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Call of the Dead Guide by Pink_Sijibijiji

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/13/2011

Nazi Zombies - Call of the Dead
Call of Duty: Black Ops - DLC Pack 2: Escalation Map Pack
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Created by: Jonathan Davis (aka Sijibijiji)

Section 0: Table of Contents:
Every FAQ needs a table of contents. Here is a list of sections you can find
in this FAQ ordered by section number.

Section 1.0	Version Info
Section 2.0	Introduction/Gameplay & Controls
Section 3.0	Reference Guide/New to Call of the Dead
Section 4.0	Best Weapons
Section 5.0	Weapons List 2.0
Section 6.0	Mystery Box/Perks/Pick-Ups/Pack-A-Punch
Section 7.0	Rounds 1-10/George Ramero
Section 8.0	Top Strategies
Section 9.0	Easter Eggs/The Vault
Section 10.0	Challenges
Section 11.0	Frequently Asked Questions/The Ending

Section 1: Version Information:
V0.1	May.5,2011	Created FAQ
V1.0	May.12,2011	Complete FAQ
V2.0	June.12,2011	Updated FAQ. Added New Strategy. Added Descriptions to
			each gun. Updated some information. Spellchecking.
			Improved Easter Egg instruction for easier readability.

Section 2: Introduction / Gameplay and Controls:
So you've played zombies before? You think you know everything there is to know
about it? Well, you might. I'm just here to give you all the information, you
may have missed something. This is the ninth installment of Nazi Zombies and if
you've taken a ride on all of the maps(even the arcade), you are a true zombies
This FAQ is here to tell you all of the little details that you may have over-
looked, or may have missed completely. The map is very large and confusing at
first, but you'll get used to it in no time.

The controls are the same for any map, but i'll post them anyways.
Basic Controls:
A	...	Jump/Unprone
B	...	Crouch/Stand
X	...	Reload
Y	...	Switch Weapons
Right Trigger	Shoot
Left Trigger	Aim Down Sights
Right Bumper	Throw Grenade(hold to cook Frags)
Left Bumper	Throw Special Grenade(hold to ready)
Right Analog	Face Character
Left Analog	Move Character
Start		Pause Game/Menu
Back		Scoreboard
*Right Analog	Knife
*Left Analog	Sprint(while moving)
* = Press analog in
D-Pad		Special Weapons

Advanced Controls:
Hold B while standing	Prone(Crawl mode)
Hold B while sprinting	Dive
Hold X			Activate/Interact

Round	Zombie
Number	Health
1	100
2	175
3	250
4	325
5	400
6	475
7	550
8	625
9	700
10	770
11	847
12	932
13	1025
14	1127
15	1240
16	1364
17	1501
18	1651
19	1816
20	1997
21	2197
22	2417
23	2658
24	2924
25	3217
26	3538
27	3892
28	4281
29	4709
30	5180

Section 3: Reference Guide / New to CotD:
This section will include a points table and a few things you should

Point	|	Action
10	|Deal damage to a zombie(without killing it)
10	|Re-Board a barricade(if limit has not been reached)
50-70	|Kill a zombie by limbshot(excluding head)
100	|Kill a zombie by headshot
130	|Kill a zombie by knife
200	|Obtain a CARPENTER power up
400	|Obtain a MINI NUKE power up
x2	|Obtain a DOUBLE POINTS power up

TIP:	Hitting George will make him angry. If he is hit outside
	of the water, he will remain angry until brought into water.

New to Call of the Dead:
NEW Perk:	Deadshot Daquiri(AIM ASSIST)
OLD Perk:	Double Tap(FASTER RPM)
NEW PaP:	Pack-A-Punch now moves(acts the same when upgrading)
NEW Dis:	Staying in water freezes player
NEW Adv:	Zombies killed in water burst and damage nearby zombies

Section 4: Best Weapons:
This is a small section which shows the best weapon in each area. This does not
include wonder weapons.

Best	Best
Stat	Weapon
	1.M72 Law
Head M:	
	1.Raygun	[5]Mobility	[4]Damage	[4]Ammo/Cache
		Be sure not to hit yourself with its small AoE radius. Get
		PhD flopper if necessary.
	2.Galil		[3]Mobility	[4]Damage	[4]Ammo/Cache
		Great gun, fully automatic. Headshots do x5 damage. Speed
		Cola would go great because it reloads fairly slow.
	3.Commando	[3]Mobility	[4]Damage	[4]Ammo/Cache
		Great gun, fully automatic. Headshots do x5 damage. Double
		Tap goes well if you can aim good while shooting.
	4.HK21		[1]Mobility	[4]Damage	[5]Ammo/Cache
		Great gun. Very large and has a ton of ammunition. Shoots
		fairly slow and quite inaccurate. Speed cola is a must.
	5.RPK		[1]Mobility	[4]Damage	[5]Ammo/Cache
		Great gun. Very large and has a ton of ammunition. Double
		Tap goes good because its a fairly accurate weapon.
	S.BallisticKnife[5/5]Move Speed [2/5]Damage [Melee]Ammunition
		Great weapon. Use caution when using. Juggernog is a must.
		Mix with the Sickle to maximize damage. PaP will give you
		a instant revive shot as well.

