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Peace Walker Achievement Guide by odino

Version: Peach | Updated: 03/02/2012
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                        Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Trophies/Achievements Guide
PS3/360 2012

Version:        1.0     released on the 2nd of March 2012
Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.

| .========================================================================. |
| |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
| '========================================================================' |
| 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
| 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
| 03.) Trophies/Achievements                                     |   G0300   |
| YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
| ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |

01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to the 'Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker' Trophies/Achievements Guide for
the Playstation 3/Xbox 360. At least 3 of these require you to play online, and
a regular connection to PSN/XBL is probably required to unlock at least one of

The VITA is supposed to have this game in the future as well, and the VITA has
trophies, yet I am unsure if they kept all the trophies the same.

Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200

Some trophies/achievements are automatically completed by simply playing the
game. Others require some other tasks you normally would never do.

I do not go into details for the missions since it would take a lot of effort
and transform this into an S-rank mission guide.

03.)                    TROPHIES/ACHIEVEMENTS                        G0300

Title: Vic Boss (Platinum)
Description: Obtained every trophy.
Obtained: This is the platinum trophy that requires all other trophies first.
Note: PS3 only!

Title: An Army Without Borders (Bronze)(10)
Description: Cleared Prologue: An Army Without Borders.       
Obtained: Story-line related. Continue completing MAIN OPS missions.

Title: A Country Without An Army (Bronze)(10)
Description: Cleared Chapter 1: A Country Without An Army.    
Obtained: Story-line related. Continue completing MAIN OPS missions.

Title: The Phantom Hero (Bronze)(10)  
Description: Cleared Chapter 2: The Phantom Hero.     
Obtained: Story-line related. Continue completing MAIN OPS missions.

Title: A Nation Reborn (Bronze)(10)
Description: Cleared Chapter 3: A Nation Reborn.      
Obtained: Story-line related. Continue completing MAIN OPS missions.

Title: Basilisk Eater (Bronze)(30)
Description: Defeated Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon, Peace Walker.          
Obtained: Story-line related. You will get this after finishing the Peace
          Walker 2 battle which only comes after defeating the other AIs.

Title: The Illusion of Peace (Bronze)(10)
Description: Cleared Chapter 4: The Illusion of Peace.        
Obtained: Story-line related. Continue completing MAIN OPS missions.

Title: Launched ZEKE (Bronze)(20)
Description: Complete Metal Gear ZEKE.
Obtained: Launching Zeke is pretty much part of the storyline since you need to
          do that to complete the last chapter. Once you have started AI part
          collecting you will end up with enough parts of the four main parts.
          Keep battling the AIs to get more of these if necessary. II and
          Custom count the same way. You also need at least three optional
          parts to launch Zeke: Pupa's Jet Pack and Chrysalis's Radome and
          Railgun. The armor Cocoon drops is not required (I know this because
          the thing never dropped for me, ever). These drops are random and
          take a while to complete. The best way is not to damage the unit you
          want and try to only shoot down the AI pod. Huey will inform you when
          you are ready to launch and the trophy will pop.

Title: Outer Heaven (Bronze)(10)
Description: Cleared Chapter 5: Outer Heaven.
Obtained: Story-line related. Just in case you need help to continue here, play
          the escape missions that come along (you have to play other EX OPS
          inbetween to get the next escape mission) until you complete Z's
          escape 6. Launch Metal Gear ZEKE, then play another EX OPS mission and
          Miller should tell you that Z. escaped but does not know where to find
          him this time. Head to EX OPS 001 to find him upstairs and to start
          the next mission. Finish that and Chapter 5 is almost done.

Title: Steel Eater (Silver)(50)
Description: Defeated all AI weapons.
Obtained: Complete the MAIN OPS first to unlock EX OPS 112 through 120 (you may
          have to clear some other EX OPS first, not sure). Completing those
          nets you the trophy. I suggest doing a lot of these online to make
          them easier at first. You can easily defeat them on your own later
          with better weapons and equipment though, EX OPS 119 is a little
          tough on your own but unlocks something great when S-ranked.

Title: Monster Hunter (Bronze)(20)
Description: Cleared all hunting quests.
Obtained: Hunting Quests are the monsters in EXTRA OPS 121 through 128. You
          just need to finish them regardless or rank. They are very easy
          with high equipment such as rockets, but since you will try to S-
          rank them anyway I think you will get this naturally. CO-OP makes
          these missions so much easier since there is only one big guy vs up
          to four of you, and the later missions do not even have the annoying
          raptors to distract you. These quests also drop random stuff by the
          way thus replaying them often will be required, but just beating it
          once unlocks the trophy.

Title: MAIN OPS All Rank A (Bronze)(20)
Description: Cleared all MAIN OPS at Rank A or higher.
Obtained: As the description says, you need at least an A on the Main Ops
          missions. Try for an S at the same time since there is another
          trophy for it, and getting As is actually quie easy in the game.

