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FAQ/Walkthrough by sokkus

Version: final | Updated: 05/26/11

____________________________DEAD SPACE 2 - SEVERED_____________________________

This guide has been written by Paul Williams aka Sokkus.

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
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Welcome to my guide for Dead Space 2 - severed!I hope this guide will be of
assistance to someone out there!

Please note, this guide will most likely contain some spoilers but I have done
my utmost to keep things as vague as possible for the purists among you.

If you see any errors, have a tip or an alternate strategy for a section of the
guide please head to the contact section and flick me an email to let me know!

If you enjoy the guide, please hit the reccomend button at the top of the
page, be sure to check out more of my guides, reviews and podcasts at
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Thanks for reading!



     1. Story Walkthrough                        [WLKT]
         1.1  Chapter 1: Betrayal               [SEV-01]
         1.2  Chapter 2: Sacrifice              [SEV-02]
     2. Achievements                             [ACHV]
     3. Contact					 [CNTC]
     4. Version History                          [HSTY]
     5. Special Thanks                           [THNK]
     6. About Me                                 [INTRD]
          11.1 Donations
          11.2 Console Domination


***     WALKTHROUGH   *** [WLKT]

This walkthrough will provide players with the fastest route for each Act from
beginning to the end. By following this guide you will also be able to collect
and unlock all of the achievements and power nodes scattered throughout the


Chapter 1: Betrayal [SEV-01]

After the brief introduction, and a quick squiz at our new leading man – Gabe
Weller, you will gain control of said protagonist. Gabe has a fancy pulse rifle
and a seeker rifle at his disposal. He also has a suit locator identical to the
one Isaac has in his suit, so if you get lost, use the locator to find your way
to where you need to be.

Use the suit locator and follow the glowing path down the nearby hill and
through the rocks here, watch out for the cyst on the left. Continue to the
right, picking up the med kit off of your fallen comrade and destroy the cyst
on the opposite side of the rock here. Continue towards the blue light on the
floor in the distance. As you approach a spider necromorph will come around the
corner, kill this and follow the passage around to the right. Immediately after
you enter the room, look to your right and destroy the cyst on the wall here.

Proceed through the room and climb the slight hill here (watching out for a
cyst on the left) until you reach a door with a corpse in front of it. Examine
the corpse for a flamethrower.  Walk past the door and into the corridor lit by
the blue flare here, at the end you will find a power node (1). Return to the
door and cruise on through.

Here you can use the save station (SS1) or either the bench or the shop nearby
(if you have any DLC weapons or armour, you will be able to equip them here).
You will have 50,000 credits to start off with so I would recommend purchasing
either the force gun or the javelin gun (for use in grabbing an
achievement/trophy in the next room) and then feel free to purchase any power
nodes or ammo as you so desire and when you are done re-stocking and upgrading,
use kinesis to move the obstacles before proceeding through the door at the
bottom of the ramp.

Upon entering the room you will see a slasher in the distance, slowly move
forward and look to the right when possible to see a second slasher. Kill them
both.  Move further into the room.

Note: “Grind Houseâ€￾ trophy/achievement.

On the left hand side of the room you will see spinning gears, now if we use
these to kill an enemy we will earn an achievement/trophy “Grind Houseâ€￾.

Walk slightly past the gears here and use kinesis to pick up the stasis
canister lying against the far wall. Move a bit more towards the exit and this
will trigger an attack. Move back to the far side of the grinding machine and
wait for the exploder and some pack children to be right in front of it before
launching the canister which will cause them to slow down, now manoeuvre Gabe
around so that the baddies are between him and the grinder and use either the
javelin gun or the force gun to launch one of them into the gears for the
reward, alternatively, once you have a necromorph in stasis, you can simply
push them into it.  Mop up any survivors before exiting into the next corridor.

Enter the unlocked door here and proceed through the tunnel until you exit into
another large room. After the short conversation with your buddy upstairs, look
behind the ramp directly in front of you to see a small alcove. Use kinesis to
pick up the crate in here to reveal a power node (2). Use your suit locator and
follow it around to a set of stairs.  Climb to the top and kill the necromorph
here and the infector that come to attack you.

Make your way to where your friend was earlier when he spoke to you and use the
blue console here to unlock the door. Doing this will cause a pair of leapers,
two slashers and a group of pack children to attack you from both sides. Hang
out on the central platform and if things get a little hectic, don’t be
afraid to use a bit of stasis if need be.  Once you have successfully fended
off the attack, you will earn the achievement/trophy “King of the Hillâ€￾.
Proceed through the unlocked door.

Continue through the corridor until you exit into a large elevator shaft. Use
the save station (ss2) here if you like, then hit the button to call the lift.
Enter the lift and use the blue panel to descend.

