2    ***
         Of all the new King moves, this is by far the worst.  
Basically they chained together his d/f+1 punch to his d/f+2 and called 
it a move.  I'm pretty sure if the first hit connects the second hit 
isn't a sure thing and for a measly 12 more damage, I could care less, 
this move is a joke at poking, way to slow.   I've added two more stars
because someone has emailed me saying this move is good on button 
mashers (with Eddy and the sort) and against characters that duck a 
lot such as Bryan and Kazuya (for WS moves) and Jacks (FC moves), Lei 
and both Ogres.  So try that out, maybe it's a good move after all.

Jab Uppercut: d+1,N+2   ********** 
         Now we're talkin, best move in the game right here, why you 
ask?  Well all you Nina players, think Nina's d+1,N+4 move and here it 
is but better.  Ok basically King does a fast SM left jab and then a M 
Uppercut for if both hits connect is 20 damage.  Why am I screaming 
about how good such a weak move is?  Poking my friend, poking, the 
first jab is only 8 frames people!  That'll shove Paul's Deathfist 
where it belongs, destroy any feeble ten string, used correctly this 
move cancels everything, even Yoshimitsu and his 7 frame right jab is
stopped, because you'll simply duck the attack.  Now if you're still 
not convinced of it's greatness, perhaps because the first hit is SM 
and can be low parried by everyone or reversed by a select few, looked 
at it this way, Wind God Fist (Heihachi's not Jin's) hits SM and that's
the games best juggle starter, why?  Because good players like me and 
the writer of the advanced Heihachi, Nina and Kazuya guide, don't plan 
on getting moves blocked, plain a simple.  Of all the times I use this 
move, not once will one of you scrubs block it.  Plus the second hit is
great setup for a throw, even tombstone or giant swing.  Seems like 
with a follow up like that this isn't just a 20 damage combo anymore!  
By the way buffer second hit for chicken.

Leg Breaker: FC, d/f+1 ******
         Well this is a good move on "good" players only.  If one of 
us experts see it coming, you're in trouble, and scrubs and mashers are
moving to crazy for a slow move like this to hit them, but on a good 
player, it's great.  First off King draws back like he's going to hit 
mid maybe if you were guessing, so a reversal happy player with try to 
reverse it.  Then rather quickly he goes downward and hits your ankles 
out from under them, this starts float juggles, refer to the juggles 
section for some of them.

Jab Uppercut: 2,1 *******
         Once in a while take a risk and poke with this rather then 
the other Jab Uppercut move, if it connects and you're fast enough the 
giant swing throw is a sure thing unless they break it with a left 
punch, but they usually don't.

Stomach Smash: f,f,N+2 ********
         Low attack 6 damage stuns on CH, big deal!  Yeah it is, first 
of all use this if you think they're doing a high attack or a throw 
next and link it to Jaguar driver for a 66 damage 2 hit combo, come to 
think of it that is a big deal now isn't it?  (Don't use on experts, 
the throws can be escaped)

Head Spinner: 1+2,1 ******
         I use this a lot in the few times that I juggle with King, 
it's got the good damage if it hits.  You can use it as a starting 
move against Eddy mashers, this'll usually catch them for some quick 
damage.  You can fake out and only do the first hit and then tap 1+2 
after he stops the motion and go for an unblockable, you'll usually be 
poked out of this or deathfisted by a Paul player, but the times that 
it hits you've got good damage.  After knocking someone down with this 
you can follow with okizeme fairly well.  Don't use it to much, buffer 
second hit for chicken.

Knockout Punch: SS+2 **
         I use this move one time and only one time, when I get out of 
the way of a Paul deathfist with a side step left and get the easy CH 
for a stun.  But usually I just poke him out of it anyways and when I'm
not fighting Paul I never use this move  
Black Bomb: f,N,d,d/f+1+2 *****
         The ONLY time I ever want to see any of you use this move is
if you've been going for to many CD chain throw starters and the person
you're fighting learns to duck, hit them on the top of the head.

Capital Punishment: u/f+1+2 ****
         I've yet to find a good solid use for this move, it's mid and
semi-fast, does nice damage, but I'd usaully go for a rolling sobat if
that's the case

Elbow Drop: d+1+2 *****
         This is a slow ground move without much payoff, however it's 
nice to throw this out every now and then, so go for it.

Blind Kick: BK 3 *********
         King's best new move, hands down.  After you knock them down 
with a Disgraceful Kick, go for this move for the follow up damage (if 
the disgraceful kick was a CH don't use it unless you want to look 
stupid kicking nothing).  If the disgraceful kick is blocked, delay a 
second and do this move.  You'll stop Paul's deathfist to your back 
(I know I mention Paul's deathfist a lot, but I see that move so much I
just have to); or the back throw, or just about anything.  On a CH 
they fall down slow and with good timing you can get a G-Throw or go 
for the easy stagger kicks afterward.

