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FAQ/Walkthrough by Joe the Destroyer

Version: 2.13 | Updated: 12/29/03

.;:.   ,                          .o0                  000o..o000
"88O8888"#                   .o0O8080%8                08@@0@@@@O
 88008oo##                0O.O8O888..o#                O@88888O88@
 8O88O ##%               0.888O8O8O888#               .#8888OOO8880
 8OOOO##                0OOOO0OO  .0O0#:              @88OOO0O8O888O
 0OOO,#@               :00OOO@@##@####@:            ;@88OOO@## O8O880
 8OOO,#@              ;:O8OO8@#"                    0@8OO08#;0;.0O88O0
 "8OOO#0              ;:O88O8#;                     0@@880#;    cOO8@0
  0O8O#@               "O88O8O.                     008@@8..    8O8@#0
   O,8#"               :0O@88Oo                      88@@@;. . 808O0O
    08o#.                0##@00O                      #@0OO@@O0O##@0
     #O#"                  0@00##@.                    "08@######@.
      o00                    .88@@80oo.                 ..00000888

[thanks to Adrenaline for the ASCII art!]

For Play on Sony PlayStation 2
Presented by BoredGamer
Version: 2.13
Last Updated: 8/27/03
Phase: Technically Complete.

GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
NeoSeeker (www.neoseeker.com)
PlayStation Cheat.net (www.psxcodez.com)
PlayStation 2 Fantasy (www.ps2fantasy.com)
Cheat Happens (www.cheathappens.com)

If you are e-mailing me about feedback, questions, or anything having to do
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After the Monster Rancher 3 FAQ, I'm going to say this.  If you don't have
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It has come to my attention recently that some of you out there have been
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is usually how viruses like Klez operate; they get into your address book, find
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clear... CLEAN YOUR SYSTEMS!!!  Download FixKlez or AVG Virus Scanner Free
Edition.  They're free, much emphasis on FREE, which means costs you nothing
but time and hard drive space.  You can probably find them on Download.com, if
not do a Google search for them.

This FAQ is technically complete.  New stuff may be added once in a while, but
it doesn't look too likely right away.


11/3/01- Finished the game last night and decided to do a walkthrough for it. 
I've decided to do one thing for this walkthrough, and that's to make this so
that I don't outright give the solution to a puzzle right away, but actually
give hints, then give the full answer.  That way, if someone still wants to
technically solve a puzzle for themself with a few small hints, they can do so.
 Legal Bit and Section 1C are complete.  Section 2 pretty much complete. 
Section 3 complete.  I may add more to it, though, if I catch anything else. 
Section 4A is up.  Walkthrough covers up to the trolley scene.

11/4/01- Added questions to the FAQ.  Since I was at home all day, sick, I made
it my goal to complete the walkthrough today.  Looks like I achieved it. The
intro is done, so now everything is technically complete.

11/5/01- Added a bit to the final boss strategy thanks to an e-mail.  Also
added a new thought to section 4H.

11/9/01- No big update here.  Just adding anything related to PlayStation
Cheat.net on the FAQ since I forgot to put them in the thanks and hosting

1/6/01- New ASCII art added, created and sent in by Adrenaline.

2/15/02- Got an e-mail giving an alternate method to getting the Mace.

3/28/02- I've added a couple parts of warning.  I would like some information
on how I can solve a couple parts that appear in the PAL version.  A lot of PAL
gamers have been e-mailing me, I really want to help them, but I'm helpless to
do anything but this.  You could help too by contributing the two scenes I need
(okay, this is starting to sound like a guilt-trip telethon hosted by Sally

3/31/02- Happy Easter! I've devised the idea today to have a PAL section for
this FAQ, where PAL questions can hopefully be answered.  It will be right
after the basic walkthrough.  Also, it has been discovered that someone on
Geocities has plagiarized this FAQ.  If you're reading this, (which I doubt you
are, but anyway...) take it down or prepare to be 404'ed.  Sorry it took me so
long to get this update up.  I was busy for the last few days either spending
time with family or working.  I've finally had time to work on this today. 
Also, new stuff has been added to Thank You and even to the Legal Bit.

4/5/02- I apologize for the gap in between updates, but college has been a real
hastle this week.  I should be able to work through my problem soon.  I've
added some more stuff.  A couple other perspectives to the puzzle solutions,
one of which had helpful ASCII (thank you, Jarno!).  I haven't gotten through
all the e-mails yet, but I should be able to finish up tonight.

4/13/02- More added to PAL Section.

4/30/02- Finally a good enough break in work and school to use for guide
posting.  Thank you for all the submissions into the PAL section, but I have a
new rule.  If you're not submitting something new, you will not have it posted
nor will you be eligible for the credit.  I'm sorry I have to do this, but I
have been swamped with e-mails with similar content.  I think it is a
possibility that there are some sites that haven't updated the info past the
original rhetoric asking for info.

6/3/02- Almost done with school.  Finals have been riding right on my heels.  I
also started a new FAQ for Cel Damage recently and posted it to get my foot in
the door, so to speak.  So, this Summer can expect to see possibly more added
to this and completed versions of both my Robotrek FAQ and my Cel Damage FAQ,
not to mention more stuff added to the Monster Rancher 3 CD/DVD List.  In this
update, I've added some more submitted info.  One deals with the final battle. 
I'll say again, please no more contributions on what's already here.  I've
gotten a few e-mails in the last few months on stuff that's already here.  No,
I'm not mad or anything.  It's just that I feel bad having to delete an e-mail
that provides nothing new.

8/27/03- FAQ-wide update.  See above for details.

Reference credit goes to:
The instruction manual, serioussam10, and Roadkill for the addition to the
final boss strategy, Mike Massimi for the info on the final battle.

PAL Credit area--- The following people have contributed to the PAL section:

Daniel Bromley, Matt Patterson, Mad Jack McMad, Tina, matt, Arno, Torsten,
Adam, Akuma Gnac Gnac, Ian Samson, Del, James Sutherland, Victor and Luke,
Jarno, i.stuarthamilton, oconnellv, MemoX33RTY, Peitro Bertolioni, Peter

Okay, so I just cut and pasted from the Thank You, but it's nice to have all my
bases covered!  Thanks everyone!

Contents According to Joe
Section 1: Introduction
1A: Puzzles, Shadowdemons, and a Boy With Horns
1B: Gameplay Basics
1C: The Purpose Behind This FAQ
Section 2: Characters and Enemies
2A: Characters
2B: Enemies
Section 3: Interactive Environment
Section 4: Walkthrough
4A: Pre-Game Tips
4B: The Great Escape
4C: Open the Gates; East
4D: Open the Gates; West
4E: The Search for Yorda: The Final Battle
4F: Epilogue
4G: Mace Side Quest *OPTIONAL*
4H: Side Notes and Observations
Section 5: PAL Help Section
5A: Forward
5B: Differences
5C: Puzzle Solutions
5D: Misc.
Section 6: FAQ
Section 7: Legal Bit
Section 8: Thank You and Goodbye



There exists a small village on a small island off in the middle of nowhere. 
It really doesn't matter where.  I'm sure if you asked to go there, the people
at the travel agency might give you as strange of a look as they would if you
asked to go to Oz or Gotham City.  Anyway, this village has one tradition that
they have kept for centuries.  Once in a while, a child is born with horns. 
This child is considered a bad omen and is immediately blamed for any mishaps
that occur in the village.  Ico is one such child...

At age 12, all of them are taken to a mysterious castle and sacrificed.  It
seems the gods of gaming need to be appeased.  Well, Ico has just turned 12,
and for his birthday he gets a one-way ticket to No-Man's Land.  He is placed
in a small contraption, which he eventually breaks from.  What the people of
the village never counted on was just how athletic Ico is.  Ico is immensely
talented as an athlete, as this game will prove.

After escape from his entrapment, Ico explores the castle a bit to find a way
out.  He soon finds a young lady in a cage.  After breaking her free, they are
attacked by a tormented spirit of the castle, which is literally infested with
them.  With his new found companion, Ico now much find a way out of the castle
by solving the various puzzles, lest he should join the ranks of the


The game's controls and systems are very easy to get down.  You can use either
the analog or the D-pad to move around.  This will make you run, actually. 
Most adventure games of this type would allow you to carry tons of items you
find on your quest.  This one doesn't involve almost any items.  The only items
it does involve are weapons, which are a must to complete the game.

To get through the game, you must solve many puzzles.  This involves thinking,
interacting, and observing a lot.  You may want to try every possibility that
you can.  Even the most unlikely ones can lead you to victory.  Most of the
puzzles will involve you trying to get Princess Yorda from one area to another.
 This means you have to drag her around.  To grab her hand or call her, you
have to use the R1 trigger.

Some of the game involves climbing up or dropping down.  To climb up, jump with
the Triangle button to cling to a ledge.  While on a ledge, you can use
Triangle to pull yourself up or X to drop.

Battles are simplistic, yet fascinating.  Battles are triggered in certain
areas or at any time you leave Yorda alone in a different area for too long
(leaving an area involves loading a new one, so if you went into a new room,
but it didn't have to load it, it's still technically the same area).  When the
demons do appear, they'll go after Yorda.  If they grab her, you have to either
knock them over, causing them to drop Yorda, or pull her out of the portal when
she gets pulled into it.  To pull her out, use R1.

D-Pad/Left Analog- Run around
Square- Attack (can also be done unarmed if you run while doing it; Ico will
use his horn)
Right Analog- Look around
Circle- Interact with stimulus (lever, switch), grab onto block, change
weapons, throw item (bomb, etc.)
X- Release grip on ledge
Triangle- Pull self up, jump,
R1- Call Yorda, grab Yorda's hand, pull Yorda out of a portal
R2- Zoom


The main purpose behind this FAQ (or at least the walkthrough section) is to
give a concise walkthrough of this game without fully giving away how to solve
some of the puzzles.  This merely gives hints as to how to solve the different
puzzles in this game without being a full spoiler.  Of course, solutions will
be posted as I see fit.  If you have any questions, do check the FAQ section
(Section 5) or hit me with an e-mail, just make sure you e-mail the proper
address.  The reason I say this is that if you e-mail Liverboyjoe179, you
probably won't get an answer right away, but rather have to wait a lot longer
(that address is checked maybe once every two weeks).  Areas that no hint were
given are ones that shouldn't be too difficult.



The game doesn't hold a whole lot of characters, but there's three in
particular that the game seems to focus on.

