Tomb Raider: Anniversary Cheats


  • All time trial unlockables

    Be sure that you have the difficulty set to Time Trial before starting any of the levels.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Golden Shotgun and Silver Mini SMGsBeat all three Lost Island time trials.
    Infinite 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo and Show Enemy HealthBeat all four Peru time trials.
    Infinite Mini SMG Ammo and Infinite HealthBeat all three Egyption time trials.
    Infinite Shotgun Ammo and All WeaponsBeat all four Greece time trials.

    Contributed By: Phantom287.

    7    12

  • Art Galleries

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Atlantean CreaturesFinsh Game
    Box ArtPeru 67% of Artifacts
    DoppelgangerLost City 67% of Artifacts
    EgyptEgypt 100% of Artifacts
    Game GalleryGreece 33% of Artifacts
    GreeceGreece 100% of Artifacts
    Items And Artifacts25% Relic and Finsh Game
    KidEgypt 33% of Artifacts
    KoldEgypt 67% of Artifacts
    Lost CityLost City 33% of Artifacts
    NatlaLost City 100% of Artifacts
    Origins of LaraPeru 33% of Artifacts
    Other Characters50% Artifacts and Finsh Game
    PeruPeru 100% of Artifacts
    PierreGreece 67% of Artifacts
    Promotional ImagesMansion 50% of Artifacts
    TR:1 vs TR:A Egypt100% of Relic in Egypt
    TR:1 vs TR:A Greece100% of Relic in Greece
    TR:1 vs TR:A Lost City100% of Relic in Lost City
    TR:1 vs TR:A Peru100% of Relic in peru

    Contributed By: kyoku101.

    6    7

  • New unlockable outfits

    Do the following to unlock new outfits for Lara.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anniversary (Normal)Unlocked at start.
    Camouflage (A bit like the Angel of Darkness outfit)Collect one relic in Egypt.
    Catsuit (from TR3 and Chronicles)Collect both relics in Egypt.
    Classic (polygonal from TR1)Collect both relics in Peru level.
    Croft Manor Sport (from TR1)Collect one relic in Greece.
    DoppelgangerCollect both relics in Lost Island/Atlantis.
    Golden (Shown when you step on the hand of Midas)Collect both relics in Greece.
    Legend (from TRL)Collect one relic in Peru level.
    Scorched NatlaCollect all relics.
    Wetsuit (from TR2)Collect one relic in Lost Island/Atlantis level.

    Contributed By: DeathsoulXIV2.

    3    0

  • Style Units

    Unlock the Bonus Level "Style Units" by collecting every Relic.

    Contributed By: EALionheart.

    3    0

  • Unlockable Character Bios

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    DoppelgangerCollect 36 artifacts
    KidCollect 14 artifacts
    KoldCollect 18 artifacts
    Lara CroftCollect 05 artifacts
    LarsonCollect 09 artifacts
    NatlaCollect 41 artifacts
    PierreCollect 23 artifacts
    Richard CroftCollect 32 artifacts
    WinstonCollect 27 artifacts

    Contributed By: lilobaggins.

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  • Unlockable Cheats

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Infinate BreathComplete game on Easy difficulty.
    SunglassesComplete game on Easy difficulty.
    Textureless ModeComplete game on Easy difficulty.

    Contributed By: Dee2149.

    5    2

  • Unlockable Cinematics

    To unlock these cinematics you must complete a certain chapter of the game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A Heated Interrogationcomplete Peru
    A Tough Choicecomplete Lost City
    Ambushed!complete Egypt
    Arrival at Khamooncomplete Egypt
    Arrival at St. Francis' Follycomplete Greece
    Business Bantercomplete Greece
    Croft Manorcomplete Croft Manor
    Doppelganger Demisecomplete Lost City
    Down But Not Outcomplete Lost City
    Final Confrontationcomplete Lost City
    Introducing Natlacomplete Peru
    Island Arrivalcomplete Lost City
    Island Escapecomplete Lost City
    Kold and Kidcomplete Lost City
    Larson Diescomplete Lost City
    Late Night Reccoinsancecomplete Peru
    Motorcycle Pursuitcomplete Egypt
    Pierre's Demisecomplete Greece
    Retrieving the Scioncomplete Egypt
    Shadow Figures 1complete Greece
    Shadow Figures 2complete Greece
    The Awakeningcomplete Peru
    The Banishment of Natlacomplete Egypt
    The End of the Linecomplete Lost City
    The Power of the Scioncomplete Lost City
    The Tomb of Qualopeccomplete Peru
    The Tomb of Tihocancomplete Greece
    Time to Leavecomplete Lost City
    Unexpected Companycomplete Peru
    Vilcabambacomplete Peru
    Wolf Attackcomplete Peru

    Contributed By: TheBlackMamba.