Rolling Sobat: f+4 *******
         Ever want a disgraceful kick without the chance that they duck
it and badly hurt you?  Well here's the next best thing, it actually 
does more damage then disgraceful kick and is fast, but is not near as 
good of a counter move.  Also a good starting move, use it however you 
want, good recovery time, not a bad move.

Stagger Kick to K's Flicker: d+3+4,2 *********
         Good move right here, although I only use it in okizeme.  So 
I'll talk about it more in that section.  If used on standing opponent 
buffer second hit for chicken and be ready for slow recovery time.

Triple Stagger Kicks: d+3+4,4,4 *****
         It's three low kicks with slow recovery time, I use it if they
won't get up, use it whenever you find it useful, not that great of a 

Disgraceful Kick: b+4 *********
         Slow, high, only 20 damage, leaves you with your back turned... 
9 stars?  It would only get like 1 star but people have never learned 
how to block this move.   People are always willing to eat this move, 
I'd say buffer for chicken but in all my time of playing I've only had 
it reversed once and it was against some reversal happy kid, so it was 
buffered.   On CH they roll back nicely and on normal hit they fall 
back right by you so you can follow with Blind Kick for more damage.

Deadly Boomerang: SS+3+4 ********
         Well this is the most damaging non-unblockable move in the 
game, if it hits.  I use it to destroy Eddy players.  I use it throw 
away if I've got Armor King on my team and they've seen me do the tag 
throw a lot and know it's coming and just wait.  I do it then cause 
they pause to long when they see me "mess" up and not have Armor King 
come in and they eat this move in the back of the head for nice damage.  Giving me enough time to tag in Armor King anyways, so it doesn't matter.  I was hopeful that you could juggle with this off of a class 1 starter but it's not on the newly posted King combo list so I do think you can.  Anyone out there that wants to try it for me try it on Kuma and see if it even works then.

Moonsault Body Press: 1+4 ******
         Well this move has the deer in the head lights effect for sure.  
People just watch you fly up and they panic and just wait for it to 
hit them.  It's also a good follow up after any version of the Muscle 
Buster throw.

Shoulder Tackle: f+2+3  *******
         Fast move, good damage, insane priority, long range, beats out
the unblockable shoulder tackle.  You can juggle with it off of a class 
one starter, can't be reversed, I like it as along as I'm not in close 

Diving Body Press: f,F+2+3 ******
         If I have to tag in after a class one starter I do this, also 
it destroys Ling's AOP stance and the new stance that they gave Kuma.  
Of all King's new moves, this one gets the style points, also useful if 
some happy go luck player does a delayed CD move.

Jaguar Lariat: F+1+2 ****
         Of all the unblockables in the game, this is one of the better 
ones.  On a good player that turtles I pull this out (never on experts, 
I'm not an idiot).  They continue to block high/mid because this move 
is fairly fast and unlike most unblockables there are no shinny bells 
or whistles with this one and it's a great G-Throw setup move.

Detailed List: Throws
         Unlike the detailed movelist this section will contain comments 
on ALL of King's non-chain throw throws, the chain throws will be in the 
following section and the section following that will be ground throws. 

Winding Nut: 1+3 escape: 1 **
         Well King's basic throws do 35 damage instead of the popular 
30 damage for most people, but in the same situation you could go for 
a special throw that does upwards of 70 damage and the throw has the 
same escape as this one.  Needless to say I don't use this throw very 
often. (Plus I'm used to the 2+4 throw anyways)  It leaves you and your 
opponent both on the ground, you auto tech roll so you've got a little 
chance for stuff, but not much.  Use this if you ever find yourself in
a jam and if you're used to the 1+3 throws.

Suplex: 2+4 escape: 2 **
         Another 35 damage front throw leaves you and opponent on the 
ground you get up first but can't do anything about it, whenever you 
use this think about all the better options you had.

Argentina Backbreaker: 1+3_2+4 on left side, escape: 1 ***
         40 damage for a side throw, not very impressive when you go 
through all the trouble to get a side throw and do only 5 more damage 
then his front throws.  Hardly worth all that effort but if you're on 
their side might as well I guess.

Knee Crusher: 1+3_2+4 on right side, escape: 2 ***
         2 more damage then Argentina Backbreaker, but then again you 
have to side step any left side move so you won't get to pull these out
as much.  Personally I think Anna, Armor King, Hwoarang and Lee 
have the coolest side throws and it's just a game so what looks cool is 
most of what really matters.

