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FAQ/Walkthrough by Grand Admiral

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 06/26/03


Guide Written By: Joe Messer
           Email: kingdomhearts@sbcglobal.net
            Date: 9/8/02

This document is copyright September 8, 2002 by Joe Messer. It cannot
be reproduced for commercial use. Use of this guide on any site,
magazine, or other publication, profit or non-profit, other then
WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM is prohibited without the author's written consent.
This document may not be altered in any way or form by anyone anywhere
except for the original author. The latest version can always be found
at WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM. Contributors to this FAQ/Walkthrough are credited
with their name, alias, and email. Contributors may elect not to reveal
certain information about themselves or be credited as anonymous.
Violators of this copyright notice will be served with a civil suit and
their website (if applicable) will be reported to InterNIC.

FAQ Information
Pages:      16
Size:       40k
Completion: 100%
Version:    1.02

Game Information
Name: ICO
Publisher: Sony
Developer: SCEI
Platform: Sony Playstation 2
Genre: Puzzle/Action
ESRB Rating: Teen; Violence
Discs: 1
Format: Compact Disc
Region: North America

Version History
v1.02 (6/26/03)
Changed Email address.
Added a search format. Now just press ctrl+F and the call number.
This most likely will be the final update. Any future updates will mostly
likely be because of email change or newcopyright information

v1.01 (9/9/02)
Fixed several typos in the faq.
Added a Combat section.
Added a warning in the walkthrough about when to get the mace.
Added a FAQ information section.
Added a FAQ(The other kind)

v1.0 (9/8/02)
First version everything is new.

Table of Contents
001 Introduction
002 Controls
003 Combat Tips
004 Puzzle Strategies
005 Yorda
006 Items

007 Walkthrough
 007a The Tombs
 007b Fear of Falling
 007c Symmetry
 007d Water and Wood
 007e The Sea
 007f The Queen

008 Secrets/Info
009 Gameshark Codes
010 FAQ
011 Squaresoft References
012 Contact Information
013 Credits

001 Introduction
There are very few games, if any, that are like Ico(*EE-KO* Jabroni).
Sure there are many puzzle games, but none that contains the rich
storytelling and breathtaking art that is contained in this
masterpiece. And it is for this reason why it's a shame few know about
this game. Sure it has a cult following, but your average Joe Gamer has
either never heard of it or has written it off as garbage.

The story is about a twelve year old boy named Ico. Ico is the
unfortunate one who is born with horns every generation. According to
legend these horned children bring famine and bad luck upon the world.
It is for this reason Ico must be sacrificed. When he becomes of age
Ico is taken to a castle where he is locked up and left to the wrath of
its demons.

They story is pretty interesting and it is this component along with
breathtaking visuals and excellent game play that will not allow you to
put your controller down. While not a difficult game it does make you
think. Every brick of the castle is a piece of the puzzle. Overall I
give this game a 9/10.

002 Controls

Left Analog Stick.............................................Moves Ico
Right Analog Stick.......................................Rotates Camera
Up/Down..............................................Climb Ladder/Chain
Start.......................................................Pauses Game
R1...............................................Calls Yorda/Grabs Hand
R2..............................................Zooms In/Rotates Camera
Square.......................................................Use Weapon
Circle.....................................Use/Throw Object/Swing Chain
Left Analog Stick + Triangle..................................Long Jump

003 Combat Tips

-Make sure that Yorda is near you at all times. Shadow monsters love to
separate you two. While one keeps you busy another will take off with

-Try to fight near the portal. So if she does get carried off you will
be able to recover her right away.

-If she is dragged into the portal use R1 to pull her back up.

-Shadow Monsters love to feint attacks. Before engaging the enemy let
it launch an attack. It will most likely feint and run back. At this
point charge and swing.

004 Puzzle Strategies

-Levers have a blue color to them. Use the Circle button to activate a
lever. Once the lever is activated something else in the room is
changed. Either a door opens or sometimes an event occurs.

