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Ascension Guide by Pink_Sijibijiji

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/13/2011

Nazi Zombies - Ascension
Black Ops DLC Pack 1 - First Strike Map Pack
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Created by: Jonathan Davis (a.k.a. Sijibijiji)
Section 0: Introduction:
Welcome to Ascension. This is the eighth installment of the Nazi Zombies mini
game. I am here to provide players with an understanding of game mechanics
and tips to help progress through the never ending waves of zombies. This FAQ
will contain nearly every detail about the map Ascension.
	This map has a variety of new things such as a new hidden song, two new
special grenades, new special waves and a rather larger map. First off, let's
check the changelog.

Section 0.25: What's New to Ascension?:
So you have the DLC Map Pack 1 for Black Ops? You haven't played Ascension
yet? Well, here's what's new.

Replaced Monkey Bombs with the Gersch Device(The Black Hole).
Added a special grenade, Matryoshka Dolls(Cluster Bombs).
Removed a perk, Double tap.
Added a perk, Stamina Up(max movement speed with any equipment).
Added a perk, PhD Flopper(explosive dive, flack jacket).
Replaced Dog Rounds with Space Monkey Rounds(hack perk machines).
Larger map Layout(much larger).
Removed Creepers(Nova Monkeys).
Replaced the hidden song. Activated in the same way(three bears).

Well, that's it for now.
Section 0.5: Changelog and Version Information:
V0.0	April.03.2011	FAQ started
V0.25	April.10.2011	FAQ semi-complete
V0.50	April.11.2011	FAQ complete
V0.75	April.12.2011	Updated Sections, Added Working Map
V1.00	April.15.2011	Updated Sections, Added Section 0.25
V1.10	April.18.2011	Updated FAQ
V1.2	May.13,2011	Added link at Section 5.0 to New Weapons List
Section 1: Table of Contents:
Section 0.0	Introduction
Section 0.25	New in Zombies
Section 0.5	Version Info
Section 1.0	Table of Contents
Section 2.0	Gameplay Controls/Player Info
Section 3.0	Reference Guide
Section 4.0	Map Layout
Section 5.0	**LINKED
Section 6.0	The Mystery Box, Perks and Pick-Ups
Section 7.0	Pack-A-Punch Machine
Section 8.0	***Post-powned
Section 9.0	Rounds 1-5
Section 10.0	Top Strategies
Section 11.0	Secrets (Easter Eggs)
Section 12.0	Extra Information
Section 13.0	Challenges
Section 14.0	The Ending

I will be using the layout of my previous FAQ for Kino Der Toten.
You may browse the FAQ at this link:


Section 2: Gameplay Controls and Player Information:
	This section explains the basic and advanced controls used during
gameplay. If you already know how to play, you may want to skip this section.
This section also includes player information that can be critical to gameplay.

This map is 2 players with splitscreen enabled.
This map can be played online with up to 4 players.

Basic Controls:
A	...	Jump/Unprone
B	...	Crouch
X	...	Reload
Y	...	Switch Weapons
Right Trigger	Shoot
Left Trigger	Aim Down Sights
Right Bumper	Throw Grenade(hold to cook)
Left Bumper	Throw Special Grenade(hold to ready)
Right Analog	Face Character
Left Analog	Move Character
Start		Pause Game/Menu
Back		Scoreboard
*Right Analog	Knife
*Left Analog	Sprint(while moving)
* = Press analog in
D-Pad		Special Weapons

Advanced Controls:
Hold B while standing	Prone(Crawl mode)
Hold B while sprinting	Dive
Hold X			Activate/Interact

Player Information:
Players can take 2  hits from a Zombie
Players can take 3? hits from a Monkey
Players can take x2 hits from a Zombie or Monkey with Juggernog
Players can take 0 hits from an electrical barrier or fire trap
Players can take 1 hit from an electrical barrier or fire trap with Juggernog
Players can sprint for 6 seconds
Players can sprint for 8-10 seconds with Speed Cola
Players can move at about 140% speed with a Pistol,SMG or Knife
Players can move at about 100% speed with a Rifle or Shotgun
Players can move at about 70% speed with a LMG or Launcher
Players can move at about 140% speed with ANY weapon with Stamina Up
Players can recover health after 4 seconds
Players lose all perks when downed
Players lose all weapons when killed
Players lose a perk when a Monkey destroys the machine

Tip: When killed, you will spawn next round with your points, but only an M1911
and a combat knife.
Tip: If you spawn at a round an have a very low point storage, you will be
given up to 1500 points.