Reverse Throw: 1+3_2+4 with back turned, escape: varies on 1+3 (1) or 
2+4 (2) **
         I've never used this, I guess it's ok, but everyone has it 
almost.  If you're ever turned backward and feel like using this, I 
could care less, but I don't like it.

Half Boston Crab: 1+3 on back, no escape *

Cobra Twist: 2+4 on back, no escape ****
         The back throw I use the most often, because it looks cooler 
then Half Boston Crab and is faster to pull out then Stretch Buster, 
afterward I usually go for the easy single or double stagger kick, 
nothing fancy, but hey it works.

Stretch Buster: b,F+1+2 on back, no escape ****
         Slower to pull out then Cobra Twist and doesn't look as cool, 
but does 15 more damage and leaves them at your mercy on the floor, 
maybe for a ground throw, or just some stagger kicks.

Jumping Powerbomb: d+1+3_2+4 escape: 1+2 ***
         Well if they duck I usually go for the Rolling Sobat, but this
does more damage and has almost no range, so if you have no faith in 
your opponents ability to play at all, go for this.

Tombstone Piledriver: d/b,F+2 escape: 2 *********
         58 damage front throw!  Plus afterward they throw a ground 
throw at you for two moves doing 86 damage!  Few of those and they're 
gone plus it has a different break then giant swing and muscle buster 
so mix them up for massive damage throws.  It doesn't get 10 stars 
because at some arcades the d/b position isn't easy to find. 

Giant Swing: f, HCF+1 ******** escape: 1
         70 damage front throw, no one else can do more then that even 
with a back throw, plus the escape is different then all of King's 
other throws, use this whenever you can, they can tech roll for half 
damage, but this almost never happens.  Also because you have to tap 
forward twice this throw has more range.

Muscle Buster: d,d/b,b+1+2 escape: 1+2 **********
      50 damage+double button escape+Moonsault follow up+easy to do= 10
stars. Use this throw people, first of all you can kind of sway back 
(to bad King doesn't have the real sway move) so you can get out of the 
way of jabs and the like this throw is easy to land and has a great pay

Falling Headlock: FC,d/b,d,D/B+1+2 escape: 1+2 *********
         Should you ever duck a high attack, counter with this to send 
55 damage their way, it's kind of easy once you get the hang of it and 
he good follow up chances afterward, plus the double button escape 
means the wont accidentally break the throw.  That's right all you 
Kazuya players, King has a move all most as insanely damaging as your 
gut punch and they can both be done after ducking something high.

Figure Four Leg Lock: d/b+1+2 escape: 1+2 reversal 3+4 *
         King's basic throws do more damage then this, it looks stupid 
and pull it on anyone like me and you end up taking 28 damage yourself
and it'll leave me getting up before you, don't use this move.

Frankensteiner:  d/f+3+4 [~5], no escape *********
         Not really a throw I guess, but it's one of those throws on a 
close standing hit deals so I put it in this section, because it's in 
the throws section on the Namco website.  Well this throw can be 
reversed, I know to buffer with f+2+4, but I've only had it reversed 
once so I don't know what the chicken looks like.  If it hits them on a
close standing hit it'll throw them and you can press tag to have your 
partner standing at their feet when they land.  Plus from such a 
position your partner should have no problem in engaging in okizeme. 

Knee Bash: d/f+2+3 escape: 2 **
         Less damage then a basic throw, but while they're on the 
ground you can more then make up for it with a single stagger kick.  
However it only gets two stars as I only pull it out for show, because 

there is always a better throw.

Leg Screw and Double Heel Hold: B+1+3_B+2+4, reversal *********
         King can destroy Hworang button mashers in an instant with 
this (then again anyone can destroy them).  These all look cool and 
can't be chickened.

Multi "Chain" Throws Detailed Movelist
         In this section I will rate every single link to any throw 
that King has.

Reverse Arm Slam String:

A. Reverse Arm Slam: f,d/f+1+3_2+4 escape: varies on throw 1+3 (1) 2+4 
(2) ****
         Well I almost never use this, not enough extra damage from 
the elbow lock multi-starter to bother with it.  This does however 
start Kings most damaging chain throw, so if you get it off on someone,
good luck finishing it.

B. Backdrop: 2,1,1+2 escape: varies on throw A, same escape as throw A.
         Well this gets 3 stars, because it has to get less then the 
throw before it in this case. Because it does less damage and can only 
come after that throw and is way to easy to get out of, just press the 
button you didn't press for the first one.  This is however throw two 
in "The Widow Maker" King's most damaging chain throw

C. German Suplex: 3+4,1+2 escape: 1 **
         I've never pulled this out on someone, I've never had to, I've
always gotten cannon ball. If they call your cannon ball or you see 
them pressing 2 go for this.