Ico: Ico is the main character.  He was brought to the immense castle as a
sacrifice because he was born with horns.  After breaking free from his
chamber, he now seeks a way out.  On the way, he bumps into the young Princess

Princess Yorda: A mysterious young lady who was seen by Ico in a huge cage
hanging from a ceiling.  After Ico broke her free from her confinement, they
were attacked by a shadowdemon of sorts.  Ever since then, the shadowdemons
have been appearing everywhere, trying to take the young princess back to where
they feel she belongs.  It is Ico's job to make sure they don't succeed.

The Queen: The villain of the story.  Her name is not specifically given, but
she is trying to get Yorda back from Ico.  The Queen's motives are pretty much
unknown (although revealed in the game with time).  Say, doesn't she look like
a villain from a certain Disney flick?


There are several different enemies in the game.  What few names I could get
from the book are listed here as well as some names I made up myself.  There
really aren't too many different enemies in the game, though.

Spider Wraiths: These are small, spider-like apparitions that appear with other
shadowdemons.  They can't grab Yorda, unlike other demons, but they can attack
you.  Thankfully, these ones can be taken out with one, quick swipe of a weapon.

Sentries: Sentries are giant shadowdemons, probably the biggest in the game. 
Sentries are pretty good at combat.  In fact, they can sometimes avoid your
attacks before you can fully nail them.  It may take a lot of whacks to take
these ones out, but just persist and you should triumph.

Fortress Ghouls: These are real basic shadowdemons.  They are almost exactly
like the Sentries, only not quite as strong, tough, or smart.

Insect Demons: This is a name I just made up.  These are rather large and
skinny demons with what appears to have insect-like body features.  They are a
bit stronger than the ghouls, but most of all, they are fast.

Skinny Demons: Small, skinny spirits.  Not very strong or tought, but certainly

Crow Ghouls: Fortress Ghouls that can fly.

Crow Sentries: Like Crow Ghouls, these are Sentries that can fly.

Skinny Crows: Flying versions of the Skinny Demons.


One of the biggest ideas behind this game is that the environment is highly
interactive.  There are several different environmental stimuli that will
appear often through the game.  Some of them can be used as weapons.  Almost
all of them will help you to progress in the game.  Keep an open eye for them

Sticks: These can be used as weapons.  Pick one up with Circle.  The special
ability that sticks hold is that they can be used to hold a fire at the tip of
them for a small amount of time.  Good for lighting different torches or bombs.

Swords: Stronger than sticks.  These can also be used as weapons.  The main
usage behind these is to cut certain ropes.

Mace: A hidden weapon that's more powerful than the sword.

Ladders/Pipes: You'll see a lot of these.  Both ladders and pipes serve the
same basic purpose.  You can climb up both of them.  The only difference is
that Princess Yorda cannot climb pipes.  You can also jump off of these with
the Triangle button.

Chains: Chains can be grabbed by jumping toward them and then climbed as high
as you can go.  Different chains serve different purposes.  Some of them are
used to climb to a higher area.  Some are used to swing to another platform. 
Others still are used to trigger a change in the environment.  To jump from a
chain, press the Triangle button.  To swing on a chain, hold Circle.

Blocks: These can be moved about and used to solve certain puzzles.  To move
them around, hold Circle and move Ico around the area.  These can be pulled
away from walls, too, so they're not stuck there if you push them into a
corner.  Blocks can also be moved around while they are in water.

Levers: Lever sometimes can be seen just sticking up out of the ground.  They
are quite common, actually.  Use them by pushing Circle.

Pressure Switches: Pressure switches are big buttons in the ground.  By adding
weight of some kind to them, they can open doors.  Weight, that is, involving
blocks, yourself, or even Yorda.

Gate Levers: These are levers that stick out of the wall.  There aren't too
many in the game. They can be used with Circle.

Ledges: Ledges are all over the game.  Ico can use ledges to his advantage by
hanging from some of them and moving horizontally across them.  You can drop
from ledges with the X button or climb them with Triangle or sometimes Up.

Bombs: These can be used to destroy certain stimuli in the game.  To blow one
up, you need a stick in hand.  Push Circle while near a flame to set a small
fire tothe tip fo the stick, then position yourself such that the flame touches
the bombs wick.  This should set the bomb off and have it explode in no time. 
Strangely, exploding bombs cannot directly kill you.

Idol Doors: There will be areas which you cannot enter just yet because the
path is blocked by huge idols.  The only way to get across them is to get Yorda
to stand in front of them.  Easier said than done in some cases.

Elevators: These are platforms which you and Yorda can stand on and let it
either carry you up or down, depending on the elevator's position.

Wheels: There are maybe two wheels in the whole game (or maybe more), but I
figured I should still list them.  These are a bit self-explanatory if you ever
see them.  Grab as far out of the edge as you can, push and hold Circle, then
push the direction buttons or analog stick to move the wheel forward.  If the
wheel isn't moving, try pushing it the opposite way.

Stone Loveseat:  Okay, so that's just my word for it.  These are save points in
the game.  Have Ico sit down and Yorda will join him (try holding hands with
her first so she doesn't wander off instead of sit with you; she's done it to
me a few times), then you can save.



-If you can, keep Yorda with you at all times, or at least in the same area. 
Otherwise, she stands a chance of being abducted while your back is turned

-Use the right analog stick often to survey the area before you.  Also make
good use of the Zoom feature

-Observe everything and try anything.  Sometimes, what would seem the most
unlikely method could get the job done.  Try any hunch out, no matter how
unlikely it might seem.

-Try to interact with anything that might seem interactive.

-Sometimes, it helps to hold Yorda's hand while fighting the spirits.  Also try
to be quick and aggressive when fighting them, but don't leave Yorda open for
too long.

-Opening Idol Doors automatically defeats any and all shadowdemons on the

-Save every chance you get.  Save especially after making a major change in

-Use the best weapon possible.  If you need to downgrade to solve a puzzle,
then do so.

NOTE: Some of the room and area names may not reflect on other FAQs or guides. 
These are basically my guesses as to what the area is.  Names really don't
matter, as long as I have something to refer to each area by.


Ahh, the beginning of the game.  Complete with an extremely long intro movie. 
Feh, if you're not to interested, but start a few times to skip the scenes.

-Main Hall-
You should start the game in a huge structure with giant stone heads
everywhere.  You should notice a bunch of stairs at one end of the courtyard,
but nothing really much there and some stairs on the other side with a closed
door off to the back.

The way to open the door is on a higher plane.

Rather simple one.  Climb the stairs and there should be a gate lever above the
door.  Throw the gate level and the door will open.  Now, on to the next room.

-Small Storage Room-
You should notice a chain right near a floor that you can't seem to climb up
onto.  Hmm... Where to go...

You'll have to head up somehow.

Yet another fairly easy one.  Jump toward the chain to grab hold of it.  Now,
climb it high enough so that you can jump on the ledge.  Make sure Ico's back
is pointing toward the ledge and the windows.  Now, jump from the chain onto
the ledge, and then out the windows.

-Containment Room-
There is a huge, spiral staircase here.  If you climb up the right ladder, then
you can head up the staircase.  On your way up, you should have a cut scene. 
Continue going up the staircase and you'll notice you can go no further...

You can't jump to the other part of the staircase.  It's like Aaron Lewis said:
"I'm on the outside.  I'm looking in."

Look near the end of the stair case, as far as you can go, and you should find
a window you can climb to that leads to the outside.  Walk directly right and
jump through the window on the far right and continue your quest to that
mysterious cage.

Back in the containment room, continue to head up the spiral staircase. 
Eventually, you should come to a lever in the floor.  Throw the lever to bring
the cage down to the bottom floor.  Now, head back down as fast as you can. 
There's got to be something to do now.

If you can't rage in the cage, then you might as well rage on it.

Climb the ladder opposite the one you used to get to the spiral staircase. 
This one should lead your around onto platforms above the Idol Door.  From
there, jump onto the cage.  A cut scene will ensue and this will result in
Yorda being abducted by a Fortress Ghoul.

The creature should get to the portal in the ground before you can reach them. 
When they do, run up to the portal and push R1.  This should allow Ico to pull
Yorda out of the portal and to safety.  If you haven't already (or don't want
to, for challenge), run over to the flaming stick near the cage and push Circle
to pick it up.  You should now have a weapon which you can use to beat the
baddies up.  Now that you have Yorda with you, where do you go?

Idolatry could pay off here!

Okay, so this technically isn't idolatry.  Just supplying a hint idea.  Anyway,
take Yorda to the Idol Doors and she can open them with her powers.  Beyond the
idols should be a wall you can climb up and a door just beyond that.

Help yourself before you help others.

Very simple one.  Don't even really know if I needed to supply a hint for that.
 Climb the wall yourself, then push R1 and help Yorda up.  With her in your
hand, run out the door.

-Old Bridge-
Yay! The first save point!  Sit down with Yorda and save.  Now, take her hand
and run across the old bridge.  About half way across, the bridge should
collapse, ensuring you won't be able to go back.  D'oh!  Well, head to the next
Idol Doors and they will move apart from each other.  Then, a pressure switch
should pop out of the floor and a door will close.  No need to post a hint
here.  It's pretty obvious.  Just stand on the pressure switch to open the door
and walk through.

-Small Chamber-
There should be a bunch of pots everywhere.  These really serve no purpose
except to throw at enemies.  Not nearly as reliable as your weapon, though,
except that it can bounce around and take out some of those unsightly Spider
Wraiths.  As you walk down the wide staircase, a spirit portal will open.  Take
out the spirits as best as you can and the portal will be extinguished (you'll
see smoke float out of it when it does).  You'll notice there's a door on the
other side of the room from the entrance with a pressure switch in front of it.
 However, when you leave the door, there is nowhere to go.  A dead end... Maybe
there's another route?

I have only one word: "underneath."

There should be a block on one side of the wide staircase that you came from. 
Move the block one way, it doesn't matter which, and a pressure switch will pop
up, revealing a new staircase.  Climb the new staircase through another door. 
Run along the balcony outside to another door, leading to a Temple.

Once you enter, you'll notice you can't go too far until you hit a door in your
way.  D'oh-eth!  Where to go, where to go...

It may hurt your bottom, but sometimes taking a fall is the best way to go.