Note: Now that I think about it, Matryoshka Dolls are considered a wonder
Section 5: Weapons List 2.0:
This is an updated version of the weapons list in previous FAQs I have made.
New weapons have been added and old weapons have been removed.

Weapon Name
Damage:	Damage dealt with body shots
Head M:	Damage dealt with head shots
Ammo:	clipsize / maximum cache size
Reload:	reload speed (in seconds)
RPM:	rounds per minute
Round:	1 hit kill round limit(headshot if available)
Descr:	Round x to x. I'll tell you when and how you should use this.
	Round x to x. I'll tell you about the PaPed version.

Head M:	

Melee Weapons:
Combat Knife
Damage:	105
Head M:	---
Ammo:	---
Reload:	---(---)
RPM:	60.00(---)
Round:	1
Descr:	Rounds 1 to 5. Knife after M1911 shots.

Ballistic Knife	- The Krauss Refibrulator
Damage:	500/500	- 1800/1800(revive)
Head M:	---	- ---
Ammo:	1/4	- 1/9
Reload:	1.5
RPM:	100.00
Round:	5	- 8
Descr:	Rounds 1 to 5. Knife is one hit kill.

Damage:	750
Head M:	---
Ammo:	---
Reload:	---(---)
RPM:	45.00(---)
Round:	5
Descr:	Rounds 5 to 13. Only combine with Ballistic Knife(or PaP version).
	If you get an insta-kill, the Combat Knife is much better.

M1911		- Mustang & Sally
Damage:	15	- 575x2
Head M:	45	- ---
Ammo:	8/80	- 6-6/60
Reload:	1.63(1.8)
RPM:	625
Round:	---	- 7
Descr:	Rounds 1 to x. Use this until you run out of ammo. Keep until you get
	a better gun. It is good for points.
Descr:	Round 1 to 40+. A great explosive. Inaccurate, but fast. Has the most
	ammo for any explosive. Best used with PhD Flopper.

CZ75		- Calamity
Damage:	102	- 200
Head M:	306	- 600
Ammo:	15/135	- 20/240
Reload:	1.63(2.0)
RPM:	625
Round:	3	- 7
Descr:	Round 1 to 14. After 14 it's pretty weak. It also has low ammo. It is
	best used as a secondary as you can run fast with this gun.
	Round 14 to 28. After round 28 it's pretty weak. Has a decent amount of
	ammo, but not enough to last. Best as a secondary as you can move fast.

Dual CZ75	- Calamity & Jane
Damage:	102x2	- 200x2
Head M:	306x2	- 600x2
Ammo:	12-12/228	- 20/20/320
Reload:	1.63(2.0)
RPM:	625x2
Round:	3	- 7
Descr:	Round 1 to 21. After 21 it's pretty weak. The speed makes it better than
	the single CZ75. It is inaccurate and should be used at close ranges.
	Treat this like a HS10.
	Round 21 to 28. Fully automatic dual wield pistols. Very inaccurate, but
	fast. Not a lot of ammo. Best used with Deadshot Daquiri. Has a decent
	amount of ammo, but not enough to last. Also wastes twice as much as
	the sinlge CZ75(Calamity).

Python		- Cobra
Damage:	660	- 660
Head M:	1980	- 1980
Ammo:	6/84	- 12/96
Reload:	1.6(0.65)
RPM:	625
Round:	19	- 19
Descr:	Round 1 to 19. After its one shot kill marker this weapon is useless.
	Upgrading only gets more ammo and reload speed.
	Round 19 to 38. Powerful weapon. Has a speed reloader(mp Python attach).
	The most powerful single fire lead weapon. Has increased clip-size and
Olympia		- Hades
Damage:	450	- 1600
Head M:	---	- ---
Ammo:	2/38	- 2/60
Reload:	3.3(4.0)
RPM:	220
Round:	5	- 17
Descr:	Round 1 to 4. Even at 5 it needs to be point-blank range. If even one
	pellet misses it won't kill. Low ammo, slow reload, but very cheap.
	Round 17 to 22. Not the best shotgun, but strong and reloads quicker
	than it's predeccesor. Incendiary only affects when a zombie is killed.
	Still point-blank range makes this a secondary weapon.