D. Powerbomb: 1,2,3+4 escape: 1, after throw C, none *****
         Well this throw is dreadfully easy and does decent damage, I 
don't mind putting this in instead of throw H if I see them pressing 2.

E. Giant Swing: 2,1,3,4 escape: 1 *****
         In all my years of playing no one has ever tried throw J on 
me, they always go for this so I always escape it.  So use this because 
it's really easy, but you should learn throw J so you can at least be
a little random about it.

F. Double Elbow Lock Multi Starter: d/f+1+2. SS+1+3_2+4 escape: 2 *****
         This is the chain throw starter I land the most often, usually
as a sidestepping move.  Do yourself a favor and side step to their 
non-dominate side.  Ex: on Paul side step left because his power moves 
are with 2 or 4 so these moves all miss you.  If it connects as a side 
throw (roughly 20-40% of the time) the starting throw will be cannon 
ball, so if you try for the sidestep version of this throw, watch 

G. Cannon Ball: 2,2,1+2 escape: 2 (only after backdrop), none at any 
other time *****
         Easy throw, no escape unless you're doing it after backdrop a 
throw I don't use much anyways adds some nice extra damage, has 2 
throws that can follow it.  If throw F connects as a Side/Back throw 
this throw comes out first, so be ready.  Other then that I can't 
think of much more about it, throw 3 in the widow maker

H. Manhatten Drop: 3+4,1+2,1+2+4 escape: 2 *******
         It's got the style points links in to King's more damaging 
chain throw and most people that just mash buttons randomly in the 
hopes to get out lean toward the 1 button so I pull this out a lot. 
(Well not really, but I don't go for chain throws a lot) It's also 
throw number 4 in the widow maker.  Does less damage then powerbomb, 
but the next throw from this can't be escaped and the following throw 
combined with this one does 15 more damage then powerbomb.

I. Victory Bomb: 1,2,3+4,1+2 escape: none *******
         Easy to do, can't be escaped, but the only way to get to it is
through throw H and this is the only move from throw H, so that's about
it, throw 5 in the widow maker.

J. Muscle Buster: 3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4 escape: 2 ******
         This is the way you finish the widow maker, and it does 130 
damage for those of you that didn't keep track.  Otherwise, I go for 
this more then throw E, because people tend to mash toward the 1 button
so the almost never get out of this throw.  Use it whenever you want, 
great damage, good follow up with Moonsault or Blind Kick (the widow 
maker followed by a Moonsault will kill them).

The Widow Maker is in Review: Throws A B G H I J 130 damage, but 
pressing only the 2 button will get you out of it 3 or 5 times 
depending on the starter, so don't use it often.

Arm Breaker: f,N,d,d/f+1+4 escape: 1 ***
         Well this throw does crap damage by itself and although this 
chain throw series can do mass damage I don't use it often.  Go for 
this mainly when you think they're going to break the Standing Heel 
Hold starter.

Triple Arm Break: 1+2, 1+2 escape: 1 **
         This throw adds on 25 more damage, but it can't continue the 
chain throw and it's just as easy to do Chicken Face Winglock after 
you know my method to get it every time, so never use this.

Head Jammer: 1+2, 3, 2+4 escape: 2 ****
         The throw after this one can't be escaped and experts will 
press 1+2 to get out of the Chicken Face Winglock, so throw this out 
every once in a while the whole combo does some nice damage.

Struggle Combination: 4, 3, 4, 3+4, 1+2 escape: none ****
         If you go for Head Jammer and get it go for this, they can't 
get out and if the whole thing hits you get 65 points of nice damage.  
I've pulled this out maybe 3 or 4 times in my life on an actual person. (I've pulled it a million times showboating against the computer) So use it whenever you feel like it, it's a good solid move.

Chicken Face Winglock: 2,1,1+2+3 escape: 1+2 ********
         Easiest Chain Throw link in the game to pull out, simply hold 
down 2, then while holding it press and hold 1 so you're holding 1+2 
and then continue to press them and hold 3 too.  Unless I fell that 
they'll escape this throw I always go for this link.  It's quick and 
easy and links to the two strongest moves from this starter.  Plus the 
dual button escape stops mashers from getting out of it so easy.

Dragon Sleeper Finish: 2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4 escape: 1 *****
         Not really worth the trouble for the 30 damage, but it's a 
sure ground throw if you're fast enough and that tacks on 28 more 
damage (the chain does 103 damage then).  Use on expert players that 
don't look at your hand (I guess then they wouldn't be an expert), 
because they always try to get out of Rolling Death Cradle.

