Slaughterhouse: How do you get the armored car down?

  1. I know you just C4 the doors open to get to the safe but you can knock that armored car down and I wanna know how. Anyone know how?

    User Info: CGIrishTemper

    CGIrishTemper - 7 years ago


  1. You got a shoot it while it's on the convoy, not hanging, it should then hang in the slaughterhouse nose first, then you just wait a while for it to fall.

    User Info: Charmile

    Charmile - 7 years ago 2   0
  2. To get the Armored Car down when it is "Nose-Down" you can either shoot the glowing orange cables OR you can wait 4 rounds and the vehicle will drop automatically. To get the trophy you need to go the latter route.

    User Info: R3V3RS3D

    R3V3RS3D - 7 years ago 2   0

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