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New Moves List by PBeja

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 01/28/00

********************    Tekken Tag Tournament    ********************
*                                                                   *
********************    New Moves List v1.7     *********************

What's new
1. General Moves
    Less obvious
    Netsu PowerUp
    Everyone's low parry
    Chicken! mark
2. Default character moves
    Heihachi Mishima
    Jin Kazama
    Jun Kazama
    Eddy Gordo
    Lin Xiaoyu
    Julia Chang
    Michelle Chang
    Beak Toh San
    Bryan Fury
    Lei Wu Long
    Anna Williams
    Nina Williams
    Paul Phoenix
    Marshal Law
    Armor King
3. About time released characters
    Time release order
    Choose your random select character
    Old costumes colors!
4. Time release characters moves
    Time release flow
    Bruce Irvin
    Lee Chaolan
    Wang Jin Rei
    Alex & Roger
    Kuma & Panda
    True Ogre
    Prototype Jack
    Mokujin & Tetsujin
    Devil & Angel
5. Boss
6. Team special intros
7. Help choosing your team!
8. Credit & Info
Previous versions

*************************    What's new?    *************************

v1.7 (00/01/29)
      Various small moves corrections.
      Corrected Hwoarang's left foot/right foot forward mixup.
      Added comments for moves for every default character.
      Added Devil's laser's effects on Jack.
      'Chiken mark' reversable.

      Added '*' mark to indicate my best/prefered new moves.

***************************    Foreword    **************************

Hi all.

This is the final list before the PS2 version comes out on march
30th. I have completed most of what I wanted to do on the list, so
the main things are in.
The next version will probably be necessary to explain the new modes
and the little bonuses Nacmo will certainly give us with the PS2
version. Expect it a few days after this date.
Hope you have as much fun using it as I had work writing it! :)

For the record...
This started as a 'Quick and handy' move list only, designed to be
used as a quick reference for new moves in TTT.
While it can still be used that way, it now closer (in size) to a
real FAQ then to the small list it once was. On the other hand, we
have now got used to the TTT novelties, so I think having a few extras
is just as good... So I'll leave it that way. But still, I think it's
not really 'handy' anymore. Maybe I'll redo the layout sometime...

Anyway, keep using it, and keep having fun, because that's the
whole point!

Unless stated otherwise, don't bother trying to find other moves,
because there are probably none. This list comes mostly from Namco,
and it's most probably complete (so you can also use the list to
confirm you got all the new moves).
However, I might have had some of them wrong. If you see any mistake,
don't hesitate to let me know.

Oh, and by the way, thanks for all the support... Every mail counts. :)

Here you go.

**********************    1. General  Moves    **********************

Press 5 to tag.
Press 5 when lying down for a tag get up.
Tap 5 when knocked down for an instant get up tag.
2+5 is the standard tag throw available for every characters.

Less obvious:
Tap f when knocked down face up, feet toward, for quick get up (hits).
Tap b when knocked down face up, feet toward, for quick back roll.
Tap f when knocked down face down for an instant straight get up.

Tap f when sent rolling by a power strike to stand after first roll.

Tap 5 early in a standard stun to interupt stun animation and tag out.
This is *very* usefull, as it can protect you from some major combos!

During the Tag in run animation:
f, f, N, 3 will do a slide kick (some characters will do another move).
f, f, N, 1+2 will do a cross chop.
d/b will stop and stand in place (backflip able chars will backflip).

You can get the second character you choose to enter the game first at
any round. For the first round, press the change button at the select
screen, untill the VS screen. For the following rounds, press the
change button before the round begins.

You can begin inputing a move while the tagging-in character is getting
in place. This is the way to effective tag combos.

Netsu PowerUp:
When the fighting character gets hit too much, the resting character's
life bar will begin flashing red.
This is a power up signal; as long as this bar is flashing, this
character will do +30% damage.
Note: If the Netsu PowerUp is combined with the Kiai PowerUp (1+2+3+4),
      the damage will be increased by 50%.

Here are the number of hits after which each character will get in powerup;

Heihachi: 7  (Kuma: 5, Devil: 10, Kazuya, Lee: never)
Jin:      5  (Jun, Heihachi: 4, Devil: 7)
Jun:      5  (Jin: 4, Nina: never)
Eddy:     5
Xiaoyu:   5  (Panda, Wang, and Heihachi in 2P color: 4)
Julia:    5  (Michelle: 4, Heihachi: never)
Michelle: 5  (Julia: 4, Heihachi, Ganryu: never)
Hwoarang: 5  (Baek: 4, Jin: 7)
Baek:     5  (Hwoarang: 4, Kazuya: never)
Yoshi:    4  (Devil: 5)
Ganryu:   5  (Michelle: 4)
Gunjack:  5  (Jack-2, P-Jack: 4)
Bryan:    5  (Lei: never)
Lei:      5  (Bryan: 7)
Anna:     5  (Nina: never)
Nina:     7  (Anna, Jin, Kazuya: never)
Paul:     5  (Law: 4, Kuma: 7)
Law:      5  (Paul: 4, Baek: never)
A.king:   5  (King: 4)
King:     5  (A.king: 4)

Kazuya:   7  (Jun: 10, Lee, Jin: never)
Bruce:    5
Kuma:     5  (Heihachi: 4)
Panda:    5  (Xiaoyu: 4)
Lee:      5  (Jin: never)
Wang:     5  (Heihachi, Xiaoyu, Jin: 4)
Roger:    5  (Yoshimitsu, Panda: 4)
Mokujin:  5
Jack-2:   never
P-Jack:   never
Devil:    never
Ogre:     never
True Ogre:never

- Unless specified otherwise, Devil will take 7 hits before his partner
  gets in powerup.
- For Ogre/True Ogre, no character will ever get in powerup.

Everyone's low parry:
Now, everybody can parry Special Mid and Low moves.
It's an easy motion, but the timing has to be *exact*.
To perform the parry, you have to meet the oponent's strike with
a D/F lever motion, at the VERY MOMENT it would connect; this effect
only takes place in the 20 first frames of the B/D press (1/3 of a
sec). If you can master it, it can be quite usefull.

There is no difference between the effects of a lever low parry and a
command low parry. The command low parry (D or D/B+1+3 or 2+4) is just
easier to perform, so the advantage for the characters who can use is
In both cases, the opponent will be stagger for 16 frames for a punch
parry, and 19 frames for a kick parry

This is a rather unknown fact, but different characters will take more
or less heavy damage from the same attack. Strong characters like King
will take less damage, whereas frail or aged characters will take more
damage. There are 4 'ranks' for endurance. The difference between rank
1 (strongest) and rank 4 (weakest) is about 20%.

