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FAQ/Walkthrough (EU) by EvilZedar

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 09/17/02

         ____________         __________        __________
        /____   ____/\       /  _______/\      / ______  /\
        \___/  /\___\/      /  /\\\\\\\\/     / /\/   / /\/
           /  /\/          /  /\/            / /\/   / /\/
          /  /\/          /  /\/            / /\/   / /\/
         /  /\/          /  /\/            / /\/   / /\/
    ____/  /\/_         /  /\/____        / /\/___/ /\/
   /__________/\       /_________/\      /_________/\/
   \\\\\\\\\\\\/       \\\\\\\\\\\/      \\\\\\\\\\\/

Software       - ICO
Platform       - Playstation 2
Version        - Europe PAL
FAQ Author     - EvilZedar
Author Email   - overlordgarion@hotmail.com
FAQ Version    - 1.6


1 - Introduction
2 - Copyright
3 - Update History
4 - Controls
5 - Characters
6 - Weapons
7 - Battle Tips
8 - General Notes
9 - Walkthrough
10- End Theme Lyrics
11- Second Time Play Differences
12- Contact
13- Credits and Thanks
14- Links


This FAQ is intented for use with the European PAL release of Ico.
Alot of the information contained within it also applies to the NTSC
version, but some will also be incorrect eg. PAL only features.  It
is highly recommended to play the game without using a FAQ, as using
one can severly reduce the enjoyment/value for money that the game gives.
It is a good idea to only use a FAQ when totally stuck on a certain part
of the game then continue without it, or after completing the game once
to see if there are any secrets or interesting parts of the game that
were missed first time through.


This document and it's contents are copyright 2002 to EvilZedar and
may not be copied, reproduced, distributed without my express
permission.  It is intended for personal or private use only, no profit
should be made from it.
The only websites with permission to hold this document are:
If this is seen anywhere else please email me.
Ico and any related characters are trademarks of Sony Computer
Entertainment Inc.


Version 1.6  - Added some links
Version 1.55 - Corrected Controls
Version 1.5  - Added Controls section, Some minor changes
Version 1.4  - Added End Theme Lyrics, Added dodgy ASCII art
Version 1.3  - Added another missed second time play difference, added a
              battle tip, added the introduction
Version 1.2  - Added submissions, added a missed second time play difference,
              added a link
Version 1.1  - Minor formatting changes
Version 1.0  - Completed first draft of FAQ
Version 0.9  - Started writing this FAQ

Possible future inclusions

More Links (Send any interesting Ico Links to the address at the top)
Dialogue (What Ico and co say in game, in English)
Better ASCII Art (The current one I made, but as you can see I am no artist.
If you have a better one that I can use please email it to me)
(All Credit will be given for any input from others, so please provide details)


X         - Release hold on ledge/chain
Square    - Fight
Circle    - Activate switches, Push/Pull objects, Hold circle to swing on chains,
            Pick up bombs, Throw bombs, Walk (with L Analog)
Triangle  - Jump, Pull up onto ledge
R1        - Call Yorda, Hold Yorda's hand, Release Yorda's hand, Pull Yorda up,
            Holding R1 will point camera towards Yorda if nearby, Encourage
            Yorda to jump, Pull Yorda out of portal.
R2        - Zoom
R3        - No use
L1        - No use
L2        - No use
L3        - No use
D-Pad     - Movement, Ladder climbing
L Analog  - Movement, Ladder climbing
R Analog  - Look around
Start     - Pause (Menu)
Select    - No use


Ico      - The hero of this story, and the main player character.  Trapped in
a castle to die just because he is different and his people are paranoid.
Yorda    - The "damsel in distress".  A princess also trapped in the castle for
initially an unknown reason.  Speaks a different language from Ico, so
communication is difficult.  Becomes playable with controller 2 on a second

Queen    - Mysterious character whose agenda will become more obvious as
the game progresses.  She is your nemesis.


Horns           - The most basic weapon, if you pick up the stick right
                  near the beginning then you will not have to use these.
                  Have to be running to use them.

Wooden Stick    - Found in various places around, not very strong, but
                  alot better than just horns.  These can also be used as
                  a torch, for light, or lighting.

Sword           - Found in a couple of places, the first being in the East
                  Arena.  Pretty strong, doesn't take too long to kill
                  spirits, and can also cut rope.

Mace            - Secret Weapon.  Only found in the waterfall area.  Read the
                  walkthrough for more details of location.  Very strong
                  weapon, takes out spirits with ease.  Also cuts rope.