-Pressure Switches act like levers except they are only activated when
something or someone is standing on it. Sometimes these switches are
blocking a path because a block or another object is activating it.
Push the block out of the way to release the switch.

-Sometimes solving a puzzle requires the use of blocks. To push or pull
locks press the Circle button while using the left analog stick.

-Ladders and chains are also a common puzzle factor. Simply push the
analog stick in the up direction to climb a ladder. To climb a chain
just jump on it. Press Circle while on a chain to swing back and forth.
Remember when jumping off a chain Ico always launches in the opposite
direction he is facing.

-Idol doors(green pillars) are signs of an exit. Drag Yorda to the
pillars and she will open them. This will also destroy any nearby

005 Yorda
The object of the game is to escape the castle with Yorda. However,
Yorda is blind so its going to take some work on your part. Here are
some strategies for guiding Yorda.

-Press R1 to call out to her and/or hold her hand.

-If you come to a place where Yorda can't climb up first let go of her.
Climb the ledge by you your self then face her and press R1 to pull her
up onto the ledge.

-If the ledge is even to tall for the above strategy look for a cube
you can push down to giver her a boost.

-Yorda can climb up and down ladders. Press R1 to call her and she will
climb one if needed.

006 Items

The Stick-
Ico's first weapon and weakest. It can also be used to light torches
and bombs. Press circle in front of a flame source to light your stick
on fire. Press circle again to light the object of your choice on fire.

The Block-
Blocks are essential pieces of the puzzles you face. They have a
variety of uses including holding pressure switches and acting as a
boost to get high ledges.

These are used to blow things up obviously. You will encounter them at
various points in the game. Use the lighting method found above to make
use of them.

The Sword-
Ico's second weapon and it is significantly stronger then the stick.
You can also use it to cut ropes.

The Mace-
Ico's third weapon. See side quests below.

The Idol Sword-
Ico's fourth and final weapon. It kills shadow demons in one hit and
opens idol doors. It also protects Ico from the Queen's petrification.

007 Walkthrough

007a +The Tombs+

After the intro and other cut scenes you find your self in a large
room. Head up the stairs located straight ahead and climb up the
ladder. Run right and you will eventually see a blue lever. Activate it
and a door will open. Head down the stairs behind you and then run
through the newly opened door.

Explore the room a bit and you should see a hanging chain. Climb up it
and jump onto the ledge. Then climb through one of the windows and jump

There are two ladders in this building. Climb the one directly behind
you. If your now running up a long flight of stairs you've climbed the
right one. At the end you see another hanging chain. Climb it and
continue along the path. A cut scene will appear. You notice that you
cannot go any further. Climb up through the nearest window. In the next
area run right and climb through the last window on the path (second
one). You will be back in the area you were before, but on the other
side where you couldn't reach. Pull the lever and watch the cut scene.

Now return to the spot where you first started this puzzle. Its now
time to take the second ladder up. Walk along the path until you have
sight of the black cage. You now have to jump on that cage. Once you do
another cut scene will appear.

Grab the stick that is on the ground. If your quick you can beat the
shadowy monster before he pulls Yorda into the vortex. If not don't
worry. Just press R1 to pull her up. Another cut scene will follow.
When its done grab Yorda and take her over to the green pillars (idol
doors). She will open them for you.

To get Yorda over the first ledge simply hold her hand and she will
step onto it. The second one however is too big for you to just drag
her with you. First let go of her hand. Then climb up. Once you've made
it press R1 and Ico will kneel down and pull the princess up onto the
ledge. After that go through the archway and save on the couch.

*****Save 1 Statistics (The Old Bridge)
-Completion Time: 00:26:10
-Game Over      : 1

Cross the old bridge. There will be a scene towards the middle where
the bridge crumbles, but don't worry you will make it. At the end of
the bridge Yorda will move the idol doors for you.

Upon entering the room a vortex will appear and the shadow monsters
will attack you. Defeat them. Once you do there is a block down below.
Move it to release the pressure switch. It will reveal a staircase. Go
up it and follow the path into the next room.

