How do I beat (raspital)?

  1. Raspital is the last monster i need for bestiary any help and advice on how to deal with him before i get owned would be great

    User Info: Totti12345

    Totti12345 - 7 years ago
  2. thank you very much just need lucky coin now and that will be 160frag :D:D

    User Info: Totti12345

    Totti12345 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Raspital is a pain in the butt if you aren't properly leveled. Not only do you need to beat him for the Bestiary, but you need to beat him on NORMAL for the Trophy 'Fair Fighter'.

    You likely have 159/160 Fragments which would make Odinblade 40 + 99 = 139. Either use Odinblade or if you managed to farm up both of his weapons from Ochu and Immortal and 2 Adamantites from the Long Gui, then you can use the weapon Chocolina can make them into which has 200 Strength and 120 Mag. As soon as you obtain the 160th Fragment, Odinblade skyrockets to a wonderous 220 Strength and Mag.

    Both Serah and Noel were maxed out as far as level goes. My Paradigm Pack consisted of:
    Behemoth (Level 70, No Infusions)
    Lightning (Level 13, Tonberry L30 + Dragoon L20 + couple Ravs)
    Green Chocobo (Level 99, Flanitor L40 for Esuna and Esunada)

    My paradigms were Serah + Noel + Monster
    1 - COM + COM + Behemoth
    2 - COM + COM + Lightning
    3 - RAV + RAV + Lightning
    4 - SAB + SAB + Lightning
    5 - SEN + SEN + Green Chocobo
    6 - MED + COM + Green Chocobo

    Equipment for both characters consisted of:
    Black Belt + Rune Bracelet
    Odinblade for Noel
    True Genji Bow for Serah / Indrajit (dropped by Immortal) to replace it with +10% More speed

    Start off with P2, swap into P3 to stagger and get chain nearly at 700% before swapping to P1. When he summons Ce'ith, take them out first so he cannot absorb them and restore his health. When he goes to make his big attack, swap to P5, and in emergency need of healing swap to P6. Pack a lot of WOUND POTIONS as he employs a lot of Wounding attacks. Don't let your characters fall below 1/3 health, and you should be good to go.

    User Info: 4evergaming

    4evergaming (Expert) - 7 years ago 0   0

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