Title: MAIN OPS All Rank S (Silver)(30)
Description: Cleared all MAIN OPS at Rank S.  
Obtained: As the description says, you need at least an S on the Main Ops
          missions. This sounds daunting at first but is actually not that bad
          later in the game when you have better equipment. For most missions
          you do not want to get detected thus you want the Sneaking Suit. No
          detection + no kills + fast time tends to get an S.
          There is the issue with the QT during the cutscenes. You can skip all
          scenes but the QT parts, yet you can often shorten them to only the
          part where you need to input the QT commands. I have also once
          purposely screwed up the one where you need to shoot down the AI's
          grabber only got 8/10 but then I still got an S, yet I think for the
          one where you need to beat the guards to grab the keycard must be done
          perfectly. The toughest one is when fighting The Boss since the QT can
          be fast. You probably have to play these several times. The truck
          picking also counts as QT so pick the right one straight away when
          going for an S rank!
          For the AI battles you just want to be super quick and make sure you
          enter the pod to destroy it. Later in the game you can smack rockets
          at it and the fights will be over so quickly, even the last couple of
          missions are going to be an easy S.
          I suggest not playing these missions online for S- ranking them. The
          only one you might want to try are Peace Walker and Zeke but then you
          will maybe get some other people not skipping the cutscenes and it can
          be very annoying.

Title: EXTRA OPS All Cleared (Bronze)(20)
Description: Cleared all EXTRA OPS missions.
Obtained: Just clear all Extra Ops with any rating. I think most people will
          have this without getting As and Ss since the beginning soldiers can
          only do so much. Do not bother A/S ranking them until you are ready
          since it is a waste of time. The POW mission alone would drive me
          crazy so I whopped out a machine gun to mow the guards down first,
          then later come back with a 5-star tranq gun and bandana to no worry
          about anything.

Title: EXTRA OPS All Rank A (Bronze)(30)
Description: Cleared all EXTRA OPS missions at Rank A or higher.
Obtained: Getting As is pretty common. Sneaking missions give you an automatic
          A or lower if raise an alarm, and you cannot kill anyone either. The
          other thing to watch out for is times. See the S-rank trophy for more

Title: EXTRA OPS All Rank S (Silver)(50)
Description: Cleared all EXTRA OPS missions at Rank S.        
Obtained: Getting all S grades is going to take some time. It would be better
          to have a fully detailed S-rank guide for this. Instead here is a
          quick rundown of what you need to do:
          * Do not raise alerts in all but the AI, vehicle/tank/chopper or 
            monster missions. This will automatically lower your grade to A.
            There are a few expections where you can be seen, like base
            defense. I think you will know which missions I mean.
          * Do not kill anyone, not even in the vehicle/tank/chopper missions.
            Take out the AI by going into the pod. Even for base defense,
            pooyan, item recovery etc, do not kill anyone! (For some missions
            with C4 you might need to move people out of the way)
          * Do not destroy the tanks, armored vehicles or choppers/bombers. The
            driver/pilot always needs to be tranqed. Destroying these counts
            as a kill even though the number will still be 0 at the debriefing.
          * Do not kill any dinos, neither the big dude nor small critters!
          * Do NOT use the stealth suite. It will lower it to A automatically
            (the game will tell you about it at the debriefing)
          * Do NOT use battle cries that have a special effect like regenerate
            health. I think you might want to hold off battle cries all together
            but then again I had some appear in multiplayer and still got an S.
            That also means not have a 'Sidekick' soldier in COOP since he
            will automatically make comms based on other players' actions.
          * Do not play online with random people because they will most like
            screw up your tactics. You CAN and sometimes SHOULD play the AI and
            Peace Walker missions since they only require you to be fast, and
            you are much stronger against these guys in a team. I think
            everyone online knows how to beat them, although I have some seen
            some people hiding under Cocoon for some reason. Nevertheless, the
            times are generous for these battles.

