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Forest Law by PKovar

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/30/01

Version 1.0
Date began: 1/7/01


  FF         OO     OO  RR     R  EE         SS             TT
  FFFF       OO     OO  RRRRRRR   EEEE       SSSSSSSSS      TT
  FF         OO     OO  RRRR      EE                SS      TT

  LL             AAA      WW       WW       WW 
  LL            AA AA      WW     WW WW    WW
  LL           AAAAAAA      WW   WW   WW  WW
  LL          AA     AA      WW WW     WWWW
  LLLLLLLLL  AA       AA      WW        WW


BY Petr(pronounced Peter) Kovar; email: IJKcreative@aol.com

Yes I do know Tekken 4 will be out in the next month or so, but I couldn't find any Tekken
Tag Forest Law guides that managed to impress me. So I decided to write my own for the
hardcore Law players out there, somewhere, if there are any left.

Copyright and other stuff:
If you wish to read my guide you must promise to give credit to me if you take any of my
info. The strategies in this guide may not always work and I don't expect to be blamed
for any stuff ups you make via this guide.

Now onto the guide..


1.  Move conventions
2.  How Law and I became the best of friends (well, partners really)
3.  Why Law? (a general intro to Law)
4.  Move strategies and ratings (I rate the moves on their importance and give ways to
    use them)
5.  General strengths and weaknesses
6.  Law compared to other characters (Law Vs the Tekken Tag crew)
7.  Juggles (the strongest juggles I know for each of his launchers)
8.  Tag info (who to pair up with)
9.  General Strategy
10. Credits

1. Move conventions:

1= square
2= triangle
3= cross
4= circle
f= forward
b= back
d= down
u= up
+= at the same time eg. 3+4
*= means neutral i.e don't press any thing for a brief moment
/= is used as a + sign with direction symbols eg. d/f+3 means press down,forward, and
   cross at the same time.
~= press very close together eg. in f+2~1 the 1 and 2 would have to be pressed nearly
   at the same time.
NOTE: If a move is written in CAPITALS eg. U/B+4 means hold up and back. Don't just
press it and then let go. Lower case means just press.

2. How Forest Law and I became the best of friends:

I'm a martial arts freak; I've always admired Bruce Lee and watched his movies over and
over again until I was forced to get some Panadol. One day (sometime around 1995) I went
over to a friend's house and he asked me if I wanted to play Tekken. I didn't have a clue
what he was talking about for I didn't own a PSX back then. When he showed me the game and
how it's played, I got quite excited and joined in. When we reached the character select
screen I scrolled through the characters and to me they all appeared pretty weird. Though
when I reached the name Law I was stunned at the dudes appearance. I turned to my friend
and said "Hey isn't that Bruce Lee." and he answered, "No! That's Law." I was kind of
confused at first but in the end I chose him for he appeared to be the only normal
character in the game (I had a thing for normal characters back then). We began to fight
and as you'd expect I button bashed for I didn't have a clue what to do. Though soon enough
I performed Law's Run Up to Drop move, "Wow what was that?" I yelled, the move really made
me jump in excitement. I fought on only to perform a rising somersault kick. I was really
impressed with what the little polygon dude could do. Since then I have stayed with the
cool Bruce Lee wannabe from Tekken 2 until Tekken Tag. And when he changed from
Forest to Marshall I was even happier, for what Marshall lacked, Forest improved. Too bad
Forest isn't in Tekken 4.