Section 3: Reference Guide
	This section with include some abbreviated names for things you may
need to know during gameplay. Most of these are only basic and shortened words
to help remember things.

Black Hole:	AKA the Gersch Divice

---Creeper Tip: Deleted
---Creeper Tip: Deleted
Tip: A zombie that is hit with an exlosive and not killed will most likely
become legless.
Tip: Monkeys can reset the fuse on a frag grenade and throw it back.

Points Efficiency Table:
Points	|	Action
  10	|	Hitting an enemy with a gun, grenade or knife (not a fatal hit)
  10	|	Repair a broken barricade (a limit is set for each round)
  30	|	Revive a downed player. (differs upon round number)
  50	|	Kill a Zombie or Monkey.
  60	|	Kill a Zombie or Monkey.
  70	|	Kill a Zombie or Monkey.
 100	|	Kill a Zombie or Monkey by headshot.
 130	|	Kill a Zombie or Monkey by knife.
 200	|	Repair a broken barricade by Carpenter.
 400	|	Kill a Zombie or Monkey by Mini-Nuke.
  x2	|	Pick up a Double Points.

Tip: Points are required to proceed further into the map and obtain extra
weaponry and Perks.
Section 4: Map Layouts
The map is very confusing for beginners. You may want to chack a image file
of the map instead.