          Soooooo, what is the best way to approach this?
          * Have the highest level rank of the weapons and items lised and
            used, 'nuff said really. This just makes sense but you can always
            try with lower weapons and get more frustrated. For example, using
            a Level 4 rocket launcher is ultimately less damaging then the
            Level 5, resulting in longer times to beat the level and thus maybe
            costing you that S rank.
          * Always tranq or fulton people, having a 5-star Mk.22 is a must and
            you want the compressor at level 3 (this happens naturally as you
            will use this gun A LOT) to last for a long mission. The game was
            pretty much just designed to only reward AI weapon destruction,
            nothing else. A few missions require machine guns with recoil
            reduction to gain an advantage but you should have plenty of
            those as your research progresses.
          * Smoke grenades are your best friend. For the vehicle missions you
            always want to stay in smoke for any kind of action since the
            enemy will never spot you in it, no matter what you do (snake
            beater, you). For missions where backup spawn around you this is
            vital since they will otherwise spot you from miles away. Even
            launching a fulton rocket from the other side of the map will alert
            the vehicle turned the opposite way!
          * Soliton Radar makes you see the enemy view a la MGS radars. This
            should be upgraded fully and is super helpful for the ghost
            missions alone, but also makes it spot enemies in sneaking missions
            among others.
          * Fulton rockets are your best friend for getting rid of enemies in
            those vehicle/tank/chopper battles. There are ways through the
            mission without it but frankly it will never be as easy as these to
            remove sentries from the battle field. Watch out though, enemies
            can hear this even though it sounds super silent. Stand in smoke to
            stay hidden as the source.
          * Bandana is require to keep your fulton rockets and other ammo full
            without using a supply marker (you cannot refill fulton rockets and
            will run out way to quickly). The bandana makes you vulnerable to
            fire so you have to switch regularly if anyone attacks you.
          * NVG makes you see in smoke grenades although I found it a little
            tricky to aim the Mk.22 with it. Still, you can stand in smoke and
            know when the enemy approaches you.
          * PTRS1941 is the best weapon against choppers. It takes out their
            shield and makes the pilot pop out before all the guards are gone
            from the battlefield. This saves tons of time. How to keep the
            guards at bay? Hold them up while they were in smoke, they will
            lie down on the floor and ignore anything that goes on around the
            battlefield unless they get touched by the enemy vehicle/tank,
            rockets or bombs. One guard will also raise the others in that
          * Health stuff like Rations and Future Curry is requires for some of
            these battles, and Mate would also be useful for the Monster Hunter
            stuff. If you are knocked out you might just die and it will take
            a lot of time to recover too. Use these mate regularly if you are
            below half-way. The monsters take a lot of time to put to sleep.
          * Stun grenades are kind of useful for the monsters but you can also
            make it without. If you play with others then one can throw the
            stun grenades and give you an easier time to take it out, but by
            myself I found it waste too much time. I also did not like how the
            screen always makes me dizzy after it explodes and you need to be
            careful where you throw it. Just tranq the guy and evade its
            attacks. If everyone shoots sleep-inducing stuff then it will go
            so much faster anyway.
          * Sleep grenades: I have used the these for chopper missions instead
            of holding up the group but then you have to make sure to be quick
            about the pilot since they wake up soon. Possible for low skull
            levels I suppose, if you really hate holding up. You can always
            bring these along in case somebody decides to get up after being
            hit (but you should bring your Mk.22 as well).
          * Supply Marker (Thrown) is required if you do not have the bandana,
            and you have to use it quite a lot then so the time might be wasted
            on waiting for the drop but if you are good you can get this done
            in advance and only pick up when needed. There is no penalty for
            how many supply crates you request. I needed these on some
            missions to recover health, such as Rex, since he pummeled me
            quite a lot. There is plenty of time to finish him and still use
            the markers.
          * Battle Suit w/ Armor is the strongest armor in the game and is ONLY
            dropped during Outer Op missions 'Capture Enemy Base' 03 to 06.
            These are not guaranteed drops but the more difficult one has a high
            chance to drop it. As you get better combat guys, capture vehicles
            and have a powerful Zeke at your disposal these missions can
            regularly be beaten (sure, some people will die and vehicles will
            get destroyed, but Zeke will usually always make it in some
            There is also a way that you can save your game, check the results
            of Outer Ops and if you did not make it (well) reload to try again.
            The result should be different. You can do the fighting missions
            without this suit but it is just much better to have.
            As a side note, some people say the naked uniform is better for
            being more maneuverable. Whereas the reason behind it is true, I
            would not recommend this unless you are quite good at the game
            already, because one mauling in the monster hunter missions could
            cost your life if you are not equipping rations at the same time.
          * Speed: For non-battle missions you should try to run through the
            mission and avoid any sentries. It is also faster to hold up units
            rather than shoot them with the Mk.22. Just make sure they do not
            notice you on their patrol (thus I am talking about those scouts in
            the forest who can often just be ignored staring into the woods but
            be careful of the snipers as their vision on the radar is not shown

Title: Gives me infinite ammo  (Bronze)(30)
Description: Acquired Infinity Bandana. Never worry about running out of
             bullets ever again.
Obtained: S-Rank EXTRA OPS 119. You also need Combat rank 88 and R&D level 88
          before you can research it. S-Ranking EX OPS 119 is a thousand times
          easier with COOP partners and I suggest you go online to play this
          instead. The time is super generous and I never got anything lower
          than S when playing online. You will not get trapped underneath it
          like in the single player mode, it will never get close to launching
          its nuke and most of you should have players with bandana already
          helping you out. If you get unlucky and only have newbies join your
          game then I suppose it could end in disaster but just having more
          cannon fodder for Peace Walker to deal with helps so much in blasting
          it with rockets from the other persons's ends.