3. Why Law?

Now that you know a bit about me, let's move onto Forest. Well we all know that the Mishima
family dominates the Tekken tournaments. But that's only (in my opinion) because they have
some of the strongest (and cheapest) moves out there, and aren't really risky to use. Sure
you can do Thunder and Wind Godfists all day and knock out a full health bar even before
the match starts. But then what's the point of playing strategically. I'm not saying that
all Mishima (notice I say Mishima and not Kazama i.e. Jin and Jun) players are crap and
cheap, there probably are some good Mishima players, I use Heihachi myself. It just
really gets on my nerves when I see a Heihachi or Kazuya player who thinks he's the
Tekken God when all he does is just uppercuts. The point I'm trying to get at is that
Forest isn't the kind of character that has an immense amount of super damage attacks. He
has some, but not as many as say Kazuya or Heihachi (or Paul the Death Fist freak). Law
doesn't have fancy stances like Lei or Ling Xiaoyu which makes him very easy to get used
to. He has many moves that are safe in emergencies even though they don't always do a lot
of damage. His speed is very good, though he should be way faster considering he is a Bruce
Lee clone. He has a decent number of throws to chose from, mainly because he is a mix of
his father Marshall and himself. His ten strings are great as well, and do very good
damage even if all hits don't connect. Forest has a total of 6 ten strings and they can
be divided into two sections. The first section is what I call the counter hit ten strings.
These are the ones, which start d/f+1,2,2,1. If the first few hits of these ten strings
connect on a counter hit then the rest of the combo is guaranteed. On the down side though,
if they are blocked early they can be easily reversed or interrupted as they are too slow
and predictable (unless you're up against someone like Gun Jack). The other ten strings I
call the confusing ones. These begin d/f+1,3,2,2 and I call them this because they are
faster and not as predictable as the ones before. Because the 2,2 part (as in d/f+1,3,2,2)
is easily avoided the rest of the ten string comes on fast and tricky to back it up. After
the ten strings come Law's parries. As most of you know, Law is the Tekken King at parrying,
which is one heck of a useful title. As well as the normal non damage parries Law has a parry
that actually does damage. Just think how useful that is. There you are eating Paul's
Phoenix Smasher's with an inch of health left. Then Paul comes in again to finish you of.
He does the crouch dash, he pulls back his fist, he's seconds away from victory... when you
pull of your Fake step parry turning him around with your Tricky Fist counter. You move
in and do the Dragon Bites back throw, and he's out. Around half a health bar gone with two
moves. You may think that this is unlikely to work, however who were you gonna be whacking
if that Phoenix Smasher smashed you? Yourself of course. Parries are excellent reversals as
they can not be reversed, and guess what? Law can parry all kinds of attacks. This includes
low, mid, high, air and no, not unblockables. The next thing is Law's superb juggle damage,
with the main reason for this being his somersault kicks. As much as we all would like to
call Law cheap for his flipkicks we all now that they are very punishable if whiffed, and
very reversable if you pay attention. About half or more of Law's juggles come due to his
somersault mix ups, which he can link together to make the fight look more like Olympic
Gymnastics. As well as somersault launchers, Forest also has several uppercut starters like
his Dragon Storm which has to really hit on a counter otherwise an experienced adversary
will block it or reverse. Then there's his Dragon Upper, which is more reliable as it is
a one hit juggle move. He's also got the basic d/f+2 uppercut and the u/f+4 jumping kick,
which are both fast reliable one hit launchers. Then there's everyones favourite Forest
Law move the Junkyard Combo. Don't you just love killing your opponent with that move over
and over again. In Tekken 3, the Junkyard wasn't really a juggle move, but now in Tekken
Tag, you can easily add the Double Flipkick on the end to really piss your friend of.

4. Movelist with importance ratings (I rate the moves on their importance)

Law has over 70 moves. To master him, you have to find a purpose for everyone of those (or
at least most). Below I have divided his movelist by the importance of the move. Each move
shall be rated and the reason for the rating shall be given ('R' stands for 'Reason'). The
most important moves are rated with a one (1). These are the moves you should use
the most and learn first. The rest of the moves are either a 2 or a 3. The moves with a 2
are still important but shouldn't be overused as they are possible too risky, slow etc. 3
are moves that you should use if you really have no other choice or if there is a huge
opening and the move the opposition has preformed has long recovery time. You will find
that I have given some strategies on the moves under the 'S' section.

The following moves I rate 1:

Command           Place    Name               Damage Escape  
2+4               front    Hopping Frog       30     2
R- This throw leaves the opponent very close allowing initial damage such as Dragon's
Tail added. Aswell as Dragon's Tail, moves like Dragon Judgement can also be used.
d/f+1+2           front    Chastisement Punch 30     2
= 1,2,1+2       = Bulldog Drop                35     --
R- With the first, Chastisement Punch throw, you may land a Dragon's Tail if you're
lucky. However, for the Bulldog Drop you can lay in some maximum slaughter of your
f,f+3+4 [~5]      front    Dragon Knee [tag]  28     1+2
R- Once again leaves opponent quite close for perhaps a Junkyard and can also be used as
a tag throw.
f+2+3             front    Run Up Drop        30     1
R- A very fast throw, although not always the easiest to connect. It is an excellent way
to finish moves like the Rave War Combo (F+2,2,2) that is stopped after the second hit.
1+3 or 2+4 or 2+5 back    Dragon Bites        50     --
R- It does excellent damage and to make things even better, you can add stuff like
Dragon's Tail after it.