Beam Sword      - Secret Weapon.  Only found in the waterfall area on
                  second playthrough.  See walkthrough for more details of
                  location.  Is very strong, usually takes out a spirit with
                  one hit.  It has limited range though, unless you are holding
                  Yorda's hand, when it becomes super long.

Ultimate Weapon - Also called Idol Sword, this weapon has other uses, but 
                  still is good for killing.  Found near the main elevator
                  shaft late on in game.

Bombs           - These are found in various locations. Used to destroy
                  structures etc.


-When fighting the spirits, make sure you keep close to Yorda as much as
-Use the best weapon available.
-When the spirit loses its white eyes, you know it will not get back up.
-If Yorda is getting pulled into a portal, pull her out with R1.
-The spirits are not after you, but if you get in the way they will attack.
-Although being hit by a spirit will not kill you, being knocked off an edge
-Where there is only one portal, it's best to stay near it so you don't have
too far to run if Yorda is captured.
-The small spider like spirits will not grab Yorda, but if you leave them
they will become large spirits later, so take them out anyway.
Opening an Idol Door will kill any nearby spirits, so if there is a door
around, it's worth trying to get there before fighting.
***Submitted by Raymond Toussaint***
-In a fight with the shadow monsters i saw that Ico was defending
himself with the stick for an attack, I think it happens when you push the
square button just at the right time.


-In the walkthrough, the writing in brackets after mention of a save is
what the save is called on the memory card Eg. (Trolley 2)
-In the walkthrough, Key features are listed in case you missed something,
hopefully to give you a clue before you read the main solution.  Can make
the game more satisfying the less help you get to complete it.
-At the end of the first play through, there is an option to save.  This save
will have a rune symbol on the memory card screen.  If you load this, and
play through a second time, there will be differences.  See section 11.
-Using the R2 button during cutscenes allows you to zoom in.
-Using the right analog stick during cutscenes allows you to pan around.



**Main Tomb**
-Key Features - Lever, Stairs, Door

You start in the middle of a large tomb.  Run up the stairs at the end.  At the
top is a lever.  Pull it.  The door under the stairs will open.  Go through this.

**Main Tomb Ante Room**
-Key Features - Chain, Window

Climb up to the chain.  Jump on the chain and climb up a bit.  Move round
chain so that your back is facing the window and jump off backwards onto 
the ledge.  Climb through the window.

**Yorda's Prison**
-Key Features - Spiral Staircase, 2 Ladders, Idol Door, Windows, Lever

Go over to the ladder on the right and proceed up the spiral staircase.
When you get to the chain, climb up.  Continue up the stairs.  After the
cut scene, climb up to the window and go through.  Walk round the outside
to another open window, and climb up and back through there.  Pull the
lever at the end of this walkway to lower Yorda's cage.  Make your way
back down, either going back the window route, or just dropping down to
the next level.  When back down, go across the room to the other ladder.
Work your way around the walkway until you are above the idol door.
Jump across to the top of the cage.  After the cut scene in which Yorda
is released and then grabbed by a spirit, grab the nearby stick and kill
the spirit.  When done the black portal should disappear in a cloud of
smoke.  Grab Yorda's hand with R1 and take her to the idol door to open it.

**Small Room**
-Key Features - Door

Climb up first ledge with Yorda.  For the second ledge climb up on own,
then using R1 pull Yorda up.  Go through the door.

**Old Bridge**
-Key Features - Stone Seat, Idol Door, Pressure Switch

Take Yorda to the Stone Seat (Old Bridge) to save your game.  Taking
Yorda with you, run across the bridge.  Part of the bridge will collapse on
the way.  Don't drop your friend :)  At the far side open the idol door.  Use
the pressure switch on the floor to open the small door behind, and go 

**Small Room**
-Key Features - Block, Unreachable staircase

Go down the stairs.  Spirits will attack here, so deal with them until the
portal closes.  The other door in this room just leads to a dead end so
back in the room push the block off the hidden pressure switch, and the
unreachable becomes reachable. Go up the new staircase.

**Large Hall**
-Key Features - Door, Stone Seat, Chain, Lever, Block

Run along the walkway into the Large Hall.  You will have to leave
Yorda here for a while, not something you should do unless you really
have to.  Drop down the gap near the entrance.  Go across to the far
side and climb up the chain.  Again making sure your back is facing the
ledge, jump off.  Pull the lever which will open the door near Yorda.
As you make your way back, more spirits will appear.  Run back and
protect Yorda, then take them out.  Once they have all gone, save on
the stone seat (Trolley 2).  Take Yorda over to the chain, and climb up.
As she cannot climb chains, push the block over the edge, and call
her up with R1 above the block.  Go outside.


