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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (DC) 03/02/13 cvxfreak 4.1 253K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DC) 11/03/04 ADK Final 37K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DC) 09/18/03 DjSiXpAcK14 2.2 267K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DC) 01/10/02 Mysticcat Final 262K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) 01/06/04 ChandooG 0.0 320K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) 03/15/03 Minesweeper 1.5 249K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) 10/06/01 Nemesis 1.00 286K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) 08/02/02 Nexxt Final 133K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) 07/11/03 punishment 01 2.3 172K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) 06/12/03 ZoopSoul 2.0 345K
FAQ/Walkthrough (X360) 10/03/11 Berserker 1.0 475K

Foreign Language FAQs

Maps and Charts

Airport Interactive 1/11/19 Reala 0K
Airport Map (PS2) 9/7/05 DEngel 6K
Antarctic Transport Terminal Map (PS2) 9/7/05 DEngel 17K
Antarctica Interactive 11/8/19 Reala 84K
Battle Game Interactive 1/2/19 Reala 0K
Military Training Facility Interactive 1/14/19 Reala 0K
Military Training Facility Map (PS2) 9/7/05 DEngel 17K
Palace Interactive 1/11/19 Reala 0K
Palace Map (PS2) 9/7/05 DEngel 8K
Prison Interactive 11/8/19 Reala 35K
Prison Map (PS2) 9/7/05 DEngel 8K
Private Residence Interactive 1/11/19 Reala 0K
Private Residence Map (PS2) 9/7/05 DEngel 6K
Transport Plane Map (PS2) 9/7/05 DEngel 4K

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