Rolling Death Cradle: 1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3 escape: 2 ******
         I give this move the style points and the mad damage, but not 
much else.  It's the hardest move in the game to do (I only get it 
about 70% of the time) plus all your trouble can be thwarted by a right 
jab.  Use it on idiots if you feel like going for style, but again I 
don't really like this chain throw series I prefer Standing Heel Hold.  

Standing Heel Hold: f,N,d,d/f+2+3 escape: 2 *********
         This is my favorite chain throw starter as I can have the most
fun with the links from this.  The throw itself does good damage, so 
even if you screw up the link you're still fine in the long run.  If 
you get at least one link off you've got 60 damage in the bank no 
matter what and if you do the 60 damage one, King's bridge doesn't 
have an escape so it's good.  People don't often escape this as they 
are used to people trying for Rolling Death Cradle.

STF: 1,2,3,1+2 escape: 1 ********
         If escaped ten damage is done to you, but that aside this link
is extremely easy, but ends the chain at 65 damage, which is still good.  
Afterward if you're fast you can get the ground throw, Bow and Arrow 
Stretch I believe.  Other then that, I use this on expert players and 
just press the 1+2 twice so they think I'm going for Indian Death Lock 

Scorpion Death Lock: 1+2,3,1,1+3 escape: 2 *******
         Again if they get out of it you do take ten damage, but that 
doesn't happen to much anyways.  This throw ends the chain at 70 damage,
which is quite nice, just not the best.  I don't pull this out much on 
people I don't really bother, but once in along while the match I'll 
be almost over and I'll go for this as the closer.

Indian Death Lock: 1+2,1,3,1+2 escape: 1+2 *********
         Like all the other throws when they get out you take ten 
damage, but this is the best link to any chain throw ever.  Dual button
escape to stop the mashers from getting out of it and plus after this 
throw you don't have to end the link at 60 damage, you have 50 more 
lined up in King's bridge.  This is what I usually go for so go for it 
whenever you want.

King's Bridge: 3,1,2,3+4,1+2 escape: absolutely no way out **********
         Got to love this, 50 damage and all they can do is sit there 
and cry about it.  This is the best move to end a match with as the x4 
reply really sets in.  So go out and try this and you'll see why this 
is my favorite chain throw series.

Piledriver: QCF+1 escape: 1, late escape: 1+2 *
         25 damage, with a link that only does 25 more, and a late 
escape, I'm not seeing the good part.  I've never pulled this out in 
my life, wait no once when I was going for Giant Swing I messed up and 
did this and even then the guy got out of it.  So don't use this ever 
for any reason.

Double Arm Face Buster: 1+2 escape: None *
         Wow, now a 25 damage front throw with a late escape does 30 
damage, but wait King's basic throws do 35 damage and are just better 
anyways, don't do this.

Boston Crab: 1+2,3,4,1+2 escape: None **
         Well should you stubble onto doing this throw, go for this 
link.  It rounds the throw out at 50 damage and that's ok I suppose.  
Then again there are better throws, I don't like this throw series at 

Throw Away: b+1+2 [~5] escape: None *****
         Only use this throw if Armor King is on your team, even if 
you don't go for the tag.  Here's why, if the person you're playing 
has watched you playing and seen you do this King to Armor King throw a
lot after King grabs them they stop watching closely and wait to see 
Armor King.  So just don't press tag and throw them around and do a 
Deadly Boomerang to the back of their head, does great damage, plus 
you've got time to tag out afterwards anyways.  Don't go for that trick
very often though, as they will see it coming.  I will not write about 
the links from this as I never use them and only use this throw when 
Armor King is on my team.

Ultimate Tackle: King has great moves from this use which ever ones 
you want, I'm not going to go into much depth about it.

Ground Throw Setup Moves and Movelist in-depth

Face Up/Feet toward Ground Throws:

Swing Away: d/b+1+3 escape: 1 *
         I have never and probably will never use this move.  In 
practice mode I didn't find any good follow-ups to this move, plus it 
just doesn't look as cool as Head Bomber.  So just don't use it. 

Head Bomber: d/b+2+4 escape: 2 **********
         Don't be fooled by the ten stars, one move from each thing 
gets a 10, because it's the best one and this happens to be the best 
ground throw in my opinion.  It looks cool, plus you can follow with 
any okizeme you choose.  Also this one has more setups then any of the 
other ones. 

Figure Four Leg Lock: D/B+2+4 escape: 1+2 ***
         Now honestly, if they're on the ground will you have time for 
the D/B motion, no you won't.  People say it's good because of the 
double button escape, no that's not worth much at all.  Think about it,
anyone alert enough to escape ground throws will be alert enough to 
not stay on the ground.

