Best place to get obsidian?

  1. Where would I find the best place to farm/buy it?

    User Info: CrimsonRhaL

    CrimsonRhaL - 3 years ago

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  1. The best place that I can think of, is in Crestwood. Right in front of the Three Fish or Three Something Camp, there's a rock with a couple of Obsidian sticking out.

    If you're looking for fade-touched obsidian for the 3 guard on hit masterwork, you have two places in the hinterlands where you can farm it: first one is a house in Redclife, which can only be opened using the Deft Hands perk, and it is on the same side, and before the healer's house (as walking FROM the square). In there, there's a chest with several items and a fade-touched Obsidian. A second chest can be found in a boat, in the docks beyond where the Hinterlands dragon can be found: yes, you'll have to defeat her. In order to get to that chest.

    Another alternative to the fade-touched Obsidian, is fade-touched Onyx. You can find it more readily, and it still gives one 2 Guard per hit Masterworks bonus.

    User Info: TheDacian

    TheDacian - 3 years ago 1   0

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