When you regain control, you will be suspended upside down, just like Isaac was
at the end of Chapter 2 of the main campaign. Looking straight ahead,
necromorphs will start coming down the ramp in front of you, first up a pair of
slashers will make an appearance, then an exploder, then another 3-4 slashers
and a pair of exploders will come. Just eliminate them all and when enough have
been killed, Gabe will fall free of the lift. Huzzah!

After the scene, stomp the bodies and grab some ammo before following the set
passage until you reach the next unlocked door. Make your way through to the
next large area (remember this place from the mining area of the Dead Space 2
campaign? You should do! The next few areas will be pretty familiar as we head
in the opposite direction that Isaac went on his way through). Use the blue
panel close to the entrance to override the emergency lockdown and head up to
the ramp. Kill the leaper that appears and then loot the room for ammo and

Retreat back down the ramp and to the left hand side of it is a small walkway
leading to an area underneath the higher level. Here you will find a second
emergency override switch. Hit this one, this time it will trigger a pair of
leapers to attack you. Fend them off and then climb the ramp, follow the
walkway around to the right and as you cross the bridge look up and to the right
to see a power node (3) next to a body hanging from a ladder. Continue until you
reach the elevator. Here you will find another blue emergency override switch.
Use this panel and kill the pair of infectors that come to greet you.

If that was your third panel, return to the top of the ramp and head through
the now unlocked door along the walkway to the left. Here you can use the save
station (ss3), use the shop or upgrade your equipment at the bench. When you
are ready, proceed up the ramp next to the bench and through the next unlocked

As soon as you enter the next room, examine the box on the wall in front of you
for a power node (4). Continue around the walkway here and kill the crawlers
and the guardian. If you are lucky a crawler will be right next to the guardian
and blowing it up will yield the guardians death as well –if not kill it
before approaching.  Be sure to loot the guardian for a gold semiconductor and
continue along the walkway. Head into into the room on the first right to find
a super slasher playing dead on the floor. Kill it for a med pack,
alternatively, skip him altogether and head through the unlocked door.

Continue through this room and out the other side. Move slightly up the ramp
and then sprint into the small room behind and to the left of the entrance.
Kill the three leapers that appear and look out for a spitter on the right side
of the area when you decide to leave the safe spot and another spitter will
appear a little further up the ramp.  Continue through the open door at the top
side of the room to find a save station (ss4). Save if you wish and then
continue through the door.

Note: “Ship Shapeâ€￾ achievement/trophy.
We will now have to fight a gunship. If you can take it down within 30 seconds
you will earn the achievement/trophy “Ship Shapeâ€￾.

This is actually quite easy as you will only need to hit it a couple of times
with explosive canisters. As you enter the area, you will be safely behind a
barricade of crates and this will conveniently provide cover from the hail of
bullets the gunship will throw at you. Grab an explosive canister with kinesis,
wait for the gunfire to stop and then step out and launch the canister at the
gunship.  There are three canisters lying about – one just in front of you as
you exit the door, a second in a dispenser on the left hand wall and a third
sitting in front of the crates.

Once the gunship has departed, continue up the nearby ramp and activate the
blue panel to complete the chapter. You will also earn the achievement/trophy
“The Betrayalâ€￾.

Chapter 2: Sacrifice [SEV-02]

As soon as you regain control of Gabe you will be standing just outside of the
hospital where Isaac began his adventure. Venture forward and as you reach the
far wall a super slasher will attack from the left and a super spitter will
emerge from a vent on the right. Once they are dead, a brute will burst through
the door in the middle of the back wall and as you set about killing it, watch
out as crawlers will start coming out of the door it just opened for them.

After everything is dead, loot the room and don’t forget to stomp the brute
for a ruby semiconductor. Enter the unlocked door and into a zero oxygen zone.
In front of you is a pair of laser mines, use kinesis to grab one of the bodies
floating in the distance and drag it through the mines to safely set them off.
As you round the corner, you will see a third laser mine, leave this one alone
– a super slasher will drop from the vent behind it and run into it. Finish
off the baddie and enter the door behind it.

As you enter, there will be a shop on your right. Hug the left hand wall and
follow it all the way around until you find a box on the wall containing a
power node (5). Use the shop, the bench and the save station (ss5) if you so
wish before continuing through the unlocked door.  Make your way to the right
here and through the next door.

Turn to the right into the hallway and you will see a slasher ahead pulling a
body in the distance. Make your way up to where you saw it and look to the
right; it will attack you from behind the reception counter with the red
balloons, so kill it. Ignore the elevator for the minute and check out the room
opposite the entrance for a power node (6). Upon returning to the larger room
you will need to watch out for a super spitter that will be jumping down from
the ceiling behind the red balloon desk and also for a slasher who has
materialised near the elevator. When they are both dead step into the elevator
and ride it down to the next area.

