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FAQ/Walkthrough by JC DentonDX

Updated: 11/24/02


Created on October 23. 2002
Completed on October 27, 2002
By JC DentonDX

ICO - FAQ/Walkthrough, hosted on GameFAQs.com

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Playing Ico
I   .controls
II  .basics
III .playing the game

Section 2 - FAQ Information
I    .Introduction
II   .Legal Agreement
III  .Contact Information

Section 3 - The Walkthrough
I    .The Tombs
II   .Fear of Falling
III  .Symmetry
IV   .Water & Wood
V    .The Sea
VI   .The Queen
VII  .Afterword

Section 4 - Other
I   .Codes
II  .Thanks
III .Final Notes.

 /Section 1 -  Game Controls and Basics \
 \ ____________________________________ /

I.  Controls
Ico can work on either a DualShock, or Dual Shock2.

R1.......................Call Yorda/Help Yorda
R2.......................Zoom In
Circle...................Activate/Pick Up Throw
Triangle.................Leaping/Pulling in stand
Start....................Pause Menu
Left Analog..............Movement
Right Analog.............View Surroundings
Analog Button............Toggle On/Off Analog

II. Basics
|Controling Ico|

There are many things to know how to do in Ico in
order to complete certain obstacles. Different people
get stuck on different things.

To climb a ladder, go up to it and press up on the
left analog stick to climb up. If you call Yorda with
R1, she will climb ladders, among the small amount of
things she can do.

People have had trouble swinging on these chains. When
you are on a chain, you can hold CIRCLE to swing, and
you can, while swinging, press TRIANGLE and lunge away
off of the chain in the direction you are facing. You
can drop off of a chain by pressing X.

When walking or running, press TRIANGLE. You sometimes
need to get across wide gaps by doing this. When there
is a unusually wide gap, you can sometimes press R1 to
help Yorda across.

There are usually horizontally shaped ledges for you
to climb, walk, or shimmy across in some situations.
Pressing X will make you drop down, and pressing
TRIANGLE will get you to jump and grab a ledge above
you if there is one, otherwise you will fall down a

|Switches and Levers|
To activate a switch, go up to it and press the CIRCLE
button. Some switches are pressurized, meaning that
when you step on them, the switch activates.
Sometimes, you can press one, and it stays activated,
but some require you to constantly have weight on

Levers can be activated by pressing CIRCLE. Levers
sometimes activate things close, far away, or either,
since it may be a mystery as to what it activated.

|Moving Objects|

Pushing crates and objects is easy for Ico. Hold the
analog to where you want him to push , and hold
circle. To pull you hold  CIRCLE and hold the analog
away from Ico.

Press CIRCLE to pick an object up. When you pick
something  heavy, be sure to hold CIRCLE and the
analog to where he is moving, or he will toss it.


Idol Doors are green, column-like doors usually in
rows of 2 or 4, and  only can be opened by Yorda. It's
really her purpose, and without her, she cannot open
them. When you open an Idol Door, the surrounding
enemies will all die.

Pressure switch doors remain open as long as a
pressure switch is activated.

Levers  can open gates that may be a constriction to
Ico and  Yorda's Escape, too.


Spider Wraith
Weak spirits who seem to be scared, and can hurt very

There  guys are annoying. If you arent  careful, one
will get Yorda and fly off with her, and  you must
save her. Sometimes Yorda is  stuck in the hole, and
you can  pull her back out y pressong R1.

Fortress Gouls
These guys hurt Ico, and  use distraction as a key to
getting Yorda.

III. Playing the Game
Ico, in general, seems to me more of a puzzle than
really an adventure game. When playing Ico, your mind
should be open, and you should be thinking of every
posibility. When Yorda isn't on your screen, then you
should be hasty and hurry.

When fighting, you should always stand by Yorda just
in case the spirirts try to take her. You can , when
you do not have a weapon, press SQUARE to lunge Ico's
horns at someone. This isn't very effective, so
attacking is a better option when you at least have
the stick.

Stick is a good weapon. It has a  double purpose,
because it is a good weapon, and it can be used as a
torch to light  fire. The bad thing is, it does not
take off that much damage.

The sword is an upgrade in damage, but a degrade in
use. It cannot be used as a torch. But, it does deal a
heavy amount of  damage, later in the game.

