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Baek by columbo

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 07/26/01

Tekken Tag Tournament
Baek Doo San FAQ 3.0 (7/30/01)
Written by columbo

Table of contents

1) Legal Issues
2) Introduction
3) Bio
4) Why Baek?
5) Conventions
6) Move List
7) Frame Data
8) Some Moves In Depth
9) Wave Dash
10) Strategies
11) Combos
12) Vs.Strategies
13) Contributions
14) Partner Suggestions
15) Credits
16) Version History

1) Legal Issues

You may not reproduce, sell, or distrubute this faq without my concent.
You can however print this guide for your own personal use.

Tekken, Tekken2, Tekken3, Tekken Tag Tournament are registered
copyrights of Namco 1998, 1999, 2000.

2) Introduction

This is my first FAQ so i hope it's detailed and helpful. I have
been playing with Baek for quite some time now, IMO he is good
character to learn and master. The reason I decided to write this
FAQ is due to the balant lack of information on Baek, so low and
behold my knowledge of the Tae Kwon Do master himself.

3) Bio

Baek Doo San "Killing Hawk"

Country of Origin: South Korea
Fighting Style: Tae Kwon Do
Age: 27
Height: 5'11
Weight: 154 lbs
Blood Type: B
Occupation: Martial Artist
Hobby: Skydiving
Likes: Memories of His Father
Appearences: Tekken 2, Tekken Tag Tournament

Baek's father was one of the foremost experts of Tae Kwon Do. During his
childhood, he learnt the ways of this martial art and won many tournaments
until an injury forced him to quit the sport. This lead Baek's family into
terrible poverty and angered Baek. This rage towards his families dissention
caused Baek to kill his father after a furious arguement. Grieving and full
of remorse, Baek was taken into police custody where he spent most of his
childhood. During this time, his Tae Kwon Do skills became legendary as he
became totally focussed on his fighting prowess; wishing to honour his father.

After 3 years, he fled the police home and took to the streets becoming a pit
fighter of great strength and a firm audience favourite; striking his opponents
again and again to see them reduced to a bloodied mess. Tracked by a secret
organisation aware of his past, Baek was coaxed into the assassination of the
owner of a property wanted by the group; a certain Marshall Law. Baek was only
partly sucessful and enters the second tournament to finish his task and destroy

4) Why Baek?

With over 30 characters to choose from, why should I choose Baek?
For the most part, Baek has been greatly improved upon since his debut
in Tekken 2. He's a much more well rounded character, he can mix up his
punch attacks as well his as kicks now. Baek can be efficent on the
offensive or defensive because of his long range and quick attacks.

He's Evasive, he can easily go into Flamingo Stance and processes good side
stepping tatics. He has a Class 1 Launcher from crouch dash, parries, good
speed and power and long range.

He can become predictable, he doesn't take damage too well and some of his
moves come out slow. No other real weakness that can be exploited.

5) Conventions

1 - Left Punch
2 - Right Punch
3 - Left Kick
4 - Right Kick
5 - Tag

f - forward          d/f - down/forward
b - backwards        d/b - down/back
d - down             u/f - up/forward
u - up               u/b - up/back

F - Hold forward     D/F - Hold down/forward
B - Hold back        D/B - Hold down/back
D - Hold down        U/F - Hold up/forward
U - Hold up          U/B - Hold up/back

N - neutral
FC - full crouch animation WS while standing up
WS - While Standing
WR - While Running
BK - Back facing the opponent
SS - Sidestep (u,N or d,N)
KD - Knockdown


+ - Moves must be done together
, - Perform right after the other
~ - Perform IMMEDIATELY after the other
> - Slight delay after the '>'
_ - Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangeable)
# - Hold movement preceeding the '#' until end of string or until N
[] - Brackets surrounding an item indicate an optional output
() - Parenthesis indicates moves grouped together
{} - Curved brackets indicate buttons needed to break a throw
CH - Counter Hit (hit 1+2+3+4 to excute)


WGF - Wind Godfist (f,N,d,d/f+2)
EWGF - Electric Wind Godfist (f,N,d,D/F~2)
TGF - Thunder Godfist (f,N,d,d/f+1)
big - Can only be done on big characters
cc - Crouch Cancel (tap u during crouch)
iWS - Instant WS (d~d/b_d~d/f+button)
(,) - The hit in parenthesis misses during the combo


l - hits low (block d/b)
m - hits mid (block b)
h - hits high (block b or duck)
L - hits low and grounded opponents (block d/b)
M - hits mid and grounded opponents (block b)
H - hits high and grounded opponents (block b or duck)
Sm - hits special mid (block d/b or b)
! -unblockable hit
<!> - unblockable hit which can be ducked
{!} - unblockable hits grounded opponents
*!* - unblockable hits big grounded opponents
" - indicates block point in string hits

6) Move List

Here is the complete official movelist for Baek with commands, damage
and hit levels in TTT, courtesy of Tekken Zaibatsu. If something is incorrect
or if I have left out something, please E-mail me about it.


Input               Position     Move Name            Damage    Escape
1+3                 Front        Hammer Head          30        1
2+4                 Front        Blue Shark Claw      30        2
D/B+1+3             Front        Swordfish Catch      30        1+2
f,f+2               Front        Cobra Bite           30        2
F+2+3 [~5]          Front        Human Cannonball*    30        2
(1+3_2+4_2+5) [~5]  Left         Snake Revenge        40        1
(1+3_2+4_2+5)       Right        Hunting Serpent      40        2
(1+3_2+4_2+5)       Back         Starfish Throw       50        n/a

Note: Human Cannonball is a special tag throw with Hwoarang only. Hwoarang
finishes with a Neck Snapper. Total damage is 10,25.


