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Plot/Secrets FAQ by GLopes

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/10/02

Ico for PlayStation 2
Secrets and Plot FAQ
This document copyright 2002, Gonçalo Lopes
Version 1.4 - 10/04/2002
Written Exclusively for: GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
                         IcoFan (http://hk.geocities.com/icofan/)

E-mail address: himura_kenshin@netcabo.pt


This FAQ contains major and severe spoilers to Ico's fabulous experience,
and its only purpose is to be used as support material. Please be advised
that you should have finished the game at least once before attempting
to read this document. Proceed at your own risk.

1. Introduction
2. Version Information
3. Major European Changes
4. Ending Theme Lyrics
5. Yorda's Speech Script
6. Legal Disclaimer
7. Special Thanks

1. Introduction

The primary reason I thought of for releasing this FAQ was to answer the
many questions that have been raised concerning Yorda's Speech in Ico.
The american release of the game provided no means of translating the
garbled symbols of her fantasy language, fact that was confirmed by EGM
on November 2001.
However, in late February 2002, I managed to put my hands in the
european release and finish it. To my surprise, and contradicting many
of the FAQs that were previously published, the game had indeed a final
save point after completing the story. This save allowed me to start
the game over from the beginning, and to my surprise, it finally
presented the fantasy language of Yorda translated in modern english,
solving the pesky riddle once and for all.
Since no one else seemed to publish any similar FAQ, I decided to step
ahead and write down the script information to distribute among all
the people who supposedly don't have the chance to watch the
translation themselves. Hope this satisfies your curiosity.
While I was finishing the game a second time, I also found out a few
more interesting possibilities included in the European version, which
I included here in a special section.

2. Version Information

1.4 - Corrected the ending theme lyrics thanks to the kind producer
      of IcoFan, who bought the original soundtrack :).
      Thank you Vincent.

1.3 - Added the ending theme lyrics as requested by a kind reader
      (credits on bottom of FAQ).

1.2 - Added the solution to the Light Saber Side Quest, per request
      of many readers.
    - Added a special note regarding this Quest and the Mace Side

1.1 - Added another european exclusive secret.
    - Exchanged the order of the content of the FAQ, so all the gamers
      who only want to consult the secrets section won't risk
      catching a glimpse of the major spoilers.

1.0a - The first version of this FAQ.

3. Major European Changes

Right in the middle of retrieving the necessary information to
gather up this FAQ, I began noticing major differences between the
U.S. version and the version I was playing. And I do mean MAJOR!
Here I will publish the list of what I have found out so far,
and its consequences:

3.1 - Bouncing Riddle -

While in the process of clearing up the path to the waterfall gate,
we come upon a large room, which is also the location for the
secret area that is included in the U.S.' Mace Side Quest. In this
room, we had to reach a platform located near the ceiling, by
crossing a series of pipes, by hanging Ico in them, and moving
around the entire room to reach that plaform located opposite of
the pipes' starting point. In the European version, this pipe
chain is broken near the end, and there exists a platform, with a
lever on top, which activates a sort of piston in one corner of
the room. The player has then to climb down to the ground and
climb on top of this piston to be bounced to the high-rising

I first noted this difference when I was clearing the game a
second time in order to retrieve all of Yorda's dialogue.
This bouncing riddle had me trapped for a long time the first time
around, since it requires a certain timing to synchronize a single
jump with the bouncing movement of the piston. The second time,
I got stuck again, and I fed up with this problem, thus referring
to some FAQs to learn the mechanism. I found out, to my surprise,
that no reference was made whatsoever to this riddle, and so,
I leave the correct process here for those who might need it as
I did.

After climbing up to the pipes and activating the piston,
everything seems pretty simple. However, jumping randomly on the
bouncing platform never does the trick, and its difficult to hit
the jackpot quickly. The answer lies not in the platform itself,
but on the contraption used to move it. If you use the right
analog stick to move the camera and the R2 button to zoom in,
you can focus on a smaller version of the piston working on top
of the main cover. Just keep looking at it. It goes up and down
as well, but more slowly. When it goes up, wait until it is
almost at the top and press the jump button. Luckily, Ico will
be projected high up into the air, and will be able to reach
the bloody platform.