Command             Name                        Damage         Range       Properties
F+2,2,2             Rave War Combo              12,5,10        hmh
R- A very fast three hit combo. It interrupts very well hits high and mid and can be
delayed for a long period of time. It is an excellent set up move for your stronger
attacks and juggles.
S- If it doesn't hit on a counter, it is a good idea to end this move on the second hit.
The last punch is a high backfist and if it's ducked, you will be left very open. If it
is blocked then add a quick move like d/f+2. Or if you see your opponent getting ready
to attack go for the low jab to somersault. If the first two hits do connect, then you
can add on a Run Up To Drop, or back dash out of trouble and strike with a Dragon Storm.
d,d/f,F+1           Power Jab                   12             h           Knocks down
= ~4,3,4          = Shaolin Spin Kicks          16,12,12       hhh       on counter hit
= ~4,u+3          = Roundhouse - Somersault     16,30          hm                    
R- It may look like an ordinary jab, but I think it's slightly faster than Law's normal
one. Any way, this is a very good move if you want to tag out.
S- If you're against a bulldog then make them eat this move. It doesn't do a lot of
damage, but it knocks the opponent back a bit on a normal hit, and on a counter it
knocks them down.
4,u+3               Roundhouse - Somersault     16,30          hm
R- An excellent all round move. Use this to score high in juggles, or use it to trick
your opponent into attacking. This move is very deceiving as it can perform a follow
up very quickly.
S- It's and excellent move for confusing especially if you add throws after
it for people will be expecting a Junkyard or Dragon Storm.
b+1,2,1 [~5]        Dragon Storm [tag]          12,12,15       hmm          Juggle
R- Has good reach for a punch, comes out fast enough to interrupt, can be delayed for
a decent period and if connects right it sets up the most lethal juggles.
S- Do not over use this move, as it leaves you very open if blocked. 
(Back Turned)1or2   Dragon Back Blow            15             h  
R- When your back is facing your opponent you are in a very vulnerable stage. Mastering
this move will reduce those chances by a mile.
2,2                 Rave War                    6,10           hh
R- A quite fast two hit combo which should be used mainly as an interrupter.
d/b+2               Dragon Whip                 15             m
 = ~4 [~D]        = Spring Kick                 25             m
R- Both hits will only hit on a counter. If they do a lot of damage is inflicted.
S- This move is also good for fast d/f+2 type launchers. Using just the Dragon Whip
is recommended as long as you're ready to low jab or do the dragon Back Blow.
b+2,3,4 [~5]        Junkyard Combo [tag]        12,8,22        mlm          Juggle
R- Do I really have to explain. This move has been getting on the nerves of so many
players that it's not funny. It is probably Law's best move. The reason being it's
versatility. It is fast so it's good at interrupting. It is a juggle which delivers
damn fine damage. It is quite tricky to block. And finally it is supa dupa at attacking
opponents who are rising from the ground.
d+2,3               Mid Jab - Somersault       8/10,21         mm
R- Law's fastest somersault mixup. And excellent interrupter and a very fast and quite
powerful juggle launcher.
WS+2 [~5]           Dragon Upper [tag]         22              m            Juggle
R- A very good juggle starter with decent power. It's speed is not too bad, but against
experts you'll have to time it well.
SS+2,1,2~1          Dragon Judgement           10,7,10,27      mmmm
R- Unless you input the sidestep very quickly it'll be kind of predictable. Most people
know Law has dangerous sidestep attacks so they'll keep back if you do so. This move is
excellent against a person rising from the ground and against a back turn. This is
because it's so fast.
D/F,d,d/f+3         Dragon Slide               17             L
R- Probably Law's trickiest moves, but it's well worth it. Laws Dragon Slide is so fast
that a standing opponent has practically no chance unless he's psychic. The crouch is the
only part that makes it predictable.
SS+3+4              Double Dragon              16,22          mh
R- Packs awesome power if it connects. Leaves you open if it's blocked. A very hard move
to block if the first hit connects.
any jump+4 [~5]      Quick Catapult [tag]      25             m             Juggle
 = 3              = Twin Catapult              21             m             Juggle
R- This combination makes the most of juggles extremely energy reducing. In itself, if
whiffed can be punished though only if your opponent has distance. Close up, a low jab can
save your life.
d+3+4 [*D]          Frog Man [lies down]       25 or 27       mm
R- An excellent move against bulldogs. Is fast and if you whiff it you have the safety
option of lying down.
d/b+4               Dragon's Tail              25             l
R- The best low move Law has and boy is it a good one. Though be careful when using, as if
it's blocked then Law trips and is very open.
b+1+3 or 2+4        High Parry                 --             --
R- Parries are always better then reversals because they can't be reversed. Your
opposition will have a hard time causing damage if you parry their every attack.
d or d/b+1+3 or 2+4 Low Parry                  --             --
R- Harder to use then the other parry, but more effective as it sends the opponent of
b+1+2               Tricky Step (parry)        --             --
 = *1             = Tricky Trap                12             h
 = 2              = Tricky Fist                12             h
 = 3              = Tricky Step In Kick        22             h
 = 4              = Tricky Low Kick            15             l
R- In my opinion, this is probably the best punch parry in all of Tekken Tag. You have
a range of four different moves each useful for something different.

The following moves I rate 2:

Command           Place    Name               Damage Escape
1+3               front    Dragon's Fire      7,23   1
R- This throw looks great but in actual fact isn't that useful. Since Law whacks the
opponent so far away, your only chance is to do a dashing attack.
1+3 or 2+4 or 2+5 left     Headlock Kick      40     1
R- The throw alone does decent damage but doesn't really give you the range to do a
follow on to your grounded opponent.
1+3 or 2+4 or 2+5 right    Nut Cracker        42     2
R- Same thing here.

