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FAQ/Walkthrough by blaze of merc

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/25/13

 _______                            __                                          
/       \                          /  |                                         
$$$$$$$  | ______   __    __   ____$$ |  ______   __    __  __                  
$$ |__$$ |/      \ /  |  /  | /    $$ | /      \ /  |  /  |/  |                 
$$    $$/ $$$$$$  |$$ |  $$ |/$$$$$$$ | $$$$$$  |$$ |  $$ |$$/                  
$$$$$$$/  /    $$ |$$ |  $$ |$$ |  $$ | /    $$ |$$ |  $$ | __                  
$$ |     /$$$$$$$ |$$ \__$$ |$$ \__$$ |/$$$$$$$ |$$ \__$$ |/  |                 
$$ |     $$    $$ |$$    $$ |$$    $$ |$$    $$ |$$    $$ |$$/                  
$$/       $$$$$$$/  $$$$$$$ | $$$$$$$/  $$$$$$$/  $$$$$$$ |                     
                   /  \__$$ |                    /  \__$$ |                     
                   $$    $$/                     $$    $$/                      
                    $$$$$$/                       $$$$$$/                       
 ________  __                        __    __            __              __     
/        |/  |                      /  |  /  |          /  |            /  |    
$$$$$$$$/ $$ |____    ______        $$ |  $$ |  ______  $$/   _______  _$$ |_   
   $$ |   $$      \  /      \       $$ |__$$ | /      \ /  | /       |/ $$   |  
   $$ |   $$$$$$$  |/$$$$$$  |      $$    $$ |/$$$$$$  |$$ |/$$$$$$$/ $$$$$$/   
   $$ |   $$ |  $$ |$$    $$ |      $$$$$$$$ |$$    $$ |$$ |$$      \   $$ | __ 
   $$ |   $$ |  $$ |$$$$$$$$/       $$ |  $$ |$$$$$$$$/ $$ | $$$$$$  |  $$ |/  |
   $$ |   $$ |  $$ |$$       |      $$ |  $$ |$$       |$$ |/     $$/   $$  $$/ 
   $$/    $$/   $$/  $$$$$$$/       $$/   $$/  $$$$$$$/ $$/ $$$$$$$/     $$$$/  

For Easy Navigation Ctrl+F And Use [examplecode]'s Found in the 
table of contents, make sure hte copy the []'s     

1: Introduction [Intro]

2: Loadouts [Loadouts]
   2A: Sidearms [Sidearms]
   2B: Primary  [Primary]
   2C: Secondary [Secondary]
   2D: Equipment [equipment]
   2E: Deployables [sentrygunftw]
   2F: Crew Bonus [Crewbonus]

3: Heists [Heists] 
   3A: First World Bank [FWB]
   3B: Heat Streat [HS]
   3C: Panic Room [PR]
   3D: Green Bridge [GB]
   3E: Diamond heist [Easy money]
   3F: Slaughterhouse [sh]
   3G: Counterfit [DLC.1] 
   3H: Undercover [DLC.2]
   3I: No Mercey [Free Pc DLC]
   3J: Over Drill [First World Bank Bonus]

4: Enemies [Enemies]
   4A: Guards, Cops & Gangsters 
   4B: Swat 
   4C: Heavy Swat 
   4D: FBI 
   4E: Sniper 
   4F: Murkey water 

5: Heavy Hitters [HH]
   5A: Sheilds 
   5B: Bulldozer 
   5C: Taser 
   5D: Cloaker 

6: Cedits, changelog and Copy right's [legal]


			Enemies [Enemies]

	Hi there, you can call me blace of merc, or red like everyone else.
Today I'm here to help you with Payday, but you know this alreayd or you
would not have clicked the link. So lets get started. Frist you want to figure
out which path you want to go down, we have assault, sharpshooter, support, 
and you if you have the wolfpack dlc you get the technician, my persoanl style 
is a mostly even split between support and technician once both are unlocked,
How ever thats not for everyone. Its up to you, however before you decide 
look over the trees (hit Upgrades on the main menu and tab in game to switch),
Also the guide is from a solo standpoint, you should have firends to play with
but if you dont here is a good skill for soloing, this also assumes you have
the dlc, you want 4 in assualt 12 in sharpshooter 42 in support and 77 in 
technician, this will put you at level 104 but it unlocks most of what you 


			Loadouts [Loadouts]

Lets Just get right down to it, lets start with sidearms

			Sidearms [Sidearms]

Alright Lets start with sidearms, We have the B9-S, Bronco .44 Crosskill .45
And if you own the Wolfpack DLC the STRYK, lets Start With the B9-s.