Stakeout	- Raid
Damage:	645	- 1600
Head M:	---	- ---
Ammo:	6/54	- 10/70
Reload:	1.1(0.7)
RPM:	94
Round:	8	- 17
Descr:	Round 1 to 12. Great shotgun. Reloads slow, but has good damage and
	a tad more range than the Olympia.
	Round 17 to 25. Great shotgun, reloads twice per animation. Deeper
	penetration and more clip-size. Still low range makes it a secondary.

HS10		- Typhoid & Mary
Damage:	855	- 1590x2
Head M:	---	- ---
Ammo:	6/36	- 8-8/80
Reload:	1.4(0.7)
RPM:	350
Round:	11	- 17(24)
Descr:	Round 1 to 11. Strongest shotgun and semi-automatic? Pick this over
	other shotguns. Secondary weapon as it takes a while to reload.
	Round 17 to 34. Dual Wield powerhouse. Reloads very fast, shoots very
	fast, has ammunition equal to the SPAZ-24. Benefits from Deadshot more
	than other shotguns.

SPAS-12		- SPAZ-24
Damage:	850	- 1590
Head M:	---	- ---
Ammo:	8/32	- 24/72
Reload:	1.5(0.6)
RPM:	315
Round:	11	17
Descr:	Round 1 to 11. Strong shotgun, semi-automatic and largest clipsize.
	On par with the HS10, but reloads slower because of more ammo. Iron
	sight is very hard to use.
	Round 17 to 34. Fully automatic, 24 shells, full clip reloads in one
	animation? A great shotgun to have. Goes well with Double Tap as the
	best breakthrough weapon available(besides Raygun).

Sub-machine Guns:
PM63		- Tokyo & Rose
Damage:	65	- 95x2
Head M:	195	- 285x2
Ammo:	20/100	- 25-25/225
Reload:	2.1(2.8)
RPM:	952
Round:	2	- 3(7)
Descr:	Round 4 to 10. Weak. Low clip size, inaccurate. Fast and cheap though.
	Round 10 to 21. Increased clip size(barely), dual wield and even more
	inaccurate. Best used with Deadshot Daquiri. Not that much ammo, but
	you can always buy more.

Damage:	65	- 95
Head M:	195	- 285
Ammo:	24/120	- 40/200
Reload:	2.2(3.0)
RPM:	952
Round:	2	- 3
Descr:	Round 4 to 10. Weak. Low clip size. Fast and cheap.
	Round 10 to 21. Increased clip size. Not that much ammo, but you can
	always buy more.

MP40		- The Afterburner
Damage:	68	- 132
Head M:	204	- 396
Ammo:	32/192	- 64/192
Reload: 2.2(3.0)
RPM:	545
Round:	2	- 4
Descr:	Round 4 to 12. Weak. Good clip size. Slow, high recoil, but fairly
	Round 12 to 28. Double clip size, same cache size. Much stronger. Same
	recoil and firing speed. You can always buy more ammo.

MPk5		- M115 Kollider
Damage:	65	- 95
Head M:	195	- 285
Ammo:	30/120	- 40/200
Reload:	2.8(3.2)
RPM:	750
Round:	2	- 3
Descr:	Round 4 to 12. Weak. Good clip size. Decent speed and recoil and fairly
	Round 12 to 21. Increased clip size, cache size. Nearly identical to the
	MPL(MPL-LF) in offense.

AK-74u		- AK74fu2
Damage:	82	- 128
Head M:	240	- 381
Ammo:	20/160	- 40/280
Reload:	2.2(2.8)
RPM:	750
Round:	2	- 4
Descr:	Round 4 to 16. Strongest SMG. Low clip size, but fast and fairly cheap.
	round 16 to 28. A lot more ammo than other SMG's. Great secondary. Run
	fast and you can always buy ammo.

Spectre		- Phantom
Damage:	62	- 86
Head M:	186	- 258
Ammo:	30/120	- 45/225
Reload:	2.3(3.0)
RPM:	952
Round:	2	- 3
Descr:	Round 4 to 10. Don't get this weapon. Same as the MP5k.
	Round 10 to 21. Fastest SMG(RPM and mobility). Great clip size and a
	decent cache. Secondary use only as you can run fast. Weak though.

