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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Axel7174

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    | AC: Revelations Guide       |
    | Created by: Axel7174        |
    | FAQ and Walkthrough         |
    | Copyright 2011 Ryne Gardner |
    Version History
    Version 1.00 - 11/13/2011 - 11/
    --The first complete edition. Somewhat barebones but I tried to do what I can
    in the time alloted to me this busy holiday season. The walkthrough is done but
    I will be trying to format it and pretty it up. Only a very small portion of
    the side stuff has been added. More to come.
    Version 1.05 - 11/28/11
    --First update. I've perceived that I try to make a big update immediately
    following the guide's creation, but rarely ever deliver on it. Therfore, like
    usual, this is just a pretty small update for now. Don't ever work Black Friday,
    kiddies... Anyways, I'm mostly compiling information and lists. I'm slowly
    working on both the Basics and the Extras sections simultaneously and hope to
    supplement them a lot this week and possibly next. By then I hope to be working
    toward wrapping up most of it. Other additions include a few more FAQ questions
    and some slight tweaks and adds.
    Version 1.10 - 12/2/11
    --Welcome to the month of December! I've both added a decent amount of stuff and
    cleaned up. Everything looks neater... mostly. I have been working on adding
    more to the Basics and Extras sections. Specifically, I'm working on the Den
    Defense section per request, as well as the info on Assassin Recruits. I'm also
    going to add a few more subsections in the future. Other than that, a few new
    FAQ questions, plus some other additions here and there.
    Version 1.15 - 12/9/11
    --Another small update. I'm afraid that with work and also finals on hand, I
    don't have a lot of time to work on the guide, let alone play the game. I hope
    to have more coming in a few days to a week or so. For now I have updated the
    Extras again, Den Defense, Assassin training, all that stuff. I'm also working
    on the Challenges which is in progress. Hopefully it will be finished next time.
      1|Introduction..................................................... [itro]
       |+ About This Guide
       |+ Using This Guide
      2|Basics........................................................... [bc00]
       |+ Controls....................................................... [bc01]
       |+ Tips and Techniques............................................ [bc02]
       |+ Tools of the Trade............................................. [bc03]
       |+ Know Thy Enemy................................................. [bc04]
      3|Walkthrough...................................................... [br00]
       |+ Sequence 1 - A Sort of Homecoming.............................. [rv01]
       |+ Sequence 2 - The Crossroads of the World....................... [rv02]
       |+ Sequence 3 - Lost and Found.................................... [rv03]
       |+ Sequence 4 - The Uncivil War................................... [rv04]
       |+ Sequence 5 - Heir to the Empire................................ [rv05]
       |+ Sequence 6 - Fortune's Disfavor................................ [rv06]
       |+ Sequence 7 - Underworld........................................ [rv07]
       |+ Sequence 8 - The End of an Era................................. [rv08]
       |+ Sequence 9 - Revelations....................................... [rv09]
      4|Desmond's Journey................................................ [dj00]
      5|Lists............................................................ [rl00]
       |+ Weapons & Armors............................................... [rl01]
       |+ Bombcrafting and Bomb Materials................................ [rl02]
       |+ Tailor Shops................................................... [rl03]
       |+ Books.......................................................... [rl04]
      6|Extras........................................................... [ex00]
       |+ Den Defense: Strategies and Tips............................... [ex01]
       |+ Assassin Training: Mediterranean Defense....................... [ex02]
       |+ Assassin Missions.............................................. [ex03]
       |+ Challenges..................................................... [ex04]
       |+ Trophies/Achievements.......................................... [ex05]
      7|Miscellaneous.................................................... [misl]
       |+ Frequently Asked Questions..................................... [fak4u]
       |+ Credits/Special Thanks
       |+ Contact Info
       |+ Legal Schpeel
    | Introduction  ||  ASSASSIN'S CREED: REVELATIONS                    [itro] |
    About This Guide
    Welcome to the guide! Thanks for reading, friend. I'm happy to say that for
    the first time in a while, I'm able to deliver a guide under little stress.
    Being super busy kind of... well, sucks. Working on this guide was a lot more
    fun and eventful than recently.
    So yeah, welcome. It is my sincere hope that this guide helps you out in some
    way, even if you're just coming and going. I'm not perfect but I'll be trying
    to deliver a good and fun guide.
    Using This Guide
    Navigating around this guide is pretty simple. From the table of contents just
    above, you can find those little codes at the end of most items that are called
    quickjumps. Use these with the ctrl+f function of your web browser to jump
    around the guide really fast. You can also use it to search for keywords that
    can help you find something you may be looking for.
    As far as general comments, questions, and submissions go, I do have a few
    small rules that I'd like everyone to read before shooting me an e-mail. Make
    sure to read the FAQ section first and all that jazz.
    And last but certainly not least, have fun. I hope that if you do end up needing
    some help, that you'll be able to find it here. Thanks!
    | Basics        ||  ASSASSIN'S CREED: REVELATIONS                    [bc00] |
    - | Controls | - 
      o--|    |--o
    |Action               |PS3 Button             |360 Button         |
    |Pause                |Start                  |Start              |
    |Map                  |Select                 |Back               |
    |Movement             |Left Analog Stick      |Left Thumbstick    |
    |Camera               |Right Analog Stick     |Right Thumbstick   |
    |Lock on              |L1                     |Left Trigger       |
    |Call Assassins       |L2                     |Left Button        |
    |Eagle Sense          |L3                     |Left Thumbstick in |
    |High Profile         |R1                     |Right Trigger      |
    |Inventory Wheel      |R2                     |Right Button       |
    |Center camera        |R3                     |Right Thumbstick In|
    |Select Hidden Blade  |D-Pad Up               |D-Pad Up           |
    |Select Primary Weapon|D-Pad Right            |D-Pad Right        |
    |Use Medicine         |D-Pad Left             |D-Pad Left         |
    |Select Fists         |D-Pad Down             |D-Pad Down         |
    Actions: Low Profile and High Profile
    |Action                          |PS3 Button      |360 Button  |  
    |Steal (Low Profile)             |X               |A           |
    |Sprint/Free Run (High Profile)  |X               |A           |
    |Gentle Push (Low Profile)       |Circle          |B           |
    |Hookblade counter (High Profile)|Circle          |B           |
    |Tackle (while running)          |Circle          |B           |
    |Attack                          |Square          |X           |
    |Speak/Interact                  |Circle          |B           |
    - | Tips and Techniques | -
      o-------|    |--------o
    - | Tools of the Trade | -
      o-------|    |-------o
    Being a Master Assassin is a tough job, you know. Ezio will need a lot of
    different weapons and tools to get the results.
    - Hidden Blades -
    The signature weapon of the Assassin. The Hidden Blades can be used to
    discreetly eliminate targets without notice. With Double Hidden Blades, two
    targets can be killed at once. They are versatile in that they can be used in
    many different situations.
    - Medium Weapons -
    Standard swords or maces. Though each varies in stats, generally, Medium Weapons
    are well rounded in attack, speed, and combos, not excelling but not lacking
    in any category. It's easy to do counters and string together combos with Medium
    Special Attack: Hold Triangle when your pistol is selected to fire a bullet at a
    guard during open combat.
    Multi-Kill: During an Execution Streak, instead of simply pressing Square to
    select your next opponent, HOLD Square and Ezio should do a double kill, cutting
    down one enemy and shooting another.
    - Daggers -
    Ezio is allowed to carry one Medium or Heavy Weapon, as well as a Dagger. 
    Daggers are much faster in their attacks and counters, and therefore are useful
    for taking the initiative in some battles. Ezio performs normal combo strikes a
    lot quicker, and his counter-kills not only go faster, but they seem to have
    more of a window to kill an enemy. Daggers however do not provide much help when
    blocking enemy attacks, especialy from more dangerous foes.
    Special Attack: Hold Triangle to throw up to three throwing knives during
    Multi-Kill: During an Execution Streak, you can hold Square rather than just
    press it as you select your next target. Holding Square should make Ezio throw
    a knife at one enemy as he stabs the other with his dagger.
    - Heavy Weapons -
    Heavy Weapons include large swords like claymores and axes. They are meant to
    dish out punishment, hitting for a lot of damage to enemies. Heavy Weapons are
    the slowest in terms of attack speed but that is the trade off for their power.
    Many enemies cannot block Heavy Weapon attacks and the power attack can not only
    break their guards, but it can kill them quite easily sometimes.
    You must purchase the Heavy Weapons Pouch to equip one.
    Special Attack: Hold Square during close combat to wind up a heavy attack.
    This attack will knock enemies down, break their guards, and in many cases, kill
    them outright.
    Ranged Attack: Hold Square when locked onto an enemy at a distance to wind up
    a throw. When you let go, Ezio will throw the Heavy Weapon at an enemy, killing
    them instantly.
    !!! WARNING !!!
    Throwing your Heavy Weapon means you lose it until you pick it up off the ground
    or from the corpse of your victim. Picking up any different weapon will equip
    it. However, you can go back to a Blacksmith or your HQ to re-equip your Heavy
    Weapon if you lose it.
    - | Know Thy Enemy | -
      o-----|    |-----o
    Ubisoft have taken comments about Assassin's Creed being too easy to heart. Many
    of the enemy archtypes are returning in Revelations, but now they're more
    aggressive and have fewer weaknesses than before.
    Your standard "grunt". The Militia wear normal armor with silver helmets that
    are slightly rounded. They wield swords or maces and are the most common enemy
    you'll encounter until the latter part of the game. As a beginner type of foe,
    they are weak to just about any type of attack.
    Wield: Swords, Maces
    Immunities: Kicks
    Weaknesses: Counters, Hidden Blade Counters, Disarms, Execution Streak 
    General Strategy: Alone or with other enemy types, Militia are never anything to
    sweat about. Counters work wonders and with practice, they are easy fodder for
    Execution Streak. If supported by tougher enemy types, target these guys first
    with counters, or use Throwing Knives to take out multiple at once before
    fighting the others.
    The Almogavars are your Brutes from the last two games. They wear very bulky,
    dark red armor and round helmets, wielding large axes or swords. They have just
    three attacks. One is a standard swing. They also have a heavier attack that
    they will wind up for two to three seconds which does a lot of damage and can't
    be blocked. Last, they have a combo attack of up to three swings.
    Wield: Heavy Weapons (Swords, Axes)
    Weaknesses: Kicks, Counters, Hidden Blade Counters, Execution Streak
    Immunities: Disarms*
    General Strategy: Almogavars are tougher but have more weaknesses than their
    imposing statures belie. If you follow the "evolution" of the "Brute" enemy
    over the course of the last few games, their one main weakness, the Disarm, has
    all but disappeared. In ACII, you could disarm them with no problem. In
    Brotherhood, you could disarm them after taunting them. Now, the Almogvars have
    borrowed a trait from the Papal Guards and can only be disarmed during the combo
    attack. You have to allow the first strike to hit you, then you can disarm them
    after that.
    In general, it's best to just treat Almogavars like normal enemies. Counter them
    at will and try to streak kills together. They are vulnerable to Hidden Blade
    counters too. Just be very cautious of their heavy attack. They advertise this
    very well by holding the sword or axe high and winding it up. You can't block
    this and it hurts a lot. Either dodge, or better yet, kick them interrupt the
    attack. They take so long to swing you can easilly interrupt them.
    These are the Vanguard enemies and the only ones who use spears, as well as your
    only access to spears. They wear dark red armor that has a slight "skirt" and
    horned helmets. They attack with either spears or pikes. These guys now have
    virtually no weaknesses. Disarming is practically the only viable strategy after
    standard combo kills. In large groups, they are an imposing threat.
    Wield: Spears, Pikes
    Weaknesses: Disarms, Execution Streak
    Immunities: Kicks, Counters, Hidden Blade Counters
    General Strategy: These guys are tough in large groups. They are immune to all
    counters except Disarms. You should start with a Disarm and try to streak
    together an Execution Streak. The difficulty in this is you cannot interrupt an
    interruption. By that I mean, where during Execution Streaks, if another enemy
    tries to stop you, you can still counter them if you react quickly enough. With
    Varangians, because you can't counter them, even with another spear, if one
    attacks you during your streak, there's nothing you can do. They cannot be
    kicked. If you use a sword, try to dodge and then strike them repeatedly to do
    a standard combo kill. Besides these three options, you can also try to use
    special attacks with Heavy Weapons and spears.
    The "Papal Guard" enemies introduced in Brotherhood. They are very resilient,
    block all attacks, are immune to counterkills, and attack with both a sword and
    a pistol. Killing them is a step-by-step process, as three counters will kill
    them. You can only counter their sword strikes. Near the end of the game, just
    about every enemy unit roaming Constantinople will include at least one, if not
    two Janissaries.
    Wield: Swords and Pistols
    Immunities: Kicks, Disarms, Strikes
    Weaknesses: Three Counters
    General Strategy: Alone or in a group, Janissaries are formidable foes. There
    are only two ways to instantly kill them. Outside of combat, get the jump on
    them with the Hidden Blades or another weapon. Inside of combat, deploy a bomb
    that will stun them and get an easy kill. Other than that, killing a Janissary
    involves gradually weakening them with counters. You can use any weapon to do
    counters on them, and the third one will kill them. Execution Streak will only
    work if the Janissary you target during the streak is already weakened.
    Janissaries will either strike with their swords or use their pistols. As such,
    they are actually quite predicatble. Always keep R1 held as you wait for a
    counter to gradually weaken them. If they are not striking with their sword
    though, they will point the pistol at you. You have a very agreeable window of
    about three seconds before they fire the pistol, which is plenty of time to 
    interrupt them. Kick or slash at them to interrupt the shot. Janissaries will
    block disarms and kicks and they have no problem deflecting normal slashes.
    Elites usually wear gold plated armor, some of the plates being round in shape.
    They wield maces usually, but sometimes swords. They are also distinguishable
    by the small armor that covers the lower half of their faces.
    Wields: Maces, swords
    Immunities: None
    Weaknesses: Kicks, Counters, Hidden Blade Counters, Disarms, Execution Streak
    General Strategy: What makes Elites a little different than Militia and other
    lower enemies is that they tend to be a bit more aggressive. They are one of
    just a few enemies that will kick Ezio and then try to attack him. It's best to
    use standard strikes til you slay them, use counters, or catch them in an
    Execution Streak. It depends on whether or not you want to take the initiative.
    Found exclusively on rooftops. Riflemen are the only enemies that become
    suspicious of Ezio on sight even under normal circumstances, but only when he is
    on a nearby rooftop. When they see Ezio, they come quickly aware, then finally,
    will attack. They can be somewhat persistent but it doesn't take much to lose
    them... or silence them.
    Wield: Rifles
    Immunities: None
    Weaknesses: Crossbow, Knives, Strikes
    General Strategy: They are best taken out from a distance with either the
    Crossbow or Throwing Knives. It only takes one bolt or one knife to kill them.
    If you dwell on the rooftops a lot, expect to see them so this is the best
    strategy to use. If you are caught in close combat with them, they tend to take
    their sweet time in between shots, so strike them with normal slashes and after
    just a few, they are easily slain.
    Their appearances seem quirky at best. They tend to appear near the beginning
    of the game but seem to disappear near the end. They will be found on rooftops
    and can easily be mistaken for riflemen until you get in closer. As such, you
    should be very cautious.
    Wield: Bombs
    Immunities: None
    Weaknesses: Everything
    General Strategy: Since they are easily mistaken for Riflemen, you should be
    careful when traversing the rooftops. If you do not see the rifle on their
    backs, that usually indicates it's a Bombman. They drop explosive shrapnel-type
    bombs which do a very large amount of damage to Ezio, on top of potentially
    knocking him off a rooftop. As such, in the beginning of the game especially,
    they should be considered extremely dangerous.
    | Walkthrough   ||  ASSASSIN'S CREED: REVELATIONS                    [rv00] |
    When you get control, stagger your way down this beach. It won't be more than
    a few steps before a cutscene begins. You'll come face to face with an old
    friend, one who, much to my unmitigated and furious anger, has a new voice
    actor. WHY UBISOFT?! WHY?!
    *ahem* Anyway, follow him for a bit as he talks about what's happened since
    last time. After that and after more dialogue, you'll be presented with a huge
    blue gateway. It's strange and there's not much indication as to what it leads
    to. Nevertheless, approach it. You'll probably hear a bit more dialogue from
    familiar voices (familiar, that is, if you've played either of the last two
    games). Listen to it if you wish, then proceed forward, into the void.
    I hope you have a 1080p enabled television, because sweet jack rabbit Jesus, 
    this next cutscene is perhaps the most beautiful visual work of art I've ever
    seen in a video game...
    Once that's over, proceed to lift your jaw off the floor, and we'll be jumping
    right into things... Get ready...
                                   S E Q U E N C E  1
                                 A SORT OF HOMECOMING                        [rv01]
    After watching all that, Ezio will find him at the bottom of a (possibly)
    familiar peak. It's time to kick this thing off.
                      |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o-----------------o                                                      |
    | A Narrow Escape |     Kill a Byzantine Templar with a counter kill     |
    o-----------------o                                                      |
    There will be a path immediately in front fo you. As if it wasn't already
    obvious enough for Assassin's Creed vets, there is also a ghostly figure that
    accompanies you here, demonstrating for you how to proceed.