	B9-s, power: Low, Range: Medium, best use taking out secuirty 
	security cameras and headshots on low level enemys such as
	guards and gangsters. Best Heists for this weapon are First 
	World Bank, It is needed for Diamond Heist and No Mercey, DO NOT 
	ATTEMPT THESE WITH OUT THEM, It will make them Harder then they need
	to be.

Next is the bronco .44, It has the highest damage of the sidearms, even most 
of the guns in the game. Its has a large recoil and reload time is probaly the
worst in the game,it is unlocked early in the support tree,
enough of that, lets get to the stats.
	Bronco 44. Power: High, Range: Medium, best use: Over Kill Difficulty
	Swats, it can one shot them once maxed out, best heists: Heat Street,
	Panic room, Green bridge, Slaughterhouse and undercover, a bit
	overpowerd for my tastes.

Moving on from that we have the Crosskill .45, i have to admit this gun is 
a bit lackluster compared to the above guns, it has more power then the b9-s
but about half as much as the bronco and its range... is not good, it is 
unlocked second in the assault tree.

	Crosskill .45 Power: Medieum, Range: Low, Best Hesits: Easy Heists?
	Again i dont like this gun.

Now for the beast of a side arm, i present to you the STRYK, unlocked very 
early in the technician tree, right at the start, it have a medium to low
range, but its damage per second is the highest, yes it beats the bronco 
since the STRYK is fully automatic.
	STRYK Power: High in point blank range Medium in medium range and
        low in low. Range medium, Best Heist, Panic room Slaughterhouse 
	and undercover.

That does it for sidearms Next Primary's


			Primary  [Primary]

Alright first things first the AMCAR-4, you start out with this, not a bad gun
but there are better.

	AMCAR-4 Power: Medium, Range: High, Best Heists: Easy hesits, replace 
	it asap.

Next we have quite simply the best gun for close quarter combat, the Reinbeck
shotgun, unlocked in the support tree 13 levels in, powerfull powerfull gun.

	Reinbeck Shotgun Power: High, Range: Medium to low, Best Heist All 
	EXCPET Heat street the Reinbeck shines in close quarters, heat street
	has almost no cqc.

Now for the Assault class we have the Brenner 21, This gun is a machine...
OK that was a bad pun, yes its a machine gun, Very high rate of fire.
And in one way it counters the Reinbeck.

	Brenner 21 Power: High, Range High, Major drawback: poor accuracy
	Best use, Clearing assult waves, best heist: Heat Street. Yeah...

Now for the Sharp shooter's among us you get the M308, High Range, High Power
what more do you want from a sniper.

	M308 Power: High Range: Highest in game, Best Hesit: It does well 

And last but not least we have the DLC AK via the wolfpack, if you liked the 
AMCAR you will love this, it fuses the AMCARS all around balance with the 
Brenner 21's sheer firepower.

	AK Power: High, Range: Medium Rate of fire: High, Berst heist: 
	All of them, you cant go wrong.

Now lets get the the secondarys 


			Secondary [Secondary]

Ok First off, I only like TWO of these guns but i will do my best to be 
objective, but dont expect quality like above for the Locomotive 12 G, now
speaking of Horrible guns.

Oh the Locomotive 12 G, How much i hate you, aside being in my least favroite 
tree and being early in the sharpshooter tree, it has littel use, and likes to
kill hostages.

	Locomotive 12 G Power: High, Range: Low, Major drawback, four shots up
	two six shots, best heist: N/A 

Sorry about that, i just dont like that gun, time to be happy, with that note
I bing you the wolfpack exclusive GL40, high up in the technician tree its
well worth it, One Shots all but the bulldozers with a direct hit, mortal 
enemy of  the sheilds and all around best secondary you can get. 
Got to love pro pipesor n00b tubes if you will, Why yes this is 
a grenade launcher.

	GL40 Power: Highest in the game, range: Depends major drawback: 
	High Recoil and long reload, Best Heist: All.

Now to the Compact-5, i have no real comment on this gun, like i said i use the
gl40 most of the time, though this is a good pair to the Reinbeck.

	Compact-5  Power: Low, Range High, Rate of fire High Best Heist
	Heat Street.

And last but not least, the Mark 11, now its the weakest gun here, but if you
want to use the bronco and not fail heists like first world bank and no mercy 
on hardcore, its scilenced, not bad but not good.

