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Kazuya by Reverend C.

Version: 1 |

VERY Advanced Guide to Playing Kazuya
version 1
By Reverend C. (K.C. Ma)
e-mail me at: reverend_c@yahoo.com

* Legal Things: *

Tekken and all the characters in Tekken are copyrighted by Namco.  This
guide is written by me, but if you want to distribute it or print it or
whatever, feel free to do so as long as you don't alter the content. If
you have to alter the content, to be included in your web site, or pub-
lication, or whatever because my grammar sucks and I can't spell, just
e-mail me.  If you want to make a profit out of this FAQ...  e-mail me
for my written consent, but if you don't, I probably will not find out
about it, but if I find out, I don't know, we'll find out when that hap-
pens.  But if I see a crappy version of my guide being passed around
web (because you have some lame comments or technique, and you want to
add it to my work) I will not be very happy about it.

* Table of Content: *

Why Kazuya?
Movelist In-Depth
	-Kicking Ass
		-Custom Strings
                -Countering (Juggle & Stun)
		-Blocking or Sidestep
		-Reversal & Parry
VS. Human Strategy -coming in the next revision
Having Fun


* Why Kazuya *

Why play Kazuya?  There is no question about this one, I'm sure all
Kazuya players out there will agree on this one.  You play Kazuya be-
cause you want to see his WS+2, Demon Gut Punch to counter.  He has
the same Wind God Fist Heihachi has.  Although Kazuya doesn't have as
many options as far as juggles are concerned, his Wind God Fist is as
powerful as Heihachi's.  It his mid, it's lightening fast, and it can
be delayed.  His Hell Sweeps are also awesome, and both hits hit low,
and grounded opponent, not to mention they are more discrete than his
old man's Hell Sweep (meaning harder to block).  But those are just a
bunch of nice little things (if you can call Wind God Fist that) when
compared to WS+2 Demon Gut Punch.  Jin can do this too, but Jin's Gut
Punch doesn't come out of nowhere like Kazuya's.  Since it is a while
standing move, it'll almost always counter after you duck a high att-
act, and it's easy to set this up.  Kazuya's Demon Gut Punch or Wind
God Fist are some what toned down among many of his other moves, but
this is true about all of the characters, so even toned down, Kazuya
is still one of the most powerful characters in Tekken.  

* Introduction *

Like my Heihachi and Nina FAQs, this FAQ is written for experienced
Tekken players.  I will not write about how to get up, how to block,
or how to side step, etc.  This FAQ is about how to setup up stuns,
juggles, throws, how to string jabs and kicks to setup Kazuya's stuns
and juggles.  The FAQ writers have been writing a lot of FAQ teaching
people how to do the basic stuff, and most of the FAQs don't go very
far.  For example, someone might say Paul's Deathfist will do about 
70% of damage on counter hit, but it's slow so use it carefully.  It
is true, but anyone who plays Tekken can figure that out.  I'm not a
teacher, and teaching isn't exactly my forte.  So, I figure, why not
just reflect on the way I play and put it in a FAQ.  I'm doing this
because good Tekken players are too few to find unless you go to a 
big metro, and it's a hassle to do that.  If someone around where I
live read my FAQ and got better, I'm happy, and that'll make playing
Tekken more fun!  Am I holding any tricks back?  No!  Every trick or
secret I've learned will be in here.  I'm not afraid of people becom-
ing better than I am, because even if you know everything I know, you
will still have to use the right thing at the right time, and execute
it to perfection to beat me (even than you still might not be able to
beat me).  With that cleared up, I will introduce myself a little bit
for those who care.  I'm 20, and I go to UCI (University of Califor-
nia, Irvine).  If you're looking for me, I usually play in either one
of the Nickel Nickel in Orange County, or Palace Park (when I want to
stop by for a quick game).  It's really easy to identify me because I
always wear white (white t-shirt and jeans), or black and red FILA 
shirt with shorts or jeans, and I have a really big scar on left arm,
you can't miss me.  I am not THE BEST Tekken player, but give me ten
rounds I'll beat the best Tekken player couple of times.  I can't 
beat everyone else out there, but I'm qualified enough to teach 99.5%
of the people how to play Tekken.  Anyway, this FAQ isn't about THE
right way to play Kazuya, but how I play Kazuya.  I may play him dif-
ferently from someone else, and that doesn't neccessary mean that one
of us is playing the wrong way, we just play differently.  But I am
good enough to beat 99.5% of you guys out there so I'll say I'm not
too bad.  If you've been playing someone else, and you already kick
ass in Tekken, then this is the FAQ to read if you want to learn Ka-
zuya but don't know where to start.  If you don't like my way, feel
free to e-mail me and discuss it, I reply to all the e-mails I re-
ceived.  Anyway, I'm getting carried away as usual, I'll stop my in-
troduction here (it's not even an intro anymore, I don't know what
this is...)...  For those of you never played Kazuya before, here's 
a good news.  If you are really good at Tekken (can block everything, 
break everythrow, interrupt every ten-hit combo, can beat other Tek-
ken experts, knowing all the ten-hit combos doesn't count), it'll be
very easy to learn Kazuya.  How good you can be with Kazuya is a re-
flection of how good you are in Tekken.  Kazuya doesn't have stance 
changing or tricky strings.  If you know when is the right time to 
block and when to interrupt or counter, all you need now is to learn 
which Kazuya move you use to get the job done (and there aren't many 
moves).  I never played Tekken 2 before until Kazuya is in the ran-
dom select box.  I rented Tekken 2 and mastered this character in a-
bout half an hour (of course knowing how to play Heihachi and Jin 
helps).  I always hear people saying how much better Kazuya is com-
pared to Jin, and they're right!  Think of Kazuya as the combination
of the best qualities between Jin and Heihachi, none of that though
to use joystick motion.  

* Move List *


Refer to Tekken Zaibatsu http://www.tekken.net for convention.


Command          Name                         Escape    Property

1+3              Bitch Kicks                  1
2+4              Hip Toss                     2
f,f+1+2          Stone Head                   1+2       #1#2
FC_d_db+1+2      Ultimate Tackle                        #3
1+3_2+4_2+5      Steel Pedal Drop             1         #4
1+3_2+4_2+5      Skull Mash                   2         #5
1+3_2+4_2+5      Reverse Neck Throw           n/a       #6

#1 Opponent can quick recover after this throw.
#2 Jun can tag in after this throw can finish with Reverse Arm Bar.
#3 Same as general tackle everyone has, except Kazuya can only con-
   tinue with ultimate punches.
#4 Left side-throw
#5 Right side-throw
#6 Back-throw

Special Techniques:

Command                 Name                    Range        Property

1,2                     Double Punch            h,h           
  =<2                   Demon Slayer            h            #1
  =4                    Stature Kick            l
1,1<2                   Shining Fist            m,m,m        #1
WS+1,2                  Twin Piston             m,m          JG
d/f+1                   Entrials Smash          m            HS
f,N,d,df+1              Thunder God Fist        m
  =3                    Mid Kick                m
  =4                    Hell Sweep              L
f+1+2                   Glorious Demon Fist     m            CFS
f,N                     Kazuya Mist Step        n/a
  =df+2 [~5]            Wind God Fist [tag]     sm           JG
  =df+1                 Thunder God Fist        m
  =df+4,4               Hell Sweeps             L,L
WS+2                    Demon Gut Punch         m            DSc JG
df+2                    Gut Punch               m            JG CFSc
2,2                     Demon Back Hand         h,h          
f+2                     Soul Thrust             m            GB GS KNDc
f,n,d,df+2 [~5]         Wind God Fist [tag]     sm           JG
f,f+3                   Split Axe Kick          m            
f,f,f_WR+3              Leaping Slash Kick      m            GB
f+4                     Axe Kick                m            GB KS
WS_df_f,n,d,df+4        Rising Kick             m            
  =4                    Tsunami Kick            m            #2
f,n,d,DF+4,4            Hell Sweep              L,L          BS
uf+4,4,4,4              Spinning Demon          h,L,L,h      BS
4~3                     Demon Scissors          M            #3
db+4                    Stature Kick            l