Title: Stealth camouflage (Silver)(30)
Description: Acquired stealth camouflage. Never worry about being detected ever
Obtained: S-Rank EXTRA OPS 050. This is not so hard. With the NVG or Soliton
          Radar you can identify all enemies on for miles away as well as know
          their vision range. I would suggest having these upgraded fully
          first, and you need to have Intel 88 plus R&D 88 to get the Stealth
          researched anyway so it can be a while. During the mission, run past
          many people, Mk.22 tranq them from afar and you should be fine. The
          time can be tight but nevertheless it is manageable. I do not think
          there is need to tell you that 

Title: Big Boss (Gold)(50)
Description: Cleared all MAIN OPS and EXTRA OPS missions at Rank S.   
Obtained: This is a combination of the Main Ops and Ex Ops trophies so if you
          finish both of these then this trophy will come up as well.

Title: Fulton Recovery Veteran (Bronze)(10)
Description: Reached 300 Fulton recoveries.   
Obtained: Many missions require you to fulton recover enemies and you best do
          so to obtain more members joining your main base. By the time you try
          to S-rank vehicle missions you should have this already, but if not
          then you will definitely get this then.

Title: Hold-Up Artist (Bronze)(10)
Description: Reached 100 hold-ups.    
Obtained: This one is not so natural. You have a few hold-up missions and then
          some S-ranking would highly benefit of you holding up enemies to
          concentrate on the chopper, but if you still need some after doing
          all those you can just replay the hold-up missions.

Title: Lethal Enforcer (Bronze)(10)
Description: Reached 100 kills.       
Obtained: You will do more killing in the early parts of the game but probably
          also plenty in those tank/vehicle missions until you have better
          equipment. This means you should get this naturally but then
          you can also go berserk on some missions to reach this quickly.

Title: Stun Specialist (Bronze)(10)
Description: Reached at least 100 stun attacks or sleep-inducing attacks.     
Obtained: If, like most people, you notice that the Mk.22 is the way to get
          good ranks then you can get this soon. Stuns are more common in VS

Title: Costume Collector (Bronze)(30)
Description: Obtained every costume.
There are many costumes that come over the course of the game, including rank-
related mission rewards. Here is a complete list (not listing the ones you have
by default):
 T.Stripe: MAIN OPS - Puruse Amanda (Banana Fruta De Oro)
 Auscam: MAIN OPS - Destroy the Barricade (Aldea Los Despiertos)
 Snake: MAIN OPS - Travel to Cloud Forest (Selva del la Leche: Hillside)
 Sneaking: Complete MAIN OPS - Attack Chopper Battle: MI-24A
 Battle: Complete MAIN OPS - Peace Walker Battle
 Tuxedo: Complete MAIN OPS - Peace Walker Battle 3
 T-Shirt: EXTRA OPS 001 (upstairs)
 Commando: Complete EXTRA OPS 009
 Patrolman: Complete EXTRA OPS 011
 Leaf: S-Rank EXTRA OPS 014.
 Russian Soldier: Complete EXTRA OPS 024
 Escort: Complete EXTRA OPS 027
 Splitter: EXTRA OPS 029 (Playa del Alpa)
 Squares: EXTA OPS 030 (Banana Fruta De Oro)
 Russian Commando: Complete EXTRA OPS 037
 Guard: Complete EXTRA OPS 038
 Choco-Chip: S-Rank EXTRA OPS 045.
 Male POW: Complete EXTRA OPS 052
 Female POW: Complete EXTRA OPS 055
 Mechanic: Complete EXTRA OPS 066
 Scout: Complete EXTRA OPS 061
 Stench: S-Rank EXTRA OPS 061
 Neo-Moss: EXTRA OPS 062 - Use codec (not comms!) near the first ghost in until
           you hear "This is The End" then complete the mission. I suggest the
           Stealth Suit so the ghost cannot spot you and you can just keep
           trying. Switch your controls to have the codec on a single button,
           start CPR on the guard and keep spamming the codec button until you
           get this message (you might miss it with lots of talking going on at
           the same time. If it did not work, restart the mission straight
           away. Others might tell you of other ways to get this (maybe the PSP
           game had this for just completing the mission) yet this will surely
           give you the camo.
 Amanda: S-Rank EXTRA OPS 067
 Miller: S-Rank EXTRA OPS 068
 Rathalos: S-Rank EXTRA OPS 121 or 122 (not both!)
 Tigrex: S-Rank EXTRA OPS 123 or 124 (not both!!)
 Gear Rex: S-Rank EXTA OPS 125 or 126 (not both!!!1)
 Swim Trunks: Complete all MAIN OPS and EXTRA OPS
 Bikini: Complete all MAIN OPS and EXTRA OPS
 Battle w/ Helmet: OUTER OPS Capture Enemy Base 03, 04, 05 or 06 (random drop)

Title: Hideo Kojima (Bronze)(10)
Description: Recruited Hideo Kojima.  
Obtained: This is part of another trophy (Special Staff Recruiter) but if you
          are just interested in this one, find him in the truck with plates
          63284 at the end of MAIN OPS - Infiltrate Crater Base.

