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Material Guide by Arrawnt

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 03/12/12

Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 Material Guide

By Arrawnt

Version 1.02 (March 27, 2012)
-Added the drops from the DLC Coliseum Fights made available on 3/27/12.
-Added the drops from the DLC Hellfire Grotto

If you were linked here after asking "where to find X" on the forums then 
welcome to the Hall of Shame.  

Feel free to redistribute and rehost it as much as you like.  

Don't sell it.

Ctrl + F is your friend.

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LAN Castle Secret Hall is exclusive to the True and Ruler routes
Icicle Pathway, Junk Box, and Infinite Corridor are exclusive to True Route
Panan Jungle and Powerlevel Island are unlocked on New Game+
Oblivion Ruins and Hellfire Grotto are free DLC dungeons
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Gather: Virtua Forest

Healing Herb
Gather: Virtua Forest Depths, Rebeat Resort

Gather: Iris Field, Panan Jungle

Refresh Herb
Gather: Atari Marsh, Panan Jungle

World Tree Leaf
Gather: LAN Castle Keep, Panan Jungle

Iron Ore
Gather: Darkness 60, Underverse

Copper Ore
Gather: World Maze, 1st Layer

Silver Ore
Gather: Atari Marsh Depths, Hellfire Grotto

Gold Ore
Gather: LAN Castle, Junk Box

Gather: LAN Castle Keep, Panan Jungle

Gather: Underverse

Crimson Stone
Gather: Underverse, LAN Castle Secret Hall, Hellfire Grotto

Gather: Lan Castle Secret Hall, Hellfire Grotto

Ice Stone
Gather: Lowee Global Expo East, Lowee Global Expo West

Gelid Stone
Gather: Lowee Global Expo West, LAN Castle Keep, Icicle Pathway

Gather: Icicle Pathway

Wind Stone
Gather: Virtua Forest Depths, Severed Dimension

Gale Stone
Gather: LAN Castle Keep, Junk Box, Oblivion Ruins

Storm Stone
Gather: Junk Box

Dense Earth Stone
Gather: Midcompany, Arfoire's Factory

Crest Stone
Gather: Arfoire's Factory, Infinite Corridor

Gaea Stone
Gather: Infinite Corridor

Gather: Virtua Forest, Hellfire Grotto

Piece of Concrete
Gather: Midcompany, Arfoire's Factory, Oblivion Ruins

Iron Concrete
Gather: Arfoire's Factory, Icicle Hall

Data Crystal
Gather: Endless Zone, Severed Dimension

File Crystal
Gather: Severed Dimension Core, Infinite Corridor

Erde Crystal
Gather: Junk Box, Infinite Corridor

Model 4 Base
Gather: Endless Zone, Severed Dimension, Oblivion Ruins

Maoni Base
Gather: World Maze, 2nd Layer

Ling Base
Gather: The Graveyard's Edge, Oblivion Ruins

Gather: Rebeat Resort, Septent Resort, Powerlevel Island

Sea Bead
Gather: Septent Resort, Powerlevel Island

Tiamat Horn
Gather: Powerlevel Island

Dogoo Jelly
Drop: Dogoo (Virtua Forest)

Orange Jelly
Drop: Red Dogoo (Midcompany)

Metal Jelly
Drop: Metal Dogoo (LAN Castle Keep)
Note: Randomly appears with other monsters, doesn't appear on dungeon map

Heretical Jelly
Drop: Heretical Dogoo (Severed Dimension Core)

Grand Jelly
Drop: Grandogoo (Virtua Forest, Severed Dimension Core)
Note: Must allow three Dogoo Jelly or Heretical Jelly to combine
Drop: Meta-Dogoo (Coliseum Rank B)

Dot Antenna
Drop: Pixelvader (Darkness 60)

Mottled Antenna
Drop: Minivader (Lowee Global Expo West)

Round Antenna
Drop: Poxvader (World Maze, 1st Layer)

Cell Antenna
Drop: Nanovader (Junk Box)

Space Antenna
Drop: Spacevader (Panan Jungle) Poxvader (Oblivion Ruins)

Green Plate
Drop: Babyvader (Rebeat Resort)

Pink Plate
Drop: Red Babyvader (Underverse)

Blue Plate
Drop: Betavader (Infinite Corridor)

Block Nose
Drop: Elephantvader (Midcompany)

Firm Block Nose
Drop: Rigvader (Powerlevel Island)

Meowvader Whisker
Drop: Meowvader (Atari Marsh)

Calico Whisker
Drop: Calicovader (Arfoire's Factory)

Dot Ears
Drop: Bunnyvader (Lowee Global Expo East)

White Ears
Drop: Harevader (Atari Marsh Depths)

Wriggling Tail
Drop: Swinevader (Gamindustri Graveyard)

Whirling Tail
Drop: Baconvader (LAN Castle)

Lion's Mane
Drop: Lionvader (World Maze, 2nd Layer)

Leo's Mane
Drop: Leovader (LAN Castle)

Drop: Frog-in-the-box (Rebeat Resort)

Drop: Met Froggy (Atari Marsh)

Drop: Sergeant Froggy (Powerlevel Island)