Input			Move Name		        Range
1,1 			Twin Jabs' 			hh
1,2 			Double Punch' 			hh
* 3,[~f_~b]  		High Kick [Flamingo]		h
* 3,4<3 [~5] 		Launching Rocket [tag] 		hlm
* 3,3,3,4 		Butterfly Kicks 		hhmh
* 3,3,3,d+4      	Butterfly Needle 		hhml
* 3,3,4<4<3 [~f_~b] 	Black Widow [Flamingo] 		hhhmh
* 3,3,4<4<4,3 		Silver Mantis 			hhhmhh
b+1 			Stealth Needle' 		m
SS+1 			Lace Hammer 			m
2,2 			Mantis Backhand Spin' 		hh
b+2 			Bolt Cut' 			h
f+2 			Mantis Backhand' 		h
U/F+2 			Bone Stinger 			h
f,N,d,d/f+3 [~5] 	Wing Blade [tag] 		m
3,4<3 [~5] 		Launching Rocket' [tag] 	JG
3,3,3,4 		Butterfly Kicks' 		hhmh
3,3,3,d+4 		Butterfly Needle' 		hhml
3,3,4<4<3 [~f_~b] 	Black Widow [Flamingo] 		hhhmh
3,3,4<4<4,3 		Silver Mantis 			hhhmhh
WS+3,3<4 		Wave Needle 			hml
WS+3,4<4,3 [~f_~b] 	Eliminator [Flamingo] 	        hhmh
WS+3,4<4<4,3 		Hurricane                       hhmhh
(WR_f,f,f)+3 		Leaping Slash Kick 		m
U/F,N 			Baek Hop 			n/a
* 3,4 			Trick Smash 			hh
* 3,d+4<3 [~5] 		Starlight Blade [tag] 		hlm
* 3,3,3,4 		Butterfly Kicks 		hhmh
* 3,3,3,d+4 		Butterfly Needle 		hhml
* 3,3,4<4<3 [~f_~b] 	Black Widow' [Flamingo] 	hhhmh
* 3,3,4<4<4,3 		Silver Mantis 			hhhmhh
(FC_d)+3,3,d+3 		Snake Creep' 			LLL
(FC_d)+3,3,N+3 [~5] 	Snake Blade' [tag] 		LLm
f,f+3 			Hunting Axe 			m
U/F+3,4,3 		Hunting Hawk 			mmh
U/F+3+4_3+4 [f_b] 	Flashing Halberd [FS] 		hh
f,f+4 			Hammer Heel 			M
b+4 			Heel Lance' 			m
d/b+4 			Heel Axe 			M
4<4 			Tsunami Kick' 			hm
f+4<3 [f_b] 		Heel Knife [Flamingo] 		mm
f+4,4,3 		Triple Threat 			mhh
WS+4<4<3 [f_b] 		Albatross' [Flamingo] 		mmm
WS+4<4<4,3 		Flame Hawk'			mmhh
D/F+4~4<3 [f_b] 	Albatross' [Flamingo]		mmm
D/F+4~4<4,3 		Flame Hawk'			mmhh
(FC_d)+4,3,3,3 [f_b] 	Baek Rush' [Flamingo]		lmmm
(FC_d)+4,3,3,d+3 	Baek Needle' 			lmml
b+3 			Flamingo Stance 		n/a
b+1+2 [~B] 		Punch Parry' [Flamingo] 	n/a
D/B+3+4 [b,b]		Heel Explosion' [cancel]	!


Input			Move Name			Range
f,f 			Flamingo Steppin 		n/a
b,b 			Flamingo Back Dash 		n/a
(u_d) 			Flamingo Side Step 		n/a
2~3 [~5] 		Human Cannonball [tag] 		throw
b+3 			Head Crusher 			m
(D/B_d_d/f)+3 		Maha Needle 			l
3,3,4 			Flamingo Wave Needle 		mml
3,4,4,3 [f_b] 		Flamingo Eliminator [FS]	mhmm
3,4,4,4,3 		Flamingo Hurricane 		mhmhh

Baek can cancel the Flamingo Stance into some of his regular moves. If you
are looking to cancel into a Punch or Right Kick attacks you can just input
the proper command. It gets a little trickier if you want to cancel into Left
Kick attacks or Double Kick attacks. In order to do this you have to keep
holding down Left Kick as you go into Flamingo. For the chart below lets assume
you did F+1,2,3 to go into Flamingo and you are now holding Forward and Left Kick.

Input 		        Move Name 	                Range
4,(release 3),4<3 [~5] 	Launching Rocket [tag] 		hlm
4,(rel. 3),3,3,4 	Butterfly Kicks 		hhmh
N+4 [f_b] 		Flashing Halberd [Flamingo] 	hh
d+4,(rel. 3),3,d+3 	Snake Creep 			LLL
d+4,(rel. 3),3,N+3 [~5]	Snake Blade [tag]		LLm
D/B+4 			Heel Explosion 			{!}

Note: * = New Move Added.
Note: ' = This move can be done out of the Flamingo.
Note: [Flamingo] = Going into Flamingo Stance cancels the last hit.
Note: [tag] = Can be followed with a tag combo.