Command            Name
b+1+4              Lightening God Fist
B+1+4              Lightening Screw God Fist

Kazuya has two unblockable, if you tap back and do 1+4, it will do
one of fastest unblockable that does decent damage.  The other one,
on the other hand is very slow, anyone with half a brain will coun-
ter you with Deathfist, or Demon Gut Punch, or Wind God Fist, or De-
vine Cannon, or...  You get the picture.  But they are not totally
useless, so learn when to use them.

* Movelist In-Depth *

Before I actually start, there are two things you must be able to do:
while standing moves, and crouch dashing.  Why?  Because this is the
source of Kazuya's power.  Unlike some other characters, Kazuya does
not have strings of short combos.  While stand will initiate Tsunami
Kicks and Demon Gut Punch and crouch dashing will initiate Hell Sweep
and Wind God Fist (Tsunami Kicks too, but there are better ways to do
Tsunami Kicks).  I'm assuming that you can do WS and crouch dashing
moves, if not, you have to practice that first.  Kazuya does not have
all that many moves, but almost all of Kazuya's moves are useful.  It
sucks to have to memorize a long movelist, like Hwoarang and Lei.  It
is just too damn hard to remember what move change into what stance,
and if you are one of those people who hates to remember things, you
will love Kazuya!  By the way, I'm too lazy to tell people to buffer
chicken on every move analysis like I did in Nina

1,2                     Double Punch            h,h           

Two very fast punches.  That's where all the good thing about Double
Punch stops.  The problem with this?  It hits high and recovers slow.
This move really isn't that bad, just that when ever you want to do
this, 1,1 is always a better choice.


1,2<2                   Demon Slayer            h,h,h

This move takes too long to recover, and that alone almost make this
useless.  Not to mention that it hits high three times!  If you try
this on me, I'll duck and Demon Gut Punch you until you're sorry that
you tried this.  stay away from this move if you can.


1,2<4                   Stature Kick            h,h,l

This is the best moves Kazuya has starting 1,2 Double Punch.  Unlike
the other two, this is actually very good!  It recovers very fast and
the last hit hits low.  If someone ducks the first two punches, which
happens all the time, the last kick will hit them and make it safe
for you to recover.  If the first two punches are blockec, chance is
the Stature Kick will hit them for good damage.  Stature Kick isn't
going to kill your opponent for you, but the tick damages add up, not
to mention if your opponent is almost dead, this will be just enough
to finish them off.


1,1<2                   Shining Fist            h,h,m

Another one of the Mishima trademark.  The 1,1 are fast, and it will
leave Kazuya safe from retaliation.  If you see someone trying to
counter you, the last punch can be delayed, meaning all you do is hit
2, and the last one will come out, making this almost impossible to
counter.  The first two punches should be included in your poke just
because they are almost impossible to counter.  If you do all three
punches though, the recovery is slower and some characters can punish
you for doing all three hits.


WS+1,2                  Twin Piston             m,m          JG

It juggles, and it's not a bad juggle starter...  But I don't like it
not because the move isn't good, but because everytime I use the Twin
Piston, I could've used the Demon Gut Punch instead.  With that said,
Twin Piston is a very good move.  I has forward momentum, and as long
as you don't wiff, Kazuya'll be fairly safe from retaliation.  If you
use good custom strings, it's not very hard to juggle with Twin Pis-
ton.  Then again, with good strings, it's not hard to counter with
Demon God Fist, but do use this though.


d/f+1                   Entrials Smash          m            HS

It stuns, but don't use this move alone because it's not too fast and
it doesn't recover too fast either.  It does stun, and it comes out
quite unexpectedly, as long as you use it in a good string.  Kazuya
has better options, but this isn't a bad move to use every so often.


f,N,d,df+1              Thunder God Fist        m
  =3                    Mid Kick                m
  =4                    Hell Sweep              L

Pretty useless, except when you anticipate a tag or use it in juggles
because this move isn't meant to be used alone.  If used in a juggle,
however, this must be the best juggle ender in Tekken!  Why?  Because
Thunder God Fist and either a mid kick or Hell Sweep alone does more
damage than a lot of unblockables in Tekken.  Did I mention that this
punch looks totally awesome?  The Timing takes practice, and I rather
use the other method sometimes, but still.  Thunder God Fist should
never be used alone, and if you do, you'll be punished (and you fully
deserve to be punished).  There are exceptions that you can bend that
rule, if you been doing a lot of Hell Sweep, and you know that your
opponent cannot tell what's coming out and WILL block low, then you
still shouldn't do this, but you can try if you want.  The Mid Kick
and Hell Sweep should never be used outside of combo!  Why?  Isn't it
good guessing tactic to confuse your opponent with?  Well, no!  Yes,
it's good to mix up mid and low attacks, but not in this case because
if Kazuya does that to me, it's not a guessing situation.  I'll jab,
or kick Kazuya before the Mid Kick/Hell Sweep comes out.  Not that it
would be hard to see which one is coming and block it, I just rather
jab them out of it.  Since I can do this to other Kazuya players, why
would I set myself up for a jab and lose initiative to someone else?
Thunder God Fist is one of the most powerful move, rivals that of the
Death Fist.  Learn to do this in stun combos, and your Kazuya will be
very intimidating!


f+1+2                   Glorious Demon Fist     m            CFS

Well, it hit mid, and stuns.  The problem is that it comes out a bit
on the slow side, and doesn't recover all that fast.  The good side
to this move, it hits mid, stuns, looks cool, great way to finish a
combo!  One great way to set it up is to train your opponent to block
low, by doing a lot of 1,2 jab and Stature Kick.  After doing that a
few times, throw out Glorious Demon Fist, and chance is you will stun
them long enough for a least a couple Hell Sweeps, Tsunami Kicks, or
Demon Gut Punch.  I don't know about Thunder God Fist.  I did it cou-
ple of times, but I don't know if it'll always work.  By the way, how
can you not like a punch called Glorious Demon Fist?  I must say that
it's very temptiong to give this move an extra star just because it's
called Glorious Demon Fist.  Anyway, this is a fairly good move just
for the purpose of stunning, but Kazuya has better choiced.  However,
it's good to use it once in a while because it does more damage than,
df+2 Demon Gut Punch for example (really this thing is quite damaging
and on counter you can kill people fairly fast with this).  But where
this move really shines is in finishing juggles and stun combos.  The
thing about doing Thunder God Fist is that it's hard, and if I am in
a very close match...  I'd rather finish a stun with Glorious Demon
Fist instead just because it's better settle for a lot of damage as
oppose to risk for a GREAT DEAL of damage and wiff.  It'll work in
tag juggles, but it doesn't work too well with either Twin Piston or
Wind God Fist.  Not the best move, but like most of Kazuya, Glorious
Demon Fist is still very useful.