**Trolley Area**
-Key Features - 2 Stairways, Stone Seat, Trolley

Climb up both flights of stairs.  At the top more spirits will arrive,
these ones can fly though.  Wipe them out, all of them.  Go down the
left stairway, and down the ladder getting Yorda to follow.  Go through
the arch along the track until you get to the trolley.  All aboard, then 
hold the lever with circle, and push left to move.  At the end climb up
and call or help Yorda up.  Save here if you wish (Trolley 1), then proceed
up the large steps.
***Submitted by Raymond Toussaint***
-Why is there a Trolley 1 save if there isnt a Trolley 2???
-Major slowdown when i was fighting the shadow monsters at the top of:
where you go down to the Trolley rail. 

**Crane Area**
-Key Features - Crane, Rails, Lever, Stone Seat

Jump across the gap, then turn and call Yorda across making sure you
grab her to stop her falling.  At the end, jump up and grab the rail.  Make
your way round to the end.  Pull the lever which will cause the crane to
pull up its load, a large block, and move it round close to Yorda.  Go
right from the lever, and climb the rails on the wall.  At the top walk along
the crane, and climb down the chain onto the block.  You can also use
the first rail to get back to Yorda, then jump on the box from here.  Call
Yorda across the gap onto the block helping her up onto it.  Make your
way back to the lever, then pull it to return the block to its original
position.  Again climb up, along the crane, and down the chain.
Jump across to the grassy area, help Yorda across, then save on the
stone seat (Crane).  The lever here brings up a bridge which lets you
back into the small room with the block on the pressure switch.  Quite
why you would want to go back there I don't know.

**Large Hall**
-Key Features - Chandalier, Window Ledges, Broken Bridge, Bombs,
Idol Door

There are two ways to go now, down the stairs, or through the door.  For
now go through the top door.  Make your way to the far end of the hall.  
The centre bridge is broken, so probably best to go round the edge.
Leave Yorda and climb up the window ledges here to the top.  Climb up
the small ladder, then run along the beam to the chandalier.  Jump on
it, and hit the chain holding it up with the stick.  Cutscene follows in
which the chandalier falls, weakening the strut holding the bridge up.
Grab Yorda, then go back out the door you came in by.  This time go
down the stairs.  Pick up a bomb and take it through the door.
Put the bomb down by the damaged strut, go and light your stick on a
nearby flame, and then light the bomb.  Best you and Yorda keep away
now!  The bridge will fall down, so holding onto Yorda, go back out, up
the stairs, through the top door, and down the new ramp.  On the way
down, more spirits will show their ugly faces.  This time it's best to
try and make it to the Idol door instead of fight, because opening that
will get rid of all the spirits.    Go though into the...

-Key Features - Idol Door

In this area, loads of spirits attack, but same as last area, instead of
fighting, try and make it to the idol door.  To get there turn left or right
at junction, then go to end and down the stairs, then back into the 
centre of the room and up the main stairs.  Go through the door.
***Submitted by Raymond Toussaint***
-I have a "bug" in my copy of Ico. The room before the Main gate is blocky
pixelated like the PS1 games had. 

**Main Gate Area**
-Key Features - Main Gate, Pillars, Stone Seat

As you approach the main gate, it will close and you will meet your
nemesis, the Queen.  After the cutscene save your game (Main Gate).
Now push all the pillars towards the centre so they light up.  Go back
through the door.

-Key Features - Boarded Up Doorway, Bombs

Go back up the side stairs, to the original entrance to this room.  On
the right is a boarded up doorway, and over to the left are some bombs.
This is pretty obvious.  Take a bomb over to the doorway, light your
stick on a flame, light the bomb, and keep back.  Go through new door.

-Key Features - Stone Seat, Block, 2 Pressure Switches, Door

Go down the stairs and save on the stone seat (Graveyard).  Go further
and spirits will arrive.  Do your duty to them, I found this one tricky as
they attacked me as I pulled Yorda out of the portal.  Once they are
gone go down the the bottom level.  Push the block onto one of the
pressure switches in the corners, and get Yorda to stand on the other.
This will open the door.  Go through leaving her behind for now.

**Large Hall**
-Key Features - Ladder, Idol Door, Chain, Door, Block

On Ico's left is a ladder, climb it, then the chain.  Go through the top door.
Up here is a block, push it off the edge.  Drop down and push the block
onto the other pressure switch.  Around this time more spirits arrive, so
quickly get inside with Yorda.  Now go back up the ladder and chain, and
go back outside.  This time go round the left side of the building and
through another door.  Follow the walkway round to the end, and jump up
to a rail on the wall.  Climb up on it, and work your way along to the first
ladder.  Jump up to this, and climb up near to the top.  Jump backwards
onto the chain, which will lower you down, and raise a section on the
floor near the idol door.  Now stay on the chain, but turn so you are facing
the new ledge.  Hold circle to swing.  Swing a couple of times, then jump
over.  As you land, more spirits will come.  If you are lucky you can pull
Yorda up quick enough to get to the idol door before you have any
problems with them.  Go on through.