If you are killed, you can either :

2. Continue
3. or quit.

You loose if:

1. You fall too high
2. The spirits get Yorda.
3. Yorda falls

 /      Section 2 - FAQ Information     \
 \ ____________________________________ /

Ico is the story of a  boy with horns. His name is
none other than Ico. He was excommunicated because he
has the remains of the curse growing out of his head.
He is sent to a large  castle to be 'sacraficed'. Upon
his escape, he runs into a girl named  Yorda. He must
help himself and  Yorda to escape this evil compound.

II. Legal Agreement
Ico is copyrighted Sony Computer Entertainment of
America(SCEA). All names, expressions and  locations
mentioned in this guide are Copyright (c) to SCEA and/or
their respective owners. This FAQ is  copyright (c) 2002
by Jack Bock, and  cannot be edited,used, or copied
without my permission. GameFAQs is  (c) copyrighted to
it's owner, CJayC.
This FAQ is for private use only.

III. Contact Information
I am welcome to accept any corrections/questions/
comments/ or anything you might suggest to add to my
guide. Email me anything you want.

Email  :Chrono_corp@yahoo.com

 /      Section 3 - FAQ/Walkthrouh      \
 \ ____________________________________ /

I.The Tombs
The game starts off with a young boy with a horned hat
shown being imprisoned into a large castle-like
building. When you get out of the capsule-like prison,
head up the stairs on the right side and theres a
switch that opens a door below. Go through the door
once you hace activated it.

When you arrive in this room, there is the sound of
fire burning. Climb onto the higher level by going up
to it and pressing  Triangle, and  go to the chain.
Get near it and press Triangle to jump and grab onto
it, and he will begin to climb up. When you are high
enough, you will notice that theres a walkway up
there. Hold down circle and he will begin to swing,
and time it right, and  jump off onto the walkway.
Proceed through one of the 3 windows here.

When you walk in here, theres a ladder to your right.
Climb up it, and  go up the spiraling stairs. Once you
reach the top, there another chain for you to climb
up. Proceed up the spiral-like walkway. A cut scene
will appear. Go outside the window to see the outside.
On the opposite end from where you came in, theres a
window, and  climb in it to get around the huge gap.
Keep on going up the spiral. There's a switch there.
Activate it, and  go all the  way back down the very
bottom. Just fall down the gap, it will save you
time.When you get down there, the person in the cage
is  hanging up too high. Go to the opposite end of the
room and climb up the  ladder. Get to the very top,
and jump onto the cage with Triangle. It will break
open the  cage. After the  scene, you  can now  get
the  stick! Yay...

Go to the hole before the  black thing sucks  her down
quick! Go to her and  press R1 to drag her out. If you
do it slow, you will get killed. After this  happens,
whack the black shadow man a few times till he is
gone.Go to the  door with her holding your hand. If
you loose her, press R1 and she will come to you. When
you get to the door, she will magically open it. Go
through.Climb up the ledges and  make sure she follows
you.Go out the door.

You are now outside!Go over to the couch and SAVE.

II. Fear of Falling
This game gets better and better, doesent it? Get to
the other side of the  bridge. LOL! Did that scare
you? It scared me.She will open another door.

As you  come in the door will shut behind you, and
some  shadow people will come. Kill em'. Go down in
the ditch and push the box over any direction to
reveal some stairs.When you go to the next screen you
will be outside. If you left her behind, your screwed.
Ok--you will get to a  screen where theres  a locked
door, and  you  can't get  through. Jump down(yes u
will live) the side of the wall and theres a  switch
in the corner. Activate it to unlock the door, and
get the  girl.

When you go to the  chain and  climb up, soem  shadow
people will come. Go back down and save the girl. When
you do, push the  box down to the  lower level, and
push it up agaisnt the wall. Then,  climb back up
there with the chain and call her right above the
box. He will lower is hand  down there and  she will
grab it.Go through the door up here.

When you go outside this door, you will notice the
wind blowing and the huge foggy cliff. Do not go off
the side of this cliff.Proceed up the stairs. When you
get up here, turn and theres another set of  stairs.
Soem shadow men will come. They are tricky, so be
carefull. You can climb a ladder here for an awesome
view of the castle. Wow...these graphics are  sweet.
Anyways...Theres a coutch around there. Save your
game.From the coutch, go straght down these stairs.
You can look down and see where the bridge fell. Go
down the  ladder and you will see train tracks. Be
sure to WALK SLOW. Go north on them and  you will get
to a car. The trick to using it is this-- hold
circle, and press the  analog/direction you want to go
and let go to stop.