f,N                     Kazuya Mist Step        n/a
  =df+2 [~5]            Wind God Fist [tag]     sm           JG
  =df+1                 Thunder God Fist        m
  =df+4,4               Hell Sweeps             L,L

Mist Step:

This is one thing that makes Kazuya's crouch dash better than every-
one else.  It comes out a bit faster, and it can be buffered.  What
does that mean?  Well, after Kazuya takes a step forward with f, he
doesn't have to crouch dash right away.  Kazuya can do any of the Mi-
shima 1,1 and 1,2 combos.  Or he can do good old fashioned f,n,d,df
crouch dashing.  Or you can tap df after f to go into Mist Step, or
just for the sake of being very confusing, wait a little bit after f,
and tap df for Mist Step.  The Mist Step expanded Kazuya's arsenal a
little bit beyond that of Heihachi and Jin's because if Mist Step is
used, it come out of nowhere, and it's very hard to see what Kazuya's
doing.  And unlike Heihachi and Jin, Kazuya doesn't have to commit to
one of the crouch dashing moves or while standing moves once crouch
dashing it initiated because after the f, Kazuya doesn't have to do
n,d,df like Heihachi and Jin.


Wind God Fist:

My favorite juggle starter in Tekken!  Too bad it is not as good as
Heihachi's.  It might actually be a little bit faster and recovers a
little bit quicker, but it's not as good because after Wind God Fist,
Kazuya doesn't have as many options as Heihachi (Kazuya can't do the
same kind of damage Hehachi can do after Wind God Fist).  Well, it is
only fair I guess because Kazuya has all those awesome stuns!  Here's
an idea, why not have Jin bear a kid with either Anna or Nina, and
give that kid all the moves Heihachi, Kazuya, Jin, Nina and Anna have
in Tekken?  You know, Heihachi's juggle, Kazuya's stun, Jin's hybrid
moves from Kazuya and Jun, Nina and Anna's multi-throws and awesome
custom strings!  Anyways, I'm getting too carried away.  After Nina
and Heihachi FAQ I wrote, I discovered that Wind God Fist can now be
blocked high or low, well, that sucks.  Well, it's not too bad for me
because I mostly use Wind God Fist to counter so I have no intention
to get my Wind God Fist blocked, but this means for many Heihachi and
Kazuya players out there, they can no longer use crouch dash and Hell
Sweeps to confuse people into blocking low and eat the Wind God Fist.
I did not notice it until couple days ago.  I was playing this guy at
UCI Zot Zone, and this guy keep doing the same moves over and over,
and it just look really stupid, so I Hell Sweep him over and over and
over with Heihachi (they just got the machine and don't have any time
release characters yet :(  That sucks...).  Well, to my suprise, he
actually started to block low after like 10 f,n,d,DF+4,4,4,N+4,4.  He
started to block low every time I go into crouch dashing, well after
refering to my own well written FAQ (laugh guys, damn it, don't be so
damn serious all the time, loosen up will you?) in my head, I should
throw in a Wind God Fist, and I did.  Well, what do you know, Tekken
Zaibatsu wasn't kidding when they say that Wind God Fist is now spe-
cail mid.  God Damn I almost passed out when I saw what happened.  It
still beats Jin's high hitting Wind God Fist though.  Well, now I am
going to have to go back and change my Heihachi FAQ.  Anyways, I was
a little bit to dramatic I guess because even though it's special mid
now, it's still the best juggle starter in Tekken by far.  I mean, I
have been playing TTT all summer, and I didn't realize this until al-
most all the time released characters are released.  Well, that most-
ly has to do with the fact that I don't use Hell Sweep, Wind God Fist
confusion tactic myself.  I only use Wind God Fist to counter, and it
has not affected me much at all.  Use Wind God Fist to counter when-
ever you can, or interrupt if you can time it correctly.  When I play
Kazuya, I use Wind God Fist defensively because unlike Heihachi, Ka-
zuya has Demon Gut Punch and very good strings to destroy whoever you
play against.


Thunder God Fist:

Just like f,n,d,df+1,3_4 Thunder God Fist so you can just refer that
other part of this FAQ to find out why I give this awesome God Fist
five stars even though it has many limitations.  It can only be used
in stun combos and juggles, it's slow, and it recovers slow.  There's
one difference though.  I don't know if it's my imagination (someone
please e-mail me about this one), but I can swear from experience the
Mist Step, Thunder God Fist comes out faster than Thunder God Fist.
Maybe it's because you don't have do d and that saves you a split se-
cond, but I can swear it feels (and looks) like Thunder God Fist from
Mist Step just come out of nowhere.  If I can find the diagnals, I'll
use Thunder God Fist to finish my stun because I can do this fast en-
ough connect Thunder God Fist most of the time.


Hell Sweep(s):

Kazuya's Hell Sweep is now as good as Heihahci's not because it got
better, but because Heihachi's Hell Sweep is weakened.  Again, it may
just be my imagination, but I can swear Kazuya's Hell Sweeps come out
a lot faster!  Well, if you use Mist Step, it'll come out of no where
and makes it hard to block.  If blocked, Kazuya will stagger a little
bit, so if it gets blocked consistantly, do something else instead of
Hell Sweep, but if it's not blocked, use it!  It does good damage not
to mention you can okizeme after this.  Like Heihachi's Hell Sweeps,
this move makes a great juggle ender, unlike Heihachi's Hell Sweeps,
Kazuya's hits twice, low, and that's it...   No Thunder God Fist or
Tsunami Kick or anything after the two Hell Sweeps.  The best way to
use this, like everything else, is to include this in your strings.
For example, d+1,WS+4,df+1,f,f,d+1,WS+4,f,f,d+1,f,n,df+4.  Well, that
is not a very good string at all, but the idea is to do a long string,
throw it a Hell Sweep (just one).  It'll usualy connect,  and you can
do another one as soon as Kazuya recovers for a grounded hit.  


WS+2                    Demon Gut Punch         m            DSc JG

This is the reason why people are afraid of you when you pick Kazuya.
It stuns, and it stuns for a very long time, not to mention Kazuya'll
recover immediately to pull of BIG moves that inflicts a lot of dama-
ge.  What can you do after Demon Gut Punch?  Well, Thunder God Fist
is probably the most damaging way to finish this, not to mention the
best looking way to finish it.  There's always Wind God Fist if you
can't pull of Thunder God Fist fast enough.  Or if you just want to
be different (you bad boy) Glorious Demon Fist is a great way to fi-
nish this without compromising damage for the ease of joystick motion
(f+1+2).  Many intermediate Tekken players say that WS moves sucks.
They don't come out instantly, and you have to get into the crouching
position first, not to mention its very hard to time it.  Well, I will
have to say they are wrong, and that's one of the reason why they are
intermediate.  The timing is just practice, it's one of those things
that once you understand and learn to do, it is so easy you laugh at
yourselft for not able to do it in the past.  They are slow, well, it
is not the moves, fault (they're actually very fast), it's just that
it takes a little bit of time to get into the crouching position, that
brings me to their next point, it can only be done in crouching posi-
tion.  Well, that's really to your advantange because once you are in
the counching position (whick can be so easily done with d+1), you are
basically forcing your opponent to guess what will come out next.  It
doesn't come out instantly from standing position, and that's why many
good Tekken players avoid using WS moves.  Well, you are suppose to be
using some kind of custom string to set up Demon Gut Punch.  For exam-
ple, d+1,d+3,f,f,d+1,d+3,f,f,d+1,WS+2.  This isn't a very fast, smooth
flowing string, but most people will eat the first couple of low kicks
because they want to block the WS move, and after couple of low kicks,
they will try to block low, and eat the Demon Gut Punch.  What else?
Well, the string isn't very fast, and that's actually good, because it
is fast enough to leave you safe, but not quite fast enough that your
opponent will try to counter and end up taking the full wrath of Demon
Gut Punch.  This move has no flaws if you understand how to use a WS
move, and there are other double overstun moves in Tekken, but none'll
come out as fast or recover as fast.  I never played Tekken 2, but I
read in a lot of FAQs and message boards about people saying how Kazu-
ya's stun is so much better than Jin's.  When Kazuya shows up in ran-
dom select box,  I rented Tekken 2, and oh my God!  This move alone
makes me want to play Kazuya.  Everything you do while playing Kazuya
revolves around getting the Demon Gut Punch to connect.  Kazuya does
not have as many moves as other characters (probably has the fewest of
all), but all his moves are good, and Demon Gut Punch alone is better
than having ten somewhat useless moves.