Command             Name                        Damage         Range       Properties
1,2                 Double Punch                5,12           hh
R- It's speed is pretty crap, considering this is Bruce Lee's clone we're talking about.
f+1+2               Dragon Hammer               23             m           Bounce Juggle
                                                                           on counter
R- A handy move with decent speed and power. It's very useful on a counter hit though, if
you can manage to get it.
3,4 [~5]            Head Kick - Somersault[tag] 18,21          hm          Juggle
3,3,4 [~5]          Double Kick - Somersault[tag] 18,10,21     hhm         Juggle 
3,3,3,4 [~5]        Triple Kick - Somersault[tag] 18,10,10,21  hhhm        Juggle 
R- These variations set up juggles very nicely, if they hit. It is not likely that you
well connect both the head kick/s and the flipkick unless you're fighting an idiot. Use
these combinations to interrupt slow strings when you have distance.
3,f+3               Head Kick - Step In Kick   18,15          hm
3,3,f+3             Double Kick - Step In Kick 18,10,15       hhm
R- A similar combo except there is no flipkick. Again should be used for interrupting as
it is too easy to parry or reverse.
d+3,3,f+3           Rave Kicks - Step In Kick  8,10,15        lhm
d+3,3,3,f+3         Rave Kicks - Head Kick - Step in Kick  8,10,10,15 lhhm
R- Slightly less predictable then the previous, but shouldn't be over used. Good against
opponents who are rising of the ground.
d+3,3,4             Rave Kicks - Somersault    8,10,21        lhm          Juggle
d+3,3,3,4           Rave Kicks - Head Kick - Somersault  8,10,10,21 lhhm   Juggle
d+3,3,3,3,4         Rave Kicks - Double Head Kick - Somersault 8,10,10,10 21 lhhhm Juggle
R- Probably the best variation out of Law's kicking combos. Quite good at atacking rising
opponents, hits all three ranges and it's damage is decent.
D/F+3,3,3           Step In Combo              18,10,16       mlh
R- A mixture of a Step In Kick and a stronger version of the Rave Kicks. Hard to connect
so should really be only used as a counter for distance attacks.
(While running)+3   Leaping Slash Kick         30             m
R- Dodges low attacks pretty well, has good strength with average speed by it's side.
d+3,4 [~5]          Crouch Kick - Somersault[tag]12,21        lm           Juggle
R- Good against rising opponents and has very deceiving recovery time. Your opponent may
think you're vulnerable from you crouch, but you stun them with a low jab, or a fast
rising attack.
WS+3,4 [~5]         Twist Kick - Somersault[tag]28,25         hm           Juggle
R- The same move as the normal rising Twist Kick. The only difference is that the
somersault comes in handy, if the Twist Kick is whiffed.
any jump+3,4 [~5]   Jump Kick - Somersault [tag]25,25         mm           Juggle
R- Good against an opponent who is doing a low kick. The Jump Kick will dodge it, while
the somersault shall launch on a counter hit.
From crouch, any jump,4 [~5]Fake Somersault - Sky Kick [tag]15or22or25 m   Juggle
R- A good trick move against an opponent who is expecting a somersault kick. The following
Sky Kick will hit him sky high.
d+4,3          Low Kick - Somersault    7,21            lm            Juggle 
R- Same reason as Crouch Kick to Somersault.
d/f+4,3        Front Kick - Somersault  15,21           mm            Juggle 
WS+4,3         Face Kick - Somersault   12,21           mm            Juggle 
R- These two moves are literally the same except one is done standing, while the other
from a rising crouch. Should only be used as counters otherwise they leave you very, very

Command                         Hits    Damage                  Range 
d/f+1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,3,4         10      10,5,6,5,7,6,7,7,10,25  mhm"hh"Lhhhm
d/f+1,2,2,1,3,d+3,3,N+4,4,4     10      10,5,6,5,7,6,6,8,15,38  mhm"hh"Lm"lLm
d/f+1,2,2,1,3,d+3,3,3,4,4       10      10,5,6,5,7,6,6,7,7,38   mhm"hh"Lm"lLm
d/f+1,3,2,2,3,3,3,4,3,4         10      10,6,6,8,6,6,7,7,10,25  mlm"hhLhhhm
d/f+1,3,2,2,3,d+3,3,N+4,4,4     10      10,6,6,8,6,6,6,8,15,38  mlm"hhLm"hlm
d/f+1,3,2,2,3,d+3,3,N+3,4,4     10      10,6,6,8,6,6,6,7,7,38   mlm"hhLm"lLm
R- Law's ten hitters are quite good. Fast do enough damage and aren't the easiest to
block... for beginners and some intermediates. Be careful when you're using them and don't
over use them.

The following moves I rate 3:

Command             Name                        Damage         Range       Properties
f+2~1 [~5]          Poison Arrow [tag]          40             m
R- It's not that its a bad move, but it is so useless. It is so slow and even moves with
average recovery time can block it after a whiff. Should only be used as a counter though
it surprisingly has decently short recovery time.
b+1+2               Tricky Step                 --             --
 = 1              = Fake Step Blow              43             m
 = 2 [~5]         = Dragon Upper [tag]          32             m           Juggle
 = 3              = Low Fake Step               10             l
R- For me, this has never been successful. It takes ages to do an attack, the step totally
gives it away making it the most predictable move Law has. I guess it can be used while
your opponent is recovering from something like the Falling Leaf combo or from a juggle.
d/b+1+2             Dragon Fang                 100            !
 = u,u            = Cancel                      --            --
R- The cancel really saves your but half the time. Use this when you have distance or time
on your side.

