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Endings Guide by Solarys

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 10/13/15

* Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 - Endings Guide (ver. 2.1) *

By Solarys
E-mail: manaphy.lv100(at)gmail.com

NOTE: This guide only applies to the original mk2 on the PS3! DO NOT follow
this guide if you are playing the PC/Vita remake, Re;Birth 2, because the
Shares system and therefore requirements are very different!


[001] Change Log

[002] Foreword

[003] Ending Requirements

[004] How to Get All Endings in One Play-through
- [005] Preparation/Setup
- [006] Getting Each Ending

[007] Brief Synopsis of Each Ending

[008] Frequently Asked Questions

[009] Credits


- 0.5: New file with only the list of requirements (unpublished)
- 0.9: Added "How to Get All Endings in One Play-through" (unpublished)
- 1.0: Added brief synopses and FAQs, fixed various errors
- 1.1: Minor text fixes
- 1.2: Corrected requirements for Conquest route
- 2.0: Reformatted and rewritten some parts for clarity and brevity
- 2.1: Minor text fixes (current)


First and foremost, this is not a walkthrough. Also, I assume you already know
the basic game mechanics, so this isn't a tutorial on how to play the game,

In this guide, I will explain as clearly as I can the exact requirements for
each of the seven unique endings, as some of them can be rather confusing.

Please feel free to e-mail me any questions, comments, suggestions, and 
corrections, but please make sure you include the appropriate subject line to 
avoid being spam-filtered. However, spam, hate mail, malicious contents, and 
destructive criticism (flaming) are not welcome, and will be ignored with the 
sender blacklisted.

You are free to post this guide anywhere you wish, provided that you do not
modify its contents and claim credit for it. If you need to modify it to suit
your website, blog, etc., please ask me for permission first.


This section only covers the requirements for each ending. For a detailed
guide on getting each ending, please look under the How-To section.

There are eight different endings in total: two are exclusive (True and
Apocalypse), and five are extensions of the plain Normal Ending (national and
Maker mascots). If you don't meet the requirements for any of the seven unique
endings, you will receive the plain Normal Ending by default.

Any of the eight endings will clear the game and allow you to restart in a New
Game Plus, carrying over your characters' levels and all items. There are no 
bad endings or "dead ends" that result in a game over or force you to reload a
previous save to continue.

* For all Normal Endings and True Ending, the requirements must be met before
  defeating CFW Arfoire in Chapter 6. For the Conquest Route, the require-
  ments are quite different, and will be explained in its own section.

* Lily Rank with Cave and Falcom is not required for any of the endings.

  1. Planeptune's Local Shares at or above 70%.
  2. Neptune at Lily Rank 5 (maximum).

  1. Lastation's Local Shares at or above 70%.
  2. Noire and Uni at Lily Rank 5.

  1. Lowee's Local Shares at or above 70%.
  2. Blanc, Rom, and Ram at Lily Rank 5.

  1. Leanbox's Local Shares at or above 70%.
  2. Vert at Lily Rank 5.


  1. Recruit Noire, Blanc, and Vert.
  2. Every nation's Global Shares at or above 15%.
  3. Everyone at Lily Rank 4 or 5.


  1. Recruit Noire, Blanc, and Vert.
  2. See all three "Cursed Sword" Chirper events before Chapter 5.
  3. Planeptune's Global Shares at or above 55% by the end of Chapter 5.
  * To activate the Chirper events, you must have Lastation, Leanbox, and 
    Lowee's Local Shares at 35%, 45%, and 55% respectively. See the next 
    section for more details.
  1. Compa, IF, Nisa, Gust, and 5pb. at Lily Rank 5.
  2. Do not meet the requirements for any of the above endings.


DISCLAIMER: This guide is geared more towards Trophy collectors, as it won't
give you a 100% bestiary or gallery completion. Also, it's highly recommended
that you follow this guide only in a New Game Plus, as the Conquest route can
be very difficult in the first play-through, and the other endings may require
a lot of grinding to increase your Lily Rank.


  In this part I will give you a general idea of what to do in each Chapter.
  While you are allowed certain degrees of freedom, it's best not to stray too
  far from this guide.

  As a rule of thumb, only do the quests that take away Arfoire's Shares 
  before Chapter 5, and ignore all of those that move Shares between nations,
  as some are irreversible.