df+2                    Gut Punch               m            JG CFSc

Same animation as Demon Gut Punch (looks that way), but has different
properties.  It stuns on counter, but the crumble fall stun is not as
good as double over stun Demon Gut Punch does.  The advantage is that
Gut Punch can be done in standing position, and the motion is easier.
This can be used as a better substitution for Glorious Demon Fist in a
string because it comes out faster and recovers faster.  You can also
use this as a juggle ender, and it's not bad at all as an ender.  It's
a great compromise between speed and power, and it's one of the better
moves from the standing position.


2,2                     Demon Back Hand         h,h

Much like Jin's Back Hand, it sucks, just don't use it.  They both hit
high, slow, recovers slow, and let's just say if you do this to me, I
will have a Demon Gut Punch waiting for you after I duck them.


f+2                     Soul Thrust             m            GB GS KNDc

Not the greatest move, but a very good one.  On counter, it will put
your opponent in the face up head away knocked down position.  Use it
every now and then, but be very careful when you do.  If I find out a
good way to use it I'll add it to the next update.


f,n,d,df+2 [~5]         Wind God Fist [tag]     sm           JG

Same as the Wind God Fist from Mist Step,


f,f+3                   Split Axe Kick          m

One of the less useful moves in Kazuya's arsenal.  I never use it so
I can't comment on it.  If anyone knows how to use it, PLEASE e-mail


f,f,f_WR+3              Leaping Slash Kick      m            GB

The same Leaping Slash Kick that everyone has.  Use it when you run at
your opponent and they're moving, but it's not long enough for should-
er ram.  If blocked, it'll stun them long enough to leave Kazuya safe.


f+4                     Axe Kick                m            GB KS

It stuns, and it staggers when blocked.  That makes this a pretty good
move, but it comes out a little bit on the slow side, so use it with a
lot of caution.  Like most of Kazuya's move, it's not the best choice,
but it's not a bad one either.  Use it once in a while.


WS_df_f,n,d,df+4        Rising Kick             m
  =4                    Tsunami Kick            m

The same Tsunami Kick Jin has.  Unlike Heihachi, these can be done by
tapping df, but cannot be done with QCT.  Well, why would you do this
with QCT when you can tap df?  Very good move, use this in your string
a lot.  Not to mention a great way to finish your juggle.  I'm pretty
sure the second kick can be delayed like Heihachi's, but could be just
my imagination.  Jin can use the rising kick after 1+3 front throw, I
don't know if this is true with Kazuya.  Besides using this in strings
and juggles, the Rising Kick is great for okizeme, it just puts your
opponent right back at the floor where they belong.  I can't find any
real flaws with this except that you have to find the right time to
use it.


f,n,d,DF+4,4            Hell Sweep              L,L          BS

Same as the Hell Sweep in Mist Step section, but I think this Hell
Sweep comes out a little bit slower.  Use this a lot.  It just comes
out of nowhere, and it's very hard to see this coming.  Well, I guess
this is Kazuya's advantage of being a lot younger than Heihachi.


uf+4,4,4,4              Spinning Demon          h,L,L,h      BS

This is the move that kills all the beginners.  After the jump at the
beginning, none of them will block low, and last three hits will hit
them and you can okizeme after you knock them down.  You don't really
have to worry about getting the second and third hit parried or the
last one reversed anymore like you do with Jin in Tekken 3 because a
decent Tekken player will be able to block the second hit and Kazuya
will stagger.  I guess my previous statement isn't totally true, the
low kick can still be parried and there really isn't any good use for
this except on begginners because no one will eat the low kick, not
even if you only throw it out once a round to surprise them.  But it
is not completely useless as it's very effective against people who
won't block low.


4~3                     Demon Scissors          M            

It hits mid, and grounded opponents.  If Kazuya wiffs, he will hurt
himself, just like Nina, Heihachi, and Jin (maybe not Jin, I can't
remember now).  The only time I use this is when I end a juggle, and
there is a little distance between us for okizeme, and Demon Scissors
become an extended juggle ender.  After it's still possible to get up
quickly and okizeme, but harder.  Watch out because some people will
roll on the ground and Kazuya'll wiff, and then they'll get up with a
low kick and Kazuya'll probably get hit.  Use it every now and then,
it's a good move, but be careful when you do.  By the way, you can do
a different Demon Scissors by tapping uf for a jump really fast right
before the 4~3 to make Demon Scissors come out instantly.


db+4                    Stature Kick            l

It hits low, and as long as you don't do ten in a roll, it almost al-
ways catch people by surprise.  It comes out extremely fast, and if it
is used every now and then in strings, no one can see this coming and
parry it (no one can block this on consistent basis).  It's also great
for okizeme.  As soon as you think they'll move, Stature Kick, and you
will have put them back right on the ground.  The thing I don't like
about this move isn't in the move itself, it's in the motion.  I don't
know about other people, but the only time I use db moves is to do big
moves like Devine Cannon, not some little kick in the string.  But I
think this is just a little problem that only I have (just like find-
ing those damn diagnals!  No one have those problems except me...).
A really good way to set this up is throw in a bunch of 1,1,2 and 1,2,
4, then out of nowhere, do 1,db+4.  This is one of those things that
allow Kazuya to do really good strings like Jin and Nina/Anna.

* Custom String *

Well, unlike Heihachi, Kazuya has really good strings.  Why?  First,
Kazuya does not have the Tile Splitter (d+1), not that Tile Splitter
is a bad move, just that d+1 low jab is much better!  Kazuya also has
more moves that advances him forward and recovers very fast, and last
but not least, Kazuya has the awesome Stature Kick and the best while
standing moves of all Mishima characters.  The strings in here aren't
neccessary the strings I use for two reasons.  One, everyone should
come up with their own strings after some experimentation.  The ones
that I put up here will be the basic idea behind the string, and give
you a place to start.  The second reason is because I really don't
use any one string over and over (DON'T DO THAT), I alter them, and
try different strings with different people.  Instead of using a few
good strings over and over, try to find out what link well, and what
trap does your opponent fall for.  For example, maybe someone is very
careful about the Stature Kick after 1,2 jab.  well instead of the low
kick, go for one of Kazuya's mid-hitting stun, like the Glorious Demon
Fist.  They will eat the stun unless they block low.  A good Tekken
player figure out what they want to do while doing the string, and I
encourage people to do that because that way you'll be much more un-
predictable, which means you'll have much better chance with that De-
mon God Fist or whatever you try to set up.