Title: Special Staff Recruiter (Silver)(20)
Description: Assembled all special staff members.
Obtained: This requires to have obtained four special characters. Only one has
          a name and the others have special jobs in their description. I am
          not sure you actually need to keep them because all but one kind of
          suck, but I would leave them kept away in your trading room or
          something just in case until you get the trophy. Here are the four
          people you need to find:
  Hideo Kojima: MAIN OPS - Infiltrate Crater Base, search the 63284 truck for 
                him (and you always re-fetch him if you fired him for some
                reason. This dude is a keeper though.
  Actress: MAIN OPS - Travel to the Mine Base. Go up the ladder on the first
           building and slightly fall off the roof on the other side (where
           there is a tiny dead end). You should hold onto the side of the
           building automatically unless you did it too fast, then shimmy
           left until you find the spot with the POW. Raise yourself up and
           fulton recover her.
  New Voice Actor: MAIN OPS - Zadornov Search 1, a random POW. Fulton all or
                   keep trying until you find the right one.
  Veteran Voice Actor: MAIN OPS - Zadornov Search 5, the only POW in the area.
           After you find the fourth one this should pop up when returning to
           the staff menu.

Title: Mech Catcher (Bronze)(10)
Description: Captured a mech.         
Obtained: Simply finish a mission of either a tank battle, armored vehicle or
          chopper by not destroying it and instead taking out the driver/pilot.
          To get this done, get rid of all reinforcements first. If you were
          spotted until this point you have to damage the vehicle a certain
          amount for the driver to pop out. Tranq him to end the mission and
          get the unit. For choppers you can destroy the windshield to have the
          pilot pop out quicker. On your way to S-ranking these missions you
          have to capture all of them, so this would kind of be a very early
          step in that direction yet you will feel like you accomplished a
          monster task early in the game (which seems like nothing later on).

Title: Paz's Thoughts (Bronze)(20)
Description: Read all of Paz's diary.
Obtained: Paz's 10 diary tapes can be found in AI pods of the EXTRA OPS AIs
          (112 through 119). After entering the pod you can move between the
          four sides and at one point you will given the Triangle command
          briefly. You kind of want to spam the button whenever you move around
          to make sure you get the diary tape. If you destroyed too many parts
          of the AI then moving around might be hindered. Keep this for late in
          the game. With a good rocket launcher you can take down Pupa II
          within 2 minutes (bandana, battle suit w/ helmet and make sure you do
          not get fried!). Each one should give you a tape unless you killed
          off too many AI boards and cannot move to the location of the tape.
          It took me 30 minutes to do this later in the game, and I got Pupa
          heads at the same time. You also have to actually READ all the tapes
          to get the trophy. This is done by going to the data files and then
          letting it play or skipping through it. Either way, after reading
          them all (no more !s) you will get the trophy. Additionally, you can
          also get these from multiplayer games. The player in the pod will
          always take the one needed and does not care about its peers. If you
          already have the 1st one and another player picks it up then you do
          not benefit from it. It also seems that if you got a higher up one in
          this way, e.g. 7, and then later get them on your own and reached 6,
          the next one you get is also going to be 7 again. In a way you hardly
          benefit from this unless maybe you get all tapes form coop games, and
          this takes a lot longer.

Title: Huey's Thoughts (Bronze)(10)
Description: Read Huey's love letter.
Obtained: After Huey joins your team he will give you a letter. Look for it
          in the R&D section at mother base under the Other section. Read it to
          get a funny message and the trophy.

Title: Strangelove's Thoughts (Bronze)(10)
Description: Read all of Strangelove's memoirs.       
Obtained: After Chapter 5 is complete, re-play one of the AI battles. While in
          the pod and move around between boards you can get the Triangle
          command for picking up the tape. There are 3 tapes in total. Later
          in the game you can finish Pupa within 1~2 minutes to get these, but
          you also wait with S-ranking this mission after Chapter 5 to kill
          two birds in one stone. If you destroyed too many AI boards is may be
          tricky to move between sides so try not to (and only aim for the AI
          pod in the battle).

