Bombs Challenge Set 2?

  1. [Set 2]
    Craft one bomb of each effect type 0/1
    Use every bomb effect lt least twice 0/1
    Any help or advice on how to do it would be gladly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    User Info: Elmano4

    Elmano4 - 9 years ago
  2. l hardly used the Bomb Crafting in AC: Revelations and l'm having a hard time finding the ingredients too. Right now, l can carry up to 12 bombs in total. Do l need to make 2 of the Lethal Bombs, 2 of the Tactical Bombs and 2 of the Diversion Bombs? More details would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    User Info: Elmano4

    Elmano4 - 9 years ago
  3. I have been breaking my head against a wall trying to get the "Craft a bomb of each effect type" challenge completed. I've sat in the bomb crafting screen forever and made a bomb of EVERY SINGLE TYPE POSSIBLE! Meaning each shell with each gunpowder and each effect. That didn't work.

    The simple suggestion of just making a bomb of each effect not worrying about the shell or gunpowder also did not work.

    Crafting a bomb of each effect type and getting out of the bomb crafting screen between crafts and using the bomb also didn't work.

    Unless I'm missing something crucial, or there's a special effect that I don't have yet, I'm convinced this challenge is broken.

    Wakener said you need to make 11 bombs? That would make sense as to why I'm not getting it. I can only imagine 10 different effects: Shrapnel, Datura Powder, and Coal Dust for Lethal; Lamb's Blood, Caltrops, Phosphorus, and Skunk Oil for Tactical; and Sulfur, Salt of Petra, and Pyrite Coins for Diversionary.

    Please let me know if I've made some mistake somewhere, because I can't find it. I already completed the challenge of use a bomb of each effect type twice by doing this as well. If this challenge is damaged, then that REALLY sucks!

    User Info: Grencye

    Grencye - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I think i may have found a solution to "craft one bomb of each effect type" that does not require deleting any updates. Before i begin, i have the signature addition with the latest update installed.
    By the time i played the story long enough, i know i had already crafted with all effects.
    Now, i then started with the tips such as making every bomb combination possible in the craft screen only and i also made every bomb combo and exited said screen. Nothing...
    I had previously known about the "quick craft" ability that Nimras mentioned. I then tried quick crafting with every effect and i immediately completed the challenge. Not sure if this is what it meant, but that's how i got it.
    So to sum up: craft only one bomb with each effect type, then leave the crafting screen. Then, open the weapon select wheel and quick craft the bomb you just made. Do this for all effects (effects only, i didn't need all shell and powder variations), and you should get it.

    User Info: nrenteri

    nrenteri - 9 years ago 5   2


  1. Well I haven't gotten: Use every bomb effect lt least twice 0/1

    YET do to the fact that the game demanded alot more than i thought for: Craft one bomb of each effect type 0/1

    To get: Craft one bomb of each effect type 0/1

    I had to do the following:

    Go into crafting.

    Then start with Lethal:

    Craft 1 bomb using every shell there is, every powder there is and every ingreadience there is so for Lethal that makes a total of: 36 combinations.

    Then go to Tactical:

    Again like before craft one of each there can be done which is a grand total of: 48 combinations

    And last go to Diversion:

    Again like before craft one of each there can be done which is a grand total of: 36 combinations

    Everytime I had 1 bomb crafted I dismantled it and went for the next.

    After I had made every possible combination there is in the game a grand total of 120 combination was i given the clear for this one: Craft one bomb of each effect type 0/1

    When I found out about that i feared alot for: Use every bomb effect lt least twice 0/1

    Since that means I have to do a total of 240 bombs and use them I was hoping testing them as you are offered when crafting is enough but I'm not sure I would dare to try that instead of just craft and use.

    But if the games demand the same for that second one then that means I need a total of 240 items.

    But we will see it might just be a bug that did so the game did not registre the craft one of each the way you wrote.



    1. Open the screen where you can chose main and secondary weapon.
    2. Press the bomb you want as you normally would but instead of leaving the screen when the bomb is selected you follow the guide to craft more of them.

    I use this trick all the time when I have the 3 bomb types I need to use atm to be sure not to have to go to a bomb making place, I simply just go in there tell it to add a bomb and voila if I have the required items needed it makes a new bomb for me to use. Its worse when you have dismantled bombs and have non there or lack ingreadience as then you need to find them and a place to start it up.

    User Info: Nimras186

    Nimras186 - 9 years ago 2   0

    Something about Version 1.02 update has been messing this up for selected people...

    1) Exit the game - hit the PS3 button, go to your GAME DATA UTILITY folder under your game menus... find AC REVELATIONS (Update) and delete this
    2) RESTART the game, when it asks you to update, hit cancel and just start the game, you can re-update later


    1) Go to your nearest bomb crafting station, open it, and create a bomb with an IMPACT shell.. POWDER and EFFECT no longer matter - you ALSO DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE THE CRAFTING STATION
    2) YOU MUST, however, hit the TRIANGLE button to dismantle... hitting "X" to modify does NOT register as a new bomb
    3) Create a bomb with a FUSE shell, dismantle with TRIANGLE, Create a bomb with TRIP WIRE shell, dismantle with TRIANGLE, Create a bomb with a STICKY shell...

    And NOW you have your challenge completed!! Repeat this process the same way for effect type - and you will have that challenge too as well as the title...

    Hope that helps!!

