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FAQ/Walkthrough by CJayC

Version: 1.35 | Updated: 10/01/01

 :88880008: O.                        .:O:                   :00O.::008O.
 .0OOO0008:.#.                   .:::O0888.                  0008008808O.
  OOOOOOO::##                 ..0000000008O                 .8OOOOOOOO0O.
  OOOO:O::##.               .O0OOO:OOOOO00O                 O0OOOOO:OOO0:..
  :::::O.#@                :OO:::::::OOOO8O                :OOO:::::::OO0O.
  ::::::.#:               :O:::::::::::::O:              .:OO::::::::::OO0O..
  .::::.O#               .OO:::::.:8@#:O@@@@:           .80OO:::.:O.:::OOO0::
  .::::.@#               :O:::::.@8@:. 0@@@@.           08OO:::.@##O.::OOOO0..
   ::::.#.              .0O::::.@0                      00OO::.##.  ..:OOOO0:0
   .:::.#.              .0O:::: 8                       .8OOO:O#      :OOOO0:0
   .:::.#.               :0OO:.                         .8OOO:0@     .:OOO0O:@
    :::.@.                O0OO:                         .80O0O.:     .O0O08:8#
    .OO::.                .000O                          :00O0:     .:0000::#O
     .O0..                .:::OO:                       :8O:000O. .:O800O:8#@
      .0::                 :0@80:.                       .O08::O0OO00O:O@##8
        ...                  .88##@8O.....                 .8@@@@@@@@@###8
         88                     ....:08888:                   .@@@@@@@8.
for the Sony PlayStation2

This guide Copyright 2001 by Jeff "CJayC" Veasey
See contact information at the bottom of this guide.

Version 1.35
Last Updated October 1, 2001

Written Exclusively for GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

Table of Contents
I.    Introduction and Version History
II.   Hints and Tips
III.  Walkthrough
IV.   Secrets and Rumors
V.    Administrivia

I.    Introduction and Version History

This guide is now functionally complete, and this is likely to be the final
version of the guide (unless someone points out glaring errors or missing
information).  Here's hoping this helps all who read it through some of the
trickier parts of the game.

V0.33 (9/27/01): Walkthrough up to Part III.
V0.66 (9/27/01): Walkthrough up to Part V.
V1.00 (9/28/01): Walkthrough complete.
V1.10 (9/28/01): Added Hints and Tips, ASCII art, spell-check.
V1.20 (9/28/01): Added easier exit and optional side-quest in Part IV.
V1.30 (9/29/01): Added "Secrets and Rumors" to clear up a long-standing
                 rumor, and attempted an unarmed walkthrough.
V1.35 (10/1/01): Hmmm.  I thought 1.10 would be final, but more bits of info
                 keep popping up.

II.   Hints and Tips

General Tips
* Standard adventure gameplay rules apply:
   - Pull every lever
   - Push every box
   - If you see bombs, there's something that needs to be blown up nearby

* To throw a bomb, just be moving in the direction you wish to throw it when
  you press the circle button

* AFAIK, it's impossible to make a puzzle unsolvable.  You can't "break" the
  game and trap yourself anywhere, so feel free to experiment.

* The only way to "die" in the game is to either fall too far or to lose
  Yorda completely to the spirits.  You will never drop Yorda, nor will she
  ever make any leap that she can't get across.  Not even bombs will hurt you.

Jumping and Climbing
* When on a rope or chain, there are two ways off; Jumping backwards (face
  away from your destination and jump) or swinging and jumping (face your
  destination, hold the circle button, begin rocking back and forth, and jump
  at the height of your swing).  You can almost always swing to new
  destinations, but it will be faster in a few cases just to jump backwards.

* When going hand-over-hand, if you get to the edge of a pipe or ledge, you
  can fall off if you shimmy past the edge.  This can be a good thing as long
  as there's another ledge below you to catch.

* In a few places, Ico will seem hesitant to swing, stopping before he gets
  in full stride.  Believe it or not, it doesn't appear to be a bug, but
  rather an indication you're at the wrong level; try going up or down one

* You can also jump backwards off of ladders, as long as your feet are still
  on it.  If you're too low (i.e. hanging by your hands only), just climb up a

* A running jump will get you a bit farther than a standing jump, but chances
  are almost any "long" jump you'll naturally make running anyway.

