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25% Gold Collectibles Found
Collect 25% of all Gold Collectibles
50% Gold Collectibles Found
Collect 50% of all Gold Collectibles
100% Gold Collectibles Found
Collect 100% of all Gold Collectibles
Pack Rat
Collect all upgrades
Kill an enemy with an object shot with G-Lifter
Kiss Me Deadly
Kill a human enemy with another enemy's body
Unfriendly Fire
Kill a human enemy with deflected bullets
Death from Above
Kill an enemy by falling on him
Electrocute a human enemy
Second Amendment
Kill 100 enemies using the Rock Blaster
Death on Delivery
Kill 100 enemies using objects shot or dropped with G-Lifter
Say Hello to My Little Friend
Kill 2 or more enemies with a single exploding mechanical enemy
Game Completed
Defeat Maximillian
Speed Run
Complete the game in 3 hours or less

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Additional Hints and Other Information Contributed By: Guard Master

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