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FAQ/Walkthrough by SENIORBILL

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/15/11

                         Dead Space 2: Severed

                        FAQ/Walkthrough for PS3
                            By SENIORBILL
                      Version 1.0 March 14, 2011
                   Copyright 2011 by William Poneta

                       E-mail: bilpon1@yahoo.com

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS


<c001> Chapter 1
<c002> Chapter 2

                               INTRODUCTION       <I001>

Like the parent game, “Dead Space 2: Severed” takes place aboard the Sprawl, a
huge spaceport orbiting Saturn’s largest moon Titan, during the onset of the
Necromorph outbreak. Gabe Weller, a Titan Station security guard, rejects his
orders to abandon his wife as he strives to reach and rescue her and their
unborn child. She has unknowingly been a Marker research guinea pig and he is
trying to get to the hospital facility to rescue her from the Necromorphs and
their ruthless creators. Essentially that is the whole story-get to and rescue
his wife. This short DLC is all about combat, and there is plenty of that.

This walkthrough chronicles a game played on “Normal.” I will specify the
tactics used, the weapons purchased, used and carried and the upgrades made.
These suggestions are based on what I consider the optimal choices for a
successful rescue effort. The general details, however, will adapt to any
approach or weapon choices. The entire campaign will take about two hours.

                           TOOLS OF THE TRADE    <I002>

“Dead Space 2: Severed” retains all of the weapons from the parent game, so you
can still carry four weapons in assigned slots. You can also purchase any of the
weapons available in the parent game.  You will start the campaign with two
weapons, a substantially upgraded Pulse Rifle and a standard Patrol Seeker
Rifle. You will also have a partially upgraded Rig and Stasis Module.

For an in depth personal evaluation of all of “Dead Space 2” and its DLC’s
weaponry, consult my walkthrough for the parent game. I’ll not include those in
this document. I will, however, give a brief summary of the weapons I advise for
this DLC.

The Pulse Rifle: You will begin the game with a substantially upgraded Pulse
Rifle. Ammunition for it is a common pick-up throughout the campaign, and at
several points of the game it is all but required for survival. It trumps the
Plasma Cutter as a utility weapon in this DLC because of the higher availability
of its ammo. You will be carrying it throughout the game as outlined in this

The Flamethrower: The Flamethrower is found early in the game; and, because of
the large number of weaker foes you will encounter-Juveniles, Swarm and
Divider’s Spawn-it is quite useful throughout the game. Fuel for it is also
sufficient for your needs. It will remain in a weapon slot throughout this

The Ripper: Much of the combat in this DLC is up close and personal, and the
Ripper is the best solution to the problem. Ammunition is also given in
sufficient quantities, if the weapon isn’t over-used, to address the enemy when
needed. I will advise its purchase at the initial store and it will remain in
its slot for the balance of the game.

The Detonator: Like the Ripper I will advise its purchase at the first store. It
will remain a go-to weapon for the rest of the game. If not over-used the game
provides sufficient ammo for it. I will also advise extensive upgrading of it as
Power Nodes become available.

                            NECROMORPHS      <I003>

Once again I will refer you to my “Dead Space 2” walkthrough for a detailed view
of each of the different types of Necromorphs. In general you will encounter
most types, except Lurkers, Blobs, Ubermorphs and Tripods. You will also
encounter many “Super” variants without the advantage of highly upgraded
weapons-so they can be tough at times. Dismembering is still the name of the
game and there will be no shortage of opportunities to do so.

                            WALKTHROUGH   <I004>

The following walkthrough is based on many playthroughs on the PS3. The details
are based on a campaign on “Normal” mode. While ammo pick-up are random, they
will heavily, almost exclusively favor, the weapons you have slotted. Credit
pick-ups also vary, so the totals will not precisely match your own, but they
are representative of what you can expect during normal game play. Significant
locations or items like SAVE STATIONS, POWER NODES or STORES will appear in
upper case letters.

                             CHAPTER 1:     <c001>

After the opening dialogue, which outlines the storyline-get to and rescue
Lexine against your standing orders-you find yourself in a large rock grotto,
armed with both a partially upgraded Pulse Rifle and a standard Patrol Seeker
Rifle. You will also be carrying a Medium Med Pack, five extra Seeker shells and
twenty-five Pulse rounds in your inventory, which has fifteen inventory slots.