    User Info: Shayashi

    Shayashi - 9 years ago 2   0
  3. Just make bombs. It doesnt matter what the shell or gunpowder is. Make 2 of each bomb effect, like a poison bomb, stink bomb, and thunder bomb. Then just throw them at guards

    User Info: thealamslam

    thealamslam - 9 years ago 0   0
  4. Thealamslam is right, you just need to craft one of each, the problem is: you can only carry 3 different effects at once, so you'll have to go back to a crafting station a couple of times, to make it easier on yourself, craft at least two of the same every time you craft a new bomb type, that way you can use them both and not have to go back to craft the same bomb again. just craft and attack is the easiest way to get the challenges completed

    User Info: supahduude

    supahduude - 9 years ago 0   0
  5. When you craft bombs, there are three things to combine: The kind of shell, the kind of powder, and the kind of effect. There are a total of 4 shells across all three bomb divisions (lethal, tactical, and diversion), so the set 1 bomb challenge of using each shell is fairly simple. But unlike the shells, the effects don't cross over between bomb divisions. Each division has between three and four effects unique to its class.

    To get the crafting challenge, you must make 11 bombs total IIRC, featuring each separate effect in each division. It does not matter which shell or powder you use--though the combination of all three often determines the nickname for each bomb. Don't let that confuse you.

    For the second challenge here, using each effect twice, while you *can* buy bombs from black market dealers to get the ones you need, it's much simpler to do as others have offered and make 2 of each effect while you are working on the other challenge, then go out and use them.

    Oh, and by the way, you can use them to help with other parts of the challenges. For example, if you lay some tripwire poison bombs outside the Janissary compound, then run in, pick a fight and run out, you will get credit for killing several guards with tripwire mines, and you can also earn the Mosh Pit Trophy for having 10 guards poisoned simultaneously right then and there.

    User Info: Wakener

    Wakener - 9 years ago 0   0
  6. How do u switch to ur secondary weapons?????

    User Info: GinaRyuu22

    GinaRyuu22 - 9 years ago 0   0
  7. @ GinaRyuu22, for his question on how to switch to secondary weapons, as you usually would, use the weapons selection wheel, 1st select your main weapon, then open the spin wheel again and select your 2nd weapon.

    As to how to use them, it all depends on which gaming platform your using. I play PC, now for PC, in the key bindings, it is set to the Head ability. So if your using a console game, and you know which button it is for the Head action, then you simply hold that button, aim then release the button, but as i do not play console games, I am using sensible thought on the actions to do it.

    With PC, I set the Head control to my Numpad 0 / Ins and when you select the alternate weapon or bomb on the right of the wheel, I just hold Num 0 aim using mouse or movement keys then let go of the Num 0 key and thats it. To just throw a Throw Knifes, then you just select the target, then just tap the button to whatever you selected for the Head button.

    User Info: alison22000

    alison22000 - 9 years ago 0   0
  8. Stupid question but are you crafting them then exiting the table cause it doesn't register the bomb as actually being made until you've crafted the bomb and left the table do that reopen the bomb crafting table and make the next one.... P.s. You don't have to use all the shells or gunpowder just the effect of course I used all the gunpowder and shells before trying to get this challenge done that being said I didn't use each shell gunpowder and effect combination I used all the gunpowders on all the bombs as they were available 3 second delay on diversion bomb everything but 3 second delay on lethal then all the effects for each respective class... Maybe this'll help or something

    User Info: chaosnomadzero

    chaosnomadzero - 9 years ago 0   0
  9. chaosnomadzero

    First I tried your way I crafted one of each type and with type I mean Lethal, Tactical and Diversion. Went out of crafting and went back in and made one of each, went out and back in made another of each and then out and in for a last time to make the fourt Tactical and out.

    It did not give me the damn stupid accept of the Challenge.

    So I went back in and this time I made without leaving all 240 combinations there where and without leaving the crafting screen it gave me the Bomb Challenge.

    Not sure if its a PC bug or not.

    Anyway for the use the bomb twice it accepted what you all talk about I just had to trow 2 of each it didn't matter what shell or gunpowder I used as long I just made 2 of each type in the last one.

    Do not ask me why but thats how it behaved.

    User Info: Nimras186

    Nimras186 - 9 years ago 0   0
  10. Mine seems to be bugged too, along with the Craft Maniac trophy / acheivement.

    I have twice now carefully crafted every single bomb combination, and I've done loads of crafting and using of bombs just naturally whilst playing and trying to do the annoying merc guild caltraps trophy.

    I can only assume there is a bug.

    User Info: ruffenredie

    ruffenredie - 9 years ago 0   0
  11. What version do you have cause I've got the signature edition if its a bug I imagine it's either on the disc or maybe one of the updates regardless maybe they'll fix it in an update.... Just a thought

    User Info: chaosnomadzero

    chaosnomadzero - 9 years ago 0   0
  12. To solve this problem, you must uninstall any updates for the game, I used to have the same problem, but once I uninstalled the update and did the crafting thing it was accepted. As for the crafting do just as Nimras186 said and it should be accepted

    User Info: hodapro

    hodapro - 9 years ago 0   0
  13. Thanks nrenteri

    This worked like a dream for me. Made one of each type (having already done this a couple of times before I googled and found it was glitched, which I guessed when I got the challenge for using a bomb of every type, but not the actually crafting)

    Then go into weapon select for each of the 10 effect types and press x to quick craft & after a few it identified the one which it claimed I had been missing and completed the challenge

    User Info: theboywil

    theboywil - 9 years ago 0   0

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