Working with Yorda
* Never leave an area/room without Yorda, unless you're only going to be gone
  5-10 seconds.  When you cross a zone (i.e. the screen goes dark for a second
  for the system to load the game) without Yorda, she will become vulnerable to
  attack in between 10 and 60 seconds, depending on the area.  The best
  strategy is to never let her out of your sight at all, as she'll almost never
  be attacked so long as you stay in the same area (except for pre-planned
  attacks).  There is _one_ exception to this rule, which can be found in Part
  IV of the walkthrough below.

* It's always best to keep Yorda as close as possible to you.  As you make a
  path for her step-by-step, help her along each new part of the path as you
  create it instead of waiting until the entire way is clear.

* Yorda will sometimes get confused around ladders if you stand behind them and
  call her.  Stand in front of the ladder (i.e. as if you just got off of it
  yourself) before calling.

* You can pull Yorda up some ledges that are too high to jump by yourself.  The
  key is simply getting up there by yourself.

Battling the Spirits
* Opening idol doors immediately destroys all nearby spirits.  If you have the
  opportunity to bring Yorda to a set of doors in the middle of a battle, do
  it.  In some cases, you can drag Yorda past groups of meanies to get to the
  doors, saving yourself quite a bit of battle time.

* Leaving a room does not eradicate the spirits there.  If you ever have to
  return to that room, they'll be waiting.

* Try not to get surrounded.  When possible, grab Yorda and run away from the
  attacking group, then drop her off and turn around and face them.  Otherwise,
  get to the outside of the attacking group and try to keep them in front of

* Always take note of the spirits' portals, as that's where they'll head when
  they grab Yorda.  Flying sprits can get Yorda to faraway portals very
  quickly, so be prepared to make chase at a moment's notice.

* Make destroying spiders a high priority.  Spider wraiths can be knocked out
  with one hit of your stick, but if you leave them alone, they'll form into
  tougher opponents.

* The sword is a life-saver, with around double the power of the stick.  Never
  worry about not having a stick handy to light on fire for bombs and spheres,
  as they'll always be one handy when you need one.

* When Yorda is grabbed, you've generally got several seconds before she's
  going to be taken down, and freeing her by attacking the spirit that's got
  her will leave her invulnerable for several seconds.

* If Yorda does get dragged down, quickly run up to the portal and hit R1 to
  pull her back up.  If you push the left analog stick while you're pulling
  her, you'll know exactly when you have control back.

* If a spirit pulls Yorda down a portal, another new one will always return to
  take its place, sometimes of a different "type".

* Unarmed combat is possible, but your only attack is a shoulder charge, which
  you must be running to throw.  According to Chi Truong, it takes 40
  knockdowns to kill the first ghoul that attacks in the first room you meet
  Yorda, and larger beasts are tougher.

III.  Walkthrough

==========Part I: Tombs==========

Just one long cutscene, very pretty, and well worth watching.

The Crypt
After Ico wakes from his dream, you finally have control over his actions.
Head right up the long thin flight of stairs and pull the handle on the
landing.  From there, head back down through the door you just opened.

Storage Room
Go up the blocks, up the chain, and then jump backwards onto the landing.  Jump
up onto the open window and go through it.

Yorda's Tower
Upon landing, head to the left (Ico's right) and up the ladder, up the very
long spiral staircase, up the chain, and along the path until you see Yorda in
the cutscene.  From there, turn around and climb up and out the window behind
you.  Outside the tower, drop down, go to windows to the right, and then climb
back into the tower.  Drop down and continue along the path until you see the
switch, and then pull it.  Return back to the floor of the tower the way you

From the tower floor, head across to the other ladder and climb it.  Run over
to the arch of the doorway right across from the cage, and leap onto it.

After a cutscene, a sentry will cart off Yorda, so grab the stick and give
chase.  As she's being dragged down, grab her (R1) and pull her out.  A quick
cutscene later, grab Yorda and head over to the idol doors, and they'll open.
Head into the next room, up the long steps, and outside the tower.

Old Bridge
A couch is sitting just outside the doors, using it here would be a good idea.
Grab Yorda and head across the bridge (which crumbles as you go over), open the
idol doors, then step onto the pressure switch and move on.

In this room, some ghouls and spiders will attack, but you should be able to
make quick work of them and head through the next pressure switch door...which
leads nowhere.  Back in the Hall, just drop down and move the box to reveal
a new staircase, which you can then run up.  Run along the next path outside
to get to the next room.

Long Room
It's a dead-end with a closed door, so leave Yorda and drop carefully over the
ledge.  Head up the stairs and pull the level in the corner to open the door,
allowing Yorda to join you on the lower level.  Head up the chain and push the
box onto the floor so it acts as a stepladder for Yorda.  However, as you call
her over, spirits will attack, so jump down and take care of them first.