Proceed along the pathway. You can actually just locate and avoid the four
grunting Cysts along the way or you can use the Seeker Rifle to eliminate them.
Grab the Small Med Pack from near the corpse. Take out or bypass the second Cyst
and watch for a lone Divider’s Spawn skittering in your direction. Freeze the
Spawn and kill it with the Seeker Rifle before it can deal you any damage. You
will find 25 Pulse Rifle rounds near the grunting Cyst that is attached to the
rock wall. Kill or bypass the last of the four Cysts and grab the Flamethrower
from the corpse near the exit. Go to the right, to the end of the rock passage,
before exiting to acquire your first POWER NODE.

Enter the adjoining area to find your first STORE. All of the equipment
available in the parent game is for sale. Place the Seeker Rifle and its ammo in
the Safe and purchase both the Ripper and the Detonator with 16,000 of your
50,000 credits. Also purchase a Power Node for 10,000 credits. Go down the ramp
and use your two Power Nodes to upgrade your gear. I upgraded the partially
upgraded Stasis Mod, placing a Power Node in “Duration.” The other Power Node
went to the Ripper, upgrading its “Damage.” Use the SAVE STATION.

Remove the barricade from the exit and you will see a Slasher dragging a corpse
dead ahead. Place a mine across the wide threshold ahead and advance to draw the
Slasher from the side corridor. Use stasis and the Ripper to cut it down and let
the mine finish the second Slasher. The standard Detonator will normally kill
standard Necromorphs, like Slashers or Leapers, but will occasionally only
cripple them. Loot the corpses and smash the crate in the side passage.

Continue on until you hear a crash and then the suicidal squeal of an Exploder.
Immediately retreat into the long narrow entry corridor where you dropped the
Slashers. An Exploder will come out ahead and another will in time follow it,
and four screeching Juveniles will be in the mix. They will now all be ahead of
you in the narrow corridor. Use the Pulse Rifle on the Exploders and the
Flamethrower, which is quite effective against these weaker enemies, on the

Loot the corpses and the area to build up your supplies and take the short
corridors to the exit. You will emerge from the winding corridors into a larger
grotto. A Necromorph is attacking a comrade on the control platform above your
position. You can’t help him, so thoroughly loot the lower area before following
the path to the upper level. Be sure to grab the POWER NODE behind the container
in the small niche. Ammo pick-ups will begin to heavily favor your slotted

A tough Slasher-like Miner and an Infector will attack as you move up the
stairwells toward the security console. Place a mine in the first attacker’s
path to damage it and use stasis and the Ripper to deal with them both. Don’t
spare the stasis; there is a Recharge Station nearby. Loot the entire area,
recharge your Stasis Mod, and, since the exit isn’t enabled, you must now
activate the security console’s override to enable it.

After initiating the override, immediately take refuge on the far side of the
grotto opposite the exit. The override has triggered a wave of Necromorphs, but
at the top of the stairwell, with the rock wall at your back, you can’t easily
be flanked.

Place a mine on the stairwell to address the first hostile, which will be a
fast-moving Miner. Man the Ripper to finish it off and to address the Leaper
that follows it. Equip the Flamethrower to eliminate the first of a small pack
of Juveniles, but quickly switch to the Ripper when the Leaper and then the
Miner arrives, complicating the ongoing skirmish with the pack of Juveniles.
Loot the numerous corpses and recharge your Stasis Mod. The exit will have been
enabled during the battle.

Exit the grotto and follow the path until you reach a SAVE STATION near a large
cargo lift. Large lifts in “Dead Space” games normally spell trouble-this is no
exception. Call the cargo lift, man the Pulse Rifle and activate the lift.

After the chaotic communication, Gabe is directed to get to a gunship that will
get him to Medical where Lexine is trapped. The lift shudders, stops and then it
plummets in free fall. When it stops you will find yourself suspended upside
down-“Dead Space” style. Grab everything you can before and during the skirmish
because once the wave of Necromorphs stop, or you kill the required number, you
will be tossed outside and won’t be able to acquire the loot left behind. The
enemy will come from ahead-mostly Slashers but with a couple of Exploders and a
Spitter in the mix.

After Lexine’s update on her predicament in the medical sector, continue on,
looting the crates in the corridors until you reach an area quite familiar to
“Dead Space 2” players.

Thoroughly loot the lower area and recharge you Stasis Mod.

Note: In addition to full magazines on all weapons, I have 80 units of Flame
Fuel, 97 Pulse Rifle rounds, 11 Ripper blades and 17 Detonator mines. I also
have a Medium and a Small Med Pack as well as 3 Force Gun rounds and 10 Seeker
shells. I also have 2 units of stasis.