Jump from off the edge of the plane you're on.  To do so, climb the banister
and jump off it onto the floor below.  Now, run along the wall to the far side
of the temple (which should require climbing some small stairs) and you should
eventually come to a lever.  Pull the lever to open the door and call Yorda to

Head across the temple back to the side you were once on.  You should notice a
chain hanging from the ceilng.  If you climb it and jump onto the floor near
it, some demons will appear.  Take them out without letting Yorda slip away. 
Now that you've done that, you've found it pretty easy to get yourself up to
the wall, but what about Yorda?

The apple doens't fall far from the tree... or at least it shouldn't!

Climb the chain and jump to the next floor up.  Now, run to the block and push
it off the side.  Do not move the block.  Allow it to stay right where it was
when it fell.  Now, standing just above the block, hold R1.  Yorda should climb
onto the block, then jump to grab your hand so you can pull her up the wall. 
Now, run out the door.

Techincally, since it didn't load between areas, this really isn't a different
area from the Temple, but it is a different section all together, so I'll just
leave it at that.  Climb up the various staircases all the way to the top of
the structure.  At the top, some more shadowdemons should attack you.  These
ones can fly, though, thus marking your first encounter against Crow Ghouls and
a Crow Sentry.  Destroy them and you can advance.  At the far wall should be a
staircase you can climb down and a ladder right after that.  Climb down the
ladder and call Yorda after you.  You should be on some tracks now.  Run down
the tracks on what would be the right side of the screen from the perspective
you should be facing.  You should come to an old trolley.

Not that you would need it, but I'll supply one anyway.  Think "Mr. Rogers."

Get on the trolley and make sure Yorda is with you.  Hold R1 next to the lever
to get her onto the trolley.  Hold Circle now to grab the lever and hold down
on the direction or analog in the direction you want to go.  Keep going until
you hit the other end of the tracks.  Now, climb up the wall and pull Yorda
with you.  Save after that.

Yet another area that's technically still part of the Trolley and the Temple,
but is a different section all together.  Different enough to mark it as such. 
Climb up the wall just beyond teh stone loveseat and help the princess up as
well.  Run straight along the path and jump across the hole in the ground, then
hold R1 to have Ico hold his hand out.  Yorda should then try to jump across
and grab your hand.  Ico will pull her back up with him.  Now, continue on
until you can no longer.  You surely can't jump across, but you notice a
horizontal pipe sticking out of the wall.

There are other ways across the gorge than just jumping.

Jump up while under the pipe to grab onto the pipe and work your way over.  If
you find that the direction button you're holding down does not make Ico move
any further, then try other directions.

You should eventually come to a lever.  Throw the lever and the crane will move
its cargo over closer to Yorda.  Hmm... How does this help?  There's actually a
two-part solution to this.

There should not be two in the same area.

Crawl back along the pipe again and jump onto the box.  Call Yorda over with R1
and she will jump onto the box.  Now, jump back onto the ledge which she was
once on and make your way back to the lever via the pipe.  Throw the lever and
Yorda will move along with the box.  I have actually tried many times before
from here to jump onto the box from the little, enclosed area with the lever. 
You should notice the result is Ico falling flat on his face and breaking every
bone in his body.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight, but deadly line. 
Detours are not quite short, but they aren't quite as deadly either.  Just
remember that detours involving searching for one as such, especially for
anything in the environment you can interact with, even the slightest.

Head to the right of the lever and there should be some wooden beams you can
climb up.  Continually climb up all the beams until you've reached the top. 
Work your way to the top of the crane and out to a point above the chain on the
crane.  Climb down on the chain onto the box below.  Now, jump from the box to
the next floor over and call Yorda over with you.

Run over to the stone loveseat and save.  Now, it's time to explore your new
surroundings.  On the floor you're on, you can walk through the door and notice
a gigantic structure on the inside.  There is a big bridge running across the
structure and if you look up, there is a chandelier above the bridge with some
wooden beams running across the ceiling.  On the opposite side, there is a door
leading to some draw bridges (that's for latter, so don't worry about that area
just yet; it's a section I call "The Drawbridges").  You should also note that
on the other side is a chain that takes you down.  Now, back outside where the
crane was you should also notice a spiral staircase on the other side of the
loveseat.  This will take you down to a door with bombs next to it.  When
entering, you'll notice it's the lower level of the Monastery you were just in.

On the other side fo the lower level is an Idol Door.  You cannot get across,
though.  Yorda also doesn't climb down on the chain, so that's out of the
question.  What can we do here?

Remember what you did to the cage earlier?

Go to the upper level of the Monastery.  Run all the way across to the side
with the dangling chain.  Leave the chain alone, but jump up on the sills of
the windows.  Climb up until you reach the top, just above the sills, and then
climb the ladder leading up onto the beam (if you climbed the windows on the
left side of the beam, then there will be no ladder; just climb it regularly). 
Run along the beam until you are just above the chandelier and drop onto it. 
This should cause it to fall onto the bridge, cracking the column holding it up.

You're one step closer to victory.  There's still one more action that needs to
be done.  There's got to be a way to bring the bridge down completely.

I have only one word: "Boom."

Head to the lower level where you saw the bombs.  Grab a bomb with the Circle
button and take it into the lower level room.  Set it down next to the column
holding up the bridge.  You should notice part of the chandelier is still on
that level with you.  Walk up to a flame and push Circle.  This will catch the
end of your stick on fire.  Now, run over to the bomb and light it as well
(this can be done by position the flame of your stick right on the wick of the
bomb).  Stand back and let it explode.  The bridge will fall and you will now
have a way that both you and Yorda can get to the Idol Gate beyond.

 As you head back up to the top and make your way down the destroyed bridge,
some shadowdemons will come to attack you.  Only fight them off if they grab
the princess.  If not, then continue toward the Idol Door as fast as possible. 
Soon as you make it to the door, Yorda will open it and the shadowdemons will
be no more.  Now, head out the door now.

-Court Yard-
This will be a test of your speed and determination.  Many portals will open
all over the place.  The only way to shut them is to make it to the Idol Door
across from you.  So, run down the wide staircase and turn either way, making
your way to the next staircase.  Do not stop for anything unless the spirits
take Yorda.  Get to the Idol Door and the Yorda will open it, destroying the
shadowdemons.  Now, run through into the Main Gate.

-Main Gate-
Watch the cut scene and see everything you've worked for thus far turn to dust.
 Well, I guess this is kind of good since it signifies this game isn't done yet.


The only way out of here is to obviously find a way to open the gate.  Well,
you really can't do that just yet, but you can work towards it.

-Main Gate-
Solving the next puzzle towards getting to the area in which you can begin
opening the gates involves this area.  Look around you.  The only things you
really see are huge torches on top of high posts.

Find something that moves.  Something not listed in Section 3.

Push or pull every torch over the next notch.  You will notice that they will
all light up, leading you back out to the courtyard.

Hmm... There doesn't seem to be too many new ways other than the ones to the
Main Gate and the Monastery... Oh, and the one next to the Monastery that's
boarded up!  You notice your weapons inflict no damage at all on the boards. 
There's got to be something else to do.

As I said before... "Boom."

Grab one of the bombs and set it down next to the boarded area.  Now, set your
stick on fire with one of the torches and light the bomb to have it explode and
destroy the boarded area.  Walk through into the Graveyard.

Head down the giant staircase and save at the save point.  Now, go down the
wide staircase and a ton of demons will pop out to destroy you.  Take them all
out and the portals will seal up again.  You should be confronted with a bunch
Crow Ghouls, Crow Sentries, Spiders, and even a few Insect Demons.  After
defeating them, head all the way to the bottom of the graveyard.  Notice a big
structure with a sealed door and two pressure switches on either side. 
Applying any weight on either one will cause the switches to go down.  Hmm...

Dead weight on one, living on the other.  You will have to leave the
preciousness behind for a little while, though.  Be quick.

There should be a block across from the structure, in front of a door that has
no use in the game.  Drag the block onto one of the pressure switches.  Now,
grab Yorda and put her on the other.  This will open the gate and you will have
to leave her there for the time being.  Now, enter the tomb.  Waste no time. 
Do not drop down, but rather head to the ladder against the wall that should be
on the right side fo the screen.  Climb the ladder to a small ledge, then jump
from the ledge to a chain.  Climb the chain and out the door at the top of the
structure and then push it onto the pressure switch that Yorda was on (after
falling from the structure, you should get a visit from some shadowdemons). 
This should allow you to bring Yorda into the structure.

Bring Yorda into the structure.  Where do you go now?

Look for a door you haven't been in yet.

Now, climb back up to the place which you pushed the block off.  On the left
side of the screen should be a passage way leading back into the tomb, but on a
different route.  Head as far over as you can, but you'll notice that there
really isn't much more to do here... Or is there?  The only stimulus here you
haven't really interacted with is the chain.  Hmm...

Size doesn't matter, but height does.

On the far side of the new route you just took, climb onto the top of the ledge
and head right.  There should be a ladder if you head over far enough.  Jump
onto the first ladder (ignore the far right one, you can't even get on it) and
climb it all the way to the top, then jump off and Ico will grab the chain. 
The chain will lower and the side of the structure with the Idol Door will
raise.  Note that you still can't climb regularly over the wall on the other
side where the Idol Door is.

WWTD: What Would Tarzan Do?

Have Ico's back facing the side with the Idol Door and hold the Circle button
to make him swing back and forth.  When he gets close enough to the side with
the Idol Door, jump and he should land on the floor there.

You should be attacked by shadowdemons as he lands.  I've found that no matter
where you place Yorda, even if she's close to you when you land, she for some
idiotic reason runs over to the portal and gets away from you, so you can quite
help her up and get to the Idol Door.  You will have to fight this battle out
and this one is a tough one.  Make good use of the jump-attack technique. 
Jumping towards a large group of opponents and attacking can knock a few of
them back.  You will have to rage a big group of them, so keep a good hold on
Yorda's hand.  Kill the Spiders as well because they can become stronger
enemies if you're not careful.  Once you've defeated them, get back to the
floor you landed on and help Yorda up and walk to the Idol Door and into the
next area.

As the name of the areas implies, there is a giant windmill in the middle of
the level.  Next to it is a pool of water.  It's somewhat obvious, but not
fully known was to what to do next.  On top  of that, where do we take Yorda?

Hitch a ride with something going up.