Another coutch already? Wow...guess I'm good at this
game. Save if you want to.To get across, you  must
jump, and when you make it, press R1 so she can jump,
too. Jump on the  rail and  shimmy across. Theres  a
switch, press it.Go back over there and help her onto
the crane. Go back over to the switch and  press it.
It will send her over and  down. Theres a piece of
wood  you  can climb climb. Go to the top and go down
the crane's chain. When you get down, jump across to
the other side and help her across.

Wow, these couches sure  are common these days(lol).
Save your game.Proceeed inside. Cross the  bridge and
there is  a gap in it. Jump across, and  help Yorda
across too. At the end are Windows. Climb on the
window ceils, and  once you reach the top part woith
wood, go to the Chandelier. Jump and land on it. A
cutscene will interrupt. Go back outside the door to
where the couch is. Save if you want to.

Go down the stairs and 3 bombs will be there. Pick one
up, and  go to the  door right there. This place look
familiar? Go to the wood post and set the  bomb beside
it. Then, with your stick, light it with the fire from
the fallen chandelier. Go to the bomb and ignite.
Stand  back some. Then, go all the way back up the
stairs past the  couch and back into the upper level
where the bridge is slanted.

As you enter, there are some shadow guys. Lots of
them. My suggestion is to just run. Go down the
slanted bridge and the door will open when Yorda goes
with you.It will kill the monters upoon opening the
door. When you  go through, theres bird monsters that
will carry Yorda away! BE CAREFULL! Go through all of
the stairs, and  you will be  gradually going down,
until you  get to those green doors, thus killing  the
endless supply of monsters.

The gate is open! Hurry!....AWW MAN! SHE JUST HAD TO
FALL! Oh well...You will be ordered to leave by this
queen woman who is  Yorda's mother. For once, theres a
couch in a good place. Go and  save! Yorda will look
at the torches in this courtyard**HINT HINT**. Go to
each of them and  pull them, and they will all light.
Then, go back to the  previous screen.

Now that all the torches are lit, you can light  your
stick. Go back towards the enterance of the  door
where the slanted bridge is, but do not go in there.
To the  left are some bombs.Pick one up, and take it
to the right of the  screen.**A way to walk faster:
When you have the  bomb, just jump across. It's faster
than walking with the bomb** Put it where the boards
block the way, and  go get your stick to ignite the
bomb. Get it to the  torch and  ignite the bomb and
stand back some. Go through the door.

Upon entering, you will go down 2 flights of stairs,
and some shadow people are there to greet you. After
they are gone, you can go and save it. When you get
down there, to the end with the closed door, you will
notice 2 square holes in the ground. Theres a  box,
and  push it into one of the holes. To get the door
open with only one box, get Yorda to stand in one of
the holes while you zoom inside. Upon entering, go to
the right of  the screen up a ladder and a chain, go
through the dooe and  you will be  outside. Theres a
box, push it down and  jump down. Put the box in the
hole and take  Yorda with you through the door.  Leave
Yorda in the room and go back to where you pushed the
box off the side. There, on the left side of the
screen, is a doorway. Go through it. Upon arrival, go
to the side and  hop over the guide rails, and onto
the gray cement-like ledge. When you  climb up here,
theres a  ladder, and  get to the top and  press
triangle. Ico will jump onto the chain and you will
see what happens. Once you are on the chain, swing
with circle. When you are swinging as  high as you
can, press X to let go. When you land  on it, help
Yorda up. Open the doors . Proceed through.

Would you look at those water effects? wow...anyways,
go up the  stairs, and  jump up on the ledge. Climb up
3 more ledges until you have room to walk. Walk around
to the opposite side, and you will see a  good view
for your next attempt. Don't worry if you mess up,
because you will land in he water and not die. When
the  windmill blades go up, jump when the piece of
wood on the blade is about level to where you can grab
onto it. As it goes  higher, shimmy to the right. When
you are  high enough, jump onto the top of the
windmill. Go down the  walk way, and  jump over the
broken part of the  bridge. When you go down all the
ledges and keep going, you will run into a switch.
Activating it will half-way extend a bridge. Call
Yorda and help her across and  go save the game. Then,
go back to those doors only she can open witch should
be  closed right now. Enter them when you open them.