Once you're done, climb the chain back up to the second level and hoist Yorda
up from the box.  Head outside to the ledge.

Head up the flights of stairs until another spirit attack beings.  This time,
you've got two flying ghouls and a sentry, so take note of their portal just
in case Yorda gets carted off.  After the attack, there's a couch to rest on.

Head down the stairs across from the couch and down the ladder.  Run along the
tracks (towards the ladder) until you find the trolley.  Hop on, and then ride
it to the second stop, where the two of you can get off.  Jump onto the ledge
and hoist Yorda up after you, and take note of the couch provided.

=====Part II: Fear of Falling====

Head up the stairs, and over the gap (first you, then Yorda with your arm
extended to catch her by using the R1 button). You'll hit a dead-end here, so
it's time to split up.  Jump onto the rail, shimmy across to the landing, and
pull the lever there.  From here, climb the ledges to the right, get onto the
platform, and across the crane to the chain.  Climb down the chain onto the
box, and then call Yorda onto it.  Head up the chain and back the way you came
to the lever, which you'll pull a second time.

Yep, back up the ledges, across the crane, down the chain, and back onto the
box.  Leap over to the round landing, help Yorda across, see the pretty couch,
and head into the next room.

Chasm Room
Head along the ledge to the far side of the room, leaving Yorda safe and sound.
Climb up the windows to the upper ledge and then up the ladder to the catwalk.
Head along the catwalk until you're over the chandelier, then carefully drop
on top of it.  Oops.

You've destabilized the walkway almost, but not quite enough, so head back out
the way you originally came in on the platform, and go down the spiral stairs
to get to the lower level of the Chasm Room.  Leave Yorda for a sec, step back
outside, grab a bomb, then come back in and drop it in front of the support
pillar.  Go over to the remains of the chandelier to light your stick, and
then use it to light the bomb.  Woohoo!

Grab Yorda and head back outside and up the stairs, inside, and then down the
newly-created ramp.  Some spirits will show up, but if you can get Yorda to the
idol doors before they attack, they'll be destroyed. Once the doors are open,
head outside.

Drawbridge Courtyard
You're on the lower level of the courtyard (the bridges are above you), and
quite a few spirits will begin attacking.  By now, you know the drill.  You can
see the idol doors as you enter this area, so make your way to them the best
you can.  It'll be very difficult to avoid all combat here, but you should be
able to bash your way to the doors without having to kill all of the spirits
first.  From there, head out to the main gate.

Main Gate
Freedom lies just ahead...or not.  It'd be a pretty short game if that were the
case, so just sit through the cutscene.  Afterwards, there's a couch to your
left, so feel free to use it.

Just in case you can't follow Yorda's hints, pull each of the eight pillars to
light the torches here, then head back to the courtyard.

Drawbridge Courtyard
Head back towards the chasm room, but instead of going in, once you reach the
doorway head left and grab a bomb.  Take it across the landing to the boarded
doorway and drop it.  Light your stick on one of the nearby torches and make
it go boom.  Grab Yorda and head through the new doorway.

As you go down the stairs, there's a well-placed couch.  Once you go down the
stairs to the next level, a large group of spirits will attack, and there's
no simple way to defeat them.  Standard strategies apply here, just beat them
all and don't lose Yorda.

Once all is clear, head down to the lowest level.  Grab the box and place it in
one of the pressure switches to the right and left of the door, and then
position Yorda on the second switch to open the door.  You'll need to leave her
there for a few seconds, but she should be fine as you enter the next room.


In this room, quickly head up the ladder and the chain, and then outside.  Push
the oh-so-convenient block down to the ground level, and follow it as three
more ghouls attack.  Once they're gone, drag the block onto the second switch
to keep the doors open.  Take Yorda and head on through.

This time, go back up the ladder and chain again, but when you go outside, go
to the left (Ico's right) and around the corner into the other walkway in the
room. At the end of the walkway, grab onto the ledge and pull yourself up,
scoot over to the ladder, jump and climb up it as high as possible, then jump
to leap backwards onto the chain.  From your spot on the chain swing and leap
onto the newly risen platform, which will cause some spirits to appear.

By now, you should have this down.  Quickly pull Yorda up and get her to the
idol doors, or if you can't in time, drop down and have yourself one heck of
a fight.