W1	M14
W2	Olympia
W4	PM63
W5	AK74u
W6	MP5k
W7	Claymore
W8	M16
W9	Sickle

P1	Quick Revive
P2	Juggernog
P3	Stamina Up
P4	PHD Flopper
P5	Speed Cola

T	Hidden Teddy Bear
%	Player Dolls

[p]&[w]	Area Paths(not actual in-game space)
[==SECTION 1]                                                 ==SKY LANDER BASE
/////////////                                                    ;;;;;;;;;;   %
                                                                 ;;;SKY;;;; ;;;
                                                                 ;;;;;;;;;; ;;/
                                                             ;/;;ss;;;;;;;; ;;;
                                                      ;;;;;; ;;;;up;;;ssu;
                                                      ;;;;;;      ;;;;ssp;
                                                      ;;;;;;;;     ;;;;;;;;;
                                  ==CROSS PATH      ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;     ;;;;;;;
                                  [1,000] ;/      ;T;;;;;;;;;;;;;;      ;;;;;;
                                  ;;;;;D;;;;;;;;ss;;;;;;      ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;/
                                 ;;;;;;D;;;;;;;;ss;;;;;;      /;;;;;;;;;;;;W6;
                               ;;;;       ss    up                [1,250]DD
                               ;;;        ss                            ;;
                               ;;;;       --to CENTRIFUGE ROOM UPPER    --to
==SWAMP 2                        ;;;;;;   --see map SECTION 2       COURTYARD
    ;;/;;;     %;W7;;;    ==SWAMP 1 ;;;    p                        --see map
  ;;;;;;;;;;  ;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;    p                        SECTION 2
;Lan;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;W5;    p                             w
;SWAMP;;;;;;;;;;;;     ;;;;D;;;;;;;/       p                             w
  ;;;;Box;;;;;;;;/     ;;;;D;;;;;;;;       p                             w
    ;;;;;;;;;;ss;   [1,250];;;;;;;;;;      p                             w
        T     up            /;;;;;;;;      p                             w
                            ;;;Box;P3      p                             w
                                           p                             w
/////////////                              p                             w
[==SECTION 2]ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp                             w
/////////////p                                                           w
==CENTRIFUGE p                                                           w
   ROOM     --to CROSS PATH                                              w
  UPPER     DD [0,750]                                                   w
            ;;                                                           w
        ;;;;;;;;                                                         w
      ;;;;;;;;;;;/                                                       w
    ;;;;                                                                 w
  ;;;;                                                                   w
;sss;;                          PLAYERS                                  w
;s  ;;                           START                                   w
;s  ;;;;          ;;               |                                     w
down;;;;;;      ;;;;T              |                                     w
      ;;;;;;;;;;;;                 |                                     w
        ;;;/;;W2                   v                                     w
    |  ^                                                                 w
    v  |                                                                 w
==CENTRIFUGE ROOM UNDER         PLAYERS                                  w
;;;;;;;;                    <----START                                   w
;;Lan.W1                      wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww                       w
;;BASE;;;;;;;;      ==TOWER FLR[1]               w                       w
;[START];;;;;Box  [0,750]     w   ==TOWER FLR[2] w                       w
    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;D ;;;;/;;;  w   ;;;;;/;;;      w                       w
    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;D ;;;;;;;;  w   ;;;;;;;;;      w                       w
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  ;;;W3s  w   ;;;;;;;;;sdwwwww                       w
;s/;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  ;;;;;s  w   P2 W4;;;;so                            w
;s;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  ;;;;;suww    s;;;;;;;sw                            w
;sss;;;;;;;;;;P1;;    ;;;;;sp     us;;;;;;; n                            w
 up ;;;;;;;;;;;;      ;;;/;s      ps;;;/;;;                              w
      ;;;;;/;;                    --to TOWER FLR[3]                      w
                                   p                                     w
                                   p                                     w
                                   p                                     w
==TOWER FLR[4]    ==TOWER FLR[5]   ppppppp                               w
  wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww                  p                               w
  w                   w                  p                               w
  up              ;;ssssdown             p                               w
;;ssssss;;;;  ->  ;;;;    ;;/;           p                               w
;;;;;;;;;;;;      ;;;;    ;;;;           p                               w
s;;;;;;;;;;;  <-  ;;;;;;/;;Box(start)    p                               w
s;;;;;;;;;;;      ;;;;;;;;;;;;           p                               w
s                 DDssssss               p                               w
down                down                 p                               w
--to TOWER FLR[3]   --to OFFICE          p                               w
 w                  --see map SECTION 3  p            wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
 w                                       p            w
 w                      pppppppppppppppppp            w
 w                      p                             w ==COURTYARD
 w                      p     ==TOWER FLR[3]          w
 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwpwwwww--to TOWER FLR[4]   ;;
                        p     up         %;;;;   ;;;;;;
                        p     s;;;;;;;/;;;;;;;  ;;;;;;;
                        p     s;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;
                        p     s;;;;;;;;;;;;;   ;;;;;;
                        p     ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
                        p     DD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
                        p     s;;;      ;;;;   ;;;;;;;;
                        p     s [1,250]          ;;;;;;
                        p     down                 DD[1,250]
                        pppppp--to TOWER FLR2      --to LAUNCHER PATH
                                                   --see map SECTION 3
/////////////                                       w
[==SECTION 3]                                       w
/////////////                                       w
                ==OFFICE         wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
                --to TOEWR FLR[5]w
                up               w
                ssssss;;;;/     --to COURTYARD
                    ;;;;;;      ;;
                    /;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;
                    ;;;;;;s ;;;;;;;;
      to TOWER LAN;;  ;;;;s;;;;;;;;;
  pppppppppppppp--ssu ;;/;;;;;;;;;;;
  p ==PaP ROOM    ssp       ;;;;;;;;
  p     ;;PaP;        /;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  p     ;;;;;;        ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  p     /;;;;;;/      ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  p     ;;;;;;;;      ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  p        ;;           ;;;     ;;;;
  p     ;;;;;;;;  ;;;;;;;;;;;   ;;;;
  p     ;;;;;;;;  ;;;;;;;;;;;box;;;;
  p     ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  p     ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  p     /;;;;;;/  ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;==LAUNCH PATH
           --to OFFICE
      W8    ;;
     T  ;;;;;;;box;;;;
    ;;;;    ;;;;
    ;;;; ;;;;;;;;;
;;;;;;;; W9;LAN;;

Section 5: Weapons List:
Follow this link to my newest FAQ. It has an updated weapons list that is
more accurate.


Damage: 2000+
Ammo: 2/12(4/24)
Reload: 40%
Fire Rate: 37%
PaP Name: Zuescannon
PaP Bonuses: Extended Mag

Gersch Device
Damage:	9000+
Ammo: 3
Reload:	n/a
Fire Rate: n/a
PaP Name: n/a
PaP Bonuses: n/a

Section 6: The Mystery Box, Perks and Pick-Ups:
	The mystery box starts in a fixed position in this map.(I liked the
random placement)The box spawns on the tower, top floor.(Map will be available

List of Perks:

Juggernog		Enables the player to take nearly twice as many hits.
Speed Cola		Enables the player to reload nearly twice as fast.
Quick Revive Soda	Enables the player to revive allies nearly twice as
Stamina Up		Enables the player to run at full speed while holding
PHD Flopper		Enables the players "Dolphin Dive" to cause an
			explosion(must dive to a lower elevation), also take
			no damage from explosions.

