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Bruce by s8n

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/09/01

*Bruce Irvin FAQ Version 1.5          *
*By: s8n - s8n@rejected.net           *

This document is Copyright (c) s8n 1999-2001, all rights reserved. This document 
may not be altered in any way, and may only be redistributed in its original electronic 

This document is not to be used for promotional and/or profitable purposes.  Any 
information used from this document must be given proper acknowledgement.

All aspects of Tekken Tag Tournament used in this document are 
Copyright (c) 1999 Namco Limited.  All rights reserved.

[version 1.5] - [August 9th, 2001]
I had 1.5 done a long time ago.  It included full frame data and was almost completely
re-written.  Too bad my computer was stolen a few months back and I never got a chance
to upload it.  This is the gimped version of it.  I've been playing less, but recently
I've taken a job at the arcade [oive] so I've been playing a little more and honestly
this thing is so old and outdated it as an embarassment to say the least.  I'd consider
this really half an update.  If I ever get finished with my final revision... well I'll
be happy to say the least.  As always this is just a work in progress.

[version 1.4] - [June 16th, 2000]
I added the throw's descrip part.  I fixed a lot of grammarical [sp?] errors in the move
list descrip. [heh that's what I get for writing past midnight].  I updated a few, and
added a few.  I semi re-organized the juggles section.  I added a tag juggles section.  I
added a quick blurb about me.  And hmm I updated the Against section.  This faq is getting
larger than I originally intended, so I will most likely be updating the layout in the next
version/revision.  BTW - I absolutely despise laptop keyboards, I'm using one to write out
this FAQ.  People look at me odd when I'm at the arcade and I bust out the ol' laptop.
Dunno I guess they think I'm weird... little do they know I actually am.  This document
has grown from 29k [last version] to around 38k.  Not bad ;]  I'll shutup now.

[version 1.3] - [June 1st, 2000]
Today happens to be one of dearest friends Graduation, as well as her b-day.  Sorry about 
the serious lack of updates.  I haven't been playing Tekken as much, but I've learned
quite a bit, which I am grateful for.  Fixed some errors, updated some move descriptions.  
Added/Changed some of the character strats, and also added a partners section.  I'd like
to update more, but I've been busy/lazy.

[Version 1.2] - [February 23rd, 2000] - [my b-day's today]
fixed some errors minor errors added attack level data, added few strats and juggles.

[Version 1.1] - [February 1st, 2000]
Sort of a Revision, minor additions.

[Version 1.0] - [November 15th, 1999]
1st version, and my 1st FAQ.

Simply put Bruce is a monster.  He lacks the "flash" such as Yoshi, Ling, or Ganryu.  He's
pretty straight forward in his fighting style.  He'll kill you on CH and can poke at you all
day.  Some may think his rather static fighting style make him "boring", but you can't argue
with results [wins in this case].

Playing Bruce more and more has really shown me his weaknesses.  The major weakness would be
that his moves track like shit, they're easily SS'd with correct timing.  His okizeme game
leaves a lot to be desired, his d/f+3 being the only move that really hits grounded
opponents.  Bruce has powerful mid/high moves, but beyond his ankle kicks he doesn't have
a very large variety of low hitting moves.  His WS game leaves a lot to be desired as well.
After playing Jin and Bryan has spoiled me in a way I guess.  One other thing would have
to be his lack of 2 button escape throws.  While this isn't a BIG thing, when you know it's
a 50% chance between 1 or 2 breaking the throw, you have a much better chance compared to 33%.
His only throw that requires a 2 button break would be his multi cd+1+2+4.  Which is very
easy to see coming since he has no CD based moves to mix up with.  