Rank 1: Gunjack, Jack-2, P-jack, Kuma/Panda, True Ogre, Devil/Angel.
Rank 2: King, A.king, Ganryu, Ogre.
Rank 3: Jin, Lei, Yoshimitsu, Hwoarang, Eddy, Julia, Baek, Anna, Bryan
        Mokujin/Tetsujin, Lee, Kazuya, Bruce.
Rank 4: Paul, Law, Nina, Xiaoyu, Jun, Michelle, Heihachi, Kunimitsu,

Chicken! mark:
When fighting versus human opponents, a chicken mark can appear on the
screen, near the win count (at the end of the fight, the announcer
will also say 'chicken', as in a reversed reverse...)
This means the person has won using a lot of 'cheap' technics.
Are considered cheap:
- Using the same move all the time,
- Backstepping a lot (b, b),
- Using moves that cannot be reversed,
So if you see this, just go in and crush the bastard!!! :)

NB: If you fight 'honorably' in the next fight, the chicken mark
    might comes off. Just don't do all these chicken things and
    regain you honor!... Kind of.

*****************    2. Default characters Moves    *****************

Note: The '*' mark in front of a move indicates that it is, in my
----- opinion, one of the best/most usefull new moves for that
      character. Or even just that it's *really* good looking.

Heihachi Mishima

  1, 2, 2, 1+2, u_d  Two punchs, and Sidestep before the palm slam.
  1, 2, 4            Two punchs, roundhouse.
  b+1                Overhead slap.
* WS+2               Rising backfist. Stuns on counter, Very usefull.
    Tag Throw:
    -> Jun: f, f+1+2, 5

  Everyone's return headbut: (Is it a bug ?)
  Any character playing in a team with a character who can return
  Heihachi's super headbut will be able to return it himself.
  (f, f+2+3 super headbutt throw can be returned by pressing 1+2 when
  the headbutt hits. It can be done indefinitly.)
  The characters that can return this 'naturaly' are:
  Jin, Bryan, Paul, Gunjack, Lei, Jack-2, P-jack, Kazuya and Heihachi

Tagable moves:
f, N, d, d/f+2
d/f+1, 2
f, f+2

- Heihachi's Thunder god fist has new properties: if you wait untill
  the last moment of the crouch before pressing 1 (after inputing the
  f, N, d, d/f), the damage will be much greater.

Jin Kazama    (Start costume available)

  b+1 [D/F+1_2_4]     Side chop, followed with crouch step moves.
  b+2, 3              Spin backfist, spin roundhouse.
* d/b+1               Crouch power punch. Sends oponent away. Very usefull.
* b+4                 Power kick. Slow, but log range. Heavy stun on couter.
  f+2, 4              Overhead punch, knee.
  b+1+2, 2, 2, 3        **This is possible only when teamed with Heihachi**
                        Press 2, 2, 3 during the electric guard to
                        enable devil Jin's moves (press 2~2~3 and the
                        electric guard will not even come out). The
                        effect fades if you block, do a Devil move...
Devil Jin moves:
  1+2                   A stronger version of the new d/b+1; stuns.
  f, N, d/f, f+2        A stronger wind god fist; hits mid, long range.
  f, N, d/f, f+4, 4~4   A sweep plus a rising tsunami kick.
  1, 2, 2, 3, 2, 4, 3   A new 7 hit string combo.

    Tag Throw:
    -> Jun: f, f+1+2, 5

Tagable moves:
f, N, d, d/f+2 (not on counter)
WS+1, 2
d, f+2, 1, d/f+2

- Jin's Hell sweep now exists in a 'super' version: press 4 at the very
  moment you finish inputing the f, N, d, d/f movement, and it will
  make the oponent fall, even if it's not a clean hit or a counter.
- Devil Jin's moves don't seem to be time released... You can do them
  from the begining (not 100% confirmed!)

Jun Kazama    (Start costume available)

* 1+2                 Double punch.
  2+3                 Roundhouse kick.
  b+1                 Low punch sweep.
  d/b+2               Upper punch.
  f, f+2              Deep in punch.
  b+2_SS+2, 1+2_1_4   Punch, then elbow, long range punch orsweepkick.
  D, D/F+2            Low punch sweep.
  FC+3+4, 3          \
  or WS+3+4, 3       / Double spin overhead kicks.
  WS+1                Deep rising in punch.
* WS+3                Juggling upward kick.
  SS+4                overhead roundhouse kick.
  F+2 can now be cancelled in a crouch dash by pressing D/B

    b+1 (on counterhit)
    Tag Throw
     -> Jin: b+1+2, 5
     -> Heihachi: b+1+2, 5
     -> Kazuya: b+1+2, 5

Tagable moves:
F, 2
B+3, 2

Eddy Gordo    (Start costume available)

* 3,3            Fall down juggling kick.
  u/b_u_u/f+1+2  Jumping overhead slap.
  b+2            Strong punch.
  1,2,4          Two punchs, jump kick.
  1,2,3          Two punchs, falling low kick.
  D, D/B+4       Crouch upkick.
  SS+1+4         Low sweep.
    Tag Throw:
    -> Everyone: From oponent's left side: throw, 5

Tagable moves:
SS (or jinga)+1+2, 3
(handstand position) D+3+4

Ling Xiaoyu    (Start costume available)

  1+2       Double palm strike.
  b+4       Double slap kick.
* d/f+2,1   Juggling upper punchs.
    Tag Throw:
    -> Jin: f+2~1, 5
    -> Heihachi: f+2~1, 5 (only 2P costume???)
    -> Panda: f+2~1, 5    (probably not Kuma)

Tagable moves:
d+3, 2, 1, 4
(back turned) 4, or 2, 1, 4
d/f+2, 1
d+1+2, 1+2
(phoenix stance) 1+2 or d+1+2

- Ling has a special green outfit if you get her in random select.
  This gives her a total of 6 outfits.

Julia Chang

  1+2_f+1+2         Upward double punch.
* d/f+4, 2, b, f+1  Toe kick, right punch, power elbow.
  SS+2              Power elbow.
  b+3               Sweep kick.
  b+4               Upward back kick.
    Tag Throw:
    -> Michelle: b+2, 5 (on b+2 hit)

Tagable moves:
1~1, 1 or d/f+1, 1
WS+2, 1, 1 or 3, 2, 1
2+3, 1

Michelle Chang    (Start costume available)

  d, D/F+2   Double punch, stuns on counter.
  f, f+2     Leaping puncc. Very long range.
  SS+1       Power crouchpalm punch.
  SS+2       Deep inward punch.
  SS+2~1     Interupt inward punch with power palm.
  SS+3~4     Double 'artistic' kick.
* d/f+3+4    Juggling double crouch kick.
    Tag Throw:
    -> Julia: b+2, 5 (on b+2 hit)

Tagable moves:
1~1, 1 or d/f+1, 1
3, 2, 1
2+3, 1
1, 2, 1
d/f+2, 1 (on d/f+2 hit)


Left Foot Forward:
  f, N, 4         Right flamingo stance.
  d+3, 4          Low left kick, hight right kick.
* back turned: 4  Juggling back kick. Ends in LFF.
Right Foot Forward:
  d/f+4           Power inkick.
  2, 4, 4         Punch, two high kicks.
  2, b+4          Punch, right sidekick.
  2, 3            Punch, left sidekick.
* back turned: 3  Juggling back kick. Ends in RFF.
Left Flamingo Stance:
  b+4             Back juggling kick.
* 3, 4            Left midkick, right midkick.
Right Flamingo Stance:
  b+3             Back juggling kick.

