How Long Is It & Should I Buy DS2 Again For It?

  1. I heard about this release little more than 24 hours after I traded Dead Space 2 in! Stupid me, right? Well, I was wondering how long Severed is & if I should buy the game again to play it? Thanks, and the previous question was hypothetical.

    User Info: BloodRedSnow

    BloodRedSnow - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Aside from buying DS2 again just for the sake of keeping an awesome game in your collection... buying it again JUST for Severed is hardly worth it. It only covers 2 chapters and is is rather short (about an hour or less).

    Severed follows Gabe Weller and Lexine 3 years after DS: Extraction. I won't spoil the ending of Severed (you can easily wiki the spoilers) but it is hinted that one of the characters will play a very large part in the future of the series.

    Personally, I would 1st go back and play Extraction if you haven't already before you think about Severed or else the characters won't mean anything to you.

    User Info: CHEEZYSPAM

    CHEEZYSPAM - 8 years ago 0   2

Other Answers

  1. Severed is only two chapters long and is fairly easy if did not like playing as Isaac and or want to play more of the Dead Space universe I would recomend this but if u want something like to know more about dead space i would disagree with severed.

    User Info: MrEsamea

    MrEsamea - 8 years ago 0   1
  2. Dude, unless you have a hard time with this game, its not worth it, i platinumed it & i'm gonna sell it as well as soon as i get 100% from extraction

    severed is happening DURING the story, only its two chapters long, if anyone bothered to notice, (im not gonna say or give away important details to the game assuming everyone here beat the story), guy dead in top of the psych ward is the same one that slit his throat after opening the locker, locker's still open, blood trails everywhere, psych ward rooms are opened & patients are released, guy killed by necro while you were trying to get the cutter is a necro now, every panel Isaac hacked is still breached, 1st tormentor is still dead, Stross' dead body is still on the floor in the exact same spot, oh, and here's a huge tip, Tideman's still alive & JUST SAID eliminate key subjects while Gabe is coming from the "start point" of severed, Isaac was just making his way the "start point" of severed on the opposite side (if you catch my drift) which is why the "event that happened" during that transmission happened need i go on?

    User Info: Kenou23201

    Kenou23201 - 8 years ago 0   1
  3. Thats not saying the game is anything but awesome, but its boringly easy, i got every trophy in the 1st run without stopping, no longer than 30mins....being slow

    User Info: Kenou23201

    Kenou23201 - 8 years ago 0   1

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