*Button Layout*
1 - Left Punch
2 - Right Punch
3 - Left Kick
4 - Right Kick
5 - Tag Button

f - tap forward once           d/f - tap down/forward once
b - tap backwards once         d/b - tap down/back once
d - tap down once              u/f - tap up/forward once
u - tap up once                u/b - tap up/back once

F - Hold stick forward         D/F - Hold stick down/forward
B - Hold stick back            D/B - Hold stick down/back
D - Hold stick down            U/F - Hold stick up/forward
U - Hold stick up              U/B - Hold stick up/back

N - Neutral joystick position (Joystick is not touched)
SS - Sidestep (u,N or d,N)
QCF - Quarter circle forward (Circle stick from down to forward)
QCB - Quarter circle back (Circle stick from down to back)
HCF - Half circle forward (Circle stick from back to down to forward)
HCB - Half circle back (Circle stick from forward to down to back)

+ - Moves must be done together
, - Moves must be done right after the other
~ - Moves must be done IMMEDIATELY after the other
_ - Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangable)
> - Move following the > has the option of being slightly delayed  
# - Hold movement preceeding the '#' until end of string or until N (Neutral)
FC - Do move during full crouched position
WS - While standing up (Returning the stick to neutral from a crouch)
RN - While running
BK - Back facing the opponent
FD/FT - Lying on the ground Face Down / Feet Towards opponent
FD/FA -   "           "     Face Down / Feet Away from opponent
FU/FT -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Towards opponent
FU/FA -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Away from opponent
CH - Major Counterhit (Hitting your opponent during their move execution)
[] - Brackets surrounding an item indicate an optional output
() - Parenthesis indicates moves grouped together
{} - Curved brackets indicate buttons needed to break a throw
: - Pause 1/3 a second between button presses (Tenstring timings only)

(Front) 1+3 [~5]            Knee Bash {1}          
        2+4                 Rib Crusher {2} 
        f,N,d,d/f+1+2+4     Embracing Knee {1+2}
          1+2,1+2,1+2         Tumbleweed
          (3_4),1+2+3         Left Knee Strike {2}
            1,3,1+2+4           Turning Knee
              2,4,1,1+2+3         Rising Knee
        2+5                 Tag Throw {2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5)   Head Breaker {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5)   Face Breaker {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5)   Reverse Neck Toss

1,2                     1-2 Punches
  1,2                     Bruce Rush
  3_4_(f+4)               Midhick_Highkick_Frontkick
  d+4,(3)                 Shin Kick_High Kick
[1],2,d+4,3             [Punch,] Punch, Sweepkick, Highkick
1+2                     Overhead Bomb
ws+1                    Uppercut
ws+2                    Uppercut *Juggles on CH*
f+1+2                   Spinning Slice Elbow
f+1,2,1                 Triple Elbows
FC,d/f,d,d/f+1          Tornado UppercutT
1,4,3                   Southern Cross
SS+1                    Nightmare Elbow
b+1                     Nightmare Back Nuckles
d/f+2 [~5]              Face Buster [Tag]  *Juggles*
d/f+1,2 [~5]            Double Face Buster [Tag]  *Juggles*
d/f+1+2                 Short Stepping Uppercut
f,f+2                   Nightmare Mach Punch  *Reverses Punches*
f+4                     A Kick [technical name]
d/f+4                   Gimply Mid Kick [again technical name]
u/f+4                   Hopkick
f,f+3                   Slice Kick
d+3_4                   Thai Shinkick
b+3,4_2                 Frontkick,Spinkick_Right Punch
3,2,1 [~5]                Gatling Combo [Tag]  *Juggles*
  4                       Lowkick
3,3                     Dual Spinkicks
b,b,N+3+4,4             Handspring Backflip, Bazooka Leg
d/f+3,1                 Cyclone Edge, Tornado Uppercut
d+3+4,3                 Rave Kick, High Sidekick
d/f+3+4                 Step-In Midkick
f+4,3,4                 Triple Blind Kicks
b+4,3,4_(d+4)           Double Knee Rush, Lunge Knee_(Lowkick)
b,f+4 [~5]              Rising Knee [Tag]  *Juggles*
b,b+4                   Nightmare Low Heel Kick
f,f+4                   Bazooka Leg
d/b+4                   Sway Highkick
SS+4,1_4                Bull Kick,Left Hook_Double Bull
2,3                     Right Jab, Mid Spin Kick
  4                     Thai Mid Kick
  f+4                   Right Jab, Thai Face Kick
  d+4,3                 Right Jab, Shin Kick, Thai High Kick
b+3                     Front Kick
  4                     Knee
  2                     Right Punch