Assault Rifles:
M14		- Mnesia
Damage:	70	- 135
Head M:	350	- 675
Ammo:	8/96	- 16/192
Reload:	2.4(3.45)
RPM:	625
Round:	4	- 8
Descr:	Round 1 to 8. Not that weak, good headshot multiplier. Low clip size
	and slow reload.
	Round 8 to 24. Pretty good weapon. Very strong, x5 on headshots. Decent
	clip size(for a semi-auto). You can always buy more ammo.

M16		- Skullcrusher
Damage:	65x3	- 100
Head M:	325x3	- 500
Ammo:	30/120	- 30/270
Reload:	2.0(2.3)
RPM:	500	- 750
Round:	3(12)	- 6
Descr:	Round 4 to 12. Stong(with 3 hits), low recoil, good clip size. Slow
	firing though.
	Round 12 to 28. Decent power, comes with a Grenade Launcher equal to
	a China Lake(bigger radius). Good cache size, good speed, fully auto-

Damage:	105	- 160x3
Head M:	525	- 800x3
Ammo:	20/180	- 30/360
Reload:	2.5(3.0)
RPM:	625
Round:	6	- 10(21)
Descr:	Round 4 to 12. Very strong, good total ammo. Semi automatic, x5 headshot
	Round 12 to 28. Very strong, great cache size, triple burst.

G11		- G115 Generator
Damage:	52x3	- 100
Head M:	260x3	- 500
Ammo:	48/192	- 48/288
Reload:	2.7(3.7)
RPM:	500	- 750
Round:	3(10)	- 6
Descr:	Round 4 to 10. Strong(with 3 hits), low recoil, great clip size. Slow
	reload and firing speed. Scope is annoying?
	Round 10 to 28. Decent power, good cache, good speed, fully automatic.

Famas		- G16 GL35
Damage:	65	- 135
Head M:	325	- 675
Ammo:	30/150	- 45/225
Reload:	2.5(3.3)
RPM:	952
Round:	3	- 8
Descr:	Round 4 to 12. Weak, but fast. Like an SMG with x5 headshot.
	Round 12 to 28. Very strong, great clip size, decent cache. Still very

AUG		- AUG-50M3
Damage:	93	- 133
Head M:	465	- 665
Ammo:	30/270	- 30/390
Reload:	2.6(3.0)
RPM:	952
Round:	5	- 8
Descr:	Round 4 to 12. Strong, fast and fairly accurate. Good total ammo.
	Round 12 to 28. Strong fast and fairly accurate. Comes with a great
	cache size and a mounted shotgun(equal to the Stakeout).

Commando	- Predator
Damage:	100	- 140
Head M:	500	- 700
Ammo:	30/270	- 40/360
Reload:	2.1(2.6)
RPM:	750
Round:	6	- 8
Descr:	Round 4 to 16. Great overall.
	Round 16 to 35. Great overall. More clip size and cache and comes with
	a dual mag attachment.

Galil		- Lamentation
Damage:	100	- 146
Head M:	500	- 730
Ammo:	35/315	- 35/490
Reload:	2.8(3.7)
RPM:	750
Round:	6	- 9
Descr:	Round 4 to 16. Great overall. Slow reload.
	Round 16 to 42. Great overall. Slow reload speed. Great cache size(same
	clip size).
Light Machine Guns:

RPK		- R115 Resonator
Damage:	86	- 120
Head M:	258	- 360
Ammo:	100/400	- 125/500
Reload:	4.0(5.4)
RPM:	750
Round:	3	- 4
Descr:	Round 4 to 18. Fairly weak, but great clip size, cache size. Reloads
	slow, low mobility.
	Round 18 to 45. Strong, massive clip size, cache size. fast firing, slow
	reloads. Best used with Stamina Up.

HK21		- H115 Oscillator
Damage:	100	- 140
Head M:	300	- 420
Ammo:	125/500	- 150/750
Reload:	3.8(4.8)
RPM:	750
Round:	3	- 5
Descr:	Round 4 to 18. Strong, great clip size, cache size. Slow reloads, slow
	firing speed, and low mobility.
	Round 18 to 54. Very strong, massive clip size, cache size. Slow reload,
	slow firing, low accuracy, low mobility. Best used with Stamina Up.

Sniper Rifles:
Dragunov	- D115 Disassembler
Damage:	200	- 660
Head M:	2000	- 6600
Ammo:	10/40	- 10/80
Reload:	3.0(3.7)
RPM:	250
Round:	19	- 32
Descr:	Round 4 to 19. Powerful semi-automatic. Low ammo, slow reload, slow
	Round 19 to 32. Very powerful sniper. Headshot is a must.

