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Walkthrough by RoboAshura

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/08/2011

Sonic Generations Walkthrough Ver. 1.0 by Joey Crump - November 08 2011

Table of Contents:
Intro [INT1]
Contact information: [INT2]
Speedrunning tips: [INT3]
Green Hill [GH]
 - Act 1 [GH1]
 - Act 2 [GH2]
Chemical Plant [CP]
 - Act 1 [CP1]
 - Act 2 [CP2]
Metal Sonic [MS]
Sky Sanctuary [SS]
 - Act 1 [SS1]
 - Act 2 [SS2]
Death Egg Robot [DER]
Speed Highway [SPH]
 - Act 1 [SPH1]
 - Act 2 [SPH2]
City Escape [CE]
 - Act 1 [CE1]
 - Act 2 [CE2]
Shadow [STH]
Seaside Hill [SH]
 - Act 1 [SH1]
 - Act 2 [SH2]
Perfect Chaos [PC]
Crisis City [CC]
 - Act 1 [CC1]
 - Act 2 [CC2]
Silver [SVH]
Rooftop Run [RR]
 - Act 1 [RR1]
 - Act 2 [RR2]
Planet Wisp [PW]
 - Act 1 [PW1]
 - Act 2 [PW2]
Egg Dragoon [ED]
Time Eater [TE]
Copyright Information [CI]

[INT1] Intro:
This guide will describe the best way to get through all of the levels 
in Sonic Generations. This guide can be used as a normal walkthrough 
or can be used to aid in speedrunning. 
Good luck, and enjoy!

[INT2] Contact information:
I am not perfect, nor am I all-knowing. Chances are, I may have
missed a path or a faster way through something here. If this is the
case and you know of a better way, email me at joeycrump@comcast.net and
I will add it into the guide and give you credit. Thanks! Just put "Sonic
Generations Guide" in the subject or something similar.

[INT3] Speedrunning tips:
There are a few general things to keep in mind with speedrunning. I'll
mention them from time to time in the walkthroughs, but they're always
good to keep in mind to shave off even more time.

-Spindash a lot. The spindash is absurdly powerful in this game,
and used properly can frequently skip parts of a level. 
-Learn to bounce off of enemies. It can save time if you can retain 
momentum when bouncing. A frequent thing is to spindash into an enemy to 
bounce very far.  
-Learn how Sonic jumps. If you don't need to do a full jump, then don't.

-Boost as frequently as possible. This much is obvious.
-You can get good air by boosting then immediately jumping. You can use
this and the air boost to skip certain platforming segments.
-Homing attack vs. Boost: Often times, it's faster to just boost (air
dash) rather than homing attack. Either you can just skip homing
attacking an enemy, or you can boost over a platform. Keep this in mind.
-Drifting seems to slow you down in this game, so only drift when it's 
necessary to make a turn without slowing down completely.
-Learn how to short hop, it's useful later on.
-When you hit a trick ramp or rainbow ring, try to only do one trick
then finish. It saves some time. If you need boost though, it's still
more efficient to do a few extra tricks than it is to run without boost
for extended times.

Abbreviations: I will refer to the Homing Attack as the HA often.


[GH1] Act 1:

From the start of the level, spindash and continue on. Jump at the right
moment to either bounce off the motobug, or ideally bounce off of the
ring monitor. Cross the bridges, ignoring or killing the fish. After
going up the quarterpipe and hitting the ring monitor in the tree, keep
moving. The best path here is the upper path - you can reach it slowly
by carefully jumping and bouncing off the one Buzzbomber, or more
quickly by bouncing off all three of the enemies here while retaining
your momentum.

Go around the loop and hit the red spring. When you land, this is a
great place to spindash. Either way, continue around the corkscrew and
hit the spring. Again, the upper path (as usual) is the best here. It's
also faster to spindash upon landing here. Just
jump up to the platform before the path curves down. If you spindashed,
you'll have to jump much sooner then jump immediately after hitting the
tunnel. Careful, the timing is tough. If you did it right, you'll be on 
a platform over the yellow spring. Be quick, since it falls down. Jump 
to the little wooden platform, this also falls until you get to the part
of it that's supported. You can spindash here.

Go around the corkscrew, through the S tunnel, and you'll fly onto a
little platform. This is probably the hardest part to do quickly. Jump
from one platform to the next, and hit the yellow spring. You ~can~ 
spindash through this, but it's very difficult. Once you land on the
wooden platform, spindash and hold forward to fly off and bounce off of
a Buzzbomber, then land. If you're quick, you can spindash on the wood
here and get through this loop much faster. It's also a good idea to
spindash after you get out of it.