b+2+3                   Sidewinder  *Unblockable*

*Throw Breakdown*
[Trying to type this part out with a hand that has fallen asleep and on a laptop keyboard
isn't fun or pretty]

1+3  Knee Bash [~5] {1}    
Just a standard single break throw.  Nothing really special about the move.  It's taggable
thus standard okizeme moves can hit.  If they tech you can get an almost guaranteed tag 
slide/dive.  His 2+4 throw does 5 points more damage [25 to 30].
2+4  Rib Crusher {2}
Standard single break throw.  It does 5 points more damage, and on occasion will switch sides
with your opponent.  I don't know under what circumstances it will or will not, it's just
does sometimes and doesn't.  I'm sure there's some stupid thing where if you throw them on
an an odd frame number it will, or will not.  I'm maken this up but it makes sense, at least
to me. 

2+5  Tag Throw {2}
One of the safest ways to get in your opponent.  The downside of course is less damage. 
Off of the top of my head I can't think of any high damaging tag throws, but I know there's
some decent damaging ones.  For the most part a 1+3~5 will provide you a safe way of tagging
in your opponent and will do more damage.  If Bruce is your partner I wouldn't bother with
the tag throw unless you really are desperate.  He comes in with a running stomp that does
little if any damage.
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5)  Head Breaker {1}
Standard side throw.  It does 40 points of damage, which isn't all that much compared to
some peoples normal throws.  The mad axes come to mind, but it's a side throw ;]

(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5)  Face Breaker {2}
Standard side throw.  It does the same amount of damage as his left side one, so pretty much
the same stuff applies.

(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5)  Reverse Neck Toss
50 points of damage and inescapable.  This is pretty weak as back throws go, but 
it can't be escaped so it's 50 free points of damage.

f,N,d,d/f+1+2+4  Embracing Knee {1+2}
His only double break throw.  Not a lot of people actually know he has a multipart throw
so most of the time you'll catch them off guard.  Against a skilled opponent I wouldn't
expect this to catch them off guard more than a handful of times.  To execute the move
I usually either buffer 1+2 or the 4.  It makes it easier instead of having to worry about
hitting 1+2+4 at the same time.
  1+2,1+2,1+2  Tumbleweed
  The easiest followup.  Just keep hitting 1+2 ;]  Total it will do 55 points of damage,
  which is a healthy amount and fairly easy to pull off.
  (3_4),1+2+3  Left Knee Strike {2}
  The easiest way to pull this off is just to press and hold [buffer] 3 and push 1+2.  But
  it changes the break button for the next throw.
    1,3,1+2+4  Turning Knee [#1]
    I usually don't use his multi part so I don't really know any obvious buffer tricks.
    Feel free to email me if you have something to add.
      2,4,1,1+2+3  Rising Knee {n/a}
      The last part to his multi and it's inescapable.  Again I usually don't use his multi
      part except in extreme boredom situations, thus I can't really comment on buffer tricks.
      Feel free to email me if you have something to add.  If you do this variant total damage
      comes out to a nice healthy 100 points of damage.  Minus the 1st part, it's fairly
      easy to mixup the parts of the next parts to maket he throw harder to break.
#1 Use 1 to escape if the Left Knee Strick was done with 3, use 2 if the Left Knee Srike
was done with 4.

*Move Breakdown*
1,2  1-2 Punches [h,h]
Standard 1-2 punch, they both hit high of course.  Bruce's Jab comes out in 8 frames, this
makes it very good for poking.  This sets up his 3 - 4 - d+4 - f+4 - 1,2 mixups as well.