Turn left into the large room with the necromorph growth in the centre. Stay
close to the wall next to the door you entered from. You will see four slashers
lying on infirmary beds in the room in front of you. They are all playing dead.
Shoot the closest one and the rest will jump up and run at you. Use stasis if
need be, and watch out for the super slasher who will drop out of the
necromorph growth near the door.  Once the room is clear look on the wall
opposite the entrance and you will find a power node (7). Shoot the cyst in the
doorway next to the power node and those in the hallway before proceeding to
the next area.

Use the blue panel here to open the security gate and continue through the room
to the other side. Use the door here and after the necromorphs in the distance
run out of view, head over and save your game at save station (ss6) if you
wish. Then cruise on over and around the corner after the necromorphs. Enter
the unlocked door here.

As you walk inside you will immediately be attacked by a group of pack
children. Hold your ground and use stasis to make things a bit easier.  After
the attack has been successfully defended, move forward a little bit and
several more pack children will attack, return to the previous defendable area
and take them down. Enter the next room and run to the far wall, another group
of pack children will attack, so turn around. The benches in the centre of the
room should create a nice bottleneck for you to take them out one at a time.

When they are all gone, follow your suit locator up the nearby ramp and at the
top you will see more of those pesky laser mines, as before use kinesis to drag
something through them to detonate them safely.  After you have detonated the
first one, enter the room and defend yourself against a leaper who will come
over the wall to the right. Once it is dead, ignore the other mines for now and
run to the opposite side of the room and down an identical ramp to the one we
just came up to find a power node (8). Return to the top floor and deal with
the rest of the mines here.  Enter the unlocked door.

If you use your suit locator as you proceed down the hallway here, it will want
you to turn left. The room on the right has some ammo and a slasher playing
dead on the floor if you are interested. Continue into the doorway suggested by
your suit locator. Make your way through the rooms and kill the necromorph
spiders when they attack.

When you exit back into the main hallways you will head forward and reach an
intersection. As you arrive, a necromorph will drop down from the ceiling
behind you and will soon be joined by a pair of slashers and an exploder. Kill
them all and check your suit locator again. It wants you to head right at the
intersection, if you continue straight through into the next room and enter the
open door to the right for a store and a bench if you need them (you will also
be attacked by a divider and a slasher on the way out if you use them). If you
don’t need either continue down the intersection to the right.  Follow the
hallway into the next reception area, look under the aquarium on the right side
of the room for a power node (9) and then enter the unlocked door opposite.

As the door opens, a pregnant necromorph will be in front of you, fire low to
kill it without releasing swarmers and then stomp the corpse for some ammo.
Utilise the save station (ss6) if you would like to do so and then continue
through the unlocked door. Mosey on through the next door.

You will now be back in the area where Isaac first acquired his plasma cutter
in the Dead Space 2 campaign. Continue around the beds until you reach the door
to the central room – here you will be attacked by a legless spitter and a
super spitter. Kill them both and explore the central room if you wish to grab
a med kit (and get attacked by another super spitter) or continue onwards ,
through the door along the hallway and back out into an open area.

Work your way down the ramps and up the other side. There is a super slasher
playing dead up the ramp in the far corner if you are interested. And if not,
continue into the elevator and hit the button to take it down to the next zone.

Exit the lift and follow the glass panel around to the right. As you enter the
circular room a super slasher will come in from the opposite side, and a super
spitter will attack from behind. Killing them will cause another super spitter
to drop out of the vents near where you entered the room and a second super
spitter will appear where the first super slasher came from.  Once they have
been dealt with enter the unlocked door and take the elevator down to the next

Leave the elevator, go through the door and follow the hallway to the end. In
the next room you will be attacked by a legless spitter, so take it out. Kill
it and open the next door.

Note: “Peng Me Againâ€￾ trophy achievement – find the Peng treasure again!

Look at your suit locator; it wants you to head left. Ignore it for now and
continue straight down the hallway around the corner you will find an unlocked
door, continue inside.  Make your way to the far end of the shower room here
and kill the pregnant that emerges from the side area. Once it is down, check
out the room where it came from to find the Peng Treasure. Pick it up for the
achievement/trophy “Peng me Againâ€￾.

Backtrack to the previous area, killing the two super slayers and the pregnant
that ambush you in the shower room on the way out and enter the room the suit
locator wants us to.  As we enter, a super leaper and an exploder will enter
from the door on the far side of the area. Kill them, and then look back to the
door we just entered from, you will see another leaper and exploder enter from
here. Once they are dead, return your attention to the far side of the room and
take out the spitter that appears here. Once the lot of them have been dealt
with, continue through the far door and enter the nearby elevator.

After exiting the elevator continue into the next room to find a save station
(ss7), use it if you wish before grabbing either the chair or the body with
kinesis and continuing through the door. Use whatever object you brought with
you to get rid of the laser mines and enter the door at the end of the

In the next room, move over to the glass on the left hand side of the room for
a quick story scene. Afterwards, head through the unlocked door on the far side
of the room.