    2+4   (new animation only)
    f+2+3 (old 2+4 animation)
      Tag Throw:
      -> Baek: f+2+3, 5

Tagable moves:
d+4, 4
f, N, d, d/f+4
3, 3, 3, 3 or Right Flamingo Stance, 3, 3, 3
(RFF, back turned) 4
(LFF, back turned) 3
(Right Flamingo Stance) b+4
(Left  Flamingo Stance) b+3

Baek Doh San

  Beak can now move more easily during flamingo stance.
  1, 1   Double jab.
  f+2    Back Knuckle.
  2, 2   Back Knuckle combination.
* u/f+2  Jump punch to the head.
  b+1    Karate punch.
  b+2    Side punch.
* 3+4    Double power jumpkick.
  SS+1   Overhead punch.
  b+4    Upward backkick.
  d/b+4  Quick hammer kick.
  1, 2, 3, ... (into left or right kick combo)
  b+1+2  punch parry that turns in flamingo if you *press* B.

    f+2+3 (Hwoarang's old 2+4 animation)
  Tag Throw:
    -> Everyone: From oponent's left side: throw, 5
    -> Hwoarang: f+2+3, 5

Tagable moves:
f, N, d, d/f+3
3, 4, 3 or u/f, N+3, d+4, 3
D+3, 3, 3


  Pogostick, d+3+4   Sit.
* Pogostick, 1+2     Pogo headbut.
  Downed (PLD), 3+4  Sit getup.
  u/f+3+4            Mid jump kick.
  d+1+2              Ground sword strike.
  d/b+1+2            Quick sword helicopter. Block, does no damage.
  SS+1               Sword strike.
* SS+2               Juggling sword strike.
  SS+4               Sidekick.
  3, d+3+4           Sidekick, juggling double roll kick.
  b+1, 3+4           Back spin, SS backspin.

Tagable moves:
f, f+3+4, 1+2, 3+4
u/f+3+4, 3+4
3, d+3+4
(sitting) 4


  b+2       Crouch canon punch.
  b+1+2     Double machine gun punches.
* SS+2      Power machine hammer.
  (oponent crouching), d+1+3 or d+2+4
    Tag Throw:
    -> Everyone: From oponent's left side: throw, 5
    -> Jack-2: 2+4, 5

** Tag Thingy Special **
  Team with Bryan. Do Gunjack's d+1+2, then press 5 quickly.
  Bryan tags in. Quickly press 2, he will do his 'D, f+2, 2' throw.
  In a nutshell:  d+1+2, 5, 2

Tagable moves:
2, 1, 2
HCF, D/F+1

Ganryu    (Start costume available)

  d/f+3             Sweep.
  f+1+2             Bull rush.
* b+2               Back crouch, juggle upper.
  SS+1              Left slap.
  b+1+2, 2          Cancel unblockable move, right slap.
  d+1+2 or SS+1+2   Sumo pushing strike.
* 3+4, 1_2_d        Sit, mid strike, low strike or bend down.
  b+1+3_b+2+4, 1+2  Punch parry, 1+2 strikes on success.

  Tag Throw:
  -> Everyone: From oponent's left side: throw, 5
  -> Everyone: From oponent's right side: throw, 5

Tagable moves:
b, d/b, d, D/F+1

Bryan Fury

* b+1         Overhead punch, rebounds on counter.
* d_d/b+2     Dash gut punch.
  f+3         Back spin mid kick.
  f, f+4      Mach kick.
  b+1+2, 1_2  Punch parry, 1 and 2 strikes on success, 2 then taunts.

    Tag Throw:
    -> Everyone: From oponent's back side: throw, 5

** Tag Thingy Special **
  With Bruce, have Bryan do a d+2 upper, then tag out and do a
  sweep+upper. Strangely enough, the sweep will get the oponent of the
  ground enough for the upper to nail him. This seems like a 'tag
  thingy' exception.
  In a nutshell: d+2, 5, d/f+3, 1

Tagable moves:

Lei Wulong

  f, N+2, 1, 2, 1   He now pulls the punchs out even if the opponent
                    doesn't block.
  SS+3+4            Back somersault kick.
  b+1+4, b+4, b+4, b+4, D   To PLD, I *think* :)
  f+1+2, F_U_D      Two snake punches, each direction ends in a diferent
                    animal stance.
  SS+1, F_U_D       One snake punch, each direction ends in a diferent
* SS+2, 2, F        Double punch, F ends in Drunken stance.
* b+1, F            Drunken stance power punchn, F ends in Drunken stance.

Drunken Stance:
  2, 2, F  Double punch, F returns to drunken stance.
  1+2      Drinks, which returns some life, then back to drunken stance.

    Tag Throw:
    -> Everyone: 1+3, 5

Tagable moves:
(Feet away, Face up) 3+4
1+2, 2 or (back turned) 2

Anna Williams

* qcf+1     Rushing elbow.
  d/f+4     Low kick.
  d/b+1     Mid hand strike.
* u/f+1, 3  Quick punch/kick combo.
  SS+3      Quick side kick.

    Tag Throw:
    -> Everyone: U/F+1+2, 5
    -> Nina: qcf+1+2, 5

  Special counters:
  When reversing Nina's Devil Kiss, she will do a Devil Kiss herself.
  When thrown in the cat stance (b+4), she will auto-counterthrow.

Tagable moves:
d+3, 2

Nina Williams

* WS+3              Juggling knee strike.
  d/f+1+2           Double mid hand slash.
  SS+1, 2           Mid upward stop punch, left punch.
  SS+1, F           Mid upward stop punch, forward leap.
  SS+1, B           Mid upward stop punch, back leap.
  2, 3, 3, 2_4_d+4  New combo.
  2, 3, 4           New combo.
  1,     one of the 2 sequences above...
  d/f+3, one of the 2 sequences above...

    Tag Throw:
    -> Everyone: From oponent's right side: throw, 5
    -> Everyone: U/F+1+2, 5
    -> Anna: qcf+1+2, 5

Tagable moves:
[1_d/f+1] 2, d+3, 2 (also possible before pressing last 2)
d+3, 2
u, N, D+3, 2
d, d/b+3 or d/b+3+4
3, 3, 2
u, N, D+3, 2
d, D/F+2
[1_d/f+3] 2, 3, 3, 2

Paul Phoenix

* SS+1  Low power kick.
  SS+3  Backspin elbow.
* WS+2  Juggling cup strike.

    Tag Throw:
    -> Everyone: f, f+1+2, 5

** With Law special **
  D, u/f+3+4
  This is a special move when he is teamed with Law. It is not his
  old 'missed somersault', although he still has it too.

