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FAQ/Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Updated: 03/02/11

    ^        _____________________________________________________        ^
  ^/ \^   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   ^/ \^
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      __________      _________          _____      __________
     |   _____  `.   |   ______|        /    _`.   |   _____  `.
     |  |_    `.  |  |  |____          /  ,  \     |  |     `.  |
     |  ,-'    |  |  |   ____|        /  /_\  \    |  |      |  |
     |  |_____,'  |  |  |_____,--.  _/  _____  \   |  |_____,'  |
     |__________,'   |__________,' |__,'     \__\  |__________,'

     ________    __________      ,-.___     _______     .-.______
   ,'  ______|  |  .--.__  |    /    .-'   |   ___ `-.  |   _____`.
   |  |_____    |  |____,' |   /  ,  \__   |  |   |_,'  |  |____
   '._____  `.  |   _____,-'  /  /_\  .-'  |  |         |   __,-'     
  .-._____|  |  |  |_        /   ____  \   |  |___,-.   |  |_____     ______
  |_________,'  |___/       /_,-'    \__\  |_______,'   |________}  ,'_____ `.
                                                                      _____| |
                                                                    ,' _____,'
                                                                    | |______
    _________                                    .___               |________|
   /   _____/ _______  __ ___________   ____   __| _/
   \_____  \_/ __ \  \/ // __ \_  __ \_/ __ \ / __ | 
   /        \  ___/\   /\  ___/|  | \/\  ___// /_/ | 
  /_______  /\___  >\_/  \___  >__|    \___  >____ | 
          \/     \/          \/            \/     \/ 

- ASCII art by my friend DomZ -
(Check out his site at http://www.freewebs.com/domz_ninja/asciiart.htm )


Authored by: BkStunt_31 ( Gregorio31 @ gmail . com )

\/                                                                          \/
 \/                               INTRODUCTIONS                            \/
  \/                                                                      \/


Hello everyone, Bkstunt here with a walkthrough of Dead Space 2: Severed.
Severed is the first "Real" (I.E. Non "Fluff") DLC for the hit game Dead Space
2. Seeing how much I love the series, here's my guide for Severed.

For those that don't know, or need help with Dead Space 2, I also wrote a
FAQ/Walkthrough on it as well. It can be found below on gamefaqs.com:



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First of all, let me say that my primary motivation for writing guides is,
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a few guides on new games, it can hit your pocket book! I wish they'd give me
these games so I could crank out great guides, but they don't! Ah, maybe one

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~ Bk

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 \/                            Table Of Contents                           \/
  \/                                                                      \/

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Walkthrough:..........................................(DS 2.0)

     Chapter I:    Not your normal work day... .......(DS 2.01)
     Chapter II:   Finding Lexine ....................(DS 2.02)

Trophies:   ..........................................(DS 3.0)

FAQ's:   .............................................(DS 4.0)

Credits and other ramblings:   .......................(DS 5.0)

\/                                                                 (DS 2.0) \/
 \/                            Walkthrough                                 \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Being as how this is merely DLC for Dead Space 2, I'm not going to include
things like controls or any hints/tips/general info. If you want to take a
look at that, go to my main Dead Space 2 guide (which is posted above in the
intro section). Instead, I'm going to assume you beat the $@#% out of Dead
Space 2. Also, if you care about trophies at all, you may want to take a peek
at them down below, as I don't point them out in the main guide. 

Ready? Let's do this!

Chapter I: Not your normal work day...                            [DS 2.01]

The game starts out with a scene depicting a status report of two security
patrol teams in the mines being attacked by "unknown hostiles". You'll then
meet Gabe Weller, one of the few soldiers still alive as he tells his wife to
get to a shuttle immediately.

If you check out your menu, you'll notice you have a pulse rifle and seeker
rifle equipped, as well as some ammo, a medium medpack, and 50,000 credits
(man those soldiers are RICH!). You also have a standard security suit RIG
as well as TK and Stasis.

You'll soon be given orders to "Get the hell out of there!" Given the dead
bodies around you, that's probably a good idea!

Move forward and you'll hear a cyst making its noises behind a rock. Kill it
and keep going, as the game will remind you how to quick-heal. Grab the small
med kit and keep going. There's another cyst on the opposite side of the
boulder, and a small tentacle creature will crawl at you from the body up

Around the right corner is another cyst as well as some ammo. Keep going up
the path to find a dead body by a big door, but more importently you can pick
up the Flamethrower here as well. Instead of barging through the door, take a
moment to go down the right path to find a Power Node. Now feel free to enter
the door.

In this room you can save as well as shop at the nearby store or upgrade at
the bench. If you noticed, the store also has some *FREE* goodies for you
*IF* you have them in the regular game, such as the Zealot Suit and the
Refurbished Plasma Cutter.

