Ping? GGPO?

  1. you see this before an online match. I don't know what these mean. In what way and how dramatically does this affect gameplay?

    User Info: TheSpoonman5

    TheSpoonman5 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. GGPO is the code used to allow smooth next-to-lagless gameplay across the world, it's been used for a while for other games and is still its own program you can download from the ggpo website. Your ping is your connection speed with your partner. 0-98 = Green, which is a 'good' connection, there should be little hiccups there and GGPO recommends that you use a frame delay of 1 to 2. Frame delay is the amount of time extra it takes for a move to come out in .10 second intervals with 60 frames being an entire second. The higher your ping is to your opponent, the higher the recommended frame delay is so that you can still pull off combos and the like without missing them as much as you would if you had a 1 frame delay with a 150+ ping individual. I personally recommend that you stick to 115 and below, because anything after that gets to an unplayable point where you won't be having fun at all.

    User Info: Chaos_P3ngu1n

    Chaos_P3ngu1n - 7 years ago 0   0

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