If you remember this room from the demo, you're wrong, as it's changed.  Leave
Yorda to frolic in the fields as you climb up the steps of the windmill, then
onto the ledge above them.  Swing around to the right, up three more ledges,
and then walk over to the other side of the windmill.  Back up, turn around,
and wait.  You're aiming for a horizontal blade, so once one is lined up, jump
at it and start shimmying towards the edge of the blade.

As the blade nears vertical, you'll hopefully have made it onto the edge of
it, and the camera will then pan around to show you right when you can jump
backwards off of it and on top of the windmill.  From there, simply follow the
path along the edge to the lever, pull it, and then walk out onto the bridge.
Call Yorda, help her across the bridge and up the steps to the idol doors (not
forgetting about the couch you saw to the right of the doors).  As usual, head
on through...

Interior Courtyard
Leaving Yorda, go up the chain, which triggers a spirit attack.  After this
interruption, head up the chain again, then down the stairs to the vents. Drop
through the open vent and stand on the right-hand pressure switch in the next
room to open the gate between you and Yorda.  Call her, then lead her over to
the left-hand pressure switch and leave her there once she sinks in.

Head out the second gate and up the water pipe, leap across back to the vents,
walk up to the open vent and call Yorda and lift her up.  Finally, you can take
her back up the stairs to the idol doors and into the next room.

Stone Pillar
You'll have to leave Yorda for a while to procure a block to get the switch
that's just out of reach.  At the break in the grating, carefully drop down to
the second ledge, then jump up and shimmy to your left, dropping down again and
eventually making your way across the gap.  From there, head up the steps and
the set of ledges to the area overlooking the platform Yorda is waiting on.
Push the box off the ledge and follow it, as there are some spirits to take
care of here.

Once they're gone, pull the box under the switch, hop on top and pull it, then
drag the box back over to the ledge you just came down from so both you and
Yorda can get up on it.  There's a couch to rest on here, so you might want to
take a load off.

Next to the couch, jump up on to the first and then the second ledge, then
scoot over to the other side of the chasm.  Some spirits will then pop out at
the bottom of it, so quickly make your way out onto the plank and climb down
the chain to the bottom.  Swing and leap through the open window and take out
the spirits there.  Once you're done, climb up into either window, push the
box out of it, and follow it.

Back into the Interior Courtyard, pull the box to the other side of the vents
so it's just beneath a hitherto unmentioned ledge.  Jump up onto it using the
box, go along the path and all the way up the chain and the following flight of
stairs to get back to where you were, or at least near it.

Take the ladder to your left, jump across the small gap using the chain as an
intermediary (swing, not jump), and stand by the switch.  Call Yorda so she's
on the moving platform, then pull the switch.  Some spirits will immediately
attack, so quickly jump to the chain and slide down, making your way to the
floor quickly.  Rescue Yorda, and get her to the idol doors to end it and move
to the next area.

Drawbridge Courtyard
You made it across, in a roundabout way.  Take Yorda to the idol doors, and
then outside.

========Part III: Symmetry=======

East Bridge
Just make your way to the building across the bridge, past the idol doors, and

East Arena
Couch alert, but before you get there you'll have to deal with a ghoul and
several spiders.  No problems here, they're just in your way.  Once they're
cleared, grab Yorda and head through the right-hand doorway.

East Idol Stairs
Go down the ladder and up on top of the raised platform to make the stairs
appear, then quickly take out the attacking spirits.  At the top of the stairs,
pull the switch and light your stick using a torch, then light the two openings
that were just revealed to open the iris here.  Climb through it without Yorda
(or with her, see below) and head outside.

East Reflector
Now, there is a couch out here, but since you only need to spend around 10
seconds in this area, it's best to leave Yorda inside and just quickly turn
around and climb up the nearby ladder to head back into the Idol Stairs room.

East Idol Stairs
Head along the ledge, pull the switch, and light your stick.  Quickly jump down
and use the stick to light _one_ of the spheres, but not both yet.  Grab Yorda
and head back into the arena.

East Arena
Now, use the fire from the first sphere to light your stick and then the second
sphere, opening the iris and freeing the sword.  You can light it from the
other end, but since the sword drops into the arena, this is a better method.

As you grab the sword, a new cage pops up, but simply jump up and cut the ropes
on either side of the iris to knock it back down.  After this, head up the
stairs on the left of the room, cut the rope, and go through the newly opened

East Waterslide
You can't climb the slope, so leave Yorda and head up, then across the ledges
to the top of the room.  Now, you're going to be out of Yorda's sight for a few
moments, so time is of the essence here.  Go through the pressure switch door
and into the next room, jump across the gap, and run around the room, up the
stairs, and through the next pressure door (ignore the bridges for now, you'll
be back).  You'll end up on a ledge in the Waterslide room, so pull the switch
there to stop the water.  If you took too long, Yorda will be attacked, but
either way just leap over the railing and drop down to her level.  Dispatch any
waiting baddies and head through the pressure switch door.