    For those who are either shaking off a year's worth of cobwebs or just
    completely new to the series, here's how to move ahead. Hold R1 and X together
    while pressing the Left Analog Stick forward. You will automatically jump
    across these objects and beams, following the ghost. Keep going until the ghost
    turns left. You should too.
    You'll climb up another ledge, again by holding down those two buttons. At the
    top, your first victim of the game will foolishly run up to attack. You're
    unarmed at the moment, so get into an attack stance by holding R1. This allows
    you to block as well as perform counters. You can strike with your fists by
    hitting Square/X, waiting for openings and blocking in the mean time. Otherwise,
    if you want an easy victory and to complete the full synch objective, perform a
    Watch the attack animation of the soldier and while holding R1, hit Square/X
    when he's winding up his punch. A very helpful tip to learn when enemies are
    about to attack is to pay attention to their health meters. Enemy health is
    represented by the red diamonds above them. When this meter flashes white, they
    are about to attack. Use that visual cue to help you predict and perform your
    Follow the apparition straight up the next wall. I'll let him guide you from
    here. Just use the Left Analog Stick to keep climbing and do as he does. You
    will eventually climb up to the top of the castle wall. Keep going for a scene.
    A sword and the two trademark Hidden Blades are your early rewards. With these
    in hand, follow the ghost to victims #2-4. This time, enter lock-on mode by
    hitting L1. From there, hold R1 to assume your defensive stance. Now you have
    three enemies to keep an eye on. To make things easier, pay attention to their
    health indicators like I said before. When one of them blinks, that enemy is
    about to attack.
    This is another perfect opportunity to practice counters and get that bonus
    objective. Just wait for one of them to swing and before they make contact,
    hit Square while holding R1. For the other two, you can also counter or just
    strike repeatedly (as the tutorial is urging you to) by hitting Square/X over
    and over.
    Afterwards, continue to follow your spiritual guide along the path. At the
    very end, take a few more steps forward to find a "lift". It's a small wooden
    platform, slightly raised that uses a weight to propel upward. Climb onto it,
    then hold R1 while moving closer toward the lift. This should shoot you up to
    another level, where you'll begin another climb.
    As before, try to follow the ghost. It will guide you up the wall to a beam.
    From there, it will jump to the left, to the corner structure. Use the Left
    Analog Stick to point toward that structure and hold R1 as you hit X to jump to
    it. Follow the ghost as it shimmys around. From there, watch and do as it does.
    Let go of the left stick and just hit X while holding R1. This lets you jump
    away from the wall to grab the next beam.
    Hold R1 and tilt the left stick up and you should pull yourself up. Jump to the
    next beam and so on. Wait for the ghost if it's not there and watch as it
    goes up the wall. So do the same and keep following it.
    Eventually, you'll be led to a ledge where you can perform a Ledge Assassination
    on an unsuspecting sentry. While hanging, hit Square/X to do it. Otherwise,
    you can just pull yourself up and attack that way as well.
    The apparition will guide you to another sentry. Climb up and assassinate him
    from behind. Continue up the next wall, following the ghost as it takes you up
    to the roof. The ghost will lead you to a small statue. Approach it and hit
    Circle/B to interact and a short scene will commence.
    After that short dip, with your Hidden Blades selected, hold R1 and try to do
    a counter on the attacking sentry. Doing Hidden Blade counters calls for some
    slightly more precise timing, so be aware of that. Try to time it exactly with
    the moment that the enemy will make contact.
    The path is mostly linear, leading to a large chamber with a lower recess. Down
    there, you'll find four Templar workers. Assassinate them all. You can get the
    drop on at least one of them with an Air Assassination (stand near a ledge and
    lock on to an enemy, then look for the prompt in the top-right). The rest will
    likely attack you after that, so pull out your sword if need be.
    When they're all dead, approach the man at the far end and get close to speak
    with him (Circle/B). 
                             |---------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE---------------|
    o------------------------o                                                  |
    | A Journal of Some Kind |               Do not fail a single tail          |
    o------------------------o                                                  |
    Turn away from the door, going in the complete opposite direction, through a
    stone corridor. There will be a swirling white marker in front of you. It's
    basically like a waypoint or checkpoint marker. Go up the stairs and interact
    at the door.
    Keep going through the corridor to eventually wind up at a very nostalgic place.
    You can look around if you want, but there's only a few interactive things.
    Just go out the main doors on the first floor and into the courtyard. Four
    Templars will be left behind. Approach them, blade in hand, and carve through
    them. Watch for their health indicators to blink and counter their attacks.
    Find the white marker at the base of the ladder and climb up it. Go to the
    right and another group of Templars will engage you. They take a long time
    before they attack, so you can easily string together multiple strikes. It's
    probably better than sitting on counter opportunities the entire time.
    Once they're all dead, find the door at the base of the tower. To the right of
    that door are two small barrels. Stand on these and begin your climb up the
    tower. It's relatively straightforward; you can just hold up the whole time and
    Ezio should make it to thet op with ease.
    From here, you'll spot your target. Run off the edge (yes, do it) and hit
    Square/X in mid-air to deploy a parachute. Just glide down toward the yellow
    marker on your screen. Keep in mind there is no pitch or diving movements, just
    left or right, so try not to fumble around with the left stick too much.
    When you land on foot, continue following that party down the hills of Masyaf.
    Stay at a good enough distance and just walk slowly. They won't see you so just
    hang back and be patient. At the bottom of the hill, there will be a scene and
    you should also fulfill your bonus objective.
    | A Hard Ride |
    This next sequence can be a bit tough. As Ezio holds onto the rope, you can
    move left or right. This will become very key in just a minute. For now, just
    hold the Left Analog Stick up or forward and Ezio should climb the rope toward
    the fleeing carriage. After a while though, the terrain will become very
    The main obstacles here are these rocky patches with bushes that you'll see
    along the road. Steer hard left or right to avoid them, depending on where
    they are. They sometimes tend to come one after another, forcing you to almost
    zig-zag to avoid them. The damage is minimal, but it adds up and this is a 
    long ride.
    In between the dodging you should keep climbing closer and closer. Eventually,
    you'll get a scene, then get control of your own carriage. An enemy carriage
    will be beside you. To damage it, just steer as hard right as you can. The
    better of an angle and momentum you have, the less likely you are to receive
    damage yourself. Do this until the carriage crashes.
    Following that, the Templar captain appears on his carriage. Continue the
    same strategy, steering hard into him. You just have to hold out, doing this
    until there is another scene.
                        |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o-------------------o                                                      |
    | The Wounded Eagle |        Kill at least 5 guards from a haystack        |
    o-------------------o                                                      |
    Stagger forward and let the guards surround you. Ezio may be wounded, but he
    is not harmless. Here, I'm going to throw a little advanced combat help your
    way. If you've played Brotherhood, this will likely be very familiar. The
    Execution Streak. When performing a kill in combat, during the animation, you
    can use the Left Analog Stick as a "selector" of sorts. If you point it in the
    direction of another enemy, and then hit Square to "select" that enemy before
    Ezio is done removing his bloody sword from the last enemy's corpse, you can
    start a streak.
    The Execution Streak allows you to chain kills together with little effort. You
    have to get one kill through repeated strikes or counters first. Once you do
    that, you can string them together, as many as there enemies.
    Otherwise, try to rely on standard counters, given your low health. When they
    are all dead, hold Circle/B near their bodies to loot them. You should gain
    some bomb materials. We'll go into that a bit later.
    For now, head toward the marker on your mini-map. Just pay attention to the
    dirt road and follow that as you go east. Eventually you should come to a giant
    water wheel. Assassinate the guard patroling nearby, then go toward the right
    side of the wheel for a quick scene. At the top, assassinate the guard from
    behind. Head down a flight of stairs after that.
    It's key to note that in this injured state, not only does Ezio grunt... a lot,
    but he also cannot climb. Be aware of that.
    At the bottom of the stairs, activate Eagle Sense by clicking the left stick
    inward. This will give you some of the same capabilities you may be used to with
    Eagle Vision. Enemies are red, allies are blue... and so are roses and violets,
    but that's another story. More importantly, Eagle Sense will show you the
    path that an important target, in this case, the Templar Captain, took through
    this area and where exactly he or she went.
    First, let's attend to the Full Synch objective. You'll notice two pairs of
    guards down two streets ahead of you. Meanwhile, a single guard patrols around
    the carriage. When he isn't looking, jump into the haystack in the top-left.
    This is where you'll try to get most of the kills.
    Wait for that guard to return. When he stands near the haystack, hit Square/X
    to perform an assassination. That will be one. You should be able to get at
    least three more for a total of four. First, stand in front of the nearest
    street to the haystack. Two guards will patrol back and forth. Try to get one
    to notice you, but they both probably will. When their indicators fill up
    completely yellow, they are aware of you. From there, they will try to get close
    to you as the indicators turn red. Don't let them turn completely red or they
    will attack, making this all useless. Lure them back to the haystack and
    perform a kill on one of them from there. If you managed to lure just one,
    repeat for the other guard. If not, you'll have to kill the other normally.
    Now, repeat this strategy for the other two in the adjacent street. You should
    have no problem luring them out one at a time. Just make sure their meters
    never turn fully red and make sure they don't give up following you. Just
    down the street, you can find another pair of guards. Try to lure at least one
    all the way down to the haystack to get your fifth and final kill for this
    bonus objective.
    Now, activate Eagle Sense again and follow the vision of the Templar Captain.
    If he doesn't appear, the path will be a line of light along the ground. Follow
    that instead. Along the way, more guards will be in the area. Assassinate them
    when nobody is looking or, preferably, just avoid them and blend into nearby
    groups of people. When you see people standing in units of four or five, you
    can often stand with them and instantly become hidden to enemies.
    Continue to follow the path and it won't be long before you get a scene. After
    that, you'll be assaulted by three more guards. Stick to the safe method of
    counters. You can just sit back and wait for them to strike, holding R1 and
    then counter with Square/X before impact. Try to turn it into a mini Execution
    Streak. As I mentioned above (and will continue to remind you as we go along),
    you can do an Execution Streak after your first kill by pointing the left stick
    at your next enemy, then "selecting" him with Square/X before the kill animation
    is over.
    Once they're dead, loot their bodies by holding Circle/B to recover some
    medicine. Use it as the game instructs you and you'll be fully healed. Now,
    go east and climb up one of the first buildings. You'll want to go north soon
    after, toward the large tower. Two gunners on the rooftops may notice you.
    Either go around them, or hold R2 and use the right stick to select your
    Throwing Knives. Hold Triangle when locked on to kill them with one knife each.
    Make your way to the tower, then climb up from the corner, marked by a white
    waypoint. As you climb, more gunners will try to shoot at you. They will miss
    so long as you keep moving. You'll go up this wall in a zig-zag for the most
    part, left to right and straight up. At the top, go to the left of the door
    here and climb up again. Keep going until you confront the Templar Captain.
    Approach him and then perform the assassination. That marks the end of the
    first sequence, but the beginning of something much more...
                                   S E Q U E N C E  2
                               THE CROSSROADS OF THE WORLD                   [rv02]
                     |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o----------------o                                                      |
    | A Warm Welcome |             Do not wander far from Yusuf             |
    o----------------o                                                      |
    A really quick and easy mission. Brotherhood players can just substitute 
    Machiavelli from a similar mission in for Yusuf and they are nearly indentical.
    Walk alongside him as he talks and Ezio listens. More importantly, pay close
    attention to all the tutorials that come up on the screen as they are usually
    pretty helpful.
    Avoid bumping into people by holding Circle as you walk. Or... "accidentally"
    bump into them by holding X and steer Ezio into others to pickpocket their
    money. Do this as you're walking with Yusuf and try to pick up a little extra
    cash. Try to keep moving though, so nobody catches you after the fact.
    Keep going and you'll eventually be attacked by a group of guards. Draw your
    Sword (default D-Pad right) and counter the first one to attack you. Try to
    chain it into another guard. By that time, Yusuf should kill the other.
    Head out into the square and yet another group appears, but then a scene will
    take over. After that, follow Yusuf the rest of the way to the Assassin's HQ.
    Enter for a scene. That eventually leads to your next mission of this sequence.
    | Upgrade and Explore |
    Really, all this mission tests is if you have a pulse. Simply walk around
    pickpocketing people to gain money, that is, if you even need to. To purchase
    the Azap Leather Spaulders, you only need 300ish or slightly more. Once you
    have it, go to the blue marker on your map and speak to the blacksmith. You
    can only purchase the spaulders so do that, and guess what? Mission over.
    Return to the hideut and find Yusuf outside. Approach him for a scene.
                    |------------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE------------------|
    o---------------o                                                        |
    | The Hookblade | Perform every hookblade move successfully at least once|
    o---------------o                                                        |
    This next tutori-- err.. mission, will teach you how to use that new fangled
    hookblade all the cool kids are yapping on about. Yusuf may very easily
    disappear from your sight at the start, but he'll be on the rooftops above.
    Find a path to climb up after him and locate him by the blue marker he has.
    The first part will teach you "Extended Reach" which lets you traverse gaps
    that might have been just a hair out of reach before. Do exactly as Yusuf
    does, jumping from the same spots. Hold R1 + X as always, but this time, as you
    are in mid-air, hold the Circle/B button. The hookblade will deploy, reaching
    out and grasping a higher or further part of the ledge. Pull yourself up
    normally from there.
    You'll repeat this move a few more times as you continue to follow Yusuf around.
    He will then show you the Long Jump technique. These flower pots that hang
    usually make Ezio turn around a corner. If you tap Circle before he grabs the
    pot though, Ezio will use it to jump straight ahead a long distance. Try it
    You'll do this a few more times as you continue following. When you touch back
    down on the ground again, you'll do the last tutorial, the "Hook and Run". Run
    toward an opponent by holding R1 and then hold Circle to get behind them. Try
    it out three times on the practice partner. You should also meet the bonus
    Approach Yusuf again for another chat and your next task.
                           |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o----------------------o                                                      |
    | The View From Galata |          Climb the tower in under 60 seconds         |
    o----------------------o                                                      |
    Follow Yusuf up the side of the staircase, then into the same position he begins
    to climb the tower from. It's really straightforward so don't let me bog you
    down with useless info. Just follow the EXACT path that Yusuf takes.
    Make use of the hookblades by holding up on the left stick and hitting R1 + X.
    When possible, Ezio will make a big jump to reach more out of reach ledges. He
    will also climb faster when there is a straight path above. Just follow the
    path that Yusuf takes though and don't stray from it.
    As long as you don't stay still too long and follow Yusuf exactly, you should
    get full synch with no troubles.
    Before going to the viewpoint ledge, go to the other side of this tower and
    open the chest. When you stand on the perch of the viewpoint, birds will
    scatter. Stay here and click the left stick in to synchronzie it. This shows
    you what's in the surrounding area. Perform the trademark Leap of Faith to
    complete the mission.
                       |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o------------------o                                                      |
    | Advanced Tactics |            Perform a Zipline Assassination           |
    o------------------o                                                      |
    The long game of Simon Says continues as you will follow your companion along
    the rooftops to the majestic zipline. This simple apparatus allows a hookblade
    user to travel quickly along larger distances. Just be in free run mode by
    holding R1 + X and jump toward it. Hold R1 to zip faster.
    Do this twice and you'll get to a third area where two guards are. Yusuf takes
    out one, then cleverly lures the other one in for you. Wait til he goes to
    check on his friend, then board the zipline. When you get close enough, a prompt
    to perform an assassination will appear. Pull it off for the full synch
    After the following scene, head to the location marked on your mini map. An
    assassin on a rooftop is your target. Speak to him.
    | On The Defense |
    Den Defense is the name of the game. It's a minigame that is somewhat in the
    veins of Real Time Strategy. You will not have much direct participation,
    instead placing units on rooftops, building up a "force" and defending the
    "base" by having your units attack the invading enemy.
    Morale is a "currency" in the top-left that is used to place units. It raises
    slowly over time. Most units cost 10 morale.
    The game will guide you through the first few steps. You must place a Leader
    unit on a roof first before doing anything else. Next, place some crossbowmen
    on the rooftops. After that, riflemen, who can penetrate defenses easily but
    attack slower, can be placed. Also, place a barricade in the street.
    Try to take it slow and build up morale. Try to place 3-5 crossbowmen and/or
    riflemen on each rooftop. Also, if at all possible, try to erect three or four
    rows of barricades.
    We'll get to why in a moment. The units you've placed should have little problem
    mowing down the enemy forces that come charging down the street. Chances are
    they will take down one of your barricades, so replace it as soon as you can,
    while you continue to place even more units down.
    Also, be sure to loot some of the dead bodies. Place the cursor over them and
    you might be able to grab a little cash by hitting Circle/B.
    Eventually, they bust out the big guns. A mobile siege weapon. It will burst
    through barricades very easily. Try to have as many units out there as possible.