Bomb Fuse
Drop: Bomb-Omburai (Endless Zone)

Bomb Lips
Drop: Ms. Bomb-Omburai (Underverse Core) Bushido Spirit (Hellfire Grotto)

Purple Block
Drop: Terits (Lowee Global Expo East)

Blue Block
Drop: Tetsri (World Maze, 1st Layer)

Green Block
Drop: Terist (World Maze, 2nd Layer)

Red Block
Drop: Tesrit (Infinite Corridor)

Yellow Block
Drop: Testri (Junk Box)

Plum-met Piece
Drop: Plum-met (World Maze, 2nd Layer)

Plumindigo Piece
Drop: Plumindigo (Underverse)

S. Plum-met Piece
Drop: Spotted Plum-met (The Graveyard's Edge)

Plom-met Piece
Drop: Plom-met (Infinite Corridor)

Plam-met Piece
Drop: Plam-met (Junk Box)

Drop: Clyde (Darkness 60)

Heat Cloth
Drop: Bashful (Septent Resort) Striped Boy (Coliseum Rank E)

Water-Soluble Cloth
Drop: Blinky (Underverse) Striped Boy (Coliseum Rank E)

Venomous Cloth
Drop: Inky (Gamindustri Graveyard)

Moonlight Shadow
Drop: Speedy (LAN Castle)

Invisible Cloth
Drop: Pinky (LAN Castle Secret Hall) Magma Boy (Hellfire Grotto)

Blue Ribbon
Drop: Ms. Clyde (Darkness 60)

Pink Ribbon
Drop: Ms. Bashful (Septent Resort) Striped Girl (Coliseum Rank E)

Black Ribbon
Drop: Ms. Blinky (Underverse) Striped Girl (Coliseum Rank E)

Venom Ribbon
Drop: Ms. Inky (Gamindustri Graveyard)

Shadow Ribbon
Drop: Ms. Speedy (LAN Castle)

Invisible Ribbon
Drop: Ms. Pinky (LAN Castle Secret Hall) Magma Girl (Hellfire Grotto)

Yellow Petal
Drop: Tulip (Virtua Forest)

Blue Petal
Drop: West Point (Septent Resort)

Red Petal
Drop: Apeldoom (Underverse Core)

Rainbow Petal
Drop: Aimable (Arfoire's Factory)

Sunflowery Seed
Drop: Sunflowery (Gapain Field)

Red Seed
Drop: Moulin Rouge (Iris Field)

Yellow Seed
Drop: Lady Sun (Arfoire's Factory)

Blue Seed
Drop: Blue Sun (LAN Castle Keep) Floristan (Hellfire Grotto)

Fungus's Spores
Drop: Fungus (Virtua Forest Depths)

Matango's Spores
Drop: Matango (Atari Marsh)

Radisher Leaf
Drop: Radisher (Virtua Forest)

Carroteer Leaf
Drop: Carroteer (Panan Jungle)

Eggplanter Pit
Drop: Eggplanter (Atari Marsh Depths)

Piranha Petal
Drop: Piranha Flower (Virtua Forest Depths)

Disc Shard
Drop: Disc (Gamindustri Graveyard)

Shattered Disc
Drop: Dark Disc (The Graveyard's Edge)

Bird's Bronze Crown
Drop: King Cardbird (Icicle Pathway)
Note: Not an error the King drops Bronze and the regular drops Kingly

Bird's Silver Crown
Drop: Prince Cardbird (The Graveyard's Edge)

Bird's Kingly Crown
Drop: Cardbird (Gapain Field)
Note: Not an error, the King drops Bronze and the regular drops Kingly

Pumpkin Lantern
Drop: Pumpkinmon (Gapain Field)

Watermelon Skin
Drop: Watermemon (Powerlevel Island)

Newly Laid Egg
Drop: Shrotamon (Icicle Pathway)

Drop: Tokimeki Sister (World Maze, 1st Layer)

Stalking Stalk
Drop: Stalking Sister (Junk Box)

I Flute
Drop: Weirdo Shadow (Severed Dimension)

$ Violin
Drop: Sicko Shadow (Severed Dimension)

$ Cello
Drop: Greedy Shadow (Severed Dimension)

Drop: ASCII Orchestra (Severed Dimension)
Note: Need a battle with Weirdo, Sicko, Greedy shadow, let them combine

Buff Stone
Drop: Pal Shell (Underverse Core)

Smart Stone
Drop: Armor Shell (Panan Jungle)

Small Conductor
Drop: Bit (Midcompany) Custom Bit (Oblivion Ruins)

Stellar Frames
Drop: Super FX Professor (World Maze, 2nd Layer)

Heart Frames
Drop: Super FX Doctor (Severed Dimension)

Drop: Bear Balancer (Lowee Global Expo West)

Soccer Ball
Drop: Rabbit Balancer (Iris Field)

Black Die
Drop: Monkey Balancer (Icicle Pathway)

Fish Skeleton
Drop: Fish Zombie (Rebeat Resort, Septent Resort)

Fish Fossil
Drop: Coelacanth (Powerlevel Island)