Back long the platform, over the gap (Yorda can stay where she is) and up the
stairs, cut the ropes holding the two halves of the bridge to lower them, then
head back down and cross the bridge with Yorda.

East Arena
No need for a leap of faith here, just slowly approach the gap in the gate
with Yorda and the way will make itself clear.  Walk over to the other side
of the room through the idol doors, pull the lever, and take the elevator down.

On the ground floor, there are some extra sticks laying around, so use one of
them or your original to light up the two final spheres to unveil the true
power of the reflector. Don't forget to grab your sword, and climb back out
through the iris, Yorda in tow.

East Bridge
Down the ladder, grab Yorda and head back across the bridge.  Some spirits will
interfere, but you should be able to make short work of them with your sword.
Once you reach the entrance to the castle, this is where it gets a little
tricky.  You need to go up the latter, head inside and pull the switch you see
there, but if you leave Yorda, you'll have just barely enough time to pull it
and make it back down before she gets sucked under.  If you don't feel like
courting danger, then just climb up and yell for her, and wait the minute it
takes her to climb up before going.  Your choice.  Oh, there's another sword
up there should you have forgotten your first one back in the arena.

Either way, once you're back on the ground, head on in.

Drawbridge Courtyard
Head on across the now-lowered drawbridge and to the left of the doorway into
the Chasm Room.  Move the box near the lower pillar, climb on it, and then
climb up on the ledge and on top of the higher pillar.  From there, slash the
rope, head back down and through the Chasm Room.

Chasm Room
A few spirits in your way, either ignore or dispatch them and head down the
ramp to the lower level of the courtyard.

Drawbridge Courtyard
Head down the stairs and over through the arch to the small graveyard on the
left as you face the Chasm Room.  The rope you just cut is within reach, so
leave Yorda, climb on up, and swing into the higher open window.  Go into the
small alcove, and push the box you see over the ledge.  Climb down the ladder
as far as you can and then drop, then push the box out of the open window for
Yorda to use.  Pull her up, then go upstairs and through the idol doors.

======Part IV: Water & Wood======

Head across the bridge (leaving Yorda there), up the ladder, and onto the
chain.  From there, swing across to the left-hand platform (as you see it),
down the ladder there, and push the block near the ledge into the lower area,
following it (should you forget to do this, there's a chain that leads back
up to the platform you came in on, and Yorda should be safe).

Get into the elevator, hit the switch, then run across the ledge to the other
switch and hit it to be reunited with Yorda.  From there, head back down the
elevator and if you wish back into the waterfall room where across the bridge
lies a lovely couch.  Otherwise, go back up the block you just pushed over onto
the grass, taking Yorda with you as you go up the ladder, down the platform,
and up the next ladder.  Use the pressure switch to enter the next room (note
that entering without Yorda tends to be fatal to her, and subsequently to you).

Upper Courtyard
Head across the bridge into the next room.  Leaving Yorda, go down the stairs
and up the ladder, then make your way across the series of pipes to the
platform with an exit.  Go outside and down the ladder.  To make your way
across the water, your best bet is to push the box there one step closer to
the water, get on top of it, and then leap to the other side.  Should you
happen to miss, you should also be able to catch the edge at the broken part of
the bank. Should you miss even that one, you'll fall down the waterfall.  Don't
panic, as you've got a ton of time to make your way back to Yorda without fear
of spirits.

Once you're on the other bank, go up the ladder to get on top of the water
outlet, and turn the handle until the water stops flowing.  Once that's done,
head back down and to the other side of the bank, push the box into the drain,
and push it all the way out the mouth of the waterfall.

From there, head back onto the left bank, and on the other side of the stairs
with the closed door, pull the switch to open the door and re-join Yorda.

*Optional Side-Quest*
To the left of the switch you pulled is a tall tree.  Swipe at it with your
sword until you make contact, and a ball will fall from its branches.  Take
the ball up the stairs into the opened room and drop it.  Between the two
stairs going to the upper level of the room you'll notice three arches.  Go up
to the middle one and push on one side of it to make it revolve and reveal a
secret room.