    If you have enoguh barricades and enough attackers, you can deal damage over
    time. If it breaks through your defenses, it will attack the HQ at the end. This
    has a "health bar" so if you've at least dealt a fair amount of damage before
    it gets to that point, you should be ok.
    The mission ends when the siege weapon is destroyed.
    Feel free to explore if you wish. Search for collectible items around the
    rooftops and in other hidden areas. You can't do much more. Renovating can be
    done, but it will probably cost more money than you have, so save it for later
    unless you really want to. Instead, just head over to the new mission marker.
    It's a "!" on your minimap. Speak to the man at the docks who is highlighted
    with a white glow.
                    |-------------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-------------------|
    o---------------o                                                          |
    | On The Attack | Do not create any conflict in the Imperial North District|
    o---------------o                                                          |
    After the boat ride, you'll meet up again with Yusuf, your attached-to-the-hip
    companion. Walk casually with him through the city and he will go over bombs
    with you. He'll soon deploy one, a Cherry Bomb, to distract guards so you can
    At the next junction, he lets Ezio try. Hold R2 to go into your inventory.
    It will be in the bottom-right of the second wheel so use the right stick. Once
    selected, hold Triangle and an aiming indicator appears. Move the arc to the
    bright circle in the corner and throw it there. Once the guards are distracted,
    continue moving.
    Yusuf will go fast so hold R1 and Circle to move through bystanders to keep up.
    You'll take to the rooftops soon enough for the next part. Once you have control
    again, take the zipline, doing an assassination if you wish. At the end, follow
    Yusuf and you'll be given a little information on Eagle Sense.
    When activated, Eagle Sense has a cursor. Placing the cursor (use the right
    stick) on a target will show you what their relationship is to you: ally, enemy,
    or target. Do this on the crowd below to identify the captain. He will soon
    walk away.
    Using the rooftops, follow the poor sod, maintaining an omnipotent high
    vantage point. You'll want to clear out two riflemen first. One you can sneak
    up on without too much trouble and assassinate with the Hidden Blade. The
    other you can throw a knife at, but that can potentially make things worse.
    Instead, you can poison him from afar or go down and do another Hidden Blade
    Speaking of poison, since the captain is speaking with another enemy, we must
    be as discreet as possible, especially when considering the full synch
    objective. Select the Poison Darts from your inventory and lock onto the
    captain. Hold Triangle to line up your shot, then release. He'll be slowly
    poisoned and after some wailing and writhing, he eventually dies.
    The last task will be to climb the tower in the middle of the area and light
    the fire atop. Do this and the mission and sequence will be over.
                                   S E Q U E N C E  3
                                     LOST AND FOUND                          [rv03]
    At this point in the still early stages of the game, I'd highly recommend you
    distract yourself from the story for a while. Do some side stuff such as
    renovations. Start to rebuild a few shops. Target another Templar Den if you
    wish so you can do more renovations. Use that money to buy some more stuff,
    more renovations. I easily put two to three hours into side stuff before I
    returned to the story.
    In addition, you can now do the Vlad the Impaler mission if you have that DLC
    available. I would recommend waiting because it's very far away and in a tough
    area with a lot of difficult enemies. I will get into it a little later in the
    walkthrough if you want to skip ahead and get it now.
    When you've had your fill of fun, head north to the docks and find the man
    imprisoned in a cage. Approach and speak to him.
                   |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o--------------o                                                      |
    | The Prisoner |       Pickpocket the guard to retrieve the key       |
    o--------------o                                                      |
    Head to the east where an area is designated on your map. When you get there,
    an entire green square appears on your minimap. This is a search area. Just
    walk around, checking each part of the area to find a particular guard. You do
    not need Eagle Sense for this. Just walk around and wait for one of the guards
    to be marked as your target.
    When you locate him, hold X/A to bump into him and take the key. There may be
    some retaliation, so just run away. Make it back to the prisoner and free him
    to end this mission. You'll also gain your first assassin recruit!
    From this point on, you can find other people around the city, being harassed
    by the guards. Save them and they can join your cause. How many you can recruit
    at a time is determined by how many Templar Dens you've taken. The more you
    have, the more recruits you can have at a time.
    When you're done, take the ferry back to the Galata district. Find the next
    mission marker and go inside the building. You'll be asked to choose a "Den
    Leader" which is someone who controls an Assassin's HQ in your absence. Only
    an "Assassin" level recruit or above can be a leader.
    Assign the only available choice, then speak to him.
                          |---------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE---------------|
    o---------------------o                                                  |
    | The Sentinel, Pt. 1 |     Use your Assassin Signal at least 1 time     |
    o---------------------o                                                  |
    Start by going to the area marked on your minimap. Take to the rooftops if you
    feel it will save some time but it doesn't make a big difference either way.
    When you arrive at the designated place, three Templars are seen overlooking
    the area. They are marked for you, so just pick them off, one by one. Try to 
    kill the first one with your assassin recruit. Juck lock on with L1 and then hit
    L2 to summon him for a quick kill. That fulfills your bonus objective.
    Fire some sort of projectile at the one on the high roof, throwing knives or
    poison. Then, just do an Air Assassination on the final one below.
    With the coast clear, you'll get to play detective for a minute. Turn Eagle
    Sense on and have the cursor hover over the dead assassin on the bench for a
    moment. After the game recognizes it, turn right and find the bloodstain on
    the ground. "Scan" that too until a little scene plays.
    The killer then makes his appearance. Give chase, holding R1 + X to stay in
    free run and move as quickly as possible. It won't be a long or complicated
    chase. Eventually a cutscene will interject. Just follow your apprentice after
    | Guild Contracts |
    Really quick and simple. Right from where you ended the previous mission, there
    should be a small booth that is flashing white. Approach it and interact to
    bring up the assassin menu. You may remember this if you played Brotherhood.
    From here you can manage all your recruits, send them on missions, train them
    with accumulated XP, and so on.
    For now, just send the higher leveled apprentice out on the designated mission
    and that will end this one.
    | Bombcrafting |
    Take a ferry back to the Imperial District, or just use a fast travel station.
    Return to the HQ and a scene will take over. You'll now learn how to craft
    bombs on your own.
    The tutorial here does a good job of explaining it so I won't go into great
    detail. Basically, bombs are comprised of three parts: shell, gunpowder, and
    special ingredients. You can also add more for potency. Different combinations
    create different bombs.
    When the lesson is over, head to Piri Reis' place, as instructed. The area is
    marked on your map, near the center of the city, as the icon with multiple
    bombs. Go there and find the flashing white door and enter to speak with the
    He'll offer some advice and also offer to teach you about more bombs. These are
    side missions, but I would recommend doing them now because it will teach you
    how to use a multitude of different bombs. Just approach the paintings on the
    side walls before Piri's desk and interact to begin a tutorial. You can find
    more info in the Extras section of the guide, but here are some really brief
    looks at them:
    | Piri Reis: Sticky Situations |
    Wait for the guard to walk toward you. Ezio will automatically lock on. Throw
    the bomb at this point and by the time he returns to his friends, they'll all
    be blown up. Escape and you'll complete the mission, unlocking the ability to
    purchase these from Piri.
    | Piri Reis: Tripwire |
    Plant the bomb at the designated area by holding Triangle. Move away to another
    area, indicated by a different marker. Wait there and when the target steps over
    the bomb, it will detonate. The gas emitted keeps them all at bay. Run up to
    the target and assassinate him, then flee the scene quickly. Completing this
    lets you buy tripwires from Piri.
    | Piri Reis: Smoke Screen |
    Throw a smoke bomb at the group ahead of you. Be sure to hold Triangle, not just
    tap it (which will drop the bomb around you). Once they're hit by the smoke,
    quickly run past them. Do it again on the group inside the doorway. Once they
    are also incapicated, go around them and loot the chest, then climb straight up,
    run past the gunners, and escape. Phosphorus will be available for purchase
    now from Piri.
    | Piri Reis: Caltrops |
    From the start, throw (don't drop) a Caltrop bomb at the guards to make them
    unstable. Assassinate them and if combat begins, just counter and kill them.
    Once they're dead, flee the area. More guards will likely give chase, so just
    tap Triangle/Y as you run to drop more caltrops, tripping your pursuers and
    making it easier to escape. You'll be able to buy these from Piri after the
    mission ends.
    | Piri Reis: Smoke Decoy |
    Like before, throw the bombs to the designated places to distract guards. When
    you lure the first group away, wait til you have control again and run down
    the alley they were guarding. Take to the rooftops after this and find the white
    marker. Stand there, then throw another bomb at the indicator below to lure out
    two more guards. Do a Double Air Assassination when they are below you. With
    that done, loot the chests inside that nook first, then escape.
    | Piri Reis: Cherry |
    Head for the marker and when you are instructed to do so, toss the Cherry
    Bomb at the designated area, under the archway. It will draw the guards to it,
    letting an assassin friend who is hiding in the haystack, escape.
    Go to the next location and you'll do something similar to further aid his
    escape. This time however, the Cherry Bomb will draw both the local guards and
    the Templars, causing a fight to break out.
    Before leaving try to do that one more time for the full synch objective. If
    you haven't noticed by now, red dots are Templars, yellow are the locals. Find
    a spot in the current area where they are close to each other. Throw a Cherry
    Bomb down in the street where they'll both hear, and hopefully they'll come
    fight each other. Sometimes the NPCs get caught in the enviornment or just
    don't move at all. Keep trying and you should get it.
    | Piri Reis: Datura |
    Throw the first bomb into the row of sentries ahead. The poison acts somewhat
    quickly. Rush past them to the next area. Throw another bomb inside the doorway
    to poison the group in there, minus one. It's that surviving guard you must
    kill without melee or ranged weapons (knives, crossbow, etc.) to fulfill your
    bonus objective.
    To do that, just get on a higher rooftop and throw a third bomb down at him.
    When he dies from the poison, you'll be done.
    | Piri Reis: Thunder |
    Very simple. Throw the bomb directly at the spot on the wall. If you look
    closely enough, you can see that it calculates how it will bounce off the wall.
    Throw it and the blast should incapacitate everyone. Escape the area now.
    That will do it for Piri Reis. You can now buy whatver you want from him and
    craft more bombs. If you've done some renovating before starting all this,
    you might have a decent chunk of change waiting for you now. Collect it,
    spend it, renovate more, recruit/train assassins, etc.
    When you're done with all that, head to the next mission.
    | A Familiar Face |
    Activate Eagle Sense and take a look around. Find the room that is green on
    your minimap and search inside there. Several objects are lit up around the
    room when you have Eagle Sense on. One near the floor in particular will catch
    Ezio's eye.
                            |---------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE---------------|
    o-----------------------o                                                  |
    | The Yerebatan Cistern |                Do not be detected                |
    o-----------------------o                                                  |
    Head out onto the beam ahead of you following the conclusion of that scene.
    Stay to the left side and just go forward until you swing down to ground level.
    Explore the top corner here to loot a few chests, then make your way to the
    west side.
    Climb up the boxes, then do an Advanced Wall Jump by running straight up the
    wall, then jumping to the side using the left stick. Jump to the right to catch
    the platform and pull yourself up.
    Jump and swing down to the corridor below. Turn the corner and grab the contents
    of the chests here. A little further down the wall is a bomb crafting station.
    I'd recommend making at least two Datura bombs using Impact Shells. You'll see
    why in a moment.
    In the next room, watch the scene. You may be watching it many times if you
    lose the bonus objective (very easy in this room) and have to restart. Start
    by jumping over to the guard ahead of you and do a simple Hidden Blade
    assassination on him. Next, go to the left and stand behind the objects and far
    enough away from the guard on the scaffolding. Throw a knife at him but stay
    at a good distance. Kill him with the throwing knife, then peek around that
    corner and throw another at the guard sitting down.
    Now, go in the opposite direction, to the north side. There will be one guard
    behind that big stack of boxes. I would avoid an Air Assassination since they
    can screw you over. Just wait til his back is turned and stab him from behind.
    Move up to the corner.
    Now here's the key. You should see, besides the captain, there is one guard
    with a spear that patrols. Wait until he is walking by the two stationary
    guards and shoot him with Poison Darts. Next, do your best to sneak up behind
    the guard working in the corner. Do not stand to the guard's right where he
    might spot you. Go directly behind him and kill him.
    By now, the guard should be dead of poison. Wait not only for the captain, but
    the two stationary guards to check on him. Stay hidden but also close and toss
    a Datura Bomb at them. The poison will kill all three, giving you the key.
    Last but not least, be sure to kill another guard on scaffolding in the
    northwest corner. He does NOT appear on your minimap so be careful.
    Once that's all over, feel free to expore. There are lots of chests here with
    bomb materials you can loot. There are two other guards around though so be
    careful. Otherwise, just leave through the door marked on your map.
    Collect a few more items and use the bomb crafting station again in the next
    room. Try to make a few more Datura Bombs if possible. Go into the next
    This one has a lot of guards too, but don't worry, it shouldn't be as tough as
    the last one. Two guards in front of you form an immediate concern. One is to
    the left, using the pickaxe. The other patrols. Wait til that one moves far
    enough away, then throw a knife at him. Drop down and use the Hidden Blade on
    the pickaxe guy. Move to the east side of the room. Stay back but find an angle
    to toss a Datura Bomb at the two stationary Templars.
    With them dead, walk over there and look for another on scaffolding. Toss a
    knife at him. Be sure to loot their bodies to replenish your stores of knives
    and poison. That's very important.
    Another guard may come over to check things out, so be sure to hide from him,
    then attack him from behind. After that, make your way over to the west side,
    provided that the coast is clear. Find the staircase leading up to another
    level. One guard patrols back and forth here. Get him when he isn't looking.
    Follow this path to another staircase and slowly creep up on the pickaxe guard.
    Kill him, then take one last staircase to the upper level.
    Here's where you may want to be extra cautious. You have a few Templars on the
    far side, plus our target on the left can now spot you and become aware very
    quickly. If he ever spots you, run fast into cover.
    If you have the crossbow already, this is a great time to use it. Just be sure
    not to shoot a guard when another is looking and you should be fine. Otherwise,
    I would rely on the Poison Darts if you can get close enough. Kill one, then
    walk over and wait for the other to patrol toward you, turn his back, then kill
    That will leave only our target Templar. Return to the middle of the walkway
    and you'll see a path of objects hanging in the middle of the room that will
    lead right to him. Climb these and then get in position for the Air
    Assassination. Once you kill him, jump back to the platform you entered to from
    the stairs and hold Circle/B to catch the ledge.
    Go back downstairs and use the key. On your left, loot the chests and use the
    crafting station again to gain more supplies. Make some Cherry and/or Smoke
    Screen bombs if you wish.
    There's one guard in here. Approach him from the sides only, not directly.
    Toss a Cherry Bomb out onto the walkway to lure him out. Sneak up on him for
    a kill. Loot all the chests, then find the starting point for your climb to
    the west, near the crafting station.
    Climb up the wall and get onto the beams. Turn left immediately and the opening
    in the wall is easily spotted thanks to the white marker.
    For this last room, do not even worry about attacking anything else. There are
    too many guards and you've come too far to screw up the full synch objective
    here. Stay up on the beams, high above where you won't be seen. First, use Eagle
    Sense to find out who the captain is. He will be in the center somewhere.
    Accomplish that and make your way left along the beams. Find a spot where you
    can lock onto the captain from. Just use the Poison Darts on him. When he dies,
    the key magically transfers to your possession. Take it and leave, without
    alerting the others.
    In this final room, explore for a few chests to loot, then use Eagle Sense to
    uncover the hidden fake wall. Investigate it to find the treasure at long
    last, a strange artifact and a map. That ends the mission.
    With the strange artifact in hand, you have a choice between two missions. You
    have to do both eventually. Choose either one you wish, but for now, this guide
    will be heading west...
                          |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o---------------------o                                                      |
    | Curse of the Romani |  Poison all of your targets while blending with the  |
    o---------------------o                       Romanies                       |
    After speaking with the gypsy lady, you'll be told to meet up with another
    group of gypsies, or as they're called here, Romanies. They replace the
    courtesans of the last two games.
    Join the group when you locate them (blue marker) and they'll lead Ezio down
    the streets. If you can stay in the middle of them, blend should kick in,
    letting Ezio move automatically, though it sometimes stops for no reason.
    Eventually your group comes upon the enemies who have the Romani chest. While
    using the group (who will now move as you do), approach the guard holding
    the chest and use the Poison Blade to stab him. Walk away, don't run so your
    Romanies continue to hide you. Just walk away and wait for the death to play
    A different guard will pick up the chest and walk away. Follow him and his
    escort, keeping the Romanies with you. Eventually, they will stop and so you
    will want to repeat the process. Again, do not use Poison Darts, it's a waste
    of poison. Just use the Poison Blade because you can use the Romanies to
    hide you and easily sneak up and stab them without anyone noticing. Just stab
    the one holding the chest, and like before, walk away.
    You'll repeat this again and the chest will finally be dropped. Pick it up and
    follow the original Romani lady. Walk to each white marker checkpoint and the
    mission will end when the walk is over.