List of Pick-Ups:

Max Ammo		Resupply weapons ammunition cache. (does not refill
Insta-Kill		Allows any hit to kill an enemy instantly.
Carpenter		All barricades are repaired.(alive players recieve 200
Mini-Nuke		All spawned zombies and monkeys die.(alive players
			recieve 400 points)(Does not have to kill an enemy)
Double Points		All points gained are doubled.
Fire Sale		All mystery boxes are placed on the map and only cost
			10 points.
Death Machine		Allows a player to wield the DEATH MACHINE for about
			30 seconds.

Tip: With Fire-sale, every mystery box position will have a box. All boxes
can be opened at the same time.
Tip: Double Tap has been removed from this map.

Section 7: Pack-A-Punch Machine:
The Pack'a'punch works the same way as the other maps, though it is
a little trickier to get to.

First, go to the top of the tower and press the "power switch".

To advance to the "PaP" room, you must call and fly all three landers.
Note that you must press the button on the LANDER to activate it. You may
not call it to another location with the panel switches.

Once all three landers have been activated, you must press the power
switch again. This will launch the rocket and open the gate to the PaP.

Once you reach the PaP room, you may upgrade a gun for 5000 points.

Tip: There are windows in and around the PaP room, be very careful not
to get trapped while upgrading.

Section 8: Best Weapons List:
This section is linked to the Weapons List(section 5.0). Follow the link
to my newest guide to obtain a more accurate layout of all weapons.

Link provided at Section 5.0

Section 9: Rounds 1-5:
Follow the link in section 5 for a more accurate version.

Section 10: Top Strategies:
Of course the map is new so there will be few great strategies. The
following are descent at best.

Rounds 1-5 have been explained.
For Rounds 6-10
1. Camp above at the "Sky Lander". To get here you must open the upstairs
door, head right and then take a left. It is best to keep the outside gate
closed for as long as possible. You can always head downstairs to get to
the box.

2. Map Racing has been scrapped. Due to the layout of the map, it is
rather difficult.
Instead, you can do a Zombie Round-up. There are many
large open spaces you can round up zombies. 
To put simply, you run in a circular pattern and gather as many zombies
in a tight ball. Then you shoot. This also gives you the best point-per-

For Rounds 11-20:
The same as above(6-10)

For Rounds 21+:
The same as above(6-10 and 11-20)

Tip: I have not used the traps to my advantage as of yet, but I may come up
with a strategy that implements them later on.

Section 11: Secrets(Easter Eggs):
1. Teddy Bears:
There are three bears on the map that activate the hidden song(you must
activate all three). Without a map to go with this may be a bit difficult.

The first one is on the top floor of the starting room. Take a right after
the stairs and it will be on a barrel?. Hold 'X' in front of it.

The second is by the "SKY LANDER". He is on the wall, so look up. After
Speed Cola, head down the hallway and turn right. Look up and hold 'X'.

The last on is in the far swamp. After the claymores, head left ove the
puddle and right from the stairs. Look left and it is behind the gate.
It is barely visible, but repeat holding 'X' until you get it.

2. Player Dolls:
There is a doll of each survivor. I will hold off until I complete the
map, sorry.

3. Perk Buttons:
There is a button during the "Monkey Rounds" near each perk(except one).
I have not fully completed this so I will hold off until I do.