	Mark 11 Power: Low Range: Low Best Hesit: Stealh based 

Lets get to items shall we?


			Equipment [equipment]

So lets get on with it

Cable Ties, these will let you take hostages, you get two to start off with 
and upgrade (in the assault tree, they are maxed at assault 33) to a max of 
six, extra cable ties (that they are called in the load out) of at least one
upgrade is suggested for No merey, thats probaly the only heist that would be
great for, maybe dimond heist if things hit the fans.

Body Armor, This will increse your body armor, It is upgraded in all trees
and is a passive but still refferd to equipment, so dont worry about it the
upgrads are support 4 levels in Technician 6 levels in assualt 7 and 
sharpshooter 25 levels in, dont as why 25 levels in, its werid or a oversight
anyway its a passive so lets move on.

Extra Start Out Ammo, OK first off this is wrong, Its a Larger ammo poll not
just start out ammo, Each level adds a extra 10% to a guns total, it is
unlocked in the support tree and maxed at level 38 in that same tree, this
is required for the GL40 as it takes alot of ammo drops to get a single

Tool Kit, Wolf pack dlc, It will make you take less time to fix drills and
hackables up to 20%, it is unlocked at technician 1 and maxed at 38.

Thick Skin, Gives you more health up to 33%, makes over kill better, unlocked
through shapshooter level 2 and maxed at 39, and again sharpshooter is weird.


			Deployables [sentrygunftw]

Ok, now were getting good, time to get in to our deployables

Ammo & Health bags, Alright since these are the same going to do both at once.
simple enough just thow them on the ground and you and your crew cna interact
with them to restore health and ammo, they are limited at max ammo can be used
ten times while medic only 4, ammo is unlocked by assualt and maxed at 30 and
doctor bag is in support and maxed at 33. Best used in overkill, at least 
health that is, ammo is debatable.

Next are the trip mines, Laser trip mines, what more is there to say? place
them on walls and boom, very high power, one shots all but bulldozers and
maybe sheilds in they have there sheild take the damage, unlocks in 
sharpshooter maxs at sharpshooter 47 with 10(!) mines, VERY usefull for
solo play.

I love saving the best for last, again wolf pack dlc, the awesome sentry gun,
unlocked on technician 5 and maxed at 45, very usefull for assault waves and
cover fire, And maxed out as enough armor and health to provide enough cover
fire to clear a assault on lower difficuilty. However it hates sheilds,
Sheilds love to taunt it.


			Crew Bonus [Crewbonus]

First off, when you equip these they only effect your team mates. These are 
all personal prefrence, ask you team what they want.

Noob lube, Limited to level 5 Increases cash rewards by 20%, 
stacks with Mr Nice Guy

More Blood to bleed, gives you more time to bleed out about six seconds,
it unlocks at sharpshooter 33.

Sharpshooters, gives you more accuracy, unlocks at sharpshooter (what not
assault? bad joke is bad) 20

Big game hunters, Technician 29, gives you 15% more ammo, Stacks with extra

Aggressor, you do 25% more damage, unlocks at assault 26.

sorry for all caps but its confusing, it gives you a extra body armor upgrade.
unlocks at support 29.

Mr nice guy, same as noob lube, unlocks when you finish any tree.

Speed reloaders, 10% faster reloads unlocks at assault 38


			Heists [Heists] 

	Alright, now to the meat of the walk through, the heists, now I would
suggest starting dimanod heist on overkill and doing it the stealth way and
reseting in the vault doors dont open, best way to solo level. Alright lets 
start out with First world bank.


			First World Bank [FWB]

	First thing we have to do is find the bank manager, He can be in the
lobbey, above the lobbey in a cubeical near the cafe in his office on the
second floor, in the confrence room right next to his ofice OR god forbid in
the vault hallway, if he spawns in the vault hallway and your not on easy you
might want to reset, this is the worst spot for him, anyway kill or tie him up
and head to the second floor, IF you have a friend, have one of you take out
all the security cameras, this will make things go easy, anyway get the drill
and thermite from the server room and hook the drill up, now depending on the
difficulty i would suggest camping in the stairwell but if your on overkill 
head to the server room, if your on overkill or overkill 145+ do not fix the 
drill during a assult wave, on these difficultys team communication is a must,
anyway after hooking the drill up you will have to head back near the server
room or the server room itsself to erase security camera footage. Once the 
drill is done make your way into the vault, kill the guards and unless your 
going for overdill (see way below) destory the cameras in this room and the 
next, if you dont the elevators will open, once there all destoryed only one 
door will open, anyway make your way to the back of the room and ignite the
floor, again if a higher difficulty go back to the server room or camp in the
burning room, they shouldnt enter the fire, just stay near the walls and down
low, after the hole in the floor is done, if you have a team leave up to two
up above or you will get over run once the cops open vault the door. afther
you have the money its almost over, you have to get back to the server room, 
however the top floor hallway is probaly blocked off (sometimes its still
open) so you have to go through the lobbey, once your there just blow 
a hole in the wall and book it but be carefull sometimes bulldozers are in 
the next room AND they will burst open doors down the hall, one your safe you 
win, over all easy hesit.