Input                  Move Name      Range
4,3,3,4,3,3,3,4,3,4    Tenstring#1    h"h"lmmm"hmlm
4,3,4,3,3,3,3,3,4,3    Tenstring#2    h"h"hl"mmm"lm{!}

7) Frame Data

A frame is an animation taking place during 1/60 of a second during
a fight. Tekken Tag Tournament runs at 60 fps (frames per second) or
60Hz, which is in fact almost twice as fast as normal television
(TV runs at 32 frames)! PAL TTT runs at 50 fps or 50Hz btw, which makes
WD, CD, Crazy Legs, look weird. In TTT, attacks give you a certain frame
advantage and disadvantage in certain situations.

Most moves with a disadvantage of 8 or less can be considered safe
moves as it takes at least 8 for your opponent to execute a standard
jab and in some cases your opponent will not even be within jab range
and you have to add on whatever amount of frames it take for him to
dash within hitting range. Eddy has to ability to shorten recovery
time after certain moves with Sidestep or Recover Crouching cancels.
Each of the Frame Data List columns contain specific move information.

F Hit Column:
Indicates how many frames it takes for a move to hit after you have
finished the command. This does NOT included the number of frames it
takes to input the command.

B Adv Column:
The number of frame advantage or disadvantage when the move is blocked.
Meaning the amount of frames it takes before you can input a new
command. Positive numbers are advantages over your opponent, negative
numbers indicate a disadvantage and KD indicates the opponent gets
knocked down. This can either be a juggle, stun or any other kind of

H Adv Column:
The number of frame advantage or disadvantage on a hit. Keep in mind a
hit does not necessarily results in an advantage over the opponent.
Frame advantage on stagger moves reflects the amount of stagger frames,
this does not equal the number of frames your opponent cannot block

CH Adv Column:
The number of frame advantage or disadvantage on a Counter-Hit. Keep
in mind a Counter-Hit does not necessarily results in an advantage over
the opponent.


Input        F Hit       B Adv       H Adv        Ch Adv
1+3          12          x           x            x
2+4          12          x           x            x
f,f+2        12          x           x            x
d/b+1+3      12          x           x            x
f+2+3        12          x           x            x


Input              F Hit           B Adv                  H Adv                 Ch Adv
1,1                10 x            0 +1                   +9 +9                 +10 +12
1,2                10 x            0 -2                   +9 +11                +10 +9
*3,(f_b)           x               0                      +12                   +10
*3,4<3             x x x           -14 -10 -20            -3 0 KD               -3 0 KD
*3,3,3,4           x x x x         -14 -14 -19 -14        -3 -3 -8 KD           -3 -3 -8 KD
*3,3,3,d+4         x x x x         -14 -14 -19 -8         -3 -3 -8 +16          -3 -3 -8 +16
*3,3,4<4<3         x x x x x       -14 -14 -6 -4 -14      -3 -3 +5 +7 -3        -3 -3 +5 +7 KD
*3,3,4<4<3,(f_b)   x x x x x       -14 -14 -6 -4 -8       -3 -3 +5 +7 +3        -3 -3 +5 +7 +3
*3,3,4<4<4,3       x x x x x x     -14 -14 -6 -4 -11 -2   -3 -3 +5 +7 -2 KD     -3 -3 +5 +7 KD KD
b+1                15              -7                     +4                    +6
SS+1               14              -7                     +9                    +9
2,2                10 x            0 -13                  +9 -2                 +9 -2
b+2                13              -7                     +9                    KD
f+2                17              -13                    -2                    -2
U/F+2              26              +7                     +6                    +14
f,N,d,D/F+3        23              -20                    KD                    KD
3,4<3              14 x x          -14 -10 -20            -3 0 KD               -3 0 KD
3,3,3,4            14 x x x        -14 -14 -19 -14        -3 -3 -8 KD           -3 -3 -8 KD
3,3,3,d+4          14 x x x        -14 -14 -19 -8         -3 -3 -8 +16          -3 -3 -8 +16
3,3,4<4<3          14 x x x x      -14 -14 -6 -4 -14      -3 -3 +5 +7 -3        -3 -3 +5 +7 KD
3,3,4<4<3,(f_b)    14 x x x x      -14 -14 -6 -4 -8       -3 -3 +5 +7 +3        -3 -3 +5 +7 +3
3,3,4<4<4,3        14 x x x x x    -14 -14 -6 -4 -11 -2   -3 -3 +5 +7 -2 KD     -3 -3 +5 +7 KD KD
WS+3,3<4           16 x x          -16 -19 -8             0 -8 +16              +5 -8 +16
WS+3,4<4,3         16 x x x        -16 -6 -4 -14          0 +5 +7 -3            +5 +5 +7 KD
WS+3,4<4<4,3       16 x x x x      -16 -6 -4 -11 -2       0 +5 +7 -2 KD         +5 +5 +7 KD KD
(WR_f,f,f)+3       22              +17                    KD                    KD
U/F,N              x               x                      x                     x
*3,4               29 x            -16 -13                KD KD                 KD KD
*3,d+4<3           29 x x          -16 -10 -20            KD 0 KD               KD 0 KD
*3,3,3,4           29 x x x        -16 -14 -19 -14        KD -3 -8 KD           KD -3 -8 KD
*3,3,3,d+4         29 x x x        -16 -14 -19 -8         KD -3 -8 +16          KD -3 -8 +16
*3,3,4<4<3         29 x x x x      -16 -14 -6 -4 -14      KD -3 +5 +7 -3        KD -3 +5 +7 KD
*3,3,4<4<3,(f_b)   29 x x x x      -16 -14 -6 -4 -8       KD -3 +5 +7 +3        KD -3 +5 +7 +3
*3,3,4<4<4,3       29 x x x x x    -16 -14 -6 -4 -11 -2   KD -3 +5 +7 -2 KD     KD -3 +5 +7 KD KD
(FC_d)+3,3,d+3     16 x x          -14 -19 -17            -3 -9 -3              -3 -9 -3
(FC_d)+3,3,N+3     16 x x          -14 -19 -15            -3 -9 KD              -3 -9 KD
u/f+3,4,3          28 x x          -6 +7 x                KD KD KD              KD KD KD
3+4                16 x x          -12                    -13 KD                -11 KD
f,f+4              20              -19                    KD                    KD
b+4                16              -3                     +11                   +11
d/b+4              17              -2                     +6                    KD
4<4                11 x            -4 -4                  +7 +8                 +28 +7
f+4<3              19 x            -3 -14                 +8 -3                 +8 KD
f+4,4,3            19 x x          -3 -10 -2              +8 -1 KD              +8 KD KD
WS+4<4<3           11 x x          -3 -15 -14             +8 -4 -3              +8 -4 KD
WS+4<4<4,3         11 x x x        -3 -15 -9 -2           +8 -4 -1 KD           +8 +4 KD KD
D/F+4~4<3          12 x x          -4 -4 -14              +7 -4 -3              +7 +7 KD
D/F+4~4<4,3        12 x x x        -4 -4 -11 -2           +7 -4 -2 KD           +7 +7 KD KD
(FC_d)+4,3,3,3     12 x x x        -8 -14 -20 -19         -3 -3 -20 -8          -3 -3 -20 -4
(FC_d)+4,3,3,d+3   12 x x x        -8 -14 -20 -25         -3 -3 -20 -14         -3 -3 -20 -14


