Best ravager monster?

  1. What is the best ravager role monster, and how should I level it up?

    User Info: Weavile_Ice

    Weavile_Ice - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Cloudburst, Blue Chocobo and Lightning.

    Cloudburst Build from this topic:

    127 Atk/ 1286 Mag/ 8074 HP
    Critical Faith (L)
    HP 30%
    Mag 35%(YL)
    Role Resonance(YL)
    Resist Physical 36%
    REsist Magic 36%
    ATB Charge II
    Feral Speed II
    Chain Bonus Boost II

    01) I used Mana materials for Big Nodes, Potent for Small nodes and skills acquired

    02) Monsters needed for Infusion:

    Mud Frog Lv. 19-Filter
    Tonberry Lv. 22-Magic 35%
    MewMao Lv.23-Resist Magic 36%
    Green Chocobo Lv. 48-Resist Physical 36%
    (Optional) Metal Cactaur Lv 45-Auto-Faith
    Forked Cat Lv 54-HP 30%
    Frag Leech Lv 30 Role Resonance
    Pink Lily Lv 30- Chain Bonus Bost II
    Dragoon Lv 4- Feral Speed II
    Yeoman Lv 1- ATB Charge II
    Circutron Lv 15- Learn Thundaga
    Bomb Lv 15- Learn Firaga
    (3 Lv 40 Frag Leech - Learn Vigor)

    03) Infusion Process :

    Infuse Lv 19 Mud frog with:
    Lv 22 Tonberry
    Lv 23 MewMao
    Lv 48 Green chocobo
    Lv 45 (Optional Metalcactaur)
    Lv 54 Forked Cat
    Lv 30 Frag Leech if you did not use Metal Cactaur

    Now infuse Lv 40 Cloudburst with Lv 19 Mud Frog
    Next infuse Lv 40 Cloudburst with (Lv 30 Frag Leech if you used Lv 45 Metal Cactaur) then with
    Lv 30 Pink Lily,Lv 4 Dragoon, and (Lv 1 Yeoman last if you did not use Lv 45 Metal Cactaur)

    Now lnfuse Lv 40 Cloudburst with Lv 15 Circultron to learn Thundaga and Lv 15 Bomb to learn Firaga

    Lastly infuse 3 Lv 40 Frag leech to learn the Hidden Skill Vigor.

    I listed the Metal Cactaur as optional because of the resources need to level him up and some people may not be willing to invest. Also the fact that he was a pain to capture.
    (Please not that if you use Metal Cactaur in this build you will not be able to add Yeoman's ATB Charge II)

    I know there are better Mag stats by using all Mag materials but I chose this route.
    Let me know what you think.
    Thank you.

    User Info: UrHawaiianAngel

    UrHawaiianAngel (Expert) - 7 years ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. Blue Chocobo Fast Break Built
    (also from the previous topic)

    Lv99, HP: 7049, Attack 532, Magic 1328
    ATB lv6
    Kill: ATB Charge (red)
    HP: +30% (yellow)
    Quick Stagger (yellow)
    Role Resonance (yellow)
    Magic: +35% (yellow)
    Stagger Maintenance II (yellow)
    Attack: ATK Charge II (yellow)
    Siphon Bonus Boost II (yellow)
    Chain Bonus Boost II (yellow)

    First need a filter Monster Mud Frog lv19 with 5 red lock
    1.Mud Frog lv19
    2.Infuse Lv1 Zwerg Metrodroid
    3.Infuse Lv20 Zwerg Metrodroid - Stagger Maintenance II (yellow lock)
    4.Infuse Lv1 Luminous Puma
    5.Infuse Lv54 Forked Cat - HP +30% (yellow lock)
    6.Infuse Lv1 Yeoman
    7.Infuse Lv1 Yeoman - Attack: ATB Charge (yellow lock)
    8.Infuse Lv19 Fencer
    9.Infuse Lv19 Fencer - Quick Stagger & Siphon Boost II (yellow lock)

    Now level Blue Chocobo to at least lv86+
    Lv11-40 take Potent Material, the rest all use Mana Material
    1.Blue Chocobo lv86+
    2.Infuse Lv30 Frag Leech
    3.Infuse Lv30 Frag Leech - Role Resonance (yellow lock)
    4.Infuse Lv45 Flanbanero
    inherit Fira, Fira, Firaga
    5.Infuse Lv22 Tonberry - Magic +35% (yellow lock)
    6.Infuse Lv30 Pink Lily - Chain Bonus Boost II (yellow lock) #3
    inherit Thunder, Thundara

    Finally infuse lv86+ Blue Chocobo with Mud Frog

    option to replace Critical: Haste is
    Auto-Vigilance - lv13 Notsugo or lv13 Amanojaku
    Resilience +40% - lv70 Necrosis
    Resist Physical +36% lv48 Green Chocobo
    Auto-Faith - lv45 Metallicactuar (i take this)
    Resist Elements +30% - Caterchipillar
    make a yellow lock on filter monster and infuse back to Blue Chocobo

    User Info: UrHawaiianAngel

    UrHawaiianAngel (Expert) - 7 years ago 0   0
  2. Lightning - Ultimate Ravager build
    From this topic:

    This isn't anything new, and similar builds already exist out there, but here's what I like on my Lightning:

    HP: +30%
    Strength: +35%
    Magic: +35%
    Role Resonance
    Attack: ATB Charge II
    Siphon Boost II
    Quick Stagger
    Stagger Maintenance II
    Chain Bonus Boost II
    Feral Speed II

    And teach her every Ravager she doesn't already know.

    Here are the monsters you need, their required levels, and where you find them.
    -Gancanagh (1): Sunny Clearwater Marshes.
    -Fencer (19): Academia 400 AF, story. Close gate to get it again.
    -Zwerg Metro (20): Augusta Tower 200 AF.
    -Tonberry (24): Bresha Ruins 300 AF, tunnel. Rare, so turn on Battlemania if you have it.
    -Pink Lily (30): Oerba 300 AF.
    -Forked Cat (54): Oerba 400 AF, beach.
    -Circuitron (1): Bresha Ruins 300 AF, tunnel.
    -Bomb/Grenade (15): Vile Peaks 010 AF / Oerba 400 AF.
    -Cryohedron (15): Vile Peaks 010 AF.
    -Tempest (15): Bresha Ruins 100 AF.

    For role abilities, you want to learn
    -Fira and Aerora from Pink Lily (you can pick two).
    -Blizzara from Zwerg Metro.
    -Thundara from Circuitron.
    -Firaga from Bomb/Grenade.
    -Blizzaga from Cryohedron.
    -Aeroga from Tempest.

    User Info: UrHawaiianAngel

    UrHawaiianAngel (Expert) - 7 years ago 0   0

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