How do I unlock weapons?

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    FighterJim93 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You start out each character with their basic weapon and two other weapons unlocked. You then unlock the rest of the weapons by increasing your Player Level. You unlock entire sweeps of weapons at once.

    For most characters, you unlock their first extra weapon by getting Player Level 9. Patroklos, Nightmare, Natsu, Xiba, and Pyrrha have their first extra weapon unlocked in Story Mode.

    You unlock the character's second extra weapon (arguably, their 'ultimate') by getting Player Level 41.

    You unlock the character's last extra weapon (their joke weapon) by getting Player Level 53.

    Credit goes to Jukain, the TC of this thread:

    User Info: donutmanstorm

    donutmanstorm - 6 years ago 4 0

Other Answers

  1. Donutmanstorm has the system right, I believe. I made a character based on Siegfried and later found a sweet looking Soul Calibur Hidden sword around level 11 (only because I had new stuff to check out)

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