Either way, go around the half curve and hit the red spring. This part
is tough. Land on the little platform here, and bounce off the
Buzzbomber up onto the yellow spring and land. Here, spindash and jump
after the small hill. If you jump too early, you'll hit a red spring in
a tree. Too late, and you'll fall to the bottom path. Ideally, you'll
basically just skip everything here and land by a loop. Continue through
at full speed. Again if you're quick you can spindash through the loop.

If you do a little hop right after the second loop, you can get a
spindash through the last corkscrew. From here, just spindash to the end!

Pretty easy huh? Well, it IS only the first level.

[GH2] Act 2:

Start by boosting to the ramp here. This ramp is kind of finicky, so try
to hit it as straight as possible without any input. If you hit it
right, Sonic will do a backflip in the air. If not, he'll be kind of
skewed. Boost at the peak of his jump here to skip the lower area and go
straight forward. Thsi won't work is Sonic isn't in line properly.

Keep boosting, and stay right. Hit the orange ring here. Now, there's
two quick ways to get through here. One way is to jump over the spring
and boost towards the far left rail. This is more likely to work
consistently. The faster way is to boost into the spring, then boost 
again immediately as you hit the rail. if done right, you'll get a
massive increase in speed, then you just jump quickly to the other rail
to avoid the spring at the end of the right rail. Now just boost for a
while, until you hit the loop.

After the loop, jump up as the platform curves upward, and boost onto
the upper platform. Immediately jump into the rings. After the trick 
ring, stomp down, boost, and hit the red spring. Only homing attack the
first two enemies here, then at the peak of your jump, boost and you 
should make it onto the platform. Slide under the wall, and hit
boost again as you land. Now, this part is tricky to get right. If you
jump at the right time while boostign as teh path curves down here, you 
can either jump over everything here or just skip the rail. Both are
faster. If you can't just hit the rail and rings and keep going. Hit the
trick ramp and boost as you land. 

Try to hit the dash pads if you can, then get onto the left rail. Dodge
the orange dash rings and try to collect the rings if you can. Either 
way, get in the middle before the end and don't let go of the boost.
Sonic doesn't like rails, so sometimes it's hard to start boosting
here if you stop. Go throught he dash and trick rings, land, and boost.

Hop up to the rail, then jump through the dash rings. This part is also
kinda tricky to get right. At the end of this rail, jump and try to hit
the wall jump panel as high up as possible. if you do it right, you 
should be able to just do a couple jumps then boost through. If you 
can't get this, it isn't a lot slower to just use the lower rail and
not jump for the wall jump at all.

Hop over the small jumps and slide. Here, don't bother homing attacking.
If you keep your momentum, just keep boosting and you'll bounce off all 
the enemies here and (hopefully) go through the dash rings. Keep 
boostin as you go through the corkscrew then immediately do a short
hop over the ramp. Boost through the enemies. You're in the clear now, 
the rest is cake. 

Slide under the two walls then jump over the little rock. Either boost
into or HA the springs, then air dash forward and immediately stomp. You
should go through the bridge and land below it. Now just boost all the
way to the trick panel. From here, just boost to the end.

That's it!


[CP1] Act 1:

Honestly, the beginning of this is the hardest part. Just run up the
little ramp, then spindash and carefully jump up to the upper tube. Don't
be surprised if it takes a few tries to not mess this up. Stay at full 
speed, and launch up to the next area. Jump up the platform and over the
yellow spring, then spindash past the goop launchers and go down the 

After being bounced over a little gap, immediately spindash through the
Spiny and down the ramp. Be launched up, then hop over the Spinies or
bounce on them. Spindash through the barrier. Be bounced twice, then 
spindash up the quarter pipe and hold right so you hit the spring in the 
corner. Fall onto the platform (not the water), down again onto two
of them connected, then jump over the last one and directly onto the 
spring. Land on the red spring. Try to land on the main platform, not
the two little ones here. Spindash down the ramp and through the loop.

After two yellow springs, you'll hit a water slide. Carefully jump at
the end of it over the gap then go around the loop and down. Ride this
waterslide, then hit the red spring. After landing on a series of
falling platforms, spindash past them and up the hill. Bounce twice 
then land on the platform. Jump to the yellow spring and land on the
platform. Repeat. Repeat. After landing on solid ground, spindash and
the level will kindly dump you at the signpost. Congratulations!

Not too bad, huh? Just takes some practice.

[CP2] Act 2:

This is tricky to describe, so hopefully you'll understand what I mean.
The path curves down twice, then straightens out for a moment. Do a 
short hop to the left here and get onto the left tube. Hit the springs,
then boost through the dash ring. HA the two springs (or boost over
them if you're feeling lucky) then carefully jump and boost into the 
dash ring in front of you. If you hit it, you'll be propelled downwards.
Time the light dash properly, then boost into the springs. Boost up the
ramp and dodge the bombs.

