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Earn your seat at the Round Table amongst the greatest knights in King Arthur's court! The Arthurian legend is reborn on a lively pinball table with several unique features. See the tales of the Knights of the Round Table unfold before you. Participate in duels or jousting tournaments for the honour, and defend Camelot against the robber knights!

A legend is reborn. Get ready for pinball action featuring the noble knights of King Arthur, and hear the tales of their legendary deeds! Excalibur will reveal the way to become a renowned knight, just always hit the right spot, or the right ramp!

Table features:
- Enter Camelot to duel with other knights and hold the King's Champion title as long as you can!
- When invaders are attacking, defend the castle against the robber knights!
- Always consider Merlin's suggestions and lock balls in his tower to start Magical Multiball!
- Spell out TALE, then spin the Round Table to choose a famous knight or Arthur himself, and relive their most memorable stories!
- Hit the swinging targets to open the hidden path that leads to the sorceress Morgana's lair!
- Sneak into Mordred's dungeon, or lead a full siege against his fortress!
- Earn some extra points by participating in jousting tournaments!
- The Quest for the Holy Grail awaits you!

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