You will notice that the door blocking your path is locked. Have Ico
drop down to the floor above and run to the end of the room. There is a
lever. Activate it. The door opens so call Yorda over to you. Now run
in the opposite direction. You will see a chain use it to have Ico get
to the next level. However as soon as you do more shadow monsters
appear. Jump down and defeat them. Now climb back up. Unfortunately
Yorda cannot climb the chain and your too high to pull her up. Luckily
there is a box you can push down. Push it down and then call Yorda. She
will soon join you. Now go through the door.

Outside there should be some stairs. Go up them and then turn right.
There will be another flight of stairs so go up those too. You will
then be attacked by shadow monsters. This time there is a bigger and
stronger one among them. But it still shouldn't be too difficult. There
is a save point slightly tucked away in this area.

*****Save 2 Statistics
-Completion Time: 00:39:49
-Game Over      : 1

There is a ladder in this area. Climb down it and go right. Eventually
you will see a trolley. Unfortunately the lever does not work. There
may be a faster way of doing this, but I had to push the trolley all
the way to the end. If you figure out a faster way please email me with
it. Anyway after you push the trolley to the end use it to climb up
onto the ledge. There is a save point here. I suggest you use it.

*****Save 3 Statistics (The Trolley)
-Completion Time: 00:55:33
-Game Over      : 1

007b +Fear of Falling+

There's only one path to take here. You will be able to guide Yorda up
the first couple of ledges, but then you reach a pit. Have Ico jump
first and then call Yorda. She will make a leap of faith and Ico will
pull her up. Continue along the path and you will see a railing along
the castle wall. Have Ico use to get to the next area. Pull the lever
and it will move the crane with a crate over to where Yorda is. Go back
to Yorda and jump onto the crate. Call her and she will jump on it to.
Now have Ico jump pack and guide him to where the lever is. Pull the
lever again and Yorda will be transported to the other side.

If you continue right from where the lever is you will see some wooden
beams. Climb those to get on top of the crane. Walk on the narrow crane
arm and climb down the chain. Then jump onto the next platform and call
Yorda. She will do the same. There is a couch so go ahead and save.

*****Save 4 Statistics (The Crane)
-Completion Time: 01:11:56
-Game Over      : 1

Go through the archway. There is also an entrance below but don't worry
about that yet. The point of this puzzle is to knock down the bridge so
you can get to the other side with Yorda. This is a 2 step process.
First you must take out the chandelier and then explode the base of the
support beam.

To take out the chandelier you need access to the catwalks above. There
are window seals that you can climb up on. After that make your way to
the middle of the room on the catwalk and jump on the chandelier. This
will cause it to come tumbling down and damages the beam holding the
bridge up.

Now leave this area and go through the entrance on the bottom of the
previous area. There are some bombs before you enter. Go ahead and grab
one. Once inside place the bomb next to the beam. Use your stick to get
some fire from the fallen chandelier. Light the bomb and BOOM! Bridge
comes crashing down. Go back up to meet Yorda. Now enemies have
appeared. Instead of fighting them just run down the now fallen bridge
and open the idol doors. They will die instantly.

This next part can be hard if your not quick. I died a couple of times
here so don't get discouraged if its taking you awhile. Basically this
is an area where hordes of shadow creatures attack you. Don't waste
your time with them. You will lose. Just run. Take the left path and go
down the stairs. There are some idol doors up the stairs in the middle
of the room. They will all die instantly.

After leaving the room you will view a cut scene. Thought the game was
over eh? Hehe not yet. The Queen of the castle has other plans. After
the scene there is a couch near the gate, but you have to light all the
torches before Yorda will sit down with you. Light the torches by
pulling them closer to the stone path. Once they are all lit save your

*****Save 5 Statistics (The Main Gate)
-Completion Time: 01:47:56
-Game Over      : 3

Now that the torches are lit go back to the previous room. There are no
more shadows. Go back to the beginning of this room. There is an area
that is boarded up. On the other end there are several bombs. Grab one
an set it by the boards. Use the torches to light your stick and
activate the bomb.