-Key Features - Windmill (obv), Lever, Rails, Idol Door, Stone Seat

On back of the windmill there is a small ledge.  Jump on this, then jump
up to the rail.  Go round to the left, and climb up.  Keep going up until
you get to an area you can walk on.  Follow this round to the other side.
Now this is tricky, you have to run along the walkway towards the
windmill blades, jump at the end, and grab a blade as it is just under
horizontal.  Once there, make your way up the the corner of the blade
as it rises.  Then once high enough, move onto the end of the blade.
At the highest point, just backwards onto the top of the windmill.  Walk
across the bridge to the wall, go past the save point, carry on down past
the idol door, and go down and pull the lever.  This will extend a bridge
towards Yorda, but you will still have to help her across.  Now just take
Yorda up and save (Windmill) then on through the idol door.

**Sewer Area**
-Key Features - Chain, Idol Door, Sewer, Hole in Ground, 2 Pressure
Switches, 2 Gates, Pipe

Climb the chain, but as you reach the top, spirits will attack, never give
up do they?  So back down, and sort them out.  Now go back up the
chain again.  Go down the stairs, and find the open hole in the ground.
Go down.  Head away from Yorda into the water.  Here are 2 pressure
switches.  Stand on the right hand one which opens the gate near Yorda.
Call her over, then get her to stand on the one on the left.  This opens
the other gate.  Leg it out there before she decides to wander off.
Outside climb up the pipe, then jump back across the pit to the grassy
area.  Go back to the hole and call to Yorda so you can pull her up.
Now just go to the Idol Door and exit.

**Stone Pillar**
-Key Features - Elevator/Lever, Stone Seat, Lever, Blocks, Chain

Take Yorda in the elevator and pull the lever.  On the wall here is a lever
that you cannot reach...yet.  You also cannot reach the platform over to
the left.  So, go to the right side to the gap in the fence, and drop down.
Work your way round to the left on the ledges.  Nice view from here :)
Once you get up the top, push the block down to Yorda.  At this point
you will once again be attacked, so deal with the dark creatures.  Now
pull/push the box over to the lever, climb up and pull.  This will lower a
chain a bit further on.  Take the box back over to the ledge, and use it
to get you and Yorda up.  Save on the seat (Stone Pillar).  Now on the
back wall are some more ledges.  Work your way across these to the
left, going through the damaged bit of the wall.  Drop down on the other
side.  More spirits will appear in the pit, but they will not attack for now,
so don't worry.  Walk along to the chain, and make your way down.
Once level with the window, face towards it, and swing/jump into it.
Teach demons a lesson, then jump up into a window with a block in.
Push it then jump through.  You are now back in the...

**Sewer Area**
-New Key Features - Block

(Opposite where you arrived this time there are openings in the wall, dead
ends, but you can see an area you have been already from high above.)
Between those openings and the stairs there is a high ledge in the corner.
Push the block over there and climb up.  Walk round the path, and go up
the chain.  Go right to the top, then go up the stairs, and through the

**Stone Pillar**
-Key Features - Ladder, Chain, Lever, Idol Door

Climb the ladder, then jump onto the chain.  Swing across, then call
Yorda onto the wooden platform.  Pull the lever to bring Yorda across the
gap.  Spirits will attack now, so quickly jump to the chain, slide down,
rescue her because she will probably be in a portal, then run to the
Idol Door to finish them off.


**Courtyard/Drawbridge Area**

For now just pass straight through here.

**East Walkway**

Run all the way to the East Arena.  Ignore the ladder, just go in.

**East Arena**
-Key Features - Stone Seat

Once inside, climb the ladder.  You will be attacked here, so deal
with the monsters.  Save on the stone seat (East Arena).  Go through the
door on the right side.  

**East Idol Stairs**
-Key Features - Large Cylinder, Lever, Ladder

Go down the ladder, and get both Ico and Yorda onto the large cylinder.
Stairs will then appear.  Spirits appear now, so take them out.  Walk up
the stairs and pull the lever.  Two round holes will open.  Light your stick
on the flames, and then light the holes.  The large door will now open.
Go through.

**East Reflector**
-Key Features - Reflector, Stone Seat, Ladder

Save here (East Reflector).  Now go up the ladder on the left of the
building and go in.