Setups of Face Up/Feet toward Ground Throws:
Jaguar Lariat
With King/Armor King team Frankensteiner with Armor King to Tag
Any normal knockdown move

Face Up/Feet Away Ground Throw:

Shoulder Cracker: d/b+1+3_2+4 escape: 1+2 *****
         It's the only ground throw from this position, it does less 
damage then any of the other ground throws, but not that much.  It 
looks fairly cool and has the second most setups.

Setups for Face Up/Feet Away Shoulder Cracker:
Dragon Sleeper Finish Chain Throw
Lei Wulong 1+3 throw followed by tag

Face Down Feet Away Ground Throw:

Half Boston Crab: d/b+1+3_2+4 escape: 3+4 ***
         This would be good, it looks cool and does good damage, but as
far as I know, no good setups.  Sorry but without setups what good is a
Ground Throw, I'd say don't you this, but I don't have to, you won't 
get chances to.

No Setups

Face Down/Feet Away Ground Throw:

Wing Tearer: d/b+1+3_2+4 escape: 1+2 ******
         Looks really cool to bad no good setups, there's one setup and
it's a sure thing, if you have the timing of a god.  I've gotten it 
like twice in my life, but it's worth it to try.

Setup for Wing Tearer:
Blind Kick (CH) Precise Timing

Fighting Section

Custom Strings
         Well King's whole idea of a custom string is, hit them mid 
until they can't afford to duck, then throw them.  Simple, but god 
does it work, just a few things about custom strings before I start:
         Buffer Chicken on as many hits as possible
         Don't use custom stings on expert Yoshimitsu players, you'll 
run into his sword
         Don't over use the same custom string ending as they might 
start breaking your throws or be ready to duck right away

2,1 d+1,N+2 d/f+1,2 Throw (Muscle Buster, Giant Swing, Tombstone)_f+4
f,f+4, 2,1 d+1,N+2 Throw_f+4
d+1,N+2 d+1,N+2 d+1,N+2...., d+1 Throw_f+4

Now I'm not saying you can't come up with your own custom strings, but 
those are the ones that I use.


         One thing King can do and do well is counter, he's got a lot 
of countering moves.  First of all if you should see a high/mid kick 
coming, grab their foot and reverse it by all means.  Also if a Jin/Jun
player should start the White Heron/Three Ring Circus String hoping to 
get you with a sweep or mid kick, do d+1,N+2 before they get that far 
in the combo.  Remember the d+1 jab is but 8 frames, used correctly, 
you'll stop everything in its tracks. Also poking changes the course 
of the round, if they go for a ten string and you stop them, attack 
them.  Don't counter and then stop, you should always be doing 
something, never let them breath.  Stuff Heihachi and Hworang players, 
if they like it from range 3, then don't let them get out that far.  
If they can never fight back, because you counter everything, they 
can't win.


         A Japanese word meaning: "Attack the opponent even when he's 
down," and Okizeme in Tekken is the same thing.  If I know a button 
mashing punk with Eddy down, he's not getting back up, plain and simple,
 I'll keep him down the whole round and I'll call him an idiot the 
whole time.  Somewhere along the line someone has probably told you or 
you just think that not letting someone get up is cheap, but they're 
wrong.  If there is a way up and they don't take it, keep doing the 
wrong thing and keep getting hurt, it's their fault not mine, when the 
guy says fight, I'll do anything to kill you.  Remember if nothing else 
convinces you to use this stuff, you have 50 cents on the line.

         Well how to keep them down, simple enough one move.  The 
stagger kick and it's links, if they start to roll do d+3+4,2 to knock 
them one so you can do it twice more.  If they stay still just do d+3+4,
4,4 nothing fancy but that move, mixed in with some cool looking ground
throws can make the difference in a close match.

         I don't juggle much with King, every once in a while I might 
go for the u/f+4 hop kick, but not very often.  However I have listed 
the few juggles that I do with King below:

Hop Kick Juggles:
1+2, 1 
1, f+4
1,2 b+4 

Leg Breaker Juggles:
WS+4, d+3+4,2 d+2+4, 2 (can be tech rolled)
FC,d/f+1 (not pretty but it works)

         There you have it juggling with King, it's not glamorous but 
hey I do it once in along while so pull these out whenever.