Okay, if your game is anything like mine, this part is a pain in the 
butt to get perfect because Sonic seems to prefer the low path. Jump
up onto the upper tube here. After being launched, land and boost around
the half loop. Stomp down onto the spring here, then boost up and 
around yet another half loop. After being bounced down, go off the 
small ramp and stomp, following the ring trail.

Immediately boost after you land, then jump to possibly bounce off an 
enemy and land. Boost into the spring, then enjoy the ride. You can
boost here. Fall quickly down the shaft, staying in the upper middle,
slightly to one side or the other. You should miss the blue blobs, and
land on the dash pads. Slide under the wall, then jump onto the short
rail and boost off the ramp. HA the first enemy, then boost over the
second one into the dash ring. Bounce up and land on the platform. 
Carefully jump onto the small blocks and into the launcher. Launch to
the right. Jump at the end of the waterslide to bounce off an enemy. 

Boost around the half loop, and jump up the platforms. They won't move
back, don't worry. Jump up onto the moving platforms, then boost
through the big loop. Ride the pulley and boost as you land.

Quickly jump into the enemy and HA the next two enemies, then boost 
around the half loop. Jump and boost so you hit the spring. Land on the
platform, then jump onto the leftmost moving block. Jump up to the three 
small platforms, then hit the pulley. Hit the spring, then jump off
the rail and hit the trick ring. Hit the springs, then boost as soon as
you hit the crane hook. After falling off the first one, HA the one just 
above the rail. Boost through the next section. This part is difficult. 
Boost and land on the rail high above everything. Jump and hit the dash 
rings. Jump up to the next platform, hit the dash panel, and GOAL!

Getting harder, huh?


Alright, your first boss battle! Despite being from the end of a game, 
this is a very simple boss battle. Just avoid his attacks and hit him 
when you get the chance.
1. He'll charge at you with electricity around him. Easy, just jump over
it. You can hit him here too.
2. He'll charge up a powerful lightning bolt attack. Just stay behind 
him to avoid this. If you're quick, you can hit him before he finishes
charging it!
3. He'll knock off a lightpost and drop it on you. Just get out from
below it.
4. He'll do his first attack, but this time much faster and bigger, 
breaking through platforms. Just stay at full speed and he'll never 
even hit you.


[SS1] Act 1:

Spindash and bounce off the enemy and onto the high platform. Hop the 
spikes, then spindash again to bounce off a cloud super fast. Get some 
momentum and jump up to the platform, then onto the bouncy cloud. Skip
the third one and land. Hop up a platform, then spindash to be bounced 

Spindash and bounce off these two enemies and land on the high path.  
Spindash to the red spring and grab the bar. Bounce off the enemy and 
grab the next bar. Ideally you should bounce up to the second bar. 
Bounce off the cloud, then spindash.

Afte falling and after the monitors, spindash and jump to bounce off
the three enemies and into the building. Keep your momentum up and jump
on the tiny platforms. Bounce on the enemy and onto the warp point. 

Spindash and try to land on the platform to the left after the ramp. 
Spindash to the left and bounce off the enemy and onto the yellow 

Bounce on the bouncy clouds, then off the enemy. This part takes
practice. Jump on the cloud before it disappears and land on the tiny
platform. Jump onto the monitors, spindash, and jump. You'll bounce
off two enemies and let the level move you. Try to jump up to the 
yellow spring, otherwise just bounce on a red spring to get to it. 

Follow the path, jump up to a platform with a yellow spring on it. 
Bounce off. Spindash and jump up the the red spring. Grab the 
invincibility, then spindash through the enemies and up the ramp.
Bounce on the clouds if possible, or just jump up. Go down the 
stairs then jump OVER the first bar. Fall down, following the first 
trail of rings. Jump off onto the cloud and onto the next platform.

Hit the red spring and land on the high platform. Spindash and 
bounce off the enemy and up the ramps and run into a switch. Spindash 
into the red spring and just keep running. Bounce on the clouds, land,
and keep running. Hit the spring and go for the goal.

[SS2] Act 2:

Bounce off the Eggrobo on the left and land on the top step. Hop and 
boost to the next platform. Boost into the trick ramp. Boost and jump
over the platform and onto the glass platform. Jump into the dash rings.
Land on the edge of the platform, jump, and boost up past the second
platform and onto the third. Jump up and boost, then jump into the trick 

Hop the small ledge and jump+boost over to the right and hit the 
zipline. Jump and HA the springs, then the enemy, then HA in the air 
onto the round platform. This is a little tricky. Jump onto the first
cloud, then at the high point of the jump, boost into the trick panel.

Boost forward, and HA the eggrobo in front of the fountain, then the 
black one. Be quick or its missile will hurt you. Land on top of the 
fountain. Jump up and boost through the dash ring. 

