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Kunimitsu by Birch

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 01/10/00

               Birch's TTT Kunimitsu Strategy guide     
10/01/00 Version:1.6
Millenniumitsu version

Created using WordPad.. view in Wordpad.
I think it still looks rather ugly if printed...

ADDED TO 1.6  Some changes in the Tagging section.
              Frame rate section added.
              Comments on the tag nature of the df+2.
              changes in the b+1+2. 
ADDED TO 1.5: Various structure changes.
              Changes to some of the move analysis comments.
              added the fc,df+3 move analysis in.
              Some additional juggles thanks to Robb.
              General Gameplay Section added.
ADDED TO 1.4: Throw Section Added.
              Small changes in the backturned department (Kuni has a BK
              Small changes in the unblockable section.
ADDED TO 1.3: Various grammar changes.  Okizeme section started.
              Changed comments on some moves (b+2, f,f+3+4,3+4).


     "Enter The Tekken"
     Why play Kunimitsu?
     "Do ya feel lucky, punk?"
     Movelist- Courtesy of Catlord
     Move Analysis -Frame Rate's
                   -The Basics
                   -Past the Basics
     General Gameplay Section
                   -Now that I know the moves, how do I put them 
                   -Custom String Ideas
                   -Backturned fighting
                   -Offence vs Defence
     still to come:- more juggles  
                   - move review updates
                   - vs character section?
                   - changes for PS-2? 

Disclaimer: This document is Copyright (c) Birch 1999, 2000, all rights
reserved. This document may not be altered in any way, and may only be
redistributed in its original electronic form.
  This document is not to be used for promotional and/or profitable 
purposes.  Any information used from this document must be given proper

All aspects of Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament used in this document
are Copyright (c) 1999 Namco Limited.  All rights reserved.

blah blah... blah

**************************"ENTER THE TEKKEN"*****************************

This is my first attempt to write a Tekken faq.. so please be nice.
  Tekken Tag Tournament (TTT) has been out for awhile now and its brought
Tekken skills up another notch from Tekken 3.  TTT has added many 
interesting quirks to what was already one of the most solid fighting 
game series created. This faq is written for medium to high level play;
I haven't had the benefit of good tournament play yet.  This means that 
you should know how to chicken, side-step, juggle, break out of throws 
and have a good understanding of poking tactics (poking is very 
important for Kunimitsu), it also helps to know what all the funky 
numbers mean.  My knowledge comes from playing fighting games and the 
Tekken series for a little too long.  This guide will be updated 
regularly and will probably be given a large face lift to cope with the 
Playstation-2 version of Tekken Tag Tournament.   
 If you feel you're not up to medium level play then check out some 
system guides; Ben Curetons Tekken 3 Manual is worth the time, though 
you'll probably take a while to grasp all the complex data contained in 
his work.  Also check or a web site or two;  Tekken Zaibatsu, 
Inside Tekken and the Official Namco site are all beneficial. Then try 
learning a character thoroughly, infact learn two; it is Tekken Tag 
after all. 
  TTT is a moderately balanced game; enough so that any character *can*
beat another.  So there's no harm in giving Kunimitsu a try.  If the 
competition is a problem, just give her a strong tag partner.
  This faq aims to deal with a specific character guide for the Ninja 
with the Dagger, the Fox or Kunimitsu.  It will attempt to cover a wide 
range of Tekken ideas and tricks but the guide will mainly focus on a 
couple of important things such as juggles, custom chains and the all 
important move descriptions.
  Kunimitsu was Yoshimitsu's sub boss in Tekken1&2 and they still share
quite a few moves in TTT.  This guide will therefore discuss some ideas 
that are relevant to both characters. 
  If you think this guide will tell you how beat most other players then
I suggest you stop now and pick a stronger character...  
Hopefully it will give you some more ideas to ponder.

What a long and windy intro... yawn.

STANDARD 1-left punch
NUMBER   2-right punch
FORMAT   3-left kick
         4-right kick
         5-tag button


RANGES:( concept from the "Tekken 3, Ultimate Guide" )

RANGE 0 = nose to nose, throw range for all characters
RANGE 1 = begins at the end of range 0 and ends at the edge of
          your left jab
RANGE 2 = starts from the edge of your jab to the edge of your
          power strikes
RANGE 3 = anything beyond range 2

************************WHY PLAY KUNIMITSU*******************************

The Fox.  A Ninja with speed and flair.  Trained by the Ancient Manji 
Clan in Ninjitsu. Proficient with the Kunai blade and hand to hand arts.
For some reason she was banished from the Manji clan (trying to steal 
her sensei's sword?) and now seeks to face their leader Yoshimitsu.  
Could this be because of the 'Soul' of the sword he holds?

+Manji Ninja Style points
+Good Juggling capabilities
+Quite a few unblockables
+Evasive techniques
+A very uncommon choice; be interesting!

Problem Issues
-No amazingly effective single moves e.g. Jin: b+4
-No super launcher for the juggle heads :P       
-No special tag throws, especially with Yoshi (Come On Namco!!!)
-No team intro, endings or win animation (to my knowledge)
-Basic while (ws) standing game

*****************************MOVE LIST***********************************

This is Catlords movelist... its pretty and easy to read.  The CAPITALS
are used for new Tekken Tag Tournament moves.  THANX CATLORD!  

GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES                                               DAMAGE
(Front) 1+3                     Flying Press {1}                       30
        2+4                     Jawcrusher {2}                         30
        2+5                     generic tag throw {2}              varies
        d/b+1+3                 Hip Lock  {1+2}                        35
        f+1+4                   MANJI RANA{d/f}                        35
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5)       AVALANCHE {1}                          40
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5) [~5]  DIZZY CYCLONE [Tag] {2}                40
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5)       Reverse Neck Toss                      50
SPECIAL TECHNIQUES                                                 DAMAGE
(f+2)_(BK 2)         Backfist  *Turns Opponent Around*                  ?
2,(3_d+3)            Punch, (Highkick_Lowkick)                    12,21_8
1+2                  RUSHING ELBOW                                     22
d+1+2                CROUCH DODGE                                      NA
SS+1+2               WINTER WIND                                       21
B#+1,1,1,1,1,1       Spinning Hilt Strikes              10,10,10,10,10,10
B+1,[1],[1],         Spinning Hilt Strike[s]                     10,10,10
  D/B+3,[3],[3]        Spinning Low Sweeps                        12,7,7?
    3_(f+4)              Spinning Low Sweep_Falling Tree Kick        5_12 
D#,D/B+3,[3],[3],[3] Spinning Leg Sweeps[s]                      12,7,7,5
  3_(f+4)                Spinning Leg Sweep_Falling Tree Kick        5_12 
D#,d/f+3             Spinning Trip Sweep                               12
f,f+2 [~5]           DASHING UPPERCUT [Tag]  *Juggles*                 24
d/f+2 [~5]           Uppercut [Tag]  *Juggles*                         13
f,f+4                Jumping Knee                                      10
u/f+3+4              Poison Wind Flipstomp                             21
FC_d+3+4             FAIRY WAX                                       5,23
f+3+4                GROWLING JEWEL                                    30
SS+3+4               KUNAI DRAGONTAIL                                  15
BK 3                 REVERSE FLIPKICK                                  22                            
f,f+1+2              Reverse Solar kick, (BK)                          22
f,f+3+4              Solar kick                                        30                                      
  1+2                  Shark Dive                                   30,40
  ~3                   REVERSE FLIPKICK                             30,25
  3+4                  FLYING SHADOW                                30,NA
f,f+3,                                                                 NA
      4              MIDAIR FLIP, HEADKICK                             30
3,4                  Zig-Zag                                        30,30
4,4,4                3 Highkicks                                 20,20,21
u~u/b                BACKFLIP                                          NA
UNBLOCKABLES                                                       DAMAGE
d/b+2                Kunai Stab    *Unblockable*                       15
u+1+2                KUNAI SKYFALL *Unblockable*                       25
b+2                  Kunai Murder  *Unblockable*                       22
f,f,N+2              Kunai Advance *Unblockable*                       25
b+1+2                KUNAI SPIN *Second Hit Unblockable*            8,*11

