What are the best monsters for each role?

  1. I know Chicu is the best Commando role I have already started on him, but what about Medic, Rav, Syn, Sab, Sent?

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    Twizted_Jay - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Chocobos are great for the end once you put time in them. Plenty of room to grow. Otherwise...

    Medic - (Green chocobo) Flanitor. It's feral is a party heal and it has cura and esunada. It'll cheer when you don't need healing which will get its feral charge back up for the emergency group heal if you need it again.

    Commando - (Gold Chocobo, though most stat the gold out for racing) Still fond of Chichu but I'm a fan of the maxxed out and infused Twilight Odin also. He can get to atb level 6.

    Ravager - (Blue Chocobo) I used Koboldroid Yin through the early levels. It's aoe wind spells came in handy for Wide paradigms that kept my opponents in the air while I destroyed them with Serah and Noel. Cloud Burst (wind and ice) and its counter part Debris (fire and lightning) make for great ravagers also. Cloudburst is a little more defensive so can last longer when it's dealing damage.

    Synergist - (Purple Chocobo) Depends on what you're looking for in a buffer but Gigantaur, while expensive to level, has most the buffs you want in group form. Mewmao has all the En-element spells and also a hand feral ability that heals the party.

    Saboteur - (Black Chocobo) I don't use Sabs as much as I should. When I need one I pull out Hedge Frog who has feral charge that removes status changes from all foes and allies as well as the usual wanted de-shell/protect and curse (Infuse dispel onto it). Pitterpatter gets a feral charge party heal as well as dispell, deprotect and deshell (I do like them feral heals *grins).

    Sentinel - (Silver Chocobo) I also don't use Sent much but I found Goblin Chieftain with a few infused defensive stats was easy built and did the job.

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Other Answers

  1. where i'm up to, about 20 hours in i use
    Flan as my medic (LVL 19, 98str, 196 mag, 910 HP)
    Gremlin as Ravager (LVL 44, 203str, 564 mag, 3242 HP)
    Behemoth as Commando (LVL 19, 254str, 115 mag, 1084 HP)

    i'm using Relentless as main attack and swapping when needed. i have very little trouble as yet, i think the only things that have dished me up is Cataur and Omega, purely because i'm not strong enough.

    i'm not saying these are the nest, just what the best i have found so far. and i have lvl'd noel and sarah's off specs so i have no need of a monster for syn, sab or sen.

    Hope this helps

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  2. I'm using a rare white/pink colored Commando Behemoth and it's most likely stronger than Chichu, it's just level 17 yet it has a boasting 570 attack. Not to mention it's beastly area sweep attack along with some very nice abilities. I'm not sure how high monster levels can go, if it can go to 99 this thing can easily break 5000 attack.
    You can find this beast fairly early in game, it's located at in Yaschas Massif -AF 1X-, more specifically the area open where the spotlights shine in -AF 10-. He's a toughy to spawn, keep trying, he's worth it. Oh, and um, he's powerful, be prepared or be in easy mode.

    For a Ravager I'm using a purple Ace Goblin species thing that has strange attacks like Fire-Blitz, Ice-Blitz, Aero Blitz etc, needless to say, very handy and yet very hard to get. You can find him at Archeppe Steppes I think any season. Right now I'm aiming for the Ravager behemoth boss you fight in Augusto Tower, I'm assuming he has the same type of attacks.

    For my last one I'm still working on but it's a Giant Cactuar Synergist. This thing is like 3 stories tall and has amazing Synergist spells, he can easily be the best Synergist.
    He's actually very easy to get, simply activate all the Cactuar statues across the Archeppe Steppes. You can't activate all the statues (because 2 won't appear) until you fixed the Paradox. Activate the Purple Cactuar statue and boom, Cactuar battle.

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  3. For Commando, I'm using a regular Cactuar, lv24 atm and with 752 in Strength
    For Medic, I'm using a Caterchipillar, lv9 with 2400+ HP, you can get it while its raining in Archylte Steppe, at the Pond/Lake thingie.
    For the Sentinel, I'm using a Pulse Gladiator, for emergencies..

    Trying at the moment to getting my hands on a White Cactuar, named Cactuaroni, a Commando type, and same with getting my hands on the Blue Chocobo, a Ravager Type.. Will come back, once I get them ^_^

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  4. For comando I am using Dragoon, he is very, very easy to max out (max level 20 - 503 Str - 263 mag- 4447HP) so since he max's out very early and is quite good.

    For the begining half of the game I used Cait saith as my medic which was level 44 (97 strength 148 magic 955HP)

    Than switched to Flanitor once was able to as he is supposed to be superior once leveled up (Lvl 1 Str. 57 - Mag. 144 - HP 641

    Nekton Lvl 25 Str-131 Mag-180 HP-1298

    Than switched to Cloud Burst again who is considered to be one the *better Rav in the game: Lvl 7 Str 69 - Mag 275 - HP 624

    As for sentinal I am currently using Silver Chocoboo (Lvl 20 - Str. 227 - Mag. 321 HP. 3482) which from what I read is the best sentinal in the game but takes a lot of work to max out not even close yet but has been doing a good Job.

    Haven't been doing too much grinding. Most of the game was only using (Commando/Ravager/medic)

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