*         *         *         *         *         *         *

Here are some strings that puts a lot of pressure on your opponent.
If you are only putting pressure on your opponent, and not setting up
some kind of juggle or stun, use a lot of FAST attacks and move very


Really simple string, not the best, but very safe.  This string is not
going to kill anyone, but strings like this will win you fights.  Why?
Well, much like Nina, Anna, and Jin, Kazuya has good strings, and he's
capable of putting a lot of pressure on your opponent.  A punch here,
a kick there, a Stature Kick every now and then and the little damages
will add up.  But more important, it'll throw your opponent off guard,
they'll try very hard to guess the next one and forget to set up orga-
nized attack.


This string basically counts on your opponent to try to interrupt your
string, and let you get a punch here and a kick there.  If one of your
1 jab connect, finish it off with 1,1,2 Shining Fist for decent damage
and if WS+4 Rising Kick connects, finish of the Tsunami Kicks for good
damage.  If your opponent turtles, and block the whole thing, they'll
end up getting hit but the Stature Kick.  But more importantly, all of
these attacks come out and recover really fast meaning you're not in
any danger of being attacked.  Watch the people with mid parry though.
They can't do much after parry (except Bryan and Law and their counter
after parry a punch), but they'll turn the tide around and start their
own strings, or maybe they'll just go for a good old throw.

*         *         *         *         *         *         *

The next couple strings are strings that set up stuns, mainly Demon
Gut Punch.  Unlike Stature Kicks, Demon Gut Punch hits mid, that means
you will have to trick people into blocking low, or go for major dama-
ge, try to trick them into countering.


Not many people will fall for this one except slower characters or de-
fensive Tekken players.  The low kick train them into blocking low and
the Demon Gut Punch hits mid.  Demon Gut Punch aren't all that great
without the counter, so you can subsitute it with any WS move of your
choice.  The idea here is to train people to block low, if you can do
that, which is hard because you have to choose the right attack that
comes out and recovers fast, and you'll have to move very fast,  your
mid level moves will connect easily.


For some reason people like to counter after blocking or eating a low
kick.  The kick put a little distance between Kazuya and the his oppo-
nent, instead of rushing forward, just wait for an attempt to stop the
string, and counter that with Demon Gut Punch.  In the juggle section,
you'll find out what you can do after that (not like you don't already
know, why else will you be reading this?).  Another good way to set up
Demon Gut Punch is to do it after d+1 low jab.  It works, but not as
well as low kick.  another thing about this string is to pause just a
little bit after the low attack before you try the Demon Gut Punch. My
reason being if you can see anything besides blocking, chance is Demon
Gut Punch will connect.  Don't wait too long though.


This string isn't too fast, but fast enough to leave you pretty safe.
It also as a lot of mid hitting moves in it which makes ducking any of
the moves harder.  The idea is if your string isn't too fast, and you
put a little distance between you two.  Some people will try to count-
er.  I mean if someone's doing all this to you, and you never counter,
you'll never beat that person!  Well, Rising Kick recovers relatively
fast, and that means if you do either Glorious Demon Fist or Gut Punch
or Wind God Fist, it'll work!

*         *         *         *         *         *         *

These are other strings that setup other stuff.  It's pretty self ex-
planatory (and I'm getting tired, it's 3:37AM and I have class at 10).


Poking your opponent with a bunch of jabs and kicks isn't to glorious,
but it's neccessary.  Juggle and stun will kill all begginner and most
intermediate and some good players, but you won't get very far after
that if you can't do good strings to set up your big move.  Really, I
mean who would wait for you do crouch, and do a jab that wiff so your
Demon Gut Punch can counter and stun?  Who would walk right into Wind
God Fist now that it can be block high and low?  Learn to create your

* Countering *

Well, Kazuya can inflict A LOT of damage after countering with either
Wind God Fist, or Demon Gut Punch.  How do you counter you ask?  Well,
you will either have to anticipate, or Wind God Fist after your oppo-
nent initiate a slow move, like Paul's Deathfist, or duck a high punch
or kick and counter with Demon Gut Punch (my favorite).  I will talk
about Wind God Fist and Demon Gut Punch seperately in two little sec-
tions.  Countering sounds easy enough, but there's more to it, for ex-
ample, Wind God Fist will crouch dashing right under some high attacks
and counter!  I am going to devide this section into two subsections,
one for Wind God Fist and One for Demon Gut Punch.  I'll try to cover
most of the characters, and how to counter some of their most abused
moves.  I can't cover everything in here, but this should give you a
fairly good idea on how to counter with Kazuya.

Wind God Fist: 

Unlike previous Wind God Fist, this Wind God Fist hits special mid and
that means it can now be blocked high and low.  That pretty much redu-
ced the effectiveness of the crouch dashing guessing game.  Does that
make Wind God Fist useless?  NO!  It is still, at least in my opinion 
anyway, the best move in Tekken.  Why, because Wind God Fist comes out
so fast, and the damage you can inflict after that is incredible (this
is more true with Heihachi than Kazuya).  It's still the best move in
Tekken even though it can be blocked high and low because I use it to
counter (I didn't even know that it hits special mid until Mokujin is
in the random select box).  I use a lot of Wind God Fist against Anna,
because most Anna players are too offensive.  Everytime Anna is a lit-
tle bit out side of throw range, Wind God Fist.  Chance is she'll be
trying to start a string, and you might as well knock her out of it
before she makes your life hell.  Another good time to use it is when
she in her crouching position.  If she tries anything besides blocking
or FC,f+2 trust, you'll juggle her, and depends on how good you are at
reading your opponent, you might even be able to juggle her before she
parries (This is hard and takes lots of experience).  Bryan is another
sucker for Wind God Fist because a lot of his attack hits out high, I
just time my Wind God Fist so Kazuya duck the initial attack frame to
allow Wind God Fist to juggle before the high attack fully comes out.
It sounds crazy because a lot of risk is involved in guessing your op-
ponent, but with more experience, it becomes very easy.  Some of the
more tricky characters to counter are Paul, King, Law, Hwoarang, and
Eddy.  With Paul, it's not really tricky, just that timing is criti-
cal.  With King, you can counter pretty much everything he has, but
make sure the distance is right and you don't wiff!  With Law and Hwo-
arang, it's actually much easier than you think, just time it right.
Wind God Fist will pretty much go right through anything they have.  I
think that's enough for how to counter with Wind God Fist.  Basically,
it all comes down to practice and experience.  Don't be blocking all
the time, counter!  That's how you learn new things, and make your own
timing more precise (not saying you shouldn't block).