5. Law's general strengths and weaknesses:

Nearly all Tekken characters have some weaknesses, nearly. An example of a no weakness
character is Nina, she is just too god damn perfect. If you can find a weakness she has,
then congratulations 'cos many people can't. Anyway, Law isn't perfect like Nina which
gives you that challenging edge. You should concentrate on strengths and weaknesses equally
or rather more on weaknesses. Strengths aren't always important because all characters have
them. Weaknesses however aren't as common. When you are about to verse someone, consider
the "characters" strengths and weaknesses as well as your own. There's nothing worse then
going into battle not having a clue what to expect. If you can, first observe what your
opponent does if you've never seen him fight before. Attack with a fast safe pokes, and
get ready to reverse a reversal just in case your opponent is better then you thought.
Let them attack and watch the combo's and retaliations. Don't give away your best moves
at the beginning and if your adversary comes at you crazy with killer combos dash back
and get ready to parry.
Forest Law's strengths:
1. He is fast, one of the fastest males
2. His parrying abilities are excellent
3. His juggling delivers huge damage
4. His punches have close and long ranges
5. He has many defensive moves against bulldogs such as Frogman and the backwards
   somersault (u/b+4)
6. He has more throws then an average character
7. He can attack all ranges, low, high and mid
8. His power up can be cancelled and delivers the second most damage in Tekken Tag after
   Kuma's Fatal Wind and Gun Jack's Dark Greeting
9. Attacking opponents who are rising from the ground
10.His few power shots come out quite fast
Forest Law's Weaknesses:
1. He's too predictable at times, the amount of moves he has is quite small compared to
2. He lacks any decent kicking combinations beside his somersaults
2. He leaves himself open many times forcing to finish many combos early
3. None of his front throws do a great deal of damage
4. Doesn't take a lot of damage to knock out i.e. his hit points are low
5. Lacks any very damaging power shots (his main damage range is around the 30's and
   high 20's
6. Law compared to other characters (Law's strengths and weaknesses compared
   to other characters)

Although characters have a natural advantage and disadvantage over others, it isn't
impossible to beat them. It just means that you're gonna have to fight harder then usual.
Below, I have compared Law to all the characters in Tekken Tag. It is all general knowledge
and won't work 100% of the time, but it gives you a rough strategy against each of the
characters. The characters that have an asterisk beside their name are Law's trouble
source. If you come face to face with them, get ready for a hard fight. The characters with
a plus sign are not as hard but still aren't easy. The ones with no mark you shouldn't have
much trouble with.

* Anna & * Nina Williams: They are both very fast and Nina is equipped with a reversal. They
are one of Law's hardest opponents. Remember to parry a lot as they will otherwise poke you
to death. Dash back and attack with fast long reaching attacks like the Dragon storm.

Armour King & * King: Armour King is fairly easy, just watch his Stagger Kicks and power shots.
King is another story. He can poke very well, has a tonne of throws and multis, and can
reverse Law's somersault kicks. Play a little more defensive then usual as King's Stagger
kicks are very overused, but attack enough for Law's speed is his advantage here. When
playing defensively watch that he doesn't throw you, better still keep him at a distance
and attack him with long range attacks.

Baek Do San & Hwoarang: Remember, Baek's strength is in his legs, and hands are always faster
than feet. Just watch for his little kick combos and get distance when possible. You can easily
interrupt his strings with your Rave War, Machine Gun Arrow, Dragon Whip to Spring Kick and
anything fast enough to beat Baek. If he starts his combos from a distance then get ready knock
him flat with Poison Arrow. Hwoarang is quite different from his master. Hwoarang makes
more use of his hands to try and lure you into attacking so he can land a big kick in your face.
He still does Tae Kwon Do though, so remember the golden rule: hands are faster then feet.
Unlike Baek, Hwoarang doesn't do as many combos and he has the feet change thing, motion switch
it's called. His combos are based around the same principles, so get ready to interrupt and of
course parry. Don't over use multiple punch strings like the Machine Gun arrow otherwise
Hwoarang will knock you aside with moves like Nose Bleeder (b+4). With Law's Bruce Lee spirit
on your side you should handle the Blood Talon easily.

+ Bryan Fury & + Bruce Irvin: Being kickboxers their punches are the fastest out of the guys.
Bruce's main weapon is the speed of his punches which he combines with his legs. Bruce has
many PK (punch kick) combos. So it isn't wise to try to parry for you are likely to
mispredict which one he's going to do. The main thing against him is to continuously attack
with fast safe moves. Don't give him breathing room but once in while dash back and let
him attack. If he hits you don't retaliate straight away as that's what he's waiting for.
Bryan is quite different though his punches remain the same speed. Just make sure you don't
continuously attack otherwise Bryan's Hammerdriver (1+2) will thrash you. Also remember that
he has a punch parry equipped with a counter just like Law's Fake Step parry. Don't be too
offensive but don't be too defensive. What ever you do, don't try to interrupt his strings.
Dragon's Tail should be used cautiously because if you're blocked then Bryan can assault you
with his excellent range of crouching moves.

Eddy Gordo/ Tiger Jackson: Well, they say that nobody knows all of Eddy's moves and they're
probably right. The main weapon Eddy can hit you with is his confusing strings, there are
many of them. But with Law, you can interrupt his strings with many moves as long as you are
quite familiar with Eddy's strings. If you're not, then make sure you stay in close and
interrupt everything he throws at you. Also watch for his throws for his Rodeo Spin hurts
quite a bit. His front throws leave you quite close him making it easy to add a following
move before you can get up. Many of Eddy's moves are low so have your low parry ready but
be careful as if you don't parry the low attack right then the next is bound to mid and
knock you down.