You find yourself in a graveyard. There is a couch at the bottom of the
stairs, but first kill all the baddies in the area. Now go ahead and

*****Save 6 Statistics (Courtyard)
-Completion Time: 01:51:59
-Game Over      : 3

This part took me a awhile to figure out. First you have to use the
block available to activate one of the two pressure switches. Then you
have to have Yorda activate the other one. I kept trying to climb that
ladder nearby :(. Now in the next room climb up the ladder and then
climb up the chain and push the block down once your outside. Now more
monsters appear. Jump down and kill them. Use the extra block to
activate the other pressure switch. Take Yorda into the next room. Now
go back outside to the area where you pushed the block down. There is
an entryway on the left side. Now climb up the ladder and jump onto the
chain in the middle. This will raise the floor on the other side. To
get to the other side use the chain to swing over there. Shadow
monsters will appear. After you take care of them do the same thing and
then lift Yorda up and take her to the idol doors.

This outside areas sure are nice huh? Well the subject of this puzzle
is our windmill friend here. See the broken off staircase? Well go as
far as you can and use the ledge to climb up the mill. Move to your
right and there will be more ledges. Keep climbing until there are no
more ledges to climb. Go over to the other side of the mill. This is
the best camera view to use because your going to be jumping on one of
those windmill blades. Wait for one of them to make a -45 degree angle
and then jump. Be sure to move towards the tip before you reach the
top. Once your at the roof jump off. Walk along the path past a couch
and some idol doors. When you reach the end throw the switch. A bridge
will extend out. Go to the end of it and call Yorda. She'll make a leap
of faith. Take her to the couch and save.

*****Save 7 Statistics (Windmill)
-Completion Time: 02:47:09
-Game Over      : 3

Get off the couch and go to the idol doors you saw earlier. In the
middle of the room is a chain. Climb up. Once you do shadow monsters
appear. Make short work of them and then climb up again. Pass the idol
doors and down the stairs are a bunch of sewer grates. Jump down the
empty one and run to the end of the sewer. There are two pressure
switches. Have Ico press the right one and then call Yorda. Have Yorda
Activate the left switch. Now leave through the newly opened door.
Climb up the pipe and jump across the gap. This next part took me
forever to figure out. Go back to the open grate and call Yorda. Who
would have thought it was low enough to pull her up?

Now go through the idol doors. There is an elevator in the next room.
Use it. Once on top you will notice a switch. You probably will try to
activate it, but all is in vain for it is too high. You need a block.
To get one leave Yorda behind and jump down to the ledges where the
railing is broken. Move around the building and life yourself up to the
next area. There is a cube here. Push it down to where Yorda is. Shadow
monsters soon appear so be on your guard. After using the block to
throw the switch (which lowers a chain) bring it back over to where you
dropped it off. Pull Yorda up and save on the couch.

*****Save 8 Statistics
-Completion Time: 03:14:34
-Game Over      : 3

I died a couple of times on this next part and I only have ignorance to
blame. I didn't know you could shimmy across broken up rock. On the
third time through I decided to give it a go and it worked. Anyway next
to the couch there are some ledges. Move up to the second one and move
across the chasm. When you reach the other side shadow monsters will
appear, but don't worry there in a different area then Yorda is in.
Climb down the chain and swing into the open window. Remember Ico
launches in the opposite direction he is facing. Once inside beat up
the shadows. There are some window seals with blocks in them. Take your
pick and push out a block. You will be back in familiar territory,
remember the grates? Anyway there was a platform you were not able to
reach before. It is on the left hand side of the tree. Push your block
over there and pull yourself up. Follow the path and climb up the
chain. Then up the stairs and through the door. There is a ladder near
by climb it and walk along the path. There is a chain ahead. Use that
to swing over to the other side to where the lever is. Before you hit
the lever call Yorda. She will position herself on the wooden platform.
Pull the lever and she will be transported to the other side where the
idol doors are. Shadow monsters appear so don't lag. Climb down the
chain. Ignore the monsters just grab Yorda and have her activate the
idol doors.