L96A1		- L115 Isolator
Damage:	415	- 660
Head M:	4150	- 6600
Ammo:	5/35	- 8/72
Reload:	3.2(3.5)
RPM:	60
Round:	26	32
Descr:	Round 4 to 26. Powerful semi-automatic. Low ammo, slow reload, slow
	firing speed, low mobility.
	Round 26 to 32. Very powerful sniper. Headshot is a must.

Frag Grenade
Damage:	500
Head M:	---
Ammo:	4
Reload:	---
RPM:	---
Round:	6
Descr:	Bad grenade. Cookable(5 seconds). Only use to make crawlers.

Damage:	750
Head M:	---
Ammo:	4
Reload:	---
RPM:	---
Round:	8
Descr:	decent grenade. Non-cookable. Only use to make crawlers.

Crossbow	- Aweful Lawton
Damage:	200	- 750
Head M:	---	- ---
Ammo:	1/12	- 1/12
Reload:	2.8
RPM:	---
Round:	2	- 8
Descr:	Round 4 to 8. Weak explosive, single shot(per clip). Slow reload and
	timed explosion.
	Round 8 to 54. Weak explosive. Slow reload and timed explosion. Timed
	explosion draws zombies towards the bolt(like having 6 monkey bombs).

M72 Law		- M72 Anarchy
Damage:	1300	- 2000
Head M:	---	- ---
Ammo:	1/20	- 10/40
Reload:	3.0
RPM:	---	- 60
Round:	13	- 19
Descr:	Round 4 to 13. Powerful explosive. Slow reload, ADS required.
	Round 13 to 19. Very powerful explosive. Semi-automatic, 10 shots per
	clip, ADS requirement removed.

China Lake	- China Beach
Damage:	400	- 660
Head M:	---	- ---
Ammo:	2/20	- 5/40
Reload:	2.0(1.0)
RPM:	30	- 60
Round:	4	- 8
Descr:	Round 4 to 4. weak explosive. Slow firing speed, slow reload. Low
	mobility, ADS required.
	Round 4 to 8. Weak explosive. Slow firing speed. Increased clip size,
	ADS requirement removed. Very high mobility.

Matryoshka Dolls
Damage:	2000x3
Head M:	---
Ammo:	3
Reload:	---
RPM:	---
Round:	32
Descr:	Very Powerful grenade. Cluster effect(random).
Wonder Weapons:
Raygun		- Porters X2 Raygun
Damage:	660	- 1120
Head M:	---	- ---
Ammo:	20/160	- 40/200
Reload:	3.4
RPM:	---
Round:	8	- 13
Descr:	Round 4 to 28. Very strong, fast firing speed, high mobility, small
	explosion damage. Slow reload.
	Round 28 to 54. Very strong, fast firing speed, high mobility, small
	explosion damage. Slow reload. Increased cache and double clip size.

Scavenger	- Hyena Infra-Dead
Damage:	9000+	- 9000+
Head M:	---	- ---
Ammo:	3/15	- 6/30
Reload:	---
RPM:	---
Round:	999999??????
Descr:	Round 4 to 99+. Insta-kill explosive weapon. Decent mobility. Scoped
	ADS only.
	Round 4 to 99+. Insta-kill explosive weapon. Decent mobility. Scoped
	ADS only(comes with thermal scope).Double clip size and cache. Upgrade
	when out of ammo only.

Section 6: Mystery Box / Perks / Pick-Ups / Pack-A-Punch:
Mystery Box:
The Mystery Box spawns in a random location at the start and moves after a
few uses. There are 6 locations it can be at across the map.
The Mystery Box works the same way as any other map.
It still costs [950] to open.
#1	Spawn Area(cannot start here)
#2	Lighthouse Balcony(above PhD Flopper)
#3	Below Captains Room(behind flinger platform)
#4	Very Front of the Boat(above juggernog)
#5	Top Floor Catwalk of Lighthouse(opposite of deadshot daquiri)
#6	Behind Lighthouse(left of water slide, bottom of the hill)

There is a new perk and an old perk brought back that wasn't in ascension.
#1	Juggernog	- Improves maximum player health
#2	Quick Revive	- Improves players reviving speed
#3	Speed Cola	- Improves gun reload speed
#4	Double Tap	- Improves gun firing speed
#5	Stamina Up	- Improves run time, maximize mobility with anything
#6	PhD Flopper	- Exploding Dive, Improved Flak Jacket, No Fall Damage
#7	Deadshot Daquiri- Head Aim Assist, Steady Aim