Boost and hold toward the right to grind the rail and get crazy speed.
This part takes near-perfect timing. Jump right as you start running
up a ramp to land in a teleporter and warp up. HA the Eggrobo and boost
through the dash ring. Jump through the dash rings and bounce up the
Eggrobos, HA onto the ledge. Run forward for a second, then jump up 
and boost into the upper trick ring. 

Run forward, HA the two eggrobos then boost and land on the upper glass 
platform. Thsi takes some practice. Jump and boost onto the platform on
the right and jump into the trick ring. Jump off the rail and onto the
platform, then jump up the steps and HA into the teleporter.

Boost into the zipline, then jump off when you see the second one and
HA into it. Jump up to the platform on the right and onto the spinning
platform. Jump up, and up again to the platform on the right. Boost or
HA the rail. Jump over the red barrier and boost to land on the higher 

Quickstep to the left, then the right. Jump off the rail at the ~very~ 
end of it to get to a higher platform. Jump up again and use the dash 
panel with a boost. Land on the switch. Jump. HA into the bar, jump 
again, and hopefully bounce off the enemy into the path with the switch.
If you're too slow, the enemy will close off the path. Boost into the 
rail and keep going. 

Ignore the eggrobos as you jump up the platforms and hit the springs. HA
the first Eggrobo, then boost and stomp onto the dash panels. From here,
just boost to the end!


This fight is divided into two parts.

Part 1: Avoid his arm attack, then spindash under him when he leaps 
over. Spindash back and hit the green part. Do this two times to get 
to the second half.

1. He'll stomp toward you then aim his arm rocket at you. Just stay out
of the crosshair, this is easy to dodge.
2. He'll leap up in an attempt to crush you. Just spindash under him.

Part 2: This is where it gets a little harder. Step on one of the 
switches, then stand near a bomb. As soon as his targeting locks on, 
jump away, then jump onto his arm. Jump when you get to his shoulder 
to hit him.

1. He'll aim at you, then fire a rocket. Harder to avoid than before,
but still not too bad.


[SPH1] Act 1: 
Spindash at the beginning and jump as the path curves down. You'll
land on the faster path. Jump on the moving platforms and onto the
falling one. Jump up to the red spring to be bounced up. Jump into 
the enemies to be bounced ino a dash ring. QUickly jump up the falling
platforms and onto the highway. Spindash away.

Jump at the end of the rail to go through some dash rings. Take the 
rocket. Jump right after the checkpoint over a gap. Spindash and jump 
past the moving platforms into the lower path. Jump over the enemy to 
the left and follw the rings. Jump in the window. Fall down and jump 
across the platforms and the enemy. Jump into the dash ring. 

Ride the escalators then jump between moving platforms. Hit the spring,
jump and bounce off the enemy into the other spring. 

Jump on the falling platforms and onto the safe ground. Spindash up, 
down, and all around the loop. Jump right away into an enemy to bounce
up. Ride the helicopter.

Spindash down and hit the springs. Jump up and hit the dash panel. Jump
right after landing up into the checkpoint. Hit the dash panel and 
bounce between the yellow things. Jump on the falling platforms. Careful
of the spikes. 

After the checkpoint, hit the spring and land on the path. Jump on the 
platforms and hit the spring. Bounce on the enemy and spindash to the 
left. Hit the dash panel and go through to the end.

[SPH2] Act 2:

Boost, and jump at the right time to grab the helicopter. Jump to the
left rail, then gold right to make it on the wall. Quick Step around
the bombs and boost away.

After the yellow thing and the checkpoint, jump over the ramp and boost
into the window with the dash ring. Short jump and boost over the
barriers. Boost over the skywalk. 

Bounce or HA the enemy and jump/boost into he launcher. Launch up and 
land below the balloons. Jump and HA the balloons, then the spring, 
then light dash, then hit the trick ramp and take the helicopter.

Land on the platoforms here. HA the first enemy then boost to the
landing. Boost all the way down the building, dodging as necessary.

When you land, boost and immediately drift to the right for a shortcut.
Get to the higher springs, then follow the road. Keep boosting past the
Cop Speeders, and when you land ofn the moving platform, jump to the next
one then jump up an hit the dash ring. Hit the dash panel, stomp onto the
next dash panel, hit the spring and ride the helicopter.

Follow the road around, avoiding the cars. Hit some springs and run
along a building for a second. HA a cop speeder, then hit the pulley.
Jump and boost into the trick rings. Boost up, down, and all around to 
the goal.

Pretty fun levels, eh?


[CE1] Act 1:

Speed ahead until you hit a rail. Jump up to the higher rail, bounce off
the enemy, and take the dash ring. Jump up to the yellow spring. On this
building, jump up to the platform then fall onto the yellow spring. Roll
down the hill. Jump up the platforms, killing the enemies here. Jump over
the falling platform and roll down the rooftops.