Horsebird Feather
Drop: Horsebird (Virtua Forest) Fat Horsebird (Atari Marsh Depths)
Drop: Tricky Horsebird (Panan Jungle)

Horsebird Wing
Drop: Horsebird Leader (Virtua Forest) Pegasus (Coliseum)
Note: Horsebird or Horsebirdex must eat Radisher

Horsebird Tail
Drop: Deep Impulse (Coliseum)
Note: Horsebirdex must eat Carroteer

Horsebird Mane
Drop: Midsummer Nightmare (Coliseum)
Note: Horsebirdex must eat Eggplanter

Illegal Chip
Drop: M-3 (Darkness 60) XM-X1 (Coliseum Rank E)

Illegal Memory
Drop: R-4 (Midcompany)

Illegal Conductor
Drop: DSTT (Lowee Global Expo West) XM-X1 (Coliseum Rank E)

Illegal ROM
Drop: EDGE (Severed Dimension Core)

Spider Web
Drop: Spider (Virtua Forest Depths)

Venomous Spider Web
Drop: Tarantula (Atari Marsh Depths)

Paralysis Web
Drop: Numbing Spider (LAN Castle Keep) Killer Spider (Oblivion Ruins)

Lethal Spider Web
Drop: Deadly Spider (LAN Castle Secret Hall)

Kupocat Claws
Drop: Kupocat (Virtua Forest Depths)

Kupokitty Claws
Drop: Kupokitty (Lowee Global Expo East)

Meow Claws
Drop: Meow (Iris Field)

Gang Mask
Drop: Delinquent Cat (Rebeat Resort)

Hoodlum Mask
Drop: Hoodlum Hare (Severed Dimension Core)

Ganglord Mask
Drop: Ganglord Panther (Arfoire's Factory) Kung Fu Cat (Oblivion Ruins)

Drop: Fenrisulfr (Virtua Forest Depths, Endless Zone)

Freezing Claws
Drop: Ice Fenrir (Lowee Global Expo West)

Blaze Claws
Drop: Flame Fenrir (Underverse)

Evil Ripper
Drop: Demonic Fenrir (Severed Dimension Core)

Behemoth Claws
Drop: Vanargandr (Icile Pathway)

Dolphin Tail
Drop: Dolphin (Septent Resort)

Plaid Dolphin Tail
Drop: Plaid Dolphin (Atari Marsh, Gamindustri Graveyard)

Dolphin Check Tail
Drop: Dolichorhynchops (The Graveyard's Edge)

Sea God Tail
Drop: Dagon (Junk Box)

Dragon Claws
Drop: Elemental Dragon (Gapain Field) Da'at (Coliseum Rank D)

Dragon Fang
Drop: Guardragon (Infinite Corridor) Da'at (Coliseum Rank D)

Magic Dampener
Drop: Killachine (Story Boss) Decider (Coliseum Rank C)

New Magic Dampener
Drop: Antares (Coliseum Rank E)

Pronged Magic Damp.
Drop: Deus Ex Machina (Coliseum Rank C)

G-fold Magic Damp.
Drop: Killachine Mk-2 (Coliseum Rank A)

Hard Cover
Drop: CPU Breaker (Story Boss) 

Alloy Plate
Drop: Rival Craft (Coliseum Rank C)

Rare Plate
Drop: Opportune (Coliseum Rank A)

Orichalcum Plate
Drop: Betelgeuse (Coliseum Rank S)

Memory of that Day
Drop: Shiva (Coliseum Rank B) Azel (Coliseum Rank D)

Evil Eye
Drop: God of Woe (Coliseum Rank A)

Dragon Soul
Drop: God of Catastrophe (Coliseum Rank S)

God Soul
Drop: Nihil (Coliseum Rank S)

Iron Pipe
Drop: Underling (Story Boss, Coliseum Ranks C,A)

Pirate Ball
Drop: Pirachu (Story Boss)

Huge Pirate Ball
Drop: Venomous Pirachu (Story Boss) Gehachu (Coliseum Rank C)

Fishing Controller
Drop: CFW Judge (Story Boss)

Dancing Controller
Drop: Alkaid (Coliseum Rank B)

Guitar Controller
Drop: Doomsday Messenger (Coliseum Rank A)

SWIN Stick
Drop: CFW Brave (Story Boss, Chapter 3 only)

Race Controller
Drop: CFW Brave (Story Boss, Chapter 5 only)

D. Cast Gun
Drop: CFW Brave (Story Boss, True Route only)

Visual Memory 8x
Drop: Galactic Riser (Coliseum Rank A)

Visual Memory 16x
Drop: Zelgallion (Coliseum Rank S)

Proxyon Play
Drop: CFW Trick (Story Boss)

Powered Replay
Drop: Replicant (Coliseum Rank B)

Reaction Play
Drop: Grafchocolo (Coliseum Rank A)

Flash Card
Drop: CFW Magic (Story Boss)

Dark Soul
Drop: CFW Arfoire (Coliseum Rank S)

Arfoire Crystal
Drop: DOS Arfoire (Coliseum Rank S)

Delphinus Crystal
Drop: Delphinus (Coliseum Rank S)

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