There are the same pick-ups from all previous maps.
#1	Max Ammo	- Replenish all weapons cache (does not re-fill clip)
#2	Insta-Kill	- Any damage will instantly kill target(s)
#3	Carpenter	- All barricades will be repaired
#4	Mini-Nuke	- Spawned Zombies are unable to attack and die
#5	Fire-Sale	- All Mystery Box locations have a box and cost [10]
#6	Double Points	- All points gained are doubled
#7	Death Machine	- Infinite ammunition, limited time gatling gun

The PaP Machine works the same way as any other map except one thing. The PaP
moves locations when thunder sounds. In always spawns in water and goes away
after another thunder sounds. The Lighthouse will point to its position.
#1	Near Spawn(right of quick revive)
#2	Near Juggernog(down the hall, in flooded room)
#3	Behind Lighthouse(down the hill)

Section 7.0: Rounds 1-10/George Ramero:
I have made new calculations and they are more accurate this time.

Point Efficiency Table: M1911
Round	Zombie	Body	Head
Number	Health	Shots	Shots
1	100	7	3
2	175	12	4
3	250	17	6
4	325	22	8
5	400	27	9
6	475	32	11
7	550	37	13
8	625	42	14
9	700	47	16
10	775	52	18

It is best to get a gun after round 4. The M16, MPL are best because you should
probably be heading to the power first.

Best Wall Weapons:
Pistol:	---
AR:	M16
LMG:	---
Launch:	---
Wonder:	---

George Ramero:
Explosives are the best way to kill George. This includes the Raygun, M72Law,
China Lake, Scavenger, Frag Granade, Semtex and the Matryoshka Doll.
Of course lead weapons can damage george, they take a massive amount of ammo
and time(same with explosives).
It will take roughly 2.5 Hyena Infra-Dead caches in a multiplayer game to take
George Down(not sure if he gets more health per round).
If you manage to kill him, he drops a Random Perk Bottle and a Death Machine.
You must kill him on land to obtain his drops. Killing him in the water only
scares him away for 2 rounds.

If you shoot George whilst in water, he will still get angry and slow players.
If you shoot George whilst out of water, he will get angry and chase the closest
player(just like a zombie would).
George deals the same damage as a normal zombie, but slows you down and deals
Georges attacks also electrify zombies nearby. A shocked zombie that hits you
will also shock you and slow you down. If you hit a shocked zombie, this will
also happen.

When you hit George and he gets angry, he will smash the ground. All players
will be slowed for about 1.5 seconds(only nearby players will be shocked).
this attack can be dodged by jumping at the right time.

Section 8.0: Top Strategies:
There are really only a few concrete strategies I use. They are fit to me, but
you may have success with them.

Strategy 1: Zipline Area
Recommended Players: 3-4
Recommended Round: ANY

There are 2 ziplines on this map. Camping at the Lighthouse Zipline is a bad
idea. Little space, only one way out.

The other zipline(atop the boat)is a very good spot to hold off. If George is
getting too close, anger him and take him across the zip and into the water.
There are 3 entrances to this spot. The power room. beside the stairs, and the
stairs themselves.

1 at the power room window
3 at the stairs

Switch when needed and communicate. always glance at the window by the stairs.

This can be done with 3 players easily so that the other player can do a
Zombie Round-Up.

Strategy 2: AK74u Area
Recommended Players: 1-2
Recommended Round: ANY

This strategy is a bit hader. You will just round up zombies and blast away with
the AK74u. The only problem is that when you run out of ammo, you'll have to
make a gamble on whether or not you'll get stuck in the AK74u spot.

There is also the concern for space. The area is fairly small, but with the
right pace, you can manage atleast 40 zombies at once. Make sure George is
far away.

It is best that 1 player does this strategy while the other 3 do a different
one. Keeping George away is best.

Strategy 3: Tip of the Boat
Recommended Players: 1-2
Recommended Round: ANY

This can really only be done with high level players as the spaces are tight
and the routes are complicated.
At the box location on the very front of the boat until the juggernog top door
is where you'll be running.

Semtex is available at a high risk. After coming up from juggernog, and just
passing the semtex is a little area you can round zombies up. Around 20-25
zombies is a good fit, but still risky.

DO NOT be in this area with 3 or 4 players. It will get very crowded. 2 is still
risky, but managable.

Strategy 4: Hard-core Survivor
Recommended Players: 4
Recommended Round: ANY

This is for hardcore zombie players only.

So you think you are good because you can round up zombies? Well you're not.
This is somewhat of a challenge I am giving players. Rapetrains are not hard.
Circling the Lighthouse is not hard. Using zipline escapes is not hard. Camping
is not hard. These techniques do not make you a good player, but they can help
make the game easier to work on other skills such as headshotting, running
routes and learning areas.