Run up the stairs on the windmill and jump onto the ledge.  Work your way to
the side of the windmill and jump up onto the ledges above.  Climb all the way
up until you are on a spacious enough ledge to walk on.  Run to the far side of
the ledge and wait.  Timing is a major key, here.  When the windmill blades are
just about horizontal, jump toward the the far end of the blade, but don't try
to jump too far out.  Just enough such that you can grip the blade.  This might
take a bit of trial and error, but you should eventually get it if you persist.
 Now, work your way over to the for end of the blade while you're hanging
there, but don't get too far over.  Before the blade can go fully vertical,
grip the corner of the blade and possibly even hang on the smaller section of
the blade (the section that would be horiztonal when the blade is fully
vertical).  Hang from there until you reach the top of the windmill and jump
from the blade to the floor.

Get past the destroy part of the floor and run left from the loveseat.  You
should notice an Idol Door all the way over.  Run to the area in front of the
Idol Door with all the drop offs and throw the lever near there.  A bridge
should come out.  Run to the edge of the bridge and call Yorda over.  Once
she's on the same side with you, open the Idol Door, but don't go through just
yet.  Instead, run right and save at the stone loveseat, then go through the
door and into the sewer.

As you enter, there will be a dangling chain.  Jump on the chain, but as you
climb the shadowdemons will attack.  Defeat them and then climb the chain
again, this time to the top.  Run down the stairs and look around.  Some trees,
a huge sewage pipe on the far side, some blocks that can't be reached, a ledge
that also can't be reached, and a hole in the ground where the storm drain used
to be.  These next parts will be somewhat hard for me to describe in hints, but
I'll do the best I can without being to obvious.

In the words of Alice in Chains: "Down in a hole, out of control."

That one was kind of obvious, but then again so was the next task.  Drop down
the hole in the ground where the storm drain used to be.  Now, head towards the
area filled with water.  There will be pressure switches, each one opens a
different gate in the sewer.

Bring your dear one close to you in the abyss.

Stand on the switch on the right, then call Yorda into the sewer.  You're still
not done.  There's still a couple more things left to do.

Let the lamb set you free, then pull it up the shortest route.  But in order to
pull it up, you must leave the lamb in the abyss.

Lead Yorda over to the switch on the right and have her stand there.  She
should open the other gate.  Run through the gate and then climb the pipe just
outside to the area with the giant pipe.  Jump across the pool of water back to
the other side with the trees.  Now, run to the storm drain you fell in and
pull Yorda up (it's a bit picky which side of the drain you stand on when doing
this, so try all sides if need be), then lead her to the Idol Door and through

-Stone Pillar-
The first thing that you can obviously do is get on the elevator and let it
take you up.  Get off the elevator and you'll notice a gate switch, but you
can't seem to reach it.  Looking toward the far side, you see a block that
would be quite helpful right now.  The only problem is getting to it.

Sometimes the broken path is the best.

To the right of the gate switch should be a broken part of the ledge which the
gate is not covering that you can just drop down from.  Drop down from the main
ledge to the next ledge, then to the third one and climb up on that ledge. 
Make your way to the left and jump up onto the ledge above you.  Keep going
left and drop down to a ledge just below you.  While hanging from that ledge,
drop to the next one, then to the floor.  Run around the corner and straight,
then climb all the obstacles all the way up until you've reached the top.  Push
the block at the top to the area with the gate switch and drop down.

When you've dropped down, some more spirits will attack you.  Take them out,
then pull the block over to the gate switch.  This will bring down in a
different area of Stone Pillar.  Now, pull the block over to the ledge you
dropped it from, climb up and help Yorda up as well, then run over to the save
point and save.  The only question is how to get Yorda across the hole to the
Idol Door.

As was stated at the crane: "There are other ways across than just jumping."

Make your way across the gap via the ledges on the far wall.  Get to the
highest ledge you can and walk left.  There should be a broken part in the
pillar on that level, so you can get across easily.  Now, drop down and jump
onto the floor and a portal with demons will open up below.  Don't worry,
though.  They won't attack the princess.

Remember the chain that came down earlier?  Head over to it and climb down.

I have only one word: "Swing."

Climb down the chain until you are level with the window.  From there,
constantly swing back and forth until you fly through the window.  Get ready
for battle.

Fighting the demons here is easy.  I suggest going after the Spider Wraiths
first.  After that, you'll mainly be pit against regular Fortress Ghouls and
Skinny Demons.  Just take them out, then climb up on the windows and push both
of the blocks into the next area (which is the sewer).  Jump back into the
sewer via the windows.


You'll obviously have to leave Princess Yorda where she is for a little while. 
Be sure to go back and forth occasionally.  The longer you leave her alone, the
better the chances she will be abducted.  Well, the blocks are finally down. 
The next part might be obvious, but I'll still lend a hint.

Where once you could not go, the blocks have made a new rode.

Pull the block that's closest to the stairs all the way to the ledge not
covered by the metal gate.  It should be right near the tree nearest to the
hole in the ground.  Pull the block all the way there, then jump on the block
and onto the ledge.  From there, run around to the chain and climb it.  Then,
run up the stairs and through the door, back into the Stone Pillar.

-Stone Pillar-
Run left along the ledge.  Climb up the ladder and continue to head straight. 
Jump onto the chain and swing at just the right are to the next ledge over. 
You'll notice there is a switch that moves the giant, metal plate below.  What
does this have to do with the puzzles?

Hmm... Plate moves over... Need to get Yorda to that side... Hmm...

Call Yorda from where you're at and she'll run onto the metal plate.  Now,
throw the switch and the plate will move with Yorda on it.  This will also call
out some demons.

Run and jump as fast as you can to the chain and climb down quickly.  When you
reach the bottom of the chain, drop with the X button and run quickly to Yorda.
 If she's been taken to the portal, pull her out with R1.  Don't worry about
fighting once you've got Yorda.  Take her to the Idol Door and the demons will
be automatically defeated.  Now, on to the next room.

This is the area that connects to the Monastery and also has the Courtyard at
the bottom of it.  From here, just run to the next Idol Gate and go through it.

-Main Gate-
Back here again.  Go straight through along the pathway of the gate and head
toward the giant structure that you see on the upper left.  That is called the
East Arena.  Using this, you can open the gate and get out of the castle. 
Don't worry about the ladder there, just go through the Idol Door and enter.

-East Arena-
Climb up the ladder in the small pit you're in and call Yorda up.  You will be
attacked again.  Kill the enemies, then save on the loveseat.  Head striaght
across the loveseat with Yorda and through a doorway into another room (the
doorway has a huge, stone block above it).  You should notice that there's a
stone cylinder sticking up with some torches and a doorway well across from it.
 You can't quite reach the torches, but there is something you can do.

Weight of two opens a new path.

Climb up onto the cylinder, then call Yorda up to the cylinder.  This will
cause it to sink into the floor and bring up a staircase leading to the
torches.  You will also have to fight some more demons, so be ready.

Climb up the giant stairs and throw the lever at the left side.  This will
cause the stone spheres behind you to open, thus leading to your next clue.

The spheres demand the Gift of Prometheus.

Have your stick catch fire on the torches, then use the flame on the spheres. 
This will open the circle to the outside.  Go out there with Yorda with you.

-East Reflector-
Walk to the right and save at the save point.  Now, go to the side of the
circle opposite the save point and climb the ladder.  When you reach the top,
call Yorda and take her in with you.

-East Arena-
Back in here again.  Run all the way over and throw the lever to open the next
pair of spheres.  Now, you need to get some fire to those, but the torches you
used earlier are too far away.

There is another source you can draw from.

Use the torch right behind the last lever you threw and drop down to the floor
that the spheres are on, then light both of the spheres to open the next circle
and give you access to the first sword in the game.

Yorda should still be where the last lever was.  She won't drop down on her
own.  Instead, climb the big stairs out to the East Reflector, then up the
ladder again and into the area which she's still in.  You can walk agains her
to lightly shove her off the edge.  Make sure you shove her onto the floor in
which the last two spheres you lit are and take her out the door.  Save and
then grab the sword that fell.  As you do this, a large, metal gate will
surround you and Yorda.  There is indeed a way to bring it down, but how?

Sword can cut rope.

Cut the ropes on either side of the open circle.  To do this, you will have to
climb up onto the metal platforms and cut both ropes.  This will cause the gate
to drop back down.

Now the question is where to go from here?

Remember what I said on the last hint?

Run up the staircase opposite of the side with the save point.  There should be
a rope at the top that you can cut.  Do so and this will open another door to
another room in the Arena.

Take Yorda through the door.  There will be water coming down, but you can't
seem to head up because the ebb is very strong.  Where to now?

The answer is clung to the wall.

Climb and make your way across using the intricate ledges on the wall.  When
you've finally gotten across, run out the door and leave Yorda where she is.

Head around the corner and stand on the pressure switch to open the door.  Run
through the door and into another room.  Keep heading straight around the
winding pathway until you come to some ropes that can be cut.  Do so part of
the bridge will fall.  Keep going up the winding pathway and cut the next pair
of ropes to bring down the other half othe bridge.  Keep going still and stand
on the pressure switch and go into the next room.  Throw the lever and that
will make the water stop.  Now, head all the way back to the entrance of that
area call Yorda up the dried stream (you could also climb up on the banister
and drop down, it would be faster).  Take her across the bridge you just
lowered and into the next room.  While in there, you'll notice there's no way
across.  No switches, levers, or anything to mess with.

The path will appear when two are neigh.

Take Yorda to the area where with the exposed ledge.  A piece of a bridge will
appear.  Walk on it and anoter will appear.  They will appear in order and
guide you across the way.

Open the Idol Door and into the small area beyond.  Throw the lever at the left
and it will open the last pair of spheres.  Now, run to the other side and go
down using the elevator.  Now you just need to light the spheres up, but you
can't do so with a sword.

Five... Six... pick up sticks.

Fairly obvious hint for a fairly obvious solution.  Grab a stick from anywhere
in the room and use the already lit spheres across from the ones you wish to
light.  Light those spheres now and the last circle will open.  When it does,
grab your sword again and take Yorda to the save point to save.  Then, get out
of there and begin to head toward the door that you just saw open in the cut


-Main Gate (just outside East Arena)-
Run toward the door that just opened.  On the way there, you will be attacked
yet again.  These ones shouldn't be as hard, especially now that you have your
sword.  Take them out, then climb the ladder and call the princess up.  It's
best to do this so that you don't leave her alone and open for abduction.  Go
through the door and run over to the lever on the other side.  Throw the lever
and this should lower one of the drawbridges.  Also note that there is a sword
there if you need it.  Now, head back out with Yorda and climb back down, then
call her to you and take her out to the Drawbridges.