When you do, theres a chain for you to climb. it.
Hurry and  drop down before the shadow things get
Yorda.Not too many this time. When you kill them,go up
the  chain. Then theres a sewer-cage line-up there. Go
down the hole with no cage, down into the water
towards the back of the screem, and  step on the
button, and the door will open. Call Yorda, and make
sure she is in there with you. The door will most
likely close before you get out there, so press the
button, and go out the door. Leave Yorda in. Then, go
up to where you got in to where Yorda is, and help her
up. Take her up the stairs to the green doors that
only she can open.

When you go in, go up the  elavator with Yorda, and
you will notice a lever too high to reach. Then,
looking up on the ledge, you will see a box that will
enable you to reach this lever. Go to the back of the
screen, and  drop down to where the rubble is. Go over
and  shimmy across the ledges sticking out, and  go up
them to the  higher level. When you  go up there, you
will see the box, and a couch.  Push the box off and
jump down, and some  shadow monsters will appear. Kill
them, and push it under the lever, and  pull it. A
chain will lower. Push the box over to thw wall where
you  jumped down, and  get up there, helping Yorda.
Save the game.

Go across those ledges across the gap to the other
side. When you get to the other side with the chain,
monsters will come. But do not run to Yorda, because
they can't see her, or they can't fly, or maybe they
can't fly that high...I don't really know. They won't
attack her. You will see a  window you need to crash
through. Go towards the  bottom, and press TRIANGLE
when you are swinging  pretty good to fly through it.
Kill those Shadow men in there, and then push one of
the blocks in on the window cill. I prefere the left,
because it  saves more time, since if you don't hurry
up and do this, the shadow men will get her! Push the
block on the back wall, and slide it all the way
over(should be moving  up, then left) and  climb up
where there is a  fence surrounding a walkway. Walk on
it till you reach a chain. climb up it fast. Go up
these steps to the enterance. Get to the ladder, and
climb to the top. Theres a chain there. Swing across,
and use the switch. Make  sure  Yorda is on the  brown
part to get her across. Go through these doors!

Pull the lever and go through the Idol Doors.Cross the
battlements to a new screen. There, you can see this
new sword you will soon aquire. When you  get to the
couch, there will be  shadow men. Kill them.Defeat
them and head through the enterance at the right. Take
Yorda down the ladder, and  stand with her on this
platform. It will lower and reveal stairs. Go up them
and flip the  switch to reveal holes next to the wall.
Light your stick with the nearby torch and light the
holes. Go outside this huge door/window when it opens.
Climb  the ladder and enter. Go on the 'parapet'  to
another lever. It will open two more holes that you
need to light with your stick. Theres a torch on the
wall, light it, and light the holes.

This is the door that the sword is  stuck in, and  it
will fall. Go across into the next screen and get it.
Once you do this, a cage  forms around you and  Yorda.
Simple: cut the ropes at the left and  right of the
cage. Go up the  stairs to the left. On the landing
there is a rope. Cut it. The door opens, go through
it. Theres a hill and water is flowing down it. You
cannot climb the water, so you must use the  ledges
and shimmy across to the top. Theres a button-door
there, step on it and enter. Do this with some
quickness: Jump the gap to the left and go up the
steps, and  cut the two ropes, revealing  half a
bridge. Go along the walkway and  there are two more
ropes, so cut them. Theres a door along the way, go
through it and activate the  switch. The water will go
away, and jump down there and save Yorda if
nessessary. Go up the slide, and  go up to where the
bridge is. Get her to cross it with you. When you  go
to the nest screen, a bridge will magically appear and
you need to cross it. Open the doors, and  go through
the doors. Head to the  right and  pull the  lever. Go
to the  lift and  go down, and  go where theres sticks
lying  there. Get a stick and go to the  other  side
of the  room where there are lit torches and light the
two holes on the  last-remaining door. Leave and pick
up your sword.

IV. Water & Wood
On the walkway, some spirits will come, fight them,
and go to the ladder on the other side. Take Yorda
with you. Pull the nearby lever to make the drawbridge
come down. Go back down the ladder and in the nearby
door. Cross the drawbridge, and on the left there is a
block. Push it to the nearby pillar, using the block
to climb it.Now jump, and  grab onto the ledge and
walk to the right. Cut the rope. Now, go to the
courtyard. When you get here,kill all of the spirits.
Find the rope you just lowered and climb to the height
of the second window coming up. You will have to leave
Yorda since she cannot climb ropes. Swing and press
TRIANGLE to jump in the window.

