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  1. Ok so I know that "hard-core" fighting gamers have no problem with the difficulty of the game but I play fighters casual at best. Anybody have some tips to figure this game out because even on the "sleepwalk" difficulty i'm getting whipped as anyone but painwheel.

    User Info: GoldnMongoose

    GoldnMongoose - 7 years ago

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  1. Well, one tjing that helped me a lot to manage the difficult for this game was playing the tutorial.

    Pass all the lessons, and then go to practice mode and choose the character you want. Try to implement all the thing you learn there with a single character and play arcade/story mode again.

    When you understand how to use it, it will be easier with other characters you want to use.

    It doesnt sound too helpful, but believe me, it is. You will learn at least the minimum to put up a good fight against the AI.

    P.D. The difficulty seems pretty random to me, with Fillia I had no trouble beating the story mode, but with Parasoul I got kicket many many times. The CP pulled a couple infinite combos on me, and it was the same difficulty setting. The point is, dont get frustrated, if you having trouble, return to the main menu and start again.

    User Info: Shuri_KenSS

    Shuri_KenSS - 7 years ago 2   0


  1. What Shuri_KenSS said. The tutorials definitely help out a lot. Just keep doing them over and over and practicing in Training, and you'll get better.
    Also, is it me, or is Ms. Fortune's AI really tough? Even on Sleepwalk, she manages to beat me multiple times. I think she's actually tougher than Marie, sometimes O.o

    User Info: KTAH18

    KTAH18 - 7 years ago 0   0

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