Tagable moves:
D, d/f+2, 2
QCB+1, 2, 2

Forest Law    (Start costume available)

* WS+2           High juggling upper.
* f+1+2          Paul's overhead punch.
  SS+2, 1, 2, 1  Fury punches, final strike punch.
  d/f+3, 3, 3    New kick combo.
  b+1+2, 2_3     Old punch parry, 2 and 3 are new strikes on success.

    Tag Throw:
    -> Everyone: f, f+3+4, 5

** Tag Thingy Special **
  f+2~1, 5   When teamed with some characters, Law's punch will 'counter
             hit' if you press 5. The oponent staggers down, and then you
             can do various things, depending on the team mate:
  (For all of them, if the f+2~1 hits in the back or in a jump,
  the partner will do a slide kick)

  With Paul:
  Paul tags in, doing a QCF step. Press 2, 2. If both connect, Law will
  tag back in, flip jumping and charged with a Kiai (1+2+3+4) power up.
  Press 1 before he lands, and he will do a powerpunch (the anoucer
  says 'great', Law taunts). (I have seen in a mag that you could add a
  couple of 2 punches in between, but havn't been able to confirm it.)
  In a nutshell: f+2~1, 5, 2, 2, 1

  With Lei, Jin, Heihachi, Hwoarang and Bryan, Kuma, Lee:
  Tags in with an automatic *flying* jumpkick.
  Press D after law tags out for a slide kick.

  With A.king, King, Roger:
  Tags in, does an automatic knucklebomb.
  Press D after Law tags out for an Unblockable Kukclebomb with A.King.

  With Gunjack, P-jack:
  Tags in, does an automatic f+3+4
  Press D after law tags out for a slide kick.

Tagable moves:
u+3, 4
3, 4
WS+3, 4
D, u+4
b+2, 3, 4
b+1, 2, 1
Fake step (b+1+2 punch parry), 2

Armor King

  f, N, d, d/f+1  Running lariat.
  f, N, d, d/f+2  Running upper, juggles.
  f, N, d, d/f+4  Running knee.
  SS+2            Upper side punch.
* d/b+4           Fall down sweep kick.
  b+1             Hand chop.
* b+3             Leaping side kick.
  WS+1            Rising punch strike.
  d+1+2           Falldown elbow strike.
  3+4             Jump neck kick.
  Back Turned, 3  back kick, stuns on counter.

    d/b, f+2
    f, hcf+1
    D, d/b+2+4
      Tag Throw:
      -> Everyone: D/B+3+4, 5
      -> King: D, d/b+2+4, 5

    Ground Throw:
    d/b+1+3 or d/b+2+4 (acts like ultimate tackle: follow with punches)

    Chain Throw:
    f, N, d, d/f+1+2
      2+4, 1+2, 1+2
      3+4, 3+4, 1+2
        1, 1, 1+2
        3, 4, 1+2, 3+4

Tagable moves:
f, f+2
D, D/F+2
f, N, d, d/f+2


  f, f+2+3        Hovering body slam. Also hits downed oponents.
* f+4             Jump back kick.
  d/f+1, 2        Two mid punches.
  Back Turned, 3  back kick, stuns on counter.

    Tag Throw:
    -> Everyone: D/B+3+4, 5
    -> A.King: b+1+2, 5

Tagable moves:
f, f+2
D, D/F+2
f, N, d, d/f+1+2

**************    3. About time released characters     **************

Time release order
The 7th team is the sub boss team, but it will be only be un-random
before the first time release character (Kunimitsu) appears.
So before that, it will be composed or two of the Mishima/Kazama
families members. They are:
- Heihachi Mishima
- Kazuya Mishima
- Jin Kazama
- Jun Kazama
After that, this team will become totaly random, with Kazuya coming
once every 250,000 fights or so :). In other words, if you want to see
Kazuya, rush to your arcade and finish the game as soon as they get it.

The first time released character is Kunimitsu.
She will appear about 5 days after the machine is turned on, as a
random oponent. She will also be selectable through the random boxes,
with luck, or pretty damn good reflexes (see below).
After one more week or so, she will become playable, and Bruce Irvin
is added as a CPU oponent and becomes available through random select.
One week later, he also becomes playable, and Jack-2 appears, and so on...

Choose your random select character (sort of... :)
The random select character change at a speed of 30 characters a
second, which should be just slow anough to have you catch a glipse of
a name if you're looking for it. Knowing this (and using this list),
you might be able to get the character you want at a reasonable rate.
Of course, this is used to select the TR character when in random
select only. For example, when Jack-2 becomes selectable, you want to
play Lee. Look for Jack-2's name when you're on the random box (the
'2' is easy to see), get the rythm, and pres the button a split second
after you see it.
I was able to get Lee once after 5 tries with this method, which means
about 3 fights. Of course, I ended up with Jack-2 the rest of the time,
but hey, you have to pay for what you get! Good luck...

Random select characters 'Roulette' order:
  BRUCE       (2nd TR character)
  KUMA&PANDA  (8th TR character)
  OGRE        (9th TR character)
  MOKUJIN&TETSUJIN (12th TR character)
  ROGER&ALEX  (6th TR character)
  KAZUYA      (7th TR character)
  TRUE OGRE   (10th TR character)
  JACK-2      (3rd TR character)
  P-JACK      (11th TR character)
  WANG        (5th TR character)
  LEE         (4th TR character)
Armor King
  KUNIMITSU   (1st TR character)
  DEVIL&ANGEL (13th TR character)

Old costumes colors!
By the time Jack-2 becomes available, the old costume color swaps will
become available too. They are accessed by pressing Right Punch/Kick.
Note: Anna will have totaly different costumes!
      LP is the old leopard suit, and LK is a new cool army suits!
      For others, who had new costumes (Bryan...), they will just get
      the old costumes back.

Also, when P-jack becomes playable, Unknown (last boss), will have
a new costume.

***************    4. Time released characters moves    **************

Kunimitsu    (Start costume available)

  b/u, N          Escape backflip.
  1+2             Gets back/down then strikes with a power punch.
  f, f+2          Gets back/down then strikes with a juggler uppercut.
* f+3+4           Forward jump kick
* d+3+4           High jump, double falling kick (good counter).
  d+1+2           Gets down to avoid ALL attacks (high, mid AND low).
  b+1+2           Swirls her knife around. Unblockable.
* u+1+2           Disapears into the ground (teleports), then reapears in
                  the sky and strikes with an unblockable.
  u_u/b_u/f+4     Same as Yoshimitsu's jumpkick.
  f, f+3, 4       Same as Eddy's f, f+4, 3.
  back turned, 3  Back turned backflip. Lands back turned.
  f, f+3+4, 3     After the old backflip, she does her backturned
                  backflip. Might be her move with the most power.
  f, f+3+4, 3+4   After the old backflip, she does an oberhead backflip
                  that lands BEHIND the oponent.
  f, f+1+2, 3     Same as Yoshimitsu's move. Also lands back turned.
  SS+1+2          Jumping punch.
  SS+3+4          Sweep. Very long retaliation time if blocked.

    f+1+4         Opponent can escape it by pressing D.
      Tag throw:
      -> Everyone: from oponent's right side: throw, 5

Tagable moves:
f, f+2

- Kunimitsu only has two victory poses; the old ones.
- Kunimitsu has 3 costumes in all.