Section 12: Extra Information:
Tip: Zombies are stronger than in the previous round. Try getting the strongest
weapons sooner rather than later.
Tip: The last Monkey in a monkey round always drops a Max Ammo. Make sure to
Tip: The last Monkey also drops a Random Perk bottle if no perk machines were
damaged.(meaning monkey never touched them AT ALL)
Tip: Zombies are vulnerable to headshots. Headshots are also a great way to
get points.
---Creeper Tip: Deleted
---Creeper Tip: Deleted
---Hellhound Tip: Deleted
Tip: Switching weapons is faster than reloading(in most cases). Reload when
neccessary to avoid being downed while both weapons need reloading.
Tip: Explosives make crawlers. This can be a useful way to hold a rounds
end to do important things.
Tip: Weapons being upgraded are unique from other weapons of its type, not
counting the built-in stats. An M16 will recieve a grenade launcher whereas
the Commando recieves Dual Mags.
Tip: The Ballistic Knife and Krauss Refibrulator can be combined with the Sickle
for more power.
Tip: Kniving zombies is dangerous. Make sure you have Juggernog before going on
a knife spree.
---Monkey Bomb Tip: Deleted
Tip: The Black Hole will cause all zombies to cease attacking players. It also
drags them closer to the divice. The further away, though, the slower.
Tip: The Crossbow upgraded acts as a Monkey Bomb. This is a very powerful tool
to have.
Tip: The Olympia upgraded has incendiary rounds. This damages nearby zombies a
small bit(without giving you points though).
Tip: The Raygun can damage its user if he/she is close enough. It also has a
slow ray, lead your targets a little.
Tip: Traps kill zombies, but don't give you the points. Use these when you're
in danger.
Tip: The Thundergun and Zuescannon are not instakill weapons. Zombies can
recover from the blow so pay attention.
Tip: The Raygun is not an insta-kill weapon. Zombies may become crawlers when
struck by a ray.
---Double Tap Tip: Deleted
Tip: Speed Cola is a great perk for every weapon (besides the knife).
Tip: Quick Revive is a great perk if you are a supporting player, rather than
being a front line player.
Tip: Quick Revive is now a less viable perk due to monkeys. Try to get a more
effective perk.
Tip: Juggernog is a must. Do not go on without it, but don't get it if you
don't have a good weapon.
Tip: Turrets kill Zombies. Use these when you need extra supporting fire.
---Teleporter Tip: Deleted
Tip: The LANDERS will kill zombies below it if activated or during landing.
Tip: Communication is key. If you do not communicate with your team, you will
likey die faster.
Tip: Move, move, move. The more you move, the less zombies will suprise hit
Tip: Watch your back. Take a peek behind you every once in a while.
Tip: Watch your allies back. Some people may be focused on thier target.

Section 13: Challenges:
Here's a set of challenges you could try to improve skills.

[ ]Reach round 20 without buying perks.
[ ]Gain a total of 250,000 points.
[ ]Gain a total of 500,000 points.
[ ]Finish a round with without being downed.
[ ]Complete a game without "holding" a round.
[ ]Get atleast a 0.75 headshot ratio at round 20.
[ ]Get a 1.00 headshot ration at round 20.
[ ]Reach round 20 without using the Pack'A'Punch.
[ ]Reach round 20 without using the Mystery Box.

If you can do all of these, then you are a pro.

[ ]Reach round 35 without buying perks.
[ ]Reach round 35 without using the Pack'A'Punch.
[ ]Reach round 35 without using the Mystery Box.
[ ]Gain a total of 1,000,000 points.
[ ]Finish a round without being hit.
[ ]Finish a round without buying ammunition.

If you can beat these, then you are better than me.

[ ]Reach round 70 without being downed.
[ ]Reach round 35 without buying perks.
[ ]Reach round 70 without using the Mystery Box.
[ ]Reach round 70 without using the Pack'A'Punch.
[ ]Reach round 100 with more revives than downs.
[ ]Reach round 55 with only the AK74u and Olympia.
[ ]Gain a total of 2,720,000 points.
[ ]Complete 46 rounds without being hit.
[ ]Save an ally from 42 Zombies.
[ ]Dive over 200 times during round 100 without being hit.
[ ]Reach round 50 without buying more than 1 door.

Send me a vid of you beating any single one of my records and i'll put
your gamertag up on the board.
All vids must contain 4 players.
Note: My records were made over LAN, without lag. I would recommend you play
over the internet anyways, just to be on the leaderboard.(your choice)
Note: You may want to round up some other great players to help you.
Playing with randoms is tough.
Section 14: The Ending:
Thanks for reading the FAQ that took about another week to make. I've done
quite a bit of research and you can trust that all of the information here
has been tested out in actual zombie matches with four players. If, however,
there is any information that is missing or incorrect, please notify me so I
can fix or add it.

You may not distibute this FAQ onto your site unless you obtain permission.
You may use this for personal study. You may ask me questions by e-mailing
me or sending me a message via Xbox Live.

E-Mail Address: sijibijiji@yahoo.com
XBLive Gamertag: Sijibijiji

If you would like to play a game, you may contact me and I will most likey
want to play.

Good luck and have fun on every zombie match you play.
The End!!!

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