1. Nick Bamford AI Engineers
  2. Peter Chan AI Engineers
  3. Aaron Koenig AI Engineers
  4. David Smith AI Engineers
  5. Jason Verhiel AI Engineers
  6. Mohammed Hussein Animation Engineers
  7. John Li Animation Engineers
  8. Kelsey Wagner Animator
  9. Chris Cairns Animators
  10. Peter Donnelly Animators
  11. Mike Drew Animators
  12. Christine Hubbard Animators
  13. Andrew Hudec Animators
  14. Ryan Leeper Animators
  15. Jeff Martens Animators
  16. John Mohr Animators
  17. Philipp Tiqui Animators
  18. Nick Unden Animators
  19. Barry McDougall Art Director
  20. Tatsuya Ogawa Art Director (Capcom)
  21. Aaron Breukers Assistant Producer
  22. Mike Jones Assistant Producers (Capcom)
  23. Michiteru Okabe Assistant Producers (Capcom)
  24. Devon Detbrenner Associate Producers
  25. David Lin Associate Producers
  26. Naoki Shimmachi Associate Producers
  27. Vivian Tan-Ng Associate Producers
  28. Anton Crnkovic Audio Engineer
  29. Brad Anderson Audio Producer
  30. Yoshito Kato Audio Support (Capcom)
  31. Hiroshi Ohno Audio Support (Capcom)
  32. Hideki Okugawa Audio Support (Capcom)
  33. Lawrence Cheung Build Engineers
  34. Daniel Kobelsky Build Engineers
  35. Dorian Pareis Build Engineers
  36. Jon Wiedemann Build Engineers
  37. Harlan Galer Character Artists
  38. David Kuo Character Artists
  39. Jono Lee Character Artists
  40. Loksoon Lim Character Artists
  41. Ken Lai Character Riggers
  42. Scott Xiong Character Riggers
  43. Tuomas Pirinen Co-Game Director
  44. Craig Penner Co-op Engineer
  45. Alex Carigi Concept Artists
  46. Darren Gough Concept Artists
  47. Brandon Reimchen Concept Artists
  48. Dylan Loney Design Support
  49. Cody Shankey Design Support
  50. Darryl Spratt Design Support
  51. Robert Bruynooghe Development Support
  52. Michael Caswell Development Support
  53. Tristan Coyle Development Support
  54. Sean Currie Development Support
  55. Ivan Donik Development Support
  56. Mike Ennik Development Support
  57. David Evans Development Support
  58. Jason Fosti Development Support
  59. Joe Klymkiw Development Support
  60. Michael Knowles Development Support
  61. Gabriel Koenig Development Support
  62. Lawrence Long Development Support
  63. Sarah Mah Development Support
  64. Curtis Nickerson Development Support
  65. Shannon Nystedt Development Support
  66. Joshua Pang Development Support
  67. Greg Priebe Development Support
  68. Martin Rzepka Development Support
  69. Christopher Sevigny Development Support
  70. Steve Waldman Development Support
  71. David Lindsay Development Support Lead
  72. Dan McBride Director of Development
  73. Paul Martin Director of Technology
  74. Ciaran Llachlan Leavitt Documentation Engineer
  75. Keswick Allen Environment Artists
  76. Sean Barner Environment Artists
  77. Kevin Brunt Environment Artists
  78. David Chan Environment Artists
  79. Jocelyn Fung Environment Artists
  80. Tyler Haider Environment Artists
  81. James King Environment Artists
  82. Jordan Kocon Environment Artists
  83. Chris Larsen Environment Artists
  84. Matthew Massier Environment Artists
  85. Fiona Mok Environment Artists
  86. Jen Morgan Environment Artists
  87. Stuart Ure Environment Artists
  88. Kenji Matsuura Game Design Assistant Directors (Capcom)
  89. Yoshitatsu Mori Game Design Assistant Directors (Capcom)
  90. Kentaro Nihei Game Design Assistant Directors (Capcom)
  91. Yasuhiro Seto Game Design Director (Capcom)
  92. Rebecca Lathangue Game Designers
  93. Chris Lee Game Designers
  94. David McAnerin Game Designers
  95. Tyler McCulloch Game Designers
  96. Michael Nightingale Game Designers
  97. Andrew Santos Game Director
  98. Jason Au Game Scripters
  99. Benoit Busque Game Scripters
  100. Simon Cameron Game Scripters
  101. Caley Charchuck Game Scripters
  102. Sebastien Guay Game Scripters
  103. Taylor Stewart Game Scripters
  104. Blair Thorburn Game Scripters