121:4::4:4::1::2:3:2  Tenstring


   1+2:  Rushing Elbow is a right side chicken  (f+2+4)
 f+3+4:  Growling Jewel is a right side chicken (f+2+4)

*****************"DO YA, FEEL LUCKY PUNK?... DO YA?"*********************

The very basic.
If your challenging, watch your opponent play a couple of rounds and 
watch his or her juggles, their throw choices (1, 2, 1+2 escapes?) and
their overall style of play before you put your coins in.  If he's a 
scrub give him a lesson... if he's seems to be an expert then get some

*****************************FRAME RATE'S********************************

Brought to you by the helpful Web Crew at Tekken Zaibatsu (and some 
fabled japanese text) and the letter y.
  This section is mainly for the extreme Tekken nut; but once a moderate 
level of Tekken understanding is gathered even a average player should 
find something useful here. Tekken is a fast paced violent game that 
once taken to it's most base level unfortunately results in mathematics,
you knew school would teach you something didn't you?
 Tekken movement can be described in terms of frames of animation.  
These run at at a silky smooth (baby's butt kinda thing) 60 frames per 
second, faster than your normal tv or even a speeding Alley McBeal. 
Therefore most of the numerical data in this will be in terms of numbers
of frames.
  I think a little of this information should be taken with a grain of 
salt as when dealing with 60ths/sec; accuracy, joystick motion and button
inputs all take time themselves.  A one frame advantage may be enough to 
stick out a jab faster than your opponent but it would be as easy to miss 
the opportunity.     
  This section will breakdown the frame rate for Kunimitsu's basic moves;  
her other frame rate info will be in the move analsys section.  It is 
listed with 4 specific numbers which relate too (using Zaibatsu

-> Frames to hit, ie how many frames before the move hits (F Hit)    

-> Frame advantage/disavantage, listed as +/- after the move has been
          -Blocked (B Adv)
          -Hit (H Adv)
          -Counter Hit (C Adv)
-->KD means that the move has knocked your opponent away in some manor.

On with the numbers!

Command- F Hit  B Adv  H Adv  C Adv[] Command F Hit  B Adv  H Adv  C Adv
   1       8      +2    +7     +7  []    2      10       0     +6     +6
   3      16      -8    KD     KD  []    4      14     -14     -3     -3
 f+1      10      +3    +7     +7  []  f+2      17     -13    +17    +17 
 f+3      16     -10    KD     KD  []  f+4      14     -14     -5     KD 
 d+1       8      -2    +9     +9  []  d+2      10      -2     +9     +9
 d+3      16     -17    -3     -3  []  d+4      12      -8     +3     +3
FC+1       8      -2    +9     +9  [] FC+2      10      -2     +9     +9
FC+3      16     -17    -3     -3  [] FC+4      12      -8     +3     +3
WS+1      12      -2    +9     +9  [] WS+2      14      -7    +24    +24
WS+3      16     -16    KD     KD  [] WS+4      11      -6     +5     +5
df+1      13      +1    +7     +7  [] df+2      16      -1     KD     KD
df+3      16      -9    +2     +2  [] df+4      12      -4     +7     +7
***************************MOVE ANALYSIS*********************************

This section aims to deal with each of Kunimitsu's moves on a case by 
case basis.  I'll give my opinion and the opinion's of anyone else I've
managed to pester. A simple rating in +'s out of 5 will also be given.
These aren't points set in stone, you may have found a use for a move 
that I haven't.  If so, send me an email at birch@anet.co.nz and I will
happily credit you.  
The detailed throw list.. you asked for it, you got it.
  After so much feedback (did I mention I got an email :)I decided that 
the public wouldn't be happy without this lovely presented throwing 
quide.  Kunimitsu has a simple collection of throws that are easily 
performed but do little in terms of damage.  Most people I play against 
hate being thrown though (especially side/back thrown) so these are great
to put defensive players in more of an agressive frame of mind. 
  Kunimitsu ain't King so this will be short and 99% fat free.

INPUT: NAME                                                  THROW ESCAPE
1+3: Spinning Slam   ++                                               (1)
Frames to hit: 12

     Kunimitsu grabs her opponent spins then... and slams them.  I could
     make reference to the Manji events that led to this move... but I 
     won't, its an old joke.  Simple escape for this throw (1) but a 
     possible mix up if your opponent is looking for 2(2+4,2+5) or 1+2 
     This throw doesn't set up oki-zeme tactics very well.
2+4: Jawcrusher  ++                                                   (2)
Frames to hit: 12

     Kunimitsu grabs the opponent and then pushes them off balance with a
     leg and right arm to the chest.  She then follows this up with 
     a strike hilt to the... jaw.
       This throw is escaped with (2).  Since it shares the same escape 
     as the generic tag throw it is probably a wiser choice to go for the
     later.  A safe tag and the chance to heal is always a good option...
     unless of course your partner has been badly injured.
       This throw is one of her better set ups for oki-zeme.  If your 
     enemy is complacent you could get away with a poison wind or a fairy
     wax.  On opponents who rush to get off the ground try things like
     the FC,db+3 or d+3.
2+5: Generic Tag Throw                                                (2)
Frames to hit: 12? 