Spindash through the boxes and up the hill. Suddenly, a truck! At the
end of the road, jump up the falling platforms. Jump over the house and 
hit the checkpoint. 

Hit the spring, go around the half loop, then up the falling platforms.
Jump up the platforms here before the enemies get dropped onto them.
Jump over the spikes and go around the loop.

Jump at the right time to bounce on the enemies. Jump on the yellow
spring and onto the platforms. Bounce off the gun hunter, grab the 
board, and hit the red spring.

Jump through the dash rings for the fastest path. Jump accordingly,
bouncing off the enemy. Go through the loop and off the ramp (press jump
for a huge jump off of them on the board). Jump off the second ramp and 
land on the upper path. There's a life on the lower path here if you want
it. Otherwise, keep going. 

Hit the checkpoint and the bouncer. Spindash here and jump up the
platforms before the truck demolishes them. Hit the yellow spring and 
the dash ring. Bounce off the enemy and land above. Spindash through 
these enemies and keep moving. Just keep running to the goal! That truck
got served!

[CE2] Act 2:

Not much to say here aside from just keep boosting. There's some cool
side paths, but in the end, just boosting downhill is faster. Make sure
you hit the long ramp and jump the building though. 

Right before you land, HA the enemies and jump into the dash rings. 
Boost over to the spring. Boost to the springs here and HA the three
enemies, then boost into the trick ring. HA two of the enemies, then 
boost over the rest. Boost all the way to the loop and around it.

Hit the ramp after the checkpoint and jump off the pole with good timing.
Hit the spring, HA the enemy, then boost through the dash rings. Jump 
quickly and hit the balloons. Jump and boost over the enemies, hit the
ramp, then jump off the pole with good timing. HA the enemy and jump up
the platforms. Boost on the rail, then hop over to the second rail. Go
around the loop and boost up the stairs. You can jump here and avoid the
spring, but it isnt much faster. Boost through the enemy, and prepare 
for the Mad Convoy Race!

Not much to say here other than enjoy the ride. Dodge those buzzsaws like
a boss.

That truck got served!


Easy, easy battle. Not much strategy here. He has no real attacks. Just
keep boosting and grab the chaos drives. When Sonic powers up, hit the
meteorites using quick step to slow him down, then tailgate him to win!
If he powers up, just dodge like a pro.

Attacks: What attacks? If you're good enough he shouldn't even get to 
power up.


[SH1] Act 1:

Oh joy, water levels. This one's pretty fun though. Spindash and bounce 
off the enemy then jump up to the high path. Jump up the falling
platforms and bounce off the enemy into the cannon (or jump over them).

Jump up and over the Egg Pawn, and follow the path here. The Egg Pawns
in back will shoot at you as you pass, but they're not a huge threat.
After you get out of the water, wait and bounce on the chopper, Jump 
up and into the cannon. 

Jupm up and grab the invincibility. Jump on the moving platforms,
then bounce on the enemy (see why we grabbed that monitor?) and 
spindash through the Egg Pawns. Go up the quarter pipe. Jump on this
platform as it's moving away, then jump on the next few falling 
platforms and into the cannon.

Hit the spring, bounce on the enemy when it's safe, jump over the
spikes, bounce on the eggpawn and into the cannon. Bounce on the enemy 
and up the platforms and into the cannon.

Jump off the falling platform, over the enemy, and spindash through the 
loop. Jump over the red spring, and over the falling platforms and the
moving platform and into the cannon.

Jump over the spikes and hit the red spring. Jump through the dash rings.

From here on, just keep running and jump through the dash rings. Don't 
let that boulder hit you!

Phew, all done.

[SH2] Act 2:

Boost toward the springs. Take the right trick ring. Run past the Egg 
Pawn. Boost to the right and follow the rings, under the loop, over the 
water. Hop in the cannon. Jump up, HA the enemies, and HA into the wall
jump pads. Boost into the dash ring. Hop up and boost down the path.

Jump into the trick rings. Quick step left, right, right again, then
left. Spring up and HA the enemy, then the pulley. HA the enemy when 
it's safe, then go for the springs and through the dash rings. Boost up
and land on the platform above the springs, then jump and HA the rail. 

HA the enemies then boost to the far platform. Hit the springs. Go 
through this when the marker shows the cart. Ride the cart to the end. 

Hit the springs, then the enemy, then boost along avoiding the bombs and
go through the dash rings and trick ring.