  105. Nguyen Tran Game Scripters
  106. Same Veliveau Game Scripters
  107. Drew Davenport Gameplay Engineers
  108. Jason Filsinger Gameplay Engineers
  109. Nathan Harris Gameplay Engineers
  110. Wei Hu Gameplay Engineers
  111. Frederick Kimberley Gameplay Engineers
  112. Ryan Lu Gameplay Engineers
  113. Jason Voisin Gameplay Engineers
  114. Sean Thompson Graphic Artists
  115. Darren Woo Graphic Artists
  116. Matt Cairns Graphics, Systems & Tools Engineers
  117. Ben Hanke Graphics, Systems & Tools Engineers
  118. John Harvey Graphics, Systems & Tools Engineers
  119. Cedric Lee Graphics, Systems & Tools Engineers
  120. Yann Le Maner Graphics, Systems & Tools Engineers
  121. James McLaren Graphics, Systems & Tools Engineers
  122. Kenneth Nicol Graphics, Systems & Tools Engineers
  123. Gary Steinke Graphics, Systems & Tools Engineers
  124. Adam Bullied Initial Concept, Script Writing & Game Direction
  125. John Bresky Lead Animator
  126. Ian Christy Lead Campaign Designers
  127. Greg Lesky Lead Campaign Designers
  128. Jay Evans Lead Character Artist
  129. Stephen O'Grady Lead Environment Artist
  130. Simon Beaumont Lead Gameplay Engineer
  131. Kirk Takei Lead Lighting Artist
  132. Peter Doidge-Harrison Lead Producer
  133. Jeremy Kersey Lead Technical Artist
  134. Milo Casali Level Designers
  135. Andrew Li Level Designers
  136. Richard Ahtow Lighting Artists
  137. Dayna Bland Lighting Artists
  138. Nigel Knox Network Engineers
  139. Alexander Matveev Network Engineers
  140. Ryan McDougall Network Engineers
  141. Alexei Polkhanov Network Engineers
  142. Greg Salter Producer
  143. Masachika Kawata Producer (Capcom)
  144. Michael Kerr Producers
  145. Gerald Magnusson Producers
  146. Paige Meekison Producers
  147. Michael Gerylo Quality Assurance Manager
  148. Mervin Ooi Quality Assurance Manager
  149. Amanda Doiron Script Writer
  150. Laurent Ancessi Software Engineers
  151. Armin Bahramshahry Software Engineers
  152. Philip Bull Software Engineers
  153. Mike Cline Software Engineers
  154. Sandro Furini Software Engineers
  155. Landin Kent Special Effects Artists
  156. Steven Mumford Special Effects Artists
  157. Ernie Patzel Special Effects Artists
  158. Scott Paterson Studio Art Director
  159. Robert Butterworth Technical Artists
  160. Robert Hexter Technical Artists
  161. Simon Mills Technical Artists
  162. Robert Peet Technical Artists
  163. Alan Bucior Technical Director
  164. Oliver Sterczyk Technical Documentation Engineer
  165. Will Sheldon Technology Services Manager
  166. Angus Graham UI Engineers
  167. Aaron Netz UI Engineers
  168. Andrew Wright UI Engineers
  169. Courtney Taylor Voice Actor: Ada
  170. Ramon Fernandez Voice Actor: Beltway
  171. Lydia Look Voice Actor: Bertha
  172. Gideon Emery Voice Actor: Carlos Oliveira
  173. Alyson Court Voice Actor: Claire
  174. Robin Atkin Downes Voice Actor: Dee-Ay
  175. Gwendoline Yeo Voice Actor: Four-Eyes
  176. Gregg Berger Voice Actor: Harley
  177. Keith Silverstein Voice Actor: Hunk
  178. Michelle Ruff Voice Actor: Jill
  179. Christian Lanz Voice Actor: Leon
  180. Jon Curry Voice Actor: Lone Wolf
  181. Nika Futterman Voice Actor: Lupo
  182. Gregg Berger Voice Actor: Nemesis
  183. Rick Wasserman Voice Actor: Nicholai Ginovaef
  184. Cat Taber Voice Actor: Party Girl
  185. Imari Williams Voice Actor: Shona
  186. Jack Angel Voice Actor: Spec Ops Command
  187. David Cooley Voice Actor: Spectre
  188. Tess Masters Voice Actor: Tweed
  189. Desmond Askew Voice Actor: U.S.S. Command
  190. Andrew Kishino Voice Actor: Vector
  191. Terence J. Rotolo Voice Actor: William Birkin (Human)
  192. Rebecca Riedy Voice Actor: Willow


Data and credits for this game contributed by bcks, Blk_Mage_Ctype, Ein, Hardkoroff, KFHEWUI, mocha, Mookiethebold, oliist, and t260saga.

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