Depending on your play style, there's no right or wrong way to spend your
money. You should know by now how you play, so use that money to stock up on
your favorite guns and upgrade how you see fit.

Once you're ready, use TK to move the boxes out of the way and continue.
Through the door you'll see a slasher dragging a corpse away, but you can kill
it as you advance. The hallway on your right has another slasher you can kill
as well. Make sure to grab any item the necro's drop and any items in boxes
(such as the box in the cubby to the right).

Advance into the grinding room and an exploder will appear up ahead, followed
by several pack necros and eventually another exploder behind you. Run to a
corner to make it easier if you want to (there's also a stasis canister in the
corner). Grab the ammo at the back of the room and move down the hall to
another door.

This corridor is pretty cramped, but move through it. The vent will pop out
as you pass it, but no necro's (they're just trying to scare you). Go through
the door to be greeted by Price, who will tell you to meet him on the platform
and then proceed to make some weird noises. Before you go rushing off to save
him (like you could...), go straight ahead to find a box past the blocked-off
stairs and a Power Node in the cubby ahead. Go down the path to your left to
find some ammo in the corner, then the next left to more ammo, a box, and the
ramp they want you to go up.

As you go up the ramp, you'll get a message reminding you how to stasis
enemies, followed shortly by a reason to stasis an enemy. It seems Price is
the newest member of the necro club. Grab the nearby flame canister or use
some stasis to kill him. An infector will come by as well, so take it down.

Go up the stairs and to the left to find a few more boxes and a stasis
recharge station. The big area to your right has a box in it too. After
gathering the goodies up, you'll be forced to hit the override switch on the
central platform.

As you can probably guess, we're about to be ambushed. Make liberal use of the
flame canisters and stasis here though. It'll start with a security slasher,
followed quickly by a leaper. After that you'll get to face down some pack
and another leaper, followed by some more pack and one last security slasher.
Like I said, be generous with stasis and flame canisters. A few detonator
traps help out as well.

Refill your stasis and gather your goodies, then head through the now unlocked
door. Go though the small pathway and save if you wish, then take the lift
down. While you're riding the lift, the order to hunt down Issac will come in,
giving Gabe a new objective as he talks to his superiors. Unfortunately, the
lift will break, sending Gabe on a freefall and leaving him upside down like
Issac was in the train sequence. Various necro's will attack you in this
state. Stay calm and make good shots, and be sure to blow up the exploders
BEFORE they reach you. Also TK any goodies to yourself NOW, as once you fall
down the door will shut you off from them.

Gabe will talk to his wife in this small hallway as she is trying to get to a
shuttle. Go through the door, grab the boxes, and go through the next door.

This area will be familar to you if you played the first game. Before you do
anything comb the area for boxes, as you can find a LOT of ammo and credits
here. The door they want you to take is up above, but requires three security
overrides to open. Two panels are down below and the third is up above. Each
time you override a panel, necros will attack you. The first one will bring
one leaper, the second will bring two, and the third will kill the lights to
the area and bring out a few infectors and a crawling security slasher (hope
you've been stomping on those corpses!).

Once you unlock all three, move through the door. As you know, a save station,
store, and bench will be waiting for you. Once you're ready, move on. Grab the
ammo and the Power Node out of the box and go down the hallway to the right.
Around the corner you'll see a couple of baby necro's with a wall guardian.
Kill the babies and use their explosive sacks to damage the guardian. Kill
it to make it drop a semiconductor.

Go past it and get blasted by some steam. Look down this first path to the
right. See the green corpse lying there? That's an enhanced slasher playing
"dead", so get the drop on him. Grab his item and the med pack behind him,
then go through the next door. This room has several boxes in it to gather
and another door to go through. Be ready to fight though. You may remember
this area for its seekers, but now it has two spitters and SEVERAL enhanced
leapers. Move forward and TK the flame canisters to you to take out the first
two leapers. From there either hold your ground or utilize the spikes in the
cubby to your right or the stasis canister in the cubby to your left to kill
everything in the room.

Move up the ramp and collect your goodies. Past the door is a bunch of health
and a save point. When you go outside, you'll be fired upon by a gunship. Take
cover behind the cargo as you listen to the conversation. Use the flame
canister to your right and chuck it at the ship. To your left on the wall is a
flame canister dispenser. What I like to do is stay behind the cargo as the
gunship fires stupidly to the right, then pop out, TK a canister, and chuck it
at the ship. Hit it three times to make the soldier tell you that your wife is
on the "list" to be terminated! F$@& You Bartlett!

Move on and jump into the ship while warning your wife to hide.