Input             F Hit           B Adv             H Adv            Ch Adv

b+3               15             -10                0                0
(d/b_d_d/f)+3     11             -14                -3               -3
3,3,4             15 x x         -14 -19 -8         -3 -8 +16        -3 -8 +16
3,4,4,3           15 x x x       -14 -6 -4 -14      -3 +5 +7 -3      -3 +5 +7 KD
3,4,4,4,3         15 x x x x     -14 -6 -4 -11 -2   -3 +5 +7 -2 KD   -3 +5 +7 KD KD


Input             F Hit         B Adv         H Adv          Ch Adv

D/B+3+4           61            x             KD             KD

8) Some Moves In Depth

What would a move list be without a explaination on how to use them?
I'll give you the usefulness of Baek's most efficent moves and how
effective they are.


Input      Position     Move Name          Damage    Escape
1+3        Front        Hammer Head        30        1
2+4        Front        Blue Shark Claw    30        2

Pretty average front throws, there are basically good for quick easy
damage on wiffed moves. But not recommended on advanced players because
these throws are easily escaped with 1 button.

Input      Position     Move Name          Damage    Escape
D/B+1+3    Front        Swordfish Catch    30        1+2

One of Baek's better throws because not only does it look cool it
requires 2 buttons to escape so it's safer to land.


Input          Move Name           Damage
b+3            Flamingo Stance     n/a

Great evasive move, also has SSR property.

Input          Move Name           Damage
1,1            Twin Jabs           5,8

Quick 2 hit jab combo, gives you a +9 frame advantage.

Input          Move Name           Damage
f,N,d,D/F+3~5  Wing Blade          25

Great launcher, works on big characters too. Safe move to throw out
because it pushes your opponent back when blocked.

Input          Move Name           Damage
3,4<3~5        Launching Rocket    15,8,25

Another decent launcher, sorta a varation of the Wing Blade.

Input          Move Name           Damage
b+1            Stealth Needle      17

A great move to use if your opponent likes to SS a lot. Has priority
over most moves, and Baek SSR during this move.

Input          Move Name           Damage
U/F+3,4,3      Hunting Hawk        15,14,25

Very similar to Hwoarang's own Hunting Hawk. Use this if your opponent
is too far to to be hit with anything else.

Input                  Move Name         Damage
(FC_d)+4,3,3,3[~f_~b]  Baek's Rush       (10_7),10,15,25

This is a good okizeme move. Decent poke attack when you cancel it into FS.

Input          Move Name           Damage
f+4<3[~f_~b]   Heel Knife          22,10

Decent move if your playing keep away, a little slow so don't use it

Input           Move Name          Damage
(FC_d)+3,3,d+3  Snake Creep        12,7,7

Good move for okizeme and mix up attacks since it hits LLL.

9) Wave Dash

Yes it's true, Baek can wave dash. Refined and perfected by
the Koreans this technique is very effective if done properly,
it's advantage is that you it gives you extra speed to pitbull
and to put pressure on your opponent.

For those who don't what I am referring to, a wavedash is basically
a crouch dash cancelled into another crouch dash until it forms a
fast movement of short crouch dashes. Wave dashing is also used in
very high levels of tournament play.

The wave dash goes as follows:
f,N,d,df,f,N,f,N (repeat).

Never WD just for the sake of closing in space between you and your
opponent, most likely you'll get a foot in your face for your trouble.