007c +Symmetry+

Explore the next area a bit to find more idol doors. Now you will be
outside. Walk along the path a bit and if you look closely you will
notice that you are right on top of the main gate. Well not on top of
it, but pretty close. Now just put your controller down. And stop
playing. Just look at the scenery. This my friends is what made your
$49.99 worth it. The scenery is simply breathtaking. Ok after a few
minutes of drooling pick up your controller and continue along the path
and some more idol doors will appear. When Yorda opens them she leaves
your hand and enters by herself. After you enter the camera seems to
scan the room a bit and then you control Ico again. Shadow monsters
appear again when you climb the ladder. Just deal with them like normal
and then save on the couch.

*****Save 9 Statistics (East Arena)
-Completion Time: 03:44:02
-Game Over      : 5

Go left and you will notice a circular structure in the wall. On the
bottom right and side there is a door. GO through it and guide Yorda
onto the pillar. Some stairs will appear along with some shadow
monsters. After you dispose of them climb up the giant stairs hit the
switch and light the two spheres with fire. This will open up another
circular door. Go through it and save on the couch.

*****Save 10 Statistics (East Reflector)
-Completion Time: 4:13:33
-Game Over      : 5

There are some stairs on the other side of the circular door. Leave
Yorda and go up them. There is a lever at the end so pull it. Go back
through the circular door with Yorda. Those sphere things on the other
side opened up. Light your stick and ignite the spheres. The circular
door will now open up and the sword will fall out. Go back into that
room and grab it. Once you do however, a giant cage traps you in. To
free yourself cut the ropes that are holding up. They are located on
the wall on each side of the circular door. Now go up the stairs on the
opposite side of the open door. There is another rope. Cut it and it
will open the locked door. Take Yorda and enter it. You cannot go any
farther due to the water slide. There are some ledges on the wall so
use those to get across. Once you do drop down and use the pressure
switch to open the door. In the next area there is a break in the path.
Jump across and go up the stairs. There is another pressure switch. Use
it to open the door and hit the lever on the other side. Go back and
use your sword to cut the bridge ropes.

Note: Sometimes a single shadow monster appears to take Yorda away at
this point. I have no idea of the conditions that makes this happen. My
only guess is that its taking you too long to release the bridge. If
you do encounter a shadow monster DO NOT drop down; you will die. You
have to retrace your steps.

Now go back and grab Yorda. Take her across the newly formed bridge. In
the next room a bridge appears. Move across one block at a time. Have
Yorda move the idol doors and then pull the switch on the left hand
side. Now take Yorda down the elevator. Go grab a stick. And light up
the two spheres that are below the circular door right above the
entrance to this room. View the cut scene and then grab your sword.
Leave this place. Once outside you will have to fight more shadow
monsters. Follow the path and climb up the ladder at the end, but leave
Yorda behind. In the next room hit the lever to release a draw bridge.
Climb back down the stairs, grab Yorda, and go through the entrance.

007d +Water and Wood+

In the next area cross the drawbridge and turn left. There is a block.
Push it over to one of the short pillars back against the wall. Climb
up the pillar and then climb up the ledge. From the ledge cut the rope.
It will lower to the courtyard below.

Now go through the large entryway. This should look familiar. After
fighting shadow monsters go down the fallen bridge into the courtyard.
Guide Yorda to the fallen rope, but leave her there and climb it. Jump
through the second window. Walk along the path and into the next area.
Climb down the ladder and there should be a block. Push it down and
then push it out the broken window. Pull Yorda up and then head up the
stairs and through the idol doors.

In the next room is a bridge leading to the other side. Cross it and
turn left. Climb down the chain and go up the stairs. Cross the bridge
and go through the door. Jump down the ledges and use the elevator to
take you up to the next floor. Go all the way to the right and pull the
lever. This will open up the iron door. Now go save.