     Effects dependant on your tag patner.  This is one of the safest 
     ways to tag, along with Tag juggling.  I personally don't aim for 
     the generic tag throws much, the specific ones look cool;  I use 
     those but I prefer to tag juggle or use normal tagging.  Still a 
     excellent way to tag between characters. 
     Kunimitsu when jumping in does a poison wind.
d/b+1+3: Hip Lock                                                   (1+2)
Frames to hit: 12

     Kunimitsu performs a judo style hip toss sending her opponent to the
     A great two button escape throw because of the easy as button input.
     Really her best throw and one that you should be using the most.
     That said, if you do it all day your opponent should work out how to
     escape it, therefore mix it.   As with most of Kunimistu's throws 
     this is a little weak in terms of damage.
     As with the 2+4 this move does set up well for okizeme tactics.

f+1+4: Maji Rana                                                       df
Frames to hit: 12

     Kunimitsu flips up off her opponents knees, She lands her legs 
     around their neck and then sends them head first to the ground.
     A cool throw that has an interesting direction (not button) escape.
       Use lots when your opponent doesn't know how to escape.   Unless 
     they are Tekken nuts (it does seem that there are quite a lot of us) 
     or another Kunimitsu player they most likely wouldn't know.  I 
     haven't seen it escaped around here but I am pretty much the only
     Kunimitsu player. 
       This throw places the opponent a little far away to start strong
     oki-zeme mix ups.
       When this throw is actually escaped (the opponent ducks the 
     flip) Kunimitsu ends her jump behind the opponent in.  Back to Back 
     they faced each other... Kunimitsu is left with all her reasonable 
     back turned options    
Left  (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5)       AVALANCHE                               (1)
Frames to hit: 12?

     Seen it a couple of times... but can't remember what actually
     happens.  Side throws are always cool when you get the chance, so do
     try it out.

Right (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5)[~5]  DIZZY CYCLONE [Tag]                      (2)
Frames to hit: 12?

     Kunimitsu grabs her opponent and then runs around them at break neck
     speed, ratling their brain and dizzying them.  Another weird Manji
     side throw, quite funky.  Also taggable which can be quite useful,
     Peter Hahn's Kunimitsu faq (at gamefaqs) lists some of the Tag into
Back  (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5)       Reverse Neck Toss                        NA
Frames to hit: 12?

     Kunimitsu grabs the opponent around the neck and throws them over. 
     A back throw standard from Tekken 2, pretty boring actually.  Not 
     much in the damage stakes either I'd much rather have Yoshimitsu's
     Tornado Drop.


MOVE         NAME        RATING                                NOTES
df+2: basic uppercut.    +++++                                ~5 To Tag

Kunimitsu steps foward and uppercuts.
  A important basic move in any TTT characters game;  a vital move for
Kunimitsu.  This little puppy is an uppercut that comes out quick,
juggles on hit (CH for crouching people) and is one of Kunimitsu's best
moves in range 0-1.  Hit with this and smile as your opponent floats 
into the air waiting to except any extra damage you can tack on.  This 
move is what Kunimitsu bases most of her inclose strategy around.  A 
large portion of the damage you do, should be acumilated with this move 
(and the subsequent juggle) in my opinion. 
  It fits well into most custom chains (as will be discussed later) and 
is quick enough to counter many a powerstrike.
  An important thing to remember when using this move is it is not quite
as good as Yoshi's df+2 (the best basic uppercut in all of Tekken); this
move unfortunately doesn't have quite the same forward movement that 
makes the ninja man's move so strong. It is none the less one of the 
best basic uppercuts in the game.
   This move is also tagable and is a tag 2 class launcher.  The juggle 
options are limited by your tag partner.  When this move is interupted
but you still connect and buffer a tag this move lifts to the same level 
as the f,f+2 and Kunimitsu stays on screen, making some of Kunimitsu's 
larger juggles possible.  Also when tagging this but having it blocked it    
causes the opponent to have a differing block animation, I'll do some
research into what this actually means.
  An exceptionally strong move.

d+1: The low jab.        ++++                          into full crouched

Another essential move for a healthy Tekken game.  This move is one of 
the fastest in the game.  It is always handy in close to override your
enemies attacks and can be a beneficial after most moves that leave you
in close with little lags.  This move is also a great link to moves such
as the D,df+3 and the FC+3+4.
  Her other while standing moves such at the 1, 2, and 4 can also be 
performed by letting the stick go neutral (n) and inputting the 
appropriate command.  Her ws+1 and 4 are great pressure and spacing 
tactics, while the ws+2 short ranged upper. These ideas will be 
discussed further in the custom chain section.
  The ws+4 covers the most range and therefore can often be the most
beneficial ws tactic.  If your foe is just going to sit there though,
sweep em and juggle.  Don't be afraid to mix up your high, mids and lows.

1: The left jab.          +++++

Another quick fast move.  So many uses for this move; when your in your
enemies face stick a couple of these suckers out to push them back. The
left jab can be a simple set up for moves like the df+2 and the 1+2.  
The left jab also cuts through throw attempts and can interrupt your 
opponents pressure tactics.  A jab is also a good set-up for a throw of
your own.  Do remember that this move hits very high and therefore if you
feel your opponent might duck, maybe go for the 1,2, or the 1,2,1 which 
hits high,mid,(mid).

df+4: Mid Right Kick       +++

Kunimitsu has a standard Tekken 2 mid kick.  It's not as useful as 
Yoshi's (used too be?) in terms of reach.  This move is a good push out
move when your just out of jab range. Quite safe, quite handy.    

BK+uf+4: backturned jump kick ++                               only in BK

Found out just recently that Kunimitsu does infact have a standard(?) 
backturned jump kick.  This is another handy mid move in backturned 
position... it also juggles, how wonderful.

***************************PAST THE BASICS*******************************
1,2: Left jab to upper.    +  
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv    
          8,x,    +2,-13      +7,-2       +7,-2       
This move is a simple jab to (non-lifting) uppercut.  An alright poking
tactic, very useful because of the speed and hit levels. It can be a good
choice for continuing pressure as there is forward momentum involved.  
It isn't given a high plus rating as the pay offs in damage are low.  
This move actually recovers very poorly, worse than the 1,2,1 and 
therefore it is not always wise to attempt to stick out a move 
afterwards.  With that said it does keep you in your opponents face.

1,2,1, left jab to double upper. ++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          8,x,x   +2,-13,-12  +7,-2,-1    +7,-2,-1

The move above with an extra uppercut thrown in.  This move is a 
excellent poking tactic that recovers better than the 1,2.  This fact 
makes it more suited for continuing poking tactics.

f+2/BK 2         Backfist                           Turns Opponent Around
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          17      -13         +17         +17

The Backfist, a move with some great properties (it turns your opponent 
around to backturned), it's just a little on the slow side with some 
nasty lag time.  The backfist is a good option when your opponent is open
to counter and you know this will hit.  Otherwise its best place is in 
confusion games from backturned.  After hitting with this your opponent 
spins and offers you a free look at his/her back.  From here I usually  
follow up with the simple juggle of df+2, b+1, 1, 3.  Other bigger
juggles are possible (check out Hayashida1/2 at Zaibatsu for some
mad Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu skills) I'm just not that great at linking 
large amounts of backslaps together.