**East Idol Stairs**
-Key Features - Lever

Run along here and pull the lever at the end which opens two more
round holes.  Light your stick on the flame, drop down (sometimes
Yorda will drop down with you if you hold her hand, other times you
will have to gently push her off the edge), and light the
holes.  Another large round door will now open.  A sword will also drop
down into the first room.  Climb through this new door with Yorda.  

**East Arena**
-Key Features - Stone Seat, Sword, Ropes

Pick up the Sword.  You are now trapped, but not for long.  On the left
and right are two platforms.  Climb up on these and cut the ropes
with the sword, and you are free again :)  Run up the left stairs and
cut the rope at the top of here also.  This opens a door.  Save in
here if you wish, then take Yorda through the new door.

**East Arena Water Slide**
-Key Features - Rails, Water Slide, Pressure Switch

You can't climb this slide as it is, so make your way up and across
the rails on the left wall.  Once at the top, go through the door.  Follow
the path round and open the door with the pressure switch.

**East Idol Stairs**
-Key Features - Ropes, Pressure Switch

As Yorda is alone, you need to be quick, just in case.  Follow path,
jump over the gap, further round are 2 ropes.  Jump and cut these.
Do the same to 2 more ropes further up.  Keep going, opening the
final door with a pressure switch.

**East Arena Water Slide**
-Key Features - Lever

Pull the lever to stop the flow of water.  Now drop over the railings
and go back to Yorda.  Take her up the now waterless slope, through
the door and in to the drawbridge.  Cross it and go through the door.

**East Arena**
-Key Features - Idol Door, Lever

When u approach the edge here, a bridge will appear.  Cross over,
go through the idol door, and pull the lever.  Now go down the lift,
find a stick, and light the last holes.  You can find flames in the
holes on the other side of the room.  After the cut scenes, claim
your sword back, save if you want, then exit through the original door.

**East Walkway**
-Key Features - Ladder

As you walk along here, more spirits will come, so kill them all.  Once
finished, go up the long ladder.  You can leave Yorda at the bottom, but
it's safer to take her with you.  Enter the door.

**Drawbridge Area**
-Key Features - Lever, Sword, Block, Rope

There is another sword up here if you need it.  Pull the lever, which
lowers a set of drawbridges.  Go back out, down the ladder, and through
the bottom door.  Cross the drawbridge.  Over to the left is a block.  Move
it near the shorter pillar on the back wall.  Climb up on the pillar, then jump
over cutting the rope on the way.  The rope will now hang down in front
of two windows.  Enter the door into the Large Hall.

**Large Hall**

Go round the outside edge of here.  You may get attacked.  When finished
with them, go down the centre ramp and out the bottom door.

-Key Features - Rope, 2 Windows, Block, Idol Door

Go down all the steps, then head over to where the rope dropped.  Climb
up so you are level with the top window, then face it, and swing through
it.  Walk right along the ledge and through the small doorway.  Push the
block off the edge into the room.  Go down and push the block out the
window, then help Yorda up.  Take her up the stairs, and through the
Idol Door.


-Key Features - Ladders, Block, Lever, Chain, Pressure Switch

Go across the bridge.  Leave Yorda at the far end, head right, up the
ladder, then up to the window.  Go through.  Drop down, jump to the
chain, and swing across to the bridge.  Go down the ladder, and
across the far side of the grass is a block.  Push that into the pit.
Go down in the pit, and go up the lift.  Go to the end, pull the lever
and call Yorda through.  Take her down the lift, and then use the
block to get up to the grass area.  Climb the ladder to the bridge, then
climb another ladder at the end of the bridge and press the pressure
switch to go through the door.  Cross the walkway, and go through
another door.  
In the next room, go to the lower level, and climb the ladder.  Then
jump up to the rail and work your way to the next platform.  And
again jump on the rail and go to the next platform.  Up here is a
lever, so pull that, and descend the half ladder, dropping at the bottom.
Now you have to use the catapult platform that the level activated.
Stand on it, and time your jump just right so that you fly up and grab
onto a rail.  I found it's best facing towards the machinery, near the
edge away from the machinery, and pressing jump when the
catapult goes down just before flying up.  Once on the rail, climb to the
top and go out the window.
Climb down the ladder, then go round the other side of the stairs.
Press the lever, which opens the door to Yorda.