Round up a party of 4 RANDOM players. Start a match. Knife George as soon as he
can get angry. Now follow these steps completely.

Buy the Olympia at round 1. Use the Olympia.
Open the power as soon as possible. Activate it.
Open Juggernog as soon as possible. Buy it.
Obtain Quick Revive as soon as possible.
Open Speed Cola as soon as possible. Buy it.
Open Deadshot Daquiri as soon as possible. Buy it.
Obtain 5000 points. Upgrade your Olympia.
Buy the PM63 at round(whatever round you are on).
Obtain 5000 more points. Upgrade your PM63.

If you are the only one alive, it's normal. Continue to use only these three

DO NOT ZOMBIE ROUND-UP(a.k.a. Rapetrain).
DO NOT OPEN ANY OTHER DOORS(randoms will do that).
DO NOT USE ZIPLINES(flinger is ok).
get downed).
one alive, but then you haven't done your job).

If you can pass round 30 like this? Well, you are good. Great. Master of Zombie
Mode. The Zombie God.

Since new perks and guns have become available, there are a few godlike weapon
and perk combos.

#1	PhD Flopper + Raygun	Godlike. You can escape any corner trapping.
#2	PhD Flopper + Scavenger	Godlike. You can clear an area without risk.
#3	Speed Cola + Double Tap	Extreme. DPS is insane and it keeps goin'.
#4	Juggernog + Quick Revive	As long as you have a few seconds.
#5	PhD Flopper + Stamina Up	You can escape anything by falling.

Section 9.0: Easter Eggs / "The Vault":
There are only 2 secrets known to me so far. The hidden song, and the vault.

The hidden song is activated by holding 'X' on three element 115 meteors.
#1	At spawn on a barrel(near lighthouse path cavern)
#2	On a seat in the feeding hall(two stairs below power, closest to boat
#3	Under the clock(opposite of PhD Flopper)

Ensemble Cast is the achievement for completing the "Old Character" easter egg.
This is only the multiplayer version, solo is a bit different.
After completing this, you will get Ensemble Cast and a gamer picture.

Follow these instruction to complete the easter egg.

First you must turn the power on. Open the path to the power room and activate
it. You CANNOT start the easter egg without the power. Next, head to the PhD
Flopper perk machine. Head downstairs from thier and turn right. Walk strait
until you reach the broken and barbed door that heads to the lighthouse(you
cannot open this door). Look left and you'll see the [VAULT]

#1	Knife the [VAULT]. After you knife the vault, a dialogue will start
	where the "Original Characters" talk.
	They ask you to find a power switch. Unfortunately it is broken. To fix
	the power box, add a new fuse.
	There are three places the [FUSE] can be. they are all in the same room
	as PhD Flopper.
		1: Left of the 115 Meteor. On a dresser without drawers.
		2: Left of PhD Flopper. On an office desk.
		3: Left of the Cabinet. On the floor.
	After you obtain the [FUSE], place it in the power box. The power box
	is located right of the [VAULT].
#2	Knife the [VAULT]. After that, another dialogue will begin. This time
	the Original Characters have activated a defense system. They ask you
	to deactivate it by destroying the [4 GENERATORS]. To destroy them, just
	hurl a grenade above it(make sure it explodes over the red light).
		1: In the same room as the [VAULT].
		2: Pathway from the Lighthouse to the Tip of the Boat. When mid-
		   way, turn right. Hiding in the water.
		3: Right side of the Back of the Boat(where double tap is). Look
		   from the side of the boat out towards the water.
		4: Behind Stamina Up. Through the window left of Stamina Up.
	After destroying the [4 GENERATORS], head back to the [VAULT].
#3	Knife the [VAULT]. After that, another dialogue will begin. Nikolai is
	sober and need more [VODKA]. You'll have to find him some. This step
	is best done with two players.
		1: Head upstairs from PhD Flopper. Stop halfway up the stairs
		   and look right on the steps.
		2: Above PhD Flopper. Right from the box position on the rail.
		3: Drop-off from the two boats where you can go to Quick Revive.
		   On the top platform.
		4: Right from the MPL, head up the stairs and go right into the
		   dead-end. On the yellow rail right of the box in the corner.
	After obtaining the [VODKA], head to the [VAULT]. Place the bottle into
	the tube on the left of the [VAULT].
#4	Knife the [VAULT]. After that, another dialogue begins. They ask you to
	find them a [GOLDEN ROD]. This step is daunting as it requires a lot
	of time.
	The first part of this step is the [DIALS] in the Lighthouse. There is
	one on each floor. Open up every floor and follow these steps exactly
	to get it as fast as possible.
		1: Set the Bottom [DIAL] to         [6]
		2: Set the Second floor [DIAL] to   [4]
		3: Set the Top floor [DIAL] to      [2]
		4: Check the Third floor [DIAL]
		5: Count how many clicks it is from [7]
		6: Turn the Bottom floor [DIAL] that many clicks(from step 5)
		7: Set the Second floor [DIAL] to   [4]
	This should get it on the dot. Recheck each floor to make sure you did
	not make a mistake.
	From Top to Bottom the numbers should read
	[2] fourth floor
	[7] third floor
	[4] second floor
	[6] first floor
	After the [DIALS] are set, do the next step.