2,3/d+3: right to high/low kick ++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          10,x    0,-12/-15   +6,KD/-1    +6,KD/-1  
Haven't used this much.  The low peck version of this can be useful for 
some low hitting pecking damage.In Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu's 2,3 was 
guaranteed on counter hit. . We'll have to see if this true for 
1+2: rushing hilt strike.   ++++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          25      -16         KD          KD

Kunimitsu quickly ducks and then strikes with a forward hilt strike that
has brilliant range for a non f,f power move.
  This move is a great general powerstrike, though at 22 damage its a 
quite soft on the damage side of things.  It can be used in a similar 
fashion to Yoshimitsu's bad breath (b+1+2, any) as the quick crouch at 
the start is very effective for getting under some high poking tactics.  
Something to throw in to your own poking mix.
  At first I thought that this move recovered moderately well; 16 frames 
to recover though is moderately slow.  It may be enough time to lead to
shining fists or it may push the opponent out of range of jabs, I'll have
to check, it is also probably enough time for Heihachi or Devil to get a
free twin pistons.  This info has meant a reduction in+'s for this move.  
I still think it is something you should use lots when in range, 
especially against pitbull style opponents.

(wc)/d+3+4: The Fairy Wax.    ++++                     Hits on the ground
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          39      +14         KD          KD

The Fairy Wax, strange move, what can I say.  Kuni jumps high into the 
air above her foe, does a front flip and comes down with her feet.
  This move is great if you know your opponent is coming in with a move
that you can jump over.  That knowledge of course is not very easy to 
come by, so use it now and again when you opponent is moving forward or 
if your opponent is being predictable.
  I also add this move into my custom chains because it can be done from
full crouch and because of the heavily evasive start, followed by two 
sharp kicks.
   The frame rate information breaths new light into the benefits of this 
move on block. 14 frames of advantage means that you could pull out a 
df+2 and the opponent would only have 2 frames in which to react (leaving
their only option to block or get hit).  It may also lead to a free 4,
f+4, or a f,F+4.  This I will have to check.
 This move is also very handy for oki-zeme as the second hit in the move
hits on the ground and her initial jump can avoid both low and mid get-up 
kicks.  As this move has little foward movement so it when you are 
standing close to your prone opponent just at the range when they would 
be thinking about doing a rising low/mid kicks.  She jumps up quick 
enough to avoid these kicks and if your opponent just lies there she 
still hits them, splendid.  This placement situation is common from some 
of these moves (db+1+3, 2+4, b+2, f,f,N+2) but it is wise to keep this as
a option in your general oki-zeme tactics.

f,f+2:The Dashing Uppercut.   ++++                              ~5 To Tag
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          25      -18         KD          KD

Kunimitsu rushes forward with a lunging uppercut, it ducks midway through
the move (such as a crouch dash) deep enough to avoid most high attacks.
  An addition to Kunimitsu for TTT, the f,f+2 is one of her best 
launchers.  This move is great for pressuring your opponent from mid 
range and is easy to chicken.  Since TTT is a two team game it can be 
wise to tag off this move (as long as your partner is in moderate health)
too keep your characters switching without being open to the run in 
  This launcher would be described as a class 2 tag (using the Zaibatsu 
notation),this means you can follow with a jab height juggle. Use this 
move to apply pressure from afar and set up a platform for her useful 
unblockable game. 
  Once again with knowledge of frame disadvantage on block it may lead 
to free damage on you from moves like the twin pistons.  Be careful using 
this on people who base their game on countering.

f,f+4: Fubuki                  ++++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
           7      -17         KD          KD

A jumping knee of exceptional speed and priority, if you've played 
Yoshimitsu then you'll probably know what I'm talking about.  This move
is great as a quick in close counter, in that it can't be reversed and 
that it knocks down you opponent on clean hit.  
  As the frame rate info shows the speed of this move is unbelievable,
maybe the fastest move in the game, it does though require a f,f input 
which in itself would take quite a few frames.  The knee does have some 
quite bad lags at the end so be sure to properly connect with it.
  Another thing of interest is its damage listing on TTT.com.  They list
it as doing 10 damage, which is half the damage of Yoshimitsu's in T3.
This would make it a little less useful.  One of the reasons that I have
reduced its rating. 

f,f+3+4: The Solar Flip         ++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          22      -20         -9          -9

The starter for the shark attack combo.  Same as Yoshi's, not much to be
said here.  This move should be used only to continue into one of the 3
  This move was non-reversable in Tekken 3 for Yoshimitsu.  I assume it 
is the same way for Kunimitsu in TTT.   
LINK   ~3: The Reverse Flipkick     +++                     BK if blocked
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          x       0           KD          KD

The reverse flipkick (BK+3) mentioned below , use in the same manner.
This move flows well in this link. 
LINK   ,3+4: The Flying Shadow      +++
Kunimitsu does a large flip after the first shark attack flip. This move
does no damage but places Kunimitsu facing the back of her opponent.
 If this move was a stand alone then I could see more valid uses for it.
Even so this can be an really great move to do followed by such as the 
u+1+2, d+1+2, df+2 or 1+2 (maybe the f,f+2 if your enemy is slow).  Back 
turned position usually only gives the opponent the option for low or 
high moves (Ling, Lei, King/A-king(?), Hwoarang and Kunimitsu being some 
of the major exceptions) meaning that ducking and then countering can 
also be a useful option.
  This move also adds to the general confusion game you should be 
playing with the ninja.
LINK  ,1+2 The Shark Dive           ++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          x       -27         KD          KD

The second move in Yoshi's shark attack, this is a high priority dive
that you should use when you think your opponent is going try to 
retaliate... They will eat this move for some big damage.  Hits high but
that should be alright when well mixed with the 3.

f,f,3,4: Mid Air Flip->Head Kick     +++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          32      -13         KD          KD

Kunimitsu flips (f,f+3) and then (if you add the 4) goes for a double 
foot kick to the opponents head, rib cage area.  This move is very 
similar to Eddy Gordo's f,f+4,(3_4). Kuni's is better in than it hits 
  This move can be a good move to throw out in medium range and is easy
to chicken.  After this move is blocked or hits Kunimitsu does a backflip
placing her in safe distance.  This can be useful for getting out of 
range 1-2.
  Once blocked this move guard staggers,which can help in applying further
f,f tactics (2, 3+4 links, n+2, etc.).
  I use it on occasion but often find that her other f,f+(2, 4, N,+2, 3+4
links) moves give more useful results.  It also does not have as much 
range as the f,f+2, f+3+4 or f,f+3+4.  That said it can also be 
effective having a big kick to place down a punch reversal happy 
characters (Ganryu, Bryan, Baek and Laws) face.
  This doesn't leave her in ws as I had thought earlier. 
BK+3: Reverse Flipkick.       ++                               Backturned
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          23      -2          KD          KD

Kunimitsu executes a reverse flipkick.  This move is either executed from
back turned or in the link mentioned above.  Since Kunimitsu has only one
way to purposefully get to backturned (f,f+1+2, which doesn't link to the
3 that well) it is not often you will use this move as a stand alone.
  Castel lists this as a juggling move and heh, I believe him.  More 
research is therefore needed.  This is what I think I've worked out so 
 I'm pretty sure that on hit this move leaves Kunimitsu backturned next 
to an opponent on the ground.  Not many options to continue the attack
with.  On counter this move places Kuni facing towards her opponent I 
assume a poison wind is guaranteed a fairy wax may hit.
  This move leaves you in back turned when blocked, check the backturned
fighting section for some ideas.