*****************Secret Weapon Optional Side Quest**********************
At this point you can go to the tree near the lever, and hit it.  A ball
type object should drop out.  Take this inside the building, and go to
the area between the two stairs.  There are three panels there, the
middle one being a different colour.  Pushing that on the edge
reveals a secret passage.  Take Yorda in there, and both stand on
the circle on the floor.  A box should rise out of the area at the back.
You then need to throw the ball into the box.  I found it best to stand
on the same level as the box to throw.  Once you do that the secret
weapon will fly through the window.  On the first play through that is
a mace, but on the second play through, it is a "light saber" style
beam sword.  It is pretty short, but as soon as you hold Yorda's
hand it becomes incredibly long.  Strange but true.


You now need to go outside, and climb the box next to the waterwheel.
Jump onto one of the blades of the wheel, climb up, and quickly jump
to a horizontal bar on the back wall.  Climb up here and push the large
wheel round to stop the water flowing.  Now get the nearby block, and
push it into the ex-stream, then push it off the end, and down where the
waterful was.  Take Yorda down the steps, and across the fence.
Cross the bridge, and save if you wish, then continue down the steps.  (The
long chain here just takes you up to the original bridge in this area, so
ignore it).  At the bottom, defeat the spirits, then push the block up to the
high ledge, climb up, and enter the Idol Door.

**Waterful Pathway**

Outside, just follow the path along, then down past the waterfalls.  Once
you get to the ladder climb up, then along the next path.  At the gap, jump
across, then catch Yorda when she jumps.  Carry on to next area.

-Key Features - Levers, Stone Seat, Ladder, Pipe

Run along to the elevator and pull the lever.  Once off the elevator, there is
a stone seat (Gondola).  Go down the steps, and follow the path.  At the
end there are steps to nowhere, so climb the nearby pipe leaving Yorda.
At the top push the moveable ladder all the way back towards where you
climbed up.  Climb the ladder, and jump over to the doorway.  Pull the
lever in here, and make your way back down.  When you reach Yorda,
spirits will attack, so wipe them out.  Cross the bridge, and go up the
steps.  Follow the path to the back.


Just follow the path all the way.

**Water Tower**
-Key Features - Stone Seat, Elevator/Lever, Drawbridge, Bombs, Sticks,

Drop down, and follow the path to the elevator.  Push the lever round
anti-clockwise to ascend.  It's quicker if you push from the end of the lever.
At the top, save on the seat (Water Tower) then jump the gap helping
Yorda across.  Now leave her here, and climb down to the next platform.
Work your way across the rope, then climb up the ledges on the left
wall.  Go past the turning to the drawbridge, and go down the ladder.
When almost at the bottom, jump backwards onto the platform.  Climb
to the top of the structure, jump the gap, then descend the chain.  At
the bottom, face the drawbridge, swing, and jump into it.  This should
lower it, so help Yorda across and follow the platform along until you
drop down.  The tall tower on Ico's right is your next target, not to get
to, but to blow up.  In the room at the end of this area are some bombs
and sticks.  So go grab a stick, and bring a bomb near the tower.
Light your stick off the flame here, and light the bomb, quickly picking
it up and throwing it towards the tower.  After what may be a few
attempts, the tower will fall giving you a new escape route.  Make
sure you grab your old weapon back, then go across there.

**Water Tower Area 2**
-Key Features - Block, Chains, Idol Door

Climb the chain, then run across to the block, and push it down to the
area below.  Jump/climb down, then push the block against the back wall.
Climb up, and pull the lever, then head back past the Idol door and climb
the ladder.  Run to the end of the wooden platform and jump to the chain.
Swing over to the far side.  Here is a rotating lever similar to the water-
wheel/elevator ones, so rotate it until a large block swings out near Yorda.
Go back to her and jump the the block.  As you do, spirits will appear, so
jump back, kill them, and then help Yorda across the block to the Idol
Door.  You can try to get her to the Idol Door before attacking any spirits,
but I think it's too risky with the large drops around there.  Go through.  


**Courtyard/Drawbridge Area**

Just pass straight through this area and out the door.

**West Walkway**
-Key Features - Idol Door

Again just follow this to the building at the end and through the Idol Door.

**West Arena**
-Key Features - Ropes

Climb the ladder, then go up the left stairs, and cut the rope.  Both the
mace and the beam sword cut rope, so don't worry if you have these.
Head towards the new door.  Defeat any spirits that appear, then go

**West Idol Stairs**
-Key Features - Stone Seat, Ladder, Lever

There is a sword here if you need it.  Save on the seat (West Idol Stairs)
then grab a stick.  Go up the ladder, and pull the lever.  Light your stick
then go back down and light the holes by the large door.  Go down the 
other ladder.  Stand on the large cylinder with Yorda to bring the stairs up.
Go up the idol stairs, pull the lever, then light up the holes.  Yorda will
be attacked now, and you only have the stick!  Getting your original
weapon is risky, but could be worth it, makes the fight alot easier.
Whichever you choose, defeat them, then take Yorda out the new door
to the reflector area.