Chapter II: Finding Lexine                                        [DS 2.02]

You'll recognize this area as the same area Issac first fought a Tripod in.
In fact, you can even see its corpse up ahead!

You'll also hear that your wife found a place to hide in. As you move forward,
an enhanced spitter and slasher will break out and attack. Take them down.
That's not all though, soon an enhanced brute will attack as well. This guy is
hard, so use stasis and traps to take him out. Baby necros will also crawl out
of the far wall. Once you're done, gather up all your goodies and go through
the door on the left.

This leads to space, so move forwards and take out the traps. Grab the ammo on
the right too. Up ahead is another trap, but an advancing necro will take it
out. Since its an enhanced necro, you'll have to finish it off. Go through the
next door and stop by the shop to resupply. The corpse here is really dead,
and there's a Power Node box nearby as well. There's also a bench here, some
ammor, and a save point.

Go through the short rooms and out to the next one. To the right you'll see
some office areas and something crawl to the right. Use the door here as a
sheild. There's a slasher playing dead to the left that you can draw to your
narrow door of death, and he'll probably be followed by another slasher.
There's also a spitter to the right you can take down. With them gone, collect
the goodies in the area. The room straight ahead has a Power Node and some big
money. Call the elevator when you're ready.

On the ride up, you'll be reminded that the radio you're talking to your
wife on is an open channel, giving away her hiding spot. C'mon Gabe, you're
smarter than that, right? This next room has a lot of slashers and a spitter
in it, but you can use the doorway nearby as a choking point (great for a
ripper or trap player). Just shoot the necro playing dead on the nearby table
to start the necro rush. After you've killed them all collect the goodies and
the Power Node in the middle of the area. The hallway beyond has three cysts
in it and the exit.

Listen to the radio traffic then go into the stasis room. Gather the items
here and go through the next door. Let the creature get away and use the save
point if you wish, then go through the next door. As soon as you enter, whip
out your rifle as the door behind you will lock and the pack will attack.
Kill them off and advance into the center counter. More pack will break in, so
go back to the door and kill them too.

Head up the right path (the left is blocked) and MORE pack will attack. Geesh!
At least they are easy to kill and drop stuff. As you go up the ramp, a wheel
chair will get thrown down (that made me jump). Looks like our wife is in
danger! Move on and an enhanced leaper will crawl up from the right. Up here
explode the traps and gather the goodies. Be sure to go down the other ramp to
find a Power Node down there before you move on.

In the next area, there is a "dead" necro to your right, so kill it and grab
all the goodies. There's also some goodies if you went straight ahead. To
continue you have to go left, and you'll see a scene as you do. Go through
the door into the small room and get the box. The next door hides a bunch of
those small tentacle creatures, so take them out and grab the next box.

As you leave the small room into the big area, a security slasher will pop
down. Stasis him and hack him apart. Move forward a bit and a slasher and
exploder will pop out from the room up ahead. Take them out from afar, as
an enhanced slasher will come in from your right while another slasher
appears in front of you. Use a stasis pack to make things more manageable.

The room ahead not only has some goodies, but also has a store and work bench
off to the right that you can use. As you leave, a skinny necro made out of
those tentacle creatures will appear. I hate those things, so kill it asap.
Stasis helps. Continue on and grab a Power Node from the waiting area (its on
the right). As you open the door, a pregnant necro will great you, so take it
out carefully. Use the save station here if you want and continue.

Go into the next room and grab the items, then step into the surgery room.
The necro on the floor here is dead, so grab the items nearby. The center area
has an enhanced leaper which I recommend taking out from the room across from
it. An enhanced spitter will also show up from the left. Go into the center
room and as you approach the rear, another enhanced spitter will drop down.
Take it out and claim the medicine. Grab all your trophies and continue on.

You'll now be in the viewing area. This area is trouble fee with the exception
of the enhanced slasher playing dead in the far corner (guarding a medium
health pack nonetheless). Kill it and call the elevator. Down here you'll see
a disturbing scene. Follow the path around to the middle area and be ready to
fight. A pair of enhanced spitters and slashers will attack from each side,
but they are spaced out a bit. Lay some traps and use stasis. Continue on and
hear more of the story while waiting on the elevator.

Go through the small room into the hallway. The corpse here is dead, so go
past it to the door. A leaper will attack in this next small room, so be
ready. There's some health here at least. Use the big doors to go into a wide
open area. They want you to go left through the big room, but go straight and
grab some ammo, passing the big doors into the shower room. At the end is a
pregnant necro, so take it out carefully. If you try to pass into the next
room, two enhanced slashers and another pregnant necro will drop down behind
you. Use some stasis and a powerful weapon here (the force gun is nice, or
traps). In the next room you'll see what you were fighting for: a LARGE med
pack and the PENG statue!