1,2,1,2  Bruce Rush [h,h,m,m]
Just like the 1-2 punches, but 2 more added in there.  They hit High and Mid, the 
last hit knocks down.  If you land this on CH, they are all guaranteed and they will take
off a very nice chunk of their health [around 40-50% depending on there class].  This works
pretty well against hell sweeping Mishima's.  The timing is a little funny, but you do
around 40-50% damage if you can get the timing right.

1,2,d+4,[3]  Shin Kick_High Kick [h,h,l,h]
1-2 punches into a shin kick.  This is pretty much a standard Bruce poke.  Mix in the 1,2,3
or 1,2,4 or 1,2,f+4 just to keep them honest.  This is a very good poke, but becareful about
the 3.  Throw it out if you're sure they won't duck it, because we all know what happens
then.  This really isn't in any of the movelists [I think] but that last 3 is delayable,
or at least sure as hell seems to be to me.  

1,2,3 - 1,2,4 - 1,2,f+4
Read below for the 2 variant.  It's the same property's minus an extra hit in there.  I just 
noticed I didn't include the 1,2 variants on them.  Doh.

1+2  Overhead Bomb [m]
Bruce jumps up in the air and does like a downward punch.  This move is pretty 
much useless, it will hit if the person is ducking.  This move will hit downed large
opponents, but not normal sized opponents.  I've found one use for this move.  If your
opponent recovered crouching after knockdown you can time it so it will hit them.  Honestly
the move sucks ass.

ws+1  Uppercut [m]
This is very similiar to the ws+2.  I honestly have not used this to make any sort of
description.  I'd assume it since it doesn't have the CH juggle property it has some 
advantages.  Again this is a move that I haven't seen on any movelists so far.  I'll
have a better description in later revisions.

ws+2  Uppercut *Juggles on CH* [m]
This will juggle on CH, but it's range sucks.  I wouldn't expect to hit with this much.
Maybe against scrubs, and the computer.  But I mean if you hit with this more than once in
a match, you're either REALLY good [or lucky] or playing someone who just sucks shit.  If
you can get in close, you can hit with this, but it's very unlikely.

f+1,2,1  Triple Elbows [h,h,m]
Basically Bruce rushes in with 2 high elbows and one mid hitting elbow.  This 
move is good, MINUS the fact that the 3rd elbow if blocked the recovery time is crap, 
This move does work well for juggles, but I generally stick with the Triple Knee's for that.  
This move does work with someone just tagging in, you can usually hit them when they're
running in.  This move also works well for those reversal happy players, since they're
un-reversable.  The 1st to work well as poking moves, and also the string works well against
opponents just tagging in.  The 1st 2 make for good pokes, but the Mishima's 1,1,2 is still
guaranteed afterwards.

FC,d/f,d,d/f+1  Tornado Uppercut [m]
Just like the d/f+3,1 - but if this hits it guard stuns I believe, so you'll have 
time to recover... I don't really see any reason to use this.

1,4,3  Southern Cross [h,h,m]
Bruce throws a punch and 2 kicks.  The kicks cover pretty good range, and this works rather
well when you're up close.  This move has good recovery time and you shouldn't have to worry
about it too much.  If the 1st hit hits on CH, the rest is guaranteed.

SS+1  Nightmare Elbow [m]
Bruce does a sidestep into sorta a spinnning elbow.  On CH it will knock them down.  I know
of nothing that is guaranteed afterwards.  Maybe a b+4,3 or d/f+3,1.  

b+1  Nightmare Back Knuckle [h]
Bruce sorta ducks down, and does a backhand.  This move will do a crumple stun 
on a CH, afterwards his b+4,3,4 is guaranteed.  I've started to use this move a little more,
it seems to get interupted though, but the duck down avoids high attacks which is nice.  
I call it his pimp slap ;]

d/f+2 [~5]  Face Buster [Tag]  *Juggles* [m]
Bruce just sorta throws an elbow/uppercut type hit and launches on the hit.  I 
don't tag juggle much, and this move doesn't get a lot of height out of an opponent.  
But it has good priority, and can't be reversed.  Against reverse happy opponents this move
will net you a free juggle.  