-Making Your Way to the Courtyard-
Cross the new drawbridge you lowered and head to the left of the entrance to
the Monastery.  There will be a block standing there by itself.  Don't know
where to go next?

On the highest of pillars, sever the ties that bind.

Push the block against the furthest left stone column and climb up it.  Then,
jump to the second stone column and cut the rope with a sword.  This should
drop it down into the courtyard.

Go back into the Monastery and head down the destroyed bridge.  You should get
attacked on your way down, so be ready to fight.  After the battle, leave the
Monastery through the door on the bottom floor into the Courtyard.

Remember where that rope fell?  Run over to it, and jump onto it.  Pay close
attention to what you can swing to from here.

'Tis best to take the high road first.

Climb up high enough on the rope to reach the highest open window and swing
into it (or you could climb well above the window and jump down without
swinging, just make sure you jump high enough).
Lead the box to the innocence.

Run along the ledge and into the next room.  There should be a block in there. 
Push it out of there and off the ledge into the next room.  Now, push it out
the broken window and call Yorda up.  Take her up the stairs and through the
Idol Door.

This is one area that can be broken down into quite a few different hints.  You
can also gain a secret weapon around here (I will indicate where in this
section of the walkthrough and refer you to the special section set aside for
the weapon).

Run left and cross the bridge.  Leave Yorda where she is and head right and
climb the ladder.  Scale the wall all the way to the top.  Walk through the
opening in the wall and drop down.  From there, head left and jump to the
chain.  Turn around about 180 degrees and swing to the bridge.

Find the lift to take thee to thine sweetheart.

Get off the bridge and drop down into the lower pit.  Go to one of the far
corners and get onto an elevator.  It will take you to a ledge with the door
that you should've left Yorda at (or near).  Throw the lever to the right of
the door and call Yorda through.  Take her to the elevator and head down
together.  Now, you should take notice at least to the ledges leading up to a
door just right of the elevator.  This can lead you to a save point, but this
is not the area you want to go next unless you wish to save.

Locate the six-sided one.

The only way to get Yorda out of the pit and into the next area with you is to
find the block and drop it down into the pit.  If you did good enough
observation, you should be able to see the block right next to the pit. 
Technically, this can be done before you get Yorda in here, but it's actually a
problem that occurs after you do so.  So, if you didn't already push the block
in there, then you'll have to take the elevator back to the door you pulled
Yorda through (just leave her in the pit for now) and over the wall again.  Get
back to the grassy area below the bridge and push the block down, then help
Yorda up.

Climb the ladder leading back to the bridge and call Yorda up the ladder. 
Then, head to the other ladder just down the way and call her up there as well.
 Step on the pressure switch to open the door and walk through.  This part is
pretty obvious.  Climb the ladder and jump onto the steel rails.  Make your way
to the next platform with on the rail and jump to the next rail.  You'll need
to do this all around the room.  Do so until you reach a platform with an open
window above it.  Go out the window and climb down the ladder.

Your next goal is hidden by the series of inclined planes.

You really can't see it too well, but there is a gate switch being hidden by
the staircase leading to the closed door.  Pull the switch and the door will

[If you wish to do the Mace Side Quest, consult section 4G now]

Call Yorda through the door.  You'll now need to cross the stream without
getting pulled by it.

The higher you are, the farther you jump.

Push the block to edge of the stream and jump from the block.  You should catch
the very edge of the other bank and pull yourself up.  Now, time to stop that

Complete the circle a few times and the waters shall cease.

Climb the ladder and turn the wheel several times around.  If it's not going in
the direction you're pushing, then try pushing the other way.  This should
eventually close the gate and stop the flow of water.

Drop down from the structure and then into the dry streambed.  Call Yorda in
there as well.  Then, take her down the way the stream went and through the
opening.  Call her down onto the ramp and run down to the stone posts.  Climb
over the posts and cross the bridge to the save point and save.  You may notice
that if you take her all the way down, that there's no way to get to the Idol
Door by itself.  Also note that you will fight some enemies down there. 
They're major pansies if you have the mace, though.

What was used once can be used again, and rightfully so.

Remember that block you used to cross the stream earlier?  Take Yorda back that
way (sorry to make you take Yorda to the save point, but I was just building on
an upcoming problem) and push the block into the streambed.  Now, push the
block into the next screen where the waterfall used to be.  Push it then off
the ledge and onto the bottom floor.  Now, push it against the wall where the
Idol Door is and pull Yorda up there with you to open it.

-Small Cave Stream-
Run down the tunnel in the direction of the flowing water.  You should
eventually come to a ladder.  Climb it and call the princess up as well.  Take
her hand and lead her further down the path.  Eventually, you will have to jump
across and extend your hand to her.  She'll take it and then you can continue
down the line.

Take Yorda to the elevator and throw the lever to go down.  Take Yorda over to
the stone loveseat to save.  You don't need her for this next part, but run
down the stairs.  As you run down the hallways, you'll notice different barred
off areas, a pipe leading to the floor above, and another ledge just a bit of
the ways off.  The only way you can really go is above.  So, climb the pipe and
you should see a ledge you can't reach, a track, and a platform with a ladder
on the track.  Hmm...

Relocation is the key.

Get on the left side of the platform and push it to the ledge you can't reach,
then climb to the top of the platform and jump onto the ledge.  Throw the
switch and a bridge will come down.

Take Yorda and cross the bridge.  Not too long after, you will be attacked by
demons again.  Fight them off as best as you can because if you don't, they can
and will become problematic later.  Defeat them one by one until the gates have
closed again.  Be careful not to hit one when Yorda is over the edge or it's
game over.  After killing the demons, head into the next area.

-Cave Passage-
With Yorda, run straight through.  This is a straight forward area, nothing
really big here.

Now, head up the stairs.  If you didn't finish the shadowdemons, they're coming
for you now.  Climb the stairs and there'll be a strange contraption at the top.

Two ride the lift to Heaven; One of them makes loops around the center.

Pretty obvious.  Get Yorda onto the lift and push the lever counterclockwise. 
This should take you up to the next section.

-Water Tower-
Take Yorda to the loveseat and save.  Now, head left and jump across the gap. 
Call Yorda over to you and pull her up.  Notice the horizontal beams.  Drop
from one to the other to the other to the bottom.  Now, jump on the pole and
use it to cross the pit.  Once you're to the other side, climb the various
ledges and get onto the main pathway.  There are several different problems to
solve here, but the first I will address is getting Yorda over to your side.

Take a leap of faith, so to speak.

You should notice a small ladder leading down to a wooden platform at the
bottom of a wooden tower.  Jump from the ladder to the platform and climb the
tower via wooden beams.  From there, walk on the platform protruding from the
top to the edge where the chain is.  Climb all the way to the bottom of the
chain and make Ico's back face the vertically standing bridge.  Swing back and
forth a bit, then jump into the bridge to make it fall.  Now, you can call
Yorda from the edge and bring her over.

Head over to the area with the torch.  You will also notice across the bridge
from the torch is a small storage room with some sticks and some bomb.  You can
pretty much add all the stimuli up to know what should happen next.  Anyway...

First, think David and Goliath, where you are David.  Also think of the order
at which your operations should run.

Put an unlit bomb near the platform with the torch on it.  Make sure you have a
stick.  Now, light the stick and use the stick to light the bomb, then pick up
the lit bomb and throw it at the wooden tower.  If you're on target, it should
explode and knock over the tower, thereby causing a makeshift bridge to fall
into place for you.  Make sure you pick up your weapon before leaving.

Cross the new bridge, then run to the far side of the new area.  Climb the
chain and follow the path to another wooden platform.  As you run across the
platform, take notice to the lone standing block.

Take one look at the block and take a good guess...

Block puzzles are pretty obvious.  Push the block down to the area below, then
push it against the wall where the all the wooden structures are.  Climb up and
throw the switch against the wall.  This should bring a chain into play

Run the opposite way of the wall past the Idols.  Climb the ladder and run
across the wooden platform again.  Jump onto the chain and swing to the top of
the structure.  Push the wheel counterclockwise to bring out a huge box.  Now,
jump back to the chain again.  You may have to reposition yourself just a bit
to be able to get to the wooden platform again.  Do so and jump across.  Now,
go down to the floor that's level with the box.  Call Yorda over and get her
onto the box.  Then, take her from the box to the next floor.  You will be
attacked eventually.  If you can do so fast enough, get Yorda to the Idol Door
and vanquish the demons.  Now, through the Idol Door.

Yep, you're here again.  Nothing much to do.  Just head straight to the Idol
Door and into the next area.

-Main Gate-
Almost to the other Arena.  Head straight forward through the area, taking a
turn when need be and making your way to the Idol Door leading you into the
West Arena.

-West Arena-
This one is a lot like the East Arena.  There are some differences, though. 
The first thing you should do is take notice of the stairs on either side,
positioned just like the other Arena.  At the top of each stairs is a rope you
can cut.  If you have the mace, fret not, it still cuts rope just like the
sword.  Cut each side.  You may notice that while running across the middle of
the room, some demons will attack you.  If you have the mace, this ambush seems
all too pathetic.  If you don't, then this could be a good fight.  Take out the
demons as best as you can and then lead Yorda into the room on the left (it
should be the one without the water flowing down).

Save your game at the appopriate area.  Grab a stick and climb the ladder that
you see heading up along the wall.  Throw the lever there to open some spheres
not too far away.  Grab some fire from the torch and light the spheres to open
the circle.

Just like the last one, jump onto the cylinder and call Yorda there, too.  Now,
if you don't have a stick go grab one, then climb the stairs and throw the
lever to open the spheres.  Light the stick as you did before and then light
the spheres.  The circle will open and some shadowdemons will fly in.  Time to
defend Yorda again, and this time with a stick.  You can run back and grab your
other weapon, but that does take time and is a bit risky.  Well, if you can
make it, it's well worth the risk.  After exterminating the vermin here, take
Yorda outside to the West Reflector.

From here, head right and climb the ladder, bringing Yorda with you just so she
can stay in the same area with you.  Take her through the door.  She cannot
climb the chain, but you can.  Do so and start to head up and around.  Slash
the ropes as you come by then to release the drawbridge parts on either side. 
Keep heading up until you come to an area with a pressure switch.  Stand on it
to open the door, then walk through.  Run all the way across the path and throw
the lever.  This will stop the running water.  Now, go back through the door. 
There has to be some way to get Yorda up to the drawbridge.

