Is Kasane Teto available for DLC in the Project Diva: Dreamy Theater games?

  1. Kasane Teto was released as DLC for Project Diva 2nd a few years ago. But, Is the DLC for Kasane Teto available for the Dreamy Theater games?

    User Info: otakugamer04

    otakugamer04 - 3 years ago
  2. Try researching it online :) You will find answers.

    User Info: AppleArcade120

    AppleArcade120 - 2 years ago


  1. No, unfortunately in Dreamy Theater there's no DLC for her. You can only find DLC with her in Extend or 2nd, but not in any Dreamy Theater series. She's also in F, F2nd, X and Future Tone. :)

    User Info: zzMakomanzz

    zzMakomanzz - 1 year ago 0   0

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