**West Reflector**
-Key Features - Reflector, Ladder

Go over to the reflector, and push it round so it faces towards the
building.  Strong little boy eh?  Now head back to the building and go up
the right ladder taking Yorda with you.

**West Idol Stairs**
-Key Features - Chain, Ropes, Pressure Switch

Jump up and climb the chain.  Follow the path, climb the steps, and cut
the two ropes for the drawbridge.  Carry on and cut two more ropes, then
through the door at the end.

**West Arena Water Slide**
-Key Features - Lever

Pull the lever to stop the flow of water.  Go back through the door.

**West Idol Stairs**
-Key Features - Boarded Up Doorway, Sticks

Go back down the stairs, across the drawbridge, briefly go through
into the main West Arena room and grab a bomb.  Take that to the
boarded up door near the chain you climbed up.  Go up the first set
of steps and grab a stick.  Light it on your way down, then light the
bomb and stand back.  Not forgetting your weapon, go back down to
Yorda and take her back into the main room of the West Arena.

**West Arena**
-Key Features - Rope

Go up the right stairs, and cut the rope.  Go through the new door.

**West Arena Water Slide**

Climb to the top of the slope, round the corner, then through the
door which was previously boarded up.

**West Idol Stairs**

Cross the Drawbridge

**West Arena**
-Key Features - Idol Door, Lever

Same as the East Arena, when you approach the edge, a bridge will
appear.  Cross over, and go through the Idol Door.  Pull the lever and go
down the elevator.  Grab a stick, and light it using the holes on the other
side of the arena.  Light the holes near the main entrance.  Get your
weapon back, and exit this place.

**West Walkway**

Go all the way back to main building, and go up the ladder and through the
door taking Yorda with you.

**Courtyard/Drawbridge Area**
-Key Features - Lever

Pretty obvious, pull the lever to lower the drawbridge.  Go back out and
down the ladder.  Then through the door into the lower area.  Cross the
drawbridge.  Go throught the door into the hall.  Go round the edge, then
down the ramp and out the bottom door.  Follow the path around, down
the stairs, then up the centre stairs and out the door.

**Main Gate Area**
-Key Features - The Gate, Stone Seat

First of all save on the stone seat (Main Gate).  Walk up to the main gate
and watch the cutscene.  Now cross the bridge with Yorda, but you will
have to walk or you will lose Yorda as she is weak.  Half way across the
bridge will start to separate, so as soon as you regain control of Ico, jump
across to Yorda quickly.  You will lose whatever weapon you have.


**Hanging platforms**

Jump across from platform to platform until you reach solid ground.  Then
follow the path round to the left, through an opening, then to the right and
past a fence.

**New Waterfall Area**
-Key Features - Ladders, Levers, Block, Chains, Wheels

Go to the end and pull the lever.  This will lower a chain down.  Pull/push
the block into the water, then climb down the ladder.  Get in the water and
push the block over to the other side under the ladder.  Climb on the box
and jump up to the ladder.  At the top pull the lever to open the large gate.
Go back in the water, then pull the block out to underneath the chain.
Use the box to reach the chain, then climb up to the top.  There is a large
contraption up here on rails, so push it all the way forward to engage the
gears for the large wheel on the left.  Drop back into the water, then go to
the rock beneath that new wheel.  Similar to the windmill puzzle, jump and
grab onto the wheel, and jump off at the top.  Climb up the wall at the back
and grab onto the pipe.  Go along this, dropping down halfway, then drop
down at the end.  Go carefully across the large pipe, then grab the small
pipe and work round the pillar in front.  On the other side, climb up the
vertical pipe as far as you can go, then jump backwards onto the chain.
Climb this about half way, then turn and face another chain.  Swing and
jump onto this new one.  Then do the same to reach the platform.  Go
through the doorway, and hitch yet another ride on this wheel to the top.
Follow the path, then jump across the rotating platforms.  At the far side
follow the path down, then up through the cave.

**Cliff Paths**

Follow the path all the way, jumping gaps, and hanging on ledges.  Be
careful though, it's a long way down!  When you reach the large double
pipe, follow it all the way.

**Main Elevator Area**
-Key Features - Chain, Ladders, Idol Door.

At the end of the large pipes, climb down the chain, then swing to the
platform round the elevator shaft.  Head right and across the bridge. Turn
left at the end, jump the gap, and climb up onto the bridge.  Pull the chain
holder all the way towards you, then get back down under the bridge.
Jump to the chain, climb to the bottom, then turn 180 degrees and swing
to the ledge below.  There are two ladders here.  Ignore the nearest one,
and run left to the other, jumping gaps on the way.  Climb down to the
bottom rung, then jump backwards onto the platform.  Nearby is another
ladder, so climb to the bottom.  There is an idol door here, but you have
no Yorda to open it for you, so go through the other door instead.