Demon Gut Punch:

This is the jackpot when you play Kazuya.  The most important object-
ive when playing Kazuya is to counter with Demon Gut Punch!  Kind of
like Nina's Devine Cannon, Jin's WS+2 uppercut, Julia's FC,df+2 elbow
stun, and Heihachi's Wind God Fist.  If you counter on any character
twice with Demon Gut Punch, they're gone.  No one can survive the pain
Kazuya deal out after Demon Gut Punch.  How to do it?  Easy, well much
easier than countering with Wind God Fist.  If you are a good Tekken
player, meaning that you always duck high attacks instead of blocking
them, it's easy to counter with this.  Duck the high attack, and Demon
Gut Punch as you stand up.  Some stuff you can duck and retaliate with
Demon Gut Punch:  Last kick of Hwoarang's 3,3,3,3 kick combo (when are
people going to stop doing this stupid thing?).  A LOT of Baek's Kick.
Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu's roundhouse, especially if they do 4,4,4 or
2,3.  Bruce and Bryan's high punches (especially Mach Punch, f,f+2) or
kicks.  Jun's White Heron combo.  Hwoarang's d+4,4 kick combo (This is
just stupid, you can duck the second high kick even if the first low
kick connect).  After blocking any of the BIG character's low attact,
your Demon Gut Punch will come out faster than they can recover.  I'm
sure you get the point by now.  If it's a string of high attacks, you
owe yourself to duck and Demon Gut Punch.  If it's a single high att-
act, duck and counter while they're still recovering.  If your strings
aren't working, this is what you should do.  Turtle, and block all day
and the first chance you have duck and Demon Gut Punch.  One last note
on Demon Gut Punch.  Do not under any circumstance (unless your oppo-
nent sucks) use this as your primary method of attack.  A better play-
er will know what you're trying to do, and you get you for it.  After
playing in the regional tournament, and seeing all the Kazuyas, I am
very convinced that Kazuya is probably THE most powerful character!
I was very surprised that I was the only person to play Kazuya in the
local tournament, but I'm very pleased to see the success Kazuya has
in Regional Tournament.  Demon Gut Punch is Kazuya's best friend, use
it well!

Other Counters that Stun/Juggle:

Stun               Juggle

df+1               WS+1,2

These are all quite useful, but not as good as Wind God Fist and Demon
Gut Punch.  Like I said many times, all Kazuya's moves are good (well,
most of them anyway), it's just that some moves are better than others
like WS+2 Demon Gut Punch is better than WS+1,2 Twin Piston.  All this
stuff fall in the 'Countering' section, but you don't always have to
counter.  For example, Twin Piston juggles on clean hit, too, but un-
less you are using good poke/strings, it's very hard to get things go-
ing without a counter.  This is true with all other characters.  If it
isn't properly setup in a string or counter, how are these moves supp-
ose to connect?  Even if they just stand there, most machine are con-
figured to block high/mid attacks automatically.  Instead of writing a
seperate juggle and stun section, I think my little subsections of De-
mon Gut Punch and Wind God Fist covers them pretty well.  What to do
after you stun or juggle them?  Check out the Juggle and Stun Combos
section later in this FAQ, each (most of them anyway) will be judged,
and evaluated.

* Okizeme *

Outside of Nina, Heihachi, Anna, Ogre, and Ling, Kazuya has the best
Okizeme game in Tekken.  Kazuya doesn't have too many choices when it
comes to Okizeme, but the few choices he has, mainly Stature Kick and
Hell Sweeps are extrememly effective.  It's very hard to keep someone
grounded forever with Kazuya, but you can inflict a lot of damage to
them before they can get back on their feet.  Stature Kick works best
when you know they're about to move.  Hell Sweeps hit grounded people
and people moving on the ground.  If this isn't enough, Kazuya's while
standing moves work well too.  All you have to do is crouch, and when
you see movement, Tsunami Kick or Demon Gut Punch, they both will put
your opponent back on the ground.  Experiment a little bit with Kazuya
and his few good moves.  The objective would be putting your opponent
back on the ground and maybe get another couple of Hell Sweep out of
it if you can.

Moves That Work Well in Okizeme:

db+4  Stature Kick
f,n,DF+4,4  Hell Sweeps
f,n,d,DF+4,4  Hell Sweeps
f,n,d,df+4  Rising Kick
f,n,d,df+4,4  Tsunami Kick
WS_df+4,4  Tsunami Kick
d+1  Low Jab
d+3  Low Kick
WS+2  Demon Gut Punch
df+2  Gut Punch
f,n,df_d,df+2  wind God Fist
4~3  Demon Scissors

Come to think of it, any quick mid or low hitting moves of Kazuya will
work.  Just be careful which one you use.  Stature Kick hit rolling or
people who tech rolled and block high.  Hell Sweeps will hit anyone in
any action unless the quick recovered and block low.  Some times, Ka-
zuya can put opponent in positions that cannot be quick recovered from
and Hell Sweeps are garanteed.  Rising Kick and Tsunami Kicks are good
for hitting people trying to get up or rolling on the ground.  Low jab
and Low kick hit people rolling, or grounded and rolling respectively.
The thing about low kick is that they hit low, but pushes opponent too
far sometimes, and doesn't recover quick enough.  Demon Gut Punch is
great to punish people who like to get up with 4, standing kick.  You
will stun them and then punish them more.  Or if they are getting up
or rolling on the ground, this will put them back on the ground.  Wind
God Fist and to a lesser extend Thunder God Fist will catch anyone not
grounded and not blocking, not to mention does good damage.  The last
move on the list, Demon Scissors will hit anyone not blocking high, so
when your opponent learn to block low after quick recover, throw this
out.  Another good way to use Demon Scissors is after juggle, and the
distance is a bit far for okizeme, throw this out, chance is they will
get hit by it.  Unlike Nina, Anna, and Ling, Kazuya probably will not
keep opponent grounded forever, but he will do good damage to opponent
before that person can get back up.

* Throw *

Kazuya is not made to throw.  He has no multi-part, and he doesn't po-
sess many command throws.  But like other Mishima characters, Kazuya
has a big, fast side-steps (feels like that to me), and the good throw
range Kazuya possess doesn't hurt either.  Every now and then, just do
a throw here and there in the middle of your string when you're close
enough.  This is not a tactic that works specifically for Kazuya, but
a general tactic that everyone uses.  I kind of miss out on emphasiz-
ing how important it is to throw every once in a while in my other two
FAQs (Nina & Heihachi), but thanks to kind e-mail reminder from Proge-
ny (progeny@acadian.net), I'll do that now.  I don't throw a lot, may-
be three or four times around, that's probably more than a lot of peo-
ple, but that's really not that many so I didn't really emphasize it
that much.  But how often I throw is my preference, as a competitive
Tekken player, you should throw whenever you have a chance to.  Many
throws will put your opponent in positions where follow ups or Okize-
me is garanteed for extra damage.  And unlike Street Fighter series or
Vs. games, throwing in Tekken is not cheap!  Throws can be easily bro-
ken, and ducked, and good Tekken players will do that.  Another thing
is that if you are close enough, your opponent might try to throw you,
and your throw will end up breaking it and save your life.  The most
important thing is that much like the purpose of poking, you try to
pile up little damages and let it all add up.  A throw here and an-
other one there sometimes will be the difference between winning your
match or losing your last two quarters.  With all that said, just re-
member that Kazuya is NOT a grappler, but that doesn't mean you don't
throw at all.  Whenever you have a chance to throw, throw!

* Chicken *

Well, this works well with reverse happy people.  If after observing a
player for a while and you noticed that person reverse a lot, why not
beat that person with chicken?  You'll insult that person and beat him
too!  Kazuya has an arsenal of fast moves that's great for inducing a
reverse.  There's the good old 1,1,2 Shinig Fist and 1,2,2 Demon Slay-
er.  Wind God Fist can be done over and over and over again because it
cannot be ducked, and it's not likely to be interrupted or countered.
Then there are df+1, df+2, f+2, f+1+2 (f+2+4 I think).  These are all
relatively fast moves that you can use to induce reverse.  Be careful
on people who can resist the urge to reverse though, because as fast
as these moves are, they can be interrupted by jabs and low jabs.