Title: CQC Six Shot (Bronze)(20)
Description: Performed CQC six times in a row.
Obtained: You can get this in Recruiting but the mission is not always
          available. An alternative strategy is to play EXTRA OPS 024 and wait
          for the guys to come out from the tunnel (do not scare some of them
          away by approaching them too quickly) and CQC then hell out of the
          group. This can be annoying since it depends on the enemy locations
          more than your skill. You should know how to do successive CQCs from
          the beginning tutorial, i.e. throw them towards the others else you
          will not get a chance for another nearby guy/gal.

          Here is yet another alternative strategy submitted by Damthiel:
          "Start up the story mission "Infiltrate the Underground Base" and
          right at the start there's a group of 6 or 7 to your right, on the
          bottom floor. Toss a smoke grenade right into the middle of them, flip
          over the rail and drop down. Go to the guy at the back of the group
          (he's kind of separated out) and CQC throw him *towards* the group,
          which should initiate the combo if you get him close enough. Since
          it's right at the beginning it's really quick to restart if you mess

Title: Leap of Faith (Bronze)(10)
Description: Performed a Leap of Faith.
Obtained: A homage to Assassin's Creed, play MAIN OPS - Travel to the Mine Base
          and get on the building at the northeast side (by jumping over the gap
          from the west building). Stand at the east side where you see some
          bird crap, and then press Triangle to perform a Leap of Faith. You
          also get an item below.

Title: I feel... safe (Bronze)(10)
Description: Wearing a cardboard box gives you that feeling of inner peace.
Obtained: Just equip any cardboard box (I think the assassin's box does not
          count although I am interested to know if it does). Easy and if you
          play any COOP missions with the rescue box researched you should be
          getting this anyway.

Title: Indirect Attack (Bronze)(10)
Description: Attacked enemy soldiers by blowing up an oil drum or truck (single
             player only).
Obtained: You have a few opportunities for this but should not try for this
          actively because EXTRA OPS 056 requires you to do this. Shoot the
          barrel and you will almost always take out one of the guards with it,
          although for that mission you have to perform a little better to
          win (the trophy will unlock nevertheless).

Title: OUTER OPS Sortie (Bronze)(10)
Description: Carried out a mission in OUTER OPS.      
Obtained: As soon as Outer Ops is available you are probably itchy to try and
          send out some troops. As soon as your first mission is done you will
          get this trophy (it does not even matter if you beat it but it is
          quite hard to fail the first ones unless you only send one guy...)

Title: Elite Forces (Silver)(30)
Description: Cleared 'Capture the Enemy Base 06' in OUTER OPS using only
Obtained: Not as hard as it sounds since the indicator of your forces strength
          is misleading. Wait for high rank units of course, since anything
          else will just die. 9999 health, almost all at the top for the other
          abilities. Next you must have M47, and Kampfpistole. If they come
          back dead then you could try to reload (save before you check the
          result, it can be altered). If only one makes it back you made it,
          but with the above you should not have any problems. It has to be
          done late in the game though.

Title: Paz Mania (Bronze)(20)
Description: Obtained Rank S on a date with Paz.      
Obtained: This requires a lot of comm calls to raise her affinity to 200. Some
          people also say you need the camera, play music on the Walkman and
          wear the tuxedo but I am not sure it matters. Wear the Tuxedo
          nonetheless, and you must take along the Love Box and prepare a lot
          of comm calls:
           Don't die on me.
           Good luck.
           Good to have you.
           I knew you had it in you!!
           I like it!
           I'm with ya.
           Kept you waiting, huh?
           Nice one!
           Not bad!
           Sorry...I just...
           You can do this
          These all raise the affinity  and I think you can even repeat the
          same one over and over to get it done. Each heart should give you 10
          points, thus counting 20 times is enough. Make sure you do not spam
          the comms too fast because they will not be recognized by her. The
          camera can be used to raise it too, and there is an indicator if she
          has 200 affinity when she say something about being embarrassed. When
          you think it is enough, equip the love box to finish the mission.
          By the way, after this you can view the 3D models in the staff menu
          and see all females in their underwear. Interesting. If this did not
          work you may have to redo the mission and yet again get an S-rank. It
          has been said there are some complications with it.

Title: Kaz Mania (Bronze)(20)
Description: Obtained Rank S on a date with Kaz.      
          This requires a few comm calls to raise his affinity to 100. Wear the
          tuxedo or even better the bathing suit, bring along the love box and
          then prepare these comm calls:
           Don't die on me.
           Good luck.
           Good to have you.
           I knew you had it in you!!
           I like it!
           I'm with ya.
           Kept you waiting, huh?
           Nice one!
           Not bad!
           Sorry...I just...
           You can do this
          During the mission you can also CQC him (he also has an item you get
          by checking his sleeping body). He loves that too. After enough comm
          calls (each heart is 10 points), equip the love box to end the
          mission. Much easier than the Paz mission by the way.