d/f+1,2 [~5]  Double Face Buster [Tag]  *Juggles* [m,m]
The same as above but you throw an additional elbow/uppercut before the launching hit.
Even if the 1 hits though, the 2 isn't guaranteed, except on CH.  It will however add a 
little range to the attack.

d/f+1+2  Short Stepping Uppercut [m]
I can safely say, this move is weak ;]  It brings you closer to the opponent, but beyond
that I haven't messed with it at all.

f,f+2  Nightmare Mach Punch  *Reverses Punches* [h]
Bruce rushes forward and throw a big right hand.  It's not Deathfist, but it's 
nice to throw into the fray every now and then.  If it reverses a punch, you 
get a special animation.  It like connects, and there's a 'pause' effect as well as a 
satisfying crunch sound effect.  This works well against the Chang's/Kuma's, etc 1,1,1.
I still can't figure out this move.  I THINK it only reverses during the initial animation.
I'm really unsure about this move.

f+4  A kick [h]
This is just like his normal 4, EXCEPT on CH a b+4,3,4 is guaranteed.  I'm really to lazy
to look at some movelists for the appropriate name or whatever.  This comes out rather slowly
and does hit high, so I don't know how useful it is.  

d/f+4  Gimply Mid Kick [m]
This is a good upclose poke.  Frame adv. wise his d/f+1 gives you a better advantage, but
most people expect you to do the full string [d/f+1,2] so the frame adv. is pretty much
wasted.  You want the frame advantage so you can setup your CH game.  If they just block
because they fear the full string, then no CH.  After a low parry it's good to use to setup
your CH game... or you can go for the guaranteed juggles.

f,f+3  Slice Kick [m]
Bruce rushes forward and does a kick.  It works good against opponents that are 
just rising, and it works ok as a regular move, cause it will push the opponent back, 
don't whiff with the move though.  

u/f+4  Hopkick [m]
Bruce has one of the weakest hopkicks in the game.  It doesn't interupt many attacks, thus
it's not as useful as Julia's, King's, Ogre, etc.  Thus you can't use it as the same way.
Using u+4 as a defense attack works.  Bruce has good reach w/ his hopkick... it just 
doesn't have any priority.

d+3_4  Thai Shinkick [l]
This is a simple low poking attack.  The d+3 has slightly more range since it isn't his
lead foot, but it comes out slower.  This is a good poke, since it's a low move that comes
out while you're upright.  Unless you throw it out a lot, it should be safe.  As long as
you don't whiff with it, you'll get a free poke.  This interupts moves started at a distance
as well.  Such as Ganryu's unblockables, and other ones that would generally avoid high and
some mid attacks.

3,2,1 [~5]  Gatling Combo [Tag]  *Juggles* [m,m,m]
    4       Lowkick [l]
The dreaded 3,2,1 combo by Bruce ;]  Everyone knows about it.... 60% of your health gone
on CH, MAHHAHAHAH!.  Be careful about throwing that last 4 out if the person low parries a
a lot.  Other than that, if the 2 is blocked, the 1 won't connect, so it's safe to push 4.
Take your time in throwing out the 4 though, sometimes they will block low too soon and the 1
will connect.  Nothing is more aggrivating then getting the juggle out and not being able
to follow-up.  After a while I think anyone will catch on, so start mixing it up.  SS into
his 3,2,1 also another thing that works well is cancelling a SS into a backdash and cancelling
that into his 3,2,1 - SS~b~b~3,2,1.  This will get you CH's more often then one would think.
Another note - the 1st kick can be reversed fairly easy.  My friend 725 claims to be able
to reverse the 2nd hit... all I can say is buffering chickens usually isn't necessary except
for the 1st hit.