3.2 - Light Saber Side Quest -

Yes, you read it right. A light saber! While on my second time
through the game, I seized the opportunity to complete the much
famed Mace Side Quest, since I had already discovered the
secret entrance and missed only the ball at the top of the tree.
To my surprise, instead of a mace flying through the window,
I saw a sword, with the blade made of green light and a small
handle. I thought to myself, "This is no mace, if I ever saw one".
When it touched the ground, the blade retracted, and only one
thought came to my head. Star Wars! But then, it stroke me,
"No WAY!!!". However, it is indeed the truth, as this secret
weapon is in every aspect identical to a light saber, including
the famous swing sound. Also, it is far more powerful than the
mace, being able to strike down a shadow in just one swing, and
possesses a unique capability. When you are hand-in-hand with
Yorda, the sword grows almost 4 times its size, being able to
defeat loads and loads of enemies in just one single blow.

As some of you have requested, I will post here how to solve
this Side Quest, although any other Ico FAQ will probably
explain even better than me, as it's really quite simple:

When you're trying to stop the waterfall from running, near
the door that leads to the water wheel at the top of the fall,
there's a tree next to the steps. If you try to bash it often
with your sword or stick, you will eventually hit it and
a Steel Ball will fall at your feet. Pick it up, and bring it
to a secret room located in the previous room, in the middle
of the ledge you can access via two stairs. The middle arch
is somewhat detached from the scenario and you can push it,
revealing the room. Take Yorda to the circle in the middle
of the room and a stone cup will rise from the ground.
You then have to throw the ball inside the cup, and the Mace
or Light Saber will fly through the window to land at your

Note: As I did not finish the quest before my second time
through the game, I was not aware that the European version
also had the Mace portrayed in the US version. The condition
to get one or the other is simple: if you solve the Steel
Apple Side Quest in your first time through, you get the Mace,
if you finish it in your second time with the special save,
you get the Light Saber.

3.3 - Two Player Mode -

Yet another fantastic possibility is the opportunity to share
the Ico experience with a friend (works better yet with a
girlfriend ;P). By using the save recorded at the end of the
first game, a new option appears in the Options menu, allowing
you to give control of Yorda to the second controller by
incrementing the number of players. Although Yorda can't do much,
it's great fun to work as a team to solve the riddles, and it
really comes in handy having someone to lure those shadows while
Ico picks them off one by one. A different perspective on a very,
very different and original game.

3.4 - Watermelons by the beach -

One of my latest discoveries made while exploring the save game
recorded at the end of the first game included this very
interesting and somewhat humorous cutscene. In the epilogue
chapter, when you regain control of Ico at the beach, if you head
towards the huge coastal cliff and walk left along its line, you
should come upon a small patch of grass containing some big and
juicy watermelons that you can pick up. If you carry one with you
when you find Yorda down on the beach, you can watch a scene of
Ico and Yorda eating the watermelon.

3.5 - Film Effect Rate Option -

This secret is the most easy to miss, even when we have it
unlocked. In the same way as the Two Player mode, when the player
finishes the game for the first time, if you use the clear game
save to start a new adventure, another option appears in the
Options menu. Going by the name of Film Effect in the European
version, this option allows you to add specific quantities of
grain and special coloring to the game graphics, in order to
make it appear like a worn-out film tape. A strange secret, but
a secret nonetheless.

If anyone knows of any other easter eggs or riddle changes in the
european version, feel free to let me know. In the meantime, I'll
keep posting what I find here.

4. Ending Theme Lyrics

"You were there"

The island bathes in the sun's bright rays
Distant hills wear a shroud of grey
A lonely breeze whispers in the trees
Sole witness to history

Fleeting memories rise
From the shadows of my mind
Sing "nonomori" - endless corridors
Say "nonomori" - hopeless warriors
You were there
You were there

Am I forever dreaming
How to define the way I'm feeling

You were there
Countless visions they haunt me in my sleep
You were there
Though forgotten all promises we keep

Slaves to our destiny
I recall a melody
Sing "nonomori" - seasons lit with gold
Say "nonomori" - legends yet untold
You were there
You were there

Happiness follows sorrow
Only believing in tomorrow

You were there
Countless visions they haunt me in my sleep
You were there
Though forgotten all promises we keep

The island bathes in the sun's bright rays
Distant hills wear a shroud of grey
A lonely breeze whispers in the trees
Sole key to this mystery

5. Yorda's Speech Script

Since many of the dialogues between Ico, Yorda and the Queen are
somewhat confusing in terms of identifying who's talking, I decided
to write down the entire script for easier reference (It isn't that
big, so no big deal :P). Every part of the script is divided in
chapters, referring to the various story events that occur throughout
the game.