Go back and grab the ball (and Yorda) and enter the secret room.  Hop onto the
idol pedestal with Yorda, and a basket will pop up.  Now grab the ball and
shoot some hoops.  From the level the basket is on, stand a few steps from
either side wall and throw the ball.  Using the digital control diagonally is

Once you make the shot, a mace will fly in through the window.  It's more
powerful than the sword, and can take out a standard ghoul in three swings.

Upper Courtyard
Take Yorda down through the waterway and out the hole into the waterfall room.

Push the box down to the room floor, then head back down over the railing
and across the bridge and down the stairs to the floor.  As you jump into the
lowest level, three spirits will attempt to block you, but they fall pretty
quickly.  Once dispatched, push the box against the ledge, hop up and grab
Yorda, then head through the idol doors.

Down the stairs, along the path, up the ladder, over the bridges, across the
gap, and out of the cave.

Go down the path and into the gondola, pull the switch, and take a ride.
There's a lovely couch as you exit, so leave Yorda there and head down the
stairs and up the pipes, grab the ladder and pull it to the end of the
track, head up the ladder, leap across to the platform, pull the lever, and
then drop down.  As Yorda nears the bridge, some spirits will come a-knocking,
so take them out before proceeding with her across the bridge, up the stairs,
and through two small caves.

As you come out back into the air over your earlier area, run up the stairs
and onto the manual elevator.  Just push it around and around until you reach
the top.

Water Tower
As you exit the elevator, note the couch.  Make the first leap with Yorda, then
leave her there as you drop down the ledges onto a lower platform.  Go across
the pipe to the next platform, up the ledges and onto the next bridge.  From
there, go down the nearby ladder and jump backwards off onto the lower

Climb up the tower and onto the platform at the top, then turn around and jump
back in Yorda's direction.  Climb down to the bottom of the chain and then face
the raised bridge, then swing back and forth and jump into it to knock it over.
Help Yorda across, and then keep going forwards until you get to the lower

See the water tower from there?  You need to knock it over.  Run over and climb
into the small alcove and grab a bomb and a stick.  Drop the bomb on the
platform near the tower, light the stick, light the bomb, then quickly pick
it up and throw it at the water tower.  Run back and get your sword, then head
across the newly created bridge to the castle platform.

Nearly there.  Leave Yorda and head up the chain, push the box onto the lower
platform near the idol doors, climb down the ladder, push the box up against
the ledge and climb on up.  Pull the switch there and then head down and back
up the ladder.  Jump off the greenish wood to the chain, then swing across to
the platform with the large handle.  Turn it until the box pops out, then head
back across the chain, down the ladder, and onto the box.  Help Yorda across
to the idol doors, and then through them.  Whew!

Drawbridge Courtyard
You made it.  Just head across the bridge and through the doors.

=======Part V: Symmetry II=======

West Bridge
Just make your way to the building across the bridge, past the idol doors, and

West Arena
Things are slightly reversed here, so head up the stairs to the left of the
interior iris, cut the rope, and head through the opened door.

West Idol Stairs
Big comfy couch alert.  You know the drill here; down the ladder, on the
platform, up the stairs, pull the lever, light the spheres.  There's a stick
near the couches if you need one.  Once the iris opens, a whole crowd of ghouls
and sentries will attack, and if Yorda has gone up the stairs with you going
back for the sword is out of the question. Once the battle's over, take Yorda
through the iris with you once you've got your sword back.

West Reflector
Hop onto the reflector and turn it towards the iris (a cutscene will let you
know when it's aligned), then head up the ladder (with Yorda).

West Idol Stairs
Jump onto the chain and climb up, head across the gap and up the stairs all the
way to the next room with the switch slicing the drawbridge ropes as you go.
Quickly hit the pressure switch and head into the next room to pull the switch
there, then return the way you came down to the drawbridge level.

Head across the drawbridge and very quickly into the next room, and head to
the right to grab a bomb.  Take it back and set it in front of the blocked
door, then grab a stick (there's one on the path), light the bomb, and blow
the door. Nothing more to do here, so head back down to Yorda, then drop
carefully back onto the stairs and up the ladder (not forgetting your sword if
you left it up there).

On the couch level, head up the ladder to pull the switch, and then use that
torch and the nearby sticks to light the spheres that open the interior iris.
From there, head back to the arena.

West Arena
A whole cadre of spirits will accost you, but with your sword, they're a piece
of cake.  From there, head up the stairs to the right of the interior iris, cut
the rope, and head through the opened door.

West Waterslide
If you followed the above instructions, the waterslide should be off, so head
on up, through the doorway, and across the bridge.