This gets tricky, here. Hit the dash panel and walljump onto the moving 
pillars. Jump up, HA the enemy, and jump onto the third pillar. Jump 
up to the platform here. Note that if you mess this up you cannot get 
back up, so be careful. HA the spring, and jump past the crushers. Ride 
the rail and dash rings and jump at the end. Fall down and take the 
zipline. Now just boost to the end! Hit the far right or left dash panels
at the end to do tricks.   

Pretty sweet level, huh?


Alright, this is a really cool boss. Not too hard either. 

Part 1: Just boost forward up to him. Don't slow down or you'll fall in.
1. He'll fire a HOMING LASER at you. Also easy to avoid. If you get hit 
by this though, you'll probably die. Bye-bye, S Rank!

Part 2: Just platform up to him and hit the springs at the end. HA him
at the right moment. Easy.
1. He'll try to hit you with his tentacles. Easy to avoid.

Part 3: See Part 1.

Part 4: Okay, this is where it gets harder. Again, just platform up to 
him, now in 3d, and HA him. Not much to say here aside from don't fall.
Easy to avoid, but be quick because it'll destroy the platform you're 

That's two eras down!


[CC1] Act 1:

Spindash forward and hit the dash ring. Bounce up and off the enemy. 
Spindash up the ramp and try to land up above. Spindash into the spring.
Spindash and bounce off the enemy to the upper platform and hit the
spring. Land on the highest platform, jump over, and spindash through 
the loop.

Jump up to the falling platforms then to solid ground. Bounce off the 
first and third enemies and land. Jump over the gap and hit the red 
spring. Spindash up the ramp. Spindash and jump to fly over this whole
section. Jump up the platforms and onto the rail. Spindash down the 
building. On the falling platforms, jump up to the moving platform.
Kill the first enemy and ignore the second one. 

Quickly jump up the platforms to avoid the fire. Jump over the gap and
enemy and hit the yellow spring. Bounce off the flying enemy over the
gap. Take the fan up. Fall down at the right moment to avoid the fire. 
Spindash through the enemy and up the ramp. Spindash and DON'T jump to 
bounce off an enemy and skip a large portion of the level. When you
land, jump over the gap and hit the dash ring. Jump over the bouncer and
over the enemy. Hit the red spring. 

Jump across the platforms, jump off the small platform and bounce off
the enemies into the dash ring. Spindash past the enemies and jump up
the building. 

THAT TORNADO'S CARRYING A SIGNPOST! Anyway, just follow it. Stay on the
upper platform and use the spring on the truck. Spindash and jump 
across the gap. Jump across a few more into a cannon. 

Use the spring to make it up to the truck and hit the yellow spring up 
there. Into the cannon. Almost there! Jump up to the signpost to finish 
the level for real this time. 


[CC2] Act 2:

It's tough but you can boost and bounce off the enemies at the beginning 
here. Jump up and boost into the trick ramp.

Take the lower path and take the pulley. HA the two enemies then the
spring. Jump up the platforms and boost over to the ramp. Take the dash
panels. Run over the wall to the side here. Go around the loop.

Boost up the ramp. HA the 3 enemies and keep going. Jump here and boost 
over the lava to land on the small platform. Jump up and take the spring.
When you land, take the left path. Jump across more platforms until you
reach a checkpoint.

Take the springs and HA the flying enemies (only one). Nab the life if 
you want it. HA the enemy on the platform. Jump across and take the dash
panels and boost past the worm and up the building.

HA the two enemies and take the dash rings. Stomp down and HA the enemy. 
Jump across the falling platforms. Stomp the pillar once, then fall down.
Jump and boost to the next pillar. Stomp it once or twice and fall down. 
Boost to the spring. 

Head forward, jump up the platforms and hit the spring. Keep jumping 
on the platforms and dodge the fire. Stomp the boxes. Jump up the 
falling platforms and stomp the boxes. Jump over the falling platforms 
and over the pillars. Stomp the last pillar twice and fall down. Be 
careful of this next pillar, it likes to spout up right as you land on 
it. Stomp it and continue. Stomp yet another pillar and carefully jump
through the spikes. Hit the checkpoint and the trick panel.

THAT TORNADO'S CARRYING A CAR! This part's actually easy. Just boost 
and quick step to stay on the upper path. At the end, take the right 
path next to the ramp (don't take the ramp) and keep boosting and it 
should launch you right into the goal ring.

Phew, that's Sonic 06 out of the way. The levels weren't bad though, eh?
P.S. someone should shop a trollface on a video of the classic signpost. 
Just saying.


Oh hey look, an easy boss. To win this one, boost and when he grabs 
several objects, HA them then him. You can do this right at the 
beginning, but the timing is tough. Then he'll make a battering ram
out of stuff, just jump over it and boost and jump to hit him. Finally,
he'll make a big ball of stuff and roll it at you. Just boost and quick
step out of the way of stuff and when you're close enough, HA him to
finish the battle.