Turn to the right and make for the ramp, as you do a slasher will jump out of a
vent behind you. Kill him and continue down the ramp. Again at the bottom of
the ramp another slasher will come at you from behind, eliminate it and
continue into the next large room. Here you will be attacked by a large number
of pack children, so retreat to the previous room and shoot them as they funnel
through the doorway.  After they stop coming, continue through the area, down
the hallway and into the unlocked door on the left.  At the end of the corridor
you will find a save station (ss8) use it if you wish and then head through the

Kill the divider here and then follow the baddies through the door to the
right. Here you will find a bench and a store, this is your last opportunity to
do shopping and upgrade so stock up on plenty of ammo and upgrade if you need
to do so.  Proceed through the next door.

As you enter, run to the left immediately and stick yourself in the niche in
the wall here, turn around and face the entrance. You are now in a room with
6-7 super stalkers and by assuming this position they will have to take a
fairly long and straightforward path to reach you. Use stasis, explosives or
just your standard weapon to take them all out.

Continue towards the left hand corner of the far wall opposite where you
entered and you will be ambushed by a small group of pack children, get rid of
them and proceed onwards to the back wall. Here another pair of stalkers will
attack you. Kill them and then hit the blue panel on the wall to grab an energy
core. If you look to the right you should be able to see through the rack a
damaged power cell, carry the brand spanking new one over there, killing the
two groups of pack children as you go and replace the faulty power cell.  Enter
the door.

After a quick scene, you will be set upon by a pair of slashers and a pair of
infectors. Fight them off. Loot the room of ammo and health packs and then when
you are ready, hack the terminal in front of the shuttle. After the button
mashing sequence you will be unable to move.

To finish this section, look to the far wall, there are four purple fuses we
can shoot to open the shuttle bay doors. You will need to hit all four of those
to complete the chapter.

>> INFO: Note: “Remember the Alamoâ€￾ achievement/trophy However before we do
that, there is an achievement/trophy available for killing 16 necromorphs
before releasing the door. The necromorphs will come from in front and to the
left and right and consist of slashers and the occasional exploder, it
shouldn’t take long and once you have killed enough, the achievement/trophy
“Remember the Alamoâ€￾ will be yours.

Hit the fuses to open the door and complete the chapter and the DLC.

For completing the chapter you will unlock the achievement/trophy “The
Sacrificeâ€￾ and if you went ahead and beat it on Zealot difficulty you will
unlock “The Veteranâ€￾.


Story Achievements/Trophies
There are 3 story related achievements/trophies and as long as you complete
the main storyline you can not miss any of these. In addition, there is 1
achievements/trophiy earned for completing the game on Zealolt difficulty.
Here's a list of said achievements/trophies:

King of the Hill              - Defend the quarry platform until the door
                                unlocks - Chapter 1.
The Betrayal                  - Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty
The Sacrifice                 - Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty

The Veteran                   - Complete the Severed DLC on Zealot difficulty

Misc Achievements/Trophies
There are four other achievements/trophies that fall under misc. Each of these
achievements is outlined in the guide above, so if uyou followed it through you
will have unlocked them all already!

Grind House                   - Kill an enemy in the grinders - Chapter 1
Ship Shape                    - Destroy the gunship in less than 30 seconds
                                at the end of chapter 1
Peng Me Again                 - Collect the Peng Treasure - Chapter 2
Remember the Alamo            - Kill 16 necromorphs before releasing the door
                                at the end of Chapter 2



I would like to thank the following people/entities:

- GameFAQs for always being there when I needed help and for accepting my FAQ.
- Visceral for continuing to make awesome games. Bring on Dead Space 3!
- My Fiancee Kumiko, who has been incredibly patient and understanding.
- And everybody who has taken the time to read my FAQ so far.

- Hypnofunk as always for some general error corrections
- Christopher Holden and Nick Balboa for pointing out a power node I had
  missed in the Severed DLC.


***      Contact      *** [CNTC]

If you feel the need to contact me you can reach me at


Please include "Dead Space 2 - severed" in the subject line.


***      About Me       *** [INTD]


Im 26, Australian and live with my lovely fiancee. I have been thrice been
named as the world sexiest hugging machine. I work full time and study at
University full time as well. I write game guides as a hobby in what little
spare time I have and have thouroughly enjoyed writing each and every one.
Please head over to the website i write for -  www.consoledomination.com to
check out  some of my guides, previews and reviews.

If you enjoy this guide, please feel free to send me an email with any
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Version 1.0

The guide currently contains:
- Full Walkthrough to the Dead Space 2 - SeveredCampaign
- Started Achievement Section
- Started hints & tips section


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