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Bowling FAQ by Wazuya

Updated: 01/19/01

***   __________     __________     __________        ***
***  |____  ____|   |____  ____|   |____  ____|       ***
***      |  |           |  |           |  |           ***
***      |  |           |  |           |  |           ***
***      |  |ekken      |  |ag         |  |ournament  ***
***      |  |   _____   |  |   _____   |  |           ***
***      |__|  / __  \  |__|  / ____/  |__|           ***
***           / /__/_/       / /___                   ***
***          / ___  \owling / ____/AQ                 ***
***         / /__ / /      / /                        ***
***        /_______/      /_/                         ***
***                                                   ***
********************* by Wazuya *************************

This FAQ is copyright (c) 2000 William Pham, aka Wazuya.

Important: This document in its entirety, or any portion of it, may not be
reprinted or modified in any way, shape, or form, without the express
permission of its author, William Pham (Wazuya).  Permission for usage of this
document may be requested by sending an e-mail to kazkfang@aol.com.  Certain
terms, names, and objects, including, but not limited to, Tekken Tag
Tournament, Tekken, Tekken 2, and Tekken 3, are registered trademarks and
copyrighted by Namco.  Violation of these terms can and will be punished to the
maximum extent of the law.

If the periods below are lined up with the numbers beneath them, then you are
set to view this FAQ.  If they are not, make sure you are using a monospace
font such as Courier and Word Wrap is on.


* Table of Contents *

1. Updates
2. Introduction
3. Earning Tekken Bowl Mode
4. How To Play Tekken Bowl
   A. Basics
   B. Strategy
5. Character Analysis
   A. Categories
      1. Extra Character Features
   B. Sweet Spots
   C. Recommended Teams
6. High Scores
7. Secrets
   A. Rumors
8. Endgame
   A. Favorite Tekken Combos
   B. Submissions
   C. Credits

* Updates *

01/18/01: Added new high score.
01/10/01: Added first high score, a perfect score of 300.
          Disproved Rumor #1.
01/02/01: Added "Secrets", "Rumors", and "Favorite Tekken Combos" sections.
          Filled in "Recommended Teams" section.
          Renamed "Submissions and Credits" section to "Endgame" and moved each
to individual subsections.
01/01/01: Added "Extra Character Features" section with information about
aiming laser.
          Added "High Scores" section.
12/28/00: Added "Lefty" information, courtesy of Z-Force.
12/27/00: Added "Updates" section and one submission.

* Introduction *

First, about myself: I consider myself an intermediate/expert Tekken Tag
Tournament player.  I began playing the series with Tekken in the arcades, and
picked up Tekken 2 for the PlayStation, and then Tekken 3 as soon as it came
out for the PlayStation.  I fell in love with Tekken Tag Tournament in the
arcades and brought the affair to my house when the PlayStation 2 arrived in
the United States.  I live in Modesto, CA, and often play Tekken Tag at the
local arcades.

I don't consider myself anywhere near skilled enough to write an in-depth FAQ
for any of the characters that haven't been covered yet, but I do feel like
there should be a FAQ for the great mini-game that Namco decided to put in for
the home version of Tekken Tag: Tekken Bowl.  While Tekken Ball was an
extension of the game engine of Tekken 3, Tekken Bowl is a completely different
game, and, had it more options, could sell as a game on its own.

In writing this FAQ, I assume that the reader has basic knowledge of the
PlayStation 2 controller and of Tekken Tag Tournament in general (as in, has
read the manual.)  I will (usually) not answer questions sent to me via e-mail
or other methods directly.  If they seem relevant, I will address them in an

* Earning Tekken Bowl Mode *

Tekken Bowl Mode is unlocked at the same time the time release character Ogre
is released.  To release Ogre, the game must be beaten in Arcade Mode ten
times, with any character(s).  If you want to earn Tekken Bowl Mode as soon as
possible, set the difficulty to Easy and amount of rounds to 1, and then choose
a team with quick, easy damage; my personal favorite is Kazuya and Bruce.  It's
all about WGF~5, [b+3], b+4,3,4!