I have only one word: "Boarded."

Run across the bridge into the next room and grab a bomb on the right side of
the area.  Take it and set it down in front of the boarded up doorway.  Now,
head right and make your way up the winding path until you reach the sticks. 
Grab one and take it to the torch to light it.  Now, use it to the light the
bomb and the door will be blown open.

Take Yorda out of that area and into the main area of the West Arena.  Now,
head to the room where the water was once pouring down the slope.  Run up the
slope and out the door.  Make a turn and go through the next door, which used
to be barred off.  Now, run down the bridge and into the next area.  Just like
last time, some blocks should appear for you to cross.  Reach the Idol Door and
go beyond it to the lever.  Throw it to open the spheres.  Take the elevator
down and get a stick ready to light the spheres.  I suggest using the ready lit
spheres across the way again.  Upon doing this, the circle will open... but
nothing's happening (or at least shouldn't if you've been following my
walkthrough; again, sorry to be inconvenient, but I'm building the problems as
I go in case someone comes to these problems in the game).

The eye wishes to face the right direction.

Go out to the West Reflector and push it such that it faces toward the
building.  This should cause light to shoot through the circles and hit the
last globe.  Yep, you're that much closer to getting through the gate.

-Heading to the Gate-
Head out of the West Arena back into the Main gate.  From there, climb the huge
ladder and call Yorda up there too, so you don't have to rescue her when you
come out.  Enter and throw the lever.  Now, go through the door again and climb
down the ladder.  Call Yorda to join you and take her into the drawbridge area.
 Cross the bridge you just lowered and enter the Monastery.  Head down the
destroyed bridge and out to the Courtyard.  Now, head to the main gate yet

Before reaching the gate, save.  This is the last time you can save.  Now,
reach the gate and Princess Yorda will be shocked by the globes.  After that,
the gate will open.  Notice that you cannot run with Yorda too long until she
collapses.  Instead of running, walk.  To walk, hold Circle.  You will get
about half way across the bridge when Yorda will be shocked one last time and
collapse.  The bridge will pull apart.  After the cut scene, act fast.  Jump to
the other side of the bridge and another cut scene will be activated.  Whatever
weapon you have in your hand, even if it's the mace, kiss it goodbye for ever. 
It will fall.  Now, watch the cut scene as Ico falls to what could've been his


-Hanging Structures-
You will wake up atop a huge, cylinder-shaped, wooden and steel cage of sorts. 
There will be many of them hanging here. Jump from one to the other to the
other carefully.  You need to time your jump just right.  You may die a few
times, but you will get to start over after the last cut scene.  Keep trying
hard.  You will eventually get it.  Jump to solid land and run into the caves. 
Go against the flow of the stream and past the gate, into more of the caves.

Head straight into the Reservoir.  A small cut scene will give you a view of
the area.  Throw the lever and a chain will come down.  There should be a drop
off into the water to the left with a hard-to-reach ladder.

Makeshift boats reek of awesomeness!

Push the block into the water and take it over to the ladder.  Leave it under
the ladder and get onto the block, then try to grab the ladder.  You may have
to jump at the ladder, depending on how far away the ladder is.  Climb it and
get to the gate switch.  Throw the gate switch to open the gate.  Now, you can
get to the chain, but you can't quite climb it.

All you need is a little extra height.

Take the block in the water over to the chain.  Get on the block and them jump
up to grab the chain.  Climb it and you'll come to a contraption.

There is a track beneath the contraption.  'Nuff said.

Push the contraption forward to activate the wheels.  The next part should be
obvious, but just in case...

Think of what you did at the windmill...

SOLUTION: (This part actually reminds me of American Gladiators.  Even more so
as you get further through the "obstacle course.")
Run over to the wheel you saw start moving. [NOTE: Just for the heck of it,
there is a pipe you can climb across the lake that will fall and sink when you
get high enough.  Technically useless... but still there.]  Grab one of the
pegs and let it carry you upward.  Drop from the peg onto the platform.

Now, run along the platform to the far wall.  Climb up the ledge and cling onto
the pipe.  Head right horizontally.  Keep going until you automatically fall
off.  No need to induce the fall.  Take the lower pipe right some more until
you reach a platform.  Drop to the platform and carefully walk across the small
pipe to the large, metal cylinder.  Jump onto the pipe that's wrapped around
the cylinder.  Use it to go around to the other side.  There should be a
vertical pipe on the cylinder.  Climb up the pipe as high as you can and jump
from it to grab onto the chain.  Swing from that chain to the next one over. 
Swing from that one over to the platform in the distance (make sure you turn
180 degrees to get your back pointed towards it first).  Go from there through
the doorway and jump up to grab a peg on the wheel as it goes by.  Drop off
when you're on top of the structure and run along the platform to a wheel
that's turning counterclockwise.  Jump onto it and then jump to another wheel
that's going clockwise.  From that one, there should be a counterclockwise
revolving gear.  Run onto it, but be careful that it doesn't push you off. 
Running at an angle can almost help.  After that, ignore the last wheel with
the pegs on it.  In fact, run away from it towards the wall and down the ramp,
then through the nearby tunnel into another area.

-Oceanic Ledges-
Pay no attention to the name; no meaning analysis need be made.  It's just has
a colorful ring.  Anyway, it does involve ledges by an ocean, I guess that's
close enough.  Run straight forward.  You can go around the corner and striaght
down to the next path, or you can just drop down to the piece of land that's
protruding below (be careful when doing that, though).  Then, jump to the other
ledge.  Walk straight then jump up to the slim ledge.  Walk to the left, then
drop down onto the next ledge and climb up.  Head left some more.  Drop down
the series of ledges and then jump to the next ledge over and head left some
more.  Drop down when you come to the double pipes and head along the pipes to
another way into the fortress.

-Main Transport-
You may remember this from the beginning of the game.  This is the eleveator
they took you in before you were placed in your "tomb."  Climb down the chain
and swing toward the floor.  Jump onto the floor and head right across the
bridge.  You should come to a metal, bridge-like structure with a chain
dangling from it.

I have only one word: "Closer."

Get on top of the structure and pull the chain as close to the wall as you can.

Get under the structure and jump to the chain.  You can't swing to any other
place that you can see.  Or maybe you can.

Know the chain, from top to bottom.

Climb down the chain and swing to the area below.

It may look as though there is nowhere for you to go, but quite the contrary. 
Notice that there are two ladders to interact with.

The grass is always greener on "the other side."

A rather vague one, but oh well.  I couldn't think of any better.  Anyway, run
left from the area you just jump to from the chain.  Jump over any gaps or
obstacles that come in your way.  Make your way to a ladder and climb most of
the way down it.  You should be close to the bottom wrung, then jump over to
the next ledge.  Climb up it and continue.

Head around to the ladder and climb down into the water.  Make your way to dry
land.  There will be an Idol Door to the left and an open door to the right. 
Go through the open door.

-Ultimate Weapon's Chamber-
...for lack of a better name.  Run up along the wall and onto a ramp heading
upward.  You should come to a place where there is an illuminated item on an
altar of sorts.  Pick up the item.  You now have the Ultimate Weapon (I don't
know its name) which can open Idol Doors.  Head back out and go to the Idol
Doors in the Main Transport.  Head into the elevator there and take it upward
by throwing the lever.

-Main Hall-
After going through another Idol Door, you'll be back to where you started. 
Head up the stairs and you'll see a cut scene with some shadowdemons dancing
around what appears to be a statue of Yorda.  Run to fight the demons and a
they will all attack you...

Difficulty Rating: Easy

These guys are all very easy.  After you defeat each one, a statue will light
up.  To defeat them, simply chase after them and whack them with your shiny,
new weapon once.  Some of them will fly over to Yorda.  If they begin to fly
around in circles, jump up and hit them there.  After a little persistence,
they'll all die off.

After they've all been defeated, they'll unlock the way to the final room. 
Climb all the stairs to get there and enter.

-Throne Room-
This is where it will take place.  Run across the room, up the stair and to the
throne, then begin running back.  The Queen will tell you to wait, then she'll
appear.  Walk up to her and she'll give you the usual villain speech where she
reveals her plot to you.  She'll also throw a force field around herself,
obviously ready for battle.

Difficulty Rating: Fairly Easy (if you know what you're doing)

This battle shouldn't be to hard as long as you're extremely careful.  First
thing to do is to grab the sword you had back.  This will protect you from her
one and only attack, which can turn you to stone.  The only other things that
can protect you are the pillars.  Run up to her and wait.  After she does her
dark wave attack, slash at her force field.  The sword will fly off and you
will inflict some damage on the force field.  Run and stand behind one of the
pillars (the one closest to the sword, where ever it flew) and wait for her to
do the attack again.  When she has, grab the sword and repeat the process from
before, waiting until after she does her wave attack to hit her.

Eventually, the force field will break down and the sword will fly way off. 
This part can be a bit of a pain if you don't pay a little attention to detail.
 Run and stand behind the right pillar.  Notice that everytime she does her
wave attack, there is a small part of the floor behind the pillar that is not
covered by the attack.  Stand at the very edge of the un corrupted floor and
immediately after the wave dissipates, run and grab the sword.  Now, run up to
The Queen and attack her.  Ico will drive the sword right into her chest,
finishing her off once and for all.  Now, watch the closing movie.

This just in: Thanks to Roadkill, I now found out you can actually move the
pillars in the area.  I didn't know this before as it never occured to me to
try.  I have actually beaten this boss without doing so.  I guess if you want
the extra challenge, you don't have to move the pillars.  So, when the sword
flies way back, you can actually move the left pillar a bit so that it's closer
to the sword.

Another bit of info:
During the end battle, if you press R1 (normally used to get Yorda to
hold hands or come to you), Ico will yell and the camera will zoom in on the
location of the sword, wherever the Queen knocked it off too. This is a
hugehelp if your powers of observation are lacking (like mine).  :)

Submitted from Mike Massimi


A rather small section to the walkthrough.  Why I left it separate, I don't
know.  I just felt like it.  After the closing credits, you will regain control
of Ico on a beach.  Head to the far side of the beach and you will be hit with
a last cut scene.  That's all I'll say.


This is a side quest optionally open to anyone who wishes to earn a rather
powerful weapon.  There is a part of the game in which you will come to a huge
waterfall.  In the process of trying to stop that waterfall, you should enter a
large building with rails going all around the inside, leading to an open
window which you can exit to the outside to the source of the waterfall.  On
the outside, next to the stairs where a switch can be found is a tree.