f,f+1+2: The Reverse Solar Kick +++                            Backturned
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          22      -8          +3          +3

Kunimitsu does a variation of the f,f+3+4 cart wheel leaving her in back
turned position.  I have tried to link the backturned 3 from here but 
find it a little slow.  This move can confuse your opponent when well
mixed in with the other shark attack methods.  After the move is 
completed try using some of the backturned options listed in the 
backturned section .
This (for Yoshimitsu) was also non-reversable in Tekken3. 

f+3+4: Growling Jewel.       ++++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          22      -1          KD          KD

A styling forward jump kick, comes out a similar speed to Lee Chaolan's
jump kick (uf+3) but hits mid to make it a better move.
  This kick should be used quite often at medium range as a get in 
tactic, as it recovers well enough to continue pressure with moves such 
as the 1, f+1 or d+1.  One should note that this move on block also 
places Kunimitsu slightly to the side of her opponent.
  It is also good a powerstrike (to slow to counter with),or even as a 
juggle ender.  This kick unfortunately only does 30 damage (actually not
too bad in terms of damage for Kunimitsu) so as said earlier if your 
having problems ending juggles with this switch to the 3 kick 
(30 damage also).
  Looking at the frame rate info this move recovers very well on block.
1 frame not meaning too much either way.  It also comes out rather 
quickly.  It may be free after a ws+2 on hit, another thing to check.
  A powerful advancing move.

d+1+2: Crouch Dodge.        ++

Kunimitsu drops to the ground causing that lovely Tekken dust to fly.
This move avoids all attacks, lows included.  With that said it is a
little slow at the start up and can't really be used on reaction to avoid
blows.  Its most obvious use is as a fake for the u+1+2 unblockable, and
to exude ninja style.
  Kunimitsu can be quite a strong defensive player when using moves like
this and others such as the the u+1+2, u~ub, d+3+4, b+1+2, 1+2.  
Agression imho is still a better choice in style for picking up regular 
  WcMaxi told me he uses it to set up throws... which also seems quite 

b+1,1,1,1,1,1:  The Backhand Slaps  +++                     dizzy after 6
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          17,x,x  +1,+6,+6    +12,+7,+7   +12,+7,+7
           x,x,x  +6,+6,+6    +7,+7,x     +7,+7,x

  Kunimitsu spins around, her left hand outstrectched moving at a rate 
of knots aiming to hit the opponent somewhere in the head. 
The Backhand Slaps; a manji classic.  These handy Manji ninja tools fill
various gaps in Kunimitsu's arsenal.  I think there main use is as juggle
filler.  They can also be used as fast get in tactics to begin a custom
chain because they move so rapidly.  Do remember that they do hit very 
high so make sure the first one is going to connect or or you might be hit
by jabs or uppercuts.
  Once applied in close they can be easily linked into the low sweeps 
for some always handy pecking damage.  Once doing the low sweeps, make 
sure to finish with the falling tree kick (chicken it, if necessary).
  On block these suckers give a better advantage than Kunimitsu's 
standing jabs (after 2);  highlighting their use in custom strings. 

more comments
elphfves (elphfves@earthlink.ne)

  Also likes to use a blocked b+1 as a throw tick.  I hadn't commented on 
this specifically but it is always important to mix throws into your 
custom strings.  Placing them after fast moves such as the b+1, 1, d+1 is
always useful. 

D#,D/B+3,[3],[3],[3],[3] Spinning Leg Sweeps[s] ++           Dizzy on 6th
  -->(f+4)                Falling Tree Kick +++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		 H Adv		C Adv
          24,x,x  -24,-23,-23  -13,-11,-11      -13,-11,-11
          x,x     -23,-23      -11,-11          -11,-11
   (f+4)-->x      -4           KD               KD

The full crouched spinning sweeps. you can do more of them from full 
crouched.  I personally prefer to link these from the backhand slaps.
The first kick in this series can be used as quite an effective oki-zeme
move for some extra damage. I added the extra star for the tree kick 
because it can push you clear of trouble, also can knock your opponent 
down and the recovery is improved.
3,4: The Zig-Zag:        ++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          16,x    -8,-14      KD,KD       KD,KD

A quick spinning high kick followed by a sharp mid kick.  This move is
not something you should be using everyday.  The 3 kick has it's uses as 
a juggling tool and a fast high priority move.  The 3,4 is a link that 
that average player will watch and a better player will interupt, a 
learning player will sometimes be hit by it.  Kunimitsu has many better 
4,4,4: Three High Kicks     +
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          14,x,x  -14,-5,-8   -3,-3,-4    -3,-3,-4

Three high kicks to head, slow and easily ducked.
  If you can get all three of these kicks off and get the side turned 
benefit, then congratulations you've just learned that your opponent is 
an idiot.  These moves have no place even in medium level competition.

u/f+4: Avoiding the Puddle  +++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          ?       ?           ?           ?

Not the best u/f+4 in terms of priority.  This manji jump kick is not to
be used to interupt moves like Lei's, The Kings, Ogre and Lee's can.  
This move can be used to counter with at mid-range and is good for 
punishing characters who are predictable with sweeps. 
SS+3+4: Kunai Dragon Tail.  +++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          16      -37         KD          KD

Kuni plants her hands and spins low with both feet.  This move is a 
strong side-step attack and Kunimitsu's most damaging low attack.  Not
that great at only 15 damage but it does knock the opponent down.  This
move is also a valuable oki-zeme tactic as it hits on the ground. With 
the changes in the Tekken Tag Tournament system this move makes 
Kunimitsu stagger when blocked, she also will have large lags before she 
can even block.  Don't become predictable with this move.       

SS+1+2: Wintery Wind.      ++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          16      -8          KD          KD

Shouryuuken... Kunimitsu attempts to imitate Ryu/Ken and does a leaping
fast, high priority uppercut.  Hits high but comes out nice and quick.

u/f+3+4: The Poison Wind  ++                           hits on the ground
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          22      -20         -9          -9

Kunimitsu frontflips into a double footed stomp.
  An oki-zeme tool that you can use after juggles, the 1+3, d/b+1+3
throws and her f,f,N+2, b+2 unblockables.  Don't let your opponent tech-
roll this move as you'll be left with lags in a bad position.  If your
opponent is tech-rolling a lot as get up, use throws and unblockables.

wc,df+3: Spinning Trip Sweep +++                                  juggles
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          18      -16         KD          KD

Kunimitsu sweeps her foot from crouched position, juggling the opponent
on connect.  
  This is such a good move when well mixed into her custom chains.  Don't
be afraid to pull this one out on an opponent who is just watching your
custom chains progress.  With this threat to their shins exposed they are
more likely to walk into df+2s or ws+2s.
  The lags on this move are rather unkind so make sure it is mixed well.
I juggle with the simple ws+4, f,f+4, but will work on more juggles with
ps-2 TTT.