3,3  Dual Spinkicks [m,m]
2 quick spin kicks.  It's got range of course and it's good for poking.  This works
well if you throw out a lot of single kicks, like just his plain 4 or whatever.  The 2nd
kick usually takes them off guard.  But I wouldn't expect this to hit that much.  Bruce
takes a little step forward after the 1st kick.  On CH both hits are guaranteed and do take
a fair chunk of health with them.  I could swear the 2nd hit is high... at least it sure as 
hell does.  I wonder where I got the mid annotation.

b,b,N+3+4,4  Handspring Backflip, Bazooka Leg [n/a, h]
The Bazooka Leg is optional, I like using it though.  Basically you do a backflip 
and then go into his bazooka leg, which is basically a jumping front kick.  This 
usually catches your opponent off guard.  Most of the time they'll see you do the 
backflip and rush in and then they'll eat a foot OR they won't even register what 
happened and eat foot OR they'll just sit back and you're kick will be out of range 
thus getting your ass beaten down OR they'll block and you'll get your ass beaten down.
The backflip itself isn't really that useful.  I would have prefered a u/b~b or is it u~u/b
movement.  This is useful if you want to space yourself for a safe tag out.

d/f+3,1  Cyclone Edge, Tornado Uppercut [L,m]
Bruce does a weird low kick... the [1] will make you do an uppercut, this doesn't really 
hit that often, and if the 1 is blocked, prepare for an asskicking when you land.  This 
works against grounded opponents, and also tech rolling opponents.  If they tech and you
catch them w/ the d/f+3, b+4,3 [depending on the range the last knee might not hit], or
d/f+3,1.  On CH the whole string is guaranteed.  I'd say this was a safe poke... but it
can be seen coming a mile away. 

d+3+4,3  Rave Kick, High Sidekick [l,h]
Bruce does a gimpy looking low kick, high kick.. I can't quite tell.  I really use this 
move during play, against rising opponents sometimes, his f,f+3 works better.  The d+3+4 
works well as a poke, but his d+3 or d+4 work a lot better.

b+4,3,4_(d+4)  Double Knee Rush, Lunge Knee_(Lowkick) [m,m,(m,l)]
Ok this is the easiest juggle finisher.  This is a good poking move, but it has it's 
weaknesses.  Even if it connects on CH the last knee isn't guaranteed.  If the 1st connects
the 2nd will on CH or not.  After the 2nd you're quite vunerable.  The Mishima's 1,1,2
is guaranteed, and you're quite vunerable to throws.  Against tech rolling opponents
you can connect with all 3, but this shouldn't happen against skilled players.  If you have
a reverse happy opponent then throw this out, you'll get 2 free hits and a frames advantage
after the 2nd knee.  If you land the 2 knee's then mixup the last hit.  Throw out a 1,2 string
at times, if you land on CH you can take off easily 60+% of their health.  It isn't
guaranteed, but some people just don't know you have a frame advantage.

b,f+4 [~5]  Rising Knee [Tag]  *Juggles* [m]
Basically Bruce Lifts that knee back and gives it to them in the groin, well more like 
stomach... but I always imagine.  This move has some crappy time to execute well not 
too bad, but do it from a slight distance and you'll most likely hit.  I like doin the 
move after your opponent tags in and their partner is just coming in  Then follow up 
with whatever juggle you wish.  3,b+4,3,4 would be the simpliest.  Be sure you're 
in range though, or you'll whiff and get your ass beat down.  If they block, it pushes 
them away so you'll be safe.  This launches them rather forward so don't ask me what can
connect tag juggle wise.  Tagged it cmopares to a WGF that you lag on the ~5.