  * WARNING - DO NOT do quests that move other nations' Shares - especially 
    Planeptune's - into Lastation's capital city! You should ONLY do quests 
    sponsored by Lastation that convert Arfoire's Shares into Lastation's!


    This is a tutorial chapter without much freedom. Just do the few mandatory
    quests and move on with the story.

    If you are in a NG+, don't do any of those Level-S quests, at least for
    now, because they will quickly (and sometimes irreversibly) mess up the
    Local Shares of the affected cities.



    When you are in Lastation, do a few quests sponsored by Lastation that 
    convert Arfoire's Shares (will be referred to as "LAS: +LAS/-A") until 
    its Local Shares reach 35% or more. This will add a new NPC named Slayer 
    to the Chirper.

    These are some of the easiest quests to raise Lastation's Shares:
    - Level E: Merry Messy Memorial (defeat Kupokat x3)
    - Level E: CPU Candidate Bust Project (fetch Fish Skeleton x2)

    View the Slayer's "chirp" to trigger the first "Cursed Sword" event.
    (You may need to exit and re-enter Lastation for her to show up.)

    ~ LOWEE ~

    After you reach Lowee, do a few "LOW: +LOW/-A" quests until its Local 
    Shares hit 55%, which will add the NPC, Arfoire Mama.

    These are some of the easiest quests to raise Lowee's Shares:
    - Level D: Lowee Basilicom Request (defeat Terits x5)
    - Level D: DSTT Destruction Derby (defeat DSTT x5)

    View Arfoire Mama's "chirp" to trigger the second "Cursed Sword" event. 
    (You may need to exit and re-enter Lowee for her to show up.)

    ~ LEANBOX ~

    Again, do a few "LB: +LB/-A" quests until its Local Shares hit 45%, which 
    will add the NPC, Mid-Level Adventurer.

    These are some of the easiest quests to raise Leanbox's Shares:
    - Level D: Leanbox SMD (defeat Red Babyvader x4)
    - Level D: The Forbidden Beat-up (defeat Cardbird x5)

    View the Adventurer's "chirp" to trigger the last "Cursed Sword" event.
    (You may need to exit and re-enter Leanbox for him to show up.)

  > CHAPTERS 3 & 4

    Just complete the story of these chapters, leave all Shares alone, and
    don't do any more quests, because the Coliseum will be available in the
    next chapter, which can make manipulating Shares much easier.

    Make sure you view all characters' Chirper events to boost their Lily Rank.


    This is the branching point of the two major routes, so you might want to 
    make a separate save file at the beginning of this chapter as backup.

    After Neptune joins, do some quests or use the Coliseum to increase each 
    capital city's Local Shares to 50% or above (but under 70%), and recruit 
    the other three CPUs.

    Once you have recruited all four CPUs, make sure the Global Shares of the 
    four nations don't all exceed 15%, and Planeptune's stay under 55%.

    Make a separate save file immediately after defeating CFW Trick in LAN 
    Castle. DO NOT trigger the event in Planeptune until you have saved to a
    separate slot!

    For now, leave all Shares as they are, and trigger the Planeptune event, 
    which initiates the second battle against CFW Magic. This will move you 
    onto Chapter 6, and open up the Normal and True endings.

    * When using the Coliseum, pay close attention to the sponsor of each
      battle, and make sure you convert the correct Shares.


    This is the branching point of Normal (national/Makers) and True endings.

    Again, make sure the four nations don't all have more than 15% of Global
    Shares, and each capital city has under 70% of Local Shares. However, you
    don't have to worry about Planeptune's Global Shares anymore.

    Make another new save file immediately before entering the Gamindustri 
    Graveyard to battle CFW Arfoire, and the preparation is now complete. From
    here you can start working towards getting every ending.

    * WARNING - DO NOT overwrite the save files made in Chapter 5!


  You should now have the following save files:

  A. Beginning of Chapter 5 (backup save)
  B. End of Chapter 5, after defeating CFW Trick and before battling CFW Magic
  C. Chapter 6, before entering Gamindustri Graveyard

  And your Shares distribution should be similar to this:

  PLANEPTUNE: Local 50~65% (ideally 65%), Global <55% (ideally 54.9%)
  LASTATION:  Local 50~65% (ideally 65%), Global <15% (ideally 14.9%)
  LOWEE:      Local 50~65% (ideally 65%), Global <15% (ideally 14.9%)
  LEANBOX:    Local 50~65% (ideally 65%), Global <15% (ideally 14.9%)
  ARFOIRE:    Global <40% (ideally ~1%)
  Normal and True endings use Save File C.
  Conquest ending uses Save File B.