No Necromorphs will attack until you activate the first security console near
the Power Cell. Place a mine on the ramp near the blue power cables and another
horizontally across the wider opening nearer the Stasis Recharge Station to
defend both flanks. Initiate the first override command. A Leaper coming from
one side or the other will be killed or damaged by one of the mines.

Place a mine on the ramp going to the upper area. It should address the Leaper
or Slasher coming down it as you activate the security override from the console
near the base of the ramp. Another Necromorph will charge from a random area.
Meet it with the Ripper. Recharge your Stasis Mod if necessary.

The last override station is in the upper area near the lift’s shaft. Take the
lift up and mine the walkway beyond the locked “Main Mine Access” doorway. If
you have plenty of mines, use several. Either place them side-by-side or space
them far enough apart so that the hostile gets the full effect of both.

A pair of Infectors will first come from below, attacking you from near the
security console. A mine placed near the console will usually kill the first
Infector. Address the second Infector with the Ripper, and then the pair of
Miners that will charge along the walkway and into your mines. It will usually
take two mines to kill a Miner so mop up any survivor with a stasis shot and the
Ripper. Loot the corpses and the crates as you proceed along the locator’s path.

Take the “Thermal Scanning Room Access” portal. Use the STORE and the WORKBENCH.
Knowing that I wasn’t going to use the Seeker Rifle or purchase any additional
weapons, I sold the ammo for all of the weapons other than those in my weapon
slots, raising 3,000 additional credits. With 37,200 credits, I purchased three
Power Nodes for 30,000 credits, giving me four and I used them on the Stasis
Mod, upgrading a “Connecting” slot, “Charge,” “Charge,” and “Energy.” Use the

Grab the item and the POWER NODE in the adjacent area and you will hear Crawlers
as you approach the corner. Peek around and hit the Guardian with a mine. Kill
the Crawler and grab the GOLD SEMICINDUCTOR, but watch your back, a second
Crawler will sneak in behind you.

Go around the corner through the alien growth and you will see a Med Pack at the
end of the dead end passage to the right of the main passage. Beware of the
Super Slasher playing dead near it. Hit it with stasis and rip it apart before
it rises to attack.

Grab the contents of the 4 crates in the next area and allow your Stasis Mod to
fully recharge. The noise from the adjacent area should forewarn you of danger.
Exit and you will find yourself at the base of a familiar looking ramp.

Advance far enough to place a mine or two horizontally between the central
support pillars ahead and then advance enough to draw out the first of the
enemy. A pair of Super Leapers will charge. Retreat toward your entry point. If
you used two mines the first Super Leaper will be dead or will be crippled if
you used one, so deal with the survivor or survivors with the Ripper. You will
now face two Pukers and two more Super Leapers and they appear randomly. Try to
stay near your entry point or you can easily become surrounded. Use stasis shots
on the Pukers and then use the Detonator like a grenade launcher to kill them.
Address the Super Leapers with the Ripper. Raid all the corpses and loot the
area before using the exit.

Smash the crate, grab the Small Med Packs and use the SAVE STATION. A hostile
gunship in the adjacent area must be hit with three explosive canisters from the
wall dispenser to drive it off. You will find that Lexine was a “key subject” in
a research project and the authorities mean to terminate her. Move up the ramp
and activate the gunship’s console.

After Lexine gives you her position you will find yourself in the shuttle’s
docking bay. As you begin looting the area, a Super Slasher and a Super Puker
will confront you from the far side of the shuttle bay. Deploy a mine or two
across the central support column to weaken the attackers and take them down
with the Ripper.

A tough Brute will then break through the hatch on the far end of the bay and it
will charge. If the Brute reaches you, you will be seriously damaged or killed,
so try to weaken it by deploying a mine or two in its path and use stasis to
stop it. Target a weak shoulder spot with the Pulse Rifle and either hit it with
stasis again so you can target the same weak spot or use evasion by ducking
around the central support column. You can also use a stasis shot to freeze the
Brute allowing you to get to the Recharge Station on the far end. Complicating
the battle are the Crawlers that begin to emerge during the battle. Loot the
area after its demise and grab the fallen Brute’s RUBY SEMICONDUCTOR.