West Arena
Approach the gap, walk slowly, idol doors, lever, elevator, stick, spheres,
cutscene, sword, exit through iris.  See the last East Arena section in Part
III if you can't remember.

West Bridge
Down the ladder, grab Yorda and head back across the bridge.  Same deal as last
time, going up the ladder without Yorda is dangerous but doable.  Hit the
switch for the drawbridge, climb down, and head on in.

Drawbridge Courtyard
Head on across the now-lowered drawbridge and into the Chasm Room.

Chasm Room
Head down the ramp to the lower level of the courtyard.

Drawbridge Courtyard
Head down the stairs and through the doorway to the main gate.

Main Gate
Before approaching the gate, there's a lovely couch in the corner.  You should
probably use it, as unless I've missed something, this is the last save point
in the game.

When you're ready, approach the gate with Yorda to open it.  Opening the gate
drains Yorda significantly, so she'll fall if you run with her.  Walk with
Yorda across the bridge, until the cutscene happens.

After the cutscene, you've only got a split second; quickly run towards Yorda
and jump across the chasm.  Then, stand back and enjoy the movie.  Not the
ending movie, however...

========Part VI: The Sea=========

The Prison
You can't go up, so leap across from cage to cage, climbing on top as needed.
Falling restarts you on top of the first cage, so you won't lose too much
progress should you stumble.  From the last cage, you can leap on to the
cliffs, so from there hang a left into the cave, then a right along the

First, pull the switch to drop the chain, then push the box into the water.
Take a dip yourself, pulling the box under the ladder on the other side.  Climb
on top of the box and jump onto the ladder.  Climb up, pull the switch to open
the gate, then jump back in the water.

Pull the box with you through the gate and under the chain you lowered, climb
on the box, and then jump to the chain and climb it.  On this platform, push
the gearbox until you it clicks in place (cutscene), and then climb the chain
back down to the water.

Swim over to the ground where the gearwheel is now turning and jump and grab
onto it.  As you reach the top, let go.  Climb on the nearby ledge and grab
the pipe, shimmying your way across to the other side where you can drop onto
the platform.  Carefully make your way across the large pipe to the next tower,
then grab the pipe there and shimmy around.  On the other side as you drop off,
climb the vertical pipe as high as you can, then jump backwards onto the chain.

Climb up a notch from the bottom, turn towards the next chain, then swing and
jump your way over to it.  Repeat to make it to the next platform.  Walk
through the gap in the works until the camera angle changes, then jump onto
the gearwheel and drop off at the top again.  Go across the bridge to the end
of it, and then jump your way across the two spinning gears and the drum.
Should you fall here, there's a platform below you and a ladder on one side of
the first gear so you can get a second (or third, fourth, etc.) chance at it.

From this final platform, just go down the ramp and through the cave.  Whew!

Cliff Path
Carefully make your way down the path, over the gap, up and down the ledges,
across the next gap, across one last ledge, and onto the drainpipes.  From
there, just take the pipes...

Central Tower
This should look familiar, or at least it will once you reach the bottom.  At
the end of the drainpipes, climb down the chain to its bottom, face the tower,
and swing and jump onto the ledge there.  Go right and across the bridge, left,
over the gap, and onto the metal platform.  Pull the pulley closer to the
outer wall, then from under the platform leap onto the chain.  Climb down to
the bottom, face the outer wall, then swing and jump onto the ledge there.

Head left along the ledge, across the gap, and down the ladder as far as you
can with your feet still on it.  Jump backwards onto the broken bridge, then
take the ladder to the right to the ground.  Now does it look familiar?  Head
through the doorway along the outer wall.

Head up the path, grab the sword, and head back down to the central tower.

Central Tower
Approach the idol doors to open them, then pull the switch inside the tower.

=======Part VII: The Queen=======

The Crypt
Exit through the idol doors, and head up the stairs and towards the back of
the room until you see the cutscene.  Head up there, and break up the little
party they're having.  All of the spirits of this room will attack, but your
new sword will _destroy_ each one in one blow (notice how they don't just fade
away).  You'll be doing a lot of jumping to get the flying ones, but it's
just a matter of time until you've got them all.

Once the entire room is cleared, the door to the throne room will make itself
accessible in a cutscene.  Head through it.