  * The "plain" Normal Ending is pointless, because all national and maker
    endings are extensions of it that play after the credits roll.



    Load Save File C, raise Planeptune's Local Shares to 70% or above, and
    increase Neptune's Lily Rank to max, if you haven't already.

    Defeat CFW Arfoire in the Graveyard, and watch the Normal Ending. After
    the credits roll, Planeptune's extension will play.

    This is the easiest extension to obtain, as Neptune starts out at nearly
    maxed Lily Rank. (I suggest going for this one in your first play-through.)


    Load Save File C, raise Lastation's Local Shares to 70% or above, and max
    out Noire and Uni's Lily Rank before defeating CFW Arfoire.

    This can be difficult in the first play-through, as Uni's time in party
    and her Chirper events are quite limited.


    Load Save File C, raise Lowee's Local Shares to 70% or above, and max out
    Blanc, Rom, and Ram's Lily Rank before defeating CFW Arfoire.

    This is actually quite easy if you have viewed all their Chirper events 
    and kept Rom and Ram in your active party.


    Load Save File C, raise Leanbox's Local Shares to 70% or above, and max
    out Vert's Lily Rank before defeating CFW Arfoire.

    This is also quite easy if you have viewed all her Chirper events.


    Load Save File C, leave all shares alone, and max out Lily Rank for Compa,
    IF, Nisa, Gust, and 5pb. (Don't worry about Cave and Falcom.)

    Again, relatively easy if you have viewed everyone's Chirper events and 
    used them regularly in battle.


    Load Save File C, raise every nation's Global Shares above 15%, and 
    everyone's Lily Rank to 4 or 5 (except for Cave and Falcom). The nations'
    Local Shares don't matter for this ending; you only need to manipulate
    their Global Shares.

    After triggering this ending successfully, a different scene will play
    once CFW Arfoire is defeated, which, instead of ending the game, moves
    you onto Chapter 7.


    Firstly, this chapter is totally ludicrous, and it completely derails the 
    story, so don't expect a "happily ever after" outcome! It might make more
    sense to those who have played the first game, but it's still out of place.
    Anyway, if morbid humor (and trolling) offends you, then I suggest you set
    the voice to Japanese and fast-forward through it.
    Also, this is a self-contained side-story, which means none of the events 
    from the main story, like character chirps, etc., will be available here.
    (It can be likened to "The Answer" in Persona 3 FES, or the "Overtime" in 
    Atelier Rorona Plus.)

    To get onto the Conquest route, load Save File B, increase Planeptune's
    Global Shares to 55% or above before fighting CFW Magic in Planeptune. Do
    the Level-S quests now, or use the Coliseum to increase Planeptune's
    Global Shares. Don't worry about other nations' shares.

    If you have correctly entered the Conquest route, a different scene will
    play after CFW Magic is defeated, which moves you onto the Apocalypse 

    This route can be very challenging in your first play-through, because 
    you can only use the weaker half of your party, and you'll likely be 
    under-leveled. Should you wish to take up the challenge, the best advice 
    I can offer is gear up Gust and pair her with IF for minimal AP usage, as 
    she will be your main damage dealer here - especially if you don't have 
    Cave. I suggest setting Neptune or Nisa as leader, as they have a lot of 
    HP, and the AI is more likely to target the leader.

    Also, save before each boss battle if you want to get all of their item
    drops. But this is much easier said than done, and it's arguably the most
    frustrating part of this game... (If you really have to go for a 100%
    completion, preserve your sanity by getting as many drops as you can now,
    and then do another run at level 99 to pick up whatever you missed.)


The following is a very brief, mostly spoiler-free summary of each ending.

Please note that some minor spoilers are inevitable, so skip this section if
you want to avoid all spoilers.


Neptune and Nepgear goof off together in their room - in the typical Neptune
style. Histoire comes in to scold them, yet allows them to relax and enjoy
themselves for the time being.