			Heat Streat [HS]

	Alright, my most hated heist, Heat Street, just going to give a bit of
advice, play it on easy, this one is hard due to the fact it has no cover, best
to bring a sentry gun and at least one ammo bag (if your solo bring a health
bag) the heist is for the most part a long run so bring some high fire power
though its best not to bring the reinbeck since its all open combat, lets get

	First thing you need to do is open the door and chase the van, there
will be cops at the end of the road but you should be able to take them no 
problem, after this its a open street, dont worry about civs becuase odds are
in this heist if you get arrested you wont be getting back becuase it is to
risky to go back to trade a hostage and its impossible to stop them from 
getting freed, after a bit bain will call in a new wheel man, make your 
way to him, once you get there turns out he is dead, just keep running stay
in what small bit of cover there is durring assaults and it shouldnt be long 
until you find the van, your going to have to burn him out, it takes about as
long as the drill in first world bank (i dont have the exact number here
sorry) and takes up to four gas cans, these how every you have to get
one at a time and cant put them down until the fire dies, any way keep 
in cover, there is good cover here though, once he is out you have to force 
him to a helicopter while fighting more cops, just keep shouting at him and 
dont worry he cant be killed, anywaythere will be a check point and then you
start climbing up, the area here is a good hold out if your on a harder 
difficulty, once your at the top clear the area and the over pass, on the
final stretch you have to clear the cops fast if you dont you will have to 
move matt back down the street. get once you gethim in the chopper the 
hesit is done, lets move on.


			Panic Room [PR]

	Alright, now this one is hard, straght foward to start just keep to the
waypoint at the start, as soon as you can thorw your mask on, like first world
bank your now looking for someone, however you cant case this heist, the guy 
your looking for is in orange, kill kill then get to the third floor once you
find the red door place the saws on the marked locations, just hold out untill
all four are done, after they are bain will call in some c4, first how ever you
have to take out the snipers on the roof, theres about 3 to 5 of them , take
them out and get the c4, the charges will fall in one of three locations, arm 
the c4 where it says to arm it then step away form the explosion, now get back
to the roof and start clearing it for the chopper, after a while the chopper 
will arive and once the roof is clear enough you will have to attach a winch
to the panic room on floor 4, and that head back to the roof and defend the 
chopper until in leaves, then make your way down stairs, at the end you will 
need c4 to blow the door open but after that your home free.


			Green Bridge [GB]

	On to this one, if not for heat street this one would be the worst,
First off it starts with four drills, then almost endless assaults then the 
worst pick up in the game with a huge gauntlet firefight for a escape, lets 
get down to it.

	Frsit when you start make your way to the four prision vans, you will 
have to saw all four open, ether all at one or one at a time. all at once is
the fastest way, but to preserve your health i would do two at a time and hope
you get lucky, after you find the right one you have to escort him to a tower,
just keep yelling at him and stay in what cover you can find, after you get him
to the top of the tower get him in the seat and blow up the ballon, you have 
wait until the plan can pick him up, this can take a while, once het gets 
picked up you have to make your way to the escape, just keep in cover and stay
down, this is a long run so try and get there in one peice, once you get to the
end you have to walk down some stairs and after then its smooth sailing.


			Diamond heist [Easy money]
	First off here dont kill guards if you want to go stealth, once one
dies a alarm goes off.

	Alright, there is a reason the code is "Easy money", this part of the 
guide assumes that its on overkill difficulty, what you want to do is hack the
alarm boxs you dont have to be low and you can run the guards are stupid, any
way if you get the alarm boxs with out being seen it cuts the time this one
takes buy half, if you fail and get seen get the tablets on the boxs and head
to the roof there is a room that may have a alarm box, this is the hold out 
room, only leave it between assults to fix the tablets, once the tablets are 
done we are at the point as if we did not fail.