Since we hit a dead end, back track to the big room. As you can probably guess
this big room is another fight. A leaper and exploder will come at you from
straight ahead (try and explode the leaper), while another leaper and exploder
come at you from behind. Try and get in the far corner or lay some traps.
Another necro will crawl at you from ahead too. Gather your goodies and carry
on to the elevator. As you call it, a security slasher will come in FAST from
behind. Sling some stasis on him and head into the elevator to take him out

At the top of the elevator continue on and find the next save point. Go past
the next trap-filled hallway. Move through the observation area to see a scene
with your wife and Bartlett, and what appears to be a couple of unitologists.
Move through the door and head down the stairs. A necro will crash in behind
you so turn around and kill it. Another one will drop down at the bottom of
the stairs (probably behind you). Keep going and check the cubbies for items.
A little further in and you'll have to deal with the pack. Whip out the rifle
to make it easy.

Go through the next door and grab the item and then save. Open the door and
you'll be choked by one of those skinny bastards as the orderlies drag your
wife away. Jam on the "X" button to free yourself, than kill it. Explore the
area to the left for a medium med pack (there's no necros) then go through
the door. There's a ton of health here as well as a shop and a work bench.

This next room is pretty big but has a lot of boxes in it. Yep! You get to
fight stalkers finally! Go ahead and draw them out and use traps/stasis and
your skill to kill them. Make sure to gather loot in this area, as there is a
LOT to go around (I found a large med pack in the lockers!). Head up the left
side and some pack will attack. Over here though is a battery charging
station. Take the good battery out and chick it over the boxes to your right.

On your way back, you'll fight more stalkers and pack. Head up the right hand
side now and even more pack will attack. Kill them and swap out the old
battery over here for the new one you tossed over to power up the door.

Open the door to see infectors killing the orderlies and your wife escaping
into the nearby ship. You'll have to deal with some REALLY fast moving slasher
necros now (and the two infectors of course). Use the stasis canister nearby
to help. You'll now tell your wife to get the ship ready for takeoff. Go to
the nearby hack-able console and start to hack it. You'll be interrupted by
an old friend though, so jam on the "X" button.

After the scene, you'll pretty much be done for. But you can at least ensure
that your wife escapes. What you need to do is aim at the door and wait for
the panels to pull back, revealing the core that you can shoot. But while you
are doing this, necro's will come in from your left and right trying to stop
you. I recommend having a quick weapon like the rifle to shoot open the door,
and then use the rifle and force gun to keep the necro's away.

The door has four hatches that will open in time and need to be shot. Once all
four open up and you shoot them, you'll have beaten Dead Space 2: Severed.

Fitting title, no?


\/                                                                 (DS 3.0) \/
 \/                            Trophies                                    \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Note: Trophies are under the "Dead Space 2" tab.

The Betrayal (Silver) - Severed: Complete Chapter 1.

The Sacrifice (Silver) - Severed: Complete Chapter 2.

Ship Shape (Silver) - Severed: Take out the gunship within 30 seconds.

The Veteran (Silver) - Severed: Complete on Zealot difficulty.

Remember the Alamo (Bronze) - Severed: Kill 16 or more enemies in the final
                              last stand combat sequence.

Peng Me Again (Bronze) - Severed: Find the Peng treasure in Severed.

King of the Hill (Bronze) - Severed: Defend the quarry platform until the door

Grind House (Bronze) - Severed: In the grinder room, cause an enemy to die in
                       the grinders.

\/                                                                 (DS 4.0) \/
 \/                               FAQ                                      \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Q: When did Dead Space 2: Severed come out? / What is this?

A: This is Dead Space 2's first "real" DLC, Severd. It came out on March 1st,
   2011. A little over a month after Dead Space 2 came out.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: On PSN it cost me $6.99. It's probably the same for the 360.

Q: Really? Only two chapters?

A: Yes, really. They are fairly long at least. 

Q: How long will it take me to beat Severed?

A: Depends on how good you are? From what I read it generally takes 1 1/2 - 2
   Hours to finish.

Q: Is it worth it?

A: I think it is. It features characters seen in Dead Space Extraction, but
   could definitely flesh out their stories better. They use a lot of 
   "enhanced" versions of the monsters too, I noticed.

\/                                                                 (DS 5.0) \/
 \/                 Credits and other ramblings                            \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Thanks to all my readers, and everyone who helped me out on the original
Dead Space 2 guide!

Also thanks to Visceral Games for the quick DLC.

And finally my family, for giving me time to work on this.

Until we meet next time, fellow gamers!


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