With a properly set up aggressive platform Kunimitsu's unblockables can
begin to shine.  Though the damage of Kunimitsu's unblockables are 
relatively small in term of these moves, a couple in a round can truly 
help to turn the tide of the fight your way.
  I have checked out wether Kunimitsu's unblockables are reversable and
sadly they are, I know that Nina can reverse the b+2, f,f,N+2, she can 
also probably reverse the d/b+2 and it is quite likely that Jun, Jin can
also; Anna and Wang are maybe's.  Nina's animation has her grabing 
Kunimitsu's hand and therefore it may be possible to chicken... another
thing to research.
  One extra thing to note about the unblockables is that they can be
easily side-stepped.    


u+1+2: Kunai Skyfall.      +++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          50      x           KD          KD

Kunai disappears into the floor and then reappears from the top of the
screen, coming down with the dagger first.  Think of Hanzo or Galford
from Samurai Showdown but without the sliced log.
  A good unblockable that can be used to kill turtling foes and scrubs.  
It takes a little time for a good player to learn how to interrupt this 
move, unless they have a strong jump/flip kick that they aren't afraid 
to use.  Don't give them this chance, pop it out at strange times and mix 
it up well with the d+1+2.
  Remember to make sure you are in range to do this move as it has is a
straight vertical drop.  This move can also be backdashed.  Wiffing is 
one of the seven great sins of Tekken.

b+2: Kunai Murder.         ++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          34      x           KD          KD

Kunimitsu takes a step forward then drives her dagger into her foes gut.
Would actually be quite painful and can be followed up with Oki-zeme of 
your choosing.  This is a unblockable that you should use in close after 
pacifying your enemy with uppercuts and jabs.  This is probably a little
tougher to set up than the Kunai advance because of the typically frantic
nature of range 0 warfare.  Remember that even though this move has a 
back stick press it can be used after a f,f dash (f,f,B+2).
This unblockable sets up for oki-zeme; a Poison wind may in fact be 
guaranteed (Ogre is guaranteed a f,f+1+2 after his). 
  On large characters you can juggle off the hit.  I've got simple stuff
like d+1, ws+4 off but it is quite likely that a fubuki may be added
after this. Also a d+1 to crouch cancel juggle may be an option.  I'll 
keep working on it.

  I got some feedback (wow, somebody actually read this!) from Renick 
(Renickironfist@hotmail.com) on this move, Check out his Ogre faq.  He
thinks this move is useful after sidesteping power moves such as Kuma's 
F+1~1,1 or Jun's b+3,2 (Julia and Michelle's 2+3,1 is also very easy to 
side step before the 1).  I personally usually go for sidethrows when on
a side position (they look cool) but this fast unblockable would also be 
a good choice (d/f+2 is also a great option). Do remember that this 
unblockable is reversable by some characters, Kunimitsu's blade isn't as 
strong as Ogre's green hands.

f,f,N+2: Kunai Advance.     +++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          25      x           KD          KD
Kunimitsu moves forward and then strikes with her knife into the 
midsection.  This is probably her most useful unblockable because of the 
f,f, nature, it is also a little faster than the b+2 (25 frames to 34) to
come out.  It mixs in very well with her other f,f moves such as the 
f,f+4, 2 and 3+4(links). 
  This move also sets up for oki-zeme tactics... once again a Poison wind
may be guaranteed.

d/b+2: Kunai Stab.           ++
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          26      x           -8          -8

Kunimitsu quickly slashes the dagger from above her head to the ground.
A strong Oke-zeme tactic because it hits on the ground(? big character 
only?), great for getting people trying to tag out on the deck.  This 
move (unlike the Advance and Murder) leaves the opponent standing on hit
making it a little more risky.  Still great for building up the damage. 
b+1+2: Kunai Spin.          ++ (maybe more +s to come)
FRAMES--> F Hit	B Adv		H Adv		C Adv
          19      -41         KD          KD

Kunimitsu does a little figure eight with her dagger.  This move has 
needed a healthy review after I found out that the second hit is 
unblockable.  This move attempts to be Yoshimitsu's b,b+1~1 and fails.
It's unblockable only on the second swish and its slowish to come out;
it also has some pretty terrible lag time.  
Castel has this in his Kuni intro movie in a juggle.  Apart from showing 
off I wouldn't use this one much if at all.
  This move is still under review.

Move Review by: elphfves@earthlink.net

"I actually found a few uses for this. First off it comes out pretty 
quick which is good. I use it in anticipation of rushing moves or in a 
poking string usuall after ws+2 or b+1, people literally walk into it. 
Especially Lei who has to take that little half step for his rushes.  
Also after the 2+4 throw im pretty sure it snuffs out ankle kicks and 

I tried some of these aplications recently and would agree that it could
be useful against Lei's rushing in.  It still doesn't protect as much as
Yoshimitsu's spinning blade does and I still has reservations about this
move.  I would also recommend having a look at Peter Hahn's Faq as he 
has worked out some custom tactics on making sure only the unblockable 
stuff hits.



Ten strings should only be used very infrequently in high level play.
Kunimitsu has only one ten string which is a variation of Yoshimitsu's of
course.  This one is pretty bad because of the predictable right kicks at
the 4th,5th and 6th position.  Good players will reverse or duck and
counter these kicks.  There is only one unblockable in this tenstring 
(the 2 at the last hit) meaning that even if you manage to continue the 
chain past the right kicks there is only a small reward against players
who stand and watch.

************************GENERAL GAMEPLAY SECTION*************************


This Section will deal with specific tactics on playing the Fox.  
Kunimitsu plays a similar game to her Manji counterpart as I have 
mentioned earlier.  Kunimitsu plays a strong inclose game similar to 
Yoshimitsu (hers is a little weaker) but also plays a great distance game
(range 2-3) where Yoshimitsu isn't as strong.  Kunimitsu is also a 
character that needs to build up her damage consistantly, she won't kill
an opponent as quickly as Julia, Jin or Kazuya .  Play an offensive game 
but remain patient and watchful.
  Kunimitsu in my opinion plays best when played agressively inclose 
(range 0-1) and a hunt and peck style in range 2-3.  This is beneficial 
as inclose her custom chains are strong and can often lead to df+2 
juggle.  Kunimitsu also has many distance moves that leave her in a 
range to start a poking game (the f+3+4, f,f+1+2, 1+2).  These moves all 
seem to have resonable lags (I'll be able to comment on these more when 
PS-2 TTT gets here) with options to start poking chains afterwards.
Some of my favorite poking chains will be discussed in the next section,
along with ideas to start on your own variations.
  At range 2-3 you should be looking out for ways to advance on your 
opponent.  Kunimitsu's ideal opponent would be coming foward in these 
ranges giving you options to tag them with moves such as (f,f+2,f+3+4,
f,f+3,4, 1+2,or f,f+3+4,links).  If they are patient or passive Kunimitsu
can advance with the f+3+4, f,f,N+2, f,f+1+2, f,f+3+4 links.  These are 
all relitively safe tactics to use to place yourself closer to your 
opponent and to start Kunimitsu's strong custom game or wakeup.  
  If your opponent is playing heavily defensive then it is wise to make 
them come foward by using unblockable and throw pressure.  Also mix in 
the lows to make sure your picking up some damage.  Or give them the 
feeling of pressure by using the f,f+3,4 a bit.
  Always play the game that suits you best.  These were just some of my
ideas on fighting with Kunimitsu.
***************************CUSTOM STRING IDEAS***************************

