"Ultimate" Weapons?

  1. Can anyone tell me what they are and where to find the best (ultimate) weapons for this game.

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    Totti12345 - 7 years ago

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  1. I believe this games version of "ultimate" would be the ones you get giving Hope the Chaos Crystal in Acadamia 4xx. You pick one then buy the other in the casino. They get power from fragments and at 160 are a huge stat boost. But most people prefer the weapons you win off Invincible/Immortal with the +50% atb recharge.

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  1. There are also weapons that give you a 6th ATB bar that can be bought from Chocolina. I think you have to beat the game for them to be available. You need Trapezohedrons to get them and the only enemy that drops those is Yomi. Long Gui don't have them anymore.

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  2. If you mean the strongest weapons then it is the Odinbolt and Odinblade which are gained from the Hope for the Chaos Crystal. When you have 160 fragments they have 220 strength and magic. Damage wise they are the best. Some people like the faster ATB charge weapons or the ones that have an extra ATB bar but the most powerful and easiest to get are these ones. The only problem is that till you get all the fragments they are almost only half as good. At 159 fragments they are only at 139 strength and magic or so. Which is still very good but not the best by far.

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  3. This isnt completely black and white so here are the best options

    For the highest physical/magic output weapons the odin weapons from the chaos crystals would be it. at 40+fixed% from fragments+ 80 more for having all fragments maxing out at 220 each.

    The other weapons that can be named possible options you need to farm the weapons from Ochu and Immortal. They each drop two weapons and these are key components for the stronger weapons.

    - For the only weapons with ATB+1 you need one of the weapons ochu and immortal drops, 2 Trapezohedrons (Only source I know of this is farming Yomi, so I say these weapons arent worth it he was the last strong opponent I defeated in the game), and 1 phoenix blood. These weapons have 160 for main attribute and 115 for lower. They also belong to unique groups.

    -The other strong weapons which have the highest stat before possessing all the fragments need. Two weapons one from ochu and one from immortal and 2 adamantite(two sources farming Loung Gui which is the harder imo, I suggest getting a good chocobo and there is a race in the guardian class that will give you these). The stats for these weapons are 200 for main att and 140 for lower. Both are part of improved stagger group.

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  4. Depending on the opponent and your play style for that opponent, there are several areas you could prioritise which can help you pick a weapon:

    Speed (staggering or debuffing): Pick the ATB+1 weapon, ATB Rate +50%,
    Staggering or driving the chain gauge up: Pick Chain Bonus Boost Lv50,
    Raw STR/MAG: Odinblade & Odinbolt.

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  5. Just equip the Collector's Catalog or Durable Collector's Catalog-- drop rate is 500% if you 5-star the boss. I got all 4 weapons in a single fight for each.

    Both adamantite and Collector's Catalog can be easily obtained from the Seredipity Chocobo Races. Look up the rare monster faqs on this board, get the silver chocobo, raise it to level 45. Use link to see the tips for building the perfect chocobo. I have not lost a single race since I finished the build. U can also get multiple Collector Catalog and sell them for 11,000 gil each and win multiple adamantite in less than 30 minutes.


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  6. The bestestesses weapons in the game is Arcus Chronic for Serah and In Paradisum for Noel. You buy it from the vendor for just a little of 112,000 gil if you have the Haggle Frag Skill.

    Materials Needed: Serah needs Gandiv X1, Indrajit X1 and Adamantite X2
    Noel needs Grasitha X1, Romulus & Remus X1, and Adamantite X2

    Easiest way to get Adamantie is Chocobo Racing! Enter the Level 25 Ushumgal Derby for it. I got 7 in about an hour and a half.

    Gandiv and Grasitha are drops from Ochu in Archylte Steppe. Indrajit and Romulus & Remus are drops from the Immortal. Change weather machine to rain (Up,Down) to fight Ochu in swamp area. Set weather machine to cloudy (Up,UP) for Immortal.

    Here's a trick for higher Rare Drops on both of these characters. Place Spiranthes (medic) in one monster slot. He's not strong at all but he has the ability to raise Rare Drop Rates from 200% to 320%. DON'T USE HIM IN THE FIGHT (he's a low level dude) but switch to him once Ocho or Immortal is about to die. The best thing is that even if Spiranthes dies in that few seconds, you still get the Rare Rate Drop Ability. I have gotten a rare weapon from both of these guys on almost every fight and sell them for 27,500 gil each (you talk about easy gil!). I have even gotten both weapons drops off of one fight and sell them for twice the price!!

    Once you have killed both, exit Archylte Steppes and come back in to reset them. All you have to do is move the Right Weather Machine arm up or down to make either appear while keeping the left arm in the Up position.

    P.S. You can kill Long Gui for Adamintite but it's not worth the long fight or the possibility that it won't drop. I like killing him for the hell of it sometimes and out of the many times I have, he has only dropped it once.

    P.S.S. I go monster hunting with Spiranthes in my group for just regular mobs. I love the Rare Drop Rate Boost he gives. The normal rate is 200% but he puts it up to 320%!!

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