Go across the ledge to a room that has a block in it.
Push the block over the ledge, and then out of the
window. Help Yorda up, and take her to the IDOL DOORS.
You will arrive at a cool place. Leave Yorda and slide
down the nearby chain. Go out the bright door that has
light on it. At the right of the screen, there is an
elevator. Take it up. When you get up here theres a
lever. Pull it to open the doot for Yorda. Take her
down the lift and get her to climb on the boxes at the
back. Go to the couch and SAVE.

Go back up to the highest level. There's another
bright looking  door. Go to the right of it and over
the ledge is a ladder. When you get to the top, go
through the window. Get on the chain, and swing onto
the level. Climb down the ladder to the grass. Push
the block over the ledge. Get Yorda up on the level
you are at now. Climb the ladder back on the platform
then go up the next ladder to a pressure switch.Take
Yorda with you across the small bridge. Find a ladder
nearby that goes up. Leave Yorda and climb up the
ladder. Shimmy across the pipe to a window, then climb
to the ground with the ladder. Push this block
into the WATER. It will fall down the waterfall.Then
go across the tihng that flows water and go to the
ladder at the left. Activate the switch and the block
blocks up the water. Go back into the cavern place.

When you get Yorda, go to the now dry lake. Climb the
block and Yorda will open the IDOL DOORS. Climb up the
hill. There are a bunch of 'catwalk' type crossings.
Then when you get across, take the lift down and
theres a pipe leading to the roof of a building. On
the tower thing, climb the horizontal ladder, pushing
the tower as far as it can go. Climb to the top. Jump
on the wood and theres a switch. ull to make the
drawbridge move down. Kill the spirits, and cross the

Save at the couch. Drop to the below platform with the
pipe on the top. Shimmy across the pipe and go down
the broken ladder and then jump out onto the tower.
Climb it to the top, and go down a little to the
chain. Swing onto the raised bridge, making it fall,
so now Yorda can make it across. Go along the walkway
to a tower. Go to the left into a room. Trade your
sword for a stick, and pick up a bomb. Light the stick
with the nearby torch, and light the bomb. Throw it
onto the watertower, or close or something like that.
Doing this correctly will make a bridge.	`
Cross the bridge with Yorda. Leave her and climb the
chain to a wooden walkway. Push the big block into the
ground near the Idol Doors. Jump down and push it to
reach a lever. Pull the lever to move a chain that
lets you swing.Go back on the walkway using the ladder
and jump on the chain.Swing on over to the switch.
Push it and a crane will move a large box, making sort
of a 'stepping stone' to the Idol Doors. Ignore the
spirits and help Yorda across.

In the next set of Idol doors, into another high-up
place. Notice the other side--the opposite side where
you got the sword. Go into the room here, It looks
exactly like the other room opposite to this one. Cut
the rope above the door to the left to open it.Take
Yorda down, and use the post to bring it down into the
ground to make stairs. Go up the steps to the final
landing and activate the lever. Get one of ths sticks
laying aroung, and light it with the fire. Light all
of the holes on the wall.

Go back down the steps to a new post-thing. Climb back
up the ladder and another one, finding a lever.
Activating it will make more holes in the wall appear,
waiting to be lit. Go and light them. Now, go back up
the steps to the outside. There's a strange device
that looks like a bowl. Push it to make a cutscene

Go up the ladder. Jump on the chain and get to the
top. Climb the steps and cut the ropes. Now cross the
bridge. When you get to the balcony, there are some
bombs. Pick one up and take it to the  boarded up door
and light it, blowing it up and opening the door. Find
the pressure switch door. Enter through  to another
balcony overlooking yet another waterslide. Cross the
bridge to get to a balcony. A bridge will form. Then,
when it is done, cross it. Pull tha lever to the
right, and then 2 holes will appear, and then light

Leave by going out the large circular window. Go back
in the battlements and get to the ladder. Climb up
them and leave Yorda. Pull the lever, and get Yorda
and return to the bridge in the courtyard. Get down to
the 2 large doors(the doors where Yorda fell and the
Queen came).Yorda will then open them this time.

Make your way across the bridge to trigger a cutscene.
After it is over, hurry acorss the bridge, for it will
disappear soon. The gap is too big, but Yorda will
help YOU across this time! But the Queen comes and
takes Yorda and Ico is sent somewhere...