* How To Play Tekken Bowl *


Once Tekken Bowl Mode is activated, you need simply select it from the main
screen.  You will enter the Character Select screen, where you can choose your
team of bowlers from the default characters and the characters you have earned.
 If you wish to compete against others, they need to press Start to join in. 
In Pair and Play Mode, two bowlers can cooperate, or four bowlers can play
against each other, with each person controlling one character.

After teams are chosen, you will begin.  First, you need to position your
character and confirm with X.  Once you have confirmed, you cannot move your
character any more, though the path of the ball can still be altered.  After
confirming, you will be able to choose amount of spin and power.

Spin: The half-circle on the lower-left portion of the screen with the moving
pointer represents spin.  The far left part of the circle represents a great
deal of spin to the left, while the far right part of the circle represents a
great deal of spin to the right; the middle of the circle represents no spin. 
To dictate the amount of spin you place on the ball, you must time the pressing
of X to coincide with the pointer at how much spin you want.  In other words,
press X when the pointer is on the left side to have the ball spin left, press
X when the pointer is on the right side to have the ball spin right, and press
X when the pointer is in the middle to have the ball not spin at all.

Power: The meter moving up and down on the right side of the screen represents
how much power your bowler will put into the ball.  As with the spin meter, you
must time the pressing of X to coincide with the meter at how much power you
want; full power equals a full meter, while no power equals an empty meter
(power is not measured equally among characters; this will be discussed in a
later section of the FAQ.)  However, you must be careful, as it is possible to
"Overcharge", and your character will charge down the lane with bowling ball in
hand, losing your chance for points (although it is interesting to watch, and
sometimes humorous.)

Once you've chosen spin and power, your character will begin to release the
ball.  As your character is releasing the ball, you can hold either Left or
Right to further adjust placement of the ball.  However, this adjustment is
small, and cannot compensate for excessive or not enough spin, though it can
help nudge the ball closer to where you want it to go.


Obviously, the objective of the game is to knock down as many of the pins as
possible.  However, there are several ways to go about this, which I will

"Easy" Strike: Most seen with weak characters.  In this case, the ball slides
into the pins, creating a domino effect of sorts, where all the pins are
knocked down.  In this case, a replay will result.  To achieve this, you will
want a small amount of spin to the left or right so that the ball strikes the
front three pins off-center, and a ball speed of approximately 20-25 mph.

              O O O O O
               O O O O
                O O O
                 O O
               / | | \
              /  | |  \

"Normal" Strike: Most seen with average and strong characters.  In this case,
the ball hits the pins hard enough to knock them all down, or most, whereas the
rest are knocked down in a domino effect.  In this case, an explosion in
addition to a replay will be shown.  To achieve this, you will want a minimum
amount of spin to the left or right so that the ball strikes the front three
pins slightly off-center, and a ball speed of approximately 30-35 mph.

              O O O O O
               O O O O
                O O O
                 O O
                /| |\
               / | | \

"Variable" Strike: Seen with all types of characters.  In this case, strange
events occurring causes all the pins to be knocked down.  In most cases, this
will be due to excessive power used with a strong character, where one or more
pins are knocked straight up into the air and knock down other pins as they
fall to the ground.  This can also result from an "Overcharge", where the
character slides down the lane with ball in hands, knocking all pins down.  In
the case of an "Overcharge", no points will be counted.

              O O O O O
               O O O O
                O O O
                 O O
                / | \
               /  |  \

A Normal Strike is easiest to achieve with average and strong characters, while
an Easy Strike will be the norm for weak characters.  These character
archetypes will be discussed later on in the FAQ.

The key to achieving a strike is timing, as well as knowing the abilities of
the characters you have chosen.

In addition to strikes, there are other types of scoring recognized by the

Miss: When the ball completely misses the pins.  Also known as a gutter ball.

Spare: When at least one pin is knocked down by the first character and the
remaining pins are knocked down by the second character.

Nice Cover: When there is a split, or two or more pins separated by a gap, and
all are knocked down.  This is one of the most difficult shots to achieve, and
will be shown instead of a spare.

Double!!: When two strikes are achieved in a row.

Turkey!: When three strikes are achieved in a row.

!!Great!!: When four strikes are achieved in a row.  When more than four
strikes are achieved, exclamation points are added onto the left and right
sides of the word "Great."