Uni, being the competitive little brat she is, drags Nepgear out for training
(read: to use her as a punching bag) to become stronger. Neptune makes some 
random comments to Noire while watching them from the side.


Nepgear visits Lowee and reads books with Blanc, Rom, and Ram in their room.
The three kids make themselves comfortable on Blanc, who gets ticked off at
first, but in the end accepts them.


Vert uses Nepgear as a doll to play dress-up with. Nepgear tries to resist,
but soon gives up and lets Vert do as she pleases... (That look on Nepgear's
face is priceless!)


Having not seen them for a while, Nepgear invites all the Maker mascots - 
Compa, IF, Nisa, Gust, 5pb., Cave, and Falcom - to Planeptune for a huge
sleepover party.


Everyone happily returns to their normal, everyday lives after ASIC has been
eliminated. Nepgear goes out to look for Neptune - who is, of course, goofing
off - and the two play together.


The world is doomed. Everyone bets their final hope on the rumored cursed 
sword, which then causes the nations to fight against one another for self- 
preservation. It was only after irreversible damage had been done, did the 
"victor" begin to realize they might have all played into the enemy's hand...

(This ending is open to interpretation, as it doesn't have a solid conclusion.
I view it as a reference to the "True Goddess" lore of the first game, and at 
the same time a parody or satire of a certain hackneyed RPG cliché. This kind 
of humor is not for everyone, but I find it rather clever and amusing.)


Q: What's the difference between Local and Global Shares, and how are Global
   Shares calculated?
A: Local Shares (LS) are the distribution of Shares within each city, while
   Global Shares (GS) are the global average of all LS. Since there are a
   total of 12 cities, each percent of LS is equivalent to 1/12 percent of
   GS, or about 0.083%. E.g., a LS shift of 10% from Planeptune to Leanbox in
   any city increases Leanbox's GS by 0.833%, while decreases Planeptune's GS
   by the same amount.

Q: What is Lily Rank, and how do I increase it quickly?
A: Lily Rank is basically friendship level. It automatically goes up by a tiny
   amount for all of the eight characters in your active party after each 
   battle. The character that lands the finishing blow on the last enemy (the 
   one doing the victory pose) and the one paired up with Nepgear gain bonus 
   points. However, the quickest way to increase Lily Rank is by viewing each 
   character's Chirper events.
Q: I have the Global Shares of every nation at 15%, recruited all the CPUs,
   but I still can't trigger the True Ending.
A: Two possible causes: 1) One or more of your characters do not have high 
   enough Lily Rank. 2) One or more of your GS are rounded up to 15.0% due to
   1/12 not being an exact decimal, so try increasing each to at least 15.1%.
Q: I have raised Planeptune's Global Shares to 55%, seen all three cursed sword
   events, and recruited all CPUs, but I still can't enter the Conquest route.
A: Firstly, you must have done all of that before the end of Chapter 5; if you
   are already in Chapter 6, it's too late for the Conquest route. Secondly, 
   see above regarding the GS percentages and rounding.
Q: I can't recruit Noire or get the Lastation Ending because Lastation's Local
   Shares are stuck!
A: I'm afraid this is a programming oversight. There is absolutely no way of 
   moving Planeptune's Shares out of Lastation by the end of Chapter 5, and 
   this is why I warned you not to move other nations' Shares into Lastation!

Q: Is the Inafune sword event in Planeptune a part of the requirements for the
   Conquest Ending?
A: No, it has nothing to do with any of the endings. If you choose to take the
   sword, it gives Nepgear an extra (hilarious) skill to use in battle.

Q: Why do you find the Apocalypse Chapter and Conquest Ending humorous? I 
   don't find it funny at all...
A: I find it amusing because of the way it mocks certain other games and their
   overused theme. But humor is entirely subjective, and something doesn't 
   have to be "funny" to be humorous, so if you don't understand, or can't 
   appreciate, the humor behind it, then simply treat it as the game's way of 
   trolling its players. Sorry, but there is no politer way of putting it.


Idea Factory, Compile Heart, and NIS America for making and localizing the game

Hyperdimension Neptunia Wiki for the majority of the information
- http://neptunia.wikia.com/wiki/Hyperdimension_Neptunia_Wiki

GameFAQs Boards for many of the questions and answers

=== EOF ===

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