    2    1

  • Unlockable Commentaries

    To unlock these commentaries, complete the chapter of the commentaries, as shown below. Once the commentaries are unlocked, switch them on in the Options menu, and then go back through the levels of the unlocked commentaries and activate the new crystals by pressing Interact. You'll here a short commentary from two of the game creators.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Croft Manor commentariescomplete Croft Manor
    Egypt commentaries (Temple of Khamoon, Obelisk of Khamoon, and Sanctuary of the Scion)complete Egypt
    Greece commentaries (St. Francis' Folly, The Coliseum, Midas' Palace, and the Tomb of Tihocan)complete Greece
    Lost City commentaries (Natla's Mines, The Great Pyramid, and the Final Conflict)complete Lost City
    Peru commentaries (Mountain Caves, City of Vilcabamba, The Lost Valley, and the Tomb of Qualopec)complete Peru

    Contributed By: TheBlackMamba.

    1    0

  • Unlockable costumes

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Camouflage suitObtain the relic from the Temple of Khamoon
    CatsuitObtain the relic from the Sanctuary of the Scion
    ClassicObtain the relic from The Lost Valley
    Croft Manor SportObtain the Athenian Owl relic from Midas's Palace
    Doppelganger CostumeObtain relic from Natla's Mines
    GoldenObtain the Griffin-Head relic from Midas's Palace
    LegendObtain the relic from the Mountain Caves
    Scorched NatlaFind all relics
    Swimsuit from TR2 Maria Doria LevelObtain relic from the Great Pyramid

    Contributed By: lilobaggins, ecureuil, and Ulysses83.

    1    0

  • Unlockable music

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    All Egypt MusicComplete Temple of Khamoon, Obelisk of Khamoon and the Sanctuary of the Scion
    All Greece MusicComplete St. Francis' Folly, Coliseum, Palace Midas and the Tomb of Tihocan
    All Lost Island MusicComplete Natla's Mines, The Great Pyramid and The Final Conflict
    All Peru MusicComplete Mountain Caves, City of Vilcabamba, The Lost Valley and the Tomb of Qualopec
    Croft Manor music themeComplete Croft Manor

    Contributed By: lilobaggins.

    1    0

Easter Eggs

  • Become Golden

    In Mida's Palace step onto Mida's hand (that you use to turn the silver blocks into gold) and stay there for a short period of time and soon you'll be tansformed into solid gold!!

    Contributed By: DSplayer11.

    1    5

Tomb Raider: Legend Cheats


  • Codes

    Enter codes while playing the game. These codes only work after they have been unlocked.

    Bulletproof.Hold L1, then press X, R1, Triangle, R1, Square, L2.
    Gives the ability to see enemy healthHold L1, then press Square, O, X, L2, R1, Triangle
    Infinite assault rifle ammo.Press and hold L2, then press CROSS,CIRCLE,CROSS,L1,SQUARE,TRIANGLE.
    Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo.Hold L2, then press L1, Triangle, R1, Circle, L1, Square.
    Infinite Shotgun Ammo.Hold L2, then press R1, Circle, Square, L1, Square, X.
    Infinite SMG Ammo.Hold L2, then press Circle, Triangle, L1, R1, X, Circle.
    One shot kill.Press and hold L1, then press TRIANGLE,CROSS,TRIANGLE,SQUARE,L2,CIRCLE.
    Textureless Mode.Press and hold L1,then press L2,CROSS,CIRCLE,CROSS,TRIANGLE,R1.
    Wield ExcaliburHold L2 and press Triangle, X, O R1, Triangle, L1
    Wield Soul Reaver.To use: Press and hold L2. Then press: X-R1-O-R1-L1-[].

    Contributed By: Steveryusan, FNS, XIII_rocks, and tommmmo123.

    0    1


  • Object Model

    Get all the silver artifacts from the stage

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bolivia - 100% of the object modelsget all silver artifacts in Bolivia
    England - 100% of the object modelsget all silver artifacts in England
    Japan - 100% of the object modelsget all silver artifacts in Japan
    Kazakhstan - 100% of the object modelsget all silver artifacts in Kazakhstan
    Nepal - 100% of the object modelsget all silver artifacts in Nepal
    Peru - 100% of the object modelsget all silver artifacts in Peru
    Special - 100% of the object modelsget all silver atifacts in croft manor
    West Africa - 100% of the object modelsget all silver artifacts in West Africa

    Contributed By: Infernalia.