                          |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o---------------------o                                                      |
    | The Mentor's Keeper |            Save all citizens under attack            |
    o---------------------o                                                      |
    To start this mission, return to the Assassin's HQ in the north. Go into the
    library/study room and find the desk with the open book. Interact and a scene
    will play.
    When you have control, run forward and engage the Crusaders in front of you.
    They'll be dealing with several of your allies, so you can start by getting an
    easy backstab or two. From there, try to rely on counters and chain those into
    Execution Streak kills. You also have throwing knives and some limited medicine
    at your disposal, as well as the trusty Hidden Blade of course.
    Your side objective can be easy to miss. To save the citizens you need to go to
    the small black circles on your minimap. These are hidden from view though when
    you are in combat, it seems. So, clear out all of the initial Crusaders, and the
    two areas should show up. Go to each and make absolute sure you rescue the
    citizen. You can get close and the black circle will disappear, but unless
    you actually kill the Crusaders, they will not actually be saved.
    Go up the hills and engage each group of Crusaders you encounter. Your allies
    will be there to steal kills from you (grr....) and help the fights go by
    quicker. Look for a third and final hostage on the north side of the village.
    That should fulfill the side objective for full synch.
    Keep charging up the hill with your allies. Eliminate all the Crusaders with
    your counter and Execution Streak skills. When you reach the entrance to the
    fortress, it will be shut on you. Climb to the right of it, straight up.
    Once you are clear of the gate, climb to the left, then up again to look for a
    Templar you can do a Ledge Assassination on.
    Pull yourself up and charge up the stairs on your right. Assassinate another
    Crusader, then climb to the right. Kill this guy too, run forward, kill another,
    then climb the last wall. Jump and swing to the rooftop where you will have a
    bird's eye view of the Crusader below. Do an Air Assassination and end this
                           |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o----------------------o                                                      |
    | The Sentinel, Part 2 | Do not be detected while you search for the prisoners|
    o----------------------o                                                      |
    Stand in the white marker. Your apprentice (blue marker) will come walking down.
    Speak with him a bit, then two new markers appear. They are assassins taken
    prisoner. Make your way over there but stay on the rooftops.
    The two prisoners are close in proximity to each other, but are well guarded.
    You need to remain undetected to achieve full synch. There's a few ways you can
    go about this. 1) Poison. 2) Use your assassins. 3) Use thieves.
    Any combination of these you use to take out as many guards as possible will
    help a lot. There are two groups of thieves on the rooftops above where the
    prisoners are that are not on your map. You just have to look for them. Hire
    them and target the guards you want to lure away, then hit Circle/B.
    Alternatively, you can call on your assassins from a safe distance to have them
    eliminate the guards. Poison or your crossbow work as well, provided nobody
    sees you using them.
    Once you talk to the second assassin, you have to head back to the HQ. Hurry
    in that direction and you'll run into the Sentinel again. Give chase, going into
    a full sprint after him. The chase will last all of about six seconds before a
    scene cuts you off. That ends the mission... and the sequence.
                                   S E Q U E N C E  4
                                     THE UNCIVIL WAR                         [rv04]
    When you begin the sequence, you should be on top of a structure near Yusuf
    and your allies. Speak to him.
                           |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o----------------------o                                                      |
    | The Prince's Banquet |             Beat Yusuf to Topkapi Palace             |
    o----------------------o                                                      |
    The first half of the mission is relatively simple. Just stay on the rooftops
    and follow your gang of assassins as you move, like a flock, across the city.
    Beating Yusuf is pretty easy and so long as you don't get stuck for too long,
    you should be able to do it without too much trouble. Problem is Yusuf is not
    specially marked for you; his indicator is the same as other assassins.
    Once you arrive at the top of the palace ground walls, look for the three
    minstrels below. Drop down and with your fists selected, attack them. One punch
    will be all it takes. Pick up one body (your assassin brothers will take the
    other two) and carry them over to the haystack. Hit the same button to drop
    the body inside.
    Climb the short wall just to the northwest and find three more. Knock them out
    too and pick up a body. Follow your allies. You need to pass behind two groups
    of guards. They all have their backs turned though, so it should be no sweat.
    Drop the body off in a new haystack and you've got one last group to punch
    Hug the south wall and find a doorway to the west. Go through and then climb
    the walls to your right to get up to the rooftop. The last three minstrels
    should be just beyond there, in a small courtyard. Drop in on them... hey how
    are you? I'm a big fan... BAM! Grab one and carry it over to the white marker.
    Just drop it right there for a scene.
    Now wearing your... elite tactical disguise, approach the guards nearby and
    play them a jolly tune. Hit any of the main input buttons to play something.
    Keep going until they eventually let you pass.
    Once inside the party, approach the group of four partiers that are marked on
    your minimap. Alternatively, use Eagle Sense to see them in gold. Eagle Sense
    also lets you figure out which one is the one that needs to be put down, so
    "scan" each of them until you have the target. Once that's done, you get a place
    to stand in so you can distract the rest. Stand there and play a tune. The
    target will be killed and you're free to move to the next one. Or... you can
    stay and play some more music. Some of the tunes are actually quite humorous,
    including one about this guy named Cesare...
    Go to the other group, also marked for you. Find the target, then stand in the
    right spot again and play yet another tune. He'll be killed as well. After
    that, meet up with Yusuf in the back.
    After a scene and short walk, you'll meet up with Prince Suleiman. Danger is
    lurking about the party. Templars, masked as partygoers are waiting to strike.
    There are four in total, and you have to use your disguise and Eagle Sense to
    sniff them out.
    Find Prince Suleiman (blue marker) and stand near him and his guests. Someone
    in that small group is a killer... Turn Eagle Sense on and begin scanning the
    people until the target is located. It can be tough however. Your goal is to
    not only find the killer, but to distract the crowd. An assassin will jump in
    almost immediately after you ID the killer, leaving you little time to divert
    their attention. So here's a helpful tip:
    When standing in front of the crowd, always try to scan the person in the back.
    Say if you draw a straight line from Ezio into the crowd. It might hit two
    people. Always target the one in the back. That way, if it's the killer, you can
    play a song immediately and nobody will notice. If you scan the person in the
    back and it's not the killer, just have Ezio adjust by moving to the side so
    he's in a straight line with the next person. Repeat.
    Prince Suleiman will move on to another group after the first killer is
    dispatched. Do this again for this group. ID the Templar in disguise, then
    distract everyone with some festive tunes.
    The third one is tricky because you'll want to find this person as Suleiman is
    on the move. Be ready to play a quick tune once you find the person, but you
    should be ok.
    For the final group, the same strategy applies. Find the last killer and a
    scene plays. After that, you'll see the last killer try to run up and attack
    the prince. With quick reflexes, run to intercept him and perform an
    assassination, albeit an untraditional one.
    After the conclusion of this mission, I would recommend you build up your
    strength and forces. Renovate, renovate, renovate. Take another territory and
    recruit more assassins. Try to have at least 3-5 around level 8-9 by this
    point. Craft some more bombs and also, if you have the DLC, now isn't a terrible
    time to go grab that Vlad the Impaler sword....
                         |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o--------------------o                                                      |
    | The Impaler's Tomb |         Complete the level within 7 minutes          |
    o--------------------o                                                      |
    First, before actually starting this, you need to find the tomb's location.
    Find on your map, the icon near the southeast (but still toward the middle)
    that has a Templar symbol. It will read as "Hidden Tomb". Go here to find a
    meager little library. Look around and inspect all the bookcases until you
    find a hidden prompt to investigate. Just like that, you're given the location
    of the tomb.
    Leave the building and look at your map again. The tomb is way, way, waaaaaay
    out in the southwest. This can be a very dangerous area, even at this point in
    the game. If you haven't conquered the enemy territories, there are at least
    two dens that you could potentially be passing through, each with lots of
    tough enemies. Be cautious and if you don't need to mess with them, don't. Just
    keep moving.
    Find the second "Hidden Tomb" icon and investigate. It will be in a cemetary,
    so look for anything inconspicuous. Once you find the entrance, the mission
    officially begins.
    You'll first notice that it is dark. Very dark. If you don't have an HDTV,
    and the darkness really causes a problem, try adjusting the brightness on your
    TV momentarily.
    Start by leaning to the left as you go forward, climbing up a few steps created
    by boxes and other objects. At the top, lean to the right and have Ezio travese
    a few beams and swings. It will deposit you in a prison corridor with a locked
    gate at the end. Look for a crate leaning up against the left wall. Climb onto
    it and use it to scale straight up the wall. Shimmy to Ezio's right and enter
    the opening.
    Take the beam forward and jump to the small ledge. Turn right to walk out onto
    another beam. Turn left and jump to the swing pole. Swing forward to land at
    the hard-to-see ledge in the corner. From there, point the left stick toward
    the glowing white marker on your right and hit X/A.
    Turn left and take the zipline forward. Go through the next door on the left.
    Go up the crates in the back-left corner and climb the wall. Jump from one
    section to the one on the right and continue to shimmy to the right. When you
    see the camera change position, jump away from the wall to just barely catch
    a platform ledge behind you.
    Jump to and swing from the pole to land in a pit area. You'll be going in a
    counterclockwise direction around this area, starting with some climbable
    ledges on your left. When you face the east wall, jump across the gap to a
    wood platform, turn left, and go across the gaps to the hanging flower pot. Do
    a Long Jump with the hookblades by pressing Circle/B in mid-air. Keep going
    forward and perform a Leap of Faith into the water.
    Pull yourself out from below the white marker. Go forward and you'll come to
    a corridor with a few ledges that you need to navigate. Just point the left
    stick in the direction you want Ezio to jump and you'll find it's pretty
    The path is pretty straightforward, going over some stone coffins and then over
    some other pits and such. Keep going until you reach a barred gate. Climb up
    the adjacent wall on the right, then point the left stick at the top of the
    gate and jump to it. 
    When you reach a chamber with pillars, turn right and go immediately up the
    crates/objects against the back wall. Pull yourself up, turn left, and then jump
    across to the east side of the room. Turn right, and you'll see a little bit of
    debris that kinda almost goes in a straight line like a beam. Move toward it
    in free run and Ezio will climb atop it. Keep going and he should climbe the
    wall here.
    Go up until you reach the part of the wall and the arch that is missing. Shimmy
    to the right at that point, three positions over it should be. When you can't
    go any further, jump to the ledge on the right, then shimmy to Ezio's left just
    a bit. The camera should show you the checkpoint, so jump to it from where you
    Run forward and jump to the hanging cage. Shimmy around to the left until you
    are below the door. Climb up and Ezio will get stuck. Hold up on the left stick
    as you hit R1 + X to do a hookblade jump upwards and you should be able to climb
    Look for the pipe with bars on one of the walls. Jump to it and climb up. You'll
    need to again do an extended jump upwards as you're climbing to reach the beam.
    Jump across this beam to another on the other side. Climb straight up for
    a while, then shimmy to the right, climb up just a little more, to the right
    a little more, then look for a way to jump away from the wall and catch the
    platform behind you.
    Find the thing on the wall that looks almost like a ladder. Climb straight up
    this and shimmy over a bit. Jump to the chain in the middle of the room and
    you'll hang on a small ledge on it. Shimmy around until your back is to the
    platform, then jump to it.
    You made it! Go inside and open the chest to claim the Vlad the Impaler Sword.
    When you're ready,= let's return to the story. Return to the northeast corner
    and find Prince Suleiman. The area is restricted so just be wary of the guards.
    A short and simple mission, but with one caveat: the full synch objective can
    be a pain if you don't know which way to go. The place is crawling with guards
    so you should plan your route carefully.
    Try going south, where there are much fewer guards. Hug the south wall and go
    west. There will be one group there but if you stay close to the wall and move
    quickly, they won't bother you. From the corner, move north a bit, then look
    for a wall you can do an Advanced Wall Jump from to reach the lower part of the
    roof. Do it quickly to avoid attention. From there, you should be free to
    climb the tower in peace
    Just climb to the first level and you'll see a hatch. Interact with it and a
    scene will play.
    Now head for that different mission marker like before. It's located in the
    south part of the city.
                                   |------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE------------|
    o------------------------------o                                            |
    | The Fourth Part of the World | Get in and out of the port without being   |
    o------------------------------o                  detected                  |
    The Fourth Part of the World - Get in and out of the port without being
    You need to find Sofia's cargo on the boat but it's impounded. Nobody in or
    out and that's that. Oh really now? The area is restricted and surprise, there
    are guards everywhere. So what's the best way in? Why, from the water, Aquaman!
    Find a place you can dive in from, preferably from the extreme left or right
    sides. Swim around to the back side of the boat (not the front) and climb up
    the side. You'll need to maneuver around a bit to find a path up. Once up there,
    wait at the top railing and hang until you can get a Ledge Assassination on one
    of the only two guards on board. Wait til the other has his back turned and
    take him out as well.
    Now you can search the cargo in peace. Turn on Eagle Sense and check each of
    the interesting items among the boxes. Scan them for a moment until Sofia's
    stuff comes up. If it's not in the middle, check the stern side of the boat for
    more. Once you find it, get off the boat and head to the northwest side. Hug
    the wall and go inland until you're free of the search area and the restricted
    zone. From there, just safely make your way to Sofia's.
    After the scene, your next mission is ready. It's just slightly northeast of
    your current position. It's at the landmark Hagia Sophia. Climb to the very
    tippy top of the tower. Oh, you climbed to the viewpoint? Good for you... but
    that's not high enough! Climb higher!
    | Signs and Symbols, Part 1 |
    From the peak of the tower, turn on Eagle Sense. Scan around the nearby rooftops
    for any strange symbols you see. Hold the cursor over them to see if they might
    be indicating where the hidden book is.
    The one you want should be to the east. Find the right one and then descend
    from atop the tower. Hope you brought a parachute! IF not, take a Leap of Faith
    off the northwest side of the tower.
    Climb up this building and find the book at the white marker. After the scene,
    the first part is over.
    Take a ferry or fast travel back to the north side. Keep going until you reach
    Galata Tower again. Climb to the top as you did way back in the beginning. Find
    the white marker and investigate the wall with Circle/B.
                   |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o--------------o                                                     |
    | Galata Tower |         Complete the level within 6 minutes         |
    o--------------o                                                     |
    Run down the spiral staircase and jump from the viewpoint ledge to the hanging
    platform in the center. In this moment, we can only speculate Ezio channeled
    his inner Nathan Drake in both the chance of getting into such a daring mess,
    but also his ability to get out of it.
    In any case, from your new hanging position, climb straight up the beam and
    up to the top part of this hanging structure. Half of it falls off. Climb up
    and then shimmy to Ezio's right to get around to the back side. Climb up and
    then jump away when the camera shifts. Shimmy along this arch to the right and
    when you're able, jump to the platform. Use the zipline, then drop down and
    enter the cave entrance.
    When you reach the large cavern, look for a small cart on your left. That's
    your ticket up. Climb up and look for a hanging lantern in front of you. Do a
    Long Jump (hold Circle in mid-air, remember?)  and reach the other side. Climb
    up and use the hookblade's extended reach to get to the top, then shimmy over.
    Jump away and swing, then hop across a bunch of beams to reach a zipline.
    Go into the corner and jump to the side of the waterwheel on the left. Shimmy
    left to the front of it and keep going til you reach the center. Jump away to
    catch a platform, pull yourself up, then jump straight across to the small
    ledge on the wall. Climb up then shimmy til you're standing on a beam. Jump and
    swing forward to reach a large platform. Jump and climb up the next wall, but
    you need to use the hookblades to get more reach.
    Hop a gap, then use that large stone (or crate?) to get up the next wall which
    has another zipline. Take this forward, then it's a straightforward path from
    there, hopping and swinging so just keep R1 + X held down as you move.
    Take another zipline through the waterfall. When you land, run straight ahead
    to the wall in front fo you and climb up. Again, use the hookblades (press up
    and R1 + X) to get that extra boost. Turn right and climb up the next few walls
    into the corner. Turn right again and jump to the scaffolding.
    After that little scare, climb up and use the zipline. Keep running forward and
    then dive off the ledge into the water. Pull yourself out and go down the
    walkway to Ezio's right. You'll turn left eventually, hopping across a 
    dilapidated bridge. Climb up the next wall and then turn right. Go around the
    corner, using the beam, platform, and swing pole.
    Run and jump straight ahead to reach another scaffolding. Shimmy to the front
    side and climb up. Next, run up the wall and you can continue climbing. This
    will lead into climbing along the stone wall having to shimmy from one section
    of wood to another. Maneuver over to the left and you'll be able to climb up.
    Two ziplines are separated by a few swings and jumps. After the second zipline,
    you'll just barely catch onto the scaffolding below the platform. Climb up
    quickly usng the hookblades to help. When you pull yourself up, enter through
    the corridor straight ahead.
    Quickly retrieve the contents from the three chests, then scan in Eagle Sense
    the wall on your right to find the hidden door. Once located, interact to
    open. You'll then be able to retrieve the second Masyaf Key.
