How does this Dragons Keep thing work?

  1. I'm not tech savvy. I'm dumb. And I'm getting a little frustrated.

    I lost my Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II storyline when I got the red light of death last year. So I got Inquistion and I was hoping to use that Dragons Keep thing to import a new storyline as close to my old one as I could remember. So I spent an hour or so going through it. And now I've turned on Inquistion and I can't figure out how to get my storyline in to the game.

    You're going to REALLY have to dumb this down for me. I'm talking step-by-step from signing onto PSN, EA's servers, the Dragons Keep. Whatever I have to do I'll do it, I just don't know how to.

    I'm using a very old Mac with Safari 5.0.6 and a newer PS3.

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  1. You don't have to do anything in Inquisition. The Dragon's Keep world state simply modifies some of the backstory in the game. For example, you'll speak with King Alistair and/or Queen Anora during the storyline depending on your world state. (Whether you had one take the throne or got them to marry.)

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  2. Start with the Internet. Dragons' Keep is a website.

    It requests a log-on using the Bioware/EA account.

    Once in, you will be shown the keep's decision process after the loading period.

    You will essentially choose every major decision that would show up in Inquisition.

    The impact ranges from changes in the codex lore (DAO warden is alive/dead) to actual game changes (Missions to recruit aid from Bhelen/Harrowmont).

    There are also minor details that change very miniscule things. (Samson never got back into the Templars, Champion of Kirkwall never fought Corypheus)

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  3. Once you update your Dragons Keep with your choices, on the right hand side you should see a list (if more than one) of the world's you have "created", or just the one you worked on. Make a note of the world you want to import, as it will be displayed by the date created/modified and the Greenwich time (London) that took place.

    When starting a game in Inquisition, it will give you a choice between worlds "created"(or just the one, if one is all you have) and a default state world. Pick the one you made a note of, and voila!

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