Custom strings in Tekken refer to the stringing together of usually basic
moves in a hopefully seemless manor.  This is done to apply pressure and
hopefully gives your opponent little room to break out of them.  Since
the moves involved in custom strings are usually fast, low damage moves
a lot of these custom chains place "enders" in the strings to attempt for
a larger (damage) pay-off.  Just to make it a little more confusing 
some "enders" have such good recovery (df+2, 1+2) that custom chains can
be continued after using these moves.  
Custom strings are mainly applied at range 0-1 where these basic moves 
will hit and string without wiffing.  This section will look at the 
moves that are suitable in creating custom strings and will discuss 
some that I use. 

Moves Suitable In Custom Strings

Along the way                                   Enders
1                                               df+2
df+1                                            1+2
d+1                                             throws
b+1                                             D,df+3
2,d+3                                           d(fc)+3+4
ws+4                                            u+1+2
ws+2                                            db+2
ws+1                                            b+2
df+2                                            f,f,N+2

Some Custom Strings.
A solid very short string that is difficult to interrupt and pushes your
opponent out of range 0 (where this string should be intiated).  This 
string consists of a low jab (one of the fastest moves in the game) 
followed by a while standing right kick.  You can also more basic moves 
to this little ditty.  I usually continue this string with moves such as 
the df+2, df+4, 1+2, u+1+2 or even the f+2 if your feeling rather 

d+1,ws+4 df+2: 
The same string just adding the df+2 for juggling potential.

1, d+1, ws+4
A jab to the basic string.

b+1, d+1, ws+4, df+2
More additions to the basic d+1, ws+4.  This string is great to use in 
range 2 as the b+1 brings you quickly into your opponents face.  The next
part overides, then pushes out,then... yada, yada...

b+1, 1, df+2:
This string consist of a b+1 which should move your into your opponents 
face. A jab to make them know that your there (and to over-ride most 
standing moves).  It is then followed up with a df+2 in an attempt to 
juggle them. 
b+1, d+1, wc, df+3
Another variation on the b+1, d+1, this time following up with a low
sweep instead of the rising right kick.  Juggle if it conects. Always 
rememeber variation in terms of mid,lows and highs, this move helps to
train your opponent into walking into more df+2s.


1, df+4, df+2
b+1, 1, d+1, ws+4, df+2, 1, d+1...
b+1, d+1, ws+2  
b+1, d+1, ws+1, 1, b+2
b+1, 1+2
1, df+1, df+2
d+1,ws+1, df+2
1, d+1, ws+1, b+1, 1, db+1+2
1, d+1, ws+1, b+1, 1, f+1+4
1, d+1, ws+4, 1, b+1, d+1,fc+3+4 
1, d+1, ws+4, df+4, u+1+2
1, d+1, db+3,3,3,f+4

These are only a small bunch of the possibilities available when it comes 
to custom strings.  Many of these strings can be continued or started in 
different manners, the options are huge if you take the time to explore 
them.  One of the main ideas is to make sure that most of your attacks 
are connecting (guard or hit).  Unless yor trying to set something up by 
whiffing, thats a whole different kettle of fish. 


Sidesteping and general movement are very important in Tekken.  The 
minute that your opponent can always predict where you are, is the minute 
they stop whiffing and that leaves you with less opportunities to counter
which is bad.  Therefore it is imperitive to always be in motion, 
Kunimitsu doesn't have an amazing steps like Bob (such as Seok Dong 
Min's "crazy legs")or crouch dash waving techniques.  Kunimitsu does have
some interesting movement techniques such as the f,f+3, d+1+2 or u~ub.  
Back dashing and foward dashing are also effective ways to cover area 
  Sidestepping was introduced in Tekken3 and though not as complex as the
8 way run techniques in Soulcaliber it still allows for evasive movement.
Kunimitsu's sidestep techniques (1+2,3+4) have little range (and should 
only pulled out in range 0-2) but this does not mean that you should 
stick to sidesteping only at close range.  When I play I try to always 
be in motion, this forces my opponent to think carefully before choosing
his attacking option. 

**************************BACKTURNED FIGHTING****************************

Backturned position is the most dangerous (and a potentially positive)
situation in Tekken.  Kunimitsu fights quite well from backturned.  She
is not as strong as Lei or Ling but still has quite a few options in this 
You have a lots of options in this situation as I see it.  It is best
to always think about how much practice your opponent has had in this 
situation.  Some of my opponents look to throw, or jab to set up for
powerstrikes.  Both these options can be ducked, then simply countered 
or backturned thrown.  Just remember that your backturned options 
will be limited only by your opponents choices and your willingness to

BK: D+1,ws+4---->options to continue poking.  The ws+4 can be 
                 interchanged with any ws(2,1)options or any full 
                 crouched techniques such as the fairy wax (FC/d+3+4), 
                 or the sweep (listed next).         
BK: D+1,D,df+3-->another option after the d+1.
BK: 1----------->option to continue poking.
BK: 3----------->would probably avoid an opponents low attacks.  Can be 
                 a little slow if your opponent is very aggresive.  
                 Keeps you in backturned on block.
BK: 2----------->on connect follow with a df+2 juggle.
BK: uf+4-------->juggle.
BK: throw------->They seem to come out a little faster from backturned
                 don't know why that is.
BK: 4----------->high priority turning kick.

****************************OFFENCE VS DEFENCE***************************

Offence vs Defence is a constant complex question in Tekken.  Most of the
time I am caught by moves is when coming foward (or not reacting to a 
low) yet if you fail to move foward you are usually not attacking your
opponent, which is not really what you want.
  Kunimitsu plays best imho when playing agressive Tekken.  Though she 
does have defensive options(u~ub or d+1+2) and some offensive defensive 
moves(b+1+2, d+3+4, u+1+2 come to mind); I personally think it is very 
unlikely that you could spend a whole game on defense mixing up these and 
  There are some points though when it is wise to counter a player.  
Many Mishama players (devil is one of the clan) around here will 
sidestep exclusively in an attempt to use moves like the tooth fairy and
devil twister.  This is when it is probably best to wait for these 
moves and counter with a df+2.  It is quite easy to set this situation up
by playing a heavy sidestepping game in range 2-3, waiting for your 
opponent to pull out these moves.
  Aggressive play is where Kunimitsu shines. She has some great range 
2-3 advancing moves: f+3+4 good damage, and continued poking possible
                   : f,f+2 juggling potential
                   : f,f+3,4 damage, safe exit to range 3 and guard 
                             breaking on block
                   : f,f+4 Priority
                   : f,f+3+4 good links, solid damage potential
                   : f,f,n+2 unblockable
Kunimitsu also has an admirable inclose game, using the poking tactics 
mentioned above, lots of df+2s and the great counter poking 1+2.  
Once your opponent has been shell shocked from all the abuse pick up the 
damage with some of Kunimitsu's fast and wonderfull unblockables.  