Punch Out!!: When four strikes are achieved in the final frames of a game.

* Character Analysis *


Asterisks denote characters who are slightly more powerful than others in the
same category.  An (L) or an (R) denote whether a character is left-handed or

Weak characters:
These characters have a maximum ball speed of anywhere from 20-30 mph.  Careful
calculations must be used in order to get a strike, but with these characters,
it is easy to pick up a spare.  The dial and meter for spin and ball power move
very slowly for these characters.
-Nina(R), Anna(L), Jun, Xiaoyu, Julia, Michelle, Roger, Alex, Wang,
Kunimitsu(L), Mokujin(L/R), Tetsujin(L/R), Angel, Lee(L)

Average characters:
These characters have a maximum ball speed of anywhere from 30-50 mph. 
Although less accuracy is needed to achieve a strike, the same amount of
precision when choosing spin and power is necessary.  The dial and meter for
spin and ball power move at a moderate speed for these characters.
-Bruce, Lei, Law, King*, A. King*, Yoshimitsu, Bryan, Jin, Heihachi*, Kazuya,
Devil, Unknown(L), Eddy(L), Tiger, Baek(L), Hwoarang(L/R), Paul*

Strong characters:
These characters have a maximum ball speed of anywhere from 50-75 mph.  It is
easy to assume that maximum power and a straight-on ball will get a strike, but
because of the realistic physics of Tekken Bowl, moderation is necessary.  An
advantage of these characters is that excessive power can almost entirely
eliminate mistakes when choosing amount of spin.  The dial and meter for spin
and ball power move at a very fast speed for these characters.
-Kuma, Panda, Gunjack, Jack-2, P. Jack(L), Ogre(L), True Ogre(L), Ganryu

--=Extra Character Features=--

I was notified by scrumpy_jack@yahoo.com that I failed to mention this about
the robotic/cybernetic characters, which includes the Jacks, Bryan, A. King,
and Yoshimitsu: after you set your character's position, when the spin dial and
power meter are on the screen, an aiming laser appears.  However, this laser is
not fail-safe; it only tells you where the ball will go if you use absolutely
no spin whatsoever.

--+Sweet Spots+--

A sweet spot is the term I've given to the position, amount of spin, and amount
of power that one can use to get a strike a majority of the time.  I say
majority because there is always a certain factor of randomness in the game. 
This is due to a combination of chance, inability to time the exact button
presses consistently, etc.

Weak left-handed characters:
 -Position: One or two steps to the right.
 -Spin: Slightly to the left of the center of the dial, or between 10-30
degrees to the right.
 -Power: Full.

Weak right-handed characters:
 -Position: One or two steps to the left.
 -Spin: Slightly to the right of the center of the dial, or between 10-30
degrees to the left.
 -Power: Full.

Average left-handed characters:
 -Position: Center.
 -Spin: Between the center and far right of the dial, or 45 degrees to the
 -Power: 50-75%.

Average right-handed characters:
 -Position: Center.
 -Spin: Between the center and far left of the dial, or 45 degrees to the left.
 -Power: 50-75%.

Strong left-handed characters:
 -Position: Center.
 -Spin: Approximately 22.5 degrees to the right.
 -Power: 40-95%.

 -Position: One or two steps to the left.
 -Spin: All the way to the right.
 -Power: 40-60%.

 -Position: Center.
 -Spin: All the way to the right.
 -Power: 70-80%.

Strong right-handed characters:
 -Position: Center.
 -Spin: Approximately 22.5 degrees to the left.
 -Power: 40-95%.

 -Position: One or two steps to the right.
 -Spin: All the way to the left.
 -Power: 40-60%.

 -Position: Center.
 -Spin: All the way to the left.
 -Power: 70-80%.

--+Recommended Teams+--

Teams have either Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert in parentheses
next to character names.  This denotes the recommended self-proscribed skill
level for usage of that team.

1. P.Jack and Nina (Intermediate/Advanced)
An example of a classic Strong/Weak combination.  Use P.Jack first and try to
get a Strike.  If you don't, use Nina to either get a Spare, or, if you
completely missed with P.Jack, use  her precision to get a Strike.  A similar
team is Panda and Xiaoyu.