         Well admit it, you want to play as King because of his cool 
throws.  Everyone does, even though I don't use chain throws often I 
still love them, they look so cool.  I started playing as King because 
of his throws, I'm sure you did too.  However just knowing these throws
isn't enough, you must learn to use them.  Think of a throw as a heavy 
damaging low range, low attack.  That's right, think about it, the only
way to get out of a throw is to break it (like you can low parry low 
hits) or to duck it (like blocking low).  So King could get by without 
any low hits, because you his throws, he wouldn't be as good, but he'd 
get by.  So below I've listed some setups for throws:

         Front Throws:
         Any custom string
         After a blocked Sobat Kick
         Instead of any mid hit in a combo
         A dash in and throw from range 3
         After several jabs

         Side Throws:
         Side step any 1_3 move with sidestep right and throw
         Side step any 2_4 move with sidestep left and throw
         Back Throws:
         Back throws for King have no practical setup, but you can get them after moves like, running under Gun Jack when he does his 3+4 trust.

         SS+2+4, B (cancels chain throw) they duck the throw they 
thought you were going to do and you C-Throw them.

         Well folks I can safely say that if you have ever used a 
double reversal in your life, you're not a bad player, period.  This 
and poking ability are the two things that separate the good people 
from the experts like me.  Chicken is a setup for a throw (that's not 
mentioned in the throw section I know).  Chicken does some damage and 
stops the scrubs from using reversals, most of them will never use one 
on you again if you buffer once.  For instructions on doing the chicken
double reversal and even a nice story on how useful it is, check out
the advanced Nina FAQ written by Reverend C.  So check it out as soon 
as possible, because I'm not going to write how to do it if he explains 
it so much better.



         When poking with King you'll mainly want the d+1,N+2 move, I 
can't stress that enough.  Also you might get risky and go for the 2,1 
jab uppercut move, if you connect with the second hit and you're fast 
enough you'll get a free giant swing assuming they don't break the t
hrow.  This free throw doesn't appear to work with any other throw 
other then giant swing, although if you go for any other throw you'll 
usually get it.  On expert players that like to break giant swing, 
you'll usually get left jabbed out of any other throw you try for, but 
on good players, you can get mainly any throw you want.  After the 
d+1,N+2 poke you can also follow with most throws (not as good of 
success as with the 2,1 string), it's easy and has huge pay off.  Well
now that this poking section turned into a how to set up throws section, 
I'll quit while I'm ahead.

Block or Sidestep

         If you know the next move they're doing, you should never 
block it, period, sidestep it.  You can sidestep any 1_3 (left side) 
move with sidestep right and side throw them, that'll stop their move.  You can sidestep any 2_4 (right side) move with sidestep left and side throw, that'll also stop their move.  Think about it people, would you rather have them think they can do any move with only minimal fear that you'll do anything but block it (blocking doesn't hurt them mind you).  Or would you like them to fear doing moves, for one wrong move on a good King player and it's all but over.  You can do a nice side throw and then not let them get up or refer to the poking section and do some of that stuff.  Basically side stepping should be mixed in with your poking. 

Reversal and Parry

         King's reversal is semi-hard to use, because you have to see 
a kick coming.  Use it if they start a ten string that you happen to 
know to stop it in style, or on a Hworang button masher to destroy them
 in a second.  Remember that you can never double reverse one of King's
 reversals, in advanced play, it's a tool that changes rounds completely.  
King's low parry now makes them stagger for 26 frames!  That enough for 
a lot of moves, so keep that in mind whenever you think about going for 
the d/f low parry, this one is a lot better.  Make sure you don't do 
d+1+3_2+4 like most low parries or you'll go for a C-Throw and their 
low move will hit on a CH.  You need to practice these moves and be 
very experienced with the game to use them properly, but once mastered, 
these make a lovely addition to an already great character.

Getting Up

         I'm sure all of you have played or will play in the future the
Ling player that decides to keep you down forever.  Now this doesn't 
have to be a Ling player it could be Nina, Heihachi, Anna or even a 
fellow King player, you need to know how to get up.  Well for the 
least advanced players do this: roll back once, and letting them do 
anything to you they want.  Tech roll when you're falling back to the 
ground, you'll take a little damage, but at least you don't fall for 
the same trick over and over again.  Another way to avoid this is think
of side stepping tactics, if they're going for a low right kick, roll 
to your left.  Depending on the side you're on this will be 1 or d+1, 
remember this tactic.  The last way to make sure they don't do okizeme 
is to simply not get knocked down and when you do get knocked down tech
roll it the first time and you're home free.


         King's best way to defend himself is to kill the guy he's 
fighting, don't let them attack you, so you don't have to defend.  
Simple enough this follows the old saying: "The best defense is a good 
offense" and a good King player has a great offense.  So remember this 
next time you're getting attacked and side stepping becomes confusing 
and you're dying, attack them.  