10) Strategies


Keep in mind that the Flamingo Stance is very useful because you can
quickly sidestep attacks with it. This move can get you out of alot of
trouble, it's very evasive. Here are some moves that you can do when
your in the Flamingo Stance.

Twin Jabs
Butterfly Kicks
Snake Creep


Unfortunately Baek only has one Flamingo Stance (Left) so that means he can
only double sidestep to the right. When you do b+3 you can do another SSR
(Input d when facing right or u when facing left) and this leaves you with
many options.

f+1, D/F+2
FS 3,3,4


If your facing a opponent who's a reverse scrub, learn how to chicken or
you will be losing a lot of matches. If your new to Tekken, a chicken is
the art of reversing a reverse. For example: if Baek throws a Right Punch
(2) at Paul, he can reverse my attack (b+1+3), then I can reverse his reverse
(f+2+4). This is all good on paper, but in reality unless you have tiger
like relexes you won't be quick enough to chicken it.

This is where chicken buffering comes into play, let's say when I press 2, I
can hold 2 just incase my attack gets reversed. Then if it is reversed all
I have to press is f+4.


Tagging is the basic structure of TTT, at some point you must switch characters
in order to survive (doh!). But there are diffirent ways to tag out.

The first way to tag out is a tag throw. Normal tag throws are done with 2+5,
but certain characters have special tag throws that are only done with a
specific character. For example, Baek's Human Cannonball tag throw is only
done with Hwoarang and vice versa. This is a good way to get your partner in
without taking any damage.

The second and most basic way to tag out is after you have been knocked down
or juggled and your just getting up. Most players tend to use this method which
can be risky, a deathfist, EWGF, or a nasty unblockable can leave your incoming
partner with 30% life left.

The third and final way to tag out is during a tag juggle. This is the most
safe way to tag out, plus it looks cool and the damage on a tag juggle can't
be recovered.

11) Combos

Here is the complete combo list for Baek, once again courtesy of Tekken
Zaibatsu. If something is incorrect or if I have left out something, please
E-mail me about it.

Starters: d/f+2_class 2 tag

1, d+3,3,N+3               1,2,(f+3h), 4,3,3,d+4
1, 4,4                     1,2,(f+3), 1, d+4,3
1, 4,3,(3),4               1,2,(f+3), 1, f,N,d,D/F,f+4,4
1, d+1, WS+4,4             1,2,(f+3), d+4,3,3
d+1, WS+3.4                1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3,N+3
d+1, WS+3,3,4              1,2,(f+3), 4,3,(3),4
D/F+1, 1, 3+4              1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 1,1
D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), 4        1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), b+2
D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3   1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), d+3
1, 1,2,(f+3), 2,2          1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), D/F+4
1, 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3       1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), b+4
1, 1,2,(f+3), d+4,3,3      1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), D/B+4
1, 1, d+4,3,3              1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3
1, 1, 1,2,(f+3h), N+4      1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 4,4
1, 1, 4,(3),4              1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3h), N+4
1, 1, 1,2,(3),4            f+3,3,3,4
1, 1, 1, D/B+4             3+4, d+4,3,3
1, 1, 1, f+4               d+4,3,(3),3
1, 1, 1, 1,1               4, 3+4, d+4
1, 1, 1, 1, f,f+4          4, d+4,3,3
1, 1, 1, 1, 3+4            b+4, d+4,3,3
1,2, 1,2,(3),4             4,3,(3),4,3

Starter: 1,2,3,4,3_3,4,3_d+3,3,N+3_class 2 tag

b+1, d+4,3,(f+3), D/B+4
d/f+2, d+4

Starter: 1,2,3,3,3,4_3,3,3,4_U/F,N+3,3,3,4

d+1, WS+3+4                     D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), b+2
d+1, WS+3,4                     D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), 1, f,N,d,D/F,f+4,4
d+1, WS+3,3,4                   D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), d+4,3,3
d+1, WS+4,4                     D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3
d+1, cc, 1, 3+4                 D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 1,1
d+1, cc, 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3      D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), d+3
d+1, cc, 1,2,(f+3h), N+4        D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), D/F+4
d+1, cc, 1,2,(f+3), 4           D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), b+4
d+1, cc, 1,2,(f+3), d+4,3,3     D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), D/B+4
d+1, cc, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(3),4   D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3
D/F+1, d+3,3,N+3                D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 4
D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), 2,2           f,N,d,d/f+3
D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3        d+3,3,N+3
D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3), d+4,3,3       3,4,3
D/F+1, 1, d+4,3,3               3,3,3,4
D/F+1, 1,2,(f+3h), N+4          d+4,3,3
D/F+1, 1, 1, D/B+4              D/B+4
D/F+1, 1, 1, f+4                f,f+4
D/F+1, 1, 1, 1,1                4,3,(3),4,3,3
D/F+1, 1, 1, 1, f,f+4           3+4 (big)
D/F+1, 1, 1, 1, 3+4

Starter: Bold Cut: b+2      Starter: WS+3,3,4

d+3,3,N+3                   U/F+3+4

Starter: f,f+3


Starter: 3,3,4,4,4,3_WS+3,4,4,4,3_d/f+4,4,4,3_Flamingo 3,4,4,4,3

1,2,(3),4                     1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), D/B+4
1,2,(f+3h), (4),4,3           1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3
1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3             1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3h), N+4
1,2,(f+3), d+4,3,3            1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 4
1,2,(f+3), 4,4                1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 1,2
1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 1,1     f+3,(3),3,4
1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), d+3     3+4, d+4,3,3
1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), D/F+4   d+4,3,3
1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), b+4