*****Save 11 Statistics
-Completion Time: 5:11:27
-Game Over      : 5

Call Yorda and take her back down that elevator. Leave her there and go
back up the elevator and through the door. Now climb up the ladder and
jump through the giant window. Go left and jump onto the chain. Swing
across the next platform and climb down the ladder. Now press R1 at the
ledge to pull up Yorda. Go back up the ladder (with Yorda) and at the
end of this platform is another set of stairs. Go up them and use the
pressure switch to go through the doors. Go all the way to the end of
the next room . There is a ladder. Have Ico climb it and then use the
railing to get to the other side. There is a ladder here. Climb down it
and then push the block into the river. Jump across the stone river and
go up the stairs on the left. On top there is a turn style. Push it
counter clockwise for a bit to dam the river. Once done cross the now
empty river and look for a lever on the other side of the stairs. This
will open up the door. Yorda is standing there.

         *At this point it is a good idea to get the mace. *
         *See the Secrets/Info Section below.              *

Take Yorda and back track al the way to the area where the waterfall
ended. Some shadow monsters will appear. Dispose of them and use the
block to reach the idol doors.

Once your in the next area follow the stream south and climb up the
stairs ahead. Make the leap of faith and follow the path into the next
area. Again follow the path until you reach an elevator. Take it down
and save on the couch.

*****Save 12 Statistics
-Completion Time: 5:44:46
-Game Over      : 6

Go down the steps and all the way to the right where you see some
broken off stairs and a raised bridge past that. There is a pipe behind
you. Climb it and then push the tower all the way to the right. Climb
up the ladder and jump to the next platform. At the end of the platform
pass the iron gate is a switch. Pull it to lower the bridge. Climb back
down the pipe and take Yorda across it. But before you are able to you
must fight shadow monsters. I recommend you fight them up near the
couch. Reason being is that in your present location it is very easy to
get knocked of the ledge and into the waters below. Which means game

There is only one path to take here. Go up the steps and through the
cavern and up more steps. Eventually you will reach a turn style. This
time it raises the gondola your on. Push it counter clockwise to raise
yourself. This will take a while. As about annoying as the trolley
section. Anyways get off at the top and save your game.

*****Save 13 Statistics
-Completion Time: 5:57:27
-Game Over      : 7

From the couch jump the gap. Have Ico jump down to the platform below
and move across the railing to the other side. Then use the ledges to
get to the top and go down the broken ladder. Jump from the ladder to
the base of the tower and then climb the tower. From the tower there is
a chain. Climb down it partially and swing off of it and slam into the
raised bridge. The force will slam the bridge down (tricky little
puzzle eh?). Have Yorda make another gap and then leave her there.
Follow the path into a room with bombs in it. Trade your sword for a
stick and grab a bomb. Take it to the last corner you turned at. You
see that tower structure dead ahead? You got to light a bomb and throw
it in there. There is a torch nearby use it.

One the tower is destroyed It will create a bridge. Take Yorda across
(don't forget your sword) it. Leave her and climb the chain. There is a
block push it down and go ahead and jump after it. Its safe. Push the
block to the right and use it to get to the platform. Pull the lever
and a chain will slide over to the catwalk you were just on.

There is a ladder on the left hand side. Climb them and jump onto the
newly formed chain. Swing off the chain onto another platform with a
turn style. Push it counter clockwise to swing the giant cargo near
Yorda. Go back to Yorda and jump on the cargo crate. Crafty shadow
monsters will take advantage of the situation and attack. Have Yorda
jump the first gap and then take out the first monster that comes by.
Then take Yorda across the second gap. And use the idol doors to kill
the rest off.

After passing through there should be more idol doors at the end of the
path. Through them you will notice you are on the opposite side from
where you were before over looking the main gate. You guessed it your
going to have to go through the same thing again. Follow the path to
more idol doors to enter a mirror image of the east arena.