    Without delay, head to the next mission marker, that is, unless you wish to
    spend some time doing side stuff, collecting and increasing revenue, etc.
    Whenever you're ready, return to the library/display room of the Assassin HQ and
    sit at the table. It's time for another non-drug induced trip to the past.
                        |---------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o-------------------o                                                   |
    | The Mentor's Wake |   Do not lose more than 3 synchronization points  |
    o-------------------o                                                   |
    When you have control, leave the fortress and walk down the slope to the left.
    The crowd will slowly get out of your way. Keep going to the gate that leaves
    the fortress courtyard. A scene will play. After that, keep going and carry the
    body to the pyre.
    While you're watching this next scene, be forewarned that you'll be thrown
    into combat immediately with enemies already about to take swings at you. You
    want to avoid losing more than three bars of life to make full synch so be
    Once it does happen, your goal is to perform seven disarms. The timing might
    feel different (and it is, slightly) than for counters. Watch the enemies
    carefully, waiting for one of their health indicators to start flashing. Once
    it starts flashing, don't just immediately hit the disarm move. Wait another
    second, then be ready to hit it as soon as you see them move.
    Do seven disarms and another scene plays. It's a bit of a doozy. From here,
    you have to climb the tower without getting knocked off. Basically, listen very
    carefully to the "energy" sound. When it's almost finished, try to be on
    solid ground at that point, to not get knocked off. When you reach the top,
    enter the tower and approach the object. Grab it and another scene plays.
    That ends the mission, and the sequence.
                                   S E Q U E N C E  5
                                    HEIR TO THE EMPIRE                       [rv05]
    There's plenty of new stuff available. You can now complete the Azap armor
    set... finally. There's also new armor available too. New weapons, and other
    new cool stuff. Feel free to do what you want, recruit, destroy, maim, impale,
    Go to the bazaar when you're ready and talk to the rug merchant.
                      |------------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE------------------|
    o-----------------o                                                        |
    | The Janissaries |              Distract 2 guards with bombs              |
    o-----------------o                                                        |
    At the start, you can loot the nearby chest if you need to. It has Cherry Bombs
    but you don't need them if you already have a diversion type bomb.
    Follow the target but keep a safe distance. The bazaar is a great place to
    follow because of all the people. Navigate from one crowd to another. If you
    find a mobile group of citizens walking in the same direction as your target,
    even better; hitch a ride with them.
    Sometimes he'll turn around, so be ready to duck into cover quickly. Keep
    following until you get to an intersection between parts of the bazaar. After
    a short scene, Tarik departs past two guards. You need to distract them. Without
    wasting time, throw your diversion bomb somewhere in this little square. It
    can be a Cherry Bomb or Smoke Decoy, or anything, so long as it is a diversion.
    If you take too long and Tarik is out of sight for more than a half minute, you
    will fail. Should you succeed, you can not only slip by, but also fulfill the
    bonus objective.
    Keep tailing your target and eventually you'll get out to the streets. Hire
    the courtes-- err... Romanies and use them as your mobile hiding spot. Even if
    Tarik turns around, he won't find you. Keep going until he once again walks
    past two guards. Sic your Romanies on them like they're rabid attack dogs.
    Once distracted, slip by the guards and continue following Tarik. He will go
    down a corridor to a staircase. Do not follow closely, and instead stay out of
    sight because he will turn around. Wait til he starts to explore this next
    plaza, then go in and follow again.
    He'll venture through a doorway on the left. Go around the building instead of
    following. He'll reappear soon enough and then wouldn't you know it, he'll go
    through two more guards. Try to call your assassins to dispose of them, then
    pass through. Tarik will cross a bridge, turn around again, then continue on.
    Maintain your distance until this and you'll get a scene, ending the mission.
                        |----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o-------------------o                                                    |
    | The Arsenal Gates |        Make sure 40 or more rioters survive        |
    o-------------------o                                                    |
    This sequence 5 mission starts off pretty easily. Walk around the plaza and
    bribe the three heralds (setting you back $300) to turn the crowd against the
    Janissaries. Just be careful not to cross in front of the two Janissaries
    standing nearby. Go around the other side instead.
    Once you have all three on your side, meet with Yusuf in the middle. Watch the
    quick scene, then get ready for a riot. You must protect your rioters and
    not let more than 40 die to get full synch.
    Don't take any chances. As soon as you start fighting off the Byzantine guards,
    call in your assassins. One pair should be good enough. You want to try and
    finish wave 1 losing no more than five rioters. Your recruits will be a big
    help, as will the rioters themselves. They can hold the guards for you and
    let you get tons of easy backstabs.
    When the second wave appears, call in more assassin recruits. Here, the number
    of rioters can drop rather suddenly, so look for those backstabs and try to
    eliminate them as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can try shooting
    them while they're distracted or use other gadgets. Call four assassin recruits
    if you have them available. Do what you need to.
    After a celebratory scene, it's right into the next mission...
                           |----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o----------------------o                                                    |
    | Arsenal Infiltration |     Perform an Air Assassination from a zipline    |
    o----------------------o                                                    |
    Dark skies, destruction and ruin everyhwere, chaos and people fighting each
    other. You know what I like to do in times like these? Walk slowly like a total
    badass like I just don't give a... *ahem*. Yeah, you get the picture.
    Anyway, make your way straight down, then start to lean to the right. Keep
    going west, down some stairs. The Janissaries should not engage you unless you
    attack them, or if by some chance, they kill everyone nearby. If they do attack,
    you may want to call on help since they are, not "hard", but tougher to kill.
    When you get to the port area, climb the building on your immediate left. It
    should have a zipline. Board the zipline. It ends at a rooftop, but there is
    nobody there. No, the target is before the zipline ends, on the ground near
    the water. Do an assassination at that point to meet your bonus objective.
    At that point, fight off anyone who might have seen the ruckus, then enter the
    green search area nearby. Turn on Eagle Sense and find the trail on the ground,
    the one that robust fellow took. Follow it for a while until you get a scene.
    After that, don't stay and fight, run and live to fight another day! Bolt out
    of there, straight ahead, jumping from the dock platform to the pillars sticking
    from the water. Hop across these, losing your pursuers temporarily. Go across
    this next dock, past a guard, and up a tower at the end. Use the zipline and
    assassinate the guard at the other end. That's in case you missed it before.
    You'll eventually find yourself hopping across the skeleton of a ship in
    progress. It takes you to another zipline. When you land from that one, just
    run east a short distance and you should be safe.
    With that, do any side stuff you may want to do. Renovate, collect, recruit
    some more assassins, cause trouble, pay off those gambling debts, oops...
    When you're done, go back to Sofia's, the next marked spot on your map.
                         |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o--------------------o                                                      |
    | Portrait of a Lady | Steal the painting without the merchant spotting you |
    o--------------------o                                                      |
    First, head to the bazaar. There is a narrow search area here where the
    culprit is located. Have Eagle Sense switched on. Scan any potential suspects
    glowing gold to find the right one.
    When he is located, counter him once in a fist fight and he'll be eating dirt.
    After that, you gain the location of the merchant who has the painting right
    Locating him is easy. Getting the painting discreetly, however, is not. The
    best way to go about this it seems, is to hire the Romanies to the south of
    the merchant's location. Go back to the merchant, and find the painting to
    the right of him. Grab it while the Romanies are surrounding you and he should
    not be any the wiser.
    Return it to Sofia (marked on your map) to end this one.
    | Signs and Symbols, Part II |
    Go the next marker on your map. When you arrive, climb the tower to the top
    and find the mission start indicator. Like before, stay up here and use Eagle
    Sense to look around.
    An aqueduct to the northeast has three symbols on or surrounding it. Scan the
    center one and that should lead to the book. Jump there from a nearby rooftop
    but be sure to hold Circle/B for extended reach. Investigate to find the book.
    With it in hand, a new location is marked on your map. It's just nearby. Search
    for the door in this cemetary area and interact to explore...
                          |----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o---------------------o                                                    |
    | The Forum of the Ox |               Do not take any damage               |
    o---------------------o                                                    |
    This will be a long chase sequence. When you have control, go to the platform
    where they all were and turn left. Hop to a beam and let that lead you to a 
    cave wall. Climb straight up to an opening.
    From here, honestly, it's pretty straightforward for a while. Just keep R1 + X
    held down as you go forward over the obstacles. Just a few tips though. Try to
    see what your next jump is before you get there so you can know how to get
    past it. Also, when you are swinging from poles, try to "load" the direction
    you're going to lean when you jump off.
    When you get to the flower pot, be sure to hit Circle/B and do a Long Jump
    before that. After a scene in which Ezio almost falls, go through the next
    doorway and keep climbing and jumping. You'll eventaully get to some small
    pillars and perches right above the rapids. Be careful with how you point the
    left stick here and cautiously make your way across.
    Another flower pot calls for another Long Jump. Do that, then turn left and
    climb the next wall. It will take you to a zipline. Keep going from here, over
    all the jumps and gaps.
    Eventually, they'll try to blow up the bridge. Make your way across the
    bridge, or what's left of it, and just keep going. Look for more pots/lanterns
    to use. If you miss the Long Jump, don't worry. It just means you need to take
    a different route.
    Keep going and in time, you'll get to a zipline above the boat. Wait for them
    to pass under, then assassinate them. A scene will then play. Now... be very,
    very, VERY careful.
    After all that jumping and death defying, you probably don't want to have that
    all be in vain if you fail the full synch objective. That's why you need to
    be careful here. Even letting an enemy attack you while you block will probably
    fail you. So instead, go on the offensive.
    First, back away and break your lock on immediately if any enemy is about to
    attack. Run away. Take the initiative and either start your own combo, or,
    better yet, throw a bomb at your feet that will kill or stun them. That's the
    best way to go. Thunder type will work well, as will poison or other stunning
    types. If you want to give combat a chance, kick one of the enemies and melee
    him repeatedly. Watch the others very carefully if they may counter. Try to
    just get that first kill, then chain them from there. Still, this method is
    very risky and not recommended.
    When you have killed them, open the six chests, then use Eagle Sense to uncover
    the hidden door on the wall adjacent to them. Inside, yep, you guessed it, the
    next Masyaf Key.
    Congrats on completing that mission. You know what time it is now, right? Yes,
    dinner time! No.. wait... right! To the HQ, Robin! Of course, feel free to take
    care of any side stuff and collect money before doing that. New stuff will be
    available soon in the next sequence though, so try not to spend much.
    Like the previous times, return to the HQ, go to the study and interact at the
    table. You'll one again go back in time and watch a long scene.
    | A New Regime |
    Once you gain control, you have the choice between running and fighting, but
    come on... we all know what you're going to choose. One thing that is very
    interesting to note here: Altair now has Double Hidden Blades. You can use them
    for your counters if you wish, or just stick with the sword.
    Deal out the pain and escape the fortress. Leave and return to the village.
    After a scene, you'll run into Darim. Follow him and kill all the enemies in
    your path. Keep an eye out for enemies perched on rooftops. Lock onto them and
    throw knives at them to dispatch them. You usually need to do this to proceed
    to the next area.
    For the other enemies, Darim will assist you and also set up some easy backstabs
    for you. Otherwise, just try to chain kills together or use disarms.
    After a few engagements, you'll want to follow Darim very closely because the
    game threatens to fail you otherwise. Run alongside him and watch as all the
    possible exits are slowly barred. Eventually, Darim improvises and hops to a
    nearby rooftop, then performs a Leap of Faith. Do as he does and continue your
    Once again, it's very important to look for more enemies on rooftops. Throw
    knives at them, then butcher the remnants. When you can, scamble for the
    entrance and escape.
    Wave goodbye to this mission, as well as to sequence 5.
                                   S E Q U E N C E  6
                                   FORTUNE'S DISFAVOR                        [rv06]
    As we begin to draw closer and closer to the end of the game, I'd like to
    throw you another reminder about side stuff. Definitely try to have a steady
    income of 8000-12000 by now from all your renovations and such. Use the money
    to have the latest weapons and armor; the rest of the Marmluk set is available
    in this sequence. Try to have at least 6-7 recruits by now, and most of them
    high leveled. Send them on missions constantly, keeping a few for personal use.
    Also very important, look for the "Reclaim the City" missions for them. If
    they succeed, you gain income from that city as well.
    Of course, if you're just much more interested in the story, feel free to
    ignore that stuff. Head for the next main mission marker when you're ready. We
    will get to Sofia in a bit.
                       |----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o------------------o                                                    |
    | Into the Shadows |      Assassinate a target from a hiding spot       |
    o------------------o                                                    |
    The location of a wayward Janissary is marked for you. Make a beeline north
    and he will be standing at the corner of a building, glowing gold in Eagle
    Sense. Don't get too close or he will be spooked and you'll fail. No, instead
    we'll need to be a little craftier.
    The full synch objective calls from an assassination from a hiding spot, and
    it has to be the Janissary, nobody else. Well luckily, there is a haystack
    slightly southeast of him, in the corner of two buildings, right near a
    black market bomb salesman. He will also be very important to this too.
    If you don't have Cherry Bombs, purchase them from him (yes, he's there for a
    reason). Now, make sure you have "located" the target in Eagle Sense, because
    that's the only way this will work. He should start bullying random people once
    you've done that.
    With that taken care of, throw the bomb right behind the haystack. The Janissary
    should come to investigate it, so hide inside the haystack. When he walks by,
    do the assassination. This will complete the mission 100%.
                          |----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o---------------------o                                                    |
    | Honor, Lost and Won |       Perform an air assassination on Tarik        |
    o---------------------o                                                    |
    This is a fun mission. With your new Janissary costume, you can get closer to
    your target. You'll be traveling with a unit of other Janissaries heading to
    Tarik's camp.
    Keep up with them, and also try to stay blended with them. Not because you need
    to, but because you can just go there on autopilot.
    It's not all a fun ride though. In order to keep the ruse intact, you'll be
    forced to beat up an innocent civilian that the Janissaries start harassing.
    Do so and then continue on your way. It won't be much longer after that.
    When you arrive at the camp, they gain the news that their friend (whose clothes
    you pilfered) has been found dead. Therefore, they know someone is potentially
    among them, in disguise and waiting... Due to this, the normal Byzantine guards
    will be on high alert and blow your cover if you get too close.
    In this first area, therefore, you'll need the assistance of a mobile group of
    Janissaries to get past the two guards ahead. Wait for them to come by and slip
    inside their group to blend. The difficulty here lies in the fact that you may
    very easily fall out of their cover and be spotted. Try to move along with them
    in that case, rather than just leave it on autopilot.
    Once you slip into the second area, abandon this group for a standing group on
    the right. Just ahead are two Janissaries on a bench, but there are also more
    patrolling guards. Wait for one guard to stand to the right with his back
    turned. When he moves, speed walk to the bench and sit down. Someone might spot
    you, but they won't be any more than just a little alarmed.
    Stare straight ahead from your position on the bench. Another guard will walk
    by, to your left. When he does, get up and go around the corner of the tent,
    to your right (right as in your right when staring out from the bench.
    Immediately go to the wall in the corner and climb up. Stick to the left side
    and there should be an easy path straight up. Go along the top and you'll
    overlook the third area, where Tarik's tent is.
    Wait for a passing guard to go by, then drop down. Find a group of Janissaries
    near the tent and blend. A scene will interrupt. After it is over, you will
    be in front of a crowd of Janissaries and guards with Tarik walking among them.
    Now, to do your bonus objective, try the following:
    Make sure the patrolling guards are not looking, then scamper over to a group
    of Janissaries near the wall. Once again, patiently wait for the coast to be
    clear, then hurry to the wall and climb up the scaffolding. If nobody sees you
    as you are climbing, you're in the clear. Get on top of the scaffolding and
    hop your way across, around the corner (collect the chests if you wish) until
    you are in position to assassinate Tarik. Make sure you're locked onto him,
    then strike!
                              |-------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-------------|
    o-------------------------o                                              |
    | Bearer of Mixed Tidings |              Do not kill anyone              |
    o-------------------------o                                              |
    This is a simple mission as long as you don't want to get fancy. Take the easy
    route, trust me. It's much less frustrating.
    As soon as you infiltrate the palace area, you start the mission. You may enter
    from a bad spot and be attacked by Janissaries. If so, this will work out as
    it restarts you from the best spot.
    Just take the Romanies and hire them to be your mobile hiding spot. Just follow
    the path arranged by the staircases, going toward the yellow marker on your
    minimap. If you get too close to Janissaries, however, some of your Romanies
    will break off to distract them. Try to avoid this happening more than once.
    Make it all the way to Suleiman for a scene, then hire a new group of Romanies
    for the return trip. Climb over the wall and escape after that to complete the
    With that done, let's head to Sofia's to begin the quest for the next Masyaf
    | A Little Errand |
    Really easy and simple so I won't waste many words on it. The florist is
    marked on your map, so, quite simply, go in that direction. When you get there,
    you get a scene.
    Follow the florist after the scene ends. Like many stalking missions, your
    target will turn around once in a while, but he only does a few times and he
    isn't easily spooked either, meaning you can just casually walk away until he
    isn't looking anymore.