b,b+4  Nightmare Low Hell Kick [L]
Bruce twirles like a ballet dancer, and his the opponents shins sorta.  This move is pretty
good I guess, oh CH the opponent will be floated, and the b+4,3,4 is guaranteed.  If it hits
regularly, your opponent just sorta goes down on 1 knee, b+4,3 is a usual follow up, it 
however isn't guaranteed.  If it's blocked, you 'trip' or stagger, whatever you want to call

f,f+4  Bazooka Leg [h]
It's a jumping front kick basically, I don't like using it on it's own.  Because if 
they block it, you'll land right in front of them.  This is semi-useful against reversal
happy people though, there's a slight delay at the beginning, so it puts off their timing.
Beyond that the move is fairly useful, if they block it I think it puts you at a frame
dis-advantage.  I haven't really checked it's just from personal experience.

d/b+4  Sway Highkick [h]
Bruce slightly sways back, and throws a high kick.  This works well against TP's.  If you
block the 1st, then you can avoid the 2nd.  Also against 112's.  If you block the 1st 2
and there's no delay or a long one in the 2 it's guaranteed.  This move will also tag 
cancel.  The backwards movement is useful, but the move is slow and easily punished
if not setup right.  As for setups, don't ask me.

SS+4,[4]  Bull Kick, Double Bull [m,m]
Side step into either a single or double kick.  If the 2nd kick hits, they'll be thrown a
far away, thus u can get the charge/stomp/slide/crossbody chop, etc.

SS+[4],1  Bull Kick, Left Hook [m,h]
Side step into a bull kick and a left hook, or just a left hook.

2,3  Right Jab, Mid Spin Kick [h,m]
Just a simple 1-2 Combo.  I use this for a quick counter move since it comes out 
pretty fast.  The 3 is guaranteed on CH, it's good for pitbulling since like most of his
moves it comes out quickly and has good recovery time.  After a blocked 3,2,1,[4] you generally
will get a CH.

2,4  Right Jab, Thai Mid Kick [h,m]
Right Jab into just a normal mid kick.  This much like the 3 is a good poke, etc, etc.  Some
people say it comes out quicker, I'm too lazy to look at the frame data though.  On CH the
4 is guaranteed.

2,f+4 Right Jab, Thai Face Kick [h,h]
Same as above but the kick hits high.  On CH the f+4 is guaranteed and will do quite a bit 
of damage.

2,d+4,[3]  Right Jab, Shin Kick, Thai High Kick [h,l,h]
1-2-3 combo, throw the right Jab, shin kick, and then a high kick.  The 1st 2 moves, 
2,d+4 are useful, almost of the time the 3 won't hit though.  The same rule applies to the
1,2,d+4,3.  If you don't throw the 3, there will be a little lag.  If you throw it, and
they duck, well prepare for pain.  If they just block high, you're relitively safe.

b+3  Front Kick [h]
Just a simple Front Kick.  This is defintely a mid range weapon, because it comes out too slowly
to be used up close.  It works well to bait them into the 2 below moves.

b+3,4  Knee [h,m]
A simple front kick (more like thrust almost) followed by a Knee.  It will crumple 
stun on CH I believe.  This move actually hits more than would think.  It's best if 
you whiff with the front kick, cause they most people will rush in smelling blood, 
and eating a knee.  His b+4,3,4 is guaranteed after.

b+3,2  Right Punch [h,h]
Same as above, but you'll throw a punch.  This comes out slightly faster than the knee 
[above] so it's useful if they rush in a little faster than normal.

b+2+3  Sidewinder *Unblockable*
Like most unblockables, don't expect it to hit much.  Bruce sorta does a windup type 
thing, and does a "super" punch or whatever.  This travels in a fairly wide arc, so 
it will hit most SS'ing opponents.  The downside is of course, large windup time... 
which leaves you quite vunerable to attacks.  

There is no definitive guide on how to play against any character.  Everyone will play
a character differently, thus there's infinite styles.  In general, never start your
strings from far away, you'll get ch'd or ss'd and thrown/otherwise punished.  Learn
your spacing game and study frame data to find his safe pokes.  If possible learn
the universal haha step [it's in the movelist section], etc. advanced movement
techniques will improve your spacing and setup his CH game quite nicely.