Go up the stairs on the left hand side and cut the ropes to open the
door. Take Yorda through it and save on the couch.

*****Save 14
-Completion Time: 6:22:14
-Game Over      : 8

Start off the puzzle just like you did with the last one. There are two
circular windows in this area. Open the first one by having you and
Yorda stand on the cylindrical pillar on the floor below. This will
reveal a stair case. Pull the switch at the top and light the two
spheres with a stick. Shadow monsters will appear. Quickly trade your
stick for a sword and defeat them.

Once disposed of get the stick again and climb the other ladder and
pull the switch. Light your stick with the nearby torch and set the two
newly opened spheres on fire. Don't leave this area yet. Go outside
through the circular window and move the reflector until a cut scene

Now climb the ladder. Take Yorda with you to reduce the chance of
having to fight shadow monsters. Go through the door and up the chain.
Use your sword to cut the ropes holding the bridge and hit the lever at
the end of the path through the pressure switch door. Now cross the
newly formed bridge. In the next are there should be some bombs. Use
one of them to blast open the boarded up entry way.

Take Yorda back to the main room and go through the other door. Be sure
to cut the ropes holding it up first. Take her uphill through the
entryway and across the bridge. In the next area you will encounter a
bridge that appears block by block like in the east arena. At the end
there are some idol doors so open them. Pull the switch in the next
area and take Yorda down the elevator. Grab a stick and light the
spheres to open the final window.

Back track across the top of the castle. Leave Yorda behind and climb
up the long ladder. Pull the lever to lower the draw bridge. Take Yorda
across it. All of this should be familiar to you. Your destination is
the main gate. Go through the large entry way. Make your way around the
perimeter and down the fallen bridge. Go through the courtyard and
through the already opened idol doors. A cut scene will take over as
Yorda opens the gigantic gate and a bridge forms. FREEDOM AT LAST!!!
Take Yorda across the bridge somewhere halfway The Queen will appear
and cause trouble. The bridge will fall apart jump across and Yorda
will taken away as Ico is dropped into the moat below.

007e +The Sea+

Fortunately you land onto the safety of a hanging cage ^_^. From here
do some cage hopping over to the ledge north of you. If your having
trouble try jumping in rhythm with the wind. If you notice the cages
are moving slightly back and forth. Time your jumps right and you
should make all of them.

Once your on the ledge there's really only one path so take it. In the
next area pull the switch and push the block into the water. Jump down
(or climb) and position the block just under the ladder on the other
side. Use the box to climb up and pull the lever. This will open the
gate. Were not done with that box. Drag it over to where you lowered
that chain earlier. Use the box to get up onto the chain and climb it.
There is a thingamajig on the tracks. Push it all the way over and view
the cut scene.

Climb down the chain and go north west onto land. Use the wheel to
raise yourself up to the next level. From there use the ledge to get to
the pipes and go across to the next platform. Now cross the narrow pipe
and use the pipe on the tower to move around it. Now climb the pipe
ladder and jump off of it at the very top. You will land on a chain.
You should also see another chain nearby. Swing off of the chain your
on to the next one and do the same to get to the platform. From the
platform use the wheel to get to a higher position and leave the area.

In the next are you will have to make use of the ledges and jump a
couple of gaps to get across. Nothing that you have not done before.
When you reach the end, run along the pipes to the next area.

In this next area your goal is to reach the bottom. You should see a
chain. Climb down as far as you can and jump off of it onto the next
lowest level. Turn left and jump the gap. Run around the tower for a
bit until you see a pulley. Push it all the way over to make use of the
chain. Use it to get to the next platform. There is a ladder here, but
it is of no use to you. There is another ladder in the vicinity that
allows you access to the next level. Climb down and then climb down the
next level. There are some idol doors, but don't worry about them. Go
through the other door. In this area there is a path that leads
upwards. Take it to get the "Idol Sword" as I like to call it.