	Go to the middle of the map and enter the codes, if they work the 
door will open (about a 10-20% chance) of it working, if it does not work you
will have to find and escort the cfo take him to the roof and hope he gives you
the codes, if he wont bain drops him and you have to find another person and 
get them to the roof, how ever once they are on the helipad go to the hold out 
room, apparently people you kidnap will stay if you leave them, oh well, once 
you get the codes, empty the vault and escape, there are a few escape points
one can spawn right near the vault... and thats all, ifyou can do it the fast
way you can grind this to power level solo.

	That cant be all right? Nope there is more, in the vault if you get in
unseen and the codes work on hard(unconfirmed never seend it on hard)or 
overkill there is a door, and behind that door is a red diamond, and infront
of that red diamond is pressure glass that if a bullet hits it it closes, if you
get this door and want it, go back to spawn, again be unseen and get the glass
cuter you used to get in (you can not pick this up until you hit the door) And
of coruse be unseen. the cutter takes 7 miniutes and once you take that cursed
rock every enemy will spawn, you have to pick up every case diamond to escape,
like normal, HOWEVER dont take them until you have the great red, breaking the 
glass spawns cops. anyway once you escape you find out the diamond is worth...
NOTHING, its only for a challange that gives you $5,000 in exp.


			Slaughterhouse [sh]

	Alright a simple but hard heist, i love this one, To start off wait 
for the ambush, you can shoot if you want but you dont have to, make your way 
down to the ladder and keep to the waypoints, once your in the slaughter house
shoot the wires, if the truck is front up you dont have to shoot you can just
put c4 on the back, if its frost up you have to shoot, once you get he safe out
you have to drill it, like all drills it will break, a good hold out room is 
the office in this area, only find the drill when assault is off, this heist
plays no games, these enemys will make you look like a newb on normal. once 
the drill is done you have to carry each back of gold to the other side of the
map, if your solo you have to make four trips. once this is done you will have
to light some tires on fire look around for a can of gas, after this you will 
have to interact with a control in the middle of this area, after you do you
will have to find a good hold out while you wait, once the gold is safe you
set the trap, you the same control to move that one also, then its time
to escape, use the containers for cover and you golden.


			Counterfit [DLC.1] 

	Now time for DLC, as this one goes its fun but damn is it hard, of 
course most of these heists are hard.

	First things first, case the area, find a crowbar, when you start the
heist you want to pick this up, and wya talk to the guy in the pink shit and 
let him lead you to the "leak" after that its time to go loud, kill him or dont
all these people count as civs so, anyway set up a tablet and you have to go to
the next house and set the other one up, this one if hidden behind a book shelf
of corse these are going to break so fix them and fend off the assualts, once 
they are done you will find the safe, now you will set up a unbreakable drill
. . . Yeah right if this thing does not stall then this heist would be easy, no
the drill wont jam, but it requires power and the cops, no the bulldozers will
turn off the power, you also have to run a hose into the safe, i would leave 
one of the gates closed so you can use this room as a hold out, best to open
the room with the bookcase as to funnle more enemys in, after the safe is open
you will have to escape, near the escape there are sheilds guarding it, if you 
have a GL40 laugh, they wont know what hit them, after that your good to go.


			Undercover [DLC.2]

	I love this heist, thats all i have to say about it.

	Alright while your waiting for taxmans deal to go down, try and find 
as many planks as you can you want to cover up the vents and the windows near
the server room, that will save you some pain when snipers come into play, 
just keep doing this until alex gets taxmans car.

	Once he drops the car you will have to saw him out, just turn on the
saw and keep defending your self while boarding up the windows and vents, fix
the saw when you have to and when its done you haveto force tax man into the 
server room, now you have to yell at him or beat him until he gives you the 
pass codes, you have to do this three times, kinda easy, excpet for the cops,
they still hate you for all your pervious capers, also they will cut the power
but this time its not bulldozers, once you get the codes its time to leave, 
head to the roof and jump to the next building and get to the chopper. 


			No Mercey [Free Pc DLC]

	Now, hands down the best heist in my mind, YOU NEED A BS-9, mark 11 is
ok but it wont be as effective, first things first if your not doing this solo
you need to have very good comunication with your team, also EXTRA CABLE TIES 
is a must, in the first phase those are worth more then gold.