Note: After battling the Brute and scavenging the battleground, I had full
magazines in all weapons plus two Small Med Packs, 193 Pulse rounds, 16
Detonator mines, 30 Ripper blades, 108 units of Flame fuel and a single Stasis

                               CHAPTER TWO  >c002>

Take the exit and you will be in a vacuum. Toss the corpse and then pieces of it
into the laser barriers. Near the exit a Super Slasher will drop down. Hit it
with stasis and rip it to shreds.

Men in white are now hunting Lexine, and Gabe cautions her to remain hidden.
Grab the POWER NODE in the hallway and loot the area. Use the STORE. Sell the
Gold and Ruby Semiconductors. With 30,450 credits in hand and sufficient ammo
and Med Packs in inventory, I purchased three Power Nodes, giving me five. At
the WORKBENCH, I placed all five on the Detonator for “Reload,” “Capacity,”
“Connecting,” Connecting” and “Damage.” Use the SAVE STATION.

Go through the adjacent room and enter the medical wing. Ahead you will see a
Slasher dragging a corpse. Go forward and quickly place a mine in its path.
Across the intersection you will see the purple glow of a Power Node on the
floor but turn left before going for it. A Slasher playing dead will jump up.
Take it down. Turn and shoot a mine between the two circular desks in the “Gift
Shop.” A Super Puker will attack from there as you advance. The mine will
probably only cripple it, so finish it off with the Ripper or the Pulse Rifle.
Grab the POWER NODE and loot the premises before taking the elevator.

The next area is festooned with an extensive alien growth. Go left along the
path and you will see and hear a Cyst grunting ahead. Four Slashers will attack
from behind as you make the right turn, followed by a Super Puker. Use stasis
and the Ripper on the Slashers and then on the late-arriving Super Puker. Loot
the sticky area and grab the POWER NODE from the column of alien growth. Kill
the three Cysts after looting.

Enter the next area where you received your Stasis Mod in the parent game. In
the adjoining room you will see and hear the screeching of a pack of Juveniles.
Use the SAVE STATION and continue along the path. Five or six Juveniles will
charge near the circular desk and another wave of four or five after you
advance. The Flamethrower is particularly useful against them. Another small
pack will interrupt your looting after you enter the area beyond the desk. Put
your back to the wall near the “Exit To Concourse” sign to deal with them. Loot
the corpses and the area.

A security guard will toss debris at you as you go up the ramp. Take out the
security lasers by propelling wheelchairs into them and be ready for a Super
Leaper coming over the rail from below. Loot the area and continue through the
bloodstained corridors into the next area. Another corpse will come alive to
attack as you loot the waiting area on the right of the entry corridor.

Pass through the service room, stomp the crate, equip the Flamethrower and be
ready for three Divider’s Spawn in the next room.

Exit to the next area and duck into the small obstructed corridor on the left.
Place a couple of mines across the support columns to the left and ahead. Three
Slashers, an Exploder, coming from the left, and finally a Super Slasher from
ahead will need killing.

As you explore for loot a Divider will appear near the circular waiting room.
Freeze it, back off and feed it a couple of mines. Use the Flamethrower on any
surviving Spawn. Thoroughly loot the entire area and grab the POWER NODE in the
waiting area near the aquarium.

There is a STORE and a WORKBENCH in this area. I had 23,950 credits and three
Power Nodes. I purchased two giving me five. I used one node on “Damage” for the
Pulse Rifle and four on the Detonator for “Connecting,” “Capacity,” “Connecting”
and “Damage.”

Note: With full magazines on all weapons, I had 4 Medium Med Packs, 2 Stasis
Recharges, 142 units of Flame Fuel, 23 Detonator mines, 30 Ripper blades and 300
Pulse Rifle rounds in inventory.

A lone Slasher will confront you in the circular lobby before you exit, and a
Pregnant will greet as you exit. Freeze and dismember it. Use the Flamethrower
to deal with the emerging Swarm if your takedown was messy. Loot the corpse,
grab the item and use the SAVE STATION in the small corridor.

Grab the loot in the X-ray service room and continue into “Intensive Care.” A
crippled Stalker and a Super Puker will confront you after you loot the chamber
with the X-Rays. A second Super Puker will drop down in the surgical room where
you got the Plasma Cutter in the parent game.

Exit and make your way through the corridor and into the surgical observation
theater beyond. Grab the loot and be prepared to deal with a Super Slasher
before exiting. Take the elevator.

Continue toward the Telekinesis Chamber where a security guard is in his death
throes. Enter the chamber and quickly mine both entries-use two if you have
plenty of mines. A Super Slasher and a Super Puker will promptly attack from
each entry. A single mine will probably only cripple them so address them before
another Super Slasher and another Super Puker enter the action.