* Interrupting *

Unlike Heihachi, Kazuya has d+1 low jab.  That means Kazuya can do ev-
erything Heihachi can do and much more.  Kazuya has the same special
mid hitting Wind God Fist, and same 1,1 and 1,2 double punch.  But if
you're about to lose, and not willing to take the risk with those slow
hitting moves.  Low jab and duck!  After the low jab, you can choose
if you want to Demon Gut Punch that person, or Tsunami Kick that per-
son, or just to be different, Twin Piston that person.  Well, they can
avoid being hit by any of those by blocking, but you really don't have
much to lose.  And if your Demon Gut Punch or Twin Piston connected,
juggle!  If there's a small distance between you two, and you want to
take a risk, df+1, f+2, and df+2 Gut Punch from standing position work
very well, and most people don't expect to see stun moves initiated in
the standing position to have much speed like these moves.  Be careful
if you try to interrupt quick strings with these though because most
jabs and low jabs will still beat you out if done at the same time.

* Blocking or Side-Step *

This is a tough one for Kazuya.  He has good side-step, meaning it is
rather fast and big, but he does not have any special side-step moves.
By special, I mean like Nina's SS+4 that hit low, Julia's SS+2 that
recovers crouching, Jin and Devil's SS+2 that juggles.  Since Wind God
Fist no longer juggle low blocking opponent, the only fast attack that
Kazuya can do after side-step is df+4,4 Tsunami kick to hit those peo-
ple ducking throws.  If they block high, of course you want to go for
side-throw.  Or you can go for 1,2,4, and chance is Stature Kick will
connect for decent damage.  Another thing you can do after side-stepp-
ing to your opponent's left is Tag Throw instead of side-throw.  Why?
Well, to break left side-throw you press 1, and that's what good Tek-
ken players will do.  But Tag Throw is broken with 2 not one, meaning
you'll do decent damage with the throw, tag in your second character
safely, and a chance to start okizeme.  Kazuya's side-step option is
very limited, so unless you can go for a side-throw, it's really not
worth taking the risk getting hit.  Depends on how good you are, and
how the character you're playing against decide whether you want to go
for a side-step or you'd rather block it.

* Reversal & Parry *

Another weakness of Kazuya.  Well, not really considering that Kazuya
has so many options to choose from to be aggressive, powerful counters
and quick jabs for interrupting, Kazuya doesn't really have to rely on
Reversal or Parry to save his ass.  He has the generic low parry that
allows him to break strings and ten-hit combos, but that's all Kazuya
has.  Not punch parry, no high parry, no reversal, not even Heihachi's
kick reversal (Kazuya's probably better off without it anyway).  Well,
how do you reverse or parry then?  I hate to say this, but you don't.
You'll just have to block the whole string if all the hits hit mid.
If there are high hits in the string, you can duck it of course, or
if there's a small delay within the string, you can counter it.  Like
I said in the beginning, how good you are with Kazuya will largely de-
pend on how good you are as a Tekken player.  If you can block or duck
everything, you're fine, don't worry about this.  But if you need a
parry or reversal to give yourself room to breath, and regain initia-
tive, you're goint to have to learn how to block and interrupt.  A lot
of people don't use low parries, they should.  Kazuya has it, and it
should be used whenever appropriate.  If your opponent is doing ten-
hit combos, and you're Kazuya, the only thing you can do is wait for a
low hit and move your joystick to the diagnal (df) and parry it.  If
you can't find the diagnal, then you'll just have to block everything.
If you do manage to parry a low kick, go for Statue Kick!  I don't re-
ally know if anything is garanteed after low parry, but no one has a-
voided Stature Kick after low parry so far, so I use that whenever I
managed to parry a low kick.  Besides that Kazuya really don't have
any options available to him when it comes to defending strings, but
I think that makes Kazuya any less effective because Kazuya is suppose
to kick ass not turtle all day!

* Attack ! *

This is probably Kazuya's best way to defend himself.  Maybe even more
so than Heihachi.  Unlike Heihachi, Kazuya has a lot of quick and long
reaching attacks that recover fast.  And nearly all Kazuya's attacks
can be use to defend himself.  In standing position, you have the best
juggle starter in Tekken, Wind God Fist.  Why block when you can Wind
God Fist your opponent for a juggle?  This is somewhat risky, but if
your opponent is fairly low on life bar, and Kazuya just got tagged in
then there's no reason why you shouldn't go for it.  Or you can stun.
Gut Punch (df+2) is fast, and has good priority.  df+1 and f+2 have
long range, and if your opponent decide to start a string from outside
of throw range, attack them with these to teach them not to do that a-
gain.  If you see a low attact coming, Tsunami Kick (df+4,4 the other
two can't be initiated as quickly) is a good way to punish them.  Do
not abuse this one though because the timing will have to be very pre-
sice.  In crouching position, Demon Gut Punch and Twin Piston will be
your choice of attack to use.  One stuns and the other juggles!  If
their is a little distance and/or if the incoming attack isn't FAST,
always go for Demon Gut Punch, on the other hand if you're under con-
stant pressure, and the gap between strings is very small, use Twin
Piston instead as the WS+1 comes out faster than Demon Gut Punch.  If
you simply don't have the space and time to attack with big moves, you
can always use 1,1, or 1,2, or 1,2,4, or d+1,WS+2, or d+1,WS+4,4, or
d+1,WS+1,2.  1 and d+1 are the quickest attack in Tekken and if those
can't do the job, nothing will.  When I play Kazuya and Heihachi, I
tend to be VERY aggressive because I hate blocking with Kazuya and his
old man.  Once you are on the defensive side, it's not easy to get it
all going again in your favor, especially when you're playing with
characters who has quick, fast strings like Nina and Anna.  At least
Heihachi has Shadow Step, and that'll put enough distance between Hei-
hachi and his opponent.  Kazuya can't do that.  I am not saying this
is what you should do, because it's very important to block.  But for
me, I'd rather take that risk and go for Wind God Fist or Demon Gut
Punch.  More often than not, Kazuya's move will beat out whatever is
coming his way.  This works for me, but if it doesn't work for you,
just block.

* Juggles *

Wind God Fist/Twin Piston:

Both of these juggle starters juggle to roughly the same height, and
most of the follow ups are the same.  I'm not going to list all the
possible juggles, just what I think is damaging and visually impres-
sive.  By the way, Kazuya's juggle isn't as good as Heihachi or Jin's
juggle, if you're playing a character with good juggles, you can al-
ways tag out and use your partner to finish it.  The following jug-
gles are roughly equally damaging, so they're interchangable base on
your own preference.

note: the right jab will miss, but Stature Kick will connect.

note: doesn't always work, I don't know why (distance maybe) I will
check on this one.

note: it's actually better to do f,n,d,df+4,4 because the df+4,4 does
not move Kazuya forward and the second kick tend to miss.

note: timing isn't easy, and you'll have to crouch dash a little bit
before tapping 2 for the Wind God Fist.

note: the timing is actually really hard.  It's good for show off and
not much else since you can do much simpler juggles that's about as
damaging as this one.

note: the finishing move after Rising Kick is hard to time.  Otherwise
this is my choice of juggle because it's visually more impressive than
other Kazuya juggles, and it does a bit more damage too.

note: same as the previous one, except much easier to do, not quite as
damaging as the previous one though.