Starter: f,N,d,D/F+3_class 1 tag

any Standard Combo                   b+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 4
any Snake Blade Combo                b+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 1,2
u/f+3,4,3                            U/F,N+4, 1,2,(3),4
u/f+3,4, d+4,3,3                     U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3h), (4),4,3
b+4, d+1, WS+4,4                     U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3
b+4, 1,2,(3),4                       U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3), d+4,3,3
b+4, 1,2,(f+3h), (4),4,3             U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3), 4,4
b+4, 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3               U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 1,1
b+4, 1,2,(f+3), d+4,3,3              U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), d+3
b+4, 1,2,(f+3), 4,4                  U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), D/F+4
b+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 1,1       U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), b+4
b+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), d+3       U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), D/B+4
b+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), D/F+4     U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3
b+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), b+4       U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3h), N+4
b+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), D/B+4     U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 4
b+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3h), d+4,3    U/F,N+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3), 1,2
b+4, 1,2,(f+3), 1,2,(f+3h), N+4      BT 4, BT 4

Starter: view class 1 tag       Starter: view class 4 tag

any Wing Blade Combo            d+3,3,N+3

I am only going to list Baek's most effective juggles. Baek's isn't just
about fancy juggles, without knowing how to set them up, they are useless.
I've taken a few juggles from Catlord's TTT COMBO COMPENDIUM.

    d+1, FC+3,3,N+3
    b+4, d+4,3,3
    3+4, d+4,3,3
    1,2,3~F, F+4,3,{3},d+4
    1,2,3#~F, d+4,3,3
    D/F+1, 1,2,f+3, f+1, f,N,d,D/F+4,4

         f,f,BK 3,BK 4
         3+4~F, d+3
         3+4, d+4,3,3
         f,f, BK 3, BK 4
         1,2,3~f, 1,2, 3+4
         f,f, BK 4, 4,4


3+4, f,f, D/B+4

   b+1, d+4,F#+3,3,3,D/B+4

   U/F+3+4, d+4,3,3
   U/F+3+4, d+4,3,3,F#+3

[WS+3,3]4, U/F+3+4
CH b+1, D/F+3, b+4,3,4
CH D/F+1,2,1,2, D/F+3,1


cd+3,5,b+4,f+3,1,ff+4,d+4,ff+3 (Done with Baek and Hwoarang)


Baek's infinites are basically Flamingo Stance cancelable strings repeated
over and over. Remember don't abuse these infinites.

F#1,2,3, 1,2,3, 1,2,3 (repeat).
F#+1,2,3, d+4, F#+3,3,3, D/F+4,4,3 (repeat).


12) Vs.Strategies

I am not going to go through every character in TTT with great detail,
just specific points you should know on how to win against a certain

This should be a easy fight, Alex/Roger definitly one of the weaker characters
in the game IMHO. Their moves do very little damage, they have limited range
and they have trouble juggling but they do process A.King's staple moves
except for the multi throws. The only thing you should worry about is his f,N,1,
when blocked they have a +41 frame advantage and they can follow up with a Animal
Godfist for 50% of damage (cheap).

Definitly considered underrated when compared to the other Mishimas. Watch out
for Twin Pistons, sidestep the laser and follow up with Wing Blade into a decent
juggle. Also look out for the Devil Twister (SS+2), this is one of the best Class 1
Launchers in TTT. Other than that he's pretty easy to deal with since he's the most
basic of the Mishimas in terms of attacks.

Anna Williams:
Definitely a hard fight, she has to be one of the most improved characters since
Tekken 3. She has it all, reversals, quick recovery, parries, multi-throws, and a
lot more, but she does have weak stamina. In-close she can be deadly so good spacing
is the key to winning, use your long range to keep her at a distance, moves like
Butterfly Kicks or Bone Stinger can be useful here.

Armor King:
IMO he is a hard challenge if played correctly, supplied with quick hitting
moves and multi throws. His moves have a lot of priority from his crouch dash,
but the only moves from his CD you should be concered about are his Shadow Rising
Knee, Palm Upper and his Shadow Larait. His Palm Upper is a very good juggle
starter so beware, even though A.King is lacking in the juggle department.

Bruce Irvin:
This can be a easy or a hard fight on your hands, if your facing a decent bruce
player be prepared to be juggled. Most Bruce players usually go for the 3,2,1
into the Triple Knees Combo, or they can end the juggle with b+4,3,4 which takes
a lot of damage. But Bruce does have his weaknesses, for starters he has a limited
arsenal of moves and some of his moves comes out slow so you can easily sidestep
around them.

Bryan Fury:
Byran received very few moves since Tekken 3 but he is still deadly when it
comes to raw power. Look out for his Chains of Misery throw, it takes a lot of
damage and it requires 1+2 to escape, but Byran's biggest weakness is his lack of
low attacks. Nearly all of his attacks hit high or mid, with the exception of his
regular low kicks, Muay Thai low kicks and his Snake Edge sweep.