Bruce Irvin

* b+1             Powerfull backpunch that stuns on counter.
  d/b+4           Very small backstep and mid kick.
  b, b+4          Very small backstep and low kick.
  f, f+2          Powerpunch, and punch reversal: Bruce strikes back when
                  hit by a punch in the first frames of this move.
  D,d/f,d, D/F+1  Uppercut.
  b, f+4          Knee that juggles.
  SS+1            Turn backfist.
* SS+4, 4         Two mid kicks with the same leg. Looks nice!
  SS+4, 1         Mid kick, punch.

    Tag throw:
    -> Everyone: 1+3, 5

Tagable moves:
3, 2, 1
d/f+1, 2
b, f+4

- Bruce only has two win poses and two costumes.


  3 or f+3        Same old kick, but stuns on counter.
  f, f+2          Power rush punch.
* f, f+3          Foot stomp (not Ganryu's).
  b, b+1          Initiates old unblockable. Cont. with circle motions.
  f+3+4     or  \
  D, d/f+3+4    / Rushing bull... Like a low King's f+1+4.
  SS+1            Turnaround punch (bounce juggles).
  SS+1+2          Power double punch.

    Tag throw:
    -> Everyone: facing poponent's back, 2+4, 5
    -> Gunjack: 2+4, 5

** Tag Thingy Special **
  Team with Bryan. Do Jack-2's d+1+2, then press 5 quickly.
  Bryan tags in. Quickly press 2, he will do his 'D, f+2, 2' throw.
  In a nutshell:  d+1+2, 5, 2

Tagable moves:
1, 2, 1

- Jack-2 only has 2 costumres.

Lee Chaolan    (Start costume available)

  b+1, 1, 3+4     2 punches, enter Hitman style
  b+1, 1, 2       2 punches, backfist
  d/b+3           Low left sidekick, counter stuns!
  f+4             Lighting kick
* 4, 4, 4         Rapid kicks
  3, 3, 3 [B+3]   [B+3] does a 'Faint high kick' in old kicks
                  (straight from namco list, didn't check it)
  b+3             Side kick
  b+3, 3 [~4]     Now this move is a bit special; if you press the
                  buttons quickly, you will get a fake kick + side kick.
                  But the second '3' can also be delayed, so basicaly you
                  can wait for the first kick to hit to perform a late
                  second kick.
                  As for the [~4], it is an 'option' that can be used if
                  the oponent blocks the second kick (and possibly only
                  if you input the first button presses quickly). Is you
                  press 4 at the VERY MOMENT the second kick is blocked,
                  Lee will perform a throw. But be precise; you have
                  1 frame (1/60 sec) to do this!  :)
  u/f+3           Jumpkick
* f+3+4           Spin jumpkick
  d+4, 4, 4, 4    Low kick, rapid kicks
  D+4, 4, 4, 4, 3 Old low,low,low,mid but the 3 ends in Hitman Style
  b+4, 3          Hammer kick (counter bounce-juggles), Hitman Style
  b, b+4, 3       Mid power kick, Hitman Style
  3+4             Enter Hitman Style
  D_d, d/f+4      Sweep
                  When Lee is teamed with Kazuya, you can follow up this
                  move with 2~2~1, and Lee will perform a weird special
                  unblockable punch.
  SS+2            Snake punch
  Left  SS+4      Power kick
  Right SS+3      Power kick
  f, N            Quick step

In Hitman Style:
Doesn't get hit with high attacks and autoblocks low attacks
d or u          Hitman style sidestep
  1             Quick punch, back to Hitman Style
* 2             Juggling upercut
  3             Trap kick (kind of a throw on counter)
  4             Sweep

    Tag throw:
    -> Everyone: f, f+3+4, 5

Tagable moves:
D, u+4
d, d/b+4
In Hitman Style, 2
b+4      you can tag out of this move even if it is guarded or doesn't
         hit at all. This is the only move in the game that allows it.

- Lee has 3 win poses and has 3 costumes in all.

Wang Jin Rei

  1+2             Headbut.
  SS+1+2          Headbut, stuns on counter.
  d/b+2           Juggling upward punch.
* d/b+4, 2        Low kick, Juggling upward punch. His main new move.
  f+4             Juggling kick.
  SS+4            Low sweep kick.

    Tag throws:
    -> Everyone: from oponent's right side: throw, 5
    -> Everyone: d/f, D/F+2+4, 5

Tagable moves:
1, 1
WS+2, 1
d/f+2, 1        (on 2 hit, of course...)
d/b+4, 2

- Wang only has 2 win poses and 2 costumes.

Roger & Alex

  f, f, N+1      Power punch.
  u+3+4          Fake jump, sweep.
* SS+4           Sweep.
  or d/f+1+2     Head/elbow mid strike.
  D, 1+2         Headbut.

    Tag throw:
    -> Everyone: D/F+3+4, 5

Tagable moves:
f, f+2
D, D/F+2

- Roger and Alex only have 2 win poses.

Kazuya Mishima

  d/f+1           A quick mid inward punch. So his standing twin pistons
                  are gone... :)
* d/f+2           Gut punch, same as WS+2.
  WS+2            The old gut punch, but it has been weakened, as could
                  be expected. On normal hit, it doesn't stun anymore;
                  the stun animation is interupted, and the oponent can
                  block again very quickly. A counter still stuns
                  heavilly though.
  f+2             Power step in punch. Somewhere between Jin's f, f+2 and
                  d/b+1. Will send you away on counter, and looks nice.
  f+1+2           Stronger power step in punch. Slower, but longer range,
                  and stuns on counter. Looks even more like jin's d/b+1,
                  and has the effect of Devil Jin's version on counter.
  d/b+4           Low round kick.
* 1, 2, 4         Two punches, low side kick.

    Tag throw:
    -> Jun: f, f+1+2, 5

Tagable moves (cannot cancel tag out if Devil is his partner):
f, N, d, d/f+2 or f, N, d/f+2
WS+1, 2

- Kazuya only has 2 costumes.
- Also, see Devil notes.

Kuma and Panda

  d/f+1+2       Head/elbow mid strike (same as Roger/Alex).
  u/f+1+2       Bear thrust.
* 3+4           Enter Hunting Style stance.
  b+1+2, 3+4    Unblockable attack, enter Hunting Style stance.

In Hunting Style Stance:
Doesn't get hit with high or mid attacks.
If you input no move for 2 seconds, Kuma/Panda will stand.
  F or B      Crawl forward or back
  1           Quick low punch, back to Growling stance
  2           Quick low punch, stand
  1, 2        Two quick low punches, stand
  1+2         High juggle palm strike, stand (VERY small range...)
  f+1+2       Throw
  3+4         Low rush, stand

** With Heihachi special **
  b+2           (the unblockable bugs with this; b+1+2 will always act
                as the b+2, so to do it you have to *hold* 2 and then
                press b+1...)