Anybody works good with him.  I'd say he's most easily teamed up with someone with a good
class 2 launcher [mishima's].  A single class 2 launcher to b+4,3,4 will do good damage
n eat away at the red bar.

The only 'special' partner I could think of is Bryan.  His b+1~5 is fairly abusable.  If
it's blocked he gets a free jab [cheap], and if it connects a simple d/f+3,1_b+4,3,4 does
good damage.

uf+4_u/f+N+4_d/f+1,2_d/f+2_class 2 tag launcher
*as you can see these are all ripped from tekkenzaibatsu, i make no excuses*
d/f+1, d/f+2,b+4,3   
1, d+3+4,4
2,3, b+4,3   
2,3, 2,f+4   
1,1,1,1, 1,(2),3
big 2,f+4,1,2,4
b+3:b+4,3,4 [you have to delay slightly or you'll get his b+4,3 string]

3,2,1_class 2 tag launcher

ws+2 [ch]
any of the above mentioned

3,2,1,4 [big]
i'm not sure of any special combo's, because the added 4 has to be there to juggle, but
it also messes up the timing.  any standard knee juggle or...
1,4,3 will hit [ok i discovered this on my own, and it doesn't look like anything, but
it's original till someone else tells me otherwise ::is proud::

b,f+4_class 1 tag launcher
Any uf+4_u/f+N+4_d/f+1,2_d/f+2_class 2 tag launcher
Any 3,2,1_class 2 tag launcher
u/f+4,1, b+4,3   
u/f+4,1,b,f+4 [big]
f,f+3 [big]   
f,f+4 [big]   
2,3,1,(2),d+4,3 [big]   
u/f+4,1,(2),1, b+4,3   
SS,2,d+4,3[FCD],1,2,(1),2 [big]
SS,2,d+4,3[FCD],3,2,1,4 [big]   
u/f,N+1,1, 3,3     
u/f,N+1,1,2, 4     
3,3,b+4,3,4 [big]  
b+3, d/f+1,2,1,(4),3 [big]  

class 1 tag launcher
Any b,f+4 Combo     
b,f+4[FCD],b+3,b+4,3,b+4,3,4 [big]
b,f+4,BT 4   
f,f+4,BT 4[FCD],f,f+3 [big]

b+1 [ch]
d/f+1,1, b+4,3,4   
SS,b+4,3[FCD],b+4,3,b+4,3,4 [big] 
SS,b,f+4 [FCD],b+4,3, b+4,3, b+4,3, b,f+4 [big] 
d/f+1,1, b+1

(b+3),4 [ch]

ss+1 [ch]

class 4 tag launcher
any of the above mentioned

*What to expect*
As always this is a work in progress.  Expect full frame data next version as well as
some more advanced strategy's, including movement, okizeme, setups, unblockable setups
and whatever else is tossed into the pot.  Expect all these things to come in a few
updates, I doubt I'll be able to add everything in a timely matter... so it's either
little bits on a constant basis, or large chunks over large periods of time.

Meg - My white gf.  For driving me out to the arcades n such.  As much of a bitch
as she is, I love her to death [just don't tell her].
Jamie - My very old ex.  If it wasn't for her dumping me I never would have played
so much.  Not that I'm bitter or anything ;p
Chinaman - My 1st really experience with a truely skilled player.  It's one thing to
see match vids of the 'elite' players, it's another playing against them.
Joyce - For letting me whoop her ass in bubble bobble.  I have a strange suspicion
that she let me win those matches though.
725 - For giving me a sound ass whooping whenever I play him and annoying me with his
Lei.  Giving me n my friend a ride back to the bay when we were trapped in SF didn't
hurt any.
Klael - For listening to my probs and being a smart ass.

Castel - http://www.tekkenzaibatsu - For his Bruce Movelist, Combo's, framedata, etc.

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