Best Equipment/Paradigm Pack for Valfodr Level 70?

  1. Ok, so I've got Serah and Noel maxed out. I've got almost all equipment items in the game, all the fragments and trophies. I'm just trying to do some of what I haven't. Right now it's put the hurt on Valfodr at level 70. Sometimes, I can get him to about 3mil HP, once I got him within a few hundred thousand HP, before he got lucky with one of his special moves and wiped everyone out. My Paradigm Pack consists of Sazh, Snow and Goddess Lightning. All are maxed out.
    My last attempt, when Valfodr started summoning Chichus, en masse, I tried something different and went Rav Rav Sen. But JUST as I would be within a few shots at getting rid of the Chichus, Valfodr would summon more, and more and MORE. I actually almost ran out of potions before they beat me. (I'm starting the battle with 99 potions, 10 Elixirs and 14 Phoenix Bloods) I COULD get more of the last 2 items from Chocobo Races, but I wanted to try fighting a bit more first. It took a number of Elixirs and several Phoenix Bloods to beat Valfodr at level 45 thanks to those Cactauramas he kept calling to heal him. I'd like to get his crystal, but there's no way either Serah or Noel can stay alive with only a Durable Collectors Catalogue. I'm thinking about trying a Ribbon, but that wouldn't boost anything else.

    I don't have a list of what's equipped to everyone right now, because I keep trying new combos. So suggest any accessory or weapon that might give me an edge. Just not the Genjis, I've got 1 each, and have posted another question here as to if you can get more than 1 of each.

    Will try to answer/clarify any questions that you guys might have about my characters. Thanks in advance!

    User Info: brian012

    brian012 - 2 years ago

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