- This move list is probably incomplete, as I found them myself.
- Kuma and Panda now have 2 costumes each; Kuma gets his white 'polar
  bear' version back, and Panda has a version with a ribbon around
  her hips, like Xiaoyu.


  SS+4           Low kick.

- As you might have noticed (?), Ogre only has ONE new move.
- Ogre has 4 costumes.

True Ogre

  SS+4           Low kick.

- See Ogre notes.
- When True Ogre is selected, the stage's background will be darker,
  but not totaly removed as in Tekken 3. Again, unlike Tekken3, this
  will work in every stage, not only in the last one.
- True Ogre has 4 costumes/skins.

Prototype Jack

  f+1           Elbow.
  D, D/F+1, 2, f+1_d/f+1_d+1
                two punches, then punch, mid punch or low punch.
  D, D/F+2, f+1_d/f+1_d+1
  D/F+2, 1, 2, 1
* d/f+1+2       Ground spears. Hit low. Huge recovery time if misses.
  f, f+2        Chop.
* SS+2          Drill punch.
  SS+1          Juggling drill punch.
  SS+1+2        Tornado punches.
  b+1+2         Opened arms guard (does no damage. Pressing f at the
                begining cancels the move.)

- P-jack only has 2 costumes.

Mokujin and Tetsujin

Unlike in Tekken3, and as guessed, Mokujin (and Tetsujin) can change
style during the fight. This occurs each time he tags back in.

- Mokujin never gets the bosses' moves (Ogre, True Ogre, or Devil).
- Mokujin litteraly means wooden man.
- Tetsujin litteraly means metal man. Unlike Mokujin, his metal aspect
  gives him some kind of reflections. While they don't reflect his
  surrounding in the arcade version, I can't wait to see this one in
  the PS2 version... :)
- Select Tetsujin with left punch.
- Select Mokujin (male, normal wood) with right punch.
- Select Mokujin (female, white wood) with left kick.
- Select Mokujin (female, red wood) with right kick.
- After you win ten matches strait, with any character, you get the
  'golden Tetsujin' instead of Tetsujin/Mokujin.

Devil and Angel

  f, f+2          Power punch (goes through oponent).
* SS+2            Law's WS+2 upper. Juggles, very high. Long recovery house.
  f, N, d/F, f+1, U/F      Sky crapper thunder god fist.
  u+1+2           Quick laser. Aimed upward, used for comboes. Unblockable.
  3+4, 3+4        Cross flying laser. Unblockable.

- Devil is based on Kazuya, in a version that's a mix from the TK1
  version and the TTT version (has TTT's f, N, d, d/f moves base,
  still has the standing twin pistons, for example)
- When teamed with Kazuya, they will be one character, and morph into
  one another instead of taging. This means they can (almost?) not do
  tag comboes.
- On the Jack series, the laser will have a side effect: when hit, a
  Jack robot will start disfunctioning and do the windmill punchs.
  If hit a second time by the laser (while into the windmill pucnh),
  he will do the dive. And sometimes, he will peform P-jack's open-arm
  block, but the conditions are unsure...
- Devil comes in two colors: punch is blue, kick is violet.
- Select Angel with the start button. She cannot be selected when Kazuya
  is the partner.
- Devil and Angel are sligtly different. For example, Angel being smaller,
  her laser might hit smaller standing opponents when Devil's doesnt.
  Also, her wings are always 'big'. She might be more easily hit
  in the back...

***************************    5. Boss    ***************************

The 8th oponent is a weird woman, backed by a werewolf shadow/ghost.
She does not seem to be a 'devil Jun', as I've heard. I saw some
drawings from Namco, and she looks quite different.
In a Mokujin manner, she uses techniques of different characters from
the game. She changes techniques DURING the fight. Sometimes, when she
does so, the werewolf shadow will turn around her once.

********************    6. Team special intros    ********************

When you select two characters that have a special relation, the
pre-fight and post-fight animations will sometime be special animations.
But how? Who? Why? When? Here are the answers.

First row: S: The two chars have the same player side costume (1P/2P).
           A: The intro is not costume dependent (there might be
              different animations depending on costumes...)
Second row:   Win special animation
Third row:    Loose special animation.
x means no special animation.
? means unknown conditions, but exists.
Empty means unknown (exists?)

Default characters only list

Jin and Hwoarang      S  x  L
Jin and Heihachi      S  x  x
Jin and Xiaoyu        x  x  L

Xiaoyu and Heihachi   A  x  x

Julia and Michelle    1P x  x
Julia and Ganryu      x  x  L

Michelle and Ganryu   A  W  L
Michelle and Heihachi A  x  x

Hwoarang and Baek     S  W  L
Hwoarang and Eddy     A  x  L
Hwoarang and Bryan    A  x  x

Yoshimistu and Bryan  A  W  L
Yoshimistu and Xiaoyu x  W  x
Yoshimistu/Heihachi   A  x  L

Lei and Hwoarang      A  x  L
Lei and Bryan         A  W  L

Anna and Nina         A  x  L
Anna and Bryan        x  x  L

Paul and Law          S  W  L
Paul and Lei          A  x  L
Paul and Nina         x  x  L
Paul and Bryan        A  x  L

Law and Lei           x  x  L

King and A.king       A  x  L

Time release characters list

Heihachi and Lee      S
Heihachi and Kazuya   ?

Kazuya and Jin        ?
Kazuya and Lee             L
Kazuya and Eddy       ?

Bruce and Bryan       A
Bruce and Hwoarang    ?
Bruce and Lei         ?    L

Wang and Xiaoyu       ?  W

Kuma and Roger        A  x  x      Don't know about Panda and Alex...
Kuma and Heihachi     A            Don't know about Panda
                                   (Kuma is Heihachi's pet...)
Kuma and Paul         A  W  L
Panda and Xiaoyu      A  W  L      Don't know about Kuma.
                                   (Panda is Xiaoyu's pet...)

*****************    7. Help choosing your team!    ******************

If you are new to the Tekken world, or if you didn't really have a
prefered character, and want to start playing 'seriously' :) I guess
you could use a bit of help choosing a balanced and effective team.
Here are my views on the matter... 3 steps.

note: BTW, these are, as I said, MY views, and they are totaly
      subjective. I might be wrong. I am most probably wrong. I you
      beleive so, I AM dead f***ing wrong. So don't bother sending mail
      saying: 'Are you crazy? xxx ruleZ!!!' because I won't reply.
      I probably won't even read it through... On the other hand, if
      you have any interesting info or opinion, I'll be happy to read
      about it.

Step 1: Preselect (four character types)

Roughly said, there are about 4 character types in Tekken, strengh
wise. The first ones will do heavy damage with each hit, while the
last ones will probably need to hit more to acheive the same result.
On the other hand, of course, weaker characters have more speed and
quicker moves. And don't be mistaken; in every case, heavy comboes
are VERY possible to do, even with 'strong' characters.
As for every part of this guide, it's just a question of taste:

Rank 1: Strongest;
Paul, Bryan, Heihachi, Gunjack, Jack-2, Prototype Jack, True Ogre.