Throne Room
Go up to the throne, then turn around and head back.  You will be interrupted
with a cutscene, so then approach it again for another.  Thus, the final battle

Once you regain control, quickly turn around and grab the sword, then rush
the queen.  She is surrounded by an energy field that you must strike five
times with your sword to destroy.  Each time you hit it, your sword will be
launched across the room, leaving you vulnerable to her attacks.  After each
attack, quickly run and hide behind one of the two idols and use the right
analog stick to locate the sword if you're missing it.  If you are not holding
(or standing next to) the sword or hiding behind a statue when the queen
attacks, it's Game Over.  Luckily, you don't need to time your attacks, as
you've always got enough time after each strike to get behind one of the idols.

The idols themselves can be moved, and as long as you're not standing in front
of the idol when the queen attacks, you should be protected.  However, it's
not necessary, as you can always grab the sword in one dash between attacks
from the idols' starting positions.  It might make the fifth dash back easier,
but it's your judgement there.

Luckily, the sword seems to be thrown pretty consistently, at least on my two
plays of the game.
  1st Strike:  Forward and right of the right idol.
  2nd Strike:  Back and left of the left idol.
  3rd Strike:  Forward and left of the left idol.
  4th Strike:  Left of the left idol.
  5th Strike:  Far behind the right idol.

After the fifth strike, her barrier is down, so starting from the right idol
hiding point, wait for an attack, rush back and get close to the sword before
the next attack hits, then grab the sword and rush and attack her.

From there, it's all eye-candy.  Just make sure you wait through the credits...

After the credits roll, you'll be in control of Ico once more.  Just run along
the shore (left) until you spot what you're supposed to spot.  As you approach,
you'll get one final cutscene, and then...


IV.   Secrets and Rumors

Yorda's Speech
No, there is no way to translate Yorda's speech to English.  Page 208 of the
November issue of EGM confirms this, although it was originally planned as a
secret feature once you had beaten the game.

Since there is no save point after the game ends (or even in the last hour at
all), it seems highly unlikely that beating the game releases any new features.

Still, if you can't figure out what Yorda's saying just from context...

Secret Weapon
Yes, there is a secret weapon in the game, a mace.  See the "Optional Side
Quest" in Part IV of the walkthrough.  The mace is stronger than the sword,
but does not cut ropes as easily.

Pipe to Nowhere
In the Waterworks section of Part VI, once you're past the gate, there is a
vertical pipe along one of the walls that you can climb up that appears to lead
straight to one of the higher platforms.  As you probably guessed, it's a red
herring, although you will get a short cutscene out of it should you attempt
to climb it.

On your first pass through the waterworks (Part IV) you can actually make your
way down there without Yorda, but you'll find your path to the underground
river blocked, so it's a bit of a useless detour.

Unarmed Walkthrough
Want a bit more of a challenge?  Once you've freed Yorda from her cage, don't
pick up the stick.  It's technically possible to go without a weapon at all
until you reach the Reflectors, although I personally can't make it past the

When the first spirit attacks just wait for Yorda to get sucked down and save
her.  You'll be able to leave the room without getting the stick, making for
an interesting challenge.

The spirits in the Hall can be easily avoided by taking Yorda into the lower
area of the room as you move the box.  When the spirits follow, grab her hand
and quickly jump out of there with her behind you, and break for it up the

The Long Room is very tough, as the spirits approach just as soon as Yorda
walks into the main part of the room.  The easy thing to do here is plan your
route carefully.  Drop the box and push it all the way to the left, open the
door, then climb the chain and position yourself in front of it before calling
Yorda.  With a little luck, she'll make it to you and you can pull her up
before the spirits can reach her.

The Trolley is another matter altogether.  It doesn't seem possible to pass
through the area without fighting the spirits, and since it takes at least 40
knockdowns with the shoulder charge to take out a spirit, I don't have the
patience to continue.  Contributor Chi Truong notes "I'm currently stuck at
the Graveyard, going weaponless".  Good luck to you, brave soul. :)  If you
want to relate your own story of weaponless conquest of the game, send it along
to the address at the bottom of this guide.

V.    Administrivia


All information comes from either the game itself, the manual, or my own head,
with the following exceptions.

Thanks to thejuggler3 on the GameFAQs Ico Board for information about the
side quest, which I completely missed.

Thanks to Chi Truong for a few extra notes about weaponless combat, the
Waterworks, the final battle, and death.

Confirmation of the removal of Yorda's translated speech comes from EGM.

Contacting Me:

If you have any corrections or additions to this guide, please send a note
to faqs@gamefaqs.com for inclusion in the next revision.

Copyright Notice:

This document is Copyright 2001 Jeff "CJayC" Veasey. It may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
be placed on any web site outside of GameFAQs. It may not be distributed
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