English Voice: Astrid ZexisMichelle Ruff
English Voice: Esty DeeJulie Ann Taylor
English Voice: Filly DeeMichelle Ruff
English Voice: GinoBryce Papenbrook
English Voice: Hagel BoldnessFumihiko Tachiki
English Voice: Hanna OlsesJulie Ann Taylor
English Voice: Keina SwayaChristine Marie Cabanos
English Voice: Lias FalkenBryce Papenbrook
English Voice: MeruruXanthe Huynh
English Voice: MimiSarah Williams
English Voice: Pamela IbisBrianne Siddall
English Voice: Peter RietzJohnny Yong Bosch
English Voice: RoronaJuile Maddalena
English Voice: Rufus FalkenSam Riegal
English Voice: Sterkenburg CranachLiam O'Brien
English Voice: TotoriCassandra Morris
Japanese Voice: Astrid ZexisAtsuko Tanaka
Japanese Voice: Esty DeeRina Satou
Japanese Voice: GinoYuko Sanpei
Japanese Voice: GioAkio Otsuka
Japanese Voice: Hagel BoldnessKirk Thornton
Japanese Voice: Hanna OlsesSanae Kobayashi
Japanese Voice: Keina SwayaKaori Satou
Japanese Voice: Lias FalkenMitsuhiro Ichiki
Japanese Voice: MeruruSatomi Akesaka
Japanese Voice: MimiYuka Iguchi
Japanese Voice: Pamela IbisAtsuka Tanii
Japanese Voice: Peter RietzHidehiro Kikuchi
Japanese Voice: RoronaMai Kadowaki
Japanese Voice: Rufus FalkenTakehito Koyasu
Japanese Voice: Sterkenburg CranachJurota Kosugi
Japanese Voice: TotoriKaori Nazuka
Voice: Chim (Female)Atsuka Tanii
Voice: Chim (Male)Yuko Sanpei


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