**Boat Area**
-Key Features - Ultimate Weapon

Follow the path up the side of the water to get to the Idol Sword/Ultimate
Weapon.  Now go back and use it to open the Idol Door.

**Main Elevator**
-Key Features - Lever

Simply pull the lever to activate the lift.  At the top go through another Idol


**Main Tomb**
-Key Features - Idol Door

You are now back in the main tomb you started in.  At the end there are
some spirits.  As you run towards them, you can see what appears to be
Yorda in the centre of their circle.  Go attack them all.  There are alot of
them in here, but they are all pretty easy, and you don't have to keep
saving Yorda, which helps.  Each time you kill one, one of the caskets
will light up round the room.  Remember you can jump and hit them with
the sword.  Once they are all gone, the exit will appear above Yorda.
Go through the Idol Door and up the elevator.

**Throne Room**

Run up to the throne then start to run away.  The Queen will then appear
and tell you to wait.  Walk towards her, and hear her story.  She will then
erect a forcefield around her.  When you hit it, your sword goes flying.

**Final Battle**

Quickly grab your sword.  Every few seconds the queen will send out her
black wave, which will turn you to stone.  The sword will protect you while
you hold it though.  To defeat her, go up and wait just in front of her until
she has just cast her spell, then attack the forcefield.  Your sword will go
flying, try to keep an eye on which way it goes.  The only other protection
from her you have is the two pillars.  These can be pushed around.  A good
idea is to push one of the pillars close to her so you can hide quickly after
attacking, and pull a pillar towards where the sword went, so you take less
time picking it up.   So hide behind a pillar, and when she has just cast her
spell again, go get your sword.  Go back and wait, then attack the
forcefield again.  Keep getting your sword, and hiding behind pillars until
the forcefield is gone.  This time your sword flies a long way.  So get
behind a pillar and pull it all the way back so you are near your sword.
Now get the sword one more time, and go and attack her.  You will drive
your sword deep into her chest.  Now watch the cutscene and listen to
the beautiful ending music.


After the titles you will find yourself on a beach.  Near the cliff at the back,
along to the left a little, there are some watermelons.  Up to you if you
take one with you, they will change the cutscene in a minute.  Go further
left until you meet a friend.


Note:At the end you will have a chance to save again.  This save will have a
rune symbol by it on the load game screen.  Loading this save will allow you to
play through with some differences outlines in section 11.  Do not overwrite
this save if you want to be able to start a new "second time play" at a later


The island bathes in the sun's bright rays
Distant hills wear a shroud of grey
A lonely breeze whispers in the trees
Sole witness to history
Fleeting memories rise
From the shadows of my mind
Sing nonomori, endless corridors
Say nonomori, hopeless warriors
You were there
You were there
Am I forever dreaming
How to define the way I'm feeling
You were there
Countless visions they haunt me in my sleep
You were there
Though forgotten all promises we keep
Slaves to our destiny
I recall a melody
Sing nonomori, seasons lit with gold
Say nonomori, legends yet untold
You were there
You were there
Happiness follows sorrow
Only believing in tomorrow
You were there
Countless visions they haunt me in my sleep
You were there
Though forgotten all promises we keep
The island bathes in the sun's bright rays
Distant hills wear a shroud of grey
A lonely breeze whispers in the trees
Sole key to this mystery


If you save at the end of the game, you will receive a rune save for
your memory card.  The second time you play through, this time using
the rune save to start there are differences:
- The secret weapon is no longer a Mace, and is now a Beam Sword
- Yorda and the Queen's speech is now subtitled in English
- There is an option for various levels of film effect, which gives
  the in game picture an old film style grainy picture.  Unusual
  addition, but does look pretty good, and adds atmosphere similar to
  how they did it in the Silent Hill games
- Yorda is now a playable character using controller 2
- There is no save right at the end, probably cause you already have
  the replay rune save


If you have any questions or comments please email me.
If you have any corrections or additions to this guide please email me
Please do not email me with information that is already in this FAQ.
My address : overlordgarion@hotmail.com


- EvilZedar
- Various people on the GameFAQs ICO message board for the original
information about the mace.
- The Ico Manual
- Raymond Toussaint for various additions and notes
- ICO (GameFAQs name) for link to an Ico fan site


http://hk.geocities.com/icofan (Thanks to ICO on the GameFAQs Ico board)

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