	Starting off you and your team want to devise a plan to deal wiht the
security cameras, you have about 7 seconds to destory all of them, the more 
people the more cameras, if you fail this you have to go loud, how ever before
you start the heist case the rooms in the hallway and so you know where 
everyone is who needs to tie down, now once all the cameras and people are 
down keep one person behind the desk to keep people away from the button 
and answer the phone, use the pc and what ever bain has you do, some times
you will have to deal with a gaurd or repaqir man, don kill the repair man 
but the guard is fine, after a bit you will have to find a file, this can 
take FOREVER becuase they are all over the place, once you find the right
one you will put up fake sentry guns to keep the people down (why cant we 
do this first?) next you go into the locker room by the desk,
 after this your back in stealth mode.

	Alright walk into the ICU and listen to what the lady doctor has the 
say, the guy we wantwill not be responding well to treatment wont be released 
any time soon. He also has abnormal blood pressure levels or an abnormal 
heart rate, now look up and look for a wire, find the box its connected to and
cut that wire, if your right when you go loud that door dont close and you have
the guy you need, if your worng you have to saw through the doors, once you 
have the right guy take a blood sample, next you have to take it to one of 
seven validation devices, there all around the map, small things but they are
kinda easy to see, once you have one good sample you can call the elevator, you
need two to escape, if you do down your good smaple may break, the cops will 
cut the power and you will haveto restart the power then the elevator again,
once it arives put the samples in the cooler and once you have both get in 
and the elevator will make it to the top or fall, ether way pry open the door
and escape, just know by doing this you caused the events of left 4 dead and
doomed humanity hold 25 millon was worth it. 


			Over Drill [First World Bank Bonus]

	Now to do some power leveling, In first world bank there is a easter
egg worth 70 million exp, frist you will need four players (bots wont work as
its impossible to get them to face the right way), and its a bad idea to break
any security cameras before the first pahse is done, do this on easy becuase
you will be hold up for thirty plus miniutes, you want two ammo bags and at 
least one doctor bag, thats about it now for details.

	Phase one: Once you drill into the second area kill the guards in the
room, here your going to have to position everyone, one facing the desk back 
to the door, one behind the desk facing the door, one on the right hand 
elevator facing the next elevator and the last at the elevator the previous 
one is facing facing the way, now due to the secrect working the way it does
you will have to shift around do this until a strobe light lights up on the 
desk, once this you can destory the security cameras, do this so bulldozers
dont spawn as much, now in the back of the vault room near where you use the
thermite you have a door to drill, the drill wont break but you have to wait 
about 33 miniutes (longer on 145+), after that is done we have a tile puzzle,
one wrong move and your done its locked for the heist, now go all the way to
the door, if you go dtreght down the black tiles in the middle there will be 
to half black tiles look for the black tile between them and go down one, 
interact with this one next is the one to the right then after that is the one
below the first next tile next got one lft then one down then the one under
that then the one to the right. this should one the door, after that loot all
the gold and finish the heist (you dont have to finish the heist if you dont 
want to) and your good to go.


			Enemies [Enemies]

	Guards, Cops & Gangsters
ALright these are the cannon fodder the game will send at you, they have no 
headgear and if you hit them you cna game them hostage easy.

A step up from above, they wear headgear so head shots are not always going to
work unless you use a high power gun, they also use cover a bit more then the
ones above, you can take the hostage but might have to hit them more then once.

	Heavy swat
Now we are talking, they use highpower guns, full body armor, and take quite a
few hits to be turned into hostage.

Same as cops, they will seek out your hostages and free them, other then that
nothing real good, they make good hostages since they come in packs of four
and only take one hit to turn them.

Low armor and they wear head gear, only hard part about these its that they
take a bit of aiming, also the hit hard, not good for hostages even if you
can get close enough to one as they will get set free almost instantly.

Mercs used in slaughterhouse, same as heavy swat but no head gear.


			Heavy Hitters [HH]

	Now these are the ture enemys, these guys will ruin your day so lets
get down to it.

	Sheilds, These guys are not that bad aside form the fact they will 
waste all your sentry gun's ammo, just get behind them and shoot them enough
OR you can use the GL40 and fire it behind them.

	Bulldozers, Full armored units, only way to kill them is to break there
masks and shoot them, best to use a full auto or a reinbeck, though again a
gl40 can blast both the mast and head if aimed right.

	Tasers, These guys will stun you plain and simple, and when they do 
you will shoot your gun, if its full auto it will waste your entire clip, no
they gl-40 is not best for these guys, that would be the reinbeck, as you can
shoot it while stuned and hope to hit the taser.

	Cloaker, these guys love to sneak behind you and they will down you in
one hit, kill them asap or they will kill you.



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