         Below I've listed the juggles that work off of Class one 
starters and some combos to do if you should stun them.

Class One Starters
         Ok first of all I've checked and everyone in the game with a 
class one starter can juggle better then King, but say they're low on 
life and you need to tag in, you could do any  of his other starters or
one of these things.

any normal juggle extension

Stun Combos

         Well should you by some act of god land a SS+2 on a CH or just 
get a f,f,N+2 CH and don't want to use a throw (I don't know why), you 
should do these.  Now I don't have many because I don't think you need 
to use any thing but a throw on a f,f,N+2 CH and I don't try for the 
SS+2 because it's to slow:

1+2,1 (simple, my choice)
b+4 (follow with BT 3, nice)
Any throw (mix up so they don't break them)

Ideal Tag Partners

         Below I have listed the best partners for King simply enough.
    Lei Wulong: 
         This is probably one of my best teams, for many reasons.  Lei 
can hit anywhere in a hurry, he can mix it up with the bests and can 
link moves with King in many ways.  First Lei's basic 1+3 throw links 
to tag and is an excellent setup for a ground throw or some okizeme if 
that's your plan.  The King Frankensteiner links to Lei's u/f+2 move to
put him in PLD position or to his d/b+4~u_d to put him into snake stance, 
both work great.

    Nina Williams:
         Two best throwers in the game, mixed with Nina's juggles and 
speed I guess she's a good partner with anyone.  Also her okizeme 
ability greatly helps you after a Frankensteiner and her u/f+1+2 throw 
can link to some nice King stuff.

    Ummm, hmmmm lets see..... Armor King?
         Well Kings best partner in advanced play is hands down, Armor 
King.  The Frankensteiner to ground throw or the d+1+2 elbow drop 
works both ways, they've got the team throws and if you learn to make 
someone fear your King, they will fear your Armor King.

Way to Pulling Chain throws

         I have in all my wisdom come up and perfected a way to pull 
chain throws on everyone, yes everyone.  But I'm not about to tell 
everyone, because if someone used this system on me, I'd kill them, 
it's mine.  I will however tell you it if you can prove to me you're 
any good.  So people like Reverend C (who I already told) and that guy 
that got second place in the world with King/Armor King (his name 
escapes me at the moment) I'd tell you if you could prove you where 
him.  And everyone else I play and deem worthy and to the Reverend I 
ask him not to tell my system to the whole world because it is mine 
after all.  Also if you meet anyone claiming to be Shelby Reissman and 
they can't prove they are, and keep saying they are hit them for me.  
Don't go around pretending to be someone that wrote a FAQ, if I find 
you I kill you.

A Look at Taunting:

	 Now some of the stuuf in this section I stole from a Tekken 3
Taunting FAQ, but a lot of it is my own stuff.  Ways and Times to 

Doing a Kick Reversal:
Make sure to say: "I got your foot"

After hitting with a deadly boomerang/jaguar larait:
Make sure to say: "Idiot"

During Chain Throws: 
During a chain throw I've been known to talk  to my opponent or a 
friend for instance, while doing an easy chain throw if you have a 
friend with you, by all means have a conversation, don't look at the 
screen or the buttons, but talk to your friend.  Also if you start 
Indain Death Lock and you can see that the following King's Bridge 
will kill them, make sure you tell them they're dead before they 
actually die.  Lastly should you do Rolling Cradle Finish, count down 
the rolls (9 rolls in all for those that care). 

After getting _ (see number below) double reversal(s) say the following
   1- Naw it's cool
   2- Some people can't learn
   3- All this talk about chicken is making me hungry
   4 and more in one round- Emmmm..... Chicken 
   If you win a round (or better yet the whole match) with a double
reversal do the following:
Stop, look over at your opponent and scream: 

Lastly remember, King is a big guy.  He's 300 pounds and he shows it, 
let them know this.  Unless they're one of the Jacks, Kuma, Ganryu or 
Ogre you can safely say after they've hit you in any way: "Oh yeah 
well I still bigger then you are," or just remind them once or twice a 
round that you are indeed the larger character.


         Wow I've written a FAQ and it wasn't that hard, if I get 
really bored or if enough people mail me with stuff on how good my 
tips worked or questions about anyone else that I use, I might get 
bored and make another one.  So Email me if you think my FAQ is worth 
wild and remember, none of this stuff is any good if you can't use it 
and this is an advanced guide, so make sure you're good before trying 
to use this stuff.

Special Thanks to:  

My Best Friend Cody: Helped me get good at this game, to include 
helping my chain throw system.

Reverend C: He inspired my guide and he's told me a bunch of stuff
Castel: Great Site Keep up the good work







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