+/* Forest Law: What can I say, this could be an extremely hard fight, or it could be head
slapping easy. It all depends on how good you are with Law and how good your opposition is.
If you both are at the same level of experience then it's really just luck if either of you
win. Though remember, he's got everything you have, whether he can use it or not concludes
his experience.

+/* Ganryu: Just saying his name ticks me off. I hate the fat blob! His style proves quite
difficult for Law as he uses a lot of dodge based attacks, and moves that can't be parried.
The moves I'm talking about are his shoulder rams and body tackles. So don't try to parry,
unless you see an obvious punch or kick which is quite rare. Ganryu has all advantages on
his side. You may think that because he's fat that he's slow, well you're wrong. His speed
is quite good even though Law is faster. You'll really have to attack from a distance and
when you see him coming nail his fat but with Frogman or a Retreating Somersault (u/b+4).
Because he's big, he isn't the easiest to sidestep. When he throws you, don't fall for the
foot stomp. If you wanna knock him with Charge Power Punch when he's about to do the stomp,
make sure you have decent distance. For the move is very deceiving, as I found out. DON'T
try to use Charge Power punch when he sits down. Ganryu isn't as hopeless as Gun Jack who
take ages to rise. He has moves in which he rises as he does so. Against him use mainly
long reaching mid moves like Dragon Storm and Junkyard and all the rest of them. Ganryu's
tackles go under high attacks and he will squish you if you try Dragon's Tail.

Gun Jack, * Jack 2 & P. Jack: If you give him a chance, Gun Jack will wipe you out with just
a few hits. Thankfully, unlike Ganryu, Gun Jack is very slow. You can really just go full out
and take the offensive side, for he won't be able to do anything as he's so slow. Just watch
out for his Double Axe (d+1+2) which goes under high attacks and does a great deal of damage.
Because of this don't attack with moves like Machine Gun Arrow from a distance. Stay in close
and clean him out. If you do by any chance get some distance, remember that he's got longer
reach. Wait for him to come and parry or interrupt what he throws at you. P.Jack is the same
but he doesn't have the Double Axe move. Still he is slightly faster than Gun Jack so be more
careful when attacking. Jack 2 is probably the hardest of Jacks, mainly because his speed is
greater then both Gun Jack and P. Jack. His moves do a lot of damage and are quite fast. Here
you have to be more defensive and parry his moves. His lack of moves makes him predictable
so let him come to you and if he comes in throwing range punch him back out of it. All in all
be careful.

+ Heihachi Mishima & + Kazuya Mishima: Remember what I said at the beginning? Thunder and Wind
Godfist's. Yes now you remember. Heihachi is mainly a power character, but if you come close
and poke him crazy he'll hit you with the super fast Demon's Breath or Shining Fists. So
attacking in close range isn't recommended. Stay at medium range so your Junkyard and Dragon
Storm reach but also so you can see his Thunder Godfist coming. It's not wise to wait for a
while and then go in to attack, as Heihachi's Hammer to Power Punch does high damage on a
counter hit. In close range short pauses are recommended as they give time for the old man
to retaliate. Heihachi isn't a combo character but his Hell Axle (u/f 3,4) is parryable. If
you use moves like Junkyard and Law's Dragon Whip to Spring Kick you will overpower Heihachi.
His lack of moves should give you yet another advantage. Kazuya is very similar. He doesn't
have the Demon's Breath but he has the Demon Godfist (d/f+2) which stuns and is pretty fast.
Your speed should be your weapon and parry. Don't do somersault kicks unless they are
guaranteed to hit. The Main thing to worry about Kazuya is that his punches stun when they
hit. The number of moves Kazuya has is very small so take note of what moves are mainly used
and get ready to parry.

* Jin Kazama: Jin has fast moves as well as strong ones. He attacks all ranges and has reversals.
Because of his mixed style it is hard to determine what he will use next. Here you'll have
to mix the game up. Stay mainly in medium range and when going in close attack fast and hard
and then away so he can't reverse. Don't be predictable or he'll reverse your every move.
Make use of your juggles and somersault kicks. Remember his Wind Godfist hits high and can
be ducked under. Jin has very few low attacks and because of this he will use his Spinning
Demon to trick you. Stay on guard, block his Spinning Demon and retaliate with you Dragon
Upper and deliver a killer juggle or do a rising somersault.

+ Julia Chang & Michelle Chang: They have good mix ups but even still they are quite
predictable if you're playing defensively. Remember they can't take much damage so when you
see them beginning their Bowleg combos, dash back and get ready to do either a Double Flipkick
or Poison Arrow. They are quite fast too with their 8 frame jab beating everything you have,
besides your parry.

* Jun Kazama: Very annoying with her combos so play on the defensive side so her combos
don't land on a counter hit. Jun plays better on the attack so keep her blocking but watch
for her reversals which she is bound to use at any cost. Also watch for her Thunder Fall
Kick (3+4) which she is likely to use to jump over your attacks and land on a counter.
Make sure her combos don't hit on a counter and you'll be all right to parry and kill.