    Continue following him to his flowers. Pick three from any of the many locations
    (blue markers). Once you have three, find Sofia at another marker and once
    you meet up with her, the mission is over.
    | Signs and Symbols, Part III |
                         |-----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-----------------|
    o--------------------o                                                      |
    | The Maiden's Tower | Obtain the Masyaf Key without falling into the water |
    o--------------------o                                                      |
    Go down the short hall and make a right into a room. Interact with the manhole
    in the middle of the floor. Next, walk into another room and interact with the
    entrance device there. This leads to the actual area.
    Interact yet again, this time with the switch on your right when you start this
    next section. It will operate a timed mechanism that you have to reach within
    30 seconds. Run forward to the north and climb that wall. Turn left and hop
    across the tops of the small stone walls until you reach the larger platform
    where the device is. Interact here for a scene.
    After that, jump straight ahead to the ridges on the floating cube. Climb down
    using the left stick, then jump straight across to the one you were just
    standing on. Climb down further, shimmying a bit to your left. This leads to
    a platform with a corridor on your left, down below. Drop down here and hop
    and swing your way to another switch.
    Activate it, then run straight up the wall on your right. Jump away and swing
    across the pole. Keep going this way, and be sure to use the Long Jump on the
    lantern. Eventually you'll make two lefts and reach the device you need to use.
    Two jumps to the west will land you at the next switch. Use it, and yet another
    device will need to be interacted with in the time limit. When you control
    Ezio again, jump straight ahead and climb up. You'll hop across a few narrow
    ledges to a platform in the corner. Turn right here and do a few more jumps,
    turning right again after that.
    Jump across the small ledges above the water, leading to a column. You can
    climb this, so do so carefully At the top, shimmy around to the left and jump
    to the other column. Shimmy to the right and jump away again. Hop across these
    ledges to the next device.
    The next switch will be right in front of you after watching the next scene.
    Use it and then jump straight ahead to the hanging rock with the ledge to
    grip onto. Shimmy around and jump straight across. Climb up and take this narrow
    ledge to a swing pole. Swing across to another narrow ledge and then take that
    to a wall to climb up. Climb up and shimmy to the right, jumping to a beam
    when you can't go any farther. Go across these beams then turn right on the
    last one and you'll see the goal is not too far. Jump from the beam to the pole
    and swing down to the device. Use it for a scene.
    You're almost at the Masyaf key. Climb the rock face in front of you. Turn
    left and hop across to another hanging rock platform. Climb up the ridges of
    this one, then stay perfectly straight and jump to the following wall. It will
    be a perfectly straight climb from there, traversing some tough ledges that
    stick out but that's Ezio's worry, not yours.
    Once you get to the top, go left a few paces, then on your right, look for
    another floating rock with ridges to climb up. Then after that, yup, another.
    When you reach the top of that one though, there will be the Masyaf Key
    platform. No tricks, just jump right to it, loot all the chests, then collect
    the key. Once you have it, no worries about getting out, let the magic of
    fade out do that for you...
    As you have come to expect by now, a new "past" mission is available for you
    at the HQ. Make your way over there at your leisure and return to the study.
                          |----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o---------------------o                                                    |
    | The Mentor's Return |  Do not kill anyone except Abbas and his captains  |
    o---------------------o                                                    |
    Walk along with the young assassin as he talks. He'll lead you to the first
    slope leading deeper into the village. Go up the slope where the first two
    captains are standing across from each other.
    You'll notice you can't really do much more than walk very slowly in the state
    you're in. You can sort of run (more like jog) with R1, but you can't do it
    for very long.
    Approach the two captains and do a a Double Hidden Blade kill to dispatch them.
    Go to the left and up the next hill, toward the third captain. He will run
    away when you get closer. Follow him and soon, the young assassins will join
    When battle breaks out, just go straight for the captain, ignoring everything
    else. Getting close will make him target you. Stay defensive, then wait for him
    to strike and counter it. That will end him. Now only one target remains.
    Now begins the long and slow trek from here to the fortress. It is a really slow
    process so I'll say now, don't screw up that bonus objective. As you go, all
    enemies in your path will be dispatched by the assassins still loyal to Altair.
    Step inside the fortress grounds and be very cautious. Some of the assassins
    here will stand idle, pledging loyalty. Others will not be so agreeable and
    strike out at you. Do NOT call for help because it will fail the bonus objective
    and you don't want that. Instead, take care of this peacefully. Do counters
    while you're unarmed to disarm each attacker. Once you disarm them, they will
    cease. Do this for each one as you slowly make your way to the entrance
    Go inside for a scene. After that, you should already be locked on, so... just
    hold Triangle/Y and... release!
    One last thing to take care of. Leave the HQ and go to the next mission marker.
                   |------------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE------------------|
    o--------------o                                                        |
    | Setting Sail |             Do not kill anyone with blades             |
    o--------------o                                                        |
    Here you are, folks, the E3 demo mission. I don't know about you, but for me,
    there's always something exciting about doing demo missions I've seen at E3
    or etc. So, my word of advice, do this mission... like a boss.
    So, approach the two guards here. If you have a Shrapnel Bomb, that would be
    spot on start just like from the demo. If you want to get 100%, you'll need to
    avoid using your sword, dagger, and Hidden Blades. So other options here are
    to use bombs, any type that may kill or stun them for you to kill them after,
    the crossbow, poison, or your recruits.
    In the interest of doing this "like a boss", try to mix things up, all while
    doing a slow, badass walk (unless you're tired of moving slow from the last
    mission, ha!).
    I started off with the Shrapnel bomb, then up the stairs where two more
    Janissaries approached. Here I shot one with Poison Darts, then the other with
    the Crossbow. I walked to the left, shot another with the crossbow, then went
    around the tower a bit and called my assassins on another guard.
    Find the chain and interact to plant the bomb. After that, it's in your best
    interest here to just run past all these guards. Don't even bother locking on,
    just run to not have to worry about full synch. Assassins will drop in anyway
    to help out. Run for the cannon on the next ship. It's a flamethrower, so use
    it to spray flames on the boats out here.
    Treat these boats like stubbon marshmallows and give them all a good roasting.
    Make sure you see the counter on the screen increase to know you got it. It
    can be a little tough because many attackers will be firing back at you. Try
    to hit them specifically to help reduce the annoyances and burn the boats
    Once that's taken care of, jump to the part of the sail then jump from there
    to a beam which will take you to another boat. Turn right and go through the
    checkpoint markers. Jump and do a Long Jump before hitting the lantern, leaping
    over an explosion. Keep going, running down the front of the boat to the
    bow, leaping off to another boat. A quick scene plays.
    Run straight off this boat to another for yet another quickie scene. Next,
    turn left, drop off the ledge and run past all of the guards to the bow of
    this boat. Run straight off and jump to the final boat.
    This ends the mission. You'll set sail for a new destination, and a new
                                   S E Q U E N C E  7
                                      UNDERWORLD                             [rv07]
                      |----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o-----------------o                                                    |
    | The Hidden City |                Do not get detected                 |
    o-----------------o                                                    |
    Go forward and left up the staircase. Turn right and go up the next staircase,
    then another leading to the cave entrance. It's a straight dash through the
    corridor into the hidden city.
    Here, there are plenty of Templars, but only the riflemen will spot you and
    attack, thus failing your full synch objective. Avoid them or attack them from
    behind or at a distance.
    Proceed in a southwest direction, toward a giant rock spire in the middle of
    the city. Approach the west side, where there's a small torch to the right of
    a climbable wall. This is where we'll begin.
    Climb straight up for a while until you pull yourself onto a wooden platform.
    Turn left and hop across two beams, then turn right and go straight up the wall.
    Turn right and jump to the destroyed bridge and climb up. You'll now go around
    the tower, past a chest, to some beams. Take the beams to a climbable wall and
    jump to it. Go up, then shimmy all the way to the right until you reach the
    viewpoint ledge. Click the left stick in to synchronize. This will give you a
    better view, and a new objective.
    Perform a Leap of Faith to land in hay. Watch out for the rifleman nearby. Wait
    til he passes in front of you, then assassinate him. Notice the search area on
    your map. Head in that direction, avoiding any other detection.
    Go to the green search area. To the north, there will be some individuals in
    a street area talking. Have Eagle Sense on to make sure they're glowing. If
    so, those are the ones you want to scan. One will take off running. Follow
    her and confront her when she stops not too far down a path. The following
    scene will mark the end to this first mission.
                             |---------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE---------------|
    o------------------------o                                                  |
    | The Spy Who Shunned Me |                Do not kill anyone                |
    o------------------------o                                                  |
    Head for the marked area. It will lead to a staircase that feeds soon into a
    restricted area. Hug the right wall and go straight up the next staircase. You
    will see the checkpoint marker and when you reach it, a scene plays.
    Reverse direction and retrace your steps back into the city. Go to the search
    area and turn on Eagle Sense. If you keep going northwest, you should
    inevitably run into a large gathering of people. Residents and Templars are
    watching a street brawl. Scan each of the guards with Eagle Sense until you
    find the one with the key. Enter the crowd and hold X/A while moving to
    pickpocket it, then run away quickly.
    Resist the urge to kill any riflemen as you make your way back to that cave. Go
    back inside and find the cell door at the far end of that room to free the
    prisoner. The scene ends the mission.
                   |-------------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE-------------------|
    o--------------o                                                          |
    | The Renegade |      Do not let Janos lose more than half his health     |
    o--------------o                                                          |
    Really short but fun mission. Start by going straight ahead toward the column.
    Climb your way over to the first rifleman. When you reach the top point of
    your climb, the assassination prompt should appear. Hit it to kill the first
    guy. Move quickly, climbing the next wall and when you get to the top of the
    railing, do the next assassination.
    Go into the corner and climb up to the ledge to do a Ledge Assassination. Keep
    going up the final wall where the camera will shift. At the top of your climb
    ont his wall, you can do another assassination, jumping to him from the wall.
    Step out onto the cross and perform an Air Assassination on Shahkulu. That
    ends this struggle, once and for--
    Gotcha! The fight isn't over! (dramatic music here)
    Shahkulu will probably be the only one to attack you so don't even worry about
    his guards. He's like a Janissary, minus the gun. He will take three counters
    to kill, so just sit on those and keep countering until he dies... for good.
    The guards will flee after that.
                     |----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o----------------o                                                    |
    | Decommissioned |               Do not take any damage               |
    o----------------o                                                    |
    So here's fair warning. This can be an annoying full synch objective if you
    let it be. I strongly recommend bringing four Sticky Shrapnel Bombs and some
    sort of back up stunning bomb. You'll see why in a moment. If you can't make
    the bombs at a station, try to buy some some from the black market merchants.
    You have to climb the tower again. When you climb up the broken bridge, look
    for the cables extending out from that ledge to the far wall. From here, it
    will be a straightforwad path along the cave wall to the hanging crates and
    into the hidden area.
    Here is where frustrations can mount and swears can be said. There are five
    groups of guards in here. One will be standing just inside as you arrive. Each
    group has the large Almogavar enemies, usually more than one and they can easily
    cause you some damage. Even the slightest scratch alone will fail you so, don't
    even think about getting fancy here, unless you are just that confident. Don't
    give them the chance. Throw a Sticky Bomb at one of them immediately and stay
    back, waiting for it to kill them all.
    Go up the stairs and there will be a second group. Repeat the same tactic but
    make sure they are all grouped together, or else it might not kill all of them.
    Retrieve the incendiary from the chest, then continue going through this area.
    More guard units will attack so try to use those bombs to take them out safely.
    If you run out, use some type of stunning bomb to keep them disoriented and
    then do some quick assassinations.
    Drop down to where the glowing door is and interact to plant the bomb. After
    the following scene, the mission is done, but the fight has only just begun...
                             |---------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE---------------|
    o------------------------o                                                  |
    | Last of the Palaiologi |              Do not take any damage              |
    o------------------------o                                                  |
    Once again, a demanding side objective, but this time it should be easier,
    as long as you don't want to get greedy.
    First thing's first. Take off running and pick a route: streets or rooftops.
    Either works fine, just don't make awkward jumps or anything that might get you
    hurt. The guards won't catch up provided that you keep moving. Head for the
    marker and approach Manuel for a short scene.
    Here is where you need to abandon any ideas of fighting and just run. Run for
    the gate Manuel escaped behind and climb straight up. From here, the path to
    him will be pretty straightforward and you will not have been attacked.
    Cornered, he will draw his sword and attack.
    Right off the bat he should attack you almost immediately. Take advantage of
    this and do a counter right away. One is all it will take and he will be
    put to sleep.
             |----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o--------o                                                    |
    | Escape |       Do not lose more than half your health       |
    o--------o                                                    |
    Try to have plenty of medicine on hand for this one. At the start, draw your
    sword and just string together some kills. One guard will likely attack you
    immediately, so counter him, then try to string the kills into an Execution
    Streak. If someone else strikes, try to interrupt the streak with a new
    counter, then continue from there.
    Once the guards are slain, charge up the stairs in the back. Three more will
    come running, so choose how you want to skewer them. Really, there isn't a
    call for strategy here, so just take your pick: disamrms, counters, constant
    strikes, etc.
    Kill them and continue your escape. When you return to the main area of the
    city, smoke will be billowing everywhere. It slowly depletes your health and
    this is where the full synch and medicine come into play. You need to make your
    way across the city to the marker while combating your failing health with
    medicine. Wait til it gets near halfway and replenish so you can get the most
    out of your time.
    The difficulty here is figuring out how to traverse the landscape and obstacles.
    Use Eagle Sense to see when the smoke gets too thick as you're blind otherwise.
    Keep climbing and keep moving, following the waypoint as a guide. Eventually,
    you will find the passage that leads back outside.
    One last group of guards will be waiting, including an Almogavar. Since they're
    heavy hitters, you might want to consider using any type of bomb that will
    kill them or stun them. The slightly riskier option is to just let someone
    else attack, counter, then streak the kills toward the Almogavar.
    A scene will play after successful escape. This leads into the final mission
    of the sequence.
    | Passing the Torch |
    Walk slowly out of the fortress grounds. Any enemies that attack you should
    be dealt with using your new.... "toy". Hold Square to use it, sending out a
    field of energy, killing any caught in its radius.
    The trip is again, very slow but hopefully that's not a huge issue for you.
    Clear the fortress gates and proceed down the hills. When you arrive at the
    tower, find the ladder and climb up to use the Apple of Eden from a high
    vantage point. It should kill all the enemies around. Descend the ladder and
    regroup with your allies. Guide them down the hill, eventually leading to a
                                   S E Q U E N C E  8
                                   THE END OF AN ERA                         [rv08]
                |--------------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE--------------------|
    o-----------o                                                            |
    | Discovery |   If attacked, kill five guards in close combat without    |
    o-----------o                         getting hit                        |
    You'll start off at Sofia's. Explore the area, going through the rooms until
    you find a body near one of the doorways. Investigate the body for a tragic
    After that, you'll regain control outside a large gate, on a rooftop. If you
    want to meet the Full Synch objective, drop down immediately and draw not your
    sword, but your dagger. Run past everyone and into the gate. A group of guards
    should greet you, with more coming hopefully.
    The goal here is to use the dagger and string five kills together as quickly
    as possible, not getting hit in the process. Why the rush? Because your
    assassins, albeit very helpful, are also extremely annoying and will steal
    kills from you left and right. The dagger will make the kill streak incredibly
    faster, so use that and try to chain together the kills. If you don't get it,
    there's plenty more guards but it will probably be tougher with your assassins
    shadowing you the whole time.
    Otherwise, the fun part of this mission is you have unlimited assassins at your
    disposal. Summon them any time or use Arrow Storm as much as you want. Use it
    to clear out large groups containing tougher soldiers like Almogavars.
    Otherwise, you might want to get in a little action yourself, so decide how you
    want to use the abilities you have.
    Make your way, down a path of corpses to find your target. A furious Ezio will
    barely resist killing him. After the scene, you'll be free to start the next
    mission. You'll likely want to do that, as the stakes have certainly been
    raised. It's on the complete opposite side of the map though so use fast travel.
                   |------------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE------------------|
    o--------------o                                                        |
    | The Exchange |        Rescue Sofia before she loses 50% health        |
    o--------------o                                                        |
    Leave the HQ and go for the marker that is very close by. Regroup with your
    assassins, and after the scene, proceed to the top of the wall near the giant
    Once you have control again, dash for the tower. Climb up a few ledges, then
    shimmy right. Go up to the small window, then right again. Look on your left
    for a small stone jutting out a bit. Use that with the hookblades and get that
    extra boost to get up higher. Climb to the right again, then use the window
    to get up higher. Shimmy right yet again, and then look for a straight path
    up. From there, it should be a relatively straightforward climb to the top.