Eddy Gordo:
Since most TTT Eddy players are button mashing idiots, expect a lot of Slippery Kicks
mixed with Leg Whips and a throw every now and then. Against scrubs jump over their
Slippery Kicks and catch them with any move of your desire :). If you actually come
across a Eddy player who actually knows what their doing be prepared for the fight of
your life, I don't have any information of how to fend off a good Eddy player (because
I never fought one)

Forrest Law:
Law has been toned down since his debut in Tekken 3, his follow ups from his
dragon stance are weakened now and his Fake Step doesn't have as many options
as it did before. His poking game is still one of the best in TTT, he has a low
parry, a mid parry and a universal low parry so he can counter almost all of your
attacks. Since most Law players will be waiting for you to attack, confuse them
and go for a flamingo throw to mess up their game or buffer a chicken. But Law's
biggest disavantage is that he's predictable and he doesn't have any advanced
tactics he can rely on (ex: CD, WD, SD, HaHa) so use that to your advantage.

Probably the best improved character since Tekken 2, he has the power of the
Jacks with the speed of the Changs. Ganryu has it all, damaging juggles, great
okizeme attacks, good poking moves and a confusing hi low game. A expert Ganryu
player can be a nightmare, he will overpower you if your not prepared. He also
has a short shoulder tackle which can go under your moves and a punch reversal
so WD or SS into flamingo stance and try and catch him with flamingo throws whenever

The best overall Jack in TTT, supplied great stanima GunJack has power moves as well
as throws and is a decent juggler. Gun Jack's strength comes in his ability to
mix-up high, mid and low hitting moves effectivly, his okizeme attacks and rising
attacks are good as well. But his does has have a major disadvantage against
you, he is very slow.

Heihachi Mishima:
Of all the Mishimas Heihachi is probably the most balanced in terms of power
and moves. His hell sweeps have been toned down but is still damaging when used
in combos. His WGF and Twin Pistons are a pain as well, his Deathfist is quick,
the DGF can sneak under your attacks so look out for that. Not bad for a man who's
in his golden years.

More or less similar to Gunjack but he has his differences. Upgraded with some new
sidestep moves but he lacks the low throw Gunjack has, he also has a lot of Gunjack's
throws and juggles. His low game isn't as good as Gunjack's but he can set you up
from his jab.

Jin Kazama:
Where do i start? Argubly the best character in TTT, Jin definitly has the advantage
over everyone else. His EWGF is faster and easier to pull off than Heihachi, he can
juggle the EWGF up to seven times in a row! also if his EWGF is blocked he has a +4
advantage. His Hell Sweeps can initate combos and can be a GUARANTEED knockdown at any
range. But like everyone else Jin does have his flaws, Jin lacks low hit attacks and he
has trouble fending off low attacks, so use Snake Creep or Snake Blade whenever there
is an opening.

Julia Chang:
In the right hands she can be very annoying indeed, her regular standing 1 jab is
the quickest in the game and it combos into the 1,1,2 and 1>1,1. Her D/F+4 is deadly
because it has a ton of range and it can be chained directly into the Mountain Crusher.
But Julia does lack a Class 1 Launcher, a decent juggle starter and good power hits.

Jun Kazama:
Jun is definitly a low tier character, Jun lacks just about everything. She has Pathetic
stanima, limited juggles, horrible recovery on her moves and no damaging moves. But she does
have a decent okizeme game and good custom strings but other than this fight is a breeze.

This is a very hard match because King can reverse kicks and he can't be chickened when he
reverses them, watch out for his unblockables (Jaguar Lariat, Moonsault) because he has
no warning flash on the Jaguar Lariat and the Moonsault can be used as a surprise attack.
King isn't all about multi-throws and slow strings, he has one of the best poking games in
TTT, a good King player can comeback from a asskicking in a matter of seconds. Also King's
multi-throws have at least 2 enders each which means you can't just know the escapes and
automatically get out.

Kuma was considered a joke in Tekken 3 but with his new Hunting Stance and some powerful
juggles to boot, Kuma is to be taken seriously. He has very good reach with his standing
jabs, Kuma can also cause some confusion from his Hunting Stance although he doesn't use
a lot of kicks. Remember you can't trade hits with Kuma because you will lose everytime,
keep him at a distance and poke when he wiffs a move.

She plays very similar to Yoshimitsu, but her attacks are slower and she doesn't take
damage too well. Kunimitsu is a "hit and run" character with a lot of quick pokes and
teleport moves. Remember Kunimitsu is only a treat when in-close so the best way to deal
with her is to have a strong defensive game.

Lei Wulong:
The master of confusion and animal stances, if you ever face a Lei master he can
make you make a multitude of mistakes through his stance changes and razor rush tatics.
Recently discovered by the Koreans, is the HaHa Step, Fox Step, HoHo Step, all of which
gives Lei incredible spacing. Don't be fooled by his Druken Master stance he can punch
parry from it as well as in his other stances and he can switch to any of his animal
stances through his razor rush. Lei by far is the deepest character in TTT, most Lei players
only use a fraction of his large arsenal so except Rave Sweeps, Flying Ankle Kicks, and
Lying Down attacks.

Lee Chaolan:
Lee finally receieved a complete movelist exclusive to him but he does shares a couple
of moves with Law but keep in mind that he plays very differently from Law. First of all,
Lee has some of the fastest kicks in TTT, his hitman stance can be difficult to deal with
since he can throw a good number of attacks from it. His Blazing Kick is a very good juggle
starter because it comes out and has a lot of priority.

Michelle Chang:
See Julia Chang.

Mokujin is a random select character, he has no exclusive moves and the only real
difference between him and the character he's mimicking is that all of their limbs
are now the length of his. For example, if he's mimicking any of the Jack's, his legs
will be longer, but arms shorter to match Mokujin's physique. Also Mokujin never mimics
Ogre, True Ogre or Unknown. When he tags in or out during a match he will automatically
switch the character he is mimicking.

