How do you beat caius solo with serah with the paradox (the real way) on this stupid game?

  1. And please don't say with Sab and Sen and Syn because i can't still beat him on this stupid game even with those moves and the battle is infinite every damn time he regenerates his health so this is impossible to beat unless somebody tells me the secret that allows me to win.

    This game was fun up until it got challenging now it sucks

    User Info: BladeVault

    BladeVault - 5 years ago


  1. To win this battle use Serah's Saboteur skills to cause Caius great difficulty. Using the Saboteur attack ability set to diminish his capability and then finish him off quickly when his hit points have been significantly reduced.

    So, I would suggest you have a Sentinel, a Healer and an Attacker to assist your battle (I used Navidon as my Sentinel, Green Chocobo as my healer and Chichu as my attacker).

    One possible set of useful Paradigms:


    SEN SEN to defend against his strongest attacks. SAB SEN and COM SEN as basic attack postures. MED SEN and MED MED for healing. COM COM to accomplish rapid hit point reduction.

    Not what you wanted to see as an answer as your question reads, but as proven by multiple user successes, an effective approach.

    If it is not working for you, two possibilities arise: (1) time your actions more effectively, and (2) level up your characters a bit more.

    User Info: AZorro007

    AZorro007 (Expert) - 5 years ago 0   0
  2. I turned the battle to easy mode (because that's the way I roll), but even then it was tricky. I too had trouble with his regenning faster than I could damage him, because of all the recovery I had to do.

    The strategy I ended up using does involve Syn, Sen and Sab, but I think the Wound ability (from the Saboteur role) might just be the trick you're looking for. That diminishes his max HP, so he can't regen that anymore. And if you Deshell him first it goes down even faster.

    I had:

    And one more I can't remember, probably Com/Com, but Sen/Sen could be useful too.

    Keeping your Sen monster by your side makes Caius attack mostly the monster, which is both easier to heal and less game-overing if it does die. I ended up spending most of my time in Sab/Sen, Dispelling, Deshelling and Wounding Caius as appropriate, switch to Med/Sen to heal, and to Syn/Sen to put Shell, Protect and possibly Vigilance on both Serah and the monster, so Caius doesn't do as much damage.

    Once I had reduced Caius' max hit points to about a third, which was enough that I could kill him in one Stagger, I did. And the best part? When he revived himself, the Wound damage didn't disappear, so he still had his ridiculously reduced health pool, making the second stage incredibly easy. Though I'm not entirely sure that will happen in Normal mode, too.

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  3. Sab/Rav gets the stagger gauge up quickly, it doesn't fall as sharply between turns as Rav/Rav either. Poisoning him will negate his health regeneration.
    Sen/Med when he's about to do a big attack, you might want to stock up on wound potions too.
    As others have already said, Wounding him makes the second stage of the battle much easier.

    User Info: serenygogledd

    serenygogledd - 5 years ago 0   0

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