    Once you get there, a scene starts. Hope you brought parachutes! Jump off and
    pop one and just glide straight ahead to the marker. Don't worry about any
    guards waiting; the assassins will take care of them. Try to get there as fast
    as possible (jumping off as soon as you get control helps) and free Sofia to
    end the mission.
                      |----------------FULL SYNCH OBJECTIVE----------------|
    o-----------------o                                                    |
    | End of the Road |                   Kill 20 guards                   |
    o-----------------o                                                    |
    The opening to this mission will make the game come full circle in a slight
    way, as you'll be riding the carriage and trying to run other enemy carriages
    off the road. Start off by doing that, steering into them hard. We will not
    focus primarily on this however.
    Let the enviornment do most of the work instead. A short while in, you'll need
    to focus more on navigating the terrain than attacking. Parts of the road will
    be really rocky. Driving over these will greatly damage your carriage. Avoid
    it, trying to steer through narrow "safe" areas, and at the same time, forcing
    your enemies to take damage.
    Destroy both and you'll find Ahmet. This next sequence is a little wilder and
    may call for as much medicine as you have available. Start by hitting Square/X
    when prompted to open the parachute. From this point on, you'll need to help
    Ezio get around corners by moving left or right. Avoid buildings and trees and
    so on to prevent damage. If you hit too many things, use medicine.
    Along the ride, there will be several waves of horseback Templars, and that's
    really all there is to it. There aren't many curveballs thrown your way. So, as
    far as the guards are concerned, the counter for your bonus objective starts
    here. When a guard is almost directly below you or close enough, you can do an
    assassination while gliding.
    This tends to work out well because you can often "chain" assassinations
    together. For example, when you do one kill, another guard will often be right
    below as you're ready to do another one. There are more than a half dozen
    sections with horseback soldiers so you have a pretty decent window to get 20
    kills. Just make sure to keep steering clear of buildings and such.
    Eventually, the ride ends and Ezio and Ahmet decide to settle things... in
    slow motion. As you're falling, hold R1 to block. Even though it doesn't at
    first appear to help, do it anyway. Wait for Ezio to gain the upper hand, then
    strike back with the attack button. Block again if necessary, but be aggressive
    for the most part.
    After that, a scene. Sequence 8 is done. Just one more, ladies and gents.
                                   S E Q U E N C E  9
                                       REVELATIONS                           [rv09]
    | A Homecoming |
    This will begin the extremely short final sequence. Walk and talk with Sofia
    as you go inside the fortress. She knows where to go so just follow her if you
    don't know the way. The path will include going into the secret entrance that
    leads to the library.
    The door has a small puzzle that must be solved to open it. You must place the
    fight Masyaf keys on the right fittings in the wall which appear to have 
    images of constellations. Look closely a the keys and the small shapes on them.
    If you compare that to the shapes of the consoles, particularly the corners of
    them, you should be able to figure it out withotu too much trouble.
    If not, then a hint is that all the pieces should go on the right constellation.
    The door will open when you've got it right. From here, Ezio goes alone.
    As you approach each torch, the game takes over momentarily as Ezio lights them.
    At the end of the passage, you'll find something interesting and a scene will
    | Lost Legacy |
    This extremely short mission will have you basically mimicing the same path
    that Ezio just did. When you finish, approach the wall behind the chair, but
    listen to the dialogue first if you wish. When you get just past the chair, a
    scene will play. After that, go to the chair and watch the next scene.
    | The Message |
    And um... yeah. We're setting new records for short missions, but there's a
    reason so don't feel like you're being ripped off. After that last scene,
    approach that same wall behind the chair for a scene.
    After that...
    Congratulations! You've beaten Assassin's Creed: Revelations!
    | Desmond's Journey  ||  ASSASSIN'S CREED: REVELATIONS               [dj00] |
    | Lists         ||  ASSASSIN'S CREED: REVELATIONS                    [ls00] |
    Here is an appendix for the armor, weapons, and certain purchaseable things in
    the game. These tables will provide some info on when these things are available
    and what they do for you in terms of stats.
    - Weapons -
    |S   |Name                   |Damage|Speed|Deflect |When Available             |
    |W   |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |O   |Assassin Yataghan Sword|1     |2    |1       |Default equipped sword     |
    |R   |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |D   |Persian Shamshir       |1     |4    |3       |Sequence 2                 |
    |S   |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Prussian War Hammer    |1     |3    |3       |Sequence 2                 |
    |&   |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Florentine Falchion    |1     |3    |5       |Sequence 3                 |
    |H   |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |A   |Merovingian Axe        |1     |5    |5       |Sequence 3                 |
    |M   |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |M   |Mercenario War Hammer  |2     |1    |2       |Sequence 4                 |
    |M   |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |E   |Condottiero Mace       |2     |2    |2       |Sequence 4                 |
    |R   |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |S   |Syrian Sabre           |2     |4    |3       |Sequence 5                 |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Sledgehammer           |3     |4    |1       |Sequence 5                 |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Janissary's Kilij      |4     |2    |2       |Sequence 6                 |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Sicilian Rapier        |3     |5    |5       |Sequence 6                 |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Byantine Arming Sword  |1     |2    |1       |Sequence 7 *               |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Byzantine Mace         |3     |5    |3       |Sequence 7 *               |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Captain's Sword        |2     |3    |3       |UPlay unlockable           |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Schianova              |3     |2    |3       |UPlay unlockable           |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Milanese Sword         |3     |3    |2       |UPlay unlockable           |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Ottoman Mace           |4     |4    |2       |Thieve's Guild challenges  |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Vlade Tepe's Sword     |4     |4    |4       |Complete Vlad DLC          |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Altair's Sword         |5     |3    |4       |Assassin Guild challenges  |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Yusuf's Turkish Kilij  |5     |5    |5       |"The Deacon Part 1" mission|
    |D   |Name                   |Damage|Speed|Deflect |When Available            |
    |A   |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|--------------------------|
    |G   |Kurdish Jambiya        |1     |2    |3       |Sequence 2                |
    |G   |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|--------------------------|
    |E   |Macedonian Dagger      |2     |2    |2       |Sequence 2                |
    |R   |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|--------------------------|
    |S   |Standard Stiletto      |1     |3    |2       |Sequence 3                |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|--------------------------|
    |    |Arabian Dagger         |2     |4    |1       |Sequence 4                |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|--------------------------|
    |    |Butcher's Knife        |3     |5    |4       |Sequence 5                |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|--------------------------|
    |    |Bayezid's Knife        |5     |3    |4       |Sequence 6                |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|--------------------------|
    |    |Afghani Khyber Blade   |4     |4    |2       |Sequence 7 *              |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|--------------------------|
    |    |Romani Stiletto        |5     |3    |4       |Romani Guild challenges   |
    |    |-----------------------|------|-----|--------|--------------------------|
    |    |Mehmet's Dagger        |5     |5    |5       |"The Trickster Part 1"    |
    |    |                       |      |     |        | mission                  |
    |H   |Name                |Damage|Speed|Deflect |When Available             |
    |E   |--------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |A   |Bearded Axe         |2     |3    |4       |Sequence 2                 |
    |V   |--------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |Y   |French Bastard Sword|3     |4    |3       |Sequence 4                 |
    |    |--------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Condottiero Axe     |3     |2    |5       |Sequence 6                 |
    |    |--------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Prussian Long Sword |3     |5    |5       |Sequence 7 *               |
    |    |--------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Broadsword          |5     |4    |4       |Mercenary Guild challenges |
    |    |--------------------|------|-----|--------|---------------------------|
    |    |Almogavar Axe       |5     |5    |5       |"The Champion Part 1"      |
    |    |                    |      |     |        | mission                   |
    * This weapon can only be purchased at Cappadocia
    - Armor -
    |A   |Armor Piece            |Resist |Health Added |When Available          |
    |Z   |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |A   |Azap Leather Bracers   |2      |1            |Sequence 3              |
    |P   |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |    |Azap Leather Greaves   |2.5    |1            |Sequence 4              |
    |    |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |    |Azap Leather Spaulders |3      |1            |Sequence 2              |
    |    |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |    |Azap Leather Guard     |4      |2            |Sequence 4              |
    |    |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------'
    |    |TOTAL                  |+11.5  |+5           |
    |M   |Armor Piece            |Resist |Health Added |When Available          |
    |A   |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |M   |Mamluk Metal Bracers   |3      |1            |Sequence 5              |
    |L   |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |U   |Mamluk Metal Greaves   |3.5    |2            |Sequence 5              |
    |K   |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |    |Mamluk Metal Spaulders |4.5    |2            |Sequence 6              |
    |    |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |    |Mamluk Chest Plate     |5      |3            |Sequence 6              |
    |    |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------'
    |    |TOTAL                  |+16    |+8           |
    |S   |Armor Piece            |Resist |Health Added |When Available          |
    |E   |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |P   |Sepahi Riding Bracers  |4      |2            |Sequence 6              |
    |A   |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |H   |Sepahi Riding Greaves  |4.5    |2            |Sequence 6              |
    |I   |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |    |Sepahi Riding Spaulders|5.5    |3            |Sequence 7              |
    |    |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------|
    |    |Sepahi Chest Guard     |6      |4            |Sequence 7              |
    |    |-----------------------|-------|-------------|------------------------'
    |    |TOTAL                  |+20    |+11          |
    | Extras        ||  ASSASSIN'S CREED: REVELATIONS                    [ex00] |
    This section is reserved for, not side stuff necessarily, but providing more
    in-depth information and strategies for some of the game's important components
    not directly involved in the main story.
    - | Den Defense and Templar Awareness | -
      o--------------|    |---------------o
    It's come to my attention that some people just... do not like Den Defense. I
    can certainly understand why. Den Defense, although a fun little diversion in
    my opinion, can be very frustrating because of its intense difficulty. It also
    can lead to very annoying problems with controlling your Assassin Dens (see
    below). In this section, I'm hoping to provide not just all the information that
    comprises Den Defense, but give some strategies and tips that might help make it
    easier to manage.
    Den Defense is a strategy minigame played to protect your Assassin Dens from the
    Templars. It involves placing troops in strategic locations and building up your
    forces to defend against Templar attacks.
    Den Defense occurs when an Assassin Den you've captured is under attack. When
    does that happen? When your notoriety, or, Templar Awareness is 100%, there is
    an extremely high chance that the Templars will attack one of your dens if it's
    unprotected. If this happens, the Den becomes "contested" and is overrun by the
    Templars. You have to go back, fight through them, and find the den entrance to
    begin the minigame.
    Not always, but the chances are so high that it will probably happen. Also, if
    it doesn't happen right away, it will usually happen if you kill enemies or do
    other not-so-nice things.
    Templar Awareness, your "notoriety" can increase for a lot of things, more than
    in any other Assassin's Creed game. It will increase for bad acts like killing
    guards and stuff like that. You get a 25% increase every time you renovate a
    shop now though. Yup, renovate four shops and you get 100% awareness.
    It also goes up very minimally every time you buy something. Yes, you read that
    Like in the previous two games, the "notoriety" system can be countered.
    Unfortunately, unlike Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood, you have less options
    and now even they have much less effect. You can bribe heralds (formerly a 50%
    decrease, now just 25%) and kill witnesses (formerly 75%, now 50%). There are no
    posters to rip down this time.
    Ok, so have an idea of some of the mechanics of Templar Awareness and how that
    factors into Den Defense. Let's take a closer look at Den Defense itself.
    Your Units
    During Den Defense there are several different units or Assassin types, each
    with their own benefits and weaknesses. Knowing them inside and out and how to
    use them appropriately will go a long way.
    |Unit Type        |Cost   |HP    |Abilities/Etc.                             |
    |Leader           |10     |150   |Generate morale every few seconds          |
    |Crossbowman      |10     |150   |Fires arrows at enemies, reloads quickly   |
    |Rifleman         |15     |150   |Uses rifle, slow reload, effective against |
    |                 |       |      | armored foes                              |
    |Caltrop Bomber   |15     |150   |Drops caltrops which slow down enemies     |
    |Splinter Bomber  |25     |150   |Drops splinter bombs which deal very large |
    |                 |       |      | damage in a decent area                   |
    |Bruiser          |10     |150   |Ground fighters, have better resistance    |
    |Air Assassin     |10     |150   |Leap off rooftops to kill up to two enemies|
    |Unit Type       |Cost |HP  |Lv 2 |Lv 3 |Abilities/Etc.                      |
    |Barricade       |10   |750 |1500 |2250 |The standard barricade, can be      |
    |                |     |    |     |     | ugraded to resist damage better    |
    |Greek Fire      |20   |500 |1000 |1500 |Sprays fire at a medium range in    |
    |Barricade       |     |    |     |     | front of the barricade             |
    |Multi Barrel Gun|30   |500 |1000 |1500 |Gun deals high damage but cannot    |
    |Barricade       |     |    |     |     | effectively cover a large group    |
    |Cannon Barricade|40   |750 |1500 |2250 |Extremely high damage though slower |
    |                |     |    |     |     | to fire                            |
    Templar Units
    In a way, Den Defense is like a game of chess. You're able to look at what
    type of enemy units will be used against you and this is a huge advantage that
    is often overlooked. Many of these "pieces" have weaknesses you can exploit with
    other units. Here's a look at who the Templars have in their ranks:
    |Unit Type       |HP   |DMG |Abilities/Etc.            |Weakness              |
    |Militia         |35   |35  |Standard grunt enemies    |Crossbowmen           |
    |Almogavar       |100  |75  |Armored and deal more DMG |Riflemen              |
    |Scout           |80   |75  |Can climb over barricades |Crossbowmen           |
    |Infiltrator     |68   |50  |Can climb over barricades |Crossbowmen, weapon   |
    |                |     |    | and attack Den directly  | barricades           |
    |Rifleman        |68   |50  |Will attack your units on |Air Assassins         |
    |                |     |    | the rooftops from below  |                      |
    |Bombman         |100  |250 |Can destroy barricades    |Air Assassins, Cannon |
    |Stalker         |80   |75  |Will very quickly kill    |Ezio's Pistol         |
    |                |     |    | your units on rooftops   |                      |
    - General Tips -
    Den Defense is... well, hard. It's hard if you don't do everything you possibly
    can to maximize your success. To put it bluntly, if you half ass it, you will
    probably fail. Here are a few tips to help you get through this.
    1. ALWAYS look at the enemies you are about to face in a Den Defense. You can
    do this by hitting Triangle. It will show you what types of enemies are being
    used against you and how many. Use the charts above to see how they fight and
    most importantly, how to counter them. are they using a lot of Almogavars? Be
    sure to bring riflemen. Lots of Infiltrators? Bring Crossbows, weapon barricades
    and more.
    2. At the start, put Assassin Leaders on all applicable rooftops. They will
    generate your morale income. Lots of players will put two or three down, but
    forget the rooftop nearest to the HQ. Put another one there and you'll get a bit
    more morale.
    3. Loot bodies as much as possible. After your assassins have mowed down a whole
    squad of soldiers, you can drag the cursor over them and tap Circle/B to see if
    you get anything. Sometimes it's money, but sometimes it's 10 or even 15 morale.
    That's a whole unit right there that you can put down. Do it as often as you
    can for more morale.
    4. Use Ezio's pistol as much as you can. Not only is it an instant kill that
    can help you decrease the enemies, but you will also indicate a priority target
    in a single soldier or an entire unit that your assassins will focus on. In
    addition, it's useful for trying to get Infiltrators or Scouts that try to slip
    by your defenses.
    5. Later on, watch out for Stalkers. They will run along the rooftops and start
    to kill your assassins one-by-one. They are indicated by a specific symbol that
    you can on your screen, showing where one is. Shoot them with Ezio's pistol.
    6. Try to use the cannon at the first sign of trouble, then let it recharge
    for when you really need it. The idea is to get the most use out of it. If you
    only save it for that one critical moment, you might not get another chance to
    use it. If you use it at the first sign of trouble, you'll bail yourself out
    and give yourself another chance to use it later.
    7. Upgrade barricades when possible. It will make them more resistant to enemy
    attacks but also "heal" them.
    8. Find good combinations of units to maximize their effectiveness. Here are a
    o Caltrops & Splinter Bombers: Place a Caltrop assassin and a bomber near each
    other. The idea is that the caltrops will slow an enemy unit down while the
    Splinter Bomber easily wipes them all out. Crossbows and rifles will wipe out
    any who survive.
    o Caltrops & Weapon Barricades: Slow down an enemy group in front of a barricade
    by using Caltrops. The Weapon Barricade will be protected and it can have an
    easier time wiping them out. Place the Caltrop Bomber on a rooftop just in
    front of the barricade.
    o Air Assassins & Barricades: Place Air Assassins on rooftops in front of and
    behind barricades to try and catch Infiltrators or Scouts.
    o Riflemen & Crossbowmen: In general just try to have a good mix. Rifles are
    stronger, but slower. Crossbows are faster but weaker. Also, having enough
    Riflemen can scare enemy units away.
    - | Assassin Training: Mediterranean Defense | -
      o------------------|    |------------------o
    When you have a few recruits, you'll be granted the option of sending them
    across the Mediterranean to do missions in other countries. Completing
    missions successfully grants them XP to help them rise in rank.