    0    2

  • Outfits

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AmandaBeat the time trial in West Africa
    Amanda, WinterBeat the game getting all secrets and beat all time trials
    Biker OutfitComplete England level
    Biker, No JacketCollect all silver and gold rewards in England
    Biker, Red JacketCollect all silver rewards in England
    Bikini (Black with design)Complete the main story, all time trials, and collect every atrifact (including Croft Manor)
    Bikini, WhiteComplete the game and beat all Time Trials
    Cat SuitFind the Gold Artefact in the Japan level
    Classic outfitGet the gold secret in Peru
    Classic, GreyFind the Gold Artefact in the West Africa Level
    Evening, RedFind all Silver Artefacts in the Japan Level
    Evening, RippedComplete Japan level
    Goth, Lace ShirtBeat the time trial in Japan
    Gothic outfitComplete the England Time Trial
    Green Sport outfitComplete the Bolivia Time Trial
    Legend, BlackCollect all silver rewards in Croft Manor
    Legend, BlueCollect all silver rewards in Peru
    Legend, PinkCollect all silver rewards in Ghana
    Legend, Union JackCollect all silver rewards in Bolivia
    SnowsuitGet the gold artifact in Nepal
    SnowsuitCollect the gold rewards from Nepal
    Special Forces outfitCollect the Gold Artifact from England
    Sport SuitGet the gold reward on the 1st level
    Sport, GreenComplete the Bolivia time trial
    Suit OutfitFind the Gold Artifact in Croft Mansion
    Suit, CreamCollect all silver and gold rewards in Croft Manor
    Swimsuit100% completion
    WinterComplete the Kazahkstan level
    Winter Pink, No coatComplete the Peru time trial
    Winter, OrangeCollect all Silver Rewards
    Winter, PinkBeat time trial in Nepal
    Winter, Pink No Coat outfitBeat the time trial in Peru

  • Pistol Upgrades

    Gain a certain amount of bonus rewards to unlock various pistol upgrades

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Increased Accuracy50% of silver and bronze rewards
    Increased Damage75% of silver and bronze rewards
    Increased Magazine Capacity25% of silver and bronze rewards

    Contributed By: Hellsguardian29.

    1    0

  • Unlockable Character Profiles

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alister FletcherCollect 90% of all Bronze rewards
    Amanda EvertCollect 70% of all Bronze rewards
    Anaya ImanuCollect 30% of all Bronze rewards
    James RutlandCollect 50% of all Bronze rewards
    Lara CroftCollect 10% of all Bronze rewards
    Shogo TakamotoCollect 60% of all Bronze rewards
    Toru NishimuraCollect 40% of all Bronze rewards
    Unknown EntityCollect 100% of all Bronze rewards
    Winston SmithCollect 80% of all Bronze rewards
    ZipCollect 20% of all Bronze rewards

    Contributed By: lilobaggins.

    0    1

  • Unlockable Cheats

    Cheats appear in the Specials menu and the buttons are repsective to your version of Tombraider Legend. Cheats are only unlocked when you clear the game or meet the following criteria.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bulletproof Laraclear England under 27:00 in Time Trials.
    Infinite grenade launcherClear Kazakhstan under 27:10 in Time Trials.
    Infinite MG415 AmmoClear Peru under 21:30 in Time Trials.
    Infinite RC650 AmmoClear Japan under 12:15 in Time Trials.
    Infinite shotgun AmmoClear Ghana under 20:00 in Time Trials.
    One hit deathsClear Bolivia (stage 8) under 4:15 in Time Trials.
    Show enemy healthClear Bolivia under 12:30 in Time Trials.
    Textureless CheatClear the game (any difficulty).
    Unlock ExcaliburClear Nepal under 13:40 in Time Trials.
    Unlock the Soul ReaverClear the game and complete all time trials.

    Contributed By: victor_gumabon.