Title: That looks tasty! (Bronze)(10)
Description: Nicely cooked a ration. 
Obtained: There are two mission types with the fire pit, either the Pooyan
          missions or the Monster Hunter missions. Equip a ration and press
          Triangle at the pit. Let it roast a few rounds until it turns
          brown and then press Triangle again. If you did it too early you get
          a rare ration, if you do it too late you get a burnt ration. You want
          it well done. All three types count towards your recovery item
          section by the way, and all levels (1 through 5) thus there is plenty
          of roasting to do if you want to raise your mother base levels.

Title: Divine Wind (Bronze)(20)
Description: Collected a soldier using a divine wind.
Obtained: For many this is the hardest trophy besides Vic Vos. It mainly
          requires luck. Complete EX OPS 121 or 122 for a small chance to get
          the Rathalos Wing to drop. The chances are something like 3/100 for
          just killing it, and people claim you can raise this by taking off its
          tail, destroying the spikes on both wings and the spikes at its neck.
          They also claim tranqing it rather than killing it will help raise
          chances to up to 30 percent with a combination of the other parts I
          mentioned above, and that EX OPS 122 is slightly better. For all of
          the above, I do not believe it because trying this long enough I never
          had a drop. One would think a 30% chance yields results after 10+
          attempts. What I did instead, use the M47+bandana (also wear the
          battle suit [w/ helmet] to survive) and kill the guy in 1 minute. Try
          this often enough and your time wasted on the destroying+ tranqing is
          around the same.
          I have also had this theory about the chances for a drop being high
          after just starting up your game. Some games use this calculation and
          people reporting them getting it on the first try is rather lucky.
          Some people agree although some people say Monster Hunter is just so
          random in luck. Either way, this can take a long time but do not give
          up even if it seems hopeless.
          Once you get the wing, you also need to recruit an R&D member with
          the Japanese Patriot skill (POW in EX OPS 049) and your R&D team must
          be at 89.
          Once you HAVE the gun, the next part is easy: bring it along any
          mission where you can kill people and start shooting. Once every few
          shots there will be a massive whirlwind that takes out a unit a la
          fulton. Congratulations!

          There is a simpler method to get the trophy (but not the musket) by
          borrowing another players musket in COOP, but of course it does
          require a coop member to have and bring the musket to a mission,
          something you have to arrange somehow:
          "You can actually get "boosted" to get this trophy, I did it for
          someone else. If one player has the musket, you can start a co-op
          mission with someone else, then activate a "co-op in" (when your
          player ring turns yellow). With the co-op in, you can hold R2 + the
          directional pad (on the PS3 controller) to access the other player's
          equipment, allowing a person who doesn't have a musket to equip one
          (assuming the player that does have the musket has it in their current

Title: You have far too many Game Overs (Bronze) 
Description: Reached 50 or more game overs.
Obtained: Not hard to get, although it personally took me until late in the
          game to reach 50. Often sneaking missions is where you are caught
          causing instant game overs, or you die in battles by yourself. I
          suggest not trying this one too hard as there will be plenty of game
Noted: Called 'Failed again, did you?' on the Xbox 360.

Title: Don't you have anything else to do with your time? (Bronze)(10)
Description: Rolled 100 times or more in a single mission.
Obtained: Really boring. Pick any mission that has nothing to fear in an
          area, like the prologue of Main Ops at the beach, then roll around
          100 times. I actually did that in a CO-OP game while in the hangar
          while waiting for reinforcements to drop but it could be risky 
          getting spotted and make your coop partners annoyed (you hit them
          when rolling into them or they will know you are screwing around
          for the trophy).
Note: Called 'There's nothing else you can do?' on the Xbox 360.

Title: Kuwabara, Kuwabara (Bronze)(10)
Description: Heard a ghost on the radio.
Obtained: EXTRA OPS 062 - Use codec (not comms!) near the first ghost in until
          you hear "This is The End" then complete the mission. I suggest the
          Stealth Suit so the ghost cannot spot you and you can just keep
          trying. Switch your controls to have the codec on a single button,
          start CPR on the guard and keep spamming the codec button until you
          get this message (you might miss it with lots of talking going on at
          the same time but the trophy should pop up to give you notice.

Title: I'm dead serious (Bronze)(10)  
Description: Threw a chaff grenade at ZEKE (single player only). 
Obtained: You obtained chaff grenades well before facing Zeke, but like this
          joke trophy tries to imply you cannot use it against Zeke
          effectively. The trophy pops if you try though, so bring along a
          chaff grenade (I suggest the Zeke Mock Battle to avoid all the story)
          and then doing it quickly. End the battle afterwards if you want.