Tag In:

If Kazuya tags in after normal juggle starters like Wind God Fist, use
the same juggles from previous section.  If Kazuya tags in after HIGH
juggle starters, however, use the following juggles.  Why?  Becuase
the following juggles does A LOT more damage!  By high juggle starters
I mean Demon God Fist, or Hworang's f,n,d,df+4, or Yoshimitsu's 4~3
Kangaroo Kick.

note: you'll have to buffer the crouch dash as Kazuya tags in.  Very

note: about as damaging as the previous one, not all that hard as long
as you buffer crouch dash as Kazuya comes in.

Yet to Be Confirmed Juggles:

I don't know if the following juggles are garanteed, someone e-mail me
on these juggles.

note: don't know if you can quick recover out of it, or if you can lie
still and avoid Thunder God Fist.

note: garanteed on big characters, don't know about smaller characters

* Stun Juggles *

Demon Gut Punch:

This is the best way to do A LOT of damage really fast.  If you manage
to get two of these on the same character, that character will die.

note: can you say ouch?  Two of these will kill anyone!

f,n,d,df+2->any of the Wind God Fist Juggle
note: same as Wind God Fist juggles, except that extra Demon Gut Punch
makes it much more damaging and intimidating.

  Jin: b,f+2,1,d+2,f,f,2
  Bruce: b+3,b+4,3,4 (100% juggle)
  Heihachi: 1,1,f+1,b+2,1
  Nina: uf+4,d+4,1,f,f+3
note: many of these juggles are close to 100% if not 100%, and pretty
much every character can do something damaging.

note: this must be the BEST bang for the buck (Orge can do this too).
Why?  It's so easy to do, and it's sooooooo damaging!  Mishima family
can do right roundhouse without the clean hit penaty.  Do the right
roundhouse kick after stun, and it takes off almost half of your oppo-
nent's life bar.  For the simplicity of this juggle, I must say this
is THE best juggle in Tekken.

Everything Else:
Everything else being df+2, f+1+2, etc.  They are not double over stun
but your opponent can tag out of these stuns.  So in some ways, these
are better, and in some other ways, they're not.

note: very easy, good damage.

df+4_f,n,d,df+4, f,n,d,df+2_df+2
note: harder, more damaging, looks better.  

note: this only work after f+1+2, Glorious Demon Fist.  And I don't
know if this is garanteed or what.  Someone e-mail me about this one.

* VS. Human *

not here yet.

* Having Fun *

The best thing to do with Kazuya is just sit there all day and counter
with Demon Gut Punch!  This work especially well with button pushers,
up to pretty good, decent players.  Frustrated with Baek, Hwoarang and
Eddy button pushers?  This is your solution!  With Baek and Hwoarng,
all you have to do is block and wait for a high attack, duck it, and
punch his guts out!  The funny thing is they never learn.  Anywhere I
go, I always run into these people playing Hwoarang, and all they do
is d+4,4,3,3,3,3.  So all I do is block the first low kick, duck the
high kick, and Demon Gut Punch.  These people will keep doing d+4,4,
and more d+4,4, and I just keep punching their guts.  Then there are
people who just 3,3,3,3 the whole time, of course I duck the last high
kick and Demon Gut Punch.  Against srubby characters I don't even try
to finish it anymore because they'll just do the same stuff again, and
I'll just Demon Gut Punch them until they die.  Surprisingly, no one
has ever call me cheap for doing this, but it's still very fun to see
them getting frustrated because the d+4,4 and 3,3,3,3 that has always
worked don't work anymore.  Against Eddy, you can play it safe and
block all the low attacts then Demon Gut Punch them as they recover.
Or have some fun, as soon as they're close enough, Glorious Demon Fist
or Gut Punch (df+2).  You'll pretty much beat out anything Eddy has as
long as you time it right.  4~3 Demon Scissors and Hell Sweeps works
well too, but be careful with those.  

If you have Jun as your partner, train them to block with a lot of mid
hitting strings (Jun is REALLY good in doing this).  Once the start to
block everything, run up to them do f+1+2~5 Tag Throw, or if you are
Jun, b+1+2~4 Tag Throw.  Kazuya will head butt your opponents to Jun
for Reverse Arm Bar, or if initiated with Jun, Kazuya will finish the
throw with a headbutt.  The first time I did this I almost laughed my
ass off.  The guy I was playing with is one of those Asian guys who
pick Paul and Jin and do ten-hit combos the whole time.  Well, all I
did was run up to him, Tag Throw.  As he got up, Tag Throw again, and
since he couldn't break the Tag Throw, I decided to do it until either
Paul die, or he starts to break the throws.  Much to my surprise, Paul
died!  As he walk away from the arcade, I laughed my ass off, and peo-
ple all look at my weird and stuff, but I don't care.

Another fun thing to do is pretend to be button pushing with Kazuya,
except always hold down.  If your opponent try to hit you, Demon Gut
Punch!  A lot of somewhat good players can't believe that they lost to
a button pusher, and keep challenging.  What make it better is that
after losing their friends make fun of them, so to redeem themselves,
they keep playing!

* Conclusion *

	If you live in Orange County area, you can find me in either
Lake Forrest or Huntington Beach Nickel Nickel.  They have Tekken Tag
Tournament for 15 cents, that 3 nickels, cheaper than most of the pla- 
ces' Tekken 3 game.  I always wear the same Fila shirt with Black and
Red, or all white outfit, and I have a big burn scar on my left arm
and a tongue stud.  You can identify me fairly easily, and I always 
go with my girlfriend, Nancy.  She always wear jeans and tank tops, 
except every now and then she would go as naked as they would allow 
her to be.  If you see us please challenge me to a game of Tekken, or
Nancy to a game of Marvel vs. Capcom (she'll kick your ass with her
cheap air demon Chun-Li combos).  Once again, at Nickel Nickel, they
have 15 cent Tekken Tag Tournament, so please stop going anywhere 
that charges you 50 cents a game even if the continue is only a quar-
ter.  By the way, I'll be writing FAQ for Kazuya, and Anna next.  De-
pending on what happens after that, I'might write more FAQs for Julia, 
Jun, Jin, Michelle, Bryan, Hwoarang, Paul, and Wang (That right, I 
play just about every character there is), but Kazuya will probably 
come first, since I played him for the very first time a couple of 
days ago (I never played Tekken 2), and I must say I'm totally hooked 
on his WS+2 stunning gut punch, that punch must be the most awesome 
move in Tekken (right there with Wind God Fist, funny how Mishima, 
Kazama, and William families got all the good stuff).  *time lapse* 
It's been about two weeks since I played Kazuya, and I've been play-
ing Kazuya ever since.  This guy is awesome!  Weaken, but still awe-
some.  I've been doing a lot of very cool tag juggles with Heihachi,
Anna, Nina, and Julia.  I'll probably write Kazuya FAQ first because
it'll probably be shorter and won't take as long as Anna's FAQ.  I'm 
getting off the subject, anyway, if you want to meet me to play a
mean game of Tekken (or lame if I feel like screwing around) just e-
mail me!

* Credits *

Here are the list of FAQs and Web Sites I refered to while writing
this FAQ:

Tekken Zaibatsu (http://www.tekken.net/zaibatsu)
Castel's MPEG movies that inspires me to play Kazuya
William Knight's Tekken 2 Kazuya FAQ

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