Your next action may anger environmentalists, particularly those who are active
in conserving the forests.

Attack at the tree until a stone orb falls out.

Grab the orb and take it inside.  Notice between the two stairs inside that
there are three, sectioned-off, brick slabs.

Think of the revolving doors from back in the day.

The middle one happens to be a different color than the other two.  Walk up to
the middle slab and push on the right side of it using Circle.  This should
open a secret room.

Take the orb into the room and put it down.  Now what?  There doesn't seem to
be much in here?

The circle closes when the last two have finally showed up.

Go get Yord and bring her into the secret room and stand on the circle in the
middle of the room with her.  A box should sprout from the ground on the floor
just above you.  Hmm...

The martini is left without its olive.

This part can be a bit hard, but well worth the effort.  Throw the orb into the
stone box.  It's easiest to do this from the same floor as the box.  There's a
few different ways to do this.  Off the wall is a bit hard, but one way.  The
way I was able to do this was to stand off to the side just a few steps from
one of the walls and throw the ball toward the basket.  It may take a few
tries, just don't be discouraged.  Once you've succeeded, a mace will
hypnotically fly through the window above.  Good thing for Yorda that she
didn't stand just a few paces behind the circle on the floor.

[This just in]

serioussam101 writes:

"I've been using your ico walkthrough on gamefaqs whenever I get stuck, and I
used it to get the Mace weapon. Just wanted to let you know something I
discovered about the process to get that weapon that I learned by accident. You
talk about throwing the ball in, but when I went in there, I left the ball on
that square, since it seemed like a good place. When Yorda and Ico stand on the
circular shape and the box rises, the ball instantly goes in, and the Mace
flies down out of the window to you. You might want to add that to your
walkthrough. Thanks for making a great strategy guide."

Thanks a lot, serioussam101!


-Ico can take a bomb bigger than his head exploding in his arms, but cannot
take a fall more than about 20-25 feet.  Then, he actually survives a gigantic
fall later in the game.

-The sword can only cut select ropes.  Ah, such selective cutting!

-Yorda's language seems to be written hieroglyphs comparable to Egyptian.

-The Queen almost seems like a character I saw in a Yoshitaka Amano
illustration.  She also kind of reminds me of Sorceress Edea from Final Fantasy

-Ico can land 100 times on his butt on hard stone and still never break his hip.

-There seem to be a lot of doors and pathways that would almost suggest
alternate passages in the game.  Most of them are never used and are there
either as a throw-off or to make the castle seem more complete.

-I'll bet one of the thoughts going through The Queen's head when fighting Ico
was, "I knew I should've had those pillars installed!"



This is a newly created section as a result of the inpoor of recent questions
involving the PAL version of the game.  As it seems, there are various
differences between the US version (which is the version this FAQ was created
after) and the PAL version.   Much of this section will be built up from
e-mails sent in by contributors who will be given my extreme gratitude for
their willfulness to help others out.

This is a first-come, first-serve basis.  If you contribute just a bit too
late, you will be given honorable mention for trying.

I will -try- to keep everything in order as it appears in the game.  Also, I
will not give hints to puzzle solutions mainly because I haven't actually
played the PAL version and I'd hate to accidentally give a nowhere hint.

Also notice that any information you can further contribute is very much
appreciated.  I'm doing this section mainly to help others who need it on the
PAL version.  Remember, you will be accredited for any info you contribute. 
The only other thing I can add is that you possibly specify a name and how you
want your info posted.  Also, not to demean anyone's intelligence (because
there ARE people like this, unfortunately), but any information given with
extreme profanity will not be posted.  By extreme, I mean either a high
occurence of profanity or extremely vulgar words (rhyming with "duck,"
"switch," or "pit.")

Also, someone e-mailed me before and I think they gave solutions, but I
stupidly lost the e-mail!  If you're reading this, do send those as well!  I'm
very sorry for having lost the e-mail!


There are two I've heard from MANY different FAQs and have since about December
or January.  These two both occur in the Waterfall section.

-The piping in the room behind the waterfall breaks in the PAL version, but
doesn't in the US.  It just goes all the way around.

-There's also the broken ladder on the structure that shuts the waterfall off. 
It's actually whole in the US version.

Now, some others that were contributed...

"Yorda is much more clever, and for example will jump down heights she knows
she can make, like the one just before you collect the first sword (she'll yelp
though as it scares her though she trusts Ico). I don't know if this is new,
but she'll also eventually work out puzzles for you (sometimes quite quickly,
and you'll want to hug her when you're stumped and she works it out before
you). She'll call for you, then when your near her she'll point at the focus of
the answer and say 'Ico!' In the monastery she'll point at the chandalier etc..
Monsters turn up in random places (as well as the story focus places) and have
better AI, and compared to the demo i've got, the control and cameras work a
lot better. Also, this is unconfirmed, as I haven't completed it yet, but
apparently the translation of Yorda's language is back in for the second time
you play the game, and the second controller can be used to control Yorda!!"

Contributor: Daniel Bromley

"Another thing that you may like is you can actually find out what Yorda says!
Once completed you are given the option to save, and when you start again,
everything Yorda says is in english. I could also give you the script for this
if you want."

Contributor: Jonathan Saas

You heard it, people.  That's three sources I've had say that you can indeed
translate what Yorda says in the PAL version.  Now, hopefully I can get some
translations added to the FAQ.

"When you regain control and have fought off the monster, you can go into the
control options, and a new option at the bottom has appeared. 'Number of
players (1/2)' If you choose 2 then you can control Yorda with the second
control pad!!! This would explain why at certain points the first time round,
there's more than one stick or a sword and two sticks. I have only just
completed Ico and started again... would you like me to note down what Yorda
and the Queen say as you play the second time around?"

Contributor: Daniel Bromley

Two players!  Now I really envy Europe!  Not only do you get more Lucio Fulci
films, but a two player Ico!  Bah, at least I still have my coffee and Denny's
Cream Pies.  Ah...

"In the monastery, you have to hit the chain holding up the chandalier. it
won't simply fall down.
"Another option is unlocked in the options. The use of film effects. Above
Sound you can choose Film Effect (0/4). This determines how much of the grainy
film effect is used, but while you're playing the game, not just in cut scenes!
The higher you set it, the more grain, sepia tone and scratches and lines go
across the screen. On my friend's older PS2, these effects sometimes slow down
play (because of the added CPU load), but on my brand new one this does not
happen. It's probably because of the tweaks made to the hardware between
"Ico's language sounds like french. When he calls Yorda, he says something like
Ohm Toi' Toi is the french for 'you'. Yorda's language sounds like Japanese.
When Yorda shouts at you that she can't do something she says 'Na Nai!' which
is pig-japanese for 'I'm not able to' na = able nai = not at all...

"during the ending on the beach, you can pick up watermellons and carry them.
if you take one to Yorda, you see them eating it, instead of yorda just waking
up and saying 'end'

"More AI changes for euro game Yorda. (this is 1st time around or whatever)
Yorda never has to be coaxed up or down a ladder, she always just does it. If
you climb a ladder and you want her to follow, you can press R1 on the ladder,
and Ico will simply look down at Yorda, and she will get the message, through
body language. If you hold R1 when you are climbing obstacles and you are
holding Yorda's hand, she will do the same without prompting. If the obstacle
is too big then she will let go of your hand and climb it herself. and as I
said before, if you call yorda and she can make the jump off a high platform to
get to you in the shortest distance, she'll go right up to the edge and
daintilly hop off and gasps or yelps, landing with her knees bent, having to
touch the floor to keep her balance. the demons are a lot more clever. they are
very animalistic and focused on their goal, acting like a pack of wolves. you
really have to run a protective circle around yorda, backing them off.

"The pal version of the game has a display option the first time you switch on
the game, between the original NTSC and PAL @ 50 herts. the NTSC is totally
full screen, but has scanlines (as i notice all american games do) The pal
version has a little black bar about a quarter of an inch at the bottom, but no
scanlines at all, so you can see a lot more detail, particularly on faces when
you zoom in...

"The UK box is made of high quality card with very detailed print. The inside
slips away from the outside cover, and opens up, with a slanted pocket with art
of Ico on it on one side with the art cards and the manual, on the other side
is a slimline see-trough case for the game disk, behind which is art of Ico
standing on a pillar. The front of the inside cover has Yorda in the dark
looking at the light through the window. The artwork on the front cover is
different to the US and JAP ones, with a painting of a windmill, and
escher-esque pillars and latters, with a tiny silouette of Ico leading Yorda in
the middle of the courtyard.

"it says limited edition art cards on the front. this is because, after this
batch is all sold, the next batch of games will be put in a miserable normal
dvd box, with no cards."

Contributor: Daniel Bromley

A lot of info, and that was mostly one e-mail!

"I'm writing because I've found a small difference in the Pal version that
might be worth noticing. At the end of the crane puzzle, after Yorda jumps on
the box and you have activated the lever, you should move to the side where the
stone seat is and call the lady by your side, but in the Pal version (is it a
bug on my copy? I don't think so, because it's just too nice this way) Yorda
refuses to jump! What do you do then? Well, it seems that you can get your foes
to do your work for you. If Ico leaves the area (by entering the temple without
going too far, for instance) and waits for a few seconds, a shadow portal will
appear... on the side of the loveseat, which is just where you need Yorda to
go! So, if Ico runs back out of the temple immediately after hearing the lady's
scream, he will arrive just in time to pull her out of the portal, and the
shadows have actually helped him by taking Yorda to the other side of the
chasm. I hope you found this interesting."

Contributor: Peitro Bertolioni

A lightsaber in the PAL version of Ico?

"I was reading your walkthrough I recently completed the PAL version of Ico (I
only used the walkthrough because I was seriously stuck because I had been
leaving Yorda to wonder about the garden in front of the main gate while I went
to try and open the gate, ALL I HAD TO DO WAS BRING HER UP TO THE MAIN GATE!!!
it was very anoying, anyway;) and I heard that when you play the game through a
second time there are new weapons available. I have only heard of one of these
and it was the "beam sword". I have just started my second play through the
game and I don't want to miss getting any of the weapons so could you tell me
the location of them or tell me a webpage or something that could help me,

Contributor: Peter Davison

Someone also sent these screens:

Contributor: Jonathan Saas

I hope you don't mind me putting these on here, Jonathan.  If there is any
complication, do e-mail me!