5.1 Ico's Imprisonment

This chapter starts with Ico being transported to the castle/temple,
and includes the dialogue between his captors, up until his untimely

The warriors who transport Ico travel by boat to an underground dock,
where they face a strangely sealed door which leads into the castle.

Warrior 1: Get the sword.

The warrior who was ordered with this task returns swiftly with a
great sword engraved with runes, which he uses to open the door,
granting them access to the interior of the castle.

The warriors then proceed to carry Ico to a room filled with
large, oddly-shaped cocoons, locking Ico inside one of them.

Warrior 1: Do not be angry with us. This is for the good of
the village.

They then leave Ico to his luck, unknowing that he would be quickly
released by a strange tremor who shook the room, projecting his
cocoon to the ground.

5.2 The Meeting with Yorda

After exploring the castle a bit, Ico discovers a young girl
(Yorda, of course :P) trapped in a cage suspended from the ceiling
at the top of a huge spiral staircase.

Ico: Is anybody there? Who are you?

Ico: What are you doing in there?

Ico: Hold on. I will get you down.

After Ico manages to accomplish this and free Yorda from her cage,
she quietly steps out of her prison, for the first time binding
the fate of the two youngsters.

Yorda: Who are you? How did you get in here?

Ico: They... they tried to sacrifice me because I have horns.

Ico: Kids with horns are brought here.

Ico: Were they trying to sacrifice you too?

Yorda is then grabbed by a strange creature who appears to be
made only of a dark shadow. After defeating this enemy, Ico
helps Yorda to her feet.

Ico: What was that creature that came after you?

Ico: It's too dangerous for us to be here!

Ico: We have to get out of here.

When Ico proceeds to investigate a sealed door similar to
the one the sword unlocked, a strange light emanates from
Yorda, making the stones part and granting passage for both
of them.

Ico: How did you do that?

Ico is then "charged" with protecting Yorda while they race to
escape the castle, whilst being chased by the misterious dark

5.3 The First Main Gate Run

Having escaped a rather fierce pursuit by the shadowy
creatures, Ico and Yorda come face to face with the Main Gate
of the castle, looming almost sky-high and widely open to

Ico: Look, the gate is open! Now we can get out of here!

But, suddenly, the gate begins to close of it's own accord.

Ico: Let's go!

He then grabs Yorda's hand and begins racing towards the open
gate. However, Yorda trips and falls to the ground, short of the
gate, and it's too late. At that moment, a large and dark shadow
begins to materialize and gain form in front of them.
It's the Queen!

Queen: Come back, Yorda.

The Queen then turns on Ico.

Queen: So you're the one aimlessly leading my Yorda around.

Queen: Do you know who this girl is?

Queen: That girl you're with is my one and only beloved daughter.

Queen: Stop wasting your time with her.

Queen: She lives in a different world than some boy with horns!

Queen: Now, know your place and leave here.

The Queen then disappears in a gust of light, leaving the two boys
alone once more. Ico quickly hurries to Yorda.

Ico: Are you okay?

Yorda: I have angered her...

When Ico once more helps Yorda to her feet, they hear a voice
being blown in the wind.

Queen: Yorda, why can't you understand?

Queen: You cannot survive in the outside world.

The pair then hurries to explore the rest of the castle in
search of a way to reopen the gate once more.

5.4 The Second Main Gate Run

Having endured several trials in order to reactivate the reflectors
necessary to open the gate once more, Ico and Yorda are facing
their final obstacle. As Yorda approaches the gate, several
electrical bolts jolt her body, while the massive door slowly
begins to open, as if it was using her energy for the task. After
the main gate is finally open, Yorda collapses to the ground,
exhausted. Ico then rushes in to help her.