	The second step is the [RADIOS]. They must be activated in a certain
	order or it will not work. Just go up to each one and hold [X] until it
	makes a beeping noise.
		1: Go to the Power Room. Head downstairs, turn left and head to
		   the doorway(do not go out). turn left again and look up on
		   top of a computer thingy.
		2: Head to Stamina Up. When you reach it, turn right and it
		   will be on top of the barrel in the corner.
		3: take the Zipline from the top of the lighthouse. Head to the
		   MP40. Once you pass the whole in the side of the boat, look
		   left and it will be inside the container.
		4: Head downstairs from PhD Flopper. The last one is under the
		   stairs you just took on top of a cabinet.
	After the [RADIOS] are activated, you will hear a signal beep.

	The third step is the [CAPTAINS ROOM]. Its just the Power Room. Head to
	the Power Room and do these steps.
		1: Hold [x] on the [WHEEL] to turn it. Turn it so that the brown
		   handle is facing the Bottom Right.
		2: Hold [x] on the [LEVER] to pull it. The levers are right of
		   the captains wheel.
		3: Pull the first [LEVER] one time.
		4: Pull the third [LEVER] three times.
		5: you CANNOT pull the middle [LEVER].
	After those are complete, a green light will appear from the lighthouse
	and beam to a submarine.

	The last step is to get the [VR-11].
	Hold the round by getting a crawler. Lead the crawler to the bottom
	floor of the lighthouse. Shoot the zombie with the [VR-11]. When he
	turns human he will go into the gren light.
	While he is being abducted, you have to kill him before he reaches the
	Use Matryoshka Dolls, Scavenger, Raygun or M72 Anarchy to kill him the
	When he dies he will lie down. This is to let you know he is dead.
	After he is abducted to the submarine, he will send you the [GOLDEN ROD]
	through the green light.
	The [GOLDEN ROD] will be waiting at the bottom of the lighthouse when
	you are ready.

	Go to the [VAULT] and place the [GOLDEN ROD] in the tube. The same tube
	you put the [VODKa] in.

#5	Knife the [VAULT]. Another dialogue will begin. They thank you for your
	help and teleport away. Unfortunately the power breaks again. They ask
	you to fix it again. This time it is easier.
	Knife the Power Box that you put the [FUSE] in.

#6	Knife the [VAULT]. Another dialogue will begin. They thank you for your
	help and teleport away. This time they actually teleport. They leave you
	with a Death Machine pick-Up. BUT WAIT!!! It is not a Death Machine, it
	is a WONDERWAFFE DG-2!!! It has 3/15 ammo. You only lose it if you die
	or run out of ammo. You have unlimited time with it.

Section 10.0: Challenges:
There are a growing number of people who play zombies. Complete these challenges
to keep your skills top notch, or to work on them.
Do each of these in one game and you'll be great at zombies.

[ ]Gain 100,000 points with less than 750 kills
[ ]Reach round 20 without buying perks
[ ]Finish a game with 1 down
[ ]Finish a game without 'holding' any rounds
[ ]Reach round 20 without mystery weapons
[ ]Finish a game with 0.75 headshot to kill ratio
[ ]Finish a game without a Pack-A-Punched weapon

Section 12.0: Frequently Asked Questions / The Ending:
Thanks for reading the FAQ that took about another week to make. I've done
quite a bit of research and you can trust that all of the information here
has been tested out in actual zombie matches with four players. If, however,
there is any information that is missing or incorrect, please notify me so I
can fix or add it.

You may not distibute this FAQ onto your site unless you obtain permission.
You may use this for personal study. You may ask me questions by e-mailing
me or sending me a message via Xbox Live.

E-Mail Address: sijibijiji@yahoo.com
XBLive Gamertag: Sijibijiji

If you would like to play a game, you may contact me and I will most likey
want to play.

Good luck and have fun on every zombie match you play.
The End!!!

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