1. He'll grab objects and hurl them at you. HA them to hit him.
2. He'll make a battering ram out of objects. Jump over it and boost
then jump to hit him.
3. He'll take several objects and smash them on you, similar to Metal
Sonic. Just run between them.
4. He'll make a huge ball and roll it at you. This isn't dangerous 
if you're boosting.

It's no use! Let's get moving! Okay enough Sonic 06 quotes, sorry.


[RR1] Act 1:

Both of these levels have the best music. Just saying. Spindash forward
at the beginning and jump up to the awning. Bounce off the balloons and 
enemy and jump up the platforms. Bounce off the enemy and balloons to 
get to a moving platform (Hill Top Zone!). Ride it and jump onto the next
one with good timing. Jump onto the third one. Jump to the rooftop. 
Spindash off the next moving platform. Jump up the weights. Bounce off 
the enemies into the balloons. Jump across the platforms with good timing.
Take the springs. Avoid the blades and hit the bouncer. Jump into 
the dash ring.

Break the barrel and run to the end. After the barrel falls through, 
follow it down. Jump over the platforms, bouncing off the enemies.
Spindash and jump off ths platform to a safe spot. After the barrel 
goes by, jump up to the next safe spot (a dip in the ground with a 
switch). Hit the yellow spring. Kill the enemy and push the boulder down.
Laugh at the enemies dying. Jump across and hit the bouncer.

Just follow the path here. After the red spring, bounce off the balloons.
Avoid the metal thing and jump to the falling platforms. Take the yellow
springs. Keep bouncing and spinning upwards.

At the clock, dodge the bombs and fall into the middle of the clock.
Spindash to get onto the airship. Go past the enemies and break the 
opening. Go in. Spindash and head to the end!

[RR2] Act 2:

Oh man, the piano in this one. Just great. Boost forward and hit the 
trick ring. Stay on the upper path and hit the trick rings. Homing 
attack the springs and the balloons with good timing. 

Stick to the pper patha nd keep boosting, avoiding the blades. Dodge 
the barrels and hit the trick panel. Jump on the platform and boooooost.
HA the balloons, enemy, balloons. Dodge the blade.

Walljump up, avoiding the blade. In the launchers, go right then up, HA 
the enemy, and boost into the dash rings. Take the rails. Boost up the 
building, avoiding the lasers. Take the amazing rail downward. 

Jump up here and get the extra life. HA the rail, then jump and HA the 
balloons. Boost around the loop and stomp to the ground. Not much to say 
from here other than follow the path. At the end, jump and boost into
the dash rings.

Jump the spikes and hit the springs. HA the balloowns, then the springs. 
From here, pretty much just boost to the end, avoiding the various 
obstacles and attacks. If you hit enough robots you can destroy the 
airship and make a ton of rings fall out. 

Almost there!


[PW1] Act 1:

This is by far the hardest level to describe. If you get lost, just
keep moving. It's a big maze, but eventually you'll find your way out.
Start by moving right. Bounce off the enemies. Get on the upper path and
go through the dash ring. Stick to the upper path until you see an 
eggman spring, then fall down and quickly get off the falling platform.

Get the spike wisp and stay on the ceiling until you reach the eggman 
spring. Jump over the spikes and onto the upper path. Go around the loop.
Fall down right off the edge of the platform. Jump up the falling
platforms. Fall down past the fire. Jump past more falling platforms 
then grab the spike wisp. Keep moving with it until you see a gear. Jump
on it and spindash to move it fast. Jump through the dash rings, grab
monitors, jump through more dash rings. Keep going right until you find 
falling platforms.Jump one by one on them so you can jump off at the top. 

Grab the wisp and stay on the ceiling, moving left. Hit he switch, then 
the yellow spring. Dodge the buzz saws and climb the hills. Hit the
switch and jump up the platforms. Spindash through the enemies. Spindash 
down the hill, then up the wall. If you lose momentum, just spindash as
 you fall and you should launch up the wall. (lol sonic 4) 

Hit the switch and bounce over the enemy. Keep following the path to the
right. Use the spike wisp to hit the high path and keep moving. Go around 
the loop and up. Dodge the buzzsaw. Get the wisp and use the gear. 
Careful of the rockets. Once you reach the are with many gears, you can 
skip a puzzle here. use the spike wisp and land on the second gear from 
the right, the second to last gear. Don't spindash, but just move on it 
until it gets as close as possible to that upper ledge. Then jump off 
and onto the upper ledge. Now just hit the springs and keep moving right,
climbing walls and stuff until the end!

Man, what a huge pain. Let's move on to the slightly less annoying 
Modern Act.

[PW2] Act 2:

Run forward and homing attack the enemies. Jump up and HA the third one.
HA the two caterkillers, and boost into the spring. Just run into
the cannon. Run across the ledges and falling platforms until
you hit a checkpoint and springs.