Ico: Are you okay?

Yorda: A little more.

The only path that remains to be crossed is the massive bridge
separating the castle island from the shore. Ico has to help Yorda
across, as she is extremely tired from opening the gate. However,
the moment Ico passes the bridge's main junction, the two spheres
at the top of the gate once more throw an electrical discharge to
Yorda, throwing her to the ground as the bridge begins to retract
once more. In a fantastic display of courage and love, Ico tries to
jump to the distant edge of Yorda's bridge side, but fails to grab
a solid hold. However, Yorda manages to reach the boy's hand,
preventing him from falling. Still, when they close once more on
the gate, a familiar shadow looms by, and the Queen's influence
merges with Yorda, her daughter, and makes her release poor
Ico to the depths below.

Yorda: Thank you...

This quiet gratitude is all that Ico has left after he survives
the fall, in his last desperate attempt to save Yorda.

5.5 The Final Battle

After making his way back to the castle, Ico finally finds Yorda,
petrified and lifeless inside a circle with black demons all
around her. After defeating the huge lot of them, Ico proceeds
deeper inside that castle area, and finally reaches a large
throne room. After investigating the throne and finding nothing,
Ico is turning around to leave, when he hears a sibilant voice.

Queen: Wait.

The Queen then materializes herself on the empty throne and
addresses our hero.

Ico: What did you do to her?

Queen: Silence, boy. You're too late.

Queen: My body has become too old and won't last much longer.

Queen: But Yorda's going to grant me the power to be ressurrected.

Queen: To be my spiritual vessel is the fulfillment of her destiny.

Queen: When next her body wakes, Yorda will be no more.

Queen: Now put down your sword and leave.

Queen: That is what she would want you to do.

In yet another display of selfless courage, Ico ignores the Queen's
suggestion and tries to strike her down with his newly acquired
Rune Sword. However, a strong force field still protects the Queen,
and Ico is projected backwards, and the slamming impact on the
ground causes him to lose his right horn.

Queen: You're a nuisance, boy. Do you want to die that much?

Finally piercing the force field that protects her, Ico plunges
his sword deep in the Queen's chest, sealing her fate beyond doubt.

Queen: Yorda will never be able to escape this castle...

Queen: Even if you take... my life...

The final surge of light which marks the Queen's demise also
throws Ico violently against the far wall, making him lose yet
another horn. As Ico loses consciousness from extreme injuries and
exhaustion, the entire castle begins to fall apart. In the
previous room, the odd-shaped cocoons begin to glow and pulsate
violently, releasing several electrical bolts that converge into
the petrified Yorda. Once more animated by the dark energy, the
young girl proceeds to the room where Ico is unconscious and lifts
the boy, carrying him to the subterranean dock, where she
carefully lays him to rest on a small boat. She then sets it in
motion, away from her, the castle, and more misfortune.

Yorda: Good-bye.

5.6 Epilogue

Ico wakes up already on shore, in a beach with huge cliffs looming
overhead. Making his way shoreside, exploring the beach,
Ico notices a white body laying on the sand. When he approaches,
he recognizes Yorda, which in turn, opens her eyes and smiles
to him, marking the end of the story.

6. Legal Disclaimer

This FAQ was written for exclusive publication in GameFAQs.
Any other kind of distribution, copying, or other commercial uses
are strictly prohibited. If you want to use any of the content
published here on your web site or magazine, please contact me
first on the e-mail address included in the beginning of the file.

7. Special Thanks

BoredGamer, CJayC, Psycho Penguin and Bbishop for their
amazing FAQs, in which I could confirm several details on the
game's playability.

Anariima, for challenging me with the task of searching for the
fantastic ending theme lyrics.

Rpgamers Network (http://www.rpgamers.net) - for displaying
the lyrics information.

Vincent Lam, for the kind correction to this same lyrics.

Sony Computer Entertainment, for producing such a fantastic game.

My girlfriend, for putting up with me while I was writing this FAQ.

Ico and Yorda, copyright of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

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