Question about the Limit Of the turns?

  1. What's the limit of the turns in one battle in TT2?

    User Info: 2939924

    2939924 - 5 years ago


  1. Depending on the stage, there is no limit to the number of turns. Some battles have conditions to be completed under x-number of turns. Otherwise unlimited turns.

    Note: On the top-right of the screen, the max turn it will show is 99. Once you pass turn 99, it will show Turn 98 flipping to Turn 99.

    Warning: After turn 99, your rewinds will show multiple instances of Turn 99. Try not to rewind after 114 turns.

    Example: If you have 150 turns, you'll see Turn 99 fourteen times and Turn 1. If you rewind to turn 145 (The 5th Turn 99 on the rewind list), you actually rewind to turn 136 (the Turn 99 entry just above Turn 1 on the rewind list). After this rewind, you may only rewind back to turn 1. In other words, rewinds after 114 turns will bring you back 14 turns.

    There should be no reason to rewind after turn 99 if you're just grinding to level up. I was just lazy and didn't want to save, but I learned the hard way. I don't think I passed turn 20 under any stage except the free maps to level up.

    User Info: pchan105

    pchan105 - 5 years ago 0   0

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