2. Heihachi and Jin (Beginner/Intermediate)
Both of these characters are Average, but Heihachi is slightly stronger; use
him to try for a Strike, and use Jin to clean up.  A similar team is Paul and

3. Nina and Anna  (Advanced/Expert)
An extremely precise team.  Both characters have very slow-moving spin dials
and power meters; use this to your advantage and exploit their Sweet Spots. 
Not in that way.  A similar team is Julia and Michelle.

4. True Ogre and Gunjack (Expert)
Two very, very powerful characters.  Getting the right amount of spin and power
may be difficult.  The two best situations for these kind of teams is either a
Strike with the first character, or a Miss with the first character and a
Strike with the second character.  With this kind of team, the rare occurence
of earning a Strike by having pins get knocked into the air and fall down on
the remaining pins is slightly easier to get, but not by much.  A similar team
is Jack-2 and Kuma.

5. Roger and Xiaoyu (Expert)
Two very, very weak characters.  It's very difficult to knock down pins with
these characters, but if you can manage it, it will be painful to your opponent
to watch the ball roll ever-so-slowly towards the pins and knock them all down.
 Even more so if you can manage to do it again and again.  A similar team is
Alex and Jun.

* High Scores *

Shadow                               Score: 300
Amount of Strikes: 12     Amount of Spares: 0
Characters: Jin/Anna
Time: 13'52'xx"
Matrix                    MTX        Score: 300
Amount of Strikes: 12     Amount of Spares: 0
Characters: Bryan/King
Time: N/A

To send in a high score, send me <kazkfang@aol.com> an e-mail with the heading
"Tekken Bowl FAQ High Score."  Use the following template:

****************BEGIN TEMPLATE*****************
_________________         ___        Score:
Amount of Strikes:        Amount of Spares:
Time: __"__"__
*****************END TEMPLATE******************

The first blank is for your name, and the second is for the initials used. 
Time is optional, but will be used in case of a tie.  Since the game does not
give you a time statistic, you'll have to use an old-fashioned stopwatch.

* Secrets *

1. You can knock out the audience with your bowling ball!  Aim as far left or
as far right as possible, and the bowling ball will hit them, with "K.O."
displayed on the screen.  From then on, the person(s) you hit will be missing. 
With this trick, you can decimate a large portion of the crowd, if that's what
you want to do.  This secret appears courtesy of Nybbas1979 and Lazlo12.


1. If you get a perfect score (300), as in all strikes, a secret character is

* Endgame *

--+Favorite Tekken Combos+--

I decided to add this section just for fun.  These combos may not be
guaranteed, but they are what I use in regular play against my friends.  Damage
values are almost all from Catlord's Combo Compendium, available at

In no particular order...

+ Character |Juggle                                                |Damage +

Kazuya:      WGF, 4                                                 49
             WGF, 1,2, 1, WGF                                       50
             WGF, 1, 1, 1, f,N,d,df,F+4,4                           51
             WGF~5, (Bruce) b+4,3,4                                 ??
             WGF~5, (Xiaoyu) df+1, 2,1, f,f+1+2~f+1+2               ??
             CH WS+1,2, 4                                           56

Bruce:       b,f+4, U/F,4, b+4,3,4                                  77
             CH 3,2,1, b+3, b+4,3,4                                 94
             CH d/f+1,2, U/F,4, b+4,3,4                             77
             d/f+2, d/f+1, b+4,3,4                                  ??

Xiaoyu:      CH WS+2, 2, 2, 2,1, f,f+1+2~f+1+2                      59
             d+1+2, d+1+2, U/F,4, f,f+1+2~f+1+2                     64
             BK 4, 2, 2, 2, 2, 4~5, (Anyone) f,f,N,4_f,f,N,1+2      ??
             BK 4, d/f+1, 2, 2,1, f,f+1+2~f+1+2                     58

A. King:     f,N,d,df+2, 1, f,N,d,df+2, d+1+2                       52
             f,N,d,df+2, 1, f,N,d,df+2, d/b+4                       ??
             f,N,d,df+2, 2,1, f+1, b+3                              51
             u/f+4, 2,1, f+1, b+3                                   41