The Tag system is obviously the largest change from this Tekken to the 
previous.  Getting to hang of it is *so* important and a good 
knowledge of the system will help to reduce the risk of being damaged
during, before and after tags.
  The Tag throwing and juggling imho are the safest ways to tag.  Tag 
Throwing usually does little damage (and Kunimitsu hasn't got any cool 
looking specific ones) but your opponent is left with no chance to 
retaliate.  Make sure that you have mixed in other throws so that your 
opponent does not try to use the 2 escape.  
 Kunimitsu can tag juggle from the df+2 and her f,f+2.  The f,f+2 and 
her df+2 are class 2 tags and can set you up for juggles such as:
f,f+2~5/ df+2~5
Yoshimitsu b+1,1, b+1,1 f,f+3,1
Heihachi df+1, f,N d,DF+4,4,N+1
Ling df+1, 2, 2,1 f,f+1+2,1+2
Kunimitsu's other option to tag is with the tag button.  This is usually
usually safe in range 2-3.  as long as you know your options properly.
Eg             (all of these options character dependent)
   5~f,f,N+1+2 usually a head dive
   5~ub,b      stop run (blocking possible) 
   5~f,f,N+4   sliding kick

Kunimitsu when tagged in has options to do these moves
   5~f,f,N+1+2  head dive
   5~f,f,N+3    standing left kick
   5~u,ub       backflip 
   5~f,f,N+4    fubuki
   5~ub,b       stop run/ block

I have been informed by superior Tekken minds that Kunimitsu does have a
stop run, You can ignore my comments about the dangers of tagging in into
the 'heat of it'. 


Ground tactics have always been important to Tekken.  Once you manage to 
place your opponent on the ground it is always useful to attempt to gain
an extra advantage in terms of damage.  Kunimitsu has a resonable ground 
game, nothing flash in comparison to Nina, Ogre or Ling.  This section 
will first deal with the moves that are important in oki-zeme strategy.  
Do remember that some of these tactics are dependent on your enemy.  If
they like to stay on the ground for awhile use the poison wind, fairy wax
or the kunai stab.  If they rise with get-up kicks either backdash out of 
range and counter, or use the fairy wax.  If they often tech-role and 
stand then throw them.  Other opponents like to roll, either knock them 
back down with a fubuki or try and get in a small (d+3 or d,db+3).
Always apply your oki-zeme how your opponent allows you to apply it.


f,f+4 (suitable on opponents rolling backward or forward)
throws (on tech rolling ->standing opponents)


More juggles to come when PS2 TTT arrives. 
NOTE: Some of these may be tech rolled... will confirm in PS2 TTT.

 f,f+2  -1, b+1,1, f+3+4
        -1, b+1,1, 3
        -1, b+1,1, 1+2
        -b+1,1, b+1,1,1,1, 3
        -b+1,1, b+1,1,1,1, 1+2
        -b+1,1, b+1,1,1,1, f+3+4
        -b+1,1, b+1,1, f+3+4 (my favourite)
        -b+1,1, b+1,1, 1+2 
        -b+1,1, b+1,1, b+1, 3
        -b+1,1, b+1, f,f+4

 df+2   -1, b+1,1, 3
        -1, b+1,1, f+3+4 
        -b+1, 1, b+1,1, f+3+4 or 1+2  (elphfves)
        -b+1, 1, b+1,1, b+1 f,f+4 (elphfves)
        -b+1,1, 1+2
        -b+1,1, b+1,1 3
        -b+1,1, b+1,1,1,1, 3
        -b+1,1, b+1,1,1,1, 1+2
        -df+2, b+1,1,1, 3
        -b+1, 1, b+1+2 (Castel)
        -b+1, 1,b+1, 1, db+2 (Castel)
 BK+uf+4-b+1,1, b+1,1, f+3+4
        -b+1,1, b+1,1, 3
        -b+1,1, b+1,1, 1+2 
D,df+3 -ws4, f,F+4

****************************STRATEGY INFLUENCE***************************

I have been highly influenced by:
The Wellington Crowd: 
-Cypress, Callum, Alex, Derrick, Sports Pimp, Craig, Jack, Bean Pole boy  
and the rest.
You always benefit from your opposition.
Tekken3: Ultimate Guide- Jason Arney, Jason Cole, Gerald Guess, Graham 
         We used to call this the bible in our flat.  One of the most 
         handy learning instruments that I have read, re-read and read
         again just for the hell of it.  Solid Juggle and Strategy 
         guide.... just a little thin on Hwoarang :P
The FAQ writers:
You've written on Tekken3 or Tag? I'm sure I've got it somewhere on 
the pc and have read it atleast once (yes I need help), keep up the good 
work.  Hopefully someone will write a TTT faq that rivals Ben Cureton's
(tragic) Yoshimitsu Manual (an inspiration in my Yoshi play and definitly
a factor in me picking up Kunimitsu).
Irc #tekken and #soulcalibur..oops
Some interesting people... some interesting conversations.  Wink, wink, 
say no more.  Sorry for interupting #soulcalibur with my Tekken
Internet:- www.tekken.net          TEKKEN ZAIBATSU
           The best internet resource on TTT so far.  Recently overhauled
           to look even more spiffy.  Move guides, system info, faqs,
           mpegs.  The list goes on.  Special thanks to Castel 
           for allowing me to include Kunimitsu's frame rate info.  
           Castel is one crazy ewgf-ing dude.  
         - www.Tekkentagtournament.com
           Very handy for damage listings.  I'm sure things will improve
           when the system guides arrives.  Check out the Official 
           Tekken Tag Tournament USA national/world results.  Wouldn't 
           bother with trying to follow the forum though.
         - www.gamefaqs.com
           Want faqs? they got em all...
         - www.fighters.net
           They do a great job of keeping us fighting game freaks 
           informed of all the haps.
         - www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Bridge/2700/
           Inside Tekken.  A blessing to see a site based in my home 
           country New Zealand (Aotearoa).  I mainly use this site 
           because of the forum, which I find to be helpful and 
Feedback- Renick (renickironfist@hotmail.com)
          comments on the b+2 unblockable and my small throwing section.
        - elphfves (elphfves@earthlink.net)
          comments on the b+1+2 (maybe its not that crap?), some juggle
          variations, b+1 'tick' into throws, also mentions the use of a 
          blocked f,f+3,4. 
        - Romel De Guzman 
          thought I should give a few more stars to the Fairy Wax,
          he was quite right.  Also thought I had gave to many stars to
          the fubuki.
        - Mark Montelban
          general move ideas.

If you've got to this point then thanks for spending the time.         
I'd love some more juggles and any other ideas you may have.

comments to birch@anet.co.nz

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