V. The Sea
He lands on a cage. Jump from cage to cage onto the
ledge. Go inside teh cavern. After you pull the lever
on the landing, go to the block and push it into the
water. Jump in the water and get on the block and pull
it towards the ladder. When you are close enough, use
it to jump onto the ladder. Climb  up to a lever,
pulling it to open up the damn.

Go back into the wa-wa, get the block again. Pull it
in the center of the lake, where you will find a
chain.Place the block under the chain and climb up to
the top. Go up to the small tower with wheels on it
and push it as far as it will go.This will activate
the machine below. Jump down back into the waterand
swim to the land where all the machines are. Jump onto
one of the teeth-like things sticking out, it will
make you go up. When you reach a platfomr jump off.Go
to the ledgeand shimmy across the pipelines.

Cross the pipe leading to this tower. Climb up and
shimmy across, locate the pipe going up and climb onto
it, and when you get as high as you can, jump
backwards onto the chain. Get to the 2nd lowest level
when you are on it. Now, build up some swing and jump
onto the next chain across. When you're on the
platform, grab onto one of the pipes sticking out of
the machines. When ontop, jump across the rotating
machine, exit the cavern.

Go down the path, and get a hold on the ledges on the
wall and shimmey across. When Yu get to the pipe, run
across it into the tower. Go to the ledge on the outer
area by climbing down the chain. Go left, and get
across the gap to the other side. Go onto the ledge
that is  jutting outward. Ontop of it there is a
machine. Push it as far as it can go.  The new chain
is now accessible. Jump onto that chain leading to
another ledge. Ignore the ladder here, it just leads
to nowhere. Turn left, and hop over the gaps and you
will find another ladder.Climb it and go into the next
platform. Climb down it's ladder to Idol Doors(???).
Exit the castles through the other doorway.

Now you are at the same place during the cutscene at
the beggining of the game. If you watch the whole
thing, you will notice that they opened that Idol Door
in the other room with this sword. Go up the path to
find the sword. When you have it, take it to the Idol

VI. The Queen
When you go into the Iol Door, there will be yet
another Idol Door.Go through it to be at the main
castle chamber. Go to the left, and you will find
Yorda. She will have shadow men all over her. But she
is stone.

Then, you must fight a superfluous amount of shadow
men. This will take a loooong time. After you do this,
all the things will light up(spooky),and there will be
steps to climb. Go up them and into the Idol Doors.

Go to the throne. Nothing will be there, so go back
down the steps. The Queen will appear. After the
cutscene, and you will battle the queen. If you have
the lightning sword, her petrification attack will not
hurt you. Hit the blue stuff around her, and when you
do this your sword will go flying somewhere. Go behind
one of the pillars, they will protect you. Push them
to get your sword back. Keep doing this process untill
her sheild is gone. When you attack her you have won.
Game complete.

VII. Afterword...
After the ending and credits, you will gain control of
Ico. Call Yorda with R1, and the game is completely

 /      Section 4 - Other Stuff....     \
 \ ____________________________________ /

Source: GameWinners.com

Mace Weapon:
After reaching the top of the waterfall area, to the
left of the switch you pulled is a tall tree. Swipe at
it with your sword until you make contact. A ball will
fall from its branches. Take the ball up the stairs,
into the opened room, and drop it. You will notice
tree arches between the two stairs going to the upper
level of the room. Go to the middle arch and push on
one side of it to make it revolve and reveal a secret
room. Go back and take the ball (and Yorda) and enter
the secret room . Hop into the idol pedestal with
Yorda and a basket will appear. Take the ball and
shoot it into the basket. A mace will fly through the
window. It is more powerful then the sword and the
2x4. You can take out a standard Ghout in three

Lightsaber Weapon:
Successfully complete the game once, then start
another game. Follow the steps to where you got the
Mace in the first time, and this time you will get a
lightsaber that kills Smoke Creatures in one hit .You
must be holding Yorda's hand to activate it.
More to come...

II.Personal Thanks
GameFAQs.com, for hosting my FAQ
Krimson Has Cake, for editing the FAQ.

III. Final Notes
I hope this FAQ helped you beat Ico if you were ever
stuck, because this game can be challenging to the
mind, and is also a great deal of problem solving.
This is a deep game that requires alot of game playing
skill, which maybe some of us are trying to use, but
doesen't exactly...uhh...come out. I enjoyed this FAQ
as much as I enjoyed the game.

What a great game. It was drastically overlooked, as I
hope that Ico 2(recently announced) will draw more
attention. I look foward to it!

Copyright (c) 2002 by Jack Bock!

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