Nina Williams:
Definitly the weaker sister this time around, she has been raped so badly in TTT it's
not even funny. For starters, her Devine Cannon has a -20 frame disadvantage, she has
been toned down so much that she's almost in the same tier with Jun.

Ogre/True Ogre:
Most people think Orge is a just a combination of all the best moves in Tekken 2, this
is true to an extent but Orge is very much his own character. His standing 4 has been set
to a fixed damage rate now, he has a new rising attack and a good SS power shot. His kick
strings have been tweaked as well he also has Kuma's bite as a attack reversal Ganryu's
Buffalo Horn and a low Tail Sweep. His flying teleport can be used to escape some juggles,
but he does have his weaknesses; Orge's size makes him a big target, yet he does move
faster than the rest of the large characters.

Paul Phoenix:
If you happen to be playing a deathfist scrub, SS and hit him with anything you please.
But if your playing a Paul expert he can give you a hard time. Phoenix smashers are rarely
used by advanced Paul players, they instead utilize his pokes, his Falling Leaf and low sweeps.
Fortunatly, Paul's age caught up with him, a lot of his moves come out slow and he is very

Prototype Jack:
See Gunjack or Jack2.

Same as Mokujin in many ways, she has the ability to mimic other fighters but she can't
mimic large characters and she always starts off mimicking Jun. The only advantage she has
over Mokujin is that she can change characters without having to tag in or out.

Wang Jinrei:
Wang is basically a mix of Julia/Michelle with some of his own moves. He has most of
their pokes, unblockables and hi/low mix-ups. Play him as if you were playing the Changs,
watch out for his Power Palm and Elbow Rush which can do decent damage on a CH.

Very little changes have been made to Yoshimitsu since Tekken 3, his 2 poking moves
(left jab, right mid kick) have been slowed down to the point where they are easily
countered or SS. But Yoshi has gained a couple of noteworthy moves in they're place,
a swordtrust type move, headbutt out of the flea, and some new SS moves. Other than
that he's just about the same as his previous Tekken incarnations.

13) Contributions

In this section I've asked some of the best Baek users across the states to share
their tatics on winning with Baek.

Telly Tel (www.phoenixsmasher.com)
I always do cd~4,4,3. Very useful move for duckers because if this first hits then
the rest is guarenteed, also you can flamingo cancel out of it making it more deadly
also good for okizeme too. Always and I mean always abuse the flamingo b+3 its the main
part of his game, what i do out of it is b+1 usually, but b+4, b+2, or f+2~3 works too
but you wanna abuse that as much as possible also try to mix up throws cuz when you
start getting them to duck you can use the cd~4,4,3 to hit your opponet.

Also abuse d/f+2 (best juggle starter) only good reliable starter and very good priority
off of d/f+2, 1,2,3f,1,cd~4,4, 3f,d/b+4 and also you can mix up the d/b+4 with the
buffered snake kicks for people that get straight up or roll back another good juggle
is d/f+2, 1,2,3f, d/f+1,3+4 very good too is his WD is like a mishima so if you can WD,
use the WD mix ups with the throws and the cd~4,4,3 also get used to the move buffering
it is very good for set ups for ex: 1,2,3 f you hold 3 press d+4 and release 3 and the
begining of the snake kicks comes out, then from that you are in crouch many moves can
come out from there.

14) Partner Suggestions

This should be your #1 choice for a partner. First of all, they have great netsu when
paired together, they also have more combos and tag moves together. The Human Canonball
and Snake's Revenge are good tag throws and have decent damage. The only downside to this
team is the lack of any punch attacks, but since their both so evasive that shouldn't
really be a problem.

15) Credits

I would like to thank the following people and websites, because without them this
FAQ wouldn't be possible.

Castel and everyone at Tekken Zaibatsu (http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/)
This is the ulitmate Tekken website in the world, if your just getting into Tekken or
if you have been a OG at it this is the place to go, they have the krunkest movies and
the latest Tekken information.

Tekken Zone (http://www.tekkenzone.com/)
If you wanna see some of the most amazing matches in Tekken check this site out. This
site got me started working on my FAQ.

GameFaqs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/)
The most faqs on the planet, if you need a movelist or information on a certain game
this is the place to go. They have every faq for nearly every game on every system.

Electric Cancel (http://www.electriccancel.com)
This is the place that really got me hooked on Tekken. Besides having some cool tournament
vidz, this is also a great place to hang out and meet friends.

Phoenix Smasher (http://www.phoenixsmasher.com)
For having such a pimpish site, norcal players = are cool. NY still rocks though (eheh)

Tekken Chick a.k.a WDing mistress
For inspiring me to get off my lazy arse to finish this FAQ, without her I don't I would
have the drive to finish this. So Thank you so much TC ^_^

I would also like to thank all the people who made a contribution to this FAQ, thank you
all. Because without your help this FAQ wouldn't be complete.

16) Version History

Version 3.0 - This FAQ was released on 7/30/01. Streamlined the juggle sections, fleshed out
the FAQ a bit more, minor spelling corrections, completed the Vs.Strategies.

Version 2.0 - This FAQ was released on 7/24/01. Minor updates, spelling corrections,
added tag juggles, finished the Strategies section.

Version 1.0 - First version of this FAQ was released on 7/18/01. Did most of the basic
work, everything is pretty much organized.

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