HA the four enemies and land on the ledge. Jump to the first moving 
platform and HA the two bee enemies, then light dash into the checkpoint
and the trick panels.

Now for an easy part, yay! Just grind the rails, jumping to the right. 
At the end, jump into the trick ring. Boost into the dash panels. On 
the rail, jump right, left, lef, and go around the corner. Take the zip
line. Run up the falling platforms and hit the checkpoint.

Stay on the high path here and hit the cannon at the end. HA the flying
enemies, then hit the dash rins and trick ring. Jump up and grab the 

After rocketing up, move ot the right avoiding the rockets. Stomp down 
to the platform and jump and boost up to the ledge. Keep jumping up, 
avoiding the rockets, and grab the wisp. Use it. HA the spring and keep 
jumping up. Fall down, ride the platform and jump up on the falling 
platform, avoiding the rocket. Jump up the falling platforms and use
the wall jump panel.

Go up in the launcher, and keep moving, dodging the saw. Ride the 
farthest falling platform down, and jump across the falling platforms.
Stay on the upper path, take the zipline, and hit the trick ramp.

Move right until you find a pulley. From here, it becomes harder to
describe, so if you get lost just keep moving and you'll get to the end
eventually. HA the robot and ride the cart. You can boost on these to 
make them move faster. Jump into the dash rings at the end. Use the 
rocket wisp and HA the pulley. Careful of this robot, he's hard to not
get hit by. HA him and keep going. HA the enemy on the cart and ride it.
Carefully jump into the dash rings. Time your jump here and land on a 
cart. Jump and grab the wisp. Jump and use it when you see the large 
amount of rings above you.

Dodge the saw and jump up. Time your spring hit so you dodge the second 
one. Grab the wisp and use it. Keep moving up and to the left. HA the
enemy on the cart and ride it. The timing here is tough, but it's worth
it - jump up intot he dash rings using your boost and HA the pulley. 
Jump across the platforms and keep jumping up. Grab the rocket and use 

Grab the rocket to your left and use it where the rings are. Land to the 
left, grab the rocket, jump up between the spikes and use it there. Land 
on the platforms, jump up to the rocket, and use it where the rings are.
Now just jump up to the goal ring!

Phew, what an ordeal! Now just the last few bosses!


This is probably the most annoying boss in the game. Be patient, it's
kinda glitchy. What you need to do is dodge his attacks, hit the ramp, 
successfully grind the rail into the dash ring, KEEP BOOSTING, and HA 
the cockpit. After that, dodge his attacks, keep boosting, and HA the
lower cockpit. In 2D mode, jump over enough of his attacks and he'll
let you hit him. Then he'll slam down his arms and fire ice shots at you.
Jump between them and HA him in the cockpit. 
When you've hit him enough times, you'll warp to a falling section. Fall 
as fast as you can and HA his cockpit to finish him. If you take too 
long, you'll warp back. A warning: Do NOT hit him WHILE you're warping 
back. It will glitch the game and you'll have to start the boss over. :(

1. In 3D, he'll fire an ice shot. Easily avoided by jumping or preferably
quick stepping.
2. In 3D, he'll fire a missile. Quick Step around it.
3. In 3D, he'll use a laser attck. Chances are, if you're quick, you won't 
see this one, but just jump over the lasers if he uses it. 
4. In 2D, he'll fire an ice shot. Jump over it. Sometimes the timing
is weird, so be aware.
5. In 2D, he'll slam down his arms and fire ice shots. Just wall jump
between them. It take spractice, but you'll get the rhythm.

Not too bad, but annoying as heck.


This is probably the easiest boss in the game. Just boost at him, 
dodging the debris, his arm attacks,  and his HOMING SHOTS. You may want
 to turn down the sound. The music is cool and all, but....jeez.  
When you get close, just boost up to dodge his slap attack and keep 
boosting to damage him. Repeat three times, then hold L1 and R1 to finish
him. You can use the jump button to fire the other Sonic, but it doesn't
slow down the Time Eater at all. It just destroys debris. You CAN hit
him in 2D mode, but it's extremely difficult. Just use the 2D time to
pick up more rings.

1. Debris. Not an attack, but annoying nonetheess. Either avoid it or 
fir the other Sonic into it.
2. THAT LOOKS LIKE A HOMING SHOT! Just avoid it, it's not dangerous.
3. He'll fire a huge laser. Either switch dimensions or simply dodge it.
4. He'll fire his arms at you. If you're boosting, they shouldn't hit you.
5. He'll fire a huge fireball at you. This is scripted, so when you see
this, it's basically over.

And that's it! Thanks for reading and I hope I helped you!

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otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
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