    Let's take a look at Mediterranean Defense:
    First you must have recruits, above all. Next, you have to go to a "station"
    area. They are marked as bomb icons on your map. They have both bombcrafting
    stations and pigeon coops. Alternatively, go to any Assassin den, including your
    own HQ and interact at the table with the map to get to the screen.
    - HOW DO YOU USE IT? -
    Once you're at the screen, there's a few things to take note of and understand.
    These missions are like "contracts"; your assassins are sent out for a period of
    time with a certain chance of success. While they're gone, you can't use them.
    When looking at a contract, the following information will help you understand
    o Difficulty: How difficult the mission is, measured in diamond shapes. The more
                   there are, the harder it is. Some have * shapes and are much
                    harder. The harder a mission is, the lower the success rate is,
                     and therefore, the more assassins needed for success.
    o Money: The cash reward for completing the contract successfully.
    o XP: The xp reward for completing the mission, given to your recruits. It is
           divided evenly amongst recruits when you send more than one.
    o Synch Duration: The total time the contract will take to complete and the time
                       your recruits will be unavailable, in real time minutes
    o Success Rate: The % chance of success. This factors in the mission difficulty
                     and the rank of the recruits sent on it. Higher ranking
                      recruits will of course have higher success. Adding more
                       recruits for a contract increases success. If success rate is
                        low before starting a contract, you risk losing a recruit.
    So ideally, you will want to be sending out recruits as much as possible. The
    rewards are many. More money, stronger recruits, and then even other rewards
    like eventually bomb materials and increased income.
    A general strategy, if you're not plowing through the story, is to just spend
    time in between missions tending to lots of side stuff. This can include
    renovations, completing challenges, taking Templar Dens, getting more recruits,
    other side missions, and so on. While you're doing all this, your income will
    keep coming in and your assassins will be finishing their missions. When they're
    done, you send them back out while you go on to more tasks.
    Eventually, you will want to pay close attention to the difficulty and the XP
    earned from certain contracts. The two are not always correlated as you might
    expect. Sometimes, higher difficulty contracts do not give huge XP pay outs. Be
    aware of this when you're really trying to get recruits up in rank.
    When you start getting your last few recruits and you already have several
    high-ranked assassins in your service, you can use them to help boost the
    newcomers. Send a high rank along with a lower rank recruit on a mission that
    pays out big in XP (preferably 1000+). The high rank is there just to keep the
    success rate % up (send another if necessary for higher success), while the
    lower rank will be getting the benefit of all the xp.
    If possible, try to keep it to just two, or send two lower ranks with a higher
    ranked recruit so they both can level up faster (and this will increase success
    more). Try to limit the number you need to send out to maximize individual xp
    When an assassin recruit has reached enough xp and ranked up, the task is not
    truly complete until you spend their skill points. Every time they rank up, they
    gain a skill point.
    These can be spent to raise their armor or weapon stats. It gives them new
    equipment, though that is only part of it. Raising skill points also increases
    their defense and attack power.
    Below is a look at the Assassin ranks and the required XP to move up.
    |Level  |Rank               |XP to next Level      |
    |1      |Recruit            |10 xp to level 2      |
    |2      |Initiate           |30 xp to level 3      |
    |3      |Apprentice         |80 xp to level 4      |
    |4      |Novice             |180 xp to level 5     |
    |5      |Footpad            |350 xp to level 6     |
    |6      |Disciple           |600 xp to level 7     |
    |7      |Mercenary          |1000 xp to level 8    |
    |8      |Warrior            |1500 xp to level 9    |
    |9      |Veteran            |2500 xp to level 10   |
    |10     |Assassin           |3800 xp to level 11   |
    |11     |Assassin, 2nd Rank |5600 xp to level 12   |
    |12     |Assassin, 3rd Rank |8000 xp to level 13   |
    |13     |Assassin, 4th Rank |11,000 xp to level 14 |
    |14     |Assassin, 5th Rank |15,500 xp to level 15 |
    |15     |Master Assassin    |N/A                   |
    - | Master Assassin Missions | -
      o----------|    |----------o
    So you've trained your recruits, sent them across the Mediterranean, leveled
    them up to rank 10 and... you can't raise them any more. What's going on?
    Out of all your recruits, you may elect seven of them to reach the status of
    Master Assassin. Only seven and no more. Master Assassin training ascends their
    ranks from 10 to the max of 15. All other recruits will be capped at 10.
    So how do you begin Master Assassin training? First, you must raise a recruit
    to rank 10. At that point, he or she can be assigned to protecting one of the
    dens you've captured. To do that, visit the den and interact at the table.
    Assign an eligble assassin (the recruit must not be out on a mission at the
    time) and choose him or her to reside over that den.
    Immediately, you can begin a two-part quest to raise them to Master Assassin
    level. Speak to the recruit at that den to begin part one. Completing this
    mission lets that recruit level up to 14 at max. When the second part is
    completed, they can reach the max rank.
    Below is a list of the different quests for the apprentices with some very
    brief walkthroughs:
    The Thespian, Part I - Do not let your apprentice get hurt
    Take note of the building in front of you as you start this mission, walking
    with the apprentice. Once you're able to, climb it. The apprentice will tail
    a target while you watch on the rooftops. You're not watching the target
    however, you're watching your apprentice because he or she will be under
    constant attack from guards trying to perform ambushes. Try to have your
    crossbow with as many arrows as possible.
    The first attacker will be waiting behind some scaffolding and will spring out
    when the apprentice passes by it. You can shoot him sooner but you might
    alarm the target, so choose wisely.
    Climb to the top of the really tall building and second attacker will soon
    appear. Gun him down as well. The apprentice will follow the target around a
    corner so try to be on the next rooftop by then. He or she will be watching
    the target from under a tree. If you look at the nearby staircase, you can see
    one of the two attackers waiting. Shoot him now to get a headstart. After that,
    wait for the other to spring out and shoot him. Be careful that the rooftop
    doesn't block your shot.
    There shouldn't be any further attacks after this. Eventually, the apprentice
    will shift from the rooftops to the ground and back until finally, you complete
    the side objective. That's your cue to follow on foot as you approach the large
    stone theater area. Stay on the upper ledges as you get closer to the target.
    After a scene, drop down and go through that doorway that they were standing
    in front of. Use Eagle Sense and you should see a faint trail on the ground
    leading to the left. Follow it a little to find more bodies and the next scene
    will end it, for now.
    The Champion, Part I - Stay on the rooftops for the duration of the tail
    This one is really simple. It's similar to The Thespian. A marker will appear
    on a nearby rooftop and that will be your starting point for the Full Synch
    objective. From that point on, stay on the roof, watching over the target and
    your apprentice. At certain points, armed attackers will jump out and ambush
    them. Use your crossbow to dispatch them.
    As you continue to follow them, the number will increase but it should never
    gravely endanger the apprentice. He or she should be able to take down one or
    two on his or her own anyway without too much trouble. Still, lend a hand and
    shoot down as many as you can.
    Eventually, a new attacker appears and you'll drop down to the streets
    automatically. Chase the target you were following and when you find him, he'll
    be under attack. Kill the two Templars quickly, then go back and check on the
    The Guardian, Part I - Do not get into open conflict during the infiltration
    At the outset, just follow your apprentice through the streets. For some reason,
    you might end up getting into a few fights here and there so just deal with
    them. It won't foil your bonus objective chances.
    When you arrive at the market, approach the merchant (blue marker on mini map)
    and you get a bit of dialogue (and perhaps a shove to go along) Use Eagle Sense
    and scan any glowing packages, baskets, or what have you. When you identify
    three suspicious items, a new merchant is marked for you. Talk to him to get a
    Your apprentice will lead the way from here, so just follow him/her along the
    rooftops. Use Throwing Knives on any riflemen that spot you. It won't be until
    you reach the marked area on your map that you are in the "infiltration area".
    From here, you want to avoid "open conflict" which means prevent any enemies
    from becoming alarmed and attacking you. If you kill them from a distance,
    this won't happen.
    So start by using knives or the crossbow on any rooftop guards. After that, the
    target you are looking for is standing under a low rooftop with several
    Almogavars protecting him. Your apprentice might accidentally get caught up in
    this fight and he or she might lose health fast. Without getting directly
    involved, try to stand back on ground level and summon an Arrow Storm.
    Alternatively, you can use a Datura Bomb or something to disorient them and then
    shoot them. Just avoid getting directly involved and you will get 100%.
    - | Challenges | -
      o---|    |---o
    Like in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, there are challenges to undertake for
    each of the three factions or guilds, despite the fact that since Assassin's
    Creed II, their importance has waned significantly.
    No matter, the challenges are still here, they're still rewarding and still
    somewhat tricky. At least some can be. Here is a list of the challenges, and
    some tips for completing them.
    Challenges are an optional sidequest with some rewards that you can do
    throughout the game. They usually call for doing certain actions and making use
    of the factions. Most of the actions have to be done a certain number of times.
    Many of the challenges can be worked on throughout the story, without needing
    to take time just to dedicate for them.
    You can either go to a Faction HQ and check the chalkboard there, or the easier
    way is to just go into the DNA menu and find "Challenges" near the end. It will
    show you your progress with each guild.
           Assassin's Guild
    - Set 1 -
    |Challenge                       |# of times|Reward
    |Call Assassins during a fight   | x25      |
    |Call Assassins on a target      | x20      |
    - Set 2 -
    |Challenge                       |# of times|Reward                   |
    |Use Arrow Storm                 | x15      | Increases the recharge  |
    |--------------------------------|----------|rate of the Assassin     |
    |Call your Assassins within a    | x5       |signal meter.            |
    | story mission                  |          |                         |
    - Set 3 -
    |Challenge                       |# of times|Reward                   |
    |Recruit Assassins               | x12      | Sword of Altair unlocked|
    |--------------------------------|----------|at Assassin HQ           |
    |Train recruits to the rank of   | x7       |                         |
    | Master Assassin                |          |                         |
    |--------------------------------|----------|                         |
    |Successfully perform a Den      | x3       |                         |
    | Defense                        |          |                         |
    |Set 1|
    1. Call Assassins During A Fight x25
    - This is really simple and straightforward. 25 times you have to call in your
    assassins during any open conflict you're in. You will probably do this anyway
    quite a few times (unless you like going it alone a lot), especially when
    Janissaries are involved. As long as you have some meter in the Assassin Signal
    Bar, call them to help out.
    2. Call Assassins on a target x20
    - Also easy but different from the previous one for a key reason. The difference
    is that you're calling your assassins to kill targets that are not attacking
    you or in open conflict with you. It can be a rooftop archer, it can be some
    guards down the street, standing watch, etc. As long as the enemies are not
    already attacking you, it will count.
    |Set 2|
    3. Use Arrow Storm x15
    - Arrow Storm requires that you have at least six recruits. With a full meter of
    Assassin signals, you can hold the L2/LB button to call an Arrow Storm. A very
    easy way to get this is to just abuse it on the first mission of Sequence 8,
    Discovery. You have UNLIMITED Assassins signal meter here.
    4. Call your Assassins within a story mission x5
    - As it suggests, just call your assassins during story missions five times.
    Really, there is no strategy necessary. You should get this just by playing
    through the game.
    |Set 3|
    5. Recruit Assassins x12
    - This one is confusing a lot of people. You might have a max amount of recruits
    and ask yourself "why do I only have 11/12?" Well the answer is because you
    only have 11/12 RECRUITED. You were given one recruit at the start so he does
    not count. So, how do you make room for a 12th? You can either send one of your
    assassins on a mission in which the rate of success is low to try and get him
    or her killed. The less evil approach is to make one a master in a city in
    Mediterranean Defense which will free up a spot.
    6. Train recruits to the rank of Master Assassin x7
    - Normally, the max rank is 10 for recruist. Seven can become den leaders though
    and in turn, become Master Assassins with the proper training. First, to make
    one a den leader, raise him/her to rank 10 and go to any captured Assassin Den.
    Go inside and interact with the table to appoint an assassin there. After that,
    talk to him/her to do the first part of a Master Assassin training quest. These
    are covered in an earlier section of the guide. When they complete the first
    part, they can rank up to the end of 14. Complete the next part of the quest
    and they will be able to reach Master Assassin rank.
    7. Successfully Perform a Den Defense x3
    - Den Defense can be tough, but getting just three wins is not all that
    difficult. Be warned that you can miss this one if you make your seven Master
    Assassins, thus preventing any more attacks and Den Defenses. Look at the
    section above on Den Defense for help if necessary.
           Romanies Guild
    - Set 1 -
    |Challenge                       |# of times|Reward                  |
    |Use Romanies on guards          | x10      | Decreased cost for     |
    |--------------------------------|----------|hiring Romanies         |
    |Evade using stealth             | x10      |                        |
    |--------------------------------|----------|                        |
    |Kill guards using the crossbow  | x20      |                        |
    | without being detected         |          |                        |
    - Set 2 -
    |Challenge                       |# of times|Reward                  |
    |Use Tactical Bombs to escape    | x10      | Romanies that leave the|
    | guards                         |          |group will poison       |
    |                                |          |enemies                 |
    |--------------------------------|----------|                        |
    |Kill a Stalker without getting  | x5       |                        |
    | stabbed                        |          |                        |
    |--------------------------------|----------|                        |
    |Kill guards using poison        | x15      |                        |
    - Set 3 -
    | Miscellaneous ||  ASSASSIN'S CREED: REVELATIONS                    [misl] |
    All the other stuff for the guide that isn't related to the game. Here you can
    find the FAQ, information on submitting stuff to me, or contacting me.
    Frequently Asked Questions     [fak4u]
    1) My "notoriety"/Templar Awareness keeps going up. Why?
    A) Your "notoriety" now goes up for a lot more things. It goes up for everything
    you buy, as well as a 25% increase for renovating shops.
    2) Where are the posters to remove Templar Awareness?
    A) No more posters this time.
    3) Can you still explore and do side stuff after the story is completed?
    A) Yes, of course.
    4) I have all these bomb ingredients, when can I start crafting bombs?
    A) Sequence 3. Keep playing.
    5) What happens when I fail Den Defense?
    A) Failing Den Defense (which will probably be very common since it's pretty
    hard) means that the Templar Den is recaptured. So it will be as if you never
    took it in the first place. Therefore, you have to kill the Templar Captain and
    climb the tower all over again.
    6) Any Glyphs/Rifts to find and related puzzles to solve again?
    A) Nope, not this time.
    7) I have the Vlad DLC, but how do I play it and get the sword?
    A) The mission will be available in Sequence 3 and no earlier. Look for the
    cross symbol on your full map.
    8) Are there any other places to explore? Any other areas?
    A) As far as Constantinople goes, what you see is what you get with the map.
    It's still a very large area. In Sequence 7 however, you do go to another area
    for a time.
    9) Where are the horses?
    A) Gone. Probably when Ubisoft were casting a vote on whether or not to bring
    back horses, so many of the development team said "neigh". Get it? "Neigh"?
    Get it? .......I'll leave now.
    10) What purpose do the books serve?
    A) They're like the paintings from previous games in that you can look at them
    and get a little info from them. Find them in the study of the main HQ.
    11) I have 11/12 recruits for the Assassin guild challenge but I have max
    recruits! What gives?
    A) The first recruit was given to you and doesn't count. Kill one off or make
    one the assassin representative of a city in Mediterranean Defense to free up a
    12) For the Mercenaries Guild, I keep using my throwing knives but I am not
    getting the "Kill an enemy using a thrown weapon" challenge! Why?
    A) Because it's not what they call a "thrown weapon". That means a weapon like
    an axe or a spear. Take one of these from an Almogavar or a Varangian and have
    Ezio hold it. Lock onto a distant enemy and hold Square/X, then let go and he
    should throw it. Do this on five enemies to get it.
    Credits/Special Thanks
    -Ubisoft for making one of my favorite series in gaming period. Looking forward
    to Assassin's Creed 3!
    Contact Info
    If you need to reach me, my e-mail is provided below. I just have a few simple
    rules and reading these would be greatly appreciated. When it comes to all
    e-mails, I would prefer to have a clear and indentifiable subject header that
    says the mail is pertaining specifically to Assassin's Creed Revelations. Just
    "Assassin's Creed" or "AC guide" doesn't help me much.
    When it comes to questions, please make sure you checked the FAQ section first
    and tried ctrl+f for some keywords. If your question wasn't answered, feel free
    to ask me and I'll try to respond as soon as I can.
    For submitting tips or strategies, I have one simple rule. Being that I do not
    publish people's names or e-mail addresses, I ask that when you submit tips
    and stuff like that, please provide an alias or username you go by. Whatever
    it is, I don't care, as long as it isn't your actual name.
    E-mails without subject headers will be deleted with extreme prejudice. Just
    E-mail: veritas7ax[AT]gmail[DOT]com
    Legal Schpeel
    This guide is solely my own creation and should not be used improperly without
    my permission. Do not steal it and pass it off as your own, or use it on your
    site without permission. The following websites have permission to use this
    guide. Unless your site is listed here, submit requests to me via e-mail for
    hosting. I do not usually give out many hosting privileges.
    Thanks for reading! I shall now vanish into the night! /Smokebomb

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