Exit and take the elevator. You are again told that Lexine was just an Oracle
project “lab rat” and that both of you are now just security risks and are to be
eliminated. Move through the bloodstained corridors and a crippled Super Stalker
will attack you in the small foyer.

After you enter the next large room you will see a Super Slasher in the upper
gallery attacking a security guard. Mine both entries. A Slasher will enter from
ahead, followed by an Exploder. A crippled Stalker and another Exploder will
enter via your entry door. A crippled Super Puker will then come from ahead.
Stomp the corpses, loot the room and follow the path. A fast-moving Miner will
come behind you when you reach the elevator.

Continue into the small lab where the security guard battled the Super Slasher.
Use the SAVE STATION. There are several security lasers in the next corridor.
Put the dead Super Slasher’s corpse to use by grabbing it with kinesis and
propelling it and then pieces of it into the lasers.

Head through the patient observation rooms, where two renegade research officers
take Lexine from your betrayer and Lexine’s probable executioner, Colonel
Bartlett. The renegade scientists commandeer Lexine for additional research.

Continue along and a Slasher will attack from behind as you go down the blood
stained ramp and another farther along after the turn. If you’re quick you can
place a mine at the top of the ramp and another at the turn to take them out.
Raid the two small cubicles, and as you make the turn into the corridor a pack
of Juveniles will attack. Use the Flamethrower to take them down. Raid the

Take the exit, loot the small patient room and use the SAVE STATION. As you open
the nearby door, white clad research officers can be seen dragging Lexine off in
the background, but a Divider has you in its grasp. Hit the action button to
break free, freeze it, back off and shoot a mine at its feet and then another as
it gets up. Use the Flamethrower on any surviving Spawn. Grab the loot from the
bloodstained rooms and halls and take the exit.

There is a STORE in the next area. Purchase as many Power Nodes as you can. I
had 21,925 credits and I purchased two Power Nodes. Be advised that going into
the final battle with at least 200 Pulse Rifle rounds is advised-buy them if
necessary rather than a Node. At the WORKBENCH I placed both Nodes on the
Detonator-one a “Connecting” space and one in “Damage.”

Enter the next area and be prepared for Stalkers. Hem yourself in near your
entry point with mines. A single mine, even with the Detonator having three
“Damage” upgrades may still only cripple these Super Stalkers so use two if you
have enough, one above the other or be prepared to deal with a crawling Super
Stalker with your Ripper. Only two or three will usually attack near the entry.
So go to the left into the corner and again hem yourself in with mines to
eliminate three or four more Super Stalkers.

When you reach the exit you will find that its Power Cell has malfunctioned.
There is a good Power Cell in a container to the left of the exit door, as you
face it, but you will have to backtrack and make your way through the containers
to find it.

A small pack of Juveniles will attack as you get near the item lockers and a
pair of Super Stalkers right after. Hole up in the corner and double mine the
containers to hem yourself in. When the Super Stalkers go down, grab the Power
Cell from the container and shoot it over the empty shelf toward the exit.
Another small pack will attack as you start toward the exit and another pack
near the exit. Loot the area and replace the Power Cell and use the exit.

You will now be in the shuttle bay and you will see Lexine scrambling aboard a
shuttle. After raising a pair of corpses, a pair of Infectors will attack.
Deploy a couple of mines in their path and use stasis and the Ripper to survive
the assault by the two Super Slashers.

Loot the area if you need ammo or health and mine the area near the large exit
hatch. Hack the console near the shuttle and a zealous security officer, still
faithfully following orders, attacks you. Hit the action button to fend him off.

There is an explosion and while prone you must fend off a stream of Slashers
while hitting the four glowing release clamps on the shuttle bay hatch to allow
Lexine’s shuttle to escape. The rapid firing Pulse Rifle is the best weapon for
the job-don’t conserve ammo-this is the end. Use grenades from its alternate
fire if need be and hammer away. If any of the Slashers reach you, the mission
fails. Each hatch clamp will become available in turn as you take down the bad
guys. When you hit the fourth release clamp, Lexine and her unborn “child” will
escape into space, making Gabe’s ultimate sacrifice-his death-a meaningful one.

Thus ends Gabe’s rescue mission, his life and “Dead Space 2: Severed.”

If you have questions, suggestions, comments, etc. I can be reached via the E-
Mail address on the title page.




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