    0    1

  • Unlockable Cinematics

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Allies Under Firecomplete Kazakhstan
    Amanda Falls Behindcomplete Peru
    Amanda Risescomplete Bolivia Redux
    Amanda Survivedcomplete Peru
    Amanda's Petcomplete Kazakhstan
    Answers Breed Questionscomplete Bolivia Redux
    Any Bike Will Docomplete Peru
    Artifact Revealedcomplete Japan
    Artifacts Recoveredcomplete Peru
    Bedrivere's Legacycomplete England
    Bolivia Reduxcomplete Bolivia Redux
    Chapter Closedcomplete Nepal
    Command Centercomplete Kazakhstan
    Dearest Ameliacomplete Ghana
    Death By Ironycomplete Bolivia
    Demon of the Pastcomplete Peru
    Destination: Cornwallcomplete England
    Digging Up the Pastcomplete Peru
    Excalibur Reforgedcomplete Nepal
    Falling in Love Againcomplete Bolivia
    Fashionably Late in Tokyocomplete Japan
    First Contactcomplete Bolivia
    Going Back Incomplete Peru
    Grand Entrancecomplete Ghana
    Hasty Departurecomplete Ghana
    Heading for the Roofcomplete Japan
    Headset Hijackcomplete Kazakhstan
    Home Againcomplete Nepal
    Hunting Rutland in Ghanacomplete Ghana
    James Rutland Talkscomplete Bolivia
    Meet Tiwanakucomplete Bolivia
    Meeting with Takamotocomplete Japan
    Myth Becomes Factcomplete England
    Nepal, Part 1complete Bolivia
    Nepal, Part 2complete Bolivia
    Nishimura's Warningcomplete Japan
    PDA Checkcomplete Bolivia
    Prize Obtainedcomplete Kazakhstan
    Recovery and Exitcomplete Japan
    Rendezvous with Anayacomplete Peru
    Return to Nepalcomplete Nepal
    Returning Homecomplete Peru
    Reunion with Amandacomplete Kazakhstan
    Runaway Train!complete Kazakhstan
    Second Contactcomplete Bolivia
    Shields and Mapscomplete Kazakhstan
    Takamoto Foundcomplete Japan
    Team Reunitedcomplete England
    The Final Piececomplete England
    The Ghalali Keycomplete Ghana
    The Key Obtainedcomplete Nepal
    The Postcard Businesscomplete Ghana
    The Queen's Storycomplete Peru
    The Queen's Swordcomplete Peru
    The Stone Daiscomplete Bolivia
    Trouble in Kazakhstancomplete Kazakhstan
    Two Shardscomplete Ghana
    Unwelcome in Paraisocomplete Peru
    Viracocha's Staffcomplete Peru
    Wrecking Crewcomplete Peru

    Contributed By: TheBlackMamba.

    0    1

  • Unlockable Concept Art

    Collect all Bronze rewards from the following levels to unlock the concept art

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BoliviaCollect all bronze rewards from Bolivia
    EnglandCollect all bronze rewards from England
    GhanaCollect all bronze rewards from Ghana
    JapanCollect all bronze rewards from Japan
    KazakhstanCollect all bronze rewards from Kazahkstan
    NepalCollect all bronze rewards from Nepal
    PeruCollect all bronze rewards from Peru
    SpecialCollect all bronze rewards from Croft Manor

    Contributed By: lilobaggins.

    1    0

Easter Eggs

  • GOAL!!!!!

    This secret is on the level PERU - Return to Paraiso. After the cutscene, if you look to the right hand side on the ground theres a football that can be kicked by standing next to it and pressing triangle, kick the ball past the dummy in front of you and into the gap between the two fences (theres a banner attached to the tops of them). When the ball passes between the fences someone shouts GOAL!

    Contributed By: NakedSnake1982.

    0    0

Tomb Raider: Underworld Cheats


  • Codes

    Enter during gameplay, you will hear a sound if done correctly.

    Bullet Proof LaraHold L2. X, R2, Triangle, R2, Square, L1
    One Shot KillsHold L2. Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, L1, Circle
    Shows Enemys HealthHold L2. Square, Circle, X, L1, R2, Triangle

    Contributed By: seanay.

    21    21


  • Treasure Hunt Mode

    Clear the game on any level to unlock Treasure Hunt mode. You get to replay the game without having to complete the puzzles to collect missing treasure. Is selectable from the main menu.

    Contributed By: Bill Rizer.

    2    0

  • Unlockables

    All items can be found under the "Extras" section once the following conditions are met.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    All Environment Concept Art for Arctic Sea and Amelia ConceptsComplete Arctic Sea Expedition
    All Environment Concept Art for Coastal Thailand and Alister ConceptsComplete Coastal Thailand Expedition
    All Environment Concept Art for Croft Manor and Doppelganger ConceptsComplete Croft Manor Expedition
    All Environment Concept Art for Jan Mayen Island and Gear & Artifacts ConceptsComplete Ja Mayen Island Expedition
    All Environment Concept Art for Med Sea and Amanda ConceptsComplete Mediterranean Sea Expedition
    All Environment Concept Art for Mexico and All Men ConceptsComplete Southern Mexico Expedition
    All Environment Concept Art for Ship and Natla ConceptsComplete Andaman Sea Expedition
    Creature ConceptsCollect every single Treasure
    Game Flow StoryboardsComplete the entire game on the Master Survivalist difficulty level
    Lara ConceptsCollect all six Relics
    Zip and Winston ConceptsComplete Prologue

    Contributed By: Dragon5h.

    1    0

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