Rank 2: Strong;
King, A.king, Bruce, Ganryu, Kuma/Panda.

Rank 3: Normal;
Baek, Lei, Hwoarang, Jin, Julia, Michelle, Nina, Kazuya, Ogre,

Rank 4: Quick;
Jun, Law, Yoshimitsu, Xiaoyu, Eddy, Anna, Kunimitsu, Lee, Wang,

So first, you need to know what kind of character you like to play.
Is it a vicious bastard that will take out 1/3 of the bar with one
mean hit, or a annoying fly that will have no rest untill the oponent
lies dead, hit a thousand times but never being able to strike back?
If you are not sure about which character to choose, I'd suggest a
rank 3 character. They can adapt to every situation quite easily.

Step 2: Select (different abilities)

All these characters vary of course by much more than their strength.
I have taken 3 other factors to get a plausible classification.
Try to choose a character that fits your needs, according to the
descritiption below.
Of course, judge the aspect of the character too; if you don't like
loud brats, avoid Xiaoyu. If machos repel you, don't go for Bryan...

1. Throwing ability:
   A: Has multipart throws, with many command throws.
      Throwing is an essential part of this character's gameplay.
   B: Can use throws as part of the general gameplay, to add
      pressure to the oponent. Throwing with this character is
      fairly easy and effective.
   C: Uses throws rarely. This character mainly relies on other

2. Reversal abilities:
   A: Can reverse almost any move. This gives a great advantage to
      this character, and adds a lot to his defense arsenal.
   B: Can reverse or parry Punchs or kicks and/or low attacks.
      Occasionaly, using these techniques will bug the oponent quite
      a bit. But this aspect is not a main part of this character's
   C: Does not, or almost not have reverses/parries.

3. Show off and weird stances:
   A: This character is a real pain. Not only will he crush you, but he
      will also laugh at you while doing it! He uses goofy stances, and
      keeps dancing around all the time. This is really fun to play,
      even (more?) if you loose... :)
   B: To an extent, this character can do weird and funny things, like
      dancing around and such. I like to have one in my team, it makes
      'in game communication' much... easier.
   C: No real special useless stuff, mostly just plain fight.

Ok, here's the chart:

           | Throwing | Reversal | Show off | Description             |
*Paul      |    B     |    A     |    C     | Hot blooded fighter     |
 Bryan     |    C     |    B     |    C     | Vicious bastard         |
 Heihachi  |    C     |    C     |    C     | Old vicious bastard     |
 Gunjack   |    B     |    C     |    C     | Heavy mechanised hitter |
 Jack-2    |    C     |    C     |    C     | Heavy hitter            |
 P-Jack    |    C     |    C     |    C     | Heavy mechanical hitter |
 T. Ogre   |    C     |    C     |    C     | Ancient beast monster   |
*King      |    A     |    B     |    C     | THE Grappler            |
*A.king    |    A     |    C     |    C     | Grappling fighter       |
 Bruce     |    C     |    C     |    C     | Tai kick boxer. Mean.   |
 Ganryu    |    C     |    B     |    C     | Sumo. Enough said.      |
 Kuma/Panda|    C     |    C     |    B     | Bear. Or Panda. :)      |
*Baek      |    C     |    B     |    B     | TaeKwonDo, simple.      |
 Hwoarang  |    C     |    C     |    A     | TaeKwonDo, enhanced.    |
*Lei       |    B     |    B     |    A     | Wu-Shu styles. Many.    |
*Jin       |    B     |    A     |    C     | Mutli-purpose Boyscout  |
 Julia     |    C     |    C     |    C     | Young powerhouse        |
 Michelle  |    C     |    C     |    C     | Not so young powerhouse |
*Nina      |    A     |    A     |    C     | Little b**ch            |
 Kazuya    |    C     |    C     |    C     | Twisted bastard         |
 Ogre      |    C     |    C     |    C     | Ancient mythical warior |
 DevilAngel|    C     |    C     |    B     | Good and evil           |
*Jun       |    B     |    A     |    C     | Snow white              |
*Law       |    B     |    B     |    B     | Bruce Lee               |
 Yoshimitsu|    C     |    C     |    A     | Weird sworded ninja     |
 Xiaoyu    |    B     |    B     |    A     | Loud brat. Never rests. |
 Eddy      |    C     |    C     |    A     | Capoiera 'cool' fighter |
*Anna      |    A     |    A     |    B     | Little b**ch's sister   |
 Kunimitsu |    C     |    B     |    C     | Quick and deadly        |
 Lee       |    C     |    C     |    B     | Cocky bastard           |
*Wang      |    C     |    A     |    C     | Wise old man            |
 Roger/Alex|    C     |    C     |    B     | Weird... things!        |
           | Throwing | Reversal | Show off | Description             |

Note: This classification is made not in hierarchy, but in
      'playstyle'. For example, Michelle gets three 'C's. Does that
      make here a bad character? Hell no! This only indicates she does
      not have many *special* skills... She is not very diversified.
      But she's still fun to play, because her playstyle is very
      different from, say, Nina, who gets 2 'A's...

* mark:
  If you still don't know what character you want to play, try going
  for a character that has 'extras' to change the game rythm a bit.
  It will be more fun in the long run. So having a 'A' or 2 'B's in
  Throwing or Reverse would be a good idea.
  This brings up these 12 characters:
  - Paul
  - King
  - A.king
  - Baek
  - Lei
  - Jin
  - Nina
  - Jun
  - Law
  - Xiaoyu
  - Anna
  - Wang
  Choose one among them, with the description.

And if you still cannot choose a character, hell, go find another game!

Step 3: The partner

Ok, now you have chosen your first character, with much effort!
All you have to do is repeat the operation to get the second one, you
think... Wrong! If this can indeed be easy because you will get two
fairly close characters that you will master quickly, but I'd strongly
suggest that you do not 'fall to the dark side'. This is an easy
solution, but getting two different kind of playtype in your team has
many advantages:
- It's more fun (duh!).
- It's more difficult for the oponent to adapt to your gameplay.
- It's more difficult to get crushed by someone who knows the
  weaknesses of the type of characters you play (as you have two!).

So I'd suggest that you get a second character from a different
strength rank than the first, and if possible with different abilities.
Of course, the main point of the game is to have fun, so don't pick a
character you hate just because I said you should! :)
And of course, some teams are fun to play BECAUSE they are related.
Anna and Nina, or Michelle and Julia, for example. But I wouldn't
suggest such a team for a start. It would become quite boring very

Now that you have your favored team, play and play and play again,
learn a few simple comboes, a few unusual tricks, and a few fun tricks
too, and be sure to use every ability you have. Most players forget
about half of the capacities of their characters, making it much harder
to play them effectivly (reverses, for example, are VERY underused...).
So go ahead and find a nice team that you can stick to and master.

And the final word would be... Oh, well.