Yoshimitsu:  FC,d/f+3, u+1+2, U/F, 1+2                              ??
             FC,d/f+3, u+1+2, 1+2                                   39
             d/f+2, 1, 1, 1, 1, f,f+4                               ??
             d/f+2, b+1, 1, b+1, 1, f+3                             48
             d/f+2, d/f+2, b+1,1,1, f+3                             ??
             d/f+2, d/f+2, f,f+3,1                                  42

Nina:        d/b+3+4~5, (Anna) QCF+1, d+4,1, d/f+3,1,4              ??
             d/b+3+4, u/f+4, d+4,1, f,f+3                           ??
             d/b+3+4, d+4,1, d/f+3,1,2,1+2                          ??
             u/f+1+2~5, (Anna) f,f+4                                ??

Anna:        U/F+4, d+4,1, d/f+3,1,4                                ??
             d/f+2, d+4,1, d/f+3,1,4                                ??
             d/f+2, QCF+1, 1, d/f+3,1,4                             48
             CH QCF+1, QCF+1, 1,2, d/f+3,1,4                        73
             u/f+1+2~5, (Nina) FC,df+4                              ??

Lei:         u/f+4, d/f+1, f,N+4~1,2,3                              44
             d/f+2, 1, f,N+4~1,2,3                                  ??
             d+3+4, 3+4, u/f+4, f,N+4~1,2,3                         54

Law:         CH b+1,2,1, u/f,N+1, 1, b+2,3,4                        76
             CH b+1,2,1, 4, b+2,3,4                                 78
             CH b+1,2,1, 1,2, b+2,3,4                               75
             CH b+1,2,1, d/f+1, b+2,3,4~5, (Anyone) f,f,N,4         ??
             CH d+2,3, 4, b+2,3,4                                   69
             WS+2, d/f+1, b+2,3,4                                   ??
             d/f+2, 4, b+2,3,4                                      46
             b+2,3,4~5, (Wang) d/b+4,2~5, (Law) f,f,N,4             ??

Wang:        CH d/b+4,2, 1, 1, d/b+4,2, [f,f+1+2]                   ??[77]
             CH d/b+4,2, 1, d/b+4,2~5, (Anyone) f,f,N,4             ??
             d/f+2,1, QCF+2                                         60

Paul:        d/f+2, 1, 1, 1, QCF+2                                  39
             d/f+2, 1,2, u/f+3,4                                    43
             u/f+4, 1, 1, 1, QCF+2                                  ??
             WS+2, 1, 1, 1, QCF+2                                   42


From Jay V <m.jason@bboard.com>:
"After you select the position of your bowler, during the "Spin Phase" of your
turn, you can also "aim" the ball. I'll tell you how I came up with it.  When I
played for the first time, I chose Bryan Fury. I positioned the bowler, and
then it switched to a P.O.V. with his optical guidance thing kicking in. I
accidentally brushed up against the directional pad and, lo and behold, he
"looked" a little to the left. From there I realized I could adjust not only
position, spin, and power, but direction as well!"

From Z-Force:
(See Character Analysis, Categories.)

From <scrumpy_jack@yahoo.com>:
(See Character Analysis, Categories, Extra Character Features.)

From Nybbas1979 and Lazlo12:
(See Secrets.)

If you want to submit anything to this FAQ, please e-mail me at
kazkfang@aol.com with the subject heading "Tekken Bowl FAQ Submission", unless
you are sending me a high score.  DO NOT SEND ME AN INSTANT MESSAGE REGARDING

I especially need the following:
 -Additional sweet spots under the categories I've put in the "Sweet Spots"
 -Any corrections or additions


Dutchollow Crew: Korpela, Hellier, Heffernan, Steven, Ethan, Mo, Eric.  The
rest of you too, though you're all scrubs :P.

Namco: For obvious reasons.  Tekken beats DOA2, no question about it.

Tekken Zaibatsu: The Tekken resource site.  Great FAQs and movies.

Tekken Central: Contender for the crown; I love the unorthodox stylings
featured in the movies.

Contributors: Jay V, Z-Force, scrumpy_jack@yahoo.com, Nybbas1979, Lazlo12

Other Individuals: Domingo, Castel, Catlord, $muvMoney, Devil_Jin

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