Here are some translations that only appear in the PAL version sent in via

"I have completed Ico PAL, and after the brief 'end' sequence, you are asked if
you want to save. It'll put a little heiroglyphic next to the save and ask if
you want to resume or end. If you resume, the game will start again. When you
reach Yorda and she speaks to you, she says: "

"Who are you? How did you get here?"

Contributor: Daniel Bromley

"More Yorda's language
When you make it to the gates the first time:
Queen: Come back Yorda...
after queen goes..
Ico: Are you okay?
Yorda: I have angered her...
Queen's Voice, before you regain control
Yorda, why can't you understand? you can't survive in the outside world!
Second time at the gates
Ico: are you okay?
Yorda: a little more
When yorda is forced to drop Ico
Yorda: Thank you
(I think because he tried, and for a while she was free and saw the sun. i
think that's the significance of the artwork of Yorda standing in the darkness,
looking at a window, through which she can see the light from the sun)
When Yorda casts Ico's boat off
Yorda: Good bye... :p"

Contributor: Daniel Bromley


-The puzzles behind the Waterfall

"On the second platform of the railings in the room you get the mace in,
instead of being able to walk out the window, there is a dead end of rails
instead. you have to press a lever on the second platform, which starts up a
machine in the far corner which pistons a block up from time to time. you have
to climb on it and jump as it reaches its apex to be catapulted up and catch a
ledge. You then climb up that to a window out, which then leads to a ladder.
Also, instead of being able to just climb the ladder to turn the circular valve
to stop the waterfall (it's broken off about half way!), you have to climb onto
the strut next to the massive spikey waterwheel, then quickly jump onto a
platform created by the paddle of the wheel, then jump off that to a rail,
which you can pull yourself up to the wheel that stops the water. This is very

Contributor: Daniel Bromley

"Climb the ladder to the top of the room and move around the pipes until you
reach a platform with a switch. Pull the switch to activate the pump in the
lower right hand corner of the room. Now climb down the broken ladder on the
platform to return to the lower level. Climb onto the piston for the pump and
just before it shoots up press jump. If timed correctly, this should fire you
up towards a ledge which you will grab onto. Pull yourself up and reach for the
next ledge, pull yourself onto this and you can now reach the platform that
leads to an open window. Climb down the ladders."

Contributor: Matt Patterson

"Again in the WATERFALL, almost straight after the last puzzle, you have to
stop the water flowing, so you have to jump over the flow. In the PAL version,
you have to climb up on the box on either side of the water wheel, jump on it,
cling on and climb uo quick, then jumping fast to the small handlebar on the
wall beneath the wheel water-flow controller, climb up, climb up again, and
then you can turn it. The timing for jumping is ass-hard though, and took me
about 10 minutes to accomplish."

Contributor: Mad Jack McMad

"The broken ladder very shortly thereafter: it is indeed broken in the PAL
version - and you can only get up to the wheel by jumping onto a waterwheel
that is constantly moving and then immediatly jumping towards a pipe in the
wall. I found this pretty hard, as it needs exact timing. Since you are not
even describing the whaterwheel I assume it does not exist in the NTSC version.
So let me explain a bit further:

"The sides of the wheel are covered in spikes (which seem to be a common theme
in the castle, but well...). There are four sections that are not covered in
spikes. You have to stand on one of the boxes where the wheels axis is
connecting and jump just at the right moment to one of the four sections. While
you are hanging there for your dear life the wheel keeps turning, so pull
yourself up quickly, make a swift turn forward and jump a second time ... this
will all have to happen very very quickly, because if you take too much time
the wheel has turned to far and you will drop into the water, forcing you to
swim towards an edge of the river and pull yourself back up. It took me around
20 to 30 tries to get the timing right. If you jump to early you hit the spikes
and land in the water (even though you should probably be dead by impaling
yourself). If you jump to late you will do just the same. If you jump just a
BIT to late or are to slow in pulling yourself up, you will be on the wheel but
will not have the necessary time to jump to the pipe... it's all highly

Contributor: Torsten

"When out the window there is the stream (the second "only PAL" bit).There is a
big circle watermill thingy with solid bits going round, you can climb onto
blocks next to it and jump (and hang)on one of the "solid bits". This also
needs accurate timing and --SPEED!!!-- On the wall ( the watermill turns
towards a wall) there is a plank of wood you can hang from. Then pull yourself
up twice to reach the circle thingy."

Contributor: Victor (Record Breaker in GTA3) and Luke (PS2 Champion)

I figured the titles were worth adding after their names. =-D  I liked the
emphasis they placed on speed in the original e-mail, but unfortunately,
GameFAQs doesn't allow underlines!  Bah... I hope the dashes levae a good
enough effect.

"In the PAL-version you can't get to the last window with the rails,
but instead on the third platform (last one you can get with the
rails, diagonally opposite the room from the ladders) is a switch
which activates the machinery under the platform you want to go
to. This machinery contains a piston that goes up and down, and
timing your jump right you get to a series of ledges with which to
climb to the platform."

In ASCII-art:

| M4        -------------3S |
|                      | |
|                      | |
| -----------------------+ |
| L1                      2 |

L = ladder
1, 2, 3, 4 = platforms
S = switch
M = machinery
W = window

Contributor: Jarno

I know, I've gotten a lot of the solutions, but this one has ASCII.  I couldn't
resist ASCII!

"I know you've alrady covered this a bit but I found an extremely easy way to
do the jump onto the turning wheel (PAL version only) in order to shut off the
stream (just after you aquire the mace. So here goes.

First of all it's best to make the jump from the post on the left side of the
stream as from here the camera angles favour you more. Time the jump so that
you grab as far back on the moving ledge as possible, quickly pull yourself up
and immediately run across so that you're on the middle bit of the wheel, then
instantaniously turn and leap towards the handle. Doing it this way is likely
to take about 5 goes rather than the 50 unsuccessful attempts doing it the
other way."

Contributor: MemoX33RTY

I think you've all gotten enough of the puzzle solution, so I'm probably not
going to be accepting anymore waterfall puzzle solutions.


Nothing as of yet...

/  SECTION 6: FAQ  \

Q: Is it Ico or ICO (as in "eye see oh")?
A: I'd say either is fine, but Ico is actually considered proper as it is the
name of the child in the game.

Q: Can the Shadowdemons actually kill you by attacking you?
A: Only if you fly off the edge of a cliff.  Other than that, they only way
they can kill you is by taking Princess Yorda

Q: Are there any special items or equipment you can get in this game?
A: Just different weapons.

Q: How would you rate the puzzles on this game?
A: They're decent.  They're not as hard or thought provoking as oh, say...
Alundra.  Nevertheless, they are decent.

Q: Is there anyway to decode or decipher what Princess Yorda is saying?
A: In the US version: No.  In the PAL version: Apparently, yes.  After you
complete the game.

Q: How do I swing on a chain?
A: Hold Circle while on the chain.

Q: What's the difference between spirits/demons/shadowdemons?
A: None, really.  They're just different words I use on the same things so as
to avoid repetition.

Q: When I entered the East Arena, the door closed behind me.  Is there any way
back out?
A: You really don't need to leave.  The only way to leave is to complete the
puzzles therein.

Q: I called Princess Yorda up that big ladder just outside the arena like you
told me, but part of the way up, she started climbing back down.  What do I do?
A: Hold R1 and Ico will keep calling her until she finally reaches the top. 
The same thing happened to me, actually, and that's how I solved it.

Q: Why are some problems not give a hint?
A: I figure if you've gotten that far, whether you used a FAQ or not, you
should already know what to do by then.  I shouldn't have to give hints on
swinging from chains or pushing blocks for too long.  Only on things that
really require a bit of thinking.

Q: I've noticed you have some of the same solutions more than once in the PAL
section.  Why is that?
A: Some submissions were so well written they couldn't be turned down. 
Morevoer, I wanted to get every detail, nook, and cranny into the guide. 
Having multiple perspectives on the matter is a good way to do so.

Q: Are they really making Ico 2?
A: Supposedly, yes.  There have been screenshots put out by Sony believed to be
Ico 2 screenshots.  However, the game is unconfirmed.  The only thing we were
told was the the same development team was working on a game that would take
place in the same world as Ico.  So, it could very well be another game in
heart of Ico, but not be a true sequel.


This FAQ is copyright 2001-2003 to Joe Shaffer, aka BoredGamer.  Any use of
this FAQ for commercial purposes in any way, shape, or form without confirmed
consent of the author is strictly prohibited.  This can be used for personal
use and freely distributed, as long as there is no profit being made off the
FAQ without my approval before hand (this includes magazines).  This also
cannot be posted on any websites without my solid approval.  Any failure to
comply with said premises can, and probably will, result in legal actions.

Also note that by robbing from this FAQ, you are not only stealing from me, but
from anyone else who has contributed to this FAQ.  A lot of hard work has been
put into this on my part and everyone else's and itw would be a shame to have
our work plagiarized.


Thanks to the following:

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for maintaining GameFAQs (Happy B-Day to GameFAQs!)

Everyone at NeoSeeker

Sony for Ico

Roadkill for some extra info on the final boss.

PlayStation Cheat.net.  Sorry it took me a while to add you guys in here.  Keep
up the good work!

Adrenaline for sending me the ASCII art.

serioussam101 for the info on the alternate method for getting the Mace.

Chris O'Rorke and Cheat Happens.com.  Best of luck to the newly born site!

Canary for giving me information on the FAQ stealer. I -very- much appreciate
your endeavor, as I worked hard on this guide and don't feel like having it
"just stolen."

The following people are given high praise for contributing PAL information to
this FAQ for making it that much better!  Thank you for helping PAL gamers out!
 Your contribution is very much appreciated!  Honorable mention are also added
along.  Some may ask, "Why also add honorable mention?"  Well, the intention of
helping was there, and that is rewarded just as much!

Daniel Bromley, Matt Patterson, Mad Jack McMad, Tina, matt, Arno, Torsten,
Adam, Akuma Gnac Gnac, Ian Samson, Del, James Sutherland, Victor and Luke,
Jarno, i.stuarthamilton, oconnellv, MemoX33RTY, Peitro Bertolioni, Peter Davison

Even if your info didn't make the guide, you were still willing to help!  Thank
you very much!

Mike Massimi for the extra info on the final battle.

(c) Joe Shaffer 2001-2003

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