+ Lei Wulong: Lei has many mix ups and a tonne of tricks to pull of from all of his
12 stances. Yes 12! He's got his animal stances, back turn and Play Dead. Lei Has a
good defensive game with his Play Dead and Cannon Ball in which he moves his head back first.
Attacking and defending should be around 50% each. If Lei comes rushing in with his Razor
Rush let him come and block and parry if you can. If you can't parry his Razor Rush wait
for him to get into his animal stance and try to parry again. With a bit of luck Lei will
do some sort of punch. Don't continuously attack but put him under pressure so he goes to
the ground. From there you can nail him with either Dragon's Tail or even better the
Junkyard Combo.

Ling Xiaoyu: Too sweat to kill? Not for you. Her sidesteps and evading is excellent,
kind of matches Law's defensive style of parrying. Her speed is similar to yours if not
slightly better. So knock her out from a distance with Poison Arrow. If she goes into the
Phoenix position, dash back. From there you can either attack with a Junkyard or dash
back again and sidestep, move in and do a low hit to somersault. A more weirder solution
is to keep dashing back at which point you'll be at the edge of the screen and she'll be
up standing. From there you can try some sort of Charge Power Punch trick such as powering up
and cancelling a few times. Then power up again but don't cancel. When Ling is in the back
turned position attack with a fast low kick
eg. d+4 or 3
or do a low jab. The better solution is not to attack but instead do Frogman or the
Reverse Double flipkick (u/d+4,3). Don't leave yourself too open as Ling has fast good
damaging attacks that hit mid and can't even be ducked in an emergency.

+ Paul Phoenix: The power house from hell is still here. He's been here from Tekken 1, and
he hasn't given up yet. You probably know this but I'll tell you just in case. WATCH OUT
FOR HIS PHOENIX SMASHER'S! As well as that, his Falling Leaf is equally annoying so stay on
guard. Paul can reverse so be careful. Don't try to parry his Phoenix Smasher unless you're
very confident, cos if you miss time it, Paul will send you flying. Use your speed against
him and use very safe moves. If you do that then Paul has nothing left to do but to go home.

Yoshimitsu & Kunimitsu: Watch his uppercut (d/f+2) and interrupt his ten strings as soon
as they start. Watch his Flea tricks and healing and you should have no problem. Kunimitsu
is practically the same except she has less moves. Watch her Skyfall (u,1+2)), her
disappearance thingies (b,1+2) and her knife stabs which are quite fast.

* Lee Chaolan: Lee can be quite difficult. His speed is greater then Law's and he has moves
for every situation. He is very good at close range and can also perform Paul's Shredder
Combo (f,f*3,4...) if you are too far away. Stay and vary the ranges you are in but make sure
you don't continuously attack or Lee will Silver Whip you to death. His hit points are quite
low (lower then Law's) so a good strategy would be to move back when he begins his Laser Edge
Machine Gun mix ups and then hit with Poison Arrow or something that does decent damage. Try
not to get thrown as Lee's throws leave you close to him and Lee is an expert at low kicks.
Lee's strategy will be similar to yours as his health is low and he needs counter hits to do
decent damage. Parry a lot and if you see your chance throw in a few ten strings. Play
defensively but attack enough for Lee's moves don't do super damage and for the most you can
take some hits like his Silver Whip. Know which moves he can throw Hitman after and don't get
hit by his Hitman moves.

Wang: Wang is the same as Michelle or Julia except he has very low health points.

+ Alex/ Roger: Fight them as you would fight King or Armour King. Watch for their Wind Up
Punch mix ups and don't get hit by their Animal Uppercut.

*/+ Kuma/ Panda: They can be really annoying. Think of them as Jack 2 and Ganryu put
together. They are fast and do a lot of damage. They all have the old Jack punch combos only
their's are faster. Watch for their Rolling Bear and the Hunting positions. If you're not
careful Kuma and Panda will do a lot of damage before you know it. Parrying should be
easy. Remember if you wanna cause more damage after your parry do the Tricky Trap and add
Dragon's Tail after it.

+ Ogre and True Ogre: The only good thing about these weirdoes is that it's hard to predict
their moves because they are a mixture of so many characters. Watch their unblockables and
remember that True Ogre has very good arm reach.

Devil/ Angel: These are just Kazuya with lasers. They have the Wind Godfist and their Twin
Pistons don't have to be done from a crouch. Their Thunder Godfist is less powerful then the
Mishima one, but that's only because if it hits, Devil can do a flying slam (f,N,d,D/F,2,U/F).
Fight them as you would Kazuya and watch out for their Reverse Air Laser (3+4,3+4) which can
be deceiving.

7. Juggles

As we all should know by now, one of Law's main strengths are his juggles. below I have
written the strongest juggles for the best launchers.