Title: You're pretty good (Bronze)(20)
Description: Shot enemy right in the middle of the rear end.
Obtained: Shooting enemies in the "rear end" with the Mk.22 actually is really
          useful since it tranqs them in one go, and later enemies will wear
          helmets so headshots alerts them instead. You can carefully sneak up
          to enemies and aim for the butt if you want, but regularly get this on
          EX OPS 49 when trying to shoot the guy up the fort turning around so I
          think it is almost natural to achieve this at some point in the game.
          You do not need the Mk.22 for this but I tend to use that anyway.

Title: Completed ZEKE (Silver)(50)
Description: Customized ZEKE's head parts and foot parts with special AI weapon
Obtained: This require Zeke to have launched first thus getting all main parts
          and the three optional parts (the armor is optional for launching
          Zeke and still not required for this trophy!). Fighting the Custom
          AI weapons has the chance to drop its head. I would recommend
          fighting Pupa Custom over and over again until you get it. The drop
          rate is not very high in my experience. For the legs you should fight
          Peace Walker II until it drops its legs. You can fight the Custom one
          too but I think the drop rate is higher and it is just a lot harder
          to fight him. For both parts you want to try and not damage these
          before the end of the battle, as it should increase the drop rate.

Title: Deliverer (Bronze)(20)
Description: Sent an item using Delivery.     
Obtained: This does NOT actually have to be done online as you can set the
          address to Free and send it off. Create a Gift and put anything
          crappy you have plenty of (e.g. rations) and you are done.

Title: Trader (Bronze)(10)
Description: Carried out a trade.
Obtained: Maybe the most annoying mission in terms of waiting around until
          someone comes along and trades with you. First off, put a few people
          in the trade room else you will not be able to trade anyone. You can
          try to set up a time with a friend to come online, or just leave it
          running waiting for someone to join you (it pings you so you can go
          play on your PSP or something), or keep checking if someone else sets
          it up waiting just like you did. There seems to also be a problem
          getting connected sometimes. I could not establish a connection with
          one player, then I set up my own and he connected fine too me. This
          is all trial and error. Some have said it is because they have
          transfarred the game from the PSP but then I would think they have
          fixed the issue by now.
          Once connected just pick a guy and hope the other side has the same
          rank. You can only trade equal people, like A-rank Intel for an A-
          rank R&D person. Since you can always get people from missions and
          through recruitment, this is all kind of useless because you never
          need to use this function for the real game!!
          (*Konami, what is this crap and why make a trophy for it?!*)
          Ok, so there might just be a reason. You could be wanting a female
          for your troups to get a certain insigmia. It would be easier to get
          this if your friends can trade female over to you (wow, this sounds
          all wrong). Usually you will only have ~5% females in your group and
          end getting more good ones is another story all together.

Title: VERSUS OPS All Rules (Bronze)(10)
Description: Played using all of the rules in VERSUS OPS.
Obtained: This means you need to play Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Base Capture
          as well as Control modes in VS OPS. You need to finish the game I
          believe, not just 1 round. Most people only play Team Deathmatch
          since they either do not care about trophies or just want to play the
          most fun version the game has to offer. Once in a while you get
          someone who sets up all four and maybe even quick rounds to get this
          done quickly. Those would be mainly there for boosting this trophy
          but also camaraderie. You can always try to set up your own, make the
          rounds 2 and only 1 minute long, then wait for anyone to join. Just
          have one person stick around until the end of the rounds and you will
          have completed this one. It should not take too long, and try to
          start with the Base and Control versions since Deathmatch and Team
          Deathmatch are super common.

Title: Vic Vos (Gold)(50)
Description: Reached a total of 20,000 or more Camaraderie.
Obtained: This is a stumbling block for many trying to get the platinum trophy,
          mainly because they think they just need to play online to get it.
          Camaraderie means you stick together with a few people and play with
          them regular. Only then will get you enough points to clear the 20,000
          mark. The reason is because the list in your profile only holds space
          for 50 players and will start deleting the bottom ones if new players
          come in. Once that happens you could be replacing a 100-point player
          with a 20-point one from the last mission. To prevent that, delete
          players off the bottom list once in a while if you do think it is
          worth it. The list will sort by points only AFTER having replaced
          the bottom players, with the latest at the very top.
          If you accidentally played a game and replaced good people with bad
          ones, you can always not save the game and reload.
          On average you want people with 400+ points on there but you
          really need to have a few 1000+ people to make this work. If you can,
          find people to play with you, else hope people join you for a while.
          Set up a VS OPS and make the round time 1 minute or 2 (so people do
          not just leave because they think it sucks). You get a lot of points
          for having played a round. You can set the rounds to 99 if you want,
          or cycle through game modes but the loading will be a little slower
          and you spend more time on loading than playing (and earning points).

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Damthiel for this contribution to the CQC Six Shot trophy, and whoever posted
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