***********************    8. Credit & info    ***********************

Gamest (mag and mook), The Playstation magazine and TTT 'The masters'.

Nagumo Shima (nagumo@hotmail.com):
          Noticed Michelle's D, D/F+2 was an old move. New is d, D/F+2.
Stephen J. Thomas (sjthomas@bellsouth.net):
          Reminded me of Lei's tagable 1+3.
Bobsmack (bobsmack@Uusa.net):
          Put me on the way to A.King's -> King's throw.
J.Wang (jwang@thegrid.net):
          Bringing various options for Law's thingy to my attention,
          among various other things.
Sam Villanueva (svillanu@crystald.com):
          A.king's tag with law's thingy.
Senpyou (senpyou@aol.com):
          Heihachi and Bryan's tag with law's thingy,
          King/A.King's '-> anyone' tag throw.
Bobby  Drake (bobby_drake2@excite.com):
          Law's thingy taunt / Jin's part.
TSN (teemu.nuutinen@helsinki.fi):
          MANY corrections and additions.
Castel (castel@tekken.net):
          MANY corrections and additions.
Jeremiah J. Riely (jriely@mail.coin.missouri.edu):
          Nina's divine canon tagable correction and
          Lei's melting punchs' unblock effectivness
Sergei Mikhailov (mik_29@hotmail.com):
          A.king's knee button correction
Jonathan Winkler (jonwnklr@concentric.net):
          Nearly every move in update to v1.5b (mainly Kuma)
Brenann Swan (evil5150@hotmail.com):
          Small corrections
Matthew Azzopardi (mattcoff@yahoo.com):
          Devil laser effect on Jack series hint (second hit)
Bobby  Drake (Iceman???) (Bobby_Drake2@excite.com)
          Chicken mark can be worn off

Author: Midge (beja@gol.com), at your service.

Where to find it:
Released in rec.games.video.arcade newsgroup throughout summer 99'.

Good Tekken Tag Tournament web sites:
http://www.tekkentagtournament.com/ - Official site.
http://www.tekken.net/zaibatsu - THE site; best design, best media.
http://www.gamefaqs.com - If the FAQ you want isn't there,
                          it doesnt' exist.

***********************    Previous versions    **********************

v1.6 (99/12/03)
   Several changes since last version, that was released LONG ago.
     Added Lee's 'with Kazuya' special unblockable
     Added True Ogre, P-jack, Mokujin and Devil
     Completed endurance and netsu powerup sections with TR chars
     Generaly completed/corrected the list

v1.5b (99/09/10)
      Added Kuma/Panda moves
      Added Kazuya -> Jun tag throw (forgot about it!)
      Added frame info (stagger length) in 'Everybody's low's parry'
      Added special intros
      New foreword
      Various english corrections (I just re-read 7th section...
                                  boy it was a *gramatical* mess!
                                  Couldn't anyone have told me??!! :)

v1.5 (99/09/07)
     Added Kuma's first moves
     Added Ogre's first MOVE (???)
     Minor corrections

v1.4b (99/09/01)
      Completed/corrected Roger/Alex's and Kazuya moves
      Added Devil note in Kazuya's notes
      Updated 'Choose your team!' section
      Added Devil Jin's moves (the ones I tried, for description)
      Minor corrections

v1.4 (99/08/24)
     More specific explanations and small corrections for Lee
     More specific explanations for Heihachi's delayed Wind God Fist
     A.King's knee corrected
     Whipped out Jin's Super Electric Guard; sorry, major translation
             problems, I got it all wrong... Still, there's something
             special involving the electric guard, the Kiai powerup,
             and the throw canceling. Will investigate ASAP.
     Various minor corrctions
     Roger and Alex's first moves (who cares?! :)
     Kazuya's first moves!!!! ...hehehehehe....

v1.3b (99/08/20)
      *Completed*, corrected moves for every TR character until Wang
      Corrected Law's tag thingy (again): Baek added, A.king modified
      Added interesting notes for Heihachi and Jin
      Changed 'Next possible characters' a bit
      Various small corrections

v1.3 (99/08/17)
     Corrected and completed Lee's moves (check it out, rare ones!)
     Added Wang Jinrei first moves
     Added Roger & Alex preview
     Added moves to general moves
     Added 'next possible characters' section, and Kazuya template
     Added 'Help choosing your team!' section. Tell me what you think!
     Various minor changes

v1.2b (99/08/09)
     Added random timing to 'Time release flow' section
     Added Lee first moves, with comments
     Added Jack-2/Gunjack tag throw
     Added jump hit and back hit effect to law's thingy
     Corrected Jun's tooth fairy cancel method
     Added 'Choose your random select character' section

v1.2 (99/08/07)
*    Completed 'less obvious' section in general moves (Stun Tag...)
*    Added 'Endurance' to general moves
     Added hit count to 'Netsu PowerUp' in general moves
     Added and modified many things in Law's thingy
*    Added Bryan and Bruce's tag thingy
     Added Heihachi's 'everyone's return headbut'
     Added King/A.king's '-> Everyone' tag throw
*    Added Jun's tooth fairy's cancel
     Added Paul's 'with law special'
*    Added Anna's special counters
*    Added Time release flow section (with old costume colors)
*    Corrected and completed 'Team special intros' section
     Changed layout a bit (again?!)
     Other minor corrections
*: Important addition/change

v1.1 (99/08/02)
     Added 'Team special intros' section
     Added Jack-2 first moves (with comments)
     Added Lee preview
     Corrected a few moves (Bruce's SS kicks... Sorry!)

v1.0 (99/07/31)
     New foreword (deleted some useless crap)
     Completed Bruce's moves (and added tagable moves)
     Completed Kunimitsu's moves (and added tagable moves)
     Added Jun/Heihachi's Tag throw
     Completed Law's tag 'thingy'
     Added Gunjack+Bruce's tag 'thingy'
     Added 'start costume' notice
     Added 'chicken! mark' (general moves)
     Modified bosses info (slightly)

v0.8 (99/07/28)
     Bruce's first moves, with comments
     Added Law+Paul's Tag Thingy (tm!)
     Added Ling's Tag throw to Jin
     Confirmed A.King's '-> King' tag throw
     Confirmed 'Everybody's low/Special mid parry' (general moves)
     Added tagable moves for default characters (5 will tag-interupt)
       Most of them are pretty obvious, but it might help you confirm
       you got them all...
     Added '-> everyone' tagable throws for default characters
       These are not the command tag throws; just the normal throws
       that can be tagged out...
       (Baek, Ganryu, Law, Lei, Nina, Anna, Eddy, Bryan, Gunjack)
     Updated Kunimitsu's moves

v0.7 (99/07/21)
     Kunimitsu's first moves, with comments
     Added the Everyone's low parry (general moves)
     Minor cosmetic changes

v0.6 (99/07/18)
     Confirmed Baek + Whoarang tag throw
     Added the Netsu Powerup (general moves)
     Various updates
     Added my e-mail adress (!)

v0.5 (99/07/16) - Initial release

[EOMF] (End Of Magnificent File :)

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