Dragon Storm & Dragon Upper (B+1,2,1 or WS+2)

     Command                                       Damage     Hits

1.   U/F+4,3                                       71 or 54   5 or 3
2.   f+2~1,5,d (Law needs to be partnered with     71         5
     a character who will do the Poison Arrow      
     tag with him.) This juggle only works for
     Dragon Storm.
3.   4,u+3,d/f+3 (works best for Dragon Storm)     75         6
4.   4,u+3,d/b+4 (works best for Dragon Upper)     61         4
5.   u/f+3,4     (works best for Dragon Storm)     71         5

Junkyard (hard to connect) (B+2,3,4)

     Command                                       Damage  Hits

1.   U/F+4,3                                       74      5
2.   ~f+2~1                                        74      4
3.   ~f+2~1,d (Law needs to be partnered with      71      5
     a character who will do the Poison Arrow
4.   d/b+2,4                                       66      5

Twin Catapult (U/F+4,3)

     Command                                       Damage  Hits

1.   d+2,3~d/b+4                                   80        5
2.   d,d/f,F+1,d/b+4                               63        4

Somersault Kick (U/F+4)

     Command                                       Damage  Hits

1.   WS+3,4                                        59      3
2.   U/F+4                                         49      2

Somersault Variations- If your juggle begins with a somersault variation (eg. Crouch
Kick to somersault, Head Kick to Somersault, Low Jab to Somersault etc), then it is
best to finish it of with a somersault variation of your choice.

8. Tag info

Many say that Law needs to have somebody strong like Paul or King to back him up. This
is believed because Law has low health points and needs a heavy hitter on his side. But
in my opinion, if you find a partner for Law that is suitable and you work very well with,
then stay with him. My team is Law and Xiaoyu. Sure they both have very low health points
and don't do decent damage, but I found that the two worked well together. They both can
parry very well, and have very fast and evasive attacks. Though to have a team like mine,
you have to be at a quite high experience level otherwise the heavy hitters will eat you
for breakfast. I can't tell you the best partner for Law as everybody learns differently.
Personally, I think that all the characters that can do the Poison Arrow Tag with Law,
are a good idea to choose from. Below I have written down teams that I would choose.

BAEK & Law: Law loves to punch, Baek loves to kick. This makes it a very confusing team
for your opponent.

EDDY & Law: A very similar team, but even more confusing. As you probably know, Eddy's
the master of confusion and so will back up Law small variety in a flash.

BRYAN & Law: A very dangerous team that nobody will mess with. Bryan's vicious array of
swift yet strong punches and kicks complements Law's lack of power shots.

KING & Law: I'm not sure why this is good, but people say so, which is why I've added it.

JIN & Law: Jin is one of the best characters in Tekken Tag. He makes up once again for
Law's lack of power shots.

HWOARANG & Law: Played well, Hwoarang and Law can drain very good damage of their
opponent. They can pull of the deadliest of tag juggles and complement each other well.
When punching comes together with hard kicking and confusing combos there isn't much
the opposition can do.

HEIHACHI & Law: Two juggle masters, one with muscle strength, while the other having
lightning speed. A very good team with the small weakness of, lacking variety.

LEI & Law: Lei's confusing Kung Fu mix ups and quite crippling kicks go well with Law's
Dragon Stuff.

LING & Law: THE BEST TEAM BECAUSE IT'S MY TEAM! Just kidding. Very good on the defensive
side. Both Ling and Law can parry and Ling has many sidestepping moves aswell. They are
both speed characters which gives them the weakness of low health points.

NINA & Law: Anyone good with Nina is always a good back up. Nina's large variety and few
weaknesses, help Law's limited number and easy to counter moves.

PAUL & Law: Law and Paul have very good Poison Arrow tag combinations. Teaming up with
Paul is similar to teaming with Heihachi. Paul's heavy hitters really can save Law's but
when he needs it.

9. General Strategy

Law has quite fast punch strings which vary but are good at poking and interrupting. He
attacks with three hit combos and is a very good juggler. Whenever you launch someone
with a juggle, do as much damage as possible. Law's single power shots are quite sparse
and aren't the best in the game. Even still, Law can do a lot of damage with his somersault
mix ups and Dragon's Tail combos. He can do all this, but if he makes a mistake, he
can be punished very harshly. Don't continuously attack as you are likely to whiff an
attack and get your head stomped on. Also take advantage of any rising or rolling opponent
that are close by. Your Junkyard can flatten them easily. If you are up against someone
slow keep them under a lot of pressure and interrupt everything they throw at you. On the
other hand. If you are versing a swift fighter, keep at good distance and play
defensively, parrying there every move.

It is always better to defend with Law, as he can parry very well and if he sees an
opening, his Dragon stuff will leave the opponent in a wheelchair. To defend, you have to
be a good blocker, or at least a damn good interrupter. Remember interrupting is a part of
defence. And you should interrupt when possible with good fast and decent damage moves.
Also make sure you don't leave yourself open because Law's health points aren't something
to brag about. Parry as much as possible and be very cautious with what you throw at your

10. Credits

Credits go to Tekken Zaibatsu from whom I got the movelist. And to Namco as I got a lot of
info from their mag about the Tekken Tag characters. The authors of Forest Law guides
deserve some credit too as they inspired me to write my own. And, um, that's it I think...
oh no, how could I forget. Bruce Lee deserves major credit as if it wasn't for him then
there wouldn't be any wannabe's like Forest trying to impersonate him. Also credit goes to
my friends Mylo, Benny, Glenn, Jensen, Mouhsin and Dion for being my punching bags and training
dummies against Law.

Date finished: saturday 7/14/01 8:38pm

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