Once you have the sword back track to the idol doors that you could not
open earlier. Climb up the stairs and you will see some shadow monsters
around a petrified Yorda. Defeat all of the shadow monsters in the
room. This is going to take awhile so if you start to think that there
are an infinite amount of them stop thinking that and just kill them.
Once they are all dead you will view a cut scene that will allow you
access to the throne room.

007f +The Queen+

Advance to the giant throne. Nothing will be there. So leave. Watch the
cut scene. The Queen has only one attack, petrification. As long as you
are behind those pillars in the middle of the room or you have the idol
sword in your hand she cannot harm you. The pillars can be moved for
your protection, but the only time you will real need them is at the
end. First things first, find your sword.

You will lose your sword 5 times in this fight and the location will
always be the same. Right now your sword is on the right and side of
the room in front of (from the queens perspective ) of the pillar. Grab
the sword and attack her shield. You will lose your sword again. This
time and the next two times your sword will be thrown on the left hand
side in the vicinity of the left pillar. The last time your sword is
thrown It is far back behind the right pillar. Now use the right pillar
to get your sword. Pull it back as far as you can to close the distance
between you and your sword as much as possible. Use the right analog
stick to seek the exact location of your sword and make a run for it.
Deliver the final blow to the queen and watch the ending.
Congratulations. You have finished the game. Watch the credits and
control Ico for the final time. I will leave you to figure out the
final piece of the puzzle on your own.

The ending may be confusing. Black Hole Sun's FAQ explains it a bit and
also provides an interesting theory. Read his FAQ to find out more.

008 Secrets/Info
+Mace Side quest+

Near the switch is a large tree. Wack at it a few times and a rock will
fall from it. Take the rock to the room where Yorda is in and drop it
somewhere. You will notice that there are three door like archways
between the two sets of stairs. Push on the middle one to reveal a
secret door. Grab the rock and Yorda into the room and stand on the
green platform. A block will appear. Throw the rock at the block (hehe
rhymes) and grab the mace that flies through the window.

+PAL Version+

There are several additions to the PAL version of the game that us
Americans didn't get. For example, a light saber, Yorda translations,
and more. For more information read the PAL version FAQ on this site.

009 Gameshark Codes

| Code Name   | Code Description      | Code Number        |
| M           | This code must be on  | EC87A648143ACAF4   |
|Low Enemy AI | As the name says      | 1C81884815F6E79D   |
|             |                       | 1C81884C1456E7A5   |
|             |                       | 1C8A3C7015F6E79D   |
|             |                       | 1C8A3C741456E7A5   |
|Save Anywhere| After loading you     | 0CBF92F61456B10C   |
|             | must sit on the       | 4CF6B2741456E7AE   |
|             | couch. Then press L2  |                    |
|             | when you want to save.|                    |
|Walk on Air  | See code name         | DC938022142ED6F7   |
|             |                       | 1C89985015F6E79D   |
|             |                       | 1C8998541456E7A5   |
|Deactivate   | Press Select + X to   | DC934022142ED6F7   |
|Walk on Air  | turn the option off   | 1C89985039A1B095   |
|Option       |                       | 1C89985491D38BAD   |

010 FAQ

Q: I hear a lot about this lightsaber weapon and Yorda translations
what's the deal?
A: There are several bonus' that our European friends received in their
version of Ico that does not appear in the North American version. A
list of these bonus' can be found in the Secrets FAQ at

011 References
These are guides that I feel supplement this faq very well, but
unfortunately I don't have the resources to investigate the topics on
my own. These author's did a fine job and you will enjoy their work.

PAL Version Differences-

Ending Theme Lyrics-

Alternate FAQ/Walkthrough-
This is the guide that got me through the game my first play through.
If you cant find the info you need in mine you can probably find it in

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013 Credits
CjayC- for the gift of GameFAQs
Joe Messer (Grand Admiral)- Faq author

The author played through this game thoroughly and everything contained
in this guide is the author's original work. All contributor's